Documents Leaked to Frank Report Concerning Disappearance of Kristin Snyder!

It always happens.

Once we start writing about a matter we are investigating, sources, usually wishing to remain anonymous [but known to me], come out of the woodwork.

In the last few days, I have received more than 100 pages of documents concerning Kristin Marie Snyder, who was last seen Feb. 6, 2003 and is listed by the State of Alaska as a presumptive suicide.

The documents include much of the file from Nxivm itself on Kristin Snyder. It also includes the class list for her two intensives.

A diary of one of her classmates, long lost and forgotten for 17 years, gives us another fascinating insight.

And from another source, I was able to obtain phone records of Snyder’s and credit card statements.

Among the sources, one is the last person known to have seen Kristin alive, who confirms that Kristin was definitely saying she was pregnant and that, my friends, is a motive for her disappearance.

Whether of not Nxivm acted on that motive, the trove of documents may help us get closer to understanding.

Frank Report is scanning documents now and reviewing them. I expect we will publish most or all of them in the next few days, with our first ‘Data Dump’ anticipated tomorrow.

New Findings

Among other things, I have been able to confirm that Kristin made a visit to Albany prior to going to her parents’ home in Dillon S.C..

This is new information.

Kristin may have gone to Albany twice, once before and once after visiting her mother and father and sister, Kim, but it is now clear that Kristin was in Albany just days before she went to see her parents for the last time.

In light of this new information, I spoke to Kristin’s mother, Jonnie Snyder, who told me that when Kristin came for her last visit, from Jan. 16-18, she came with her legs shaven.

Kristin had never shaved her legs before, her mother said. She also wore somewhat feminine pajamas – another first for Kristin.

Was this the result of Keith Raniere’s efforts at gay conversion therapy? Trying to make the gay woman, Kristin, change and become heterosexual?

Was he setting her up, grooming her for his eventual seduction or had he already had sex with Kristin by the time she went to her parent’s home?

The Snyder family home in Dillon SC.

Among the treasure trove of documents is the original ESP list of attendees at the two Nxivm intensives Kristin attended.

The first intensive Kristin Snyder attended was a 16 day intensive which we now know began on Nov. 2 – and continued to Nov. 17, 2002.

This was a larger group than her second intensive – the one from which she disappeared from.

Frank Report will be publishing the names of all the attendees in the hope that someone will come forward with more information concerning her disappearance or her behavior in class.

Frank Report also has the list of attendees of the second intensive – the one that began on Jan. 26 and from which Kristin Snyder was ejected on Feb. 6, 2003 and never seen again.

As readers know, Kristin was ejected after crying out repeatedly that she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child.

We have that list and can confirm the Feb. class was much smaller.

Frank Report will be publishing that list as well.

Dones Has a Recollection of Importance

Susan Dones recalls the reason why the Nov. 2002, 16 day intensive was larger than the Jan-Feb. 2003 intensive.

Actually things were going well in Anchorage, as far as ESP recruitment was concerned. And the 40 something people at the Nov. 2002 intensive were lapping up the Prefect, Nancy Salzman’s dynamic teachings.

She was exploring the good and bad in some module, something no doubt that was bad, that Keith wanted to mind bend his students into thinking was good, or could be good. Perhaps it was the suicide module, or sex with underage children teachings.

Whatever it was, there was a defiant man in class. He objected strenuously to the concept that this could ever be good and challenged Nancy Salzman on her dogma.

Prefect bore down on him, using all her skillful NLP techniques to show the little fool that Vanguard had already thought these great questions out long before him and what could he possibly think up in opposition to the world’s smartest man?

Prefect taught the first five days of the Nov. 2002 Nxivm intensive Kristin Snyder attended.

The man seemed to be defeated but was not cowed. In fact, he offered a home thrust saying “but what if it was your daughter?”

This honest question enraged Salzman. She lost it totally. She started screaming at the man, berating him rudely and aggressively – embarrassing herself, yet unaware of how she displayed to the class that she needed anger management classes more than ESP classes.

[Raniere would have never displayed his temper like that. He would have coldly calculated how to get even.]

Remember, Nancy was the teacher, supposed exalted – right next to the Vanguard himself. So high up is she, so elevated and possessing supposed enlightened knowledge that her picture is on display at all ESP classes, right next to Vanguard’s.

And here she was screaming and foaming at the mouth in front of 40 people, yelling “don’t you ever bring up my daughters!”

On and on, all the same theme – “you have no right to bring up my daughters, my family!”

It was truly embarrassing. Susan witnessed it. So did Kristin Snyder.

So did the entire class. And many of them dropped out; that is they did not take the full 16 day intensive. They left after day five and because of Nancy’s petulant, angry, immature behavior, many of them, who were considered “sure things” for the February intensive, chose not to take any more classes.

That is why the February 16 day intensive was much smaller than the November intensive, Susan believes.

We often think that Keith Raniere blew it all by himself and his pawns, including Nancy, just went along with his destructive decisions, but it appears that Nancy was quite capable of fucking things up all by herself.

In any event, while many of the people in the intensive who witnessed Nancy acting berserk were put off by it, Kristin apparently was not dissuaded from pursuing her Nxivm career.

As we shall learn, she, soon after completing her Nxivm intensive, left Alaska to visit Albany, then visit her parents.

She came back to Alaska and took her final intensive and there she claimed Raniere got her pregnant.

The documents will hopefully reveal a great deal more about why Kristin acted up in class – and how she acted up. Perhaps they will reveal whether there was a conspiracy to silence her.

Did she commit suicide?

Did Keith and his co conspirators make sure she did commit suicide, at all costs, prompting her, egging her on, ignoring her piteous cries for help?

Did she write the suicide note as a legitimate suicide note? Or did she write it under duress? Did she write it as some kind of Nxivm exercise? Or did someone else write it?

Was she murdered?

I like Nutjob’s theory that [Name Redacted] was to be set up as the fall gal; this is worth exploring. But we cannot rule out that [Name Redacted], along with Ed Kinum, Esther Chiappone Carlson, Karen Abney, and Nancy Salzman – were co conspirators in arranging the disappearance of Kristin Snyder – at Keith Raniere’s behest.


Our leaked documents include day by day accounts of how Kristin was behaving at the last Nxivm intensive, culled from a diary of one of the students, and not looked at for almost 17 years.

We plan to publish Kristin’s original ESP application and how she filled out some of the questions that were asked.

We will see how disturbing the ESP questionnaires really are, filled with dark questions seemingly meant to elicit the worst memories in people, and get them to confess things that could later be used against them.

This, by the way, was not unique to Kristin Snyder, but was done with every student at the time.

Stay tuned.


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  • FR Readers, behold! Anyone who discounts Prefect Nan’s ability to have a rage-face meltdown, gesticulating wildly, angry, screaming, and out of control should have seen her after the first day of daughter Lauren “Queen of Mexico” Salzman’s trial testimony. The angry Medusa had nothing on her.

    And honestly? I believe her anger had nothing to do with the facts of what she and her evil little Halfmoon empire conspired to do.

    In fact, I am waiting to have anyone give evidence that Nan and her old lady gang did not, on some level, know all, think that they could control bitchy Keith, the inevitable changing of the guards, the army of women according to Vanguard and all that.

    So yeah. Nan is a total, controlling harpie

  • I don’t know. Being adamant about being pregnant so quickly seems like very odd behavior. Unless something happened at an earlier date. It seems there was some kind of mental breakdown and with what has been said and described I suspect maybe she was given LSD, DMT or one of various mind altering drugs. It would explain how people that are somewhat or very intelligent could be fooled into believing KAR was this god like figure with special powers

    • Yes, Mitch. I agree, with two doctors and probably, an equine specialist or two, known to Clare – I would be interested to know if they used the horse tranquilizer/date rape drug Ketamine -it has an interesting profile:

      Being touted as a cure for depression atm but banned in the UK for, among other issues, a strong correlation with suicide.

    • As Scott Johnson points out below, the timeline for a possible pregnancy is shifted significantly, based on the new information in this piece that Snyder visited Albany earlier. Whether real or imagined, Snyder seems to have been dealing with it rather oddly, and to have been suffering other behavioral and mental problems.

      People can definitely experience severe psychological problems and even psychotic breakdowns, while undergoing amateur programs intended to be mind-altering, like NXIVM’s intensives and EM sessions. As an example, similar examples of psychological degradation seem to have happened fairly often in Scientology, which NXIVM deliberately copied in some ways, with the most infamous case being that of Lisa McPherson.

    • Mitch I agree with you. I also don’t think Kristen was pregnant. Raniere would have had a hard time raping Kristen. She was fit and healthy. Kristen wouldn’t have been shaving her legs after a rape and dressing sexy. These claims don’t match behaviors.

      • Who said Raniere raped (defined as violently forcing her to have sex) Snyder? I believe his gang of evil women primed the pump and then Raniere finished the job, so to speak. Those claims match behaviors.

  • If you have info about Kristin Snyder’s case, please contact Frank or the FBI.

    Do the right thing. Raniere has been discredited. He is a Psychopath and child abuser.

    Please help bring Kristin home for a proper burial. Bring her home.

    • I think it’s equally or more important, to get info about other cases of people who experienced psychological problems during or after exposure to NXIVM’s pseudo-scientific mental meddling. There was another reported case just 2 months before Snyder, plus 3 others the Times Union 2004 article referred to, so that would indicated in the ballpark of 100 over the years NXIVM was in operation.

      It’s likely that Snyder’s case was just a sadly banal example of the harm that NXIVM and its inadequately trained staff routinely inflicted on people in the course of its normal operations – not to mention what happened in the inner core including DOS, SOP, the circle of those who lived in Knox Woods and Raniere’s harem. That may not be as sensational, but cumulatively it’s horrifying in its own way – including apparently some sort of possibly fatal toll on the health of women in the inner circle.

      • Anonymaker,

        I agree completely with you regarding the intensives causing Snyder’s breakdown. Leon Festinger commented similarly to your observation.

  • Why didn’t Salzman, when confronted about the question about her daughters, simply tell the truth and say that actually happened to her, and she encouraged her young daughters to f*ck Raniere?

    • Ya, right… that would have been the end of ESP except for the very tiny inner circle. It really is too bad that Salzman, Bouchey, Raniere and the others in his inner circle were a bunch of liars about what kind of flirty, kinky sex they were up to. Most people would have never enrolled and would have saved so many heartache.

    • Scott,

      Nancy snapped because the student hit an extremely raw nerve with Nancy; When he asked Nancy, “What if it was your daughters?”

      This observation that Frank has reported on has answered a question we have all asked ourselves selves; “On a conscious or unconscious level, did the fact that Raniere bed both of Nancy’s daughters bother Nancy?”

      This one event is incredible revealing.

        • Scott,

          My point is Nancy was bothered by her daughter’s relationship with Raniere. Previously I had believed she was fine with it.

          I still think Nancy is evil and selfish. I am just surprised she cared about her daughters at all.

  • I’m gonna just throw this out there for one of our genius mind’s, like Shivani33, to consider.

    We know that many a pregnant paramour of KAR’s had abortions. Some of them —such as Pam Cafritz — had multiple —some say over a dozen —abortions over the years.

    We also know that Lauren Salzman, one of Nancy Salzman’s daughters, was promised to be the bearer of Keith’s “avatar” baby — the genius child who would be worshipped above all and be the salvation of humanity.

    So, what happens to Nancy (Prefect’s) plans to reign as Grandma Avatar — having somehow missed her chance at bearing the Vanguard’s holy seed herself — when one of Raniere’s secret seductees turns up preggers ahead of Lauren?

    And when that lucky lady isn’t likely — being a Christian or, maybe, a Mormon girl — to happily submit to an abortion?

    What would a highly trained, skilled hypnotherapist do to keep her promise to the daughter she sacrificed to Raniere’s bed and forced to forsake all others for when an interloper such as Kristin Snyder threatens to overtake her rightful lineage?

    • You’re accusing Nancy Salzman of murder now? And your entire theory is built on nothing but assumptions….you don’t even know for sure if Kristin was pregnant or even if she had sex with Raniere. You are speculating that these things are true based completely on so-called new “evidence” ….evidence which appeared many years after the fact. The original story never mentioned anything about a pregnancy.

      Does anyone think this type of baseless conjecture is helpful in any way to Kristin’s family?

      • She’s not accusing at all. It’s an inquiry. I personally think it’s brilliant. It reflects nothing but an opinion and an inquiry.

        • Agree with Fool Me Not. We need more posts from people who have info and ideas to share, like Heidi. Less shushing and more collaborating. I’d guess the Snyders are ok with people interest and brainstorming.

      • I agree it’s not necessarily helpful, and could well be distressing to Snyder’s survivors, who seem to have come to terms with her fate – based on a law enforcement investigation, and how they knew that squared with her behavior and communications at the time, neither of which we know the full picture of.

        Also, Snyder’s case is essentially a love triangle, and investigation 101 is that when someone disappears mysteriously or is harmed, the prime suspects are intimate partners – including both other members of a triangle. Yet for some reason one of those two is being given a complete pass, either to spare them the distress of scrutiny and questioning (and if so, why not apply such sensitivity to the whole matter?), or else because there is some sort of focus on shaping a particular, singular narrative – ignoring all of the various other possible outside parties, as well.

        • AM, How do you square Gina’s sister’s inquiry being ‘distressing to Snyder’s survivors’ with opaquely suggesting that Kristin’s partner Heidi, is escaping equivalent scrutiny to Raniere and Nexium? Also what makes you think Kristin’s partner isn’t under scrutiny along with all who played a part in the circumstances surrounding Kristin’s death?

      • No I think the Snyder’s have suffered long and hard. Even Heidi H. asking a question referring Kris as a”interloper such as Kristin Snyder threatens to overtake her rightful lineage?” Hurts them.

    • Interesting conjecture H, didn’t think about the Grandma Avatar aspect, but of course.. this would have promised at least a life long pole-position to Nan in the Raniere power play, a highly probable motive for blocking any ‘interlopers’ – good stuff.

  • The NXIVM coaches didnt have a way to report inappropriate behaviour by other coaches? If Nancy was acting in this way and causing the company to lose clients, you would think there would have been some mention or report of this behaviour.
    Why is it that Kristin’s partner Heidi had no recollection before that Kristin was in Albany prior to her Christmas visit to her parent’s home? Where did she tell her she was going instead of Albany, and why did Kristin lie to her?

    • Kristin wasn’t home for Christmas 2002, Flowers. Nor, oddly, did she phone home. She was entirely out of contact with her family Christmas week. She visited them briefly in early January ‘03 and was reportedly overheard calling Nancy Salzman and other NXIVM coaches repeatedly during that visit.

      Want some more speculation to poke holes at?

      I believe Keith has a special need or psychosis about making or deserving virgin sacrifices at Christmas time. I caught him in bed with my sister, who was a virgin, Christmas 1984.

      (I also observed some of Keith’s weird, moody behavior at Christmas time in other years thereafter.)

      Kristin Snyder was a virgin in the sense that she had never (previously) had sex with a man. I believe Keith may have “sacrificed” Kristin’s virginity for Christmas 2002.

      I believe Keith regards himself as the equivalent of, if not greater than, Christ and is certainly thinks he is just as deserving of worship as the Son of God. One of them, anyway. Lucifer is also considered the Son of God — the brightest angel in heaven before “the fall” — in some Christian mythologies.

      There are several instances illustrating where Keith almost jealously used the love of Christmas to bait his Christian acolytes and twist or mind condition them toward an equivalent worship of himself.

      India Oxenberg — per Catherine’s account in her book, for instance — was excited about Albany because it was a snowy place — “just like Christmas.”

      Keith jealously did the same — with the same motive and using the same techniques — with Buddhists, Hindu’s, etc. He tried to put himself on par with the Dalai Lama, as well.

      • The exact timing of her visit to her parent’s home was irrelevant to the question I asked in my comment, Heidi.
        If the visit was at the end of December or at the beginning of January, it makes no difference.
        The question I asked is if Kristin did visit Albany prior to visiting her parents, why did her partner, Heidi Clifford, not know that Kristin was in Albany at that time?

        I assume Kristin could not have just left town without telling her partner where she was going.

    • Bahahahahahahahahaha,

      and where do you think some one was going to report Nancy Salzman’s behavior too?

      The NXIVM board maybe?

      Let’s see… Raniere was sleeping with every member at the time.

      Nancy Salzman was the head of the company.

      Silly Flowers you know not what the heck you are saying.

      Maybe you think it should be been reported to the NY State police or NY State AG

      What do you think would have happened to any person reporting Nancy Salzman for having a melt-down?

      Best laugh all day

      • Susan claims to have witnessed Nancy’s epic, rabid meltdown and attributes the lower class numbers in the next set of intensives tp her crazy behavior. So, was there no way for Susan to report this? Was there ever a complaint made by any of the students? After all, these people were paying a pretty hefty price to take these classes….and who wouldn’t complain about paying that amount of money only to realize that the class was taught by a rabid nutcase?

        • The NXIVM members paid a lot of money and wanted/needed to believe that Salzman and Raniere were geniuses, plus they were taught that these two were geniuses, so a small, brief meltdown was a nonstarter.

  • “And here she was screaming and foaming at the mouth in front of 40 people, yelling “don’t you ever bring up my daughters!”
    “you have no right to bring up my daughters, my family!”

    Hey, Nancy, I’ll bring up your daughters.

    Your daughter Lauren is an admitted PIMP who in US Court testified that she kept a young woman locked up in a room for 18 months for refusing to have sex with Keith Raniere.

    Lauren Salzman is a PIMP!
    Lauren Salzman is a PIMP!
    Lauren Salzman is a PIMP!

    And you Nancy Salzman are a horse’s ass.
    “We will see how disturbing the ESP questionnaires really are, filled with dark questions seemingly meant to elicit the worst memories in people, and get them to confess things that could later be used against them.”

    Scientology does the exact same thing with its E-Meters as NXIVM.

    I urge the nations of Germany and Russia to ban criminal gangs like Scientology and NXIVM on this basis.
    Don’t let the US State Department argue that Scientology is a legitimate religion.

  • This means two things:

    1. Raniere liked hairy pu$$ies and shaved legs; and

    2. Raniere may have impregnated Snyder earlier than was originally thought, which means more pregnancy symptoms could have appeared.

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