Shivani: Allison Mack’s Initials Unmistakable in Nxivm Slaves’ Pubic Brands

The debate continues as to whether or not Allison Mack's initials were included in the brand. While most say it was not, including Keith Raniere, it has been speculated that her initials are included and that Raniere did so in order to put the blame on her if she was caught. While there is no hard evidence of the latter, it is interesting that the AM can be seen right side p but in order to see the K -R one needs to see the brand turned 90 degrees counter clockwise.

Editor’s Note: There has long been a debate about whether Allison Mack’s initials are part of the Nxivm offshoot DOS’ pubic brands on women known as slaves. Everyone agrees that Keith Raniere’s initials are found and some say that the very visible ‘A’ is Ranier’s middle name, Alan. But how do you explain the ‘M’? Shivani, one of our guest writers, wants to call it as she sees it – the “A” and the “M” jump right out at you, much more than the “K” and the “R”.

Was this by design?

By Shivani

I can never “unsee” that “A” or “M” just because anyone tells me it’s not there.

The whole argument about whether Allison Mack’s initials are visible or not has always seemed weird to me, excessively so. For crying out loud, it is right there in my face.


No matter how much time passes, it is still painfully hideous, an emotional JOLT, to see those scars in any photo, and Mack’s initials have never “gone away.” The denial about it has frustrated me. I am not used to such blatant, really awful “not-seeing” of evidence, so extremely visible. Yet it happens a lot.


The A and M were the very first of the 4 initials which popped out at me, when I firstI saw the photos of the lettering work. Mack’s initials, no time, no words will ever erase.

Keith Raniere’s initials even appeared to be somewhat more subtle. Consistently, he had worked to hide himself behind others, to use them for catching potential blame for his own intentions. This runs throughout the entire story, his conscious attempts to conceal his malevolence. Otherwise, he might have been apprehended sooner.

How can one doubt that Mack was and still could be, terribly proud of having her initials, combined with Keith Raniere’s, her frigging lord and master, into a slave branding logo? How that must have bolstered her disgusting PRIDE, to be part of such virulent sickness. For sexual slavery. My God. What is one to do? Stifle what is seen, and flatten the impact of it? Of what has been done to fellow human beings?

No. I will not.

Just as I knew what those bone breaks in Epstein’s neck and throat told me immediately about how that demon met his fleshly end. There was considerably more evidence, as well, than those neck fractures. There were two guards supposedly napping away obliviously and every available camera did not function. The cellmate(s), two different ones, and one of those cellmates, perhaps some vague phantom figure who might never have existed, all absent or “not working.”

US Attorney General William Barr in front of cameras doing his fatuously dramatic acting assignment. Lying through his teeth with fear dripping off of his face and his entire energetics. All visible. Why bother to argue, even?

No magical thinking will ever erase or diminish what my own eyes see. The disagreements about those four branding letters being present have been amazing, that anyone could claim not to see it.

During my years of being almost buried alive in the devastation of holocaust reading, I have seen many, many, many concentration camp tattoos, and worse evidence upon the bodies of women and men, with my own eyes.

Image result for concentration camp tattoo

The faces of these people, the looks from those beautiful eyes will remain in my very soul. Unforgettable. The dignity of living through what these individuals endured and the indescribable losses! I do not care what religion, what race, what ethnicity, has suffered.

Mankind’s inhumanity to humanity itself can be overwhelming to fully see, even to see in small part, within a single of its details and its evidence, the scars left behind.

Word spread when somebody wanted to know about the Holocaust, especially because I used to work in a library and was surrounded, during the eighties and early nineties, by many patrons who were Jewish. People from all over South Florida opened up to me and showed me their concentration camp tattoos, honored me deeply by trusting me. I went to every holocaust remembrance event that it was possible for me to attend, too.

Those Nxivm brands are worse and more brutal in physical appearance than even those Nazi tattoos. I cannot even begin to describe the sweetness of the elderly people who were good enough to trust me, to share their memories, their losses. These are things to be faced, not ignored. The brandings from Nxivm/DOS are intense. It hurts, even to behold these scars. Yes. It hurts.

But denial is even more harmful.

When the brand is looked at as it appears on the person, right side up the “A” and “M” are far more visible. One has to look at the brand sideways to see the “K” and the “R.”


Allison Mack persuaded other women to be branded, such as the women in this picture. Did she know that the brand scarred onto their bodies contained her initials? It is hard to imagine that she did not see the “A” and the “M”.


One DOS slave, whose initials just happened to be A-M, told Frank Report that when she initially saw her brand she thought it was her own initials that Dr. Danielle Porter branded upon her. Then when she read Frank Report, she realized that the initials were not hers, but Allison Mack’s. She was horrified at the thought that she had both Keith Raniere’s and Allison Mack’s initials scarred upon her pubic area for life. She was not told in advance that this was going to happen and she was not told that Raniere was the secret head of DOS. But Allison Mack knew – and deliberately withheld this information.


This is the brand right-side up – it is fairly easy to see the A-M, and harder to find the K-R. Why is that?

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Frank Parlato


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  • suuuuure,and you are unmistakably an idiot!

    It doesn’t matter what you said…the fact are known and only the idiots continue to believe in this.

    “How can one doubt that Mack was and still could be, terribly proud of having her initials”
    How can an idiot think he knows better than anyone…How can an idiot also ignore the MATERIAL PROOF?
    How can an idiot contradict the truth and the fact that even a “victim” points out that it’s not her?

    A, ok…but if you, idiot, knew 1 thing about this case, you would be aware that Raniere is K A R , Keith ALAN Raniere.

    Get help!

    It’s not disputable anymore…it’s not a fact, it’s nothing more than either a way for Raniere to scapegoat Allison or for an idiot to try to implicate her (while it’s debunker by the authorities)

    Shivani, go consult a specialist because it’s been a week without a word against her but you have yet to come with an old FAKE story.

  • A dose of the truth for charger426hemi1

    With 176 photos praising the pimp.

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  • Shivani,

    Great article! I agree it’s Raniere’s and Mack’s initials. I think Raniere designed the brand to be ambiguous. I also believe Mack on some level did enjoy having power similar to the early American slaves, who were overseers, taking pleasure in dominating the lower rank slaves. When one lacks control in their own life having control over others helps give a false sense of freedom as well as an illusionary feeling of stature.

    P.S. I believe as Shadowstate read your article he heard Beethoven’s famous Symphony No. 9, “Ode to Joy”, in the background.

  • I agree that the AM is there in some of the brands. I strongly believe it was placed there to set Allison Mack up as the front woman to take the fall for the true villians.

  • Why does this even matter? KR OR AM…it is effed up. Period.

    And how many times do we have to read this same subject over and over and over again? the horse has been dead long ago.

    • Amen. I hardly come here anymore.

      Non stop garbage about Allison, not a word about Nancy, Lauren, or Kristen, all of who were far more culpable than Allison.

      I’m actually surprised that the blog has been allowed to carry out these virulent hate-based articles which – in my humble opinion- constitute a form of hate crime in themselves.

      Clearly designed to incite hatred against Alison to the exclusion of all the other defendants. JMO.

      • It does seem to have a weird logic, i won’t even read half of the long winded “guest” posts by the regular turd stirrers. I think the less real news out there, as we wait for sentencing, the more the these posts are allowed, in effort to keep up the traffic.

        but my point was more about that same stupid argument as to who’s initials they are. ALL participants are screwed up, one way or another, and we ALL are responsible for our own actions. Who cares if one is more screwed up than the other.

        The courts are not done with this yet, be patient. Even if this site appears slanted.

        I do appreciate that people can speak their opinions; IMO, some to to speak too much.

  • Thank you Shivani for telling the truth about Allison Mack’s initials being burned into the flesh of her slaves.
    How many people in the comments section of the Frank Report argue until they are blue in the face denying Allison Mack’s sadistic brutality towards women?

    I am reminded of the quote, often attributed to George Orwell, that “Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies.”
    The gaslighting members of NXIVM come on the Frank Report to comment that all Allison Mack did was to “collect collaterals” when to any honest person Allison Mack was collecting blackmail material to control and manipulate other women.

    And these people compound their madness by arguing that Allison Mack was “just following orders.”
    How did that defense work for the Nazis who just followed orders and murdered millions of Jews?

    Shivani, you are correct that the initials of Allison Mack are more clearly burned into the flesh than Keith Raniere’s initials.
    A recent story on the Frank Report revealed that Danielle Roberts was using stencils to brand Allison Mack’s initials into the women’s flesh.
    There is absolutely no doubt that Allison Mack’s initials were deliberately seared into women’s flesh by Danielle Roberts in a process supervised by Allison Mack.

    “Danielle Roberts Reportedly Flees to Mexico”
    “It is known that Roberts worked off of stencils to get the design seared properly on each women’s pubis. The stencils were kept in reverse but at least one woman saw the stencils in a mirror and recognized that Roberts was not stenciling a symbol of the four elements as she claimed but was knowingly scarring onto the women the initials of Keith Alan Raniere and possibly Allison Mack.”

    The only way to defend Allison Mack’s cruelty is to be intellectually dishonest.
    Unfortunately the NXIVM trolls and Science Fiction fan boys are too intellectually dishonest to admit the plain truth that is right before their eyes.

    • Shadow – You have mentioned the Nazis a few times now. Here’s a link to a Daily Mail article about a recent book. It seems that Martin Bormann’s wife Gerda may have had the same dream of sister-wives raising their children together as Allison Mack. She even had the idea of drawing up a contract.

      • Pyriel:

        Thank you for the link.
        The Nazis dreamed of Living Space or Lebensraum on the steppes of Russia.
        They would eliminate the “undesirables and then would be new more Germanic replacements.

        There is a saying that “Great minds think alike.”
        Well in the same vein “Twisted minds also think alike.”

  • There was court testimony regarding the initials being Raniere’s. Until more evidence is presented to the contrary, I’m not buying the Mack BS. Just because you can’t get it out of your mind doesn’t make it true. It also doesn’t matter how long your story is, it doesn’t make it true. The Raniere initials are sideways to make the argument about the four elements more believable and harder to pick out the letters. Raniere is so smart. LOL

    There was one of the Epstein video cameras working, and nobody came or left his cell for several hours. Barr doesn’t scare that easy and you don’t have superpowers to be able to detect it anyway. You really should stop thinking so highly of yourself.

    You should get yourself a life instead of burying yourself in the Holocaust. The Jews would be better served to act like most of the WWII veterans did, just go back to their lives and stop prancing around showing people like you their tattoos.

    • Scott Johnson,

      “You should get yourself a life instead of burying yourself in the Amway Scam. Amway chumps like you would be better off to act like most normal people do, just go back to your shit-life and stop rolling around crying to people like me about your “tale of woe”.
      -Scott’s Conscience

      Only rubes like you, Scott, fall for the Amway Scam. Even “Mitch Garrity” felt bad for you, because your ass is so pitifully ignorant.

      Scott you lost 8 years of your life and your life savings. The millions of people you refer to lost there life savings and their lives……

      …Babies and toddlers were murdered.

      Please enlighten me why people should care more about your sorry dumb-ass?

      MLMs = Holocausts LOL SARCASM!
      Scott are you f*cking kidding?

      You crap on Jews and Blacks all of the time. I bet if you did not know Frank was Italian you would crap on Sicilians.

      You are f*cking dumber than the lawn jockey on your front lawn.

      “Boohoo! Amway ruined my life! At least the Jews got to die. I am still alive!”
      -Scott Johnson

      • In the article about Karen Abney recently posted by Frank Parlato, here are the last two sentences Scott Johnson contributed, in one of his comments.

        “Most Christians don’t condone gays, so Snyder was already damaged goods before she joined Nxivm. A suicide on top of being gay is not that big of a step.”

        “Damaged goods.”

        Okay. Certainly that is outstanding, like a 3-legged cow stuck out in the far pasture, except that probably, the poor cow had an accident, whereas Scott Johnson found his dim-bulb enlightenment via Amway, the cleaning supply (and supplement!) “religion.”

        “A suicide on top of being gay is not that big of a step.” Here comes da judge with his hog swill, and what else is new?

        Scott Johnson “has spoken,” cluelessly, as seems to be usual. Whatever Johnson pukes up about me is irrelevant, but when he speaks ill of Kristin Snyder, Johnson appears in all of his naked and impotent vapidity. Perhaps as yet, he cannot see his half-baked subjectivity or the harsh quality inherent in his projections upon others.

        What did Kristin Snyder ever do to Scott Johnson to warrant such blatant

        No doubt, nothing at all. Calling Kristin “damaged goods” is offensive, at least to me. Had she not been through enough already? What about those who love her? How can it feel to see her memory insulted by some sanctimonious clod?

        Or let’s go with some Yiddish, Johnson, and say “nebbish” instead of “clod.”
        Nebbish=simpleton, someone who is unfortunate not to have much, if any, common sense or intelligence.

        I won’t bother to get into what Scott Johnson has said about the people who lived through the Nazi exterminations, except to offer one insight.

        No one, not once, ever “pranced” about their concentration camp tattoo numbers, not to me. If anything, I needed to earn their trust. That trust came about over time, not overnight. In fact, their strength and endurance, their willingness to open up, ever and at all, has been a deep, unforgettable honor.

        Most of our holocaust survivors are gone now, as we approach 2020. Maybe Scott Johnson can sigh with relief. Kristin the “damaged goods” disappeared and so did most of the “prancing” Jews whom Scott Johnson evidently cannot stand, from his own measurable words. The only reason that I piss him off is because of his own unhandled rage.

        Happy Thanksgiving.

    • You really think it’s valid to liken soldiers to concentration camp inmates, some of whom were children and babies? You think Nazi concentration camp inmates, brought in cattle cars, brutally worked and starved, should just shut up and go on like nothing happened?
      By the same logic, should the women who were branded in DOS just shut up too? Should Sara Edmondson have just gone on with her life instead of showing her brand in the New York Times?

      • While I don’t think concentration camp survivors can be compared to soldiers, there are similarities….as many soldiers also sacrificed and lost their lives, and many did not even have a choice in the matter.

        I think Scott is pointing out, in his last comment, some of the same things I noticed here – that the writer of this article entertains the erroneous belief that she has special knowledge of the situation.

        She does not. Making that type of narcissistic claim that she is special and has unique, god-given abilities is a tactic used by “snake oil salesmen”.

        Also, who cares whose initials are on the brand. The case has been tried and Mack has been convicted.

        • Flowers, the differences between concentration camp survivors and soldiers are much more significant than the similarities. For instance, soldiers did not come out the end of WWII looking like living skeletons.
          You give Scott the benefit of the doubt here. But when I read the last paragraph of Scott’s comment, I cannot agree that he was being critical only of Shivani. Reading what Scott wrote, I can only conclude that he was also criticizing those holocaust survivors who he characterizes as “prancing around showing . . . their tattoos” instead of going “back to their lives.”

          • Dianne, you might be right, and Scott’s intention was to criticize holocaust survivors. Or maybe he was ridiculing Shivani because he doesnt believe a group of holocaust survivors decided to seek her out and show her their tattoos?

            I’ve known 1 person who survived a Nazi concentration camp (my former employer) and a couple of people who were children in the Japanese internment camps in BC. None of these people ever talked much about their experiences.

          • Some soldiers came out at the end of WWII looking like living skeletons, POWs held by the Japanese.

          • Diane,

            Re Anti-Semitic tactics, Scott, the Holocaust, and WWII vets:

            A common tactic by Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites is to bring WII vets into the discussion.

            The Anti-Semites turn the argument away from the Holocaust to one about how the Jews are just being melodramatic babies: “Veterans don’t cry, why should you?”
            “WWII vets deserve real sympathy not Jews.”

            Look at how well it works. We are all presently arguing about WWII vets and Holocaust victims on this thread presently. It’s tactic that works and is incredible effectively. I am sure Scott is proud of himself.

            Scott opinions should be discarded. Scott has posted links to white supremacist websites, not Alt-right sites, but actual racist websites. Scott has mentioned “big noses” in regards to Jewish people and commented on “nappy haired” black. Scott is the poster boy for inbread hicks from the sticks.

        • Have any other commenters noticed that Flowers labels just about everyone here as a narcissist or as having Narcissistic Personality Disorder? She presents herself as a classic narcissist so, I guess, she’s an expert on the subject. I think she’s also a sociopath. In the rules Flowers has previously laid out here I should be free from her verbal abuse since she labeled the author of this article as a narcissist and it’s okay to start delving into someone else’s behaviour if they do so first. That’s right out of the mouth of the Flower. She’s written it time and again while defending her own vitriolic posts. She loves to say “they did it first” just as a three-year-old does when caught hitting a younger sibling.

          • Dahlia,

            Re Flowers profile and narcissism

            When Flowers learns a new psychology word; She almost immediately starts using it. Besides calling people narcissists Flowers has begun labeling others as passive aggressive.
            A few weeks ago I accused Flowers of acting in a passive aggressive manner. A week later, you may remember, she began labeling other people as passive aggressive. Flowers other moniker she will slap on people is accusing others of being “illogical”.

            I do not know enough information about Flowers to label her a true narcissist. She definitively has narcissistic tendencies.

            Flowers craves attention, and will even seek out negative attention. She enjoys “pulling people’s chains” so they respond. I believe she fancies baiting people and considers herself very clever at it.

            The perfect example of Flowers baiting somone recently is in the comments section of Joe O’Hara’s recent article posted on November 23, 2019 at 12:18 pm. You should check it out.

            I have to give some credit to Flowers. She does a good job of appearing to be genuinely confused by an issue to get a response; And she always frames the confusion in a negative way to insure she agitates her intended target enough into responding.

            In other words Flowers loves twisting the lions tail.

            Sadly Flowers has a significant personality disorder.

          • Niceguy I like that analysis and I think you’re right on the money. I have noticed she gets off on baiting people and she does think she’s very clever. I also totally picked up on her throwing the passive/aggressive label around once you slapped it on her. That thing she does where she doesn’t understand is classic but I do think she sometimes really doesn’t since I didn’t say that she said Shivani has NDP I just said that’s one she’s used a lot. Probably since someone said that’s how she presents herself. I’ve also noticed she likes talking about comments she’s made elsewhere so she spends a lot of time online arguing with strangers and taking offence. She’s got a lot going on. 🌺

          • To “Where’s the comment”,

            Flowers is purposely misreads things in a negative way to get a response. She does it all the time. She is slightly more intelligent then she lets on. She wants a reaction or response probably because she is lonely.

            I actually feel bad and wrong to discuss her issues. I will try and refrain in the future.

            Here is Joes response:

            “Joe O’Hara
            November 22, 2019 at 3:27 pm
            I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. The two “special investigators” I wrote about were pre-paid a total of $500,000. Then they asked for an additional $175,000 – which, insofar as I know, was not paid.

            What other investigators are you talking about that refused to turn over their findings unless they were paid more money by NXIVM?”

          • Niceguy
            I think you sound very intelligent. I know stuff like that because I have special powers, too.

          • Niceguy,

            I just looked at the JJ O’Hara article posted Nov. 23 at 12:18 and can’t seem to find any comments from Flowers. Were they removed?

          • The comments I wrote on that story are still there. None have been removed.
            Maybe Niceguy can let us know what this missing comment referred to.

          • Flowers,

            You have misinterpreted comments on purpose before. Stop playing dumb and litte miss innocent. Your not as naive as you pretend to be.

            Bangkok used to play the same game with Parlato and KRClaviger except in a humorous manner.

          • Thank you Niceguy and you shouldn’t feel badly for calling out Flowers. She deserves a big taste of her own medicine. I agree she sometimes pretends to misunderstand but she thinks she’s going to catch someone in a lie and add it to her collection of ‘evidence’ proving people are doing her wrong. I felt sorry for her, for a time, but that time is long gone. She’s shown her true colors over her years posting here. I’m sure it’s a lonely life she leads if she’s as combative with people in her real life as she is online. But she’s made her bed

        • Dahlia, are you Shivani?
          Reread my comment. I never said she had NPD. I said that claiming to have special, impossible powers, (as she claims to have,) is a narcissistic trait. I have no idea if she has NPD.

          Why are you so obsessed with my comments, Dahlia/Agenda? It’s getting to be hilarious 🤣

          • laughing from spite again Flowers? not sure that’s what hilarity actually is. I find you sad and also, tedious.

          • It’s hilarious because of the obvious obsession this Dahlia/Agenda has with my comments.
            Notice how there are almost always insulting comments about the various authors (one here who referred to the article writer as a long-winded turd-stirring blah blah blah….) but yet Dahlia only notices that I used the word narcissistic to describe Shavini.

            Apparently when Keith claimed to have special powers, he was narcissistic, though…..and possessing special power IS something that cult-leaders frequently claim.

    • Pyriel & Flowers,

      It’s not a competition between compassion for soldiers or compassion for holocaust survivors. Or who suffered more.

      • NiceGuy – I wasn’t competing. I was simply pointing out something that had been missed. I have compassion for Holocaust victims.

        • Pyriel,

          I meant a competition between vets and Holocaust survivors. I know you and GirlScoutCookies aren’t anything like Flowers or Scott.

          • If you really knew anything about me Niceguy, and yet continued to troll me despite knowing the truth about my situation, then you’re lacking even a drop of empathy.

            Your opinion of me has no value, but the truth does. Facts are the only thing that matter. You (and your many aliases) may want to consider that.

          • Flowers,

            I only ridicule individuals who act like assholes or are assholes. Chief example, Scott Johnson. Scott is an asshole 100% of the time. Scott prides himself on being an ignorant, unapologetic, repugnant asshole.

            If Scott had been in Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast, he would have been a talking ashtray.

          • That’s not true, since you have repeatedly trolled me without any reason at all, which includes using your other aliases/names to stalk me on another SM platform….presumably as a form of intimidation.
            Do you not realize there’s evidence that shows this? You stalkers used the same names you used here (and claimed to be the same individuals….) and then found my account and tried to harass me.
            I take screenshots of the evidence….., including your girlfriend’s private messages to me, where she asks me to call her.
            And your “girlfriend” just so happens to follow Toni Natalie.
            Do you think that’s a coincidence?

          • Flowers,
            5 things:

            1.) If you truly feel threatened and believe stalkers have attempted to intimidate you, you should go to the authorities. No one should have to live in fear.

            2.) I have only one alias NiceGuy. I only post comments on the Frankreport. I post to much on the Frankreport as it is. I am not going to start posting anywhere else. I waste too much time as it is. 🙂 I do occasionally post photos under my real name on Instagram and Facebook. It’s completely okay if you do not believe me. Like I stated you should go to the authorities if you feel people are stalking you.
            3.) I will not be ribbing you anymore. I misinterpreted your speech and thought you were being Anti-Semitic with Scott “Aryan” Johnson; And before that you were a little mean.
            4.) Dahlia is not my girlfriend. No one is dating. We are not even f*** buddies. 🙂
            5). I wish well!

          • Intimidation is not illegal in many instances, Niceguy. Cyberstalking and online bullying are generally not illegal either.

            I never said “Dahlia” was the person I referred to. She or he is probably not. I do have the real name of this other person, and I can assure you that she is following Natalie, that she has interacted online with a person who claims to post here, and that she did give me her phone number…..(I did not call)
            Does all that seem to be totally random to you?

          • Of course they are…but is obsessively stalking a person around the internet (and using the posting handles of people who post on FR to make these sock puppet accounts) regular behaviour for an average troll? Combined with various in-person harassment incidents, I doubt if “pulling my chain” is a fair description of the issue.

          • Niceguy, don’t let Flowers suck you into the vortex. Run away and run fast. I’m sure she believes what she says but it’s not real. Not even a little bit. It doesn’t take a degree in neuroscience to find her Twitter handle after all the breadcrumbs she’s dropped in the Frank Report’s comment section. If you have time on your hands you can figure it out too. Take a look. It’s enlightening. 🌺

          • What do mean by “combined with various in-person harassment incidents”?

            Are people physically threatening you? Or is someone claiming to be watching you and made accurate descriptions ?

            Look my wife is a family law attorney. Every 5 to 7 years one of her clients’ spouses goes off the deep end and things get a little hairy(not too scary) .

            When dealing with the Justice System and authorities, anywhere, you need to “paper things”. What I mean by “papering things” is filing a police report.
            Papering accomplishes a few things. If things do get worse the police know there is a history of harassment and will take your case more seriously. The police will realize you are having a legitimate issue.
            Another thing papering does is help you down the with judicial verdicts and penalties for whoever is harassing you. In addition the prosecutor’s office will take your case much more seriously.

            If it’s name calling simply ignore the individual or individuals. Or don’t post. Or use an alias.

          • Have these stalkers used the oft mentioned Anonymous handle, Flowers? That’s really scary. Why not tell everyone the FR handle being used to ‘stalk’ you? It might make you seem more credible.

          • Dahlia
            You only implicate yourself everytime you demonstrate this strange obsession with me, especially since you just admitted that you’re trying to search out SM accounts you think belong to me.
            That’s pretty obsessive.

            Is there some reason why you’re so concerned about what I write? Scared of something?

          • Niceguy
            Yes. My family and I have been harassed, and it started around the same time as the online harassment which was directed at me.
            No, I have no idea why anyone would do that, but considering the time frame, I have some ideas.
            Police have been notified a couple of times, there isnt anything they can do.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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