Plant a Giant Scarlet Letter on Allison Mack, as Shivani Excoriates Nxivm’s Cast of Criminals

Ed. Note: In this post, Shivani dissects and unloads on a number of the Nxivm stars including Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, Nancy, Lauren and Michelle Salzman, Keith Raniere and Toni Natalie, while reserving a few kind words for the humble editor of this website.

By Shivani

Nicki Clyne at her new job as manager of Izzy Rose, a vegan bar in Brooklyn.



Allison Mack, a devotee of the Vanguard.

Allison Mack, Her Name Rhymes with Crack

It is almost irresistible here in #metoo land not to plant a giant scarlet letter on Allison Mack. Her name rhymes with crack, which rhymes with whack. Poetic justice. Roll the dice. Here we have the word “penitent” as the formative word in “penitentiary.”

Who is still not sorry now?

Mack didn’t have any babies of her own, thank God. But what has she done for herself and, by her own choices, in the name of Keith Raniere? How old is she, 36? She made all of her Raniere’s sex slavery decisions as a goddamn grown woman. She has not pleaded insanity for any of her egoistical abusiveness, either.

I can feel sorry for her and still think of her as a monstrosity. One doesn’t cancel out the other. Who has she harmed, what she has done to hurt other people? No one needs to tolerate that shit from Allison Mack or the Bronfmans or from Raniere’s psychotic, shriveled-up mal-intentions.

Allison was brought into Nxivm for her cutesy fame and turned out to be an even better, somewhat manly gal to entangle because she was dying to be popular and to experience egoistical status. Plus she could afford to pay for her own imprisonment. She didn’t seem to mind Raniere’s sexual philosophy, at least socially. Apparently she, like many of these Raniere fans, had plenty of jealousy and meanness waiting to be exploited. Any fool could’ve mangled her sex life, with the right carrot to entice her.

Toni Natalie with Rick Ross at the Albany Times Union’s Nxivm Exposed symposium. Lately, Toni has been exposed. Photo courtesy Albany Times Union.

Can Toni Natalie Clean up Her Act?

Put another way, Toni is what she is, based upon just sitting back and watching her machinations. Anyone is free to help her stay dolled up in her shit, though.

Maybe she never got you (or me) into her crosshatches. I don’t know about your reaction. But to quote Shania Twain, “that don’t impress me much.” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Thanks for the nap.

Some people want some of Toni Natalie’s actions to be undone or rectified. Or to move things out of her clutching hands, eject her from having any more driver’s seat, especially when she has done damage not in any way repaired so far, damage with effects still ongoing.

Be glad your own life could be distant, far from where and how deeply Toni’s fake fingernails have been clawing many, who were unsuspecting and didn’t recognize her bad habits to be perpetually mercenary.

Some would feel relief if Toni Natalie would clean up her act or explain herself, which will not happen unless her back is up against the wall. Even then, she’d spew no truth. She has lied, cheated and stolen from ” friends.” She pretends exaggerated insider knowledge one minute; the victimhood of being a martyr, the next minute.

Like Aileen Wuornos the semi-female serial killer, but perhaps too squeamish to leave any DEAD bodies, Toni is habitually handing out her fake final solutions.

She has put people into legal jeopardy, deceived people, divided ones against others for her own benefit. She has called the sister of the late Kristin Snyder “retarded” to try to end her credibility and to stop people from trying to communicate with her about her sister’s Nxivm-related death.

There’s a good chance you know nothing about Kristin Snyder or the strangeness behind her death. Maybe you have no receptivity to paying attention to Toni’s trip and what she did to Kristin’s entire family. How she blocked Frank Parlato from behind his back; made him look bad.

However, more and more actions from Toni Natalie have been being exposed, discussed, brought to light. This is what happens when people get together (despite Toni’s tricks) and clean house.

And I am a demolition woman right from birth. Especially in regards to tricksters like Toni, who mangle their womanhood and then use it to cause harm. The Toni exposé is happening. Right here on Frank Report.

Nancy Salzman – will she grease her way out of trouble?

Nancy Salzman: Will She Get Off Easy?

Nancy Salzman? So greasy. Watch how much she gets to slide.

If you look far back, it can become interesting to see that Nancy Salzman’s parents might have “trained her” to become who she has been in Nxivm. While by nature one’s immediate family is hugely and personally influential to one’s development, I’m seeing the potential contents of their influences, not only simply the pervasiveness of parents’ overall and generalized positions.

In other words, there is a Salzman table of contents. There are chapters. There are also Bronfman stories galore, documents going back generations, available to gather from multiple sources, to study, peruse, contemplate.

There are almost too many rather (seemingly) unexplored Salzman rabbit holes. No wonder Nancy made sure she got to first place in the shill line.

There were reports back months ago that Nancy Salzman was ill, possibly with a resurgence of cancer. Has there been any current news about her at all, beyond a sentencing date? Nancy looks monstrously ill in many photos, but nothing seems to have been seen of her monstrosity lately.

At any rate, Nancy has gone far, fabricating her monstrousness into a profitable career and has kept her daughters under her armpit, like a truly conscienceless indoctrinator. It seems she has an instruction manual of how to live a foul, vile existence and how to be just like mummy, how to grow up to be falsifying do-gooders.

Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman and Toni Natalie 1999.

It seems to me that Nancy Salzman consciously and conspicuously play-acted her lascivious devotion to Keith Raniere for many, many years for her own reasons. Not that Nancy didn’t appreciate him. I just think that she saw through him and used him, probably more than he was capable of comprehending, due to his own dissociativeness.

It looks obvious that Raniere (and Nancy Salzman) selected their suckers to fulfill specific and various uses, for themselves. Each seemed to make room for the other’s ideology and for each of their desires to be met.

He “knew” he was the star of his soap opera, and certainly, Nancy would know how to exploit that.

Whereas so many of Keith’s harem look glaze-eyed and poleaxed, at least subliminally possessed, Nancy does not. She looks like a calculating carnivore, dressed up like a short-haired matron. She sits in photos, etc. grinning at his side so often, clarifying her Prefect stature for all to see. But her over-acting is terrible and to me, transparent.

She looks to me like an embodiment of premeditated and poorly concealed self-interest, which probably includes her family. I don’t see Nancy melted in a worshipful puddle but instead sniffing Raniere’s hide like an “expectant” raptor. She planned lots of options for her and hers long in advance, if my intuition is correct about “who” she really thinks she is.

In my observation, con met con, between Salzman and Raniere. I think that she saw through plenty of his pathology and just decided to milk it for all that she could.

It looks as though Nancy Salzman and a couple of others with vested interests, found a rabid, sexually freaked and freakish Adolf Hitler of their very own to mentor, to pretend to “idolize” with motives of their own. Nancy Salzman probably should have left sooner, but greed is a strange bedfellow.

Michelle, Nancy and Lauren Salzman

Lauren and Michelle Born of Nancy

It is hard to guess how much freedom of mind or emotions Nancy Salzman’s daughters ever had. This doesn’t override the hideous decisions Lauren made to carry out horrible actions. She was an adult eventually and chose her mother’s route. Her adoration of Raniere and her long, long fantasizing about him is simply pathetic. Her jealousy of other women is obvious. The other sister appears to remain in her mother’s clutches and is “married to the mob.”

Lauren and Michelle Salzman were born into a more advanced degree of definitive patterns than Nancy Salzman ingested as she grew up with socio-political-“religious” activists. Her parents might have shown her how to bolster and to falsify her educational background.

What could she have been thinking, eh? Hitching her daughters’ wagons to a falling manwhore, gloating like Madam Kardashian in a funhouse mirror.

What did Lauren Salzman do – cry her eyeballs off in court. Then run home to Mummy (?) and help her to print new business cards, while she follows eagerly behind the scent of money? No doubt Nancy has her fixes in; her entire life has been like a Jewish Wunderkind western movie. Here are some paper bags for her to blow up

The ‘demented Clare’ picture used by the prosecution to show to the jury during the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

Demented Clare Bronfman

Clare seems to be the prodigal, demented daughter who tried to spend all of her money on a new messiah. How ironic.

Entitlement to specialness is a fairly well-concealed fundament of intellectual gangsterism. This “entitlement gangsterism” is international, certainly not limited to New York/New Jersey. It’s in London, it’s in France. It’s in Clare Bronfman’s underpants.

Poor Clare could get plastic surgery before visiting Sadhguru in south India. He has digs in Tennessee too, if Clare cannot travel internationally straight out of prison. Perhaps Judge Garaufis will be sympathetic and get her the hell out of the United States permanently, like Joe Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

One gets the impression that Clare does not like children at all. Therefore, any stopovers for her in France to see her more tranquil and bovine sister will probably have to be brief.

What to do? No, asexual is an island, especially if the Feds seize it.

Where to turn? No man in Mexico would want Clare unless he was dead drunk. Even donkeys have nicer asses. Still, this would be a good place for her to get her face fixed. Mexico is cheap, and no one would recognize her if she wore sunglasses and a huge Afro wig, like a proper cult matron/ sister wife.

Raniere and His Harem

Raniere knew that he was going to and that he liked to mess with sexuality and to weaponize it, to manipulate the incumbent emotional responses involved by playing off multiple sexual partners against each other, most of whom wanted to be his number one. He didn’t give a damn about any of them. He guilted them with new-age/ancient wisdom bullshit. He told them it was unenlightened and hurtful to poor HIM if they scrapped jealously or possessively over him. Then he engendered their scraps.

Listen, I’m an ordinary woman, and fucktard Raniere could not have batted one eye at me. He is a complete mess. He had to pick his chattel. Probably Raniere had to eliminate women, for fake reasons, from his rosters too, though.

Lots of us would have seen him as repulsive.

Would any woman find Keith Raniere repulsive?

It is different for the young ones Raniere has harmed. He took advantage of their innocence, completely and for as long, as much as he could get. Young emotions are easier to manipulate, usually.

The OJ Simpson of volleyball played in a tournament which was sponsored by one of his very own groupies, who organized Raniere’s new hunting arena. Probably naively.

Yet even to this day, some of these women are still competing with one another. Some will not help or engage with certain others. Some seem to hate one another.

The Nxivm men remain out of sight and mostly unstoried, behind all of their Ironman curtains. Yet how many of these ditherheads are mad at Raniere? Who looks at him now as a creep? Who still wants to be his queen gargoyle from afar, as he slides around his cell in his own piss?

Keith Raniere at volleyball with his devotees

That’s No Man, That’s Keith Raniere – in Prison


The opposite of the leering Raniere. Poles apart.

Good men, good women are everywhere. Raniere is a rotten burned batch of dogmeat cookies.

Some bosses have got to close all of his exits. Take down some of his fembots and those boyz who were eating out of his hand(jobs). The hidden lost boyz of Nxivm.

Raniere only pities his own soggy ass while awaiting his own personal Federal rat zone, a cockroach crawling landfill designed to distress and to torment. So many behind these walls were corrupted even more stagnating under guard, in cages smelling like sewage after a bad hurricane. Keith would make a fine Mrs. Doubtfire for some good ol’ boys with significant tatoos.

I’d like to see that chubby Vanguard turd sweating, dressed up in a flowery mumu and Crocs, and with a fucking straw hat smack on his head, beribboned with a jaunty sash and bow. But that’s just me, just now.

I want to see that pig wear lipstick and a Playtex Living Bra. All in CinemaScope. His very own Dante’s Inferno. With all dem’ bitches. He’d be begging his ass off, “Lemme be. Lemme be. Leave me alone.” Hehhehheh.

”Vengeance is Mine,” sayeth the Lord. Whew, that is a big relief. But hey, Mr. Fantasy, Madame Fantasy. Burned initials to you, Raniere.

This is a toast, a salût!

Fried balls and burning bushes, skoal!

Bottoms up. Bite me, a nonviolent woman. C’mon. Aikido gonna get ya. 24/7 and longer than that. He has time to read Tolstoy now, but Raniere keeps falling down on top of his eyeglasses.


Frank Parlato Has Forum for Revealing Truth

Image result for marilyn monroe dead

Marilyn Monroe died that August 1962, only 36 years old. I have never stopped paying attention to her death. She meant a great deal to me, beyond what I will attempt to describe, and it goes deep.  What happened to her ignited me into a permanent state of “looking long and hard for the truth” versus accepting cover stories.

This is exactly what led me to Frank Parlato, inner certainty. Humility is no weakness. It is saying “I don’t know, and I am going to learn.”

Determined, allowing no one to stop you, no matter what. This is an essential ingredient, to respect and to pay attention, whenever you are lucky enough to come across the work of a man or woman or child like Frank is, and there is no turning back, even when there is discouragement. This is who he is to me. This is who he will always be now.

There are people speaking up here, a lot because we trust Frank’s integrity, a strong, humane and solid man. A man who has experience and who doesn’t throw up his hands and quit.

Frank Parlato with Seward Police Office Alan Nichols at Miller’s Landing investigating the disappearance of Kristin Snyder

Here we have a great opportunity not to give up pursuing, insistently to clean house. Each in our own unique way buoys the others.

Nxivm/DOS is not uncovered enough, even now. Yet also, all over the world, there are these similar patches, organizations of sheer evil, operating often with little or no exposure at all.

No doubt, Frank Parlato has opened up a format of value beyond measure. No doubt the man has his very own inner fire and has gathered together a lot of eyes who watch, voices who speak.





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4 years ago

Nancy Salzman is a far more sinister and criminal individual than is generally appreciated. At the moment, she is happily sitting back, thinking that she got away with almost all her crimes, and will live a wealthy and happy retirement after her micro-sentence.

She knows where the money is, and intends to use it for her sole benefit.

She’s Raniere’s main co-conspirator.

She is remarkably cold and calculating criminal.

I hope doesn’t get away with her many crimes.

Hibachi grill
Hibachi grill
4 years ago

Why do you leave out the mini-vanguard, Jim Delnegro? Rumor has it he has you’re scared of his 6’3 frame. Quit being a pussy. He did and is still doing all kinds of damage to women and men. Smiles big just like satan. And sucks in young girls and guys to do his sexual flavors. Keith Renaire and James Delnegro have been butt buddies for years. Why is no one talking about that? Why is Delnegro not a part of this cleanup? With him still running rampant, there is no closure. Why don’t you finish your job. You claim you brought down the cult but that won’t be true until you get delnegro. Come on, big shot, show me you can do it. Or does he have a hypnotic lock on you too?

4 years ago
Reply to  Hibachi grill

Other than Keith himself, some of the most hysterically scathing takedowns have been directed at Jim. It’s been awhile. Maybe we can revisit the fun.

4 years ago

Mr. Parlato,

I want to fully apologize if my theoretical love triangle conspiracy offended you. Next time I will choose hotter females to be in a love triangle with.

Just kidding I will drop it. I enjoy posting on this site to much. 😉

4 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

Did I miss something? Is discussing Frank’s love life frowned upon? Cause I may or may not be sitting on some info regarding Flowers, Frank, and a giant tab at Scores. Or are you just looking for excuses to apologize?

4 years ago
Reply to  Nutjob


No comment. Just know there are some subjects a man should not broach on the Frankreport……Or the insufferable RASCAL will edit them at your expense.
The End!

4 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

Nice edit!

4 years ago

“No doubt, Frank Parlato has opened up a format of value beyond measure”
Well,if you talk about lies and BS , no doubt…
Suffice to see that he is posting your absurd posts based on lies and false stories…Ignoring the facts and trying to be “funny” but failing…

I understand why you appreciate Franky, you and him (and a few) are a lot alike…full of shit!

Western Union The Comissary -Your King Is Dying Of No Cheetos!
Western Union The Comissary -Your King Is Dying Of No Cheetos!
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Haha -the grapes are sour and the whine far from fine! – poor soul!

the FR success, overwhelming and persistent, must really stick in your craw – and to think, the readership just continues to grow -last time I checked it was round the 6 million mark. You are so fortunate that due to the basic goodness of much of the world, even your weak attempts at footnote dissembling will be forgiven. Along with your total lack of humour.(No, rictus grins don’t count) Enjoy your time in the wilderness, ruling your miniature kingdom, with your little pickled heart and brain.

Mitch Garrity
Mitch Garrity
4 years ago

It’s difficult to interpret anything from her replies on the audio. Any number of things could have been taking place during that conversation. It’s much easier to get an idea of Mack’s involvement based on witness testimony, her own videos that she made, her writing, the videos with her “mentor” and how long she held out before making a deal.

4 years ago
Reply to  Mitch Garrity

No, it’s easy to interpret it as what it is…it’s factually just a meek “ok”…Nothing else. But of course, it’s breaking the “mistress” image that many tried to build on her (despite the proof of the opposite).

She is obviously under some kind of spell (an unnatural devotion like this)…Coercion is definitely one of the explanations but the starvation makes her unable to make a decision and makes her sound properly devoted.

As for how long she held out…She is innocent on most counts. So, why would she do a plea deal when she knows she could win…

She ended up doing a deal because of the coercion exercised by Penza.
The pedophilia accusation against Raniere.

But I don’t expect someone like you to be logical at one point and understand what is a fact…continue to believe in your little fantasy (that Allison was the big bad monster) and entertain us with your idiocy.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

“entertain us with your idiocy.” Anonymous

Let’s talk about Allison Pimp Mack
The “brilliant ” actress who is such a simpleton that she can not say the word “No” when directed to break the law.
The California dunce who never learned in school that slavery is illegal.

“She ended up doing a deal because of the coercion exercised by Penza.”

So it is all Moira Penza’s fault that Allison Pimp Mack plead guilty?

4 years ago

Fortunately, shadow is not misogyny.
One might think what words are you like.
“Let’s talk about Allison Pimp Mack
The “brilliant” actress who is so dumb that she cannot say the word “No” when she is ordered to break the law “is a clear sign of misogyny. If we take into account that her statement is equally applicable to all women in the inner circle and in the haren, even several men are known to have violated the law at the request of his glorious Vanguard, so why Shadow concentrates his aggressiveness and aggressive language against a single woman among all the other women who were Keith’s sex slaves, this to minds naive it would seem that shadow has an insane obsession with a woman younger than him, but they are completely wrong, we might also think that this other claim of shadow. “The California donkey who never learned in school that slavery is illegal.” is a clear misogyny towards Allison mack, but NOT anything further from the truth, we can not say that his statement “” He ended up making a deal due to the coercion exerted by Penza. ”

So, is it Moira Penza’s fault that Allison Pimp Mack pleads guilty? .
it is wrong, paraly, not so evolved, it might seem that Moira Penza’s job was indeed to get the defendants inclining Allison mack to accept guilty agreements that saves the prosecution time, effort and money if they have to prove in each trial every accusation made to her, as it is said “beyond all reasonable doubt” and to unite the defendants with the charge of pedophilia that turned out to be one of the best weapons of the prosecution against Raniere, was what forced them to desert from the ship and leave only the Captain Vanguard, but as he left that would pass only by naive and little evolved minds, which is NOT the case of shadow his evolved mind as evolved as Keith allows him to see in Allison the true evil that seized Nxivm, without allison the evil of keith JAMAS, JAMAS, JAMAS would have escalated to the levels he reached, he would only be a small scammer who cheated several women, but as the powerful mind of e shadow could deduce NONE if as they read it ANY other woman in the haren would have done what Allison did and that was how the visionary, brilliant and brilliant mind of shadow with its privileged intelligence that only one in a million came to the conclusion that Allison mack was the evil incarnate, Keith ranier was just a mischievous child compared to her, and that is why shadow thirsty the titanic task of opening our eyes to all about the evil of Allison mack, that is the terrible truth that does not leave sleep a shadow at night, if only everyone here understood its noble purpose, but we do not do that is the lonely destiny of a HEROE.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

“even several men are known to have violated the law at the request of his glorious Vanguard, ”

There were six defendants.
Five women and one so-called man.
And Pimp Mack was the “Tom Cruise ” of NXIVM in the words of Rick

““The California donkey who never learned in school that slavery is illegal.”

I learned that slavery is morally wrong in third grade when we were taught about the Civil War.

Let’s cut to the chase.
It took me about a minute to figure out that Raniere is a pedophile.
As soon as I read that Raniere told his followers that it is appropriate for an adult to have sex with a twelve year old child, I knew he was a pedophile.
Allison Pimp Mack was part of the criminal gang for about twelve years before she figured it out.
Allison Pimp Mack is either dumb or doesn’t give a damn.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Shadow, if Keith said things so directly you don’t think that many people would have commented on it, but what we have are some loose phrases, spoken by people who heard him at some point and told Frank as an adept about Keith, but If it was something that everyone heard him saying in that textual way, then it would mean that all the women who took classes at Jness knew it and agreed, with everything I’ve learned about Keith, I get the impression that he used the method of creating contradictions with their different statements so that people would doubt what their intuition was telling them about Keith and try to find “hidden” wisdom in their words, creating themselves an idealized definition of what Keith wanted to say, is a very easy use of the old trick that is used in advertising that they sell you an “empty box” that is supposed to have everything you are looking for and it is really your expectation that fills the box .

In Jness, there were many women of different ages, especially women over 35 or 40 years old, that Allison and other young women were impressionable is one thing but what happens with all those other women much older than her, if things were so obvious, not these women would have been the first to recognize Keith for what he is.

Mitch Garrity
Mitch Garrity
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

So answer your own question you dumbass.
Why take a plea when she knows she could win? The answer you gave at the least needs expounded on. Do you have evidence of coercion or even a hint. Her true love is a paedophile shouldn’t prevent her from winning if she’s obviously innocent as you claim. Hell, you claim it was proven in court.
You are fucking retarded
Entertain me

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


Gee wiz! Let me guess who you are……..
Over the top drama and overwrought writing style; “under some kind of spell (an unnatural devotion like this)…Coercion is”.

Could you be Sultanofsix?

It’s obviously you, Sultan your writing style is born out of a superiority complex. You are intelligent I will give you that. You are not as intelligent as you believe yourself to be though. That is why you are posting on this website and not dating Kristin Kreuk.

I, at least have an excuse for posting. My excuse is I am a middle-aged guy from the suburbs with no life.

Do you really want to be like me? 🙂

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

Personally, I enjoy Shavani’s prose. I disagree, adamantly and repeatedly, on Allison Mack.

Listen to her weak replies — only a meek “OK” here and there —in the recording of Keith instructing her on setting up the branding “sacrifices” to him.

That’s not to say Allison should go entirely unpunished but relative to the other defendants — and especially if the NYS and NDNY coverup persists — Allison is the least guilty and most unjustly prosecuted of all.

4 years ago

I have never met a woman who was shy about expressing her opinions.
Do you think Raniere tried to get Pam Cafritz to brand and blackmail women?
Of course he did.
And Cafritz said “No”!
The branding and blackmail made the sex trafficking undeniable.

Allison Mack talked a good game about female empowerment but when women balked at Mack’s demands, Allison Mack would berate them.
Mack would give women demeaning nicknames like “Princess” and “Brat.
Mack complained that one woman was as “slow as molasses” in obeying Mack’s orders.

4 years ago

No he didn’t try and neither would Allison but for the coercion (without the branding), he did…that’s how he got Allison to give COLLATERALS.
You are still the same idiot. Nothing will do about that. It’s still only about Allison.

BTW, Mr., I know the case, She was not at the level of Cafritz, that is Franky’s interpretation but it’s proved false…

Oh and what a monster she is….princess, brat…molasses! It’s way worse than anything she was called by an idiot like you!

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

“he got Allison to give COLLATERALS.”

It’s called BLACKMAIL.
And Ms. Mack willingly strong armed that material out of dozens of women.
And in your insane asylum no one is allowed to criticize the sacrosanct Allison Mack.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

Shadow, I’m gonna give it to you straight and it’s up to Frank if he wants to, finally, let you in on the joke or not but much as you protest that Allison Mack is nobody’s fool it’s YOU who are being made a fool of every time you respond to a Don Giovanni Tortellini, Pea Onyu, etc. insisting you’ve “made” or uncovered another Nicki Clyne alias.

There is NO comparison between “Pam Cafritz” — the woman whom we know sex trafficked a 12-year-old child to be brutally raped by Keith Raniere in a broom closet — and Allison Mack who, maybe, stored (but did not take or release) some illicit pics of willing, adult females apparently vying for the title of NXIVM’s “most beautiful, empowered cunt.”

EXCEPT that Allison, despite being starved, sleep-deprived, financially fleeced, mentally “broken down,” enslaved, scapegoated, sexually abused herself, certainly seduced and quite possibly, brainwashed, extorted and food poisoned — SURVIVED while Cafritz, conveniently, did not live to tell.

The condemning testimony you refer to came from Lauren Salzman, and other co-defendants, whose attorneys cut plea deals behind Allison’s back and who are being richly rewarded — as are Allison’s own attorneys — by another co-defendant, Clare Bronfman — both of whom recruited and groomed Allison Mack through deceitful means to begin with.

So, if getting off on bad ass, slick rich bitches making a fool out of you is your thing, why not go after Clare or Lauren?

I’d suggest Nancy Salzman, too, but she’s so desperate these days she might not reject you. (Long as your dying father has a few sheckels left to stuff under her bed and pay the sexual harassment lawsuit Clare’s attorney’s will gladly bring on her behalf against you.)

4 years ago

” it’s YOU who are being made a fool of every time you respond to a Don Giovanni Tortellini, Pea Onyu, etc. insisting you’ve “made” or uncovered another Nicki Clyne alias.” Heidi

And so, Heidi, when Frank responded to Anonymous to whom was he responding?
Is Anonymous Toni Natalie?

“Reader Asks Nasty, Probing Questions About Me and My Role With Toni Natalie, and Keith Raniere; I Give Smack Down Replies”

And what self-respecting Italian-American calls himself “Don Giovanni Tortellini”?

Is this a statement by Toni Natalie or someone else?
“Don Giovanni Tortellini
November 25, 2019 at 7:42 am
No, she didn’t fool Frank. She is beautiful and he probably fell in love with her. And fooled himself. But he is after all just a cheap Buffalo gangster. No class. Just a lot of brag and swagger. Small-time. Toni could be a top Mafia moll. She deserves one of us Brooklyn wise guys.

She’s got what it takes. The brassiness. The brains. The good looks. She is eye candy with the smarts and she knows how to keep her mouth shut. And how to work an angle right. She grew up in a big mafia family. She was married to the mob to stop a mob war and she single handedly took down the Nxivm mob.”

Since Nicki “Tortellini” Clyne now lives and works in Brooklyn she can call herself a Brooklyn Wise Guy.

And notice the phrase “Married to the Mob”.
Frank Parlato recently edited a story by Shivani that claimed through her marriage to Nicki Clyne Allison Mack was “Married to the Mob.”

“Mack, still married to the mob through Nicki Clyne, who still recruits for her “community of slaves,” according to witnesses. Allison Mack’s track record as a criminal was portrayed more than ever, during Raniere’s trial.”
Guest View: With 69 Days to Go Till Raniere’s Sentencing – the World Is Watching

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

Btw, Shadow, little tidbit of factual info that might interest you — our Mother, mine and Gina’s, who was a surrogate Mom for Keith Raniere for years after his own Mother passed away — while he was covertly grooming Gina — oft used the phrase “slower than molasses,” the term “apropos,” and many other patterns of speech that I now hear coming from the mouths of the babes, the sex slaves, Raniere and Salzman trained under the pretext of empowerment.

You can’t tell me they didn’t put Allison Mack on the same head trip that caused Gina to, ultimately, blow hers off. Allison, all of them, are lucky to be alive. And so am I.

For that info, I do thank you. Your research is golden but your lustfulness is foolishly blind.

4 years ago

Calling someone “slower than Molasses” is an insult.
So is calling someone a “Princess” or a “Brat”.

Heidi, you have to accept than Allison Mack has a tart tongue to put down people who displease her.
Allison Mack is not the gentle angel you believe her to be.

4 years ago

“Princess” or “Brat.” so these degrading nicknames for women, then someone forgot to rant millions of women who like to be called princesses and certainly “brat” is not a very degrading nickname but I know, shadow seems a guy with greater wisdom than anyone .

Leon Festinger
Leon Festinger
4 years ago

Heidi, your efforts to break through Shadow’s delusion are commendable but futile, in my opinion. Your points about other, more powerful women being far worse than Allison Mack are true and I too believe Ms Mack has suffered at the hand of KAR. I also believe she did engage in illegal acts and should pay her debt to society but she is, in no way, beyond redemption.

Shadow was deeply disappointed by this actress. His posts are so full of hate directed toward Ms Mack and he refuses to even take a quick glance at the other side and entertain the idea she can be both a perpetrator and a victim.

4 years ago
Reply to  Leon Festinger

Shadowperv is every bit as sick as his object of lust Allison Mack.

4 years ago
Reply to  Leon Festinger


Being absolutely serious; I have three thoughts regarding Shadowstate and jos Allison Mack complex:

1. Allison Mack reminds Shadowstate of a girl or woman from his past.
2. Shadowstate was a superfan of Allison Mack.
3. Shadowstate is jealous of Allison Mack’s femininity on some level. The same way certain men are jealous of Cher.

Do you think one of the above could be the motivation for Shadowstate’s behavior towards Allison Mack?

4 years ago

Heidi, The thing is, Mack never suffered the same crisis of confidence that your sister did, she seems to have been far more compliant and complicit in the protocols than your sister was. I think AM is a victim of Raniere’s per se, but what makes a victim accept the job of overseer? I think Mack’s downfall had to do with her vanity – wanting to be supremely important to humanity yada-yada as in – an icon, not a scholar or a servant .

Your sister seems to have been on a more earnest, less ego-driven journey and subsequently devastated to learn the implications of KAR’s anti-life anti-love inductions and teachings, and this may have caused irreparable damage to her internal representation of humanity as a whole? Whereas, Alison? maybe she’s as green as she’s cabbage looking, and just needed a hero to worship, so maybe she fitted right in; in a way Gina never could have.

4 years ago
Reply to  IMO

Yes, that’s all true of Gina. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

4 years ago

I have never met a woman who was ashamed to express her opinions.
Do you think Raniere tried to get Pam Cafritz to mark and blackmail women?
Of course he did.
And Cafritz said “No”!

shadow again, surprises us with deductions that defy reality, it must be fantastic to know with certainty things that others can barely imagine, but shadow already knows them with total certainty, it is obvious that shadow wastes his amazing powers of deduction on this blog , when I should solve the great crimes that occur in the world.
Enviar comentarios

4 years ago

Good luck trying to make them understand the Truth…

They don’t care about material proof, nor testimonies, nor the fact that even Edmondson admits that Allison was set up…

But I don’t agree with your last sentence…

Was she a victim? Yes
Did she threaten anyone? No
Was she receiving the same treatment as the other victims? Yes
Did she profit financially? No
Did she have any power? No
Did she have any mean of making decisions? No

She was coerced, starved and she was the one punished when the others from the pod made mistake…That is clear from the court (no one accused her from being physically violent but confirmed the punishment and that Allison explained she would be punished)

But after all this, she needs to be punished? I remind that she was arrested April 30th of last year, it’s been a year and half that she has been imprisoned…
How much should she get? Out of all the people, you should be the last to ask for a harsh punishment. Allison is in a position your sister could have been!
Raniere destroyed them both.

But Ok, let’s punish her…let’s punish Nicole (the witness too) by the way…She was in a position close to Allison.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

“Did she threaten anyone? No” Anonymous

The mere collection of blackmail information, a fact which was known both by the “slaves” and by Allison Pimp Mack, gave Mack the power to blackmail the women.
That IS the crime.
And because the blackmail material was intended to coerce the women into sexual behavior against their will, that is SEX TRAFFICKING.

Allison PIMP Mack did not have to overtly threaten the women.

4 years ago

Frank Parlato deserves a lot of credit for giving Kristin Snyder the voice she deserves.
If only Marilyn Monroe, a cultural icon who died under mysterious circumstances, had had a voice to investigate all of the circumstances surrounding her death in 1962.
Ruthless, powerful people wanted Marilyn Monroe dead for many different reasons and she was playing a dangerous game with desperate people.
How does a person take an overdose of sedatives and yet, according to Dr. Thomas Noguchi, there was no residue of drugs in Monroe’s stomach or digestive tract?

Let’s examine the NXIVM Nitwits in some detail.

Nicki Clyne today outdid herself in her madness.
She posted a comment calling herself “Don Giovanni Tortellini”.
Tortellini is the pasta piece that resembles a belly button or navel.
In the future, we should name Nicki “Nicki Belly Button Clyne”.

Perhaps the US government allowed Nicki to stay in America as part of political correctness and a desire not to be seen as anti-gay.

As for Nicki’s “spouse” Allison Mack, she has long been nicknamed “Alli Wack.”
Never before has a nickname been more appropriate.
Alli Wack has no one to blame but herself for her misfortune.
Instead of counting her blessings, she had to abuse other women to feel even more powerful.

As for Toni Natalie, most women would be happy to get out of a bad relationship and never look back.
Not Toni Natalie.
Toni wants to wallow in the NXIVM pigsty.
As bad as NXIVM is, it was the best thing to ever happen to Toni Natalie.
NXIVM was Toni Natalie’s 15 minutes of fame stretched out into 20 years and a book.
Is a movie in the works, Toni?

Let’s talk about the hideous Nancy Salzman, the Jewish woman who tolerates being called the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler because she’s making too much money off of the deal.
Why Nancy will even tolerate Raniere bopping her daughter because she’s raking in too much money off of the NXIVM scam.
People often talk about Raniere’s 10-day long birthday parties called V Weeks.
But according to Joe O’Hara, Nancy Salzman celebrated her own birthday with a personal concert by the singer Joan Osborne singing her hit tune “What If God Was One of Us.”

What if God Was One of Us.
Just a Slob Like One of Us.
Just a Stranger on the Bus.
Trying to Find His Way Home.
Like a Holy Rolling Stone.”

How much did that treat cost Nancy?
Makes No Difference.
Nancy will just dip into the NXIVM honey pot.
Nancy, of course, did not ride the bus with God or Jesus.
Nancy cruised around in a BMW like her greedy daughter Lauren.
By the way Nancy Salzman, did Jesus tell you to hack into Rich Ross’ computer?
Just asking.

Both Lauren and Michelle were born of Nancy but it might be more accurate to say that both were hatched of Nancy.
No mammal would have fewer motherly instincts than Nancy Salzman.

Clare Bronfman is perhaps the most perplexing NXIVM gangster of them all.
Clare was born swimming in money.
Some three hundred million dollars of money.
Clare was born with a Golden Spoon in her mouth.
And she still had to hook up with these grifters and even try to out-grift them.
Clare helped finance a litigation machine to harass people and ended up being destroyed by her own litigiousness.
What was her motivation?
The sadistic pleasure of using the court system to harass people?

There should be honorary mention of such ghouls as Sara Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt.
Will the US government have the industriousness and gumption to uncover all of their crimes?
Stay tuned.
But just thinking about these people makes me nauseous – and I want to hold down my lunch.

What should we brand these NXIVM Nitwits with?
In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter, the young woman, Hester Prynne, had to wear a red letter A for Adultery.

Maybe these NXIVM Nitwits should be branded with the letter “S”.
S is for Stupid.
S is for Sadistic.
S is for Snake.
S is for Shameless.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

It’s “bompfing” not “bopping,” Shadow — and make that two daughters Slutsman sacrificed.

As for Nicki and Tortellini, um, I doubt she eats much pasta…or her belly button is what you’re contemplating.

S is also for “Silly.”

4 years ago

“As for Nicki and Tortellini, um, I doubt she eats much pasta”

It was Nicki Clyne making an ethnic slur.

Nicki can’t make an accusation about alleged ties to organized crime without throwing an ethnic slur into the mix.

In fact, if you read the entire comment, Nicki threw in several ethnic slurs.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago

yet another meltdown by “S is for Shadowstate1958”

You’re nothing but a silly little drama queen.

4 years ago

9 out of 21 comments are from Shadowstate!!
As others have pointed out this has become a Quasi-religion to him.. he must preach and write sermons to Warn the world.. She is Evil.. she is Evil..
I have to admit I do enjoy the Comedy gold when he identifys yet another Nicki Cline alias on here.. he currently has 7 now.. Detective Peekachu 😀
On a more serious note I do have concerns that Frank published Nicki’s place of work..this is not information Shadow should be aware of his years long Obsession/infatuation/stalking of Alison also stretches to Nicki as her spouse.. and I will say it clearly Harm comes to her because of this deranged lunatic Frank will have to share some accountability..
Shadow has been open about stalking Alison’s family and siblings online.. and as he is no longer getting the outlet of published Hate-pieces on this site his behaviour is likely to escalate and become even more extreme.. I’ve witnessed this pattern of beahviour many time through work with people mental health issues, obsessional and delusional tendencies..
In the grand scheme of things hopefully his letter to the judge will be released after AMs sentencing.. at least once his Identity is in the public domain all relevant powers can take steps to ensure people’s safety..
And his intention to carry this on for years after her release to make sure “she never works again” can be monitored by law enforcement..

Shadow remains the final true slave of DOS..

4 years ago
Reply to  Truthseeker

I don’t see how you hold Frank accountable for Shadow’s opinion, on an open board? I reckon most people understand that Shadow over-eggs the pudding as far as Mack is concerned, but your fears seem to me of the same overdone quality as Shadow’s, in the same vein, but less transparent.

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