Reader Asks Nasty, Probing Questions About Me and My Role With Toni Natalie, and Keith Raniere; I Give Smack Down Replies

Toni Natalie & Keith Raniere

A commenter named Anonymous posted a comment recently where he or she asks some snarky questions of me.  I guess if others have their detractors, why not me? And since this is my forum, I think I will take the time to answer Anonymous’s questions.

Anonymous wrote:

In article you wrote, that “Heidi told me that Toni told her that I was cheap gangster – Buffalo style – not like the cool Brooklyn gangsters that she could really go for.”

Didn’t you say that Keith was paying you $75,000 a month when you were working for the sex cult? What the hell sort of stuff is Toni doing if she thinks $75k per month makes your services “cheap”? Or is that price tag actually considered “cheap” for the type of work you were doing for Keith’s sex cult?

And the fact that you blame one low-life woman for thwarting your investigation for two years doesn’t really reflect very well on your investigative abilities, if you actually think about it. LOL

But I suppose if Jonnie Snyder is really devout and read some of your more overwrought articles and was turned off by the gleeful and salacious tone of your writing along with some of the more disgusting images you used to illustrate those articles, you helped make a case against yourself.

And if Toni did call you “a criminal” well, to be fair, it’s not like you aren’t currently under criminal indictment.

And did Heidi Clifford say why she didn’t tell police that Kristin was claiming she was pregnant with Keith’s baby even if the other NXIVM folk didn’t?


A great group of questions.

I will now answer them one by one. Before I do, I will address Anonymous’ initial remarks about Heidi Hutchinson.

Heidi Hutchinson

Anonymous is quoting something I wrote, which was that “Heidi told me that Toni told her that I was cheap gangster – Buffalo style – not like the cool Brooklyn gangsters that she could really go for.”

That is what Heidi told me.

Toni said to Heidi,  “You need to get away from Frank Parlato… they want him and I keep tellin’ him, but he just keeps pokin’ the bear. He won’t listen. He’s one of these small fry that think they’re big shot Buffalo Italian guys with no class. Not like the Brooklyn Italian guys. They’re slick. I could go for one of them. But I know these Buffalo guys. They don’t listen to nobody. Are you kidding, I’d kill a guy like that.

“They want Frank. They’re gonna get him and he’ll take you down with him… He thinks he’s so smart but, I don’t know… Look at how easy they got Joe O’Hara. Joe’s real smart. I tried to save Joe, too, but they got him. Look, you’re not Frank’s Mom…. He’s just using you to be near Catherine. That’s why they’re after you now. They don’t want you, they never wanted you, they want Frank.

“Get rid of Frank. Stay away from him and all the shit will go away, I’m telling you. … Are you, O.K.? You sound nervous. They don’t want you and I don’t want to see anything happen to you and your son because of Frank. No, you shouldn’t have done that CBC interview, I told you not to, but it’s Frank they’re after not you and he’s doin’ it to himself. He just keeps poking the bear. You can’t tell him nothing.”


Toni’s purported message to Heidi is a little mixed up. I was in Los Angeles not to get to Catherine, as Toni cleverly was saying, but to film for Ample Entertainment a promotional or “sizzle reel” which was used, like a trailer, to persuade a network to invest in a film.

This was successful. I made a two hour “special event” film for Discovery ID which will air on Sunday Dec. 8, 2019 called the “Lost Women of Nxivm.”


Now back to Anonymous’ questions:

Question #1. “Didn’t you say that Keith was paying you $75,000 a month when you were working for the sex cult?

Yes, I was paid $75,000 per month when I was working for Nxivm. I was not paid by Keith but by Clare and Sara Bronfman.

I would call Nxivm a sex cult but I did not know it was a sex cult then.  I was not a member, but a consultant, so I did not have privy to everything they were doing.

Still, I knew pretty soon after I started working there that Keith was having sex with a number of his women. They told me but they seemed to be happy about it. DOS had not been created then. No one was being branded. If women were being blackmailed, I did not know about it.

If they were being sleep-deprived or semi-starved I did not know it either.  I had many a dinner with Kristin Keeffe who was my liaison for Nxivm and she ate well. I also dined at Nancy Salzman’s house with Keith, Clare and Kristin – and the meals were replete with ample servings, albeit vegetarian fare – and wine.

Question #2 “What the hell sort of stuff is Toni doing if she thinks $75k per month makes your services “cheap”?

I don’t think Toni meant my pay as a Nxivm consultant had anything to do with her opinion of me as a cheap Buffalo gangster.

I think Toni was measuring my level of class for Heidi’s benefit. Toni said I was a cheap Buffalo mafia-style guy – small time Dago who thinks he’s a big shot. Not like the Brooklyn mobsters who she would consider dating.

I think what she was trying to do was make me look cheap.  As far as I know, I was never in the mafia – either in Buffalo or Brooklyn but that would not stop Toni from implying I was. Others have too in the past.

Not that being in the mafia is necessarily a bad thing for Toni, as long as one is a Brooklyn style topnotch “made” guy.

She claimed her dad was a member of the mafia. He was, I believe, a small time bookie.

She also claims in her book that she was married to a young man in order “to prevent a mob war.”  That dubious claim is not backed by any facts.  Her father in law, Thomas Didio Sr., was a mobster, said to be acting head of the Rochester mafia for a time in the 1970s.

He came to an unfortunate end about a year after Toni was married to his son. Didio was executed by a rival mob, which rather discounts Toni’s theory that she stopped a mob war by her wedding his son.

Question #3  “Or is that price tag [$75,000 per month] actually considered “cheap” for the type of work you were doing for Keith’s sex cult?”

I would say it was not cheap. Neither was I overpaid. I did one thing for Nxivm that no one had done before, or after – I gave them a period – however brief  -where they were not getting bad press.

My naturally charming personality was deployed with the media who were covering Nxivm and I got a couple of stories where the word “cult” was not mentioned in the articles. I also short-circuited several other articles and tried to get Raniere and Salzman to be transparent and work with the media.

I got to know Jim Odato, a great guy, and Chet Hardin, another good guy, notwithstanding his unfortunate stint with Toni.

Chet Hardin

As I have written before, Chet pretty much wrote what Toni told him and made the same mistake I did:  he trusted her to tell the truth. Although he is an investigative journalist, that was not his role in co-writing Toni’s book.

The other work I did for Nxivm was opposition research and I explained this on Vice News. I was paid to find out information about Nxivm enemies including Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, and Rick Ross and use it against them.

At that time, I thought these were really vile people, based on what Keith told me.

After doing my own research, I advised Keith to stop going after all three of them. Keith disagreed with my recommendation and I stopped working on opposition research on these so-called “enemies.”

I thought that Joe O’Hara had not done anything wrong and there was nothing to gain by getting him indicted.

Joe O’Hara

And that Nxivm would spend more in legal fees than they could hope to collect from him concerning a loan the Bronfman sister’s made to him on a real estate development project. He was trying to repay them but they would not let him.

They did not want money from Joe – they wanted him to be bankrupted and go to prison.

I firmly believe that Joe would not have gone to prison had they not bankrupted him first and put him in a position where he could not afford proper legal representation to fight a bogus case against him in El Paso, Texas.

Rick Ross

I thought it was stupid to try to gag Rick Ross – for it could only work in reverse. The whole First Amendment community would rise up against Raniere.  And on top of that, Nxivm could not bankrupt Ross because he had pro bono attorneys.

I think Nxigm spent about $20 million in legal fees to get some anti-Nxivm materials off Ross’ website. Had they let Ross alone, they could have used even a 1/10th of that money for positive PR and no one would have paid much attention to Ross.

But they didn’t like my advice and went ahead with the lawsuits.

Toni Natalie

As for enemy #3, Toni Natalie, I deemed her to be not a major threat to Nxivm. Keith and Kristin Keeffe said she was a fraudster – doing bank fraud, using her mother and brother and herself to swindle restaurant leasing companies then doing serial bankruptcies.

It amounted to about $300,000 and I wondered, if it was true, why Keith would spend more than a million dollars trying to get this aging, former girlfriend in trouble. I did not know then that she was out there trying to provoke a fight with him.

I remember that federal law enforcement was reticent to go after her – not because she was not guilty but because the amount was too low for a federal case and there was no political motive to get her.

I told Raniere that Toni, at worst, was a petty thief and should not be the object of interest for a life coaching company. That Nxivm should focus on positive things.

I think little to nothing was done about Natalie until Toni herself got the war going by hacking into Mary Jane Pino’s Nxivm account and then stealing the Nxivm members’ list.

After using the hacked info for months by herself, I think Toni realized she needed some cover and told her friends and some reporters that she had permission to use the password of Pino, when she didn’t.

Shortly after it exploded and not only was Toni sued and arrested but she had ample company.  I suspect Toni knew it was better to have several co-defendants than stand alone and that may be why she lied to her friends to get them on the Nxivm website.


Getting back to Anonymous– Anonymous writes,  “And the fact that you blame one low-life woman [Toni] for thwarting your investigation [into Kristin Snyder’s disappearance] for two years doesn’t really reflect very well on your investigative abilities, if you actually think about it. LOL.”

I don’t think I said Toni thwarted my investigation into the Snyder disappearance for two years. I believe I said Toni blocked my access to the Snyders and to Heidi Clifford for a few months.

I started investigating the disappearance of Kristin Snyder in earnest only after Raniere was convicted in June 2019, although I had written about it before. After his conviction, I began to dig deeply into Snyder. That was when Toni did her best to stop me. She blocked me with the Snyders and Heidi Clifford, Kristin’s spouse.

If it was not for my superb skill as an investigator and by my exposing Toni as a liar and cheat, I would not have gotten access to either the Snyders or Clifford. As it was, I did get access – in less than six months.

Heidi Clifford spoke with me on camera in Anchorage Alaska in August 2019. The gracious woman also had me to dinner with an elegant meal and was joined by her wife and children.

Anonymous, you might consider when you say Toni is a lowlife, that sometimes lowlife people can cause a lot of havoc. Consider the man that I often think of as Toni’s soulmate – Keith Alan Raniere.

He caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people for years – including me – and I think even you would admit he is a lowlife.


The Snyder family, The later Robert [l] Kristin [m] and Kim Snyder ]r] Seated Jonnie Snyder.
Anonymous continues: “But I suppose if Jonnie Snyder is really devout and read some of your more overwrought articles and was turned off by the gleeful and salacious tone of your writing along with some of the more disgusting images you used to illustrate those articles, you helped make a case against yourself.”

Jonnie is a fine person and probably would be offended by some of the salacious and sarcastic articles I wrote, especially before Raniere was arrested.  But I always wrote respectfully of her daughter, Kristin.

The reason I wrote salacious stories about Raniere is I wanted to demystify him.  His followers thought he was a demigod, capable of supernatural powers.

Nancy Salzman seems to have had her own harem – and I published this picture in Frank Report, Some might call it salacious.

It was something Nancy Salzman said to one of Raniere’s followers that gave me the clue. She said “Don’t read the Frank Report because it will ruin your internal representation of Keith.”

I wanted to ruin everyone’s internal representation of Keith. I wanted to mock him, make him look ridiculous and – “a man in Vanguard’s position cannot afford to be made to look ridiculous.”

Here are some photoshopped images of Keith I published before he was arrested.

They were meant to make him look ridiculous – in front of his followers.  I knew many were secretly reading the Frank Report.




He played concert level perversion at the age of 57.


I wanted his followers to see that I could openly mock him and make him look preposterous with impunity.

He could do nothing. He was impotent. He did not sue. He did not fight back. This helped as much as the more serious allegations I made against him and provided comic relief.

Overall I think my strategy worked.


Anonymous brings up my indictment, writing, “And if Toni did call you ‘a criminal’ well, to be fair, it’s not like you aren’t currently under criminal indictment.”

Thanks to the Bronfman’s filing a criminal complaint against me with the FBI, I was indicted by a dishonest and now retired Assistant US Attorney, Anthony Bruce.

While the Bronfman charges were dropped, the Feds still have some lingering charges against me which I will soon reveal to be utterly false both on this website and at trial.

It will be a very embarrassing moment for the Feds when the time for presenting actual evidence [as opposed to allegations] comes into play – for there is no evidence.

In fairness to them, the case was put together by AUSA Bruce – who retired right after indicting me.  The new AUSA assigned to the case has perhaps not truly had a chance to understand the enormous fraudulent nature of the charges against me.

Much more on this later.

As soon as I finish the work for my current Discovery ID film [which airs on Dec. 8, at 9 pm] and weigh out two distinct offers for an additional film  – on another case I am investigating, I will be addressing the totally bogus nature of the federal charges.

By the way, Anonymous, in the USA, a person is not a criminal if they have not been convicted. I have not been convicted of anything.

I plan to expose a great deal about this in due course of time. That’s what I do – explain things, and get at the truth. I hold myself to the same standard I hold others – the truth

Finally, Anonymous asks, “Did Heidi Clifford say why she didn’t tell police that Kristin was claiming she was pregnant with Keith’s baby even if the other NXIVM folk didn’t?”

This last question is a reasonable one. Heidi told me she was clearly intimidated by the Nxivm crew and with good reason.

I think she was genuinely afraid of telling the police, thinking that Nxivm would try to pin the blame on her and I think she thought they were crafty enough to do so, and perhaps also make her disappear as well.

In retrospect, you wish it was otherwise, and she had told the police about Kristin claiming to be pregnant with Raniere’s child, but she had a pretty good reason to be silent.


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  • Another thing Anon doesn’t know seems to be the fact that Toni is one of those brash old ladies – the old retired whore sort – who get a little tipsy after the Bingo game is over and tell tall stories about their misspent youth and heydays as great beauties whom every man who saw them desired.

  • Looking at the picture of Toni at top of page then the one lower I almost lose my mind that God should have created such beauty outside of heaven. And she keeps getting better with age. Toni I know this sounds funny and maybe kind of sudden but would you marry me ?
    I am a physician with significant income and medical practice in Omaha, Wichita, and Bismarck. You would not have to work so hard anymore like you do now. After 20 years taking down Raniere you earned your pension. Say “I do”. Darling. Look me up online and see I’m real. Pay no attention to haters like Shadow State. Just call me my love.
    Your eternal admirer

  • I hear that sound again! That one and only sound you hear when the baseball bat hits a ball, and you just know it when you hear it. That ball is gone, gone, gone.

    86 years without winning a World Series, but did anybody give up on the Red Sox?

    One of these illustrations has had me laughing for far, far too many hours. At this point, certain Thanksgiving preparations are being neglected. There is, instead of a counter covered with ingredients around the KitchenAid bowls, no one in the kitchen at all.

    The patio, however, is full of pink, violet and red paint smears, art paper and brushes, because I need to fashion a larger illustration that no one, no one will ever want to see. Hoo boy.

  • Dearest Frank Parlato,

    You have completed a master skewering of Vanguard, and a comedic masterpiece only equal by Shakespeare’s Midsummer Dream or Eddie Murphy’s standup piece Raw.

    You fight for right with comedy sometimes

    You have many enemies now; From Mexico to Canada and even France…
    …Normally only Messiahs, dictators, or Colin Kaepernick achieve that level of hate. You
    are special!

    Vanguard, your sworn enemy refers to you as an “Insufferable Scoundrel”. Others refer to you as Big Cojones Parlato or The Buffalo Mobster, who skimmed off cigarette and soda vending machines in the 80s; But I see as much more. I see you as a brilliant budding author with a quick wit and a talent for writing pithy observations.
    Many a time you have made me laugh. Thank you!

  • Sorry, Frank. But the hairy ass picture gave me no choice but to retaliate…

    Things Frank Likes to Keep Secret:

    1) He naps between 2pm and 5:30pm daily – thus is unable to release our comments.
    2) He failed at “playing it cool” after asking for the 75K per month fee, and had to pause the negotiations until his uncontrollable laughter subsided.
    3) He has a baseball card style collection of the DOS collateral.
    4) He once got tipsy at a NXIVM Christmas party and made out with Nancy.
    5) He named his poodle “Maid of the Mist”.
    6) Frank and Joe were also awkwardly denied permission to share the Snyder’s guestroom.
    7) When he gets bored, he comes up with ways to mess with Flowers.
    8) He DID learn some things from Keith. When he went on Scott’s buddy’s podcast, the after party was a good ol fashion three-way group masturbation.

  • Dearest Frank Parlato,

    You have completed a comedic masterpiece only equal by Shakespeare’s Midsummer Dream or Eddie Murphy’s standup piece Raw.

    You fight for right with comedy sometimes. Many enemies you now do have; From Mexico to Canada and even France. Usually only Messiahs, dictators, or Colin Kaepernick achieve that level of hate. You are special!
    Vanguard, your sworn enemy refers to as a “Insufferable Scoundrel”. Others refer to you as Big Cojones Parlato or Buffalo Mobster, who skimmed off cigarette and soda vending machines in the 80’s; But I see as much more. I see you as a brilliant budding author with a quick wit and a talent for writing pithy observations.
    Many a time you made laugh. Thank you!


    Unlike the Three Wisemen, Scott Johnson, Anonymaker, and Shadowstate1958, rest assured I will not be calling you midday or late night to talk your ear off; To share my infinite wisdom.
    I know you got the shit under control and do not need my help.

    “Stay gold Pony Boy stay gold”
    -S.E. Hinton

  • I’m glad that the Anonymous comment gave you another reason to post the humiliating Vanguard pics again, some of which I haven’t seen and did make me chuckle. So thanks Anonymous. I’d like to know what achievements Anonymous can lay claim to.

    • “I’d like to know what achievements Anonymous can lay claim to.” Natashka

      I understand Anonymous makes a great Mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) at the restaurant she works at in Brooklyn.
      And Anonymous is a funny stand up comedian but unfortunately not intentionally funny.

  • I’ve learned so much from your journalistic strategies Frank, but mostly from your character, which always shines through even the most sensational pieces, with clear intent. Your photoshopped KAR oeuvre is the boom. Nothing is more effective against a pompous cunt than ridicule. Much love and respect for you and yours and this blessed FR, for all it has achieved and will continue to achieve.

    • Scott,
      When I saw this story about Texas I knew I had to give you this warning.

      Woman killed by feral hogs outside Texas home: ‘One of the worst things I had ever seen’
      Adrianna Rodriguez

      “A woman was attacked and killed by a group of feral hogs Sunday morning outside the southeastern Texas home where she worked as a caretaker, authorities said.”

      “The sheriff said Rollins had a severe head wound and several other injuries consistent with different size bites, indicating multiple animals were involved.”

      “Hawthorne told reporters that feral hogs have been a problem in the county and throughout the state of Texas.”

      Scott, How about some delicious baked ham for Thanksgiving?

      • Shadowstate,

        There are over a million feral pigs running along, in Texas, with Scott.

        A million! That’s a lot of bacon. Unfortunately the FDA will not allow wild hog meat to be sold.

        • NiceGuy –

          You can buy wild boar meat – but I wouldn’t eat it. No one really knows exactly what they feed on. There is some thought they eat carrion as well as other things.

          Seriously this is a very sad story. Just for clarification, these wild boars (not feral pigs, which are basically descendants of domestic farm escapees) are an alien species imported from Europe eons ago – they have NO predators and are completely out of control. They can kill a human with their giant tusks in a heartbeat. Think the movie “Hannibal”. They also do tremendous property damage in packs, as well as destroy the habitat of native bird species. I had a group come through my land in the middle of the night and you would not believe the destruction.

          Wonderful things happen when humans introduce species into areas where they don’t belong. Rabbits in Australia; zebra mussels in Austin… Raniere into Knox Woods…

          Talk about drifting off topic!

          • Orange County Dreams,

            I have inlaws that live up in Bakersfield and Green Valley California. Crazy stuff regarding the wild hogs and boars. I know the recent spinach and lettuce recalls are the result of wild swine defecating on plants.

            The wild boars are fairly intelligent. I have a friend in Florida who hunts boar. The first thing he does before he fires an arrow is to make a sure there is a tree or something to climb up on. If you hit or even miss a boar they know you are attacking them and will charge sometimes.

            The wild boar tusks injure a person chiefly by slashing the legs. If the tusks hit the femoral artery, game over, unless a tourniquet is applied. Just being a few feet up can prevent injury.
            The Floridan boar are much smaller than the ones in Texas or California. I will readily admit I find the idea of giant Californian boars running around frightening.

            We are way off-topic!

        • Scott,

          It’s so apropos, of course you would be sticking up for swine. :).
          “Pigs don’t kill people. People kill people. Oh wait it’s guns don’t kill….”-Scott J.

          You can’t probably afford the NRA dues but I am sure you know the right saying. 😉

          Winston Churchill once remarked “a dog looks up to you. A Cat looks down on you. A pig looks you right in the eye.”

          Have Happy Thanksgiving my favorite asshole!!!

          I bet you love the dark meat!

    • In that top pic he resembles a long-haired guinea pig, ha – alike, save for the intense grooming practices of that creature.

  • Nice Jack Woltz quote. While you certainly don’t owe a commenter with that shitty insulting tone any explanations, this was a very interesting glimpse of your time working for an organized crime ring. Fascinating in fact, the scene of you having dinner with crime boss Keith and his henchwomen Clare and Nancy…and no one woke up with a horse head in their bed the next morning. Although metaphorically, now that I consider it, that is what happened to Raniere and Nancy. But it couldn’t have come from a nicer guy than you. They should consider themselves lucky; someone else, say a Mexican crime boss for example, wouldn’t have gone so easy on them. And what you managed to do in stripping Keith of his deification shtick, using parody with equal parts comedy and vulgarity, was extremely effective in demonstrating how he appears to the rest of the sane world outside of his crummy condo. He cuts a preposterous figure as a slobby smelly charlatan, with his ludicrous patents, new-agey woo nonsense that anyone who took Psych 101 could see through, his narcissism and pimp routine. If that is what it took to shake a few followers awake, then so be it. Let the record reflect it for posterity as well, in case anyone in future tries to make him out to be anything but a hobbit-like schlub. Most importantly, you succeeded where others tried and failed to take this criminal enterprise out once and for all. Any issues of style over substance are irrelevant.

  • Whoever Anonymous is, he or she is clearly delusional.
    Lots of people contributed to the downfall of NXIVM.

    Susan Dones and the NXIVM Nine
    Joe O’Hara
    Rick Ross
    Jim Odato
    Chet Hardin
    Frank Parlato
    Catherine Oxenberg
    Sara Edmondson

    And even Keith Raniere and his fanatical followers who believed that branding and blackmailing women were acceptable behaviors helped bring down Raniere and NXIVM.
    Toni Natalie is at best a footnote to the actions of all these other people.

    Who is this Anonymous troll who throws out all kinds of wild allegations about the Mafia and threatens lawsuits left and right?
    I believe that this Anonymous is a One Person Marx Brothers movie.
    This Anonymous troll is Harpo, Chico and Groucho Marx rolled up in one person.

    If one reads the comments of this troll over the past few weeks it is clear that this person is beyond delusional.
    When this troll first started posting comments about Toni Natalie he/she started claiming to be a Doctor Porter.

    Sometimes this troll uses the name Dr. Gastone H. Porter.
    Other times this troll’s name changes to Dr. Gastone H. H. Porter.
    Other times it is Dr. Gastone Hiram Porter.
    And it even appears as Dr. Gastone Hiram Hastings Porter.

    Dr. Porter supposedly has offices in Wichita and also in Omaha.
    Quick internet searches reveal no Dr. Gastone Porter in either city.

    Moreover, Dr. Gastone Porter claimed to be a graduate of the medical school at Princeton University.
    The only problem is that Princeton University has no medical school.
    Princeton is the only college in the Ivy League without a medical school.

    The message is always the same.
    “Toni is a hero who brought down NXIVM single handed.”
    “Toni is a maligned hero and Frank Parlato is the villain.”

    Recently this Doctor Gastone Porter hooked up with a supposed lawyer named Arthur Franz Hunnicutt to threaten lawsuits.

    “Gattone H. Porter MD PhD DDS DD
    November 22, 2019 at 10:52 pm
    Toni don’t let these liars get you down. My friend Arthur Franz Hunnicutt is drawing up legal papers as we speak. If you are upset I can fly to meet you and make an examination and prescribe whatever you need my angel.

    Arthur F. Hunnicutt of Tone, Hunnicutt, Teal and Ladd
    November 22, 2019 at 9:53 pm
    Expect a law suit Mr. Perlato. Please provide your address so I can sue you on behalf of Toni Natalie.

    There is no lawyer in America named Arthur Franz Hunnicutt.

    This Arthur Franz Hunnicutt has a gravitar symbol of “abnft1” which is associated with none other than Nicki Lee Clyne.
    Arthur’s Franz Hunnicutt Esq.
    November 12, 2019 at 9:05 pm
    This is despicable. Not Toni but Frank Perlato. I believe Toni. Her brother committed suicide. Why would she write it in a book if it didn’t happen? Let’s be real. She could not get away with a lie. Plus she is our queen. Our adored and adorable one. #stopPerlato. Stop this despicable man and #ProtectToniNatalie

    Gravatar allows you to manage all of your online identities in one place on the web.

    It also turns out that Dr. Gastone Porter, the bogus Doctor, has a gravitar symbol of “abfnt1”

    Dr. Gastone H. H. Porter
    October 31, 2019 at 6:59 pm
    This is my whole point. Toni Natalie was patient zero. She got out beside she would not make other women slaves. She is the Harriet Tubman of the modern era. I love you Toni. You are my angel. Viva Toni Natalie the Joan D’Arc of America. I worship your beauty and tenderness and know you never told a lie in your entire life. Worship you love forever. I await thee – your Concorde Jet who will fly you anywhere!!!

    Gravitar symbol abfnt1

    As if the aliases Gastone Porter and Arthur Franz Hunnicutt are not enough Nicki Clyne has started using the name Don Giovanni Tortelini.

    Don Giovanni Tortellini
    November 25, 2019 at 7:42 am
    No, she didn’t fool Frank. She is beautiful and he probably fell in love with her. And fooled himself. But he is after all just a cheap Buffalo gangster. No class. Just a lot of brag and swagger. Small-time. Toni could be a top Mafia moll. She deserves one of us Brooklyn wise guys.
    She’s got what it takes. The brassiness. The brains. The good looks. She is eye candy with the smarts and she knows how to keep her mouth shut. And how to work an angle right. She grew up in a big mafia family. She was married to the mob to stop a mob war and she single handedly took down the Nxivm mob.

    If you read the recent story about Nicki Clyne, you will see that Nicki spends her time at the restaurant working furiously on her laptop.

    ““She was sitting at [her laptop] computer [all day long] actively doing something and actively concealing what it was…”

    Nicki Clyne is a one woman Marx Brothers movie whose job is to muddy the waters in order to protect NXIVM.

    • Shadowstate1958,

      I think we are seeing the same pattern with the same logical progression.I follow your logic.

      “She(Toni) is beautiful and he(Frank) probably fell in love with her. And fooled himself”.

      If your hunch is right Shadow, do you think Nancy and Toni were in competition for Frank Parlato? Could there be the possibility of a love triangle of sorts. Nancy did touch Frank’s hand in a highly charged and suggestive way. I believe your idea has credence and merits further research.

  • Toni was right about you Frank Perlato you’re a cheap Buffalo-style gangster and someone ought to do a hit on you. But since I’m a lawyer, I will sue you instead. #LuvUToni. #ToniRocks

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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