Raniere Hired Special Investigators to Look Into Kristin Snyder’s Death – but Not Until a Year After She Disappeared

Kristin Snyder
Joe O’Hara

By Joe O’Hara

In reading through the comments on the various posts about Kristin Snyder that have recently appeared in Frank Report, I was reminded about one aspect of the case that has got scant attention over the years: the two “special investigators” that Keith Raniere hired to track down the real story of Kristin’s disappearance.

To put this aspect of the Kristin Snyder story into the proper context, let’s review some of the “key dates” of that story in chronological order:

Kristin Snyder and Heidi Clifford entered into a civil union in Vermont in 2001.

At the time, that was about the most that a lesbian couple could do in order to declare themselves a “couple” to the world. It wasn’t until May 17, 2004 that Massachusetts legalized same-sex couple marriages.

Kristin had moved to Alaska in 1999 to be with Heidi, a woman she had met when she was running her own ecological consulting firm.

Once in Alaska, Kristin quickly became enamored with all the numerous outdoor opportunities the area offered. She became a member of the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol – and became qualified in survival training and avalanche rescue.

It was an ESP student that Kristin met in Anchorage who first told her about the group and its classes.

Kristin started out with a couple of weekend classes that cost $1,000 each.

She took her first 16-day intensive course in Anchorage in November 2002. It cost $7,000.

Shortly after completing that course, she visited her family in Dillon, SC.

After a 3-day stay with her family, Kristin traveled to Albany, NY – where she took a couple of Ethos classes at night and was apparently being privately tutored by Keith Raniere during the day.

Upon returning to Alaska, Kristin immediately joined the $7,000 16-day intensive that was scheduled to start then.

It was this second intensive – which was being held at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage – in which Kristin became disruptive and was asked to leave.

Kristin left the hotel during the afternoon of February 6, 2003 – and was driven to the home she shared with Heidi Clifford by Elaine Smiloff.

She was never seen again.

Her entire involvement with ESP lasted less than 5 months – from sometime in October of 2002 through February 6, 2003.

Though her body had not been found, memorial services were held for the then 35-year-old Kristin in February 2003 at Resurrection Bay. The next month, a Catholic mass was celebrated in her honor on Dillon, SC.

Although the story of Kristin Snyder was well known within the NXIVM/ESP community, it only became known to a broader audience when Dennnis Yusko wrote a story about her in the February 1, 2004 edition of The Albany Times Union, entitled an Espian’s Brief Life..

And that’s when Raniere kicked things into high gear to come up with an alternative explanation for Kristin’s disappearance and presumed death.


My Role as a Consultant for NXIVM/ESP

I was originally hired as a Consultant by NXIVM/ESP for the three month period from October 1, 2003 through December 31, 2003 (This was shortly after the Ross lawsuit had been initiated and just before the Forbes magazine article was published). That period of work was later extended for an additional 12 months.

My main role was to identify and recruit people who could help Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman resolve various issues concerning their NXIVM/ESP business operation.

When they were unhappy that their attorney had not been able to obtain a Preliminary Injunction in the Ross case – and wanted to hire another law firm to take over the case – I went out and recruited Nolan & Heller, one of the top business litigation firms in Albany, NY to take on that task.

When they wanted to resolve Raniere’s unpaid CBI-related debt to the Office of the New York State Attorney General without getting into more trouble and having to pay additional penalties and interest, I went out and recruited Doug Rutnik, a local lobbyist and longtime Democratic operative, to handle that task.

When they wanted to hire a public relations firm to start having positive stories about NXIVM/ESP appear in local and national publications, I went out and recruited Public Strategies, Inc. (PSI), a public relations and crisis management firm where Ann Richards, the former governor of Texas, was a Senior Adviser (After interviewing a delegation of PSI staff, Raniere chose not to hire that firm – and, instead, hired a different public relations firm).

Over the course of the 15 months that I worked as a consultant for NXIVM/ESP, they hired many of the individuals and companies that I suggested. Accountants, lawyers, lobbyists, political operatives, private investigators, etc. But none of them had anything to do with Kristin Snyder.


How I Became Involved in the Kristin Snyder Story

Although I had heard rumblings about a student who had committed suicide in Alaska, I was never tasked to do anything about that matter.

In fact, the only involvement I had concerning Kristin Snyder came about when I received a panicky phone call from Kathy Russell one Monday morning in February 2004.

Having recently read Dennis Yusko’s story about Kristin’s involvement with NXIVM/ESP – and the strange circumstances surrounding her disappearance a year earlier – I had already started thinking about who I might approach if I was asked to find someone to investigate the matter.

But when I went to meet with Kathy in her super-secure office at 455 New Karner Road on that same Monday, I found out that Raniere had already interviewed – and hired – two “special investigators” to look into Kristin’s disappearance.

What Kathy was panicked about is that Keith had ordered Clare Bronfman to send out two $250,000 wire transfers over the weekend – one each to the two “special investigators”.

When I asked to see a copy of the contract that had been signed, I was told that no such document existed. It was just a “handshake deal”.

When I asked to see a copy of whatever materials the “special investigators” had presented to Keith to secure the job, I was told that no such materials existed.

All I was told was that these two “special investigators” had been hired to look into Kristin Snyder’s disappearance – and that Kathy was worried that Clare’s two large wire transfers might get “flagged” by the Feds (They didn’t).

Although I was never tasked to work on the matter, I did hear – over the course of the next few months – bits and pieces of what the two “special investigators” had discovered about Kristin Snyder.

Supposedly, her cell phone was still being used to make and receive calls.

Supposedly, her credit cards were being used in various locations in several states.

Supposedly, a photograph had been taken of her at some location out west.

It was only when the two “special investigators” presented an invoice for an additional $175,000+ that I was asked to get involved.

At that point, I spoke to both guys – one of whom lived in Los Angeles and the other of whom lived in Boston (At least that’s my recollection).

One of them definitely claimed to be an ex-CIA Officer – and I think the other guy claimed to be an ex-Police Captain or something like that.

They didn’t share much information about their findings with me – but did indicate that they would not turn over “all the evidence” they had uncovered about Kristin Snyder unless they got the additional $175,000+.

The “bottom line” is that I don’t think Raniere ever paid them the additional money.

I also don’t know if the “special investigators” ever turned over “all the evidence” to Raniere.


Why Did NXIVM/ESP Wait a Year Before Hiring Private Investigators to Look Into Kristin Snyder’s Disappearance?

When I asked why NXIVM/ESP had waited so long to hire someone to look into Kristin Snyder’s disappearance – and why, when they did so, they had hired what appeared to me to be a couple of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants guys – I was immediately shut down by both Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

Later, I received an in-person reprimand from Nancy for questioning Keith’s motivations and strategies.

Didn’t I know he was the smartest man in the world – and the man with the highest ethics?

Didn’t I understand that whatever plan-of-action he chose had to be the correct one?

All I could think of was how dumb it had been to wait more than a year to start looking for a missing person.


The Aftermath

Eventually, the story started circulating throughout NXIVM/ESP that Kristin had gotten into a dispute with some local drug dealers in Anchorage – and had faked her suicide and gone into hiding to avoid them.

At that same time, the stories about her cell phone still being used – and her credit cards still being used – were circulated widely.

Additional pictures of her were described but never shared.

One in particular – which purportedly shows Heidi Clifford with a woman who looks a lot like Kristin in the Grand Canyon – has recently been shared with Frank Report.

Eventually, Kristin Snyder’s name just faded away in the NXIVM lexicon.

Until, of course, Frank Parlato set about to find out what happened to Kristin – and the other missing women of NXIVM.

Now, people who may have been involved in Kristin’s disappearance are being called out by name on the Frank Report – and asked to come forward and tell what they know about her disappearance.

People like Ed Kinum, Esther Chiappone Carlson, [Name Redacted], Karen Abney – and still others that will be mentioned in future posts.

Will they do so?

Will the FBI re-open this “cold case” – and track down what really happened to Kristin Snyder?

Time will tell…


Author’s Note

I personally do not believe that Kristin Snyder committed suicide – at least not in the manner that the Alaskan State Police concluded that she did. I think it’s much more likely that she was perceived as a problem and eliminated – either bought out or rubbed out by Raniere and Salzman.

I have more information concerning the two “special investigators” that Raniere hired a year after Kristin’s disappearance to find out what happened to her.

Unfortunately, that information is buried in the nine banker boxes of my materials that are still in the possession of Toni Natalie’s erstwhile attorney.

But I am happy to report some “good news” on that front.

After being provided with a copy of the property receipt that the NYS Police created when they turned over our property to Mike Grygiel, it has now been conclusively proven that Toni’s materials consisted of two manila folders – and that both of those manila folders were properly labeled as to their contents, thus making them very easy to identify.

Based on this new information coming to light, I am hopeful that all my materials will be back in my possession very soon. Whenever that happens, I will share whatever other information I find in those boxes about the two “special investigators”.

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J.J. O'Hara


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  • Joe,

    Thank you for covering one of the stranger stories surrounding Kristin Snyder’s disappearance.

    When the private detectives questioned the different witnesses involved in the disappearance, did the private detectives let on they were in fact working for Keith Raniere?

    Could Raniere have been testing Karen Abernathy, Esther Carlson, Chiappone, Ed Kinum, and [Name Redacted]?
    Making sure everyone was keeping their lips butted and staying steadfast.

    I know some politicians before running for high office will hire a P.I. to find out what dirt of theirs is floating around.

    • I have no idea what these guys told people when they questioned them. Nor do I know who they questioned.

      I do not think they were hired to do a legitimate investigation. Instead, I think they were hired so that Raniere et al could cite them as the sources for the stories they eventually told about Kristin: e.g., that her cell phone was still being used; that her credit cards were still being used; that she had run away because of her concern that local drug dealers were after her; that she had been spotted in Grand Canyon; etc.

      Raniere liked to hire people to tell him what he wanted to be told. Like Juval Aviv telling him that he was being attacked by the Illuminati, the Masons, and former U.S. Sen. Al D’Amato.

  • There is so much attention on the Kristin Snyder case now that someone is going to crack this case wide open.

    My money is on NXIVM having from the time of Raniere getting his claws into Kristin to his inner circle plot to working with Ed Kinum and Esther Chaponoe Carson to mind mind not Kristin Snyder.

    When Kristin refused to cave fully, NXIVM had already set the stage for the perfect how to get away with murder.

    Someone will be the first on the plea bus taking a deal and the rest of those who who have remained silent will be left holding the time behind bars.

    There are too many mismatched puzzle pieces in this who done who knows it mystery.

    Who knows, someone could be talking with the Feds as your reading these posts.

    • But there’s sworn court testimony that the suicide note is a clumsy later forgery intended to implicate NXIVM, a report that Snyder was traced to Florida and found alive, and a later photograph that appears to show Snyder.

      What conspiracy theory ya gonna believe?

  • Joe I’ll ask you these questions since Frank hardly ever pays attention to my questions.
    Is there a possibility that Toni knows something about the death of Kristen Snyder?
    Can anyone find out about Kristen’s credit cards being used after her disappearance? Keith is known to use dead women’s credit cards as we already know.
    I also think Heidi Clifford had motive to kill Kristen seeings how she was supposedly a lesbian who became pregnant with Keith’s child and soon after her disappearance was in another relationship.
    Also, Joe if you so wish I’d gladly slap the taste out Toni’s mouth for you. I hate how she has stalled these investigations and stole from you.
    Lastly, was it illegal what Toni did to Kim Snyder? Calling her retarded and impeding this investigation? Or not, because it’s not an actual legal investigation until actual legal authorities reopen the Snyder case?
    Thanks Joe

    • I will take a moment to answer the questions too and hopefully Joe will also. I don’t think Toni knows one thing about the disappearance of Kristin Snyder – and her innate stupidity makes it unlikely that she could do a thing to help in the investigation. She did however try to impede my investigation and hurt the Snyder family.

      Keith might have used or gotten access to Kristin Snyder’s credit cards – but we have no actual proof that they were ever used after Kristin’s disappearance. This was a story that Keith and his minions circulated after her disappearance to evidence she was still alive.

      I believe Keith had the motive to eliminate Kristin – and I am not sure what motive Heidi had.

      I don’t think Toni committed any crime by lying about Kim and her mother. She wanted to control the story, while pretending to be my friend. But that is not a crime.

    • Except for what she read here on Frank Report or in other media outlets, I doubt very much that Toni knows anything about Kristin Snyder’s death.

      I’m certain that law enforcement officials know whether Kristin’s credit cards were used after her death. But I do not believe that information has ever been released to the general public.

      Even if the rumor of Kristin being pregnant with Keith’s child were true, I don’t believe that means Heidi was motivated to kill her.

      Although they are often used interchangeably, the terms “illegal” and “criminal” do not have the same meaning – at least not from a legal standpoint. So, while publicly calling someone “retarded” may be illegal in the sense that it amounts to defamation (a civil wrong), it’s not a criminal act. And let me reiterate, once again, that Kim Snyder is not retarded.

      It’s hard to be certain why Toni injected herself into the Kristin Snyder story – and tried to prevent Frank from talking to her family and/or Heidi Clifford. I assume that she wanted to have those people appear exclusively on the podcast that she and Chet were hoping to do – or something like that.

      • Thank you, Joe. How stupidly selfish of Chet and Toni. You’re probably right that she did it for some lame podcast that I’ve yet to see btw.

      • Joe, your keen legal mind goes right to one thing all the amateur speculators have completely missed.

        When someone goes missing under suspicious circumstances, investigation 101 is to look at the intimate partner or spouse. Just because Snyder and Clifford were a lesbian couple, doesn’t mean that can be ignored.

        Clifford would have had the 3 most powerful motives there could possibly be in such a case: possibly having been cheated on, having betrayed with the “wrong” sort of person, and having had that interloper do the one fundamental natural thing they were frustratingly incapable of – impregnating their partner.

        I also don’t think it’s likely Heidi was to blame – though it’s strange if she withheld information from the Alaska State Police investigators, perhaps more because she was still under NXIVM’s sway herself – and would hate to see her unnecessarily put through anything more.

        But if the matter is to be dredged back up, isn’t that angle as worth of re-examination as any other?

  • Thanks for the information and update on where you stand with your boxes of research. I hope they make their way back to you soon.

  • Also, I’m curious, does anyone know why it wasn’t until a year after Snyder’s disappearance, that the Times Union ran a story about it?

    Did it just take that long for the TU to pick up on a story from the other side of the continent, or does it reflect some combination of NXIVM being successful at keeping the events hushed up or covered up, or even delaying publication of the article with legal threats?

    It appears that once the story did break in the news, NXIVM was panicked to try to find a way to deny or discredit it. In such groups, that can often be as much if not more about playing to members, who may credulously buy internal narratives that investigators supposedly disproved the “fake news,” than actual PR directed at the outside world – though the latter of course affects recruiting of new members.

    • I think it was probably a combination of factors: the distance, the fact that NXIVM had locked down the story internally, the fact that Kristin’s disappearance had been labeled as a suicide, etc. It’s also important to remember that until the Forbes story came out In October 2003, not all that much had been written about NXIVM and Raniere.

  • Joe, thanks for sharing what you know. It’s good to hear from someone with knowledge going back that far.

    I take it the two “special investigators” hired in that February time frame, came before Interfor? According to court documents:

    “NXIVM retained Interfor, a private investigation firm, by written agreement on September 2. 2004. to conduct an investigation on its behalf concerning the disappearance of a former NXIVM student, Kristin Snyder.” (that later expanded into other things, like investigation of Rick Ross)

    It’s amazing to see how much Bronfman money they would recklessly throw around, presumably at Raniere’s direction, often either due to what was apparently his irresponsible conspiracy theorizing, or his gambling and sex addictions. And then they often doubled down on that in a stupid, perverse way by suing many if not most of those who had worked for them, apparently unsatisfied with what anyone did and also as a way of scapegoating them for NXIVM’s problems (sometimes as part of yet further conspiracy theories) and carrying out Raniere’s narcissistic vendettas, often spending more in legal costs than could be recovered even if all their payments were returned.

    I’d like to see more detail and reports about how that really played out inside NXIVM, but it seems that rather than accept responsibility for the people experiencing psychological problems or even going psychotic during their programs, Raniere must have blamed the Illuminati or other enemies (conspiracy theories could easily be imagined to implicate others like Rick Ross or Edgar Bronfman seeking to derail the “mission”). His minions then apparently credulously bought that, and set out on lavishly funded efforts to “investigate” and try to find evidence to support his theories.

    But then again, there is supposedly that photograph – do we just write that off as a likely coincidence of the sort that can happen, that Clifford had another friend who also looked like Snyder? Or does the theory that NXIVM had nothing to do with Snyder’s disappearance deserve serious consideration, and investigation – and could Nancy Salzman’s deposition (the only formal evidence we actually have in the matter) actually be right, that someone manipulated evidence to set NXIVM up?

    And Joe, sorry that you ended up one of the people on the wrong end of their nutty vengefulness. I hope you get your materials back, and can finally be free of dealing with NXIVM.

    • My recollection is that Interfor was originally hired to “investigate” Rick Ross (When I inadvertently found out that Interfor was utilizing illegally gathered information about Rick – and Raniere and Salzman refused to stop that from happening – is when I quit). I know that Interfor was also tasked to “investigate” Toni Natalie and Kristin Snyder – and quite likely some of NXIVM’s other enemies – but my recollection is that those things happened later.

      • My recollection was wrong. Interfor was originally hired in September 2004 to look into the disappearance of Kristin Snyder. But shortly after Interfor started doing that work, it was also tasked to start investigating Rick Ross.

        I don’t recall ever reading any report from Interfor about Kristin Snyder. But it was the report on Rick Ross that Interfor inadvertently sent to me in late November 2004 that resulted in my quitting as a consultant to NXIVM.

        So, in addition to the two “special investigators” that Raniere had hired back in February 2004, he also hired Interfor in September 2004 to look into the disappearance of Kristin Snyder. And, given the way that Interfor operated, I would surmise that it did produce a written report about Kristin Snyder.

    • This photo taken by the special investigator has apparently been shared on Frank Report? Does anyone know the date of the article that included this picture?

  • Mr. O’Hara you may take this as legal notice that you may not write about Toni Natalie again without our express legal permission. I am Arthur Franz Hunnicutt of Tone Hunnicutt and Teal.
    We have offices in Chicago St. Louis
    Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Gallup, New Mexico, Flagstaff, Arizona, Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino and Los Angeles, California. You and Perlato will be spending a lot of money defending yourself and may be arrested for criminal defamation. Be warned. And stop writing about Kim Snyder she belongs to Toni who is writing her story !!!

    • Arthur Franz Hunnicutt Esq. JD (Juris Doctor) aka Nicki Clyne, aka Mrs. Allison Mack:

      “We have offices in Chicago St. Louis Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Gallup, New Mexico, Flagstaff, Arizona, Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino and Los Angeles, California.”

      Once again, Nicki, you list in order the cities located on Route 66.
      How would I know?
      I’ve heard the song numerous times since my childhood and I’ve ridden down Route 66 from Amarillo to Chicago, the Eastern half of the Route.

      Nicki, when you and Allison traveled to San Diego for her performances at the Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park in the Spring of 2017 did you two newlyweds drive down Route 66?
      Or have you been binge-watching old episodes of the TV show Route 66?
      Or is it Michelle Hatchette’s favorite song?

      And Joe O’Hara is free to write about Toni Natalie or Kristin Snyder.
      Nicki, you are not a lawyer and you can’t prevent Joe O’Hara from writing about Kristin Snyder, a dead woman.

    • I will stop writing about Toni when she addresses the various misrepresentations, gross exaggerations and outright lies that have been found in her book – and she publicly apologizes to Frank Parlato and Susan Dones for the lies she told about them. One of her attorneys promised that she would address all these matters at some point in time. Well, NOW seems like a good time to me for her to do that.

      PS/You know where to find me when you’re ready to serve me.

  • If I understand this correctly, then both of these private investigators (that would be 2 seperate and unrelated companies) asked for the same exact sum of $425 000, and both refused to divulge their findings until the extra fee was paid.


    • I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. The two “special investigators” I wrote about were pre-paid a total of $500,000. Then they asked for an additional $175,000 – which, insofar as I know, was not paid.

      What other investigators are you talking about that refused to turn over their findings unless they were paid more money by NXIVM?

      • Joe, if I understood correctly, the article says that each were initially paid $250 000 to investigate, and then both investigators demanded another $175 000 to divulge all the information that they had discovered. So, each investigator asked for the same exact sum of $425 000 each (unless I read that wrong).

        My point is why would 2 unrelated companies both make the exactly same demands?

        Also, Is it standard practice for an investigator to ask a client for extra money in order for the client to obtain the investigation results?

        • i think it was two guys who worked together. They probably spent more hours and had more expenses than originally agreed to for the $500k, and when Raniere (Bronfman) wouldn’t pay the extra money, they used the information as “collateral” to get the extra payment. Raniere may have used this experience to inspire his later “collateral” efforts with the DOS women.

          • I think you’re right, Scott, they had to have been working together (though that’s not really clear from the article).

            There is also some discrepancy as to when they were actually hired. As I mention in my earlier comment, some articles claimed these investigators were hired as soon as Kristin went missing.

        • Flowers, my reading of it is that the 2 PIs hired around February, 2004 – when the Times Union article came out – were paid with “two $250,000 wire transfers,” for a total of $500,000. They later asked for the additional $175,000.

          Interfor was retained in September, 2004, for work that expanded to include investigating Rick Ross. I’ve never seen specific payment amounts cited – have you seen that somewhere?

          The one thing that it seems to me would be very strange, is if the first PIs were paid all that money up front, but then not the final amount if they had supposedly found information that NXIVM never got.

          • AnonyMaker, you’ve got it right. The two “special investigators” worked together – and were paid $500,000 upfront by Clare Bronfman. Later, they submitted an invoice for an additional $175,000.

            I’m not sure how much Interfor was paid for its “investigation” of Kristin Snyder. Nor do I have any idea what “facts” they turned up about her disappearance.

      • Joe,

        “I’m not sure what you’re talking about here.” -Joe O’Hara

        Don’t worry Joe. Flowers is not too sure either.

        • I was trying to clarify what Joe meant, because when he said there were 2 seperate payments of $250 000 made, it sounded as though these were 2 unrelated investigators. However, I’m now going to assume they were working together, and thst the $175 000 extra fee they later demanded, was to be split between them.

          So, these guys had already received half a million dollars for probably 2 or 3 months of work, but they still wanted more? Since Keith refused to give them the additional amount, did they bother to try to negotiate with him for a lower amount?
          After all, they had already completed the work and had obtained the information, so they had nothing to lose.

    • “both refused to divulge their findings until the extra fee was paid.”

      NXIVM was paying for a “clean bill of health” or a whitewash.
      NXIVM was not paying for an independent, impartial, honest investigation.
      These so called investigators and their so called investigations stink to high heaven.

      • This quote is taken from an Aug. 2017 Frank Report article-

        “Alaska State Police began a search. They may have been aided by “investigators” and an attorney hired by Mr. Raniere. These so-called “private investigators” in California and Boston, who claimed to be ex-CIA operatives, were hired directly Mr. Raniere, according to sources – and Clare Bronfman, per Mr. Raniere’s directive, immediately wired them $500,000. They went to Alaska to “aid” or conduct their own investigation, sources said.

        It is not clear if they, or any of their associates, arrived before Miss Snyder disappeared.”

        According to this, the investigators were hired immediately after Kristin went missing to help determine what happened to her.

  • The language of Kristin’s suicide note is haunting and uniquely descriptive. It makes me think of the psychological disorder called Cotard delusion (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotard_delusion). Not being very medically savvy, I looked up to see if this delusion could be induced through hypnotism or NLP, and it seems like it might be possible if done to an already fragile person (ie suffering depression). It seems like an off the wall suggestion to think it would be the case here, but when it comes to the shit NXIVM did to people, I cease to be amazed anymore. This seems entirely within their wheelhouse.

  • Congrats on the hopeful return of your property, Joe. Would that the years of your life spent fighting these evil-doers — all you’ve sacrificed to do so — might also be returned to you.

    Virtue is its own reward but may you be fully vindicated in every way possible.

  • Joe,
    Thank you for this information.

    I get the impression that the two special investigators “hired” by NXIVM are really designed as covers to take the heat off of the criminal gang and its leaders, Raniere and Salzman et al.
    Anytime someone brings up Kristin Snyder, Raniere and company just point to the two special investigators and say “Look what we did to find her.”

    From your information Raniere and NXIVM did nothing to inform the Alaska police or the FBI or Kristin Snyder’s family of the “information” that was supposedly found.
    Certainly the Alaska police and FBI could also find this supposed information about Snyder’s phone calls and credit card activity.
    And if this young woman were involved with drug traffickers, a story which I believe was a red herring to put people off the right track, then it would be imperative to inform the police and FBI as soon as possible in order to save her life.

    If the FBI and NDNY want to get on this case they should immediately subpoena the nine banker boxes of information being held by Toni Natalie’s lawyer if those boxes have not already conveniently “disappeared”.

    I would wager that a lot of the witnesses to the circumstances surrounding disappearance of Kristin Snyder have been paid off with generous loans that never have to be repaid and other favors.
    I wonder how many of the NXIVM defendants in the recent case in Brooklyn are also being paid off to keep silent about the many scandals of the NXIVM criminal gang.

    Raniere and Company’s ability to weasel out of the Kristin Snyder disappearance only encouraged repeated violations of the law right up until Raniere’s arrest in Puerto Vallarta in 2018.

    • I agree that the two “special investigators” were hired to “find” exactly what Raniere told them to find. In the same way that Juval Aviv was hired to “find” that Raniere and NXIVM were the intended targets of the Illuminati, the Masons, and former U.S. Sen. Al D’Amato (who was actually hired later on by NXIVM), these two guys were paid a lot of money to add some legitimacy to the story that Raniere had concocted about Kristin Snyder.

      I’m not all that optimistic about Kristin Snyder’s case being re-opened by the Alaska State Police or the FBI. That’s because doing so would likely expose some of the law enforcement officials and public officials who were part of the original cover-up.

      Hopefully, Frank’s upcoming documentary will force someone to do something.

      • Joe, Thank you for your quick response.

        Raniere and his gang terrorized New York’s Capitol District for too long.
        I fear that if prosecutors only do half a job in uncovering all of NXIVM’s crimes, then elements of the gang will regroup and return to their old “businesses”.
        There is already evidence that NXIVM has fled Clifton Park and set up shop in Brooklyn.
        And the gang is still entrenched among Mexico’s elite.

        • I agree 100%. But the same was true way back in 2005 when I first starting going to law enforcement officials about what was going on in the cult way back then. Had the NDNY laggards gotten off their asses back then, a lot of bad things would never have happened – and several public officials (some of whom are still in office) would have been outed long ago for their roles in allowing NXIVM to thrive.

          Just because something should be done does not mean it will be done – especially when you’re dealing with elected and appointed officials in the Capital District. The fact that P. David Soares is still the Albany County District Attorney should tell you all you need to know about the slow pace of reform in that area.

          • Joe, I live in Cook County Illinois, one of the most corrupt, screwed up counties in America.
            And from what I’ve seen of Albany and Saratoga counties in New York even Cook County looks better.
            Of course the Feds in Chicago are very aggressive and are constantly investigating the local politicians.

  • IF YOU HAVE MONEY, JUST DON’T LET ANYONE KNOW! You’ll make friends and maybe even be generous and pay more times for both of you to have fun, just not all the time (weirdly, you’ll end up much longer friends and upon death you can leave them or their heirs something-sadly this last part is rarely done because it combines 2 things people dislike doing: Thinking about death and giving away money, which in this case would be scutinized by any other relatives!


      I tell my relatives to never flaunt their money.
      It’s always best to wear unfashionable clothes and drive beater cars.
      There are people in the world who will kill you for your pair of Air Jordan shoes or whatever the current fashion is.

    • Thanks for the unintelligible tip Malcolm!!!!

      Will you be loitering at Penn Station Thursday or be taking the day off?

  • What motive would Raniere have had to hire investigators so long after Kristin disappeared? If nobody was suspicious, and Raniere’s group found him to be beyond reproach, why initiate any further attention about Kristin? To me, it seems like Raniere fell into catering to his own power-mad and sadistic character, as if he were having some insane fun. It seems that he wanted to see how much he could get away with playing ugly games.

    I wonder how much Raniere was tempted to reveal himself, because his evility was his ultimate source of power. Often, he would verge upon giving himself away, as if he couldn’t control that aspect of his arrogance and pride. Long after Kristin was gone, Raniere continued to appear to want to torment her reputation, so very unnecessarily, impractically. Playing with fire ?

    • I think Raniere hired the two “special investigators” so that they could be cited as the sources for the story that NXIVM eventually told everyone about Kristin Snyder. They were definitely hired after the Times Union story came out about her disappearance.

      I’m not certain what story NXIVM was telling before those guys were hired – my impression is that they were just saying she committed suicide. But after they were hired, the story that was told was that Kristin was still alive – and had run off because she was afraid of being murdered by some drug dealers in Alaska.

  • I don’t see why you have to bring Toni Natalie into this in a negative way. Between you and Perlato haven’t you done enough damage to the fairest maiden in all the land? Who kept the flame alive for #justiceforKristinSnyder? One brave and heroic woman. She looked after the Snyder family too trying to protect them from your villainy. She protected Kim the sister who is mentally retarded and the mother who has senile dementia.
    As a practicing physician who specializes in mental retardation and dementia I can assure you that Toni’s diagnosis of both women are correct. She has also diagnosed you and Perlato as being psychopaths. As a practicing psychiatrist I can assure you she is spot on. You and Perlato are psychopaths. I would prescribe proper medication for you if you care to make an appointment at my offices.

    • “As a practicing physician who specializes in mental retardation”

      This is not how a compassionate practicing physician would talk about a patient, Nicki.

      “She (Toni) has also diagnosed you and Perlato as being psychopaths.”

      Nicki I noticed that your “friend” charger426hemi1 referred to Frank Parlato as a “disgruntled ex-employee..”
      Why is it that you and charger426hemi1 have the exact same opinion of Frank Parlato.
      Why is that?

      @angelicvisions like i believe anything that disgruntled ex employee speculates on, there is so much crap on that Frank report and so many anonymous letters which he prints without even knowing if it’s true, then all he does is speculate shit making the people who read it seem like nxivm is something that it’s not.”
      Who is charger426hemi1, Nicki?
      Is it you?
      How does charger426hemi1 get all of those pictures of Allison Mack?
      Around 170 pictures, many of which look like selfies or pictures sent by email.
      Are those pictures from Allison Mack herself?
      Or is chager426hemi1 an alias for Allison Mack?

      • The latest incarnations are obviously trolling, with the silly overblown titles and hyperbolic claims.

        Maybe someone has just been trolling all along.

        Do you have an imaginary friend of sorts?

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