Shivani: Keith Raniere Is a Pyschopath and Nancy Salzman Knew It and Used It to Her Advantage

MK10ART's fabulous painting of the three faces of Nancy Salzman.

By Shivani

A psychopath who maintains certain abilities to think and to operate, from out of the disguise of rationality, never REALLY has self-control. Psychosis is not in one’s control; it only seems that way to the psychotic.

Never is there any authentic originality! Every concept is borrowed or purloined and then twisted to fit the psychosis, in and of itself.

Over and over again, throughout Keith Raniere’s trajectories, his interactions and his transparent egotism, one observes him telling on himself. He couldn’t help himself and was compelled to gamble and to bust himself about his status.

No doubt part of his pleasure was seeing HOW MUCH he could put over on others, particularly those who were the closest to him.

This would be one of his secret, private means of self-glorification, of hideous and false happiness, smugness.

With whom might Raniere have been able, to some extent, to share any frankness about his demonic pleasures?

Nancy Salzman

Well, for one, and throughout almost all of this, Nancy Salzman, who was his psycho-sexual “rearrangement” partner in crime.

He is likely to have revealed the most to her.

With others too, Raniere would have revealed himself, at least once in a while, especially when he had reassured himself that he definitely had the upper hand. But those foghats, to whom he would have enjoyed dropping hints, would’ve been too caught up and/or too gullible to take notice.

Raniere could simply have his fun, quite unabashedly, with any of his most consumed and consumable asshats. These would prefer not to be seen as his “victims,” whether it was true or not.

Raniere was also very likely to have been unaware of Nancy’s abilities to make conclusions about his madness and how she could use his madness for her own organizational benefit.  She could subtly hide behind him, often enough, as if he were a deployable weapon.

I think Nancy Salzman wanted money and status even more than Raniere.

The main fascinations Raniere seems to have had?

Keith Raniere

Sexual dominance-plus-cruelty and its perversions and playing God have been his major propellants and motivations, whether conscious or “unconscious.” He is a naked beast.

Nancy knew enough not to be quite so naked.

Part of playing God is giving oneself the power to decide who can live, who can die, with tremendous indifference.  This inability to completely hide one’s own chaos is in no way unique to Raniere.

These uncontrollable urges to “reveal the self” are symptomatic of psychosis. It is typical for him to tell on himself. What better and more effective method of self-congratulation would he possess?

Ejaculation is so temporary as a means of self-satisfaction. Plus it might have become not only too physically taxing eventually but also boring.


Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman in 2009.


Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere in 2016.

An Ugly Scene

So Flabturd and the Salzman grande dame were regular breakfast companions?

Regular is not meant here as having anything to do with constipation, but the more you know, the less you need Dulcolax.

If only I could not imagine Raniere pretending to serve his mummy breakfast. But it’s too late, you see.

He never really HAD another incestuous Mummy until Nancy Salzman needed some supplements to usurp her constipation. [This was gleaned from The Gospel According to Toni Natalie, overly-titled and published by Grand Central Publishing and co-written by… oh never mind. Now $18.04 at your Amazon Shopping App.]

Plus Nancy appeared sober most mornings, but unfortunately raising Flabturd’s flag was not one of Nancy’s better services. Too vulgar? Too lecherous? Could be Nancy. Probably she had been around the block a few too many times to pique the Vanguard to full attention.

Only when necessary.

Too bad she wasn’t 11 or 12 and had no vaginal reconstruction, like trying to hit an edge in the world’s driest Hoover Dam.


”Chocolates for Breakfast again, Mummy dearest?” panted Keith to Nancy, who was (always) locked into her commode, ruthlessly engaged in squatting but barely managing a few muted farts.

”Yes, my sweet Wet Kisses, chocolates and our usual milky white beverage. You know, the way that we like it. Then mummy will make us both our eggs and toast.”

Off in the kitchen, Flabturd mumbles under his breath, “Okay, you fat bitch with the varicose veins, all of the chocolates have been injected. And this time, your milky white liquid is a carcinogenic Vanilla protein smoothie, not the blowjob you crave. I have better lips lined up and waiting for me, right after this damn breakfast. And I need to get to sleep.”

At last, he hears a toilet flush and re-flush several times. Not another enema! Gawd. Then Mummy Nancy twaddles into the kitchen, dressed in her hog-ligee, eyes on the box of chocolates.

She was so much better, you see, than either of her daughters or even both of them rolled together and gift wrapped for Flabturd, by Mummy herself.

MK10ART’s depiction of Keith Raniere enjoying a session of group fellatio.


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  • Salzman manipulated Raniere more than he manipulated her. Very cleverly and covertly. She is much more sly and careful than he.

  • Bullseye again, Shivani!

    Keith’s daily Breakfie with Mommy after those long nights of lechery must have been accompanied by news reports on the progress of their mutual prey the incubus visited.

    Fun Fact: I accompanied Gina to a Raniere-run “executive retreat” — a precursor to Vanguard week —wherein Nancy Salzman was introduced in a slideshow with a photo of her mug presented side-by-side on the screen — similarly positioned and sized — with a photo of Keith’s dead Mother, Vera.

    The resemblance was uncanny.

    It freaked Gina and a couple of her “inner-circle” friends in attendance out. We snuck out of the presentation and rented a kayak to quell some anxiety with a peaceful row.

    Sometimes, I do wonder if Kris Snyder didn’t just take the Kayak out to have a think after the shrew blew up at her.

  • “The Gospel According to Toni Natalie, Now $18.04 at your Amazon Shopping App.”

    In a year you can find it on the remainder table at your local bookstore.

    I fear that the NXIVM rats who got away with little more than a slap on the wrist will come out of hiding in a few years and revive the NXIVM scam.
    That will include the Noxious Nancy Salzman, Cruella Bronfman and her sister Sara.
    They will rename their scam and have new front people to hide their identities but NXIVM was too good a grift to give up entirely.
    That’s why the heat must continue to be applied the the NXIVM Nitwits.

  • I don’t know the players personally. I wish I did. I wish one would meet me at Uncommon Grounds and have an honest discussion.

    That aside, let’s look how cults work. Hitler was a cult. So was Manson. It takes one charismatic leader with sociopathic, twisted, self serving visions to lure the vulnerable in.

    This guy somehow built a minion of Manson-type followers– however so, we may never know, because the vulnerabilities were subjective and not shared by us.

    She no doubt propped him up as the Vanguard. Bowing to his photo was someone’s idea. She had a psychology background, but possibly to her detriment.

    But this bastard kAR connived people. He connived good people into doing bad things. He knew the rules, called himself god, small g, and destroyed women and families, in a horrible, malicious, underhanded way.

    So did Hitler. So did Manson

    Just my opinion of course.

    We knew Hitler’s grand plan. We knew Manson’s. Did KAR have one other than the abuse of women?

    • ” I wish one would meet me at Uncommon Grounds and have an honest discussion.”

      First of all, from what I have seen of NXIVM, I doubt if any of the top members are able to tell the truth.
      And after reading yesterday’s story by John Tighe about how he was drinking coffee at that establishment, a hang out for NXians in the Saratoga area and became seriously ill, it would not be prudent to imbibe food or drink at any establishment with NXians present.

      “John Tighe Suspected He Was Poisoned by Raniere’s Minions at Clifton Park Cafe”

    • Good post. I’ve also wondered about what his endgame was. The mass poisoning at the YMCA may have been a little test.

      • Nutjob & Shadowstate,

        Excellent post Shadow! Shadow your post I believe illuminated an obvious possibility. What if the YMCA food poisoning was just a practice run or preliminary trial?

        Here is a scary thought….

        …What if Raniere was using Doctor Porter’s fright experiments to identify sociopaths in Nxivm capable of carrying out an attack using food poisoning on a much larger scale?

        What if the poisoning of John Tighe was an additional practice-run with the added benefit of getting rid of the top Nxivm enemy John Tighe?

        A few of the cults, who have carried out mass poisoning attacks have done dry-runs or practice trials before hand….

        Here is a Real World Example:

        The 1984 Rajneeshee bio-terror attack is believed to be a dry run before a much larger attack.

        Some law enforcement officials have speculated the Rajneeshee cult wanted to see how well their bio-terror weapon worked and how medical and law enforcement officials responded to such an attack; The theory being the cult would use the newly learned information from the attack to formulate a master plan for a much larger attack down the road.

        Here is a link to the 1984 Rajneeshee bio-terror attack:

        Shadowstate- What do you think?

        • I believe that NXIVM took a lot of trouble to profile its members.
          Not everyone can serve as a poisoner or a pimp.
          It takes a certain mindset to make one open to engage in deviant anti-social behavior.

          If you go back in the FR archives you will find that Mark Vicente saw the Psychological tests NXIVM gave to its members and NXIVM was looking for narcissists.
          NXIVM was not looking for independent thinkers.

          • Shadowstate,

            I should have explained better; You missed what I meant.

            Raniere went to a whole bunch of trouble to make so many people sick at a Nxivm event and have Dr. Porter observe and record the data. Why?

            What does getting a bunch of families sick do for Raniere?

          • Shadow,

            I believe the mass poisoning conspiracy angle is still important; Because there is a Legatus running around amuck at this time, with $100 million dollars, looking for revenge.

          • Niceguy:

            The mass poisoning his followers is about the dumbest thing Raniere could do although he did an incredible number of stupid things.
            If Raniere is a poisoner he would only target one or two people at a time.
            The ones who threatened him the most.
            Raniere was not yet mad enough to poison hundreds of people at once like Jim Jones.

            Were Raniere and Dr. Brandon Porter practicing for a future possible mass poisoning?
            That remains to be seen.
            The State of New York assumed it was a norovirus.

            It would be interesting to know which people at V Week 2016 did not get sick because that would be a sure sign of who was in the hierarchy.

            Norovirus, sometimes referred to as the winter vomiting bug, is the most common cause of gastroenteritis
            It often occurs in outbreaks, especially among those living in close quarters. In the United States it is the cause of about half of food-borne disease outbreaks.

        • Anonymous,


          It all seems like a lot of risk and trouble with no reward on the surface.

          Why have the doctor observe and record it all like an experiment?

          Unless it was an experiment.

          • “Why have the doctor observe and record it all like an experiment?
            Unless it was an experiment.”

            Because Dr. Brandon Porter failed to report the outbreak, an incident that sickened hundreds of people, the State of New York cracked down on him.

  • Why do you choose to print such base, infantile articles? There are important issues at hand here, and talking like a foul mouthed middle schooler only minimizes your credibility.

    • I published it because I think it gives some insight, gripping to me – of how Nancy may have been the one person who out-manipulated Keith Raniere. And the gruesome and ugly scene where the two of them are together in the morning – is I think, while sarcastic – probably closer to the truth than anything previously written.

  • There was once a video montage shown at the first Vanguard Day at Pyramid Lake. There was one photo of the “Monster” as a child together with his mother Vera. Everyone in attendance gasped at the resemblance of mom to Nancy. Twins from another mother.

    Perhaps Nancy satisfied the “Monster’s” thirst for incest!

    Every time I had occasion to shake his hand or look deep into his eyes, I had this instinct to recoil and feel repulsed. The “Monster” understood this and kept his distance.

    • You say every time you got a chance to shake the monsters hand he recoiled from you.Did you look into his eyes? Did he avoid your look?

      • Scott Johnson’s not so sarcastic. Many don’t understand that and believe what you say/write. You have too good an opinion of too many people! ( That is perhaps sarcastic, right?)

        • If anyone didn’t understand that my comment was dripping with sarcasm, that’s their issue. Unless I labeled it as sarcasm, I couldn’t have been more clear. But that would have ruined the sarcastic comment.

    • That’s exactly what I’m talking about?! Pyramid Lake in Paradox, NY! They chose the location for the name — and tried to claim it was serendipitous. Gina and I “serendipitously” won the scavenger hunt contest but I’m sure that was contrived, too.

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