Kim Snyder Hot on Trail of Finding Truth About Sister, Kristin Snyder, and if She Was Murdered by Nxivm

Kim Snyder

For almost two years, Toni Natalie blocked contact with Kim Snyder and anyone, especially me, who was interested in finding out what she thought might have really happened to her older sister, Kristin Snyder, who disappeared on Feb. 6, 2003.

Toni told Kim, and her mother, Jonnie Snyder, that she was the media expert and had law enforcement connections to get an investigation going.

When I tried to contact Kim, Toni advised her that I was bad news and that only she could handle things.  When I contacted Kim, she said Toni advised her against talking to me or anyone in the media; it might spoil the investigation.

Of course, there was no investigation. Toni was writing a book and wanted to tell the Snyder story herself. She had a podcast planned in which she wanted to be the first-ever to get Kim and Jonnie on a recording, talking about their lost sister and daughter.

Toni Natalie wanted to own the Snyder story. She almost succeeded.

When I called Toni, she, pretending to my friend, told me she tried hard to help me get an interview with the Snyders, but, after all, Kim was mentally retarded and had the maturity of an 8 year old girl, and her mother, Jonnie, just did not want to talk to me or anyone.

Toni acted almost in an admonishing manner, suggesting, “you certainly don’t want to take advantage of a retarded girl, do you, Frank?”

Well, who would?

Toni added that Kristin’s mother was very, very old, possibly suffering from dementia, and well beyond wanting to do anything but to put this sad story behind her. To forget and go to the grave and not pursue what happened to her child.

I told Toni – it was July 4, 2019 – that I was still going to pursue this – with the help of Investigation Discovery – what happened to Kristin Snyder.

Toni said, almost rebukingly, “You can’t find anything new. I’m your friend and I care about you. But don’t bother those poor people. Let them rest.”

“Sorry, Toni, even if Kim is retarded as you say, and the mother is senile, I still want to find out what happened to Kristin.”

I went to Seward Alaska and spoke to experts on the waters of Resurrection Bay to ascertain what the chances were that Kristin Snyder’s body, her kayak, and her paddle would never be found.

I asked Toni about Heidi Clifford, Kristin’s spouse at the time. Heidi used to talk to me regularly. Now she wouldn’t return my calls.

“Funny,” I said to Toni. “Heidi met you in Brooklyn during the trial of Keith Raniere and now she won’t talk to me anymore. I wonder if you had a hand in that?”

“Sweetie,” Toni said, “you know I always try to help you. I only say good things about you. But you know there is a law enforcement investigation and she can’t talk to you.”

What investigation?

“I can’t say. Investigators asked me not to say anything. But they were there when Heidi was there and spoke to me and I had to tell Heidi.”

This was of course bullshit and I said to Toni, “I don’t believe there is an investigation. This case has been closed for 16 years.”

“No. I wish I could tell you all I know but they came to see me. You can guess who they are. They said ‘We can talk to you, Toni, but you mustn’t say anything.'”

“Bullshit,” I said.

“Oh, it’s real and Heidi can’t talk to you or anyone until the investigation is over,” Toni said, lying.

Toni and I never spoke again. It’s funny too because we used to speak all the time. This was when I realized she was a stone cold liar and only out for herself.

I suspected she just wanted to hog these sources – Heidi and the Snyder family – for herself, exclusively, for her book and her planned podcast.

After reading her book, which came out in September, filled as it was with preposterous lies, I began writing more about Toni.

I knew she thwarted my investigation. But that was not why I wrote about her. I just could not let her get away with lying about the Nxivm story, a story I had worked on for years to report truthfully.

When I first started writing about Toni being not what I believed her to be, Heidi Clifford finally broke her silence to text me not to write about Toni.

“We’re all in this together,” she said.

I knew Heidi did not understand: Toni is a liar [and lied throughout her book.]. And she was doing something sinister. She was working to keep us apart – the people who might, by working together, be able to piece together missing information about Kristin Snyder and maybe find out what really happened.


Kristin Snyder

Toni, I knew, did not have the ability to investigate this intelligently, and she was deliberately trying to thwart me from investigating.

Yes, I realized Toni was dishonest. And I wrote about it.

Heidi, I think, began to realize she had been played by Toni and finally agreed to meet me in Anchorage, Alaska, with the Discovery ID team in August.

Heidi Clifford

She told me, among other things – on camera – some important revelations. She believed:

  • Keith Raniere had inappropriate sex with Kristin, when she visited Albany.
  • Heidi conjectured that Kristin might have missed her period which led her to believe she was pregnant.
  • Kristin, just days before she disappeared, took off her ‘wedding’ ring and gave it to Heidi. This Heidi did not understand at the time, but knowing what she knows now about Raniere, led her to speculate that Keith had told Kristin that ‘once you have sex with me, you can no longer be with any other partner.’
  • Heidi told me that Kristin told her she was pregnant with Keith’s child.
  • In fact, it was worse. Kristen yelled out in class that she was pregnant. Three or four times, she yelled this to the entire class – that she was pregnant with Raniere’s baby – and each time she was removed from class.
  • The last time she yelled it in class, she was removed permanently and never seen again. That was Feb. 6, 2002.

For years, it was reported that Kristin was causing a disturbance in class and that was why she was removed. They said she was unhinged and psychotic. But no one mentioned the pregnancy part.

But Kristin may have been telling the truth and was only yelling because Nxivm leaders – Esther Chiappone Carlson, [Name Redacted], Ed Kinum, and Karen Abney – were telling Kristin [and the class] that she was imagining having sex with Raniere, who was, after all, they said, a celibate.

They were gaslighting her.

Though Esther Chiappone Carlson knew that Keith had sex with lots of women, including her, she told Kristin and the class that Keith was a celibate and that Kristin was just seeking attention.

Behind the scenes were Raniere and Nancy Salzman directing the gaslighting of this poor woman, who had been possibly raped or tricked and seduced into having sex with her teacher and mentor.

This lying to her was especially savage on the part of Esther Chiappone Carlson and Nancy Salzman for they both definitely knew that Keith likely had sex with Kristin.

At the same time they took the lead in making her believe she was crazy.

Barb Bouchey, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman around the time Kristin Snyder disappeared. There was no lie Nancy Salzman would not have told to help Keith Raniere [and herself].
There was another key thing Heidi revealed. It is an astonishing thing that this omission happened. But when Kristin disappeared after leaving the Nxivm class and the Alaska State Police began their investigation, no one, not even Heidi [and obviously not the Nxvm liars] told police that the missing woman had been claiming she was pregnant with the self-help group’s leader – and had been removed from class because of that claim.

Kristin was not only claiming it. She also had the opportunity to have become pregnant because she was in Albany with Raniere just weeks before she disappeared.

Instead, the vicious ones [I’m not including Heidi] never mentioned it.  They only told police that Kristin was acting erratically, insane even. This supported the suicide theory.

The Snyder family came to Alaska. They were devastated. The father cried. The mother was in shock, and sister Kim – the supposedly mentally retarded woman – was the first to cry out that she thought this was homicide.

The Snyder family pre-Raniere. Robert, Kristin and Kim, seated Jonnie Snyder.

Nobody listened to Kim. It was all too neat. There was a suicide note. There was the pickup truck right at the edge of Resurrection Bay. And then there was the missing kayak.

One, two, three.

No more investigation. Esther and Kristin Keeffe, who flew up from Albany, handled the police. No one said Keith had a harem. No one said that Keith liked to have sex with lesbians to try to convert them.

No one said that Kristin was deeply disturbed about possibly being pregnant and that they gathered around her to tell her she was crazy to think Keith had sex with her.

No one said at the time she disappeared she might have been pregnant.

No one said that just a few months earlier another woman, who Raniere had allegedly raped, committed “suicide.”

So much was not said to police.

Nothing to see here.  She was acting crazy. She committed suicide.

[[Name Redacted], before she got her marching orders from Nxivm, even lied to police and said she thought Kristin left the Nxivm class to go to a concert!]

And just one voice – Kim Snyder – cried out that this could be homicide – and just like her sister who cried out that she was pregnant – nobody listened.

Kim Snyder

That was February 2003.

Frank Parlato with Seward Police Officer Alan Nichols at Miller’s Landing, investigating the disappearance of Kristin Snyder.

In 2017,  I started investigating the disappearance. In 2019, I got a big break when Discovery ID agreed to film my investigative efforts thereby giving me the ability to do some unique investigation and to reach an audience of millions of people which might in turn pressure on law enforcement to reopen this case.

The result is a gripping film that will be aired on Investigation ID, on Sunday, December 8, 2019, at 9 pm ET.

Keith Raniere was convicted of numerous crimes including sex trafficking and racketeering, But are there more serious crimes – possibly murder – as of yet uncharged?I learned a lot over the years about Raniere, while writing more than 3,000 stories about him  – and how he had a motive for murder – a pregnant girl crying out that she was pregnant – and that no matter how much gaslighting anyone could do to her – Kristin might have been pregnant – and then what lie could they tell?

If she was pregnant, they were cooked. Esther, Nancy, Ed Kinum, all of them would lose their incomes. And Keith would be exposed, possibly lose the Bronfman sisters, and their money – two gullible dunces who had just joined Nxivm and were enamored of the great celibate guru Raniere.

All the hundreds of millions that Raniere and Salzman planned to fleece from the Bronfmans would be lost if a gay woman wound up being pregnant with Raniere’s child, he, her teacher, her mentor, a man who was so high up that he could teach the world, getting a poor, gay woman pregnant after promising to teach her.

Kristin Snyder was young, slender and beautiful and she was gay – all things that Keith Raniere would have relished.

At that time, also, Nancy was reeling in the Bronfman sisters’ father, Edgar Bronfman Sr., who flew Nancy in by helicopter to his home in Virginia to give him special coaching. He was a billionaire and one of the most powerful men in the world. No way would Keith, Nancy and Esther, and Ed Kinum let this chance go away.

Clare and Sara Bronfman entered Nxivm in late 2002 believing that Keith Raniere was a celibate and had the purest intentions about uplifting humanity. If in those early days they learned that Keith had impregnated Kristin Snyder, it might have had a disastrous effect on their faith in him.

Kristin had to be silenced. She was removed from class after she yelled the last time she was pregnant.

And long before I came to the scene, there was one woman, her sister, Kim, who felt it, from logic or intuition, that something foul had happened to her sister.

Was it murder, or did they talk this girl right over the edge, drove her crazy?

Did they force her to write the suicide note – or tell her to do so as some kind of Nxivm exercise?

Kim always wanted to know, but the long years passed with no one to assist her.

Then I came along and wanted to find out. Toni Natalie quickly blocked it saying she was spokesperson for the retarded girl and her senile mother. This delayed things for months.

Then, because I had written a number of stories critical of Toni and, more importantly, Toni had published her book – misrepresenting the truth about the Snyder family – and the family’s bad reaction to that – that Kim contacted me directly.

She realized Toni had been manipulating them. She told me how Toni had almost accomplished getting them on her podcast.

Kim said, “Toni called and wanted to come down to our farm in Dillon with her assistant, Chet Hardin. They wanted to stay at our farmhouse in the same bedroom. My mother asked if they were married and Toni said, ‘No.’

“My mother is a devout Catholic and so we told Toni that she could not stay in the same bedroom with her assistant, Chet – even if he was, as she claimed, her boyfriend.

“Toni postponed the meeting, saying she would still come, but had to get her publisher to pay for their hotel room. Then I read her book and saw the lies she wrote about Kristin and so I canceled Toni and called you.”

Since then, Kim, this supposedly mentally retarded woman, has been working with me daily and with Susan Dones to try to uncover what really happened to her sister.

We all met in person, Jonnie, the mother, Kim, the sister, Susan Dones and myself at their farmhouse. The Discovery ID crew came to film it too. We were also joined by Heidi Hutchinson, whose own sister was lost to Nxivm under suspicious circumstances.

In Dillon, at her farmhouse, Jonnie told me how Toni said I was a criminal and not to be trusted. Kim told me how Toni had warned her against me and that I was dangerous.

[Heidi told me that Toni told her that I was cheap gangster – Buffalo style – not like the cool Brooklyn gangsters that she could really go for.]

Susan Dones and I discuss the disappearance of Kristin Snyder.

I realized that Toni was obviously not my friend, though she pretended to be – while stabbing me in the back, but that was less important.

For almost 17 years, Jonnie had wondered what happened to her daughter. There was little hope of finding out until we connected and brought fresh vigor to the quest to find out.

I told Jonnie many things about the case that surprised her. She was not senile at all. She is an attractive, energetic, totally sharp, and a fine, wonderfully cultured woman – with the elegant manners of the deep south and the piety of a devout Christian.

Jonnie shared with me so many important details. Together, we were able to piece together a timeline of when Kristin was in Albany. And Jonnie shared Kristin’s diary that stopped about 10 days before she disappeared, written fresh off of her meetings with Raniere.

We will delve into this and other documents in future posts.

And then there was Jonnie’s daughter, Kim, who has suffered from anxiety and successfully conquered cancer. Unlike Toni, she fought to keep her son and was successful. She is raising her child [Toni abandoned her son and blamed it on Keith Raniere.]

And Kim is not anything like how Toni described her. She is not retarded.

She was adopted by Jonnie and her late husband, Robert, a Marine, a college professor and Sunday school teacher who died about 4 years ago.

“On his deathbed, he said to me, ‘what happened to my baby?’” Kim said. “He died wanting to know what happened to Kristin.”

Kim, who is part Cherokee, began digging into this – now that she had some support from Susan and me – with a renewed confidence that we might together find out what happened to her sister.

“It if had been up to Toni, none of this would have happened. Toni lied to me and my mother,” Kim said. “Now we have a chance to get at the truth.”


Let everyone note well that in our quest to find out what happened to Kristin Snyder – and if Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Esther Chiappione Carlson, Ed Kinum, [Name Redacted] and Karen Abney were co conspirators in her death and possible murder – that it was Kim Snyder who cried out first.

She was a voice in the wilderness and now she is about to be heard.

“We’ll keep the pressure on,” Kim said – and if that’s the mark of a retarded woman, then Toni be damned.

Kim Snyder has bombshell documents gathered at the time that shed new light on what happened in the days leading up to her sister’s disappearance. She has shared these with me.

Stay tuned for Part 2.
















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  • Engrossing article!

    The Bronfman billions and the promise of a possible largesse to Nxivm establishes motive. I don’t think early on the Bronfmans would have tolerated a fake renunciate.

    The timing of the Kristin’s pregnancy and disappearance coinciding with the arrival of the Bronfmans seems more than a mere coincidence.

  • Wonder Woman
    Toni- get off of the Internet! You are such an idiot!!!!!! You use dead lawyers’ names to get attention.

    You used Tanya Hajjar’s name to get the victim’s impact statements from the Snyders. You kept lying to them over and over, and you even had the audacity to call them names behind their backs – and obstruct justice – in keeping Kristin’s death from being investigated.

    You kept lying about Keith killing your brother – it was NOT a suicide – but heart problems. Deal with it!!!!!!! You are NOT a victim of NXIVM – you NEVER will be!!!!!!

    NXIVM is in the hands of the US government – NOT you!!! Grow up!!!!!

    You hurt Kim – by calling her Retarded – but, you didn’t win that fight either.

    Stop claiming other people’s illnesses – and making them your own – you are getting laughed right out of town!!

    Toni- Chet needs to leave you by yourself- and start over. And you just need to go away- go to another country!!! Go bother someone else. You are NOT a lawyer, Doctor, or detective – STOP being a FOOL!!!!!!!

    Toni – you haven’t been a friend to anyone – and you must be left by yourself- to suffer the consequences.

    Get off of the internet, and Grow UP!!!!!!

    Wonder Woman

  • I take it now that we have a sort of series with more to come – so it seems a bit premature to be trying to make sense of any evidence and anecdotes until we have the whole picture. And, hopefully, there will be something solid to evaluate, and additional perspective from key insiders including Snyder’s partner.

    I can think of at least 7 different theories for which there is some evidence or support, based on the three major possibilities – disappearance, suicide, and murder. If the Alaska State Police investigators’ original work and expertise are to be questioned, then that throws things wide open.

  • My name is Everett Eugene Grunz Esq. and I will be joining Arthur Franz Hunnicutt in making this lawsuit against Frank Perlato for criminal defamation. I am a lawyer with Brennan, Begley, Whitmore, Marshall and Grunz. We are one of the biggest law firms in the nation.
    We have offices in Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota, Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow, Sarasota, Wichita, Tulsa, Ottawa, Oklahoma, Tampa, Panama, Mattawa, La Paloma, Bangor, Baltimore, Salvador, Amarillo, Tocapilla, Barranquilla, Padilla, Boston, Charleston, Dayton, Louisiana, Washington, Houston, Kingston, Texarkana, Monterey, Faraday, Santa Fe, Tallapoosa, Glen Rock, Black Rock, Little Rock, Oskaloosa Tennessee, Chicopee, Spirit Lake, Grand Lake, Devil’s Lake, Crater Lake, Louisville, Nashville, Knoxville, Ombabika, Jacksonville, Waterville, Costa Rica, Pittsfield, Springfield, Bakersfield, Shreveport, Hackensack, Cadillac, Fond du Lac, Davenport, Idaho, Jellico, Argentina, Diamantina, Pasadena, Catalina, Pittsburgh, Parkersburg, Gravelbourg, Colorado, Rexburg, Vicksburg, El Dorado, Larimore, Admore, Haverstraw, Chatanika
    Chaska, Nebraska, Alaska, Opelaka
    Baraboo, Waterloo, Kalamazoo, Kansas City, Sioux City, Cedar City, Dodge City,
    Now you’ve really had it. Don’t compound your troubles with more financial and criminal penalties by writing any thing else about Toni Natalie.
    You can run but you can’t hide.

  • She’s a big phony. Murder is murder, regardless of the mental condition of the surviving family. What a stupid excuse Toni offered you, Frank. She thinks everyone around her is as shallow, vain and conniving as she is. I’m glad someone is investigating this death.

      • No, she didn’t fool Frank. She is beautiful and he probably fell in love with her. And fooled himself. But he is after all just a cheap Buffalo gangster. No class. Just a lot of brag and swagger. Small-time. Toni could be a top Mafia moll. She deserves one of us Brooklyn wise guys.

        She’s got what it takes. The brassiness. The brains. The good looks. She is eye candy with the smarts and she knows how to keep her mouth shut. And how to work an angle right. She grew up in a big mafia family. She was married to the mob to stop a mob war and she single handedly took down the Nxivm mob.

        • Hey, Don Giovanni Tortellini:

          Can I call you Johnny?
          You know what Tortellini means in Italian?
          Belly Button!
          May I call you Johnny Belly Button?

          Johnny, I really like your pasta.
          I eat it all of the time.

          And actually since you are really Nicki Clyne you should not call yourself a Brooklyn Wise Guy.
          You should call yourself a Brooklyn Wise Gal!
          And now Nicki, you and your friends the Bronfman Babes are trying to take over what’s left of the NXIVM Mob.
          It’s like taking over the Titanic after it hit the ice berg.
          Good Luck with that!

      • Somehow I doubt that Frank had the wool pulled over his eyes…

        ….I believe Frank was probably being polite, diplomatic, and compassionate.

  • [Heidi told me that Toni told her that I was cheap gangster – Buffalo style – not like the cool Brooklyn gangsters that she could really go for.]

    Didn’t you say that Keith was paying you $75,000 a month when you were working for the sex cult? What the hell sort of stuff is Toni doing if she thinks $75k per month makes your services “cheap”? Or is that price tag actually considered “cheap” for the type of work you were doing for Keith’s sex cult?

    And the fact that you blame one low-life woman for thwarting your investigation for two years doesn’t really reflect very well on your investigative abilities, if you actually think about it. LOL But I suppose if Jonnie is really devout and read some of your more overwrought articles and was turned off by the gleeful and salacious tone of your writing along with some of the more disgusting images you used to illustrate those articles, you helped make a case against yourself. And if Toni did call you “a criminal” well, to be fair, it’s not like you aren’t currently under criminal indictment.

    And did Heidi say why she didn’t tell police that Kristin was claiming she was pregnant with Keith’s baby even if the other NXIVM folk didn’t?

  • A question:

    Did Kristen suffer from depression?

    Let’s assume she was pregnant for a sec. Why would she blurt this out and have a breakdown in class? The curriculum?

    I would also venture an instructor assumes some type of civil fiduciary role over students under their care, custody and control? A way to get depositions??

    • It appears to me that Snyder may have been delusional and suffering from something like a psychotic breakdown, which is particularly difficult to understand and analyze from the outside; what we’d really need for insight, is an expert opinion. People suffering from trauma (which Snyder might have been) or acute psychological conditions can even behave in ways that seem counter-intuitive; that’s why, for instance, rape victims often get ignored or discounted, because they do things that aren’t what we for some reason expect of a person in such a situation.

      No sort of professional standards applied to NXIVM, even when they were doing individual “EM” counseling – that’s part of the problem, groups like this are allowed to fly under the radar even though they’re effectively practicing psychotherapy for money, and not subject to any regulation or oversight like psychological professionals and even some types of counselors. It might be possible to try to argue something like a “fiduciary role” in a civil lawsuit, but among other things participants and members probably signed extensive extensive agreements absolving the group of any liability.

      Besides Snyder there was a woman who had to be hospitalized 2 months earlier, and two other undated cases we know about. That’s probably just the tip of the iceberg, of dozens if not over a hundred people who may have been damaged psychologically just by intensives and EMs – not to mention Raniere’s inner circle machinations like DOS – and even had lives that ended tragically.

      • But….if she was not of sound mind, perhaps she lacked the capacity to contract?

        Family medical history may be important here.

        • Good point.

          I’m almost surprised that no one sued NXIVM at the time. But from what I can tell, the statute of limitations for civil actions has long passed – though that also means that anyone who knows anything, should no longer have to fear being sued if they speak out.

          • The statute of limitations can be tolled under certain circumstances, i.e., the conduct is still ongoing. Just opinionating, but I dont see how a release could apply in light of the recent convictions……

  • Remember the story where Clare Bronfman paid two investigators $250,000 each to investigate Kristin Snyder’s death?

    Then the investigators wanted an additional $175,000 each for special info they found?

    Okay. What if the investigators actually found something? Evidence directly linking Keith Raniere to Kristin Snyder’s death. So, the extra bill – the investigators wanted money to keep quiet.

    • But they didn’t get the extra money, did they? So, why would they agree to keep quiet if their demands were not met?

  • I was also thinking that same thing about the suicide letter, that they had her draw that up as a exercise. “if you were to write a suicide note what would it say”
    You are definitely on the right track Frank.

    • Kristin headed for Ressurrection Bay before 7pm on the day she disappeared (7pm was when Heidi noticed the missing truck). If someone from NXIVM was at Ressurrection Bay with her, and forced her to write that note, then obviously they were members who were not still teaching at the ongoing class.

      Did the class end at 7 that night? Which NXIVM members were unaccounted for during that time period she disappeared?

      • The way you write your comments is so off-putting Flowers. Might I suggest you rein in the use of the word ‘obviously’. It’s so incredibly rude.

      • So how come you assume Kristin went to Resurrection Bay at all, after she was expelled from the dog-and-pony show at the Nxivm “executive success” program?

        How do you decide that Kristin drove her truck to Millers Landing, at all? That is only a story, a supposition. Where’s any proof?

        Who helped to lead investigators, almost 30 hours from when Kristin was last seen, to see a certain scene as a suicide?

        Who was playing games with the truth? Who was obscuring what really happened during the intensive?

        These very ideas about Kristin driving off to drown herself could be buying into Nxivm’s cover up and misdirections about what happened. Who KNOWS who took Kristin’s (and Heidi Clifford’s) truck from the Anchorage Westmark Hotel?

        Who knows who took the kayak? Who knows who wrote the “suicide note(s) or under what circumstances?

        I think that the truth was being rearranged to make it LOOK like Kristin went off and killed herself.

        Where to start, really? Start from when and where Kristin was last seen at all. “Supposedly, some Nxivm lackey drove off, with Kristin in her car.” Even before that moment at 4:OOish pm, Feb. 6, 2002, when Kristin was REALLY last seen, a plan could have been underway to silence her. She was what Ramiere’s clique dreaded the most.

        A truthteller. Defiant and defiant for every reason. She could see deception. She kept telling these staff/ groupleader mofos her experience. But noooooo. Fake DEAF ears. Gaslighting. Kristin was no coward. And then?

        Never seen again. Kristin disappeared. She disappeared from the Westmark Hotel. Why believe anything after that moment!?

        It is similar to how in Nov 1963, JFK was supposedly hit by bullets from the Book Depository direction in Dallas, yet his head was blown out from the opposite angle.

        In fact, Kristin’s diappearance “into Resurrection Bay” is like a lot of murder plots. Lose or win. Full of weasels, just like Nancy Salzzzzman and her “wet kisses” co-signer, Raniere, plus their minions.

        • Shivani
          Her truck, and her car keys, and her handwritten suicide note, all went to Resurrection Bay.
          If she didn’t take them there, then someone did something nefarious to her before 7pm on the day she went missing, (and took those items to Resurrection Bay themselves)

          So, who (among the likely suspects) was unaccounted for during that time period?

          • The trail is very cold, but sometimes (not often) old crimes and mysteries are solved years later.

            There is a lot of speculation in these recent articles about which NXIVM members may have been involved in her disappearance….so if Frank can determine where any of those particular people were at that time, it would help to prove his theory.

  • Frank, it is such an interesting read and the facts are so very well laid out it’s impossible not to suspect something untoward happened to Kristin and I tip my hat to Kim for having the strength of conviction and tenacity to keep looking for the truth.

    It appears there are a lot of people who have been keeping a secret for many years and this isn’t any ordinary secret. Keeping a secret, such as this, for so long can eat away at a person, lead to sleepless nights and crisis of conscience. Hopefully, these people drop the facades and come forward with answers to give the Snyder women some peace so they know what happened to Kristin.

    I commend you for your tenacity and having the ability to see through Toni Natalie who had presented herself to you as a friend. She built a bond with you based on fighting a common foe and it must have been hurtful to find out your, so-called friend, was undermining your efforts to learn the true facts about all the wrongdoings at NXIVM. It makes such sense that everything would be been done to keep the Bronfmans in the group since their money was KAR’s ticket to achieving the fame he, so desperately, sought.

    I’m greatly looking forward to reading Part 2.

  • So it’s true that Chet Hardin is or has taken his turn with the mendicant Toni Notanotherlie? And in their efforts to obstruct justice in Kristin’s case, they wanted to spend the night together in the Snyders’ home? I’m stuck, I want to cuss this behaviour but I can’t find the words, nothing in my extensive repertoire of foul language comes close..

  • Interesting to learn that Kim is adopted. Although family members often don’t resemble other family members, this particular situation is better understood with that information.

  • Welcome to the “club,” Frank. I’ve been trying to get others to work together with me to expose Amway and other MLM scams, and have received little interest. A notable exception is my 4+ year weekly radio show with Peter Mingils.

    People really enjoy taking potshots at me for no reason and it doesn’t affect me at all. We’re talking literally millions of new people being scammed in the U.S. alone every single year, and 10s of millions worldwide.

    Just like you, I’m not discouraged and will never give up. I’ve recognized that most people simply don’t care, and the people who are watching NXIVM from the nosebleed section are mere observers, not interested participants. They just like hanging around “celebrities,” and being “involved” in something worthwhile in their otherwise worthless lives.

    • Poor Scott. People take potshots at you for “no reason at all.” Uh, Scoot, if you had to guess or make up a reason why this occurs, what would you guess?

      If you are still clueless, if the same question was posed to someone like Heather-Anne, what do you think they would say?

      If you really care about your stated mission, I’d suggest being more consistent in your interactions with others. It builds credibility. Like a weekly appearance on Peter’s podcast builds your credibility. You may think you are already consistent. This would be tough to argue. In that case, maybe be less of a dick. Frank is a good example. He’s found a nice balance of not giving a fuck and toeing the line.

      • I don’t have to guess. I know that most people are cowards and apathetic, so attacking me is the easy way out of their own miserable existence. As I understand it, Heather Ann is dead, so it’s impossible to ask her a question. I’ve always been consistent with my interactions with others. I’m a no-nonsense, fact-centered kind of guy. If that doesn’t match the needs of the snowflake crowd, then they just removed themselves from the battle. I don’t need or want weak teammates. I’m not Frank and Frank isn’t me.

      • Nutjob,

        We have all tried giving Scott Johnson the same advice…For Christ sake even Mitch Garrity, who is an asshole himself, offered Scott advice. I believe Shadowstate1958, Orange County Dreams, and Girl Scout Cookies have all tried to reach Scott and explain the same thing as you. I think you have all ready tried reaching Scott.

        We have all explanained to him he needs to show empathy; He needs to be compassionate.

        ….Empathy and compassion are alien concepts to Scott Johnson!!!!

        Scott is as ornery and recalcitrant as a wild hog in Scott’s home state of Texas

        I do believe Scott has sincerity on some level.

        “I’m not Frank and Frank isn’t me. I don’t need no greenhorn snow flakes. Most people are cowards and run from the heat of battle. I am an army of one”
        -Scott Johnson

        Maybe, Scott Johnson is Yosemite Sam?

    • Scott,
      “People really enjoy taking potshots at me for no reason and it doesn’t affect me at all.” No reason? Seriously?

      Scott you sh*t on people all the time. Are you kidding or just delusional?

        • Scott,

          Sincerely you never show empathy for anyone?

          Do you not realize you never show compassion to anyone this forum?

          • Why did you use a question mark at the end of your first sentence? Of course I show empathy for everyone, I treat them as an adult and not a child or little animal. Unlike you and many others on this website, I don’t coddle them and cover up the real issues. You just want me to treat them like a fragile little snowflake that would easily melt away into a drop of water, a vulnerable little soy-boy/girl who gets their feelings hurt so easily – when the facts are what is needed to solve the problem. Take YOU for example. LOL

  • Wonder Woman
    Frank is the hero in this whole entire fight. He is the reason behind others joining in the fight.
    The Snyders’ miss their Angel, Kristin…..they continue on their fight for justice.
    Kris was a beautiful, tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed young lady. She was very talented – and taken from this world way too soon.
    Who does the Snyder family point fingers at? Keith Raniere – the serial rapist, brainwasher, child molester, and murderer.
    Nancy Prefect, who told people- just to let Kris go- she was blowing smoke, Ed Kinum – neglector, who did nothing when Kris was crying on the floor. Esther Chappone – neglected my sister, and she too, needs to be locked away. [Name Redacted]- you were present, and did NOTHING!!!
    All of these people are killers!!!! Justice will be done – and people are coming for you.
    The Snyder family is doing life – why shouldn’t these killers do life?????
    Thank you, Frank, again———-
    Wonder Woman

  • Go get em Frank. This article has me pissed off at KR all over again. KR may eventually find himself on federal death row after all.

  • Shame on Grand Central Publishers for ever printing the book of lies produced by Toni Nata-LIE and Chet Hard-ON. And shame on the Times Union for featuring her at their latest Forum about NXIVM. I went to the Forum to get a personal look at Nata-LIE and came away convinced that she is nothing more than an aging whore.

    • It’s a good thing to get Natalie on record, particularly in video format, in order to expose her numerous lies, and even more particularly before she realized she was caught in her lies. I tried to get her on my radio show about a year and a half ago and she declined. Frank didn’t, and that says a lot about intent and Natalie’s need to be careful about keeping her story straight. She thought the Times Union was just another patsy that she could lie to like she has to Frank for years, and now we have another record of her lies, in addition to her book.

  • WTF is wrong with Toni Natalie? Has she ever really cared about another human being in her entire life? Thank God she and Raniere never had any kids.

    • Natalie was unable to have kids, that’s why Raniere liked her so much. He didn’t have to spend any money on abortions or invent cover stories in order to protect his reputation like he did with many other women.

  • It is so annoying how Frank can hand the government all this information and yet still Nancy plays on Pinterest with her Nxivm ass holes. She laughed her way out of the court house and enjoys life all the while women have been poisoned, branded and murdered. I wonder if Nancy will be the 1st again on the plea bus. I would suggest someone get on first so they get the best deal.

  • Kim Snyder has the heart of a fierce soldier. Her persistence and vitality to finding the truth is astonishing. She reminds me of the actress Jessica Flether who played in Murder She Wrote. Maybe even a female version of Columbo.

  • Frank:
    Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Kristin Snyder, her family and her friends.
    Without your efforts Kristin would have no voice.

    And I can not fail to notice that in the past few weeks the NXIVM trolls have become more agitated and frantic.
    NXIVM trolls like “Gastone Porter” (Nicki Clyne) and “Arthur Franz Hunnicutt” (also Nicki Clyne) are busy defending the reprehensible Toni Natalie who has tried to obstruct the investigation of the Snyder case at every turn to the point of threate\ning lawsuits.
    And tonight a troll calling herself “Satya” (truth in Sanskrit) appeared for the first time.

    What skeletons do the NXIVM trolls have to hide?

    “I’ve head people murdered for my beliefs” Keith Raniere

    Money laundering?
    Joe O’Hara’s 2012 lawsuit names suspects in money laundering.

    Drug trafficking?
    Why is NXIVM so close to corrupt Mexican politicians and businessmen?

    Corruption of Public Officials?
    Clare Bronfman funneling illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton.

    Human Trafficking?
    The importation of illegal aliens.

    Child Sex Trafficking?
    Rainbow Cultural Garden.

    The NXIVM case cries for a full fledged DOJ investigation to expose all of the skeletons in the NXIVM closet.

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