Kristin Snyder Investigation: Snyders Meet With Frank Report in South Carolina

Kristin Snyder

Toni Natalie had a lot to say about why the Snyders should never meet with me [photo courtesy Albany Times Union.]
Despite Toni Natalie’s near herculean efforts to prevent me from meeting Jonnie Snyder and her daughter, Kim, I met them at their home in Dillon, South Carolina on Tuesday.

Susan Dones and Heidi Hutchinson were with me.

The purpose of our meeting was to investigate the disappearance of Kristin Marie Snyder who went missing more than 16 years ago.

The reason Natalie did not want me to meet with the Snyders is a little unclear. Toni had told me Kim Snyder was mentally retarded and Jonnie was too old and just wanted to forget.

Jonnie Snyder’s daughter, Kristin, was ejected from a Nxivm class on February 6, 2003. A Nxivm member named Elaine Smiloff picked Kristin up at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska – where the Nxivm classes were being held – and took Kristin to her home in Anchorage.

She was never seen again.

Kristin Snyder left the Westmark Hotel were Nxivm classes were being held on Feb. 6, 2002 and was never seen again. That was a Thursday afternoon. The following evening, police found Kristin’s vehicle, a Toyota pickup, in Seward, Alaska – some 2.5 hours’ drive away. There was a suicide note inside the vehicle but Kristin was never found. She was 35 years old.


We met at the Snyder’s 1890s era farmhouse in rural Dillon. The home has been in Jonnie’s family since it had been built. It was large and elegant, and the farm fields were leased to a farmer who did the planting. This year it had been soybeans. All around the rural countryside were November cotton fields.

I was astonished when I saw Jonnie, for I had been told by Toni that she was quite elderly and nearly out of it.  Instead, I met an attractive, youthful-looking, well-spoken southern lady, a widow, a devout Christian. A thoughtful person who spoke carefully and articulately.

She was fairly recently widowed. Her husband Robert, a former career Marine, religious teacher, and professor, had died almost four years ago.

Jonnie was keenly interested to learn, if she could, what happened to her daughter.

“What a liar Toni is,” I thought to myself when I met Jonnie and we chatted on her couch in her comfortable family room looking at pictures of her long-missing daughter.  She read aloud a poem written by Kristin – about being saved by Jesus Christ – written when she was 20.

Jonnie also showed me Kristin’s diary – including pages for January 26, 2003, 11 days before she disappeared. In it, she mentions the Nxivm intensive she started that day.

I found out a lot about Kristin during our visit, including the days she spent with her mother, father and sister  – a last weekend – the last time they were to meet – on January 16-18, 2002.

I found out also – thanks to help from Susan Dones and others I interviewed-  that Kristin left the family farmhouse in Dillon, and went to Albany New York.  It was there she met the man who may have been responsible for her disappearance – Keith Alan Raniere, the fiunder and leader of Nxivm.

Keith Raniere with one of his followers, Barbara Bouchey, around the time he would have met Kristin Snyder. Photo courtesy Barbara Bouchey.

Susan Dones happened to be in Albany at the time and she ran into Kristin at Nxivm headquarters on New Karner Road. They had first met in Alaska at a previous intensive they both attended in November 2002.

[A Nxivm intensive is a more than 12-hour class day which runs consecutively from 5- 16 straight days, where the Nxivm curriculum is taught.]

Kristin said she loved her first 16-day Nxivm intensive so much that she planned to take a second one in February. She had come to Albany, in between [just after visiting her parents and sister], because she wanted to visit the “mother ship”, she told Susan.

Nxivm was headquartered in Albany.

While there, Kristin planned to take more, shorter classes called Ethos, Susan told me.

Susan also said that Kristin seemed cheerful and completely stable – like she was when she first met Kristin in Alaska – and nothing like she was described to be in the days leading up to her disappearance in Alaska.

Susan was there the first day Kristin arrived in Albany and Susan left that day, so they only met once in Albany.

Apparently, from Albany – after spending no more than a week there – Kristin went back to Anchorage, where she lived with her domestic partner, Heidi Clifford, and, on January 26, along with Heidi and Heidi’s mother, Kristin began her second 16-day Nxivm intensive.

She was to be ejected on day 11 – and, as we know, was never seen again.

NXIVM/ Executive Success Programs was headquartered at 455 New Karner Road in Colonie, New York, a suburb of Albany.


Kristin Snyder had a relatively short career as a student of Nxivm.

I was able to pinpoint at least one of the dates of Kristin’s first 16-day intensive in Alaska. Susan recalled that an earthquake occurred while they were there. That was the Denali Earthquake which occurred on November 3, 2002.  Since Susan was only there for the first five days of the intensive, that meant Kristin would have started her Nxivm classes no earlier than October 30, and completed her first 16-day Nxivm intensive no later than November 19.

Kristin’s life as a student in Nxivm lasted a little more than three months, before she would disappear, after being ejected from a Nxivm intensive – for behavior that was said by several sources to be erratic and unstable.

Yet, in mid-January, on the day she arrived in Albany, she appeared to be stable and cheerful. Did something happen to her in Albany that set her spiraling out of control?


Kim Snyder

In Dillon, yesterday, I also met Kim Snyder in person – this bright, friendly woman – with a great sense of humor – sister to Kristin – is anything but mentally retarded [like Natalie said]. She’s had her share of trouble, including a serious but successful bout with cancer and, of course, losing her older sister who was also her closest friend.

It became clear that Natalie lied about this family. As I spoke with them, I found a possible motive: Toni did not want me to investigate the Kristin Snyder disappearance. She evidently wanted to tell the story herself, her way, in her book, and on a podcast she plans to begin broadcasting at some point in time.

To keep the Snyders away from me, Toni told them, among other things, that I would tell their story wrong, something Toni actually did in her book. Toni got it wrong in her book, a crucial mistake that upset the family.

Toni wrote that, while Kristin was in Alaska, during the time she was taking the second intensive, she called the family, “raving maniacally”, saying she was responsible for the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia, which disintegrated in space on February 1, 2003.

Toni decided that it was a nice touch for her book, but that phone call never happened.

Jonnie explained that, if Kristin had called her, and told her she was responsible for the Columbia disaster, she would have flown up to Alaska that very day to ensure her daughter was hospitalized and got treatment.

The truth, I learned, was that Kristin did call her mother. She sounded fine. During that last phone call, Kristin asked her mom about a Halloween when she was a child and whether she correctly recalled what costumes she and her sister wore. Jonnie confirmed that her recollection was correct.

Jonnie did not think anything much about the call at the time. Kristin was often inquisitive and regularly called her mother. When Kristin said goodbye she said, as she usually did, “I love you,” then added, “I really, really love you.”

In retrospect, Jonnie told me, perhaps she might have thought more about the last part where Kristin said, “I really, really love you,” but how was she to know that these were the very last words her daughter would ever say to her?

Kristin Snyder was an avid kayaker

What Happened to Kristin Snyder?

There are several theories.

The State of Alaska says she is a presumptive suicide. It has to be “presumptive” since her body was never found.

The State of Alaska says Kristin drove her pickup to Seward, and parked it on Beach Drive, in front of Miller’s Landing – a summer camping resort.  She wrote a suicide note, left it in her truck, stole a kayak from Miller’s, paddled out into the cold February waters of Resurrection Bay, deliberately tipped the kayak and drowned.

No one ever found the body, or the kayak, or the paddle despite searching extensively for several days.

This failing to find the body led to other, unofficial theories. The Nxivm version – the story they told students for years – was that Kristin faked her own death and escaped to a new life somewhere. She was fleeing the law and/or the drug cartels.

Kristin was not known to have used drugs or sold them, and those who knew Kristin say the theory is ridiculous.

I developed another theory, about two years ago – which was that Kristin may not have committed suicide. Perhaps she had been murdered.  Or, if she did commit suicide, she got plenty of prompting to do so – prompting by those connected to Nxivm, maybe first and foremost, prompted by Raniere himself.

This is why I was in Dillon. To try to find out.

I was not there to learn more about Toni Natalie, but I did learn [or at least a previous notion was reinforced] that Toni lies consistently, constantly; that all she knows how to do it seems is lie; a grifter by heart and by occupation – seeking small or large gains over people by lying to them – which is precisely what a grifter is.  And, in her capacity as a grifter, she almost succeeded in keeping the Snyders from meeting me.

For months, they had declined to meet me and it was only a series I wrote about Toni exposing her many lies in her book – and the Snyders reading the dreadful lie Toni told about them and Kristin in her book – that prompted Kim to call me recently. This led to our meeting.

So while Toni did her best to keep us apart, it was, in fact, Toni Natalie that brought us together.

Who Can Help?

Almost all sources agree that after Kristin left Albany and began her second intensive, she began to spiral out of control. She started the intensive on January 26 and by early February, she was acting increasingly erratically.

On day 11 of the intensive, she was causing a commotion in class and Esther Carlson Chiappone and Ed Kinnum, who were running the intensive, threw her out of class.

Instead of sending her for medical treatment, Esther called Elaine Smiloff and asked her to pick Kristin up and take her home. Elaine showed up and Kristin went with her in Elaine’s car.

Kristin’s Toyota pickup was left behind at the Westmark Hotel.  Kristin was dropped off at home – the home she shared with Heidi, in the late afternoon.

When the Nxivm intensive ended in the evening, Heidi – who I spoke with on numerous occasions – went outside to get the Toyota in the parking lot to drive home. It was not there. So, she got a ride home. The Toyota pickup truck wasn’t in the driveway either.  She went into the house. No one was home.

Somehow, Kristin disappeared from her home and somehow the pickup truck disappeared from the Westmark Hotel.

Then she knew, she said, that something was wrong.

Heidi Clifford

Before we conclude Part 1 of this series, I will share with you what Elaine Smiloff told me by phone on August 7, 2017.

Elaine was the last person known to have seen Kristin alive. It was this phone call that made me think Kristin Snyder was murdered – or led to suicide deliberately.

She told me a lot about that fateful ride – which we will go into in a later post, but she added this important point.

Elaine said, “This has been on my conscience for 15 years. I never told anybody. But when I drove her home, Kristin was deeply upset, and acting irrationally – upset and not knowing what to do about it. She kept saying, ‘Can I go through with it?’ She was irrational to the point where I don’t think she could have driven all the way from Anchorage to Seward in the cold February snow in the night. Here’s the thing, she kept saying ‘Can I go through with it?’ Kristin Snyder told me she was pregnant and Keith Raniere was the father.”

Elaine thought the “Can I go through with it?” meant, could she have the baby?

Was this a motive for her murder?

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will discuss the six people who likely know more about the disappearance of Kristin Snyder and who have all refused to talk to me.  They are Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Esther Carlson Chiappone, Ed Kinnum, Karen Abney, and [Name Redacted].

And we will discuss what each of them likely knows.

In Part 3, we will discuss whether or not Kristin told others in the Nxivm class that she was pregnant with Keith’s baby and that this was the real disruption – and whether this might have been a motive – at the time – for Keith Raniere to take a life.











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  • Frank, I am so happy you, Heidi and Susan took the time to pay this family a visit and showed them true compassion. You took the time to listen to them recount memories of their daughter/sister to someone who wants to help find out what really happened just for the sake of finding out and helping them to find peace.

    Toni Natalie has no shame. She has no conscience. She has spent years bad-mouthing Keith Raniere and blaming him for all that is wrong in her world while, at the same time, acting in the same manner. She just uses and abuses people to get what she wants.

  • Keith stated that sex with him could cure a lesbian of her homosexuality.
    Could it be, when she was in Albany, Keith drugged her and then raped her (Did we ever find out what those pills were in the Rectory?)
    Perhaps, during the intensive, she had a flashback of the rape (a la Bill Cosby’s method of “seducing” women), put two and two together of perhaps missing her period and feeling nauseous in the morning and thought “OMG Keith raped me and now I’m pregnant!”
    Women generally know their bodies pretty well.

    On another note. Since Nancy is mum on what she knows about this woman’s death who the hell wants her reintegrated into society?
    I sure don’t.
    Say, Nan, if you’re reading this, no one wants you, get it? Go cling to Clare or Sara. Decent people don’t want a woman who would groom her daughters and then pimp them out to the same guy good old mom has sex with.
    What were you thinking when Keith screwed you, hmm? Like is this how he does Lauren and Michelle?
    I sure hope your perversity was worth it in the end.
    Do you really think we want a sexual deviant like yourself near our families? Our children?
    A prostitute has more morals than you.

    And, Barb, think very hard about whether you want to align yourself further with NXIVM. It may finally kill any career you have now should you persist in your delusion.

  • Toni Nutalie. Allison B minus Mack and her wife Nicki “Nicki the Comedian” Cline. Kristen “Click Bait” Kreuk. The homely homeschooled heiresses, the Bronfman sisters. Barbara Bouchey. The hapless sixty something aspiring prima ballerina. Pam the Cadaver Cafritz, wealthy enough to be cared for in any hospital in the world but relied on NXIVM’s dubious tech to save her life. Sarah Edmondson, who made the Brand seen round the world her brand.

    Ah the wonderful women of NXIVM, and the Frank Report commenters and readers who love them. Really really love them. I’ve probably been too long at the fair myself, because in a quiet moment, I found myself wondering who I would rather grudge fuck: Michelle Salzman, Toni Nutalie, or one of the Bronfman beasts.

    Hey I have an idea for a new Frank Report article: “The Real Men of NVIVM”.
    This would be a rather short article….

    Here’s hoping the Vanguard has a good weekend in the MDC. It will be a bit chilly this weekend, hopefully the flaccid strabismatic shamannabe finds someone to snuggle with.

  • Stop picking on Toni. She’s the biggest victim of Nxivm. She suffered more than even Barbara Bouchey who suffered a lot. Toni is patient zero abs saved all the others who got out of nxivm.

  • Wow, what a fascinating read – great article, Frank, and a huge thank you to the Snyders for sharing the details of such a painful memory with all of us.

    A while back I believed the negative attention given to Natalie was unwarranted and/or excessive – man, was I wrong; now I can’t wait for the follow-up…

  • Beautifully told, Frank, and there’s so much more this loving, little family deserves — though no one, nothing can begin to compensate their, our, enormous loss in Kristin.

    I only know Kristin from her in pictures and through the fondest and saddest memories Jonnie and Kim shared with us —

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more vital spirit than Kristin seemed to be. She lives on strong in the remembrances of her loved ones — whose faculties are, indeed, well intact despite Toni’s lies to investigators — which may have forestalled them in ever undertaking a true investigation even at this most recent opportunity — if not imperative — to pursue one. For shame!

    Permit me to point out that Gina Hutchinson passed away on OCTOBER 11, 2002 — just weeks before Kristin Snyder began her first NXIVM intensive and may have been raped by Raniere.

    It’s clear from the evidence that Gina took a formal NXIVM intensive in August 2002.

    Undoubtedly, it was on the same subjects Kris was being indoctrinated in — Good or Bad? — the Rational Inquiry course, formulated by Keith Raniere and peddled by, chiefly, Nancy Salzman those days — is titled.

    It’s an “inductive” method — Keith calls “Socratic” — HA! — that queries indictees over when rape, suicide, murder and other sinful measures may be appropos.

    There is no way in heaven or hell Keith Raniere and his accomplices could ever claim that after Gina’s death — which, oh yes, Raniere AND Lauren Salzman ET. AL DID well know of at about — if not precisely — the time it happened…

    Not 3 weeks before Kristin Snyder — a girl who bore many of the same attributes — and we discover more each day — as did Gina.

    They are kindred spirits, destroyed by the same evil in psyche but who will live forever in our hearts and minds and herstory.

  • Given a choice between whether Toni is lying or Frank Perlato or the Snyders are lying, I go with Toni is telling the truth. Because she put it in her book which is published by Grand Central, a big publisher. No doubt Toni tells the truth besides Toni did not say Kristin really thought she blew up the Columbia. She thought she did. This proves she committed suicide which Toni proves. Keith was not involved. The crazed woman thought she blew up the Columbia with her mind or brain waves or something bad she did. So how do you blame it on Keith? Toni was trying to prove the suicide and she knew Perlato might try to distort the story and make it murder when it’s not. Thank you, my queen.
    #stopPerlato. #ToniIsHot. #ToniIsRight #TonyIsMyQueen
    Any attempt to contradict this might result in a libel lawsuit. I am a practicing lawyer in Norfork, Binghamton and Sioux City. And I note that other lawyers have come to Our Queen’s defense.

  • There is another person who you did not call out. Her name is Kristin Keefe. She is not innocent in this and knows a lot more than she is telling.

  • Workshops that put individuals under psychological pressure, like NXIVM’s “intensives,” can cause them to have adverse reactions up to and including full-blown psychotic episodes, and suicide. That can be particularly so when invasive procedures like NXIVM’s “EMs” are involved. For example, such mental breakdowns and violent outcomes have been a consistent and notorious problem in Scientology “auditing” and processing, most infamously in the Lisa McPherson case.

    Snyder’s asking her mother about a Halloween long ago is indicative of just such psychological processes, in which individuals are lead to delve into their pasts, often in search of catharsis – experiences of relief and unburdening, often emotionally intense. That would be particularly characteristic of “EM” sessions, and it seems likely that Snyder would have undergone one or more of those while she was in Albany, which could have helped set the stage for a later breakdown. It’s now known that while such processes can produce a sense of euphoria and relation, they can push some people over the edge, and also turn out not to have significant if any long-term benefits or positive outcomes in most cases, even though the experience can seem impressive and even life-changing at the time.

    The people I’d most like to hear from in detail, are those who were with Snyder at the time, her partner and their mother. While her deterioration may have been a surprise to them if they didn’t have any background in psychology to understand such phenomenon, unless there was direct meddling by NXIVM staff prior to her disappearance, it’s unlikely that NIXMV had anything to do with her actions.

    Barring some sort of direct intervention prior to Snyder’s disappearance, any theory of NXIVM’s involvement would seem to presume something implausible like their having implanting suggestions or hypnotic commands to commit suicide, to be carried out later. Not only is it highly questionable whether things like that are even possible, but there’s certainly no indication that NXIVM had that level of sophistication in manipulating or controlling people, though of course they did influence and coerce people who were living in the group environment for extended periods, and may even have contributed to some deaths that way.

    Also, it would definitely help us to understand if we knew more about exactly what Snyder did in Albany, or what happened to her there. That would tell us whether there was any basis in reality for her possibly being pregnant by Raniere, and whether she was subject to more direct processes like EMs.

    Plus it would be interesting to know how many other people participating in intensives or sessions had mental breakdowns over the years – if it was a not uncommon occurrence, then Snyder’s case is less exceptional, except that it tragically lead to her death. If NXIVM is like Scientology, there is probably a lot that was swept under the rug and covered up over the years.

    • Sorry, but your comment doesn’t really make sense to me. Are you insinuating that uncovering childhood memories (that were possibly traumatic) could have caused her to commit suicide?
      Somehow, I doubt that suicide would be the first response for most people.

      ….And I see that my earlier questions are still being withheld.

      • Yes, amateurish delving into memories, particularly traumatic ones, and especially without proper monitoring and psychological supports in place, can in fact to lead to psychological deterioration, psychotic episodes or even suicide in some cases.

        Unprofessional meddling also risks even implanting false memories – that’s what happened with the infamous allegations of Satanic ritual child abuse in preschools, but it can happen in adults as well when they are questioned in directive ways while in suggestible or hypnotic settings.

        There are such dangers in Scientology and also in NXIVM’s related and derivative processes. See, for instance:


        “whether attracted by the therapeutic claims of certain ‘trainers’ or required to participate by their organization
        superiors, as functions of their jobs, or swept up by the proselytizing zeal of encounter-cult members, a number of individuals with tenuous psychological equilibrium enter, unscreened, into a sensitivity group experience. There are now increasingly frequent reports of serious psychotic decompensations during the ‘training’ episode, and also sometimes after it. For three years a 44-year-old corporation executive who had been functioning well became acutely paranoid and made a
        suicide attempt following a T-Group experience. ”

        • I still think a suicide would be a very rare response for a person who uncovers repressed traumatic memories.
          The false memory cases you mentioned involved very young children, who are more susceptible to suggestion than adults.

          However, I did watch a documentary about memory, which included a story about a researcher who tried to implant false memories in people (volunteers).

          She was successful (only in a fairly small number of cases ) but she also asked the subject’s familes to help her to “gaslight” the subject into believing the false memory. So, it seems that implanting a false memory is not that easy to do.
          I think if Kirstin Snyder did commit suicide, it can’t be attributed to the nxivm course material, unless she suffered from a pre-existing mental illness, which then may have triggered suicidal thoughts..

          • Flowers, it may be a relatively rare response, but if it’s true that about 20,000 people did NXIVM courses over the decades, even something that only occurred in every 100 or 1,000 cases, would then have happened dozens to hundreds of times. Snyder may have been one of those rare cases, even though there’s something about that which may initially seem counter-intuitive to us – but remember, it’s largely only the sensational exceptions that are brought to our attention.

            I mentioned the spurious satanic ritual abuse cases as a well-known example of false memory syndrome, but past life regression – particularly in Scientology, where they end up with lots of people supposedly remembering having been the same historic figures like Napoleon and Cleopatra, as well as participants in off-planet societies that fit with the group’s ideology – is one that applies more to adults. And from what I’ve seen of the research, it is actually surprisingly (if not disturbingly) easy to implant false memories:

            “Studies have shown that it’s easy to make people falsely recall small details about events, but as the fake memories grow in complexity and specificity, implantation grows progressively harder, though not impossible. After three interviews, researchers at Western Washington University succeeded in getting subjects to recall details about accidentally spilling a bowl of punch on the parents of the bride at a wedding reception. ”


            And while it seems most likely that someone would only have a breakdown if they are already prone to it, I don’t think the possibility can be ruled out that in some cases, otherwise stable people might still suffer significant if not severe negative effects. Science is starting to show that certain people are simply less resilient, and more prone to things like PTSD.

            It seems likely to me that Snyder’s mental deterioration had some connection to what she was doing in NXIVM, but even if it was entirely coincidental – and, again, given a large enough sample of people, some coincidences will indeed show up – NXIVM staff were certainly at least negligent in deliberately directing her and those around her away from proper mental health care that might well have saved her life, because they knew it could reflect negatively on their practices.

      • Flowers, given the bullshit stories you spin about yourself and your ongoing battle against a posse of people harassing you for years on end, it’s incredible you can’t accept this theory. You seem more susceptible than most to the power of suggestion as long as it corroborates your own whacko theories.

        • Dahlia, your comment is nonsensical. First of all, how would you know if “the posse of people” , as you call it, are really harassing me or not? Are you claiming to be a physic?

          And secondly, if I was so susceptible to believing bullshit, then why am I usually the only one here who questions the bullshit?…..but you go right ahead and fall for all those plausible theories such as QAnon and Ben Szemkus imaginary parties. Lol.

          Anonymaker, I think the evidence found in Snyder’s disappearance does strongly suggest suicide, but I don’t think a person who had no previous mental health problems would suddenly become suicidal due to taking a course. She may have had some type of undiagnosed condition.

          But, if she had been talking about suicide in the days leading up to her disappearance, and then began acting disruptively in class, I can’t understand why she was driven home that day, instead of straight to a hospital.

    • So are you a cult expert or do you just copy and paste shit out of a book?

      You make a lot of generalizations about what you think happened in this situation but you don’t have all the facts.

      Good try, maybe leave this for the police to figure out. This was a murder not a suicide.

      • Yes, I have fairly extensive knowledge of large group awareness trainings (LGATs), high control groups (HCGs) and cults, and the related literature and research. Nothing is copied and pasted.

        My point is that in a case like this, case histories and research show that psychosis and suicide are very plausible possibilities, and in a certain sad way necessarily even all that surprising.

        Do you believe you have some special knowledge of the case?

        The police ruled Snyder’s death a suicide based on some fairly compelling facts – though NXIVM and its staff may well be guilty of contributory negligence:

        “The formerly productive environmental consultant seemed delusional, had stopped sleeping and was threatening suicide, said her domestic partner, Heidi Clifford.
        Alaska State Police investigators believe that Snyder drove the couple’s Toyota Tacoma to a campground along Resurrection Bay in Seward. Before dawn on Feb. 7, they theorize, she paddled a creaky 16-foot kayak into the bay and intentionally capsized in the glacier-fed water.

        Her last words were scribbled in a spiral notebook found in her truck.

        “I attended a course called Executive Success Programs (a.k.a. Nexivm) based out of Anchorage, AK, and Albany, NY,” she wrote. “I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off. I still have feeling in my external skin, but my internal organs are rotting. Please contact my parents … if you find me or this note. I am sorry life, I didn’t know I was already dead. May we persist into the future.”

        On a second page she wrote “No need to search for my body.”

        An extensive search turned up no trace of Snyder or the kayak. She is listed as missing and presumed dead, and authorities doubt her body will ever be recovered.

        “Everything points to the fact that she took a kayak into the bay to kill herself and she rolled over and now she’s gone,” said Alaska State Trooper Paul Randall, who supervised the search.

        Randall said the investigation of Snyder’s disappearance confirmed the assessment of her partner and family: She had no history of psychiatric or emotional problems before becoming involved with NXIVM.

        “She was a respected and successful business person in Anchorage,” said Randall, who personally knows some of Snyder’s friends. “We heard she had been taking courses and that she changed.”

        Alaska State Police Sgt. Brandon Anderson said that other notes written by Snyder during the week of her disappearance indicate a “sort of a mental breakdown” after becoming associated with ESP.”

        • Scott,
          There was a suicide note and a bunch of NXIVM members telling a story about a student falling apart in a class. The police didn’t do any testing of the truck or Snyder’s belonging, her house to check for blood, fingerprints – nothing.

          She was dropped off at her house about 8 miles from the hotel where her truck was. It was February in Alaska – how did she get back to the hotel to pick up her truck where there was no other car at home and no one – no one knows how she got there?

          Out of all the missing persons in that body of water, Kristin Snyder is the only body that has never been recovered – ever. Even a body that was anchored down came to the surface. Kayaks float, paddles float – where did they go when there is no direct current to take them to the ocean or another body of water?

          Three days of searching went on by the Coast guard, search and rescue and backcountry ski patrol. Neither Kristin’s body or any of her belongings was found.

          We know Raniere loves to rape women
          We know Raniere loves to convert lesbians
          We know he demands women he impregnates get rid of their babies

          Kristin said she raped her
          Kristin said she was pregnant
          Kristin was a know lesbian
          Kristin had been in Albany just before starting her intensive

          All these facts point to the possibility that she asked for help and she was asked to shut up and get rid of the baby and if she refused she would be dealt with in the Raniere fashion.

          Raniere has said on tape, “I’ve had people killed”

          It doesn’t prove she was killed but there is no proof she committed suicide either.

          • There was a suicide note and a bunch of NXIVM members telling a story about a student falling apart in a class. — What is your point?

            The police didn’t do any testing of the truck or Snyder’s belonging, her house to check for blood, fingerprints – nothing. — How do you know what the police did or didn’t do?

            She was dropped off at her house about 8 miles from the hotel where her truck was. — How do you know this?

            It was February in Alaska – how did she get back to the hotel to pick up her truck where there was no other car at home and no one – no one knows how she got there? — How do you know she didn’t jump out of the vehicle?

            Out of all the missing persons in that body of water, Kristin Snyder is the only body that has never been recovered – ever. — How do you know this?

            Even a body that was anchored down came to the surface. — This happens all the time.

            Kayaks float, paddles float – where did they go when there is no direct current to take them to the ocean or another body of water? — How do you know how far she went in the kayak?

            Three days of searching went on by the Coast guard, search and rescue and backcountry ski patrol. — If there was no direct current to the open water, why didn’t they find her?

            Neither Kristin’s body or any of her belongings was found. — This is a known fact.

            We know Raniere loves to rape women — True.
            We know Raniere loves to convert lesbians — True.
            We know he demands women he impregnates get rid of their babies — True.

            Kristin said she raped her — Where is the evidence she said this? Remember, NXIVM is filled with liars.

            Kristin said she was pregnant — Where is the evidence she said this AND it was true? Remember, NXIVM is filled with liars.

            Kristin was a know lesbian — True.

            Kristin had been in Albany just before starting her intensive — True.

            All these facts point to the possibility that she asked for help and she was asked to shut up and get rid of the baby and if she refused she would be dealt with in the Raniere fashion. — There are LOTS of possibilities, that doesn’t mean this one is true.

            Raniere has said on tape, “I’ve had people killed” — That line is taken out of context, plus the remainder of the quote is “for my beliefs.” Just before that he was talking about having bodyguards to protect himself, and whether those bodyguards should be armed, because he was trying to start a peace movement in Mexico among the drug cartels, which we recently relearned are not nice people.

            It doesn’t prove she was killed but there is no proof she committed suicide either. — Do you honestly expect to find proof she was killed almost two decades after she died?

          • Scott, in a follow-up, is asking all the right questions – about everything, since you offer no evidence or references for your various assertions.

            Elsewhere, you also claimed that the body of water involved doesn’t even connect directly to the ocean – which is completely false, Resurrection Bay is like the Chesapeake Bay or San Francisco Bay, fed by rivers and with wide and deep connections to the ocean. And in my response to that comment, I provide a reference to a site listing about a dozen drowning deaths in Seward, in which none of the bodies were recovered.

            Here’s what the Alaska DRN says about conditions, including currents:

            “Winds naturally produce waves, and the size and shape of waves are
            determined by wind speed or intensity, by the direction and speed of tidal
            currents, and by “fetch,” the distance the waves can travel unimpeded by
            islands or other obstructions. A sharp 4-ft. chop is plenty to swamp or capsize
            a kayak or open skiff if proper care is not applied. Much bigger seas develop
            when winds are stronger and when the tide opposes the wind. In general,
            flood (incoming) tides flow up the bay and ebbs flow down, toward the south,
            although local variations may occur. Tidal currents in most of the bay are not
            swift, although kayaks and small sailboats may have difficulty overcoming their


    • AnoyMaker,

      I follow your line of thought and agree with you. The auditing or Em session seem to really impact some people and I agree those that have experienced real physiological past trauma are more susceptible.

      Repressed memories are an evolutionary adaptation to deal with the incredible violent past are earlier ancestors dealt with on a daily basis. I believe trying to bring back repressed memories is an incredible bad idea.

      When groups like nxivm bring back some memories and exploit them it can have major ramifications.

      I believe that uncovering repressed traumatic memories from childhood can lead to psychotic breaks or even suicide.

      Earlier psychiatrists, even up to the 1990, would try to get people to talk about traumatic events. Now there is more of a push to get people to move on and not dwell on horrible experiences.

      Repressed memories evolved for a reason. The evolutionary add Tatian helps people survive and move on through hell.

      • That’s incorrect, “Niceguy”
        People can’t heal from repressed memories, if they keep them repressed.
        Usually repressed memories will reveal themselves spontaneously when some event occurs to trigger the memory. This happened to me, (my recovered memory was not of childhood abuse though)…but I can understand how it could be an overwhelming experience. However, is it overwhelming enough to trigger a suicide?

        No matter why she became suicidal, were the NXIVM coaches acting irresponsibly when they decided to drive her home and leave her alone?

        • Flowers,

          “People can’t heal from repressed memories, if they keep them repressed.”

          I will concede that sexual abuse or physical abuse from adolescence needs to be unsurpressed and addressed.

          Flowers….Who said people need to heel from all suppressed memories?
          Suppressed memories exist for a reason. Evolution, not God, developed suppressed memories. Suppressed memories allow people to move forward with their lives.

          Have you ever seen a grown man die in torment, his face twisted and eyes bulging out from pain?

          Flowers let me explain to you that talk therapy is good up until a point then it’s better to move on. Talking keeps the wounds open and the wounds will never heal.

          Talking or talk therapy can exasperate and can magnify psychological trauma and damage.

          Flowers if you have been in therapy with a psychologist or therapist for more than 2 years, you are wasting your time.

          Talk therapy with therapist and psychologist is completely different than with a psychiatrist.

          Psychiatrists or psychopharmacologist are different story because people with manic depression, bipolar issues, and schizophrenia, etc. need medication. People with chemical imbalances in the brain need medications to balance things out.

          The old psychiatry school of thought was that talking about things ad-nauseam would help.

          Now many psychiatrists as well as military psychiatrists and psychiatrists who help former hostages or military personnel deal with PTSD; Have come to the conclusion that talk therapy can be damaging, and bring all the psychological trauma back.

          The psychologic wounds can become much worse. During the Vietnam war era and the first Gulf Wat it was believed that talk therapy was largely beneficial. Things have changed.

          I have personally experienced repressed memories, and as crazy as it seems, even “re-repressed” memories, only to have them come back and re-repressed them yet again. My wife will tell me I have spoken about something before, then it comes back, and I remember speaking about it then I re-press it, over and over. Men with any real conscience have a hard time living with having committed extreme acts of violence or have watched extremes acts of violence even in total self-defense situations.

          Personal Advice:

          I can tell you have been in therapy. Trust me, on this one thing please, if you’ve been in touch therapy for a number of years and the same issue and you do not have chemical brain and balances you need to move on with your life.

          You can not change the past. You can not take back your actions or the actions of others. Second guessing yourself and how you could have handled situations differently is counter productive.

          You cannot raise the dead, anymore then you can erase the past. We just have to learn to live with the way things are, move on, or wallow in misery for life.

          Getting back to the original point…..

          …some people in cult situations cannot handle the pain of talking about psychological trauma, especially in the guise of self-help with unlicensed Nexium members or other cultists. The cultus one exasperate the situation to make the individual more dependent on them.

          • Niceguy
            I think you’re mixing up suppressed memories that have been spontaneously recalled, and amnesia – which would be total memory loss of a traumatic event that you are aware has occurred.

            I agree that in the case of amnesia there is no point in trying to recall the missing memories (and a person probably won’t be able remember them, anyways).

            Kirstin claimed to have suppressed memories that she spontaneously recalled during these classes, but since she also made delusional claims about the space shuttle, its possible she actually suffered from some type of mental illness or other health problem.

            If someone really does have a spontaneous recall of suppressed memories, there is a reason why the memories come back at that particular time in their life. It has nothing to do with dwelling on past issues…. you are confused about what it means.

          • Niceguy, your observations about different types of psychological therapy is spot on and I would just like to add that no amount of therapy will help anyone who comes with a preconceived idea of the outcome or if they are unwilling to share the whole, unvarnished truth of circumstances surrounding a situation. Therapy is worthless if someone is just shopping around for someone who will prop up or validate their own notions of what could be occurring and discounts the opinion offered by a professional. Leaving therapy and declaring it worthless because the therapist did not tell you what you wanted to hear is counterproductive.

          • Flowers, are you telling Niceguy he’s wrong about his own life experience? It shouldn’t come as a surprise since you seemingly believe you are the only one whose opinion is of any value. I would never argue that you have the market cornered on delusion.

          • No, I didn’t tell Niceguy he was wrong about his own personal experience. Where do I say that he’s wrong about that? Reread the comments.

            I said he’s incorrect in his notions about what suppressed/repressed memories actually are.

            If a memory is repressed, then the person who has repressed the memories (traumatic events), is unaware that the events had even occurred in their past until they suddenly remember the events.

            This sudden remembering has nothing at all to do with an unhealthy fixation on the past. How could someone be fixated on an event while they are unaware of it?

            I believe that when the memories are suppressed by the subconscious at the time the events happened, it means the person didn’t have the ability to process them. When these memories are suddenly recalled years later, that means the subconscious “knows” that person now has the abilty to process the events and to therefore heal from the trauma.

          • Flowers,
            I jumped down a rabbit hole with you and now I need to leave. I am sorry you feel differently. I think we can both agree to disagree. 😉
            I wish you well!


            Thank you for the kind words.

            I agree with you on your perspective regarding therapy.

            The best question to ask someone who has been seeing a therapist for a prolonged amount of time is; “When is the last time your therapist told you something you did not want to hear?”

            It’s a shame that people will leave a good therapist for one that merely is willing to soft-soap them.

          • There is no “rabbit hole” here. It’s not even a matter of differing opinions….you happen to be referring to 2 different types of memory loss, but, for some reason, you claim they are the same thing. At this point I suspect you are being deliberately obtuse….

            The real question here is if Kristin was murdered or if she committed suicide.

            From the information available in the 2004 article that Anonymaker found, it’s clear that Kristin was exhibiting delusional behaviour in the days leading up to the suicide. We have no way to know what caused her sudden behaviour change (we can only theorize it was caused by the nxivm course material)….but it could also have been caused by other factors.

            However, there was never any indication in these earlier investigations that suggested Kristin believed she was pregnant, and that that belief led to her suicide. The pregnancy rumour seems to have been added to the story at a later date.

            The pregnancy rumour is now being used as an reason for Kristen to have been murdered, but we have no credible information that she even told anyone that she was pregnant.

          • Niceguy:

            These words you wrote

            The best question to ask someone who has been seeing a therapist for a prolonged amount of time is; “When is the last time your therapist told you something you did not want to hear?”

            It’s a shame that people will leave a good therapist for one that merely is willing to soft-soap them.

            That is so insightful and just nails the truth. Thank you for that and I consider it a great shame that those who need help the most are sometimes those not willing to really listen and absorb the words of those trying to offer assistance.

          • Flowers,

            A few things:

            1. Regarding, “There is no “rabbit hole” here. It’s not even a matter of differing opinions….” – Flowers, I have to disagree. The entire mental health field of therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and yes even biologists; Debate the issue and nature of repressed memories all of the time and have done so for decades. The definitions change.

            2. Regarding the “real question and conversation”. I clearly addressed AnoyMaker, not you. You jumped into my comment to another person. Flowers, you are more than welcome to always jump into any conversation. I believe you are suffering from rational deterrence.

            If you want to answer the “real question” feel free to do so. Comment boards exist for a reason. People speak freely. I do believe Frank has not given you moderator powers. 😉

            3. Regarding your comment, “At this point, I suspect you are being deliberately obtuse….” Why would I be deliberately obtuse? Are you accusing me of lying to you or gaslighting you? What is my motivation to be obtuse?

            Flowers you have a hot tub I believe? Take a nice bath and a deep breath and exhale then relax.

            We have had a few disagreements of opinion that you have conflated into a massive impasse of thought. I must admit you are being somewhat passive aggressive and condescending. I do not wish to bicker with you over silly things any further.
            Have a great weekend!
            I wish you well!

          • Considering I was the one who started the conversation about memories with Anonymaker, you’re comment regarding me makes no sense at all, Niceguy.

            But I have a feeling you already are aware of those facts.

            Enjoy your favourite “criminal” wine this weekend, Niceguy…..and don’t bother to whine about how I’m butting into conversations that I initiated myself.

          • Flowers, my original point in my last post is that you are arguing with me about something that is subjective in nature on all counts.

            Now your following comment is a example of you being hostile to me,
            “Considering I was the one who started the conversation about memories with Anonymaker, you’re comment regarding me makes no sense at all, Niceguy.” I was attempting to explain to you that I was not directly challenging you.

            What are you talking about “But I have a feeling you already are aware of those facts.”? Please explain?

            What are you talking about in the following quote?
            “Enjoy your favourite “criminal” wine this weekend, Niceguy…..and don’t bother to whine about how I’m butting into conversations that I initiated myself.””

            Flowers, I apologize that you do not understand my sincerity. I wish you well!

          • Niceguy
            These are your words:
            (I clearly addressed AnoyMaker, not you. You jumped into my comment to another person. Flowers, you are more than welcome to always jump into any conversation. I believe you are suffering from rational deterrence).

            But the truth is that YOU entered into the ongoing conversation, correct? My other remark means I believe you are perfectly aware that you did that, and now you are once again being deliberately obtuse. Or, considering the nature this conversation, maybe you just can’t recall the earlier comments. Perhaps it’s not deliberate!🤣

            My other comment is pretty simple to understand, I think-
            Just telling you that I hope you enjoy your favourite wine or other beverage this weekend.🍷🍸🍹🍻🥂

          • Flowers,

            I took time out of my day to correspond with you and you gave me your usual patronizing, condescending, and passive aggressive responses on two separate threads.

            My mistake was attempting to be sincere with you. Now in your final comment you insult me a number times and even take a low blow. I expect such behavior from Scott Johnson or Bangkok.
            Thank you!

            Flowers here is your last response:

            November 16, 2019 at 8:40 pm
            These are your words:
            (I clearly addressed AnoyMaker, not you. You jumped into my comment to another person. Flowers, you are more than welcome to always jump into any conversation.

            But the truth is that YOU entered into the ongoing conversation, correct? My other remark means I believe you are perfectly aware that you did that, and now you are once again being deliberately obtuse. Or, considering the nature this conversation, maybe you just can’t recall the earlier comments. Perhaps it’s not deliberate!🤣

            My other comment is pretty simple to understand, I think-
            Just telling you that I hope you enjoy your favourite wine or other beverage this weekend.🍷🍸🍹🍻🥂”.
            FYI Flowers:
            I am actually drinking seltzer, coffee, and glass bottled water on most weekends. I only drink alcohol in the summer on weekends occasionally or holidays.

            Flowers you managed to pack plenty insults/shots or condescending sarcastic remarks kudos!

            Thank you for reminding me that on occasion women can act like men. It seems to come easy to you.

          • Flowers,

            Your last comment on this thread to me is an example of you lashing out at the first instance you believe you have been slighted, or you feel superior to some who is being emotionally open. Your behavior is synonymous with someone who has a narcissistic type personality disorder like Scott Johnson.

            You lack empathy for others and only care about your own self-perceived status within a social group.

          • Niceguy,

            It’s impossible to reason with someone who is unable to be reasonable but I admire your effort.
            Flowers sees no other opinion, other than her own, as being valid and she will fight to the death to defend it no matter how “illogical” (to use one of her favorite words) it may be.

            Does anyone know if postings on websites can be used as evidence at incompetency hearings? 🌺

          • Niceguy, from what I know about you, your behaviour strongly suggests yoy may suffer from NPD… and writing under various handles to support yourself is so transparent that its laughable.
            You can write whatever BS you like, under whatever name you choose…..your assumptions about me don’t affect me, but they do demonstrate another NPD trait that you exhibit.

          • Flowers,

            Once again……I am now leaving Alice’s rabbit hole……

            Tell the Mad Hatter I said hi.

            I am sure the two of you have much in common. 😉

      • You’re right Niceguy. The brain is a wondrous organ and some people do depress traumatic memories so they can get on with their lives. It is exceedingly dangerous for people without professional expertise to bring them to the fore. And, indeed, some are better left untouched.

    • AnonyMaker, I had the same thoughts regarding the phone call home and Kristin asking about her childhood Halloween costume. It would be invaluable information to find out more from others who were at that Intensive. From what Mr Parlato has written and listening to Ms Edmondson’s interviews on the podcast, it seems there was a lot of amateurish meddling done at these sessions with the only benefit being for people to sign up for yet another expensive session and no regard being paid to the client’s mental health.

  • Is there a valid reason why you never posted my last comment? However, stupid joke comments seem to make the cut…

  • An innocent person would welcome, or at least not try to interfere with, any meeting trying to investigate the truth about someone’s tragic passing.
    Doesn’t Toni Natalie understand that trying to prevent this meeting with the Snyder family throws the harsh light of suspicion on her?
    Or is Toni trying to conceal something quite sinister?

    And for the record, the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia was fully investigated by NASA and was conclusively proven to be caused by the shedding of critical heat shield tiles.
    Something Kristin Snyder had nothing to do with.

    • Cut Toni a break. She’s just fulfilling God’s plan.

      Good info at the end, shadow. I hadn’t read the official report, but I’m glad Kristin wasn’t really the cause of the Columbia disaster.

    • To me the point of the shuttle reference would be to demonstrate that she had fallen so far down the rabbit hole of “magical thinking” common in high control groups or cults, that she was completely losing touch with reality and imagining impossible things (referring to Lewis Carroll).

      And are you telling us you believe the “official narrative” (deep state) about the Challenger disaster?! 🙂


      ‘WE BROUGHT IT DOWN’ Muslim sect leader claims his group blew up 1986 Challenger shuttle and killed seven astronauts in bizarre conspiracy

      Like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland, you too can imagine as many as six impossible things – or conspiracy theories – before breakfast!

      p.s. I’m not going to dishonor the memory of Kristen Snyder, or downplay NXIVM’s indirect or direct involvement, by spinning conspiracy theories about her, but I do want to note that by the standards of such spurious conjecture, it would be possible to concoct a relatively plausible narrative that her disappearance or death “really” had to do with something else – and even that the NXIVM angle is itself just a cover-up for the “truth”.

        • Oops – but we’re talking about conspiracy theories, so accuracy doesn’t matter – quit trying to muddy the waters to protect the deep state! 🙂

          There are of course conspiracy theories for Columbia, too:

          Columbia Shuttle Disaster Conspiracy Theor[ies]

          Anti-Semitic Shuttle Conspiracy Theories Swamp the Internet
          ‘NEW YORK – Anti-Semitic elements have been using the Internet to spread rumors that the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster was caused by “a secret Jewish-Israeli conspiracy.”‘

          • AnoyMaker,

            The Israeli astronaut was sent on a suicide mission. Shadowstate is trying to communicate with you in a special code. The code of read between the lines……

            ” FYI an Israeli astronaut was killed on board the Space Shuttle Columbia.”-Shadowstate

            AnnoyMaker just remove “was” from the sentence! Next replace “on” with “the crew” . Then add to the word “board”; By bringing back “on” and attach it to the front of “board” via hyphen.

            The new uncoded sentence reads…

            ….”An Israeli astronaut killed the crew on-board the Space Shuttle Columbia.”

            Shadowstate risked a lot to share this special message.

            Now all three of are lives are in danger…The Deepstate will stop at nothing to silence us. Can Shadowstate and I move in with you temporarily? Do you have cable tv with the “everything package” plus 2-channel DVR for scheduling conflicts? Thanks!

      • Only Toni Natalie is saying this conversation happened you butthead.

        Natalie wasn’t even around when Kristin Snyder disappeared. She was busy fucking her new boy toy 10 year younger husband in the Florida Keys.

        How did she become an expert in what happened with the Snyder family?

        Your world salad bullshit about what happens in cults, cookie cutter crap means shit and proves nothing regarding Kristin and her moms conversation.

        How about you get off that high horse and get your fact in order before you psycho-anal-ilze this situation.

        • No, it’s also in the 2004 Times Union article on the Cult Education Institute website:

          “When she last spoke to her parents, Kristin Snyder told them that she was responsible for the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia, her mother said.”

          You might want to actually check the facts before you word-dump here.

          There is however then a significant discrepancy between what was being reported earlier and what Frank is reporting now, that is troubling.

          • This just underscores the type of “research” that Toni Nata-LIE and Chet Hard-ON did for their book. What wasn’t a fanciful story made up by Toni was something they cribbed – without attribution – from another source.

            Did they talk to Jonnie Snyder like Frank did? NO! They just relied on what someone else had reported about Kristin’s phone call and presented is as fact.

            What a combination…A “single mother” who, in reality, had abandoned her only child to run away with her new lover – and an “award-winning investigative journalist” who thinks that everything he finds on the internet is true.

          • Anonymaker

            Yes, I noticed some discrepancy as well.

            I thought I remembered reading that comment about Kirstin telling her parents that she was responsible for the shuttle disaster, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen it. I reread a few old Frank Report articles, but I didn’t find that particular comment.

            So, it appears Natalie wasn’t lying about everything- she must have seen that shuttle comment as well, and then included it in her book.

          • Yeah – as I noted in another response, not every story in Toni’s book is a lie. Some of those stories are things that she copied from somewhere else without acknowledging the original author – and that she never checked out to see if they were true. So, she’s more than a liar. She’s also a plagiarizer and a lousy researcher.

          • AnoyMaker,

            Regarding the conspiracies debunked by Mark Furman.

            You can totally trust Furman! He helped OJ by finding OJ’s glove magically! And Furman used that same magic to help prosecute a Kennedy relative by magically finding a golf club that the Kennedy relative used as a murder weapon…

            Can you believe the Kennedy cousin murdered a girl who would not have sex with him and would only have sex with his older brother? Totally crazy, but sadly true. What happened to Mary Sue?

            It’s all water under the bridge….

      • There was no shuttle mention you A-hole. You doing a bunch of Word Salad Cult Expert Crap yourself AnonyMaker and helping to spread a rumor made up of never happened. What are you getting out of this – to make yourself sound important. The phone call never happened between Kristin and her parents.

        Nancy Salzman, that is another story. She said she was responsible for 9-11. If your going to blab on, at least do it about something that really happened. I was there when Nancy said that. Very cra cra that was.

        • See above where I reference what the 2004 Times Union article said about Snyder and her claim/delusion regarding the shuttle – her mother was reported as providing that account then, though apparently she says something different now. It’s a troubling discrepancy, but I think we can weigh the early account more heavily, unless you know of some authoritative source to settle the matter.

      • The faulty O rings caused the Challenger disaster and the faulty tiles caused the Columbia disaster.

        In each case, Jewish astronauts died.
        In the Challenger, a Jewish astronaut named Judith Resnick died and in the Columbia, an exchange astronaut from Israel died.
        In neither case was their cause for anti-Semitism or Conspiracy Theories. Nor should Kristin Snyder or anyone outside the aerospace industry taken any blame.
        The sad truth is that the Space Shuttle was poorly designed from an engineering standpoint.

        • All of which always brings me back to John Glenn’s famous quote (often attributed to other astronauts): “As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind– every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder.”

  • There’s a lot of pain still coming through from many aspects of Kristin Snyder’s entire Nxivm experience. This is an example of someone being horribly, horribly let down by a phony self-help group, doing to her the exact opposite of what was being claimed, sold. There was no one in the group who either wanted to help her or who was qualified to help her!

    The entire Nxivm stance has been to protect Raniere, their “industry” and themselves. This is what it really looks like, the destruction of a life, done to protect a cult and its leaders. And apparently, Nancy Salzman guided the group leaders via phone calls and told them how “to handle Kristin,” when Kristin was deemed to be trouble, an inconvenience, someone who was messing up their cute little manipulative setup, their curriculum.

    It appears that not a single person involved in so-called leadership roles within Nxivm had any desire whatsoever to do the right thing, to be humane, to listen to someone’s troubles, to help her at all or to respect Kristin. This makes me sick, imagining what she was made to endure.

    No one on the Nxivm staff gave a damn about an intensive attendee’s need to be heard or to be given genuine support or any resolution at all.

    They only wanted to suppress her, and when that didn’t work, I think that Kristin Snyder was thrown to the wolves, deliberately. Now, who were these wolves, exactly, and how many did WHAT to Kristin? Also, who was running how it all went, from behind the Cult Curtains? Who called the shots, about how to mishandle Kristin, to try to throw a blanket over everything that happened?

    Through this fanatical selfishness, craziness and dishonesty, all of us have lost Kristin, who is likely to have been burdened but allowed no relief or even any human concern or kindness whatsoever. These bastards just wanted her to shut up.

    Her family and loved ones have been left with a painful cross to bear, and then Kristin’s family were leeched upon by Toni Natalie, over Kristin’s disappearance. She deceived them, apparently without any conscience at all, to formulate her strange ideas, about how to benefit herself alone.

    Certainly, the movement’s Vanguard and their status was their sole motivation, to protect him, to believe Raniere and themselves to be the dispensers of the “truth” regardless of the cost. The cost was a young woman’s life.

    As for Natalie inserting herself into Kristin Snyder’s “story” at all, this is how Toni operates, according to many who have had trouble brought to their own doors by Toni Natalie. Her main desire seems to be self-aggrandizement, regardless of the damage she inflicts to push, push, push herself into the spotlight.

    Having read all that I could find, and feeling terrible about what I think were the reasons that Kristin was mistreated, I look forward to learning more of what has happened. The truth is being so hidden.

    There have been some things published about a small group of women “visiting” Kristin very, very soon after she was thrown out of the group intensive. Then one can see lies, lies, lies, put up like a huge and a cooperative, group effort to suppress any truthfulness about what happened, both during the intensive and afterward.

    There have been things said about Kristin’s tremendous upset, (possibly) to have been sexually pressured or forced by Raniere to have sex with him, as if he were God trying to change this young woman’s own experience of her sexuality into heterosexuality. How awful, how cruelly invasive. If she had become pregnant by him, she must have been suffering terribly. Yet no one wanted to hear it.

    This is far from the first time, in many years of studying a lot of cults, that I’ve heard very similar stories. But somehow this particular loss of Kristin seems to have a more awful motivation than what is usual.

    Usually, dumping someone from an intensive is done just to eliminate a ” troublemaker” from disrupting the other participants’ experience of the cockamamie “processes.” These intensives, from a wide array of various cultish movements, often throw out participants who become “disruptive” or who evince signs of breakdown. (I have seen this happen myself, as a participant in intensives out west, 27 years ago.)

    But this particular tragedy, whatever has been done to Kristin, has especially heartbreaking circumstances around it. There is probable and terrible manipulation, interference and sadistic behavior by Raniere towards Kristin, who was in a relationship of her own when Raniere decided to make her his sexual victim when she was not looking for this kind of “sexual treatment” from him, ever or at all. This must have been dreadful “self-help” and a complete shock to her. Then, if she became pregnant? Oh, God.

    And these intensives are staffed by amateur false therapists with rotten motives: to further their own ends, and in this case, to hide the truth about EVERYTHING to do with what happened to Kristin and then, to conceal what was really done to her by Raniere.

  • If Elaine Smiloff was the last known person to see Kristen, then the police must have interviewed Elaine during their investigation. Why did she not disclose to the police that Kristen had told her, on the drive to Kristen’s house, that she was pregnant with Raniere’s baby?

    I don’t recall reading before that Kristen had definitely told people during the class that she was pregnant. Earlier articles just claimed that the pregnancy was a rumour.

    I also can’t understand why her partner, Heidi, did not leave to drive Kristen home if she was acting so bizarrely during the class. If it had been me, I would have left to make sure my partner was okay. I think most people would have done so.

    And if her partner and her partner’s mother also were in attendance at this class, they would have heard Kristen’s remarks about being pregnant. Did they disclose this info to the police?

    If Kristen was positive she was pregnant, then she surely had a doctor’s confirmation. Did the police get access to her medical files?

  • People have been waiting years for this case to resurface. The same way we waited for the arrest of Raniere, Salzman and Bronfman.

    This is a cold case and not a simple suicide that the Alaska police got wrong.

    There will be justice for Kris, there will be justice for the Snyders and there will be justice for those of us who loved and cared for Kris.

    Toni Natalie, kiss our asses with your fake caring for Kris. You only care about yourself.

    Those involved in her disappearance and the cover-up, be prepared. Someone will be first to step forward. They’ll get the best deal, just like the NXIVM takedown.

    People are already not able to live with what they have done and are unraveling.

    You know who you are. You cannot hide forever and this is not going away. The truth is going to be revealed.

  • To Ed – Ed, you were always a stand-up guy with morals and ethics that were not fake (like Keith). Don’t let Keith rob you of that. Now is the time to give Frank a call. Help this family find closure and help yourself do the right thing.

  • WTF is wrong with Toni Natalie? Making up a story about Kristin – who is not here to defend herself – is bad enough. But then she has to trash Kristin’s mother and sister too? No wonder Toni didn’t want them to talk to you. People talking to one another is what has exposed her lies.

  • Regarding, Nutjobs “impending defense of Toni Natlie”, satirized….

    Nutjob defends Judas Iscariot:

    “What people don’t get, is Judas was not a bad guy. He was part of God’s plan. God wanted Judas to sellout Jesus Christ. Christ needed to die for mankind’s sins. Judas simply helped Jesus Christ out with achieving God’s plan.

    You all should know that the 30 pieces of silver Judas received for selling out Christ was not tax free. Judas did not get rich.”


  • It sounds like the answer to the question of “Can I go through with it?” was no, and she decided to commit suicide instead. The obvious questions then become, why didn’t she have an abortion, put the child up for adoption, or decide to raise the child?

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