Keith Raniere Admits He Is a Psychopath in Shocking 2007 Article in Spanish Magazine

Keith Raniere could get people to do the craziest things.

It is not often we get to read and review Keith Raniere’s published writings, especially those written in Spanish.

Readers are in for a treat, courtesy of my friend, Juan Alberto Vazquez, a long-time journalist for Mexican media and author of the upcoming book, Nxivm, La Secta Que Sedujo A Mexico. He has kindly translated the article below for us.

Juan Alberto Vazquez

Of course, Raniere himself did not speak or write in Spanish, but he had one of his students, Ivy Nevares, write the article in Spanish, based entirely on his concepts.

The article below appeared in Conocimiento Magazine in June 2007. In it, Raniere reveals a lot about himself in a gripping and truthful way – although, of course, he is not ostensibly referring to himself but speaking of himself in the third person – as a psychopath or Luciferian.

This is well worth studying for it is reported that psychopaths enjoy giving clues about their being psychopaths.

Here is a famed cult leader – an extremely successful one for more than 20 years – whose place in history may not yet be understood [I think he will rank above Charles Manson as the preeminent cult leader of the modern era]. He is writing about psychopaths – and, while doing so, describing himself – at about the midpoint of his cult career – 2007.

Yes, he knows the mind of the psychopath well – as you can see in his article. That is because he is one himself.

“Sympathy for the Devil”

By Keith Raniere

Start by imagining that you have very low self-esteem, similar to a spoiled child who “grows” and becomes an individual who feels entitled to things: You expect everything; you are not willing to give anything, and because of that, you feel great bitterness.

Nothing in life seems to come out as you want, you constantly feel you are a victim of others and of circumstances, and the only time when you feel good is when you are satiated through carnal vice [sex].

Ultimately, you know that that kind of satiating doesn’t do you any good, but you can’t imagine spending more than a few moments without it.

And the idea of engaging in activities that bring self-esteem (which of course requires effort, and because it requires effort, it can be painful), is not only ruled out: it is unpleasant!

So the more you sexually satisfy yourself, the worse you feel. The worse you feel, the more you feel you need to satiate [through sex]. With every decision you make supporting this ominous pattern, you unknowingly fortify it and, soon it grows inside you like a cancer.

Now imagine that you reach a point where nothing (not even satiating yourself) can ease your discomfort.

It is not about not seeing “the light at the end of the tunnel”. In this case, you don’t even know there is a tunnel: you are surrounded by darkness and endless desolation. You feel worse than ever in your life: depressed, upset, disgusted, unpleasant, and, more than anything,

You have already given up on yourself and the world; the only thing left is apathy. Having reached what you perceive is the lowest point of human existence, the last hope dies in you that you could ever feel good and alive again.

By losing all hope, you lose all fear. Consistent with those who are truly depressed, you also lose the fear of dying. Then suddenly, in your darkest moment, you see something wonderful.

After days of a kind of famine, you try the first drop of an exquisite nectar. In this unfortunate state, this single drop is the greatest delight you have ever tasted.

This drop, an initial act of pure destruction against humanity, marks its first divine glimpse of anti-conscience (MR).

As with Lucifer, the happiness and successes of others remind you of your own pain.  In calculated reactions, you attack, by purging such happiness and successes from people in your surroundings and in doing so you experience something beyond mere relief.

You discover that there is, beyond a mere drop, more than the nectar itself: You find an infinite amount of nectar – which is what you want – and the more you taste, the better you know everything.

In contrast to the past, it cannot be filled: you are not satiated; It is never enough.

What develops is the deepest addiction with the most intimate roots. The drug that runs through your veins inducing ecstasy – is power; particularly, the power to destroy the happiness of others – the destruction of that which is painful.

The basis of this power is to have gotten rid of your conscience, which gives you the ability to dominate all those who still have it.

You now respond to power as a cat responds to catnip. At first, the cat gives a few blows to the grass, and as the catnip takes effect the cat goes into a frenzy, and the greater the frenzy, the more it affects the grass.

Comparable to the first dose of heroin or crack, testing anti-conscience (MR) for the first time causes the deadliest change: It is to go beyond the point of no return. They say that the first dose of these drugs alters the human brain. This virginal alteration of the brain can never be repeated (otherwise it would not be “virginal”). Some believe that heroin addiction or crack addiction is a futile attempt to repeat this unrepeatable brain experience.

Once you have accepted the anti-conscience (MR) feeling – power consumes your life. With the destruction of your conscience, you lose all hope and when you lose hope, you lose all humanity. Without humanity, there is no guilt. You don’t care about others. You don’t care about lying, cheating, stealing or any other form of destruction. It is possible to be the greatest Machiavellian in the world.


Keith Alan Raniere around the time he wrote the above article.

So Keith truly reveals a lot about himself. Let us recap what he wrote in the article without the thinly veiled disguise that he is referring to someone other than himself.

He admits he was a spoiled child [Raniere was an only child] and grew up feeling entitled. As a young adult, he expected everything and was not willing to give anything in return. He began to feel bitterness and developed low self-esteem when he found that kind of lifestyle doesn’t work well.

Raniere began feeling nothing in life came out as he wanted, and believed he was a victim of others and of circumstances [instead of his own selfish behavior].

He admits the only time he felt good is when he was satiated through sex.  Intellectually, he knew sex addiction didn’t do him any good, but he was so addicted that it was on his mind constantly. He had to always arrange to have sex. He couldn’t even imagine spending more than a few moments without sex. This is why he always had to have a harem.

For Raniere, the idea of engaging in activities that provided self-esteem (which of course requires effort, and which effort can be painful), he ruled out because it was unpleasant.

It was a vicious circle. The more he satisfied himself with sex, the worse he felt. The worse he felt, the more he felt he needed to have more sex.  He reached a point where even sex couldn’t ease his discomfort.

At a point when he felt worse than ever: depressed, upset, disgusted, unpleasant, and apathetic, he gave up hope that he could ever feel good and alive again.  He lost all hope, and fear, even the fear of dying. Then suddenly, in his darkest moment, Raniere saw something wonderful. He compares it to nectar – the greatest delight he ever tasted: the desire to commit acts of pure destruction against humanity.

He was always resentful of the happiness and successes of others since it reminded him of his own pain. Now, he had the answer. He used his intelligence to attack others’ happiness and success – and, in doing so, he experienced something beyond mere relief.

He found that unlike sex, which can become exhausting, he could never be satiated with the joy of destroying others.

He admits he developed the deepest addiction. The drug that ran through his veins, inducing ecstasy, is power; particularly, the power to destroy the happiness of others.

The basis of his power, he knew was that he had gotten rid of his conscience. This was his secret as the Vanguard and the reason he created his cult – without a conscience, he had the ability to dominate all those who still had a conscience. [I think he also worked to destroy the conscience of his closest followers.]

He uses the analogy of the cat responding to catnip: as it takes effect, the cat goes into a frenzy, and the greater the frenzy, the more it hurts the grass. As Raniere enjoyed more power, he affected the grass [his followers] more and more deeply.

This was his delight. Feeding into power consumed his life.

With the destruction of his conscience, he lost all humanity. He had no guilt. While pretending he was the Vanguard leading an ethical mission – coaching others and trying to bring about their success – he was secretly plotting the destruction of their happiness or worse.

He did not care about others. The record shows that almost all of his followers were miserable and unhappy, He kept them semi-starved and sleep-deprived. He stripped them of their money and had them work as slaves. He even set up a sorority to brand them with his initials. A women’s empowerment group that required them to be slaves.

He didn’t care about lying, cheating, stealing or any other form of destruction. It was possible in his mind that he could be the greatest  Machiavellian ever.  He could build a whole life-coaching organization with famous and wealthy people – and 16,000 people taking courses over 20 years and hundreds of people who considered him their mentor, guru or teacher – when all the while he had only one goal: to destroy their happiness.

Knowing this about him – can we doubt that he may have murdered Gina Hutchinson, raped Rhiannon, killed Kristin Snyder, helped cause the cancer in women who lived with him and ruined his followers one by one – all the while the great Machiavellian was pretending he was the best teacher, ethicist, lover, boyfriend and mentor in the world?

It is funny – and deeply appropriate – indicative also that there is such a thing as karma – Raniere is in prison – and others now control his happiness.

A judge, prosecutors, the Bureau of Prisons, his victims who will send or read letters to the judge regarding his sentencing, prison guards and even prisoners have been granted the ability to destroy his happiness.

Some may enjoy destroying his happiness as much as he did to others.

The lesson to be learned from this, I think, other than a study of our great psychopathic cult leader, is that he found that both sex addiction and the addiction to feeling the power to hurt others – provides no lasting pleasure. In the end, you wind up like Raniere – in a dank and dirty cage – and right back where he started from – depressed, upset, disgusted, unpleasant, apathetic, and without hope that he can ever feel good and alive again. Because he can’t. He is to spend the rest of his days in a cage.

Too bad he did not make the effort years ago – when on the precipice of despair through his madness of sex addiction – and work at things that would have built some self-esteem for himself.

It seems running deep in Raniere, through everything he did, was fear – and this made him unhappy. He was the most abject coward.

Too bad he never learned that fearlessness brings happiness in a moment.




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Frank Parlato


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  • What if the prophets who founded religions with strict rules were also like Keith? I shudder thinking about this!

  • Good read!

    Dark subject matter; Excellent article/story.

    It’s a shame Parlato does not have the opportunity to write about happy things. He is talented.

    • Ah, but he IS writing about happy things: KAR behind bars where he belongs, with minimal prospects of release, and the tumbling of his morally bankrupt, evil empire.

      But I must add I’m sure NXIVM will limp along in some fashion, even without Vanguard. There is still money to be made and little girls to be trafficked for sex.

      I hate to say this, but it’s no surprise that along the way Keith got mixed up with a splinter Mormon group who continues to or at least did embrace polygamy, and sanction marrying off 15 -year olds to middle-aged goats.

      The recent slaughter; however, is horrific and inexcusable.

      • OCD,

        It’s great that Vanguard is in prison!

        The article of Raniere’s is incredibly creepy. He is basically being self-descriptive on such an obvious level.

        It’s like when the notorious Ted Bundy was asked to help the FBI track down the Green River killer. The FBI asked Bundy why did the killer not bury the women but, instead, leave them out in plain view to be found. Bundy said the Green River killer left the bodies out so the killer could come back later and practice necrophilia.

        When Gary Ridgeway, the Green River killer, finally was apprehended, Bundy’s speculation proved correct.

        Raniere’s article is equally creepy and macabre knowing that is a psychopath and most likely enjoyed speaking about himself.

        • Orange County Dreams,

          I just wanted to add that real psychopaths enjoy who they are. They (pathological personality) seem to revel in who they are. They are devoid of empathy and have no real desire to gain empathy; and there is no cure even if they wanted to be cured……They are story book monsters come to life. Pure evil.

          ….That is in essence of why I find the article subject matter so dark.

    • “It’s a shame Parlato does not have the opportunity to write about happy things. He is talented.”

      If stories are happy, then they are not news.
      “One thousand airplanes landed safely today at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport and no one was hurt.”
      Is that really news?

      • Shadowstate,

        Thousands of healthy babies were born today and the stock market is hovering around an all time high…
        …..Is that not happy news?

  • Raniere cannot analyze his own pathology, as he lives within its grip. Here he sounds as though he is making an effort to control the impressions he knows that his behaviors reveal. Every word quoted from him is his own out-of-control design, his own fractured misperception of himself.

    As the old saying goes, “A crazy person doesn’t know he’s crazy.”

    All that he is capable of doing, experiencing, comes through his own insane filter. He cannot clarify his madnesses to himself, and has to conceal himself from (almost) everyone else. He lives in a constant state of insistence that he must have his own way. He knows his ways need to be hidden, his ways as well as his means. That means that he knows that he is doing wrong but has no ability or desire to control himself. He is proud of being able to use his madnesses to control and to deceive others. Zero empathy. A dead or an inherently nonexistent conscience. Psychopathy?

    Every sentence quoted from Raniere here only makes sense if you remember that it has been all expressed through his particular eyes, the eyes of deep pathology. Unable to see itself. He is lying his ass off, out of his own needs and fears. He is a person who lives in a personal state of uncontrollable fear. He has to dominate all that he can dominate, in order for him to stand anything at all. Even sex. There can BE no intimacy, no equal for or to him, the other is his biggest threat. He is a great pretender who found his “flock.”

    He is very afraid of dying. This shows in every inch of how he has lived. He cannot stand to “lose control.” Inside he has already been out-of-control for most of his life. He is always on tenterhooks anout sexuality but found out ways he could fool people. That might have been his own greatest pleasure: hiding in plain sight.

    What he says about sexuality and “madness, or evil,” especially about this aspect of himself, here he really loses the ability to monitor himself. Within his own core, Raniere cannot not even control himself enough NOT to show WHO is really here, doing the ‘splainin.’ Raniere is yapping away gleefully, discussing his own premeditative and self-accepted evility. His ways, his means, his impotencies as a man and as a human being. This is what he seems to reveal the very most.


    Watch from 44:45.

    Laura Vandervoort, who has acted with both Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth, NXIVM members, talking about projects she rejects. Look at the facial expressions of both Vandervoort and Kreuk at 45:07. “Turn out not to be the greatest people to have in your life”.

    That look so obviously about Allison Mack. From the perspective of Kristin Kreuk, who was nodding with agreement, was the DOS story really so shocking and out of the blue? Was it shocking that Allison Mack was heavy into a cult she brought her into? Was it really so shocking that NXIVM is bad?

    Seeing as Laura Vandervoort knows both Kreuk and Hildreth, she most likely was in NXIVM to some extent and Erica Durance, sat on the right too. Durance was following Mark Vicente on twitter at one point.

  • Keith Raniere argues for an ‘Anti-Conscience’ or pure Id. It is a return to the animalistic and base desires of human nature and a disregard for order, structure, harmony, beauty, and compassion.

    It could be likened to disorder or ‘Anti-Christ Consciousness’ and basically goes against all established religions and leaders of Peace like Ghandi, MLK, Christ, Mother Teresa, etc.

    In Keith’s world, only the strong survive. The irony is that Keith finally received his wish. In prison, only the strong survive and the weak are treated like worthless hunks of meat. So, Keith will now be subjected to his own tortured vision of humanity. And Keith will experience what pure Id is like.

  • Isn’t it ironic that Keith Raniere, who ‘worked’ on a patent to cure Luciferians, ended up being a Luciferian himself?

    “Raniere patent offers ‘discovery’ on whether a sociopath [‘Luciferian’] can be rehabilitated”

    I would argue that not only is Keith Raniere a Luciferian but that all of the top leaders of NXIVM are Luciferians.

    Pam Cafritz was a Luciferian.
    Clare Bronfman is a Luciferian.
    Sara Bronfman is a Luciferian.
    Allison Mack is a Luciferian.
    Nancy Salzman is a Luciferian.
    Lauren Salzman is a Luciferian.

    Were any of these NXIVM Luciferians ever satisfied no matter how much wealth, fame and power they had?

    When NXIVM 2.0 is reconstituted, it should be named the Church of Lucifer.

    • Shadowstate,

      Are Luciferians anything like Rastafarians?

      What’s more fun to be, a Rastafarian or a Luciferian?

      Who parties more?

      More importantly who gets laid more?

      If I wanted to bring back NXIVM 2.0…as the best possible version of itself……..
      …. Could it be possible to extract the hedonism from Luciferianism and at the same time extract the good drugs from Rastafarianism?

      …And could I then mix the two derivatives?

      Would mankind then need 2 dicks?

      Do you think God would be willing to redo Genesis and give men two dicks; And create a world absent of STDs?

      Thanks forever your friend,

      • “Are Luciferians anything like Rastafarians?
        What’s more fun to be, a Rastafarian or a Luciferian?
        Who parties more?
        More importantly who gets laid more?”

        Ask Nicki Clyne, she’s the expert on Rastafarians.

        “Do you think God would be willing to redo Genesis and give men two dicks; And create a world absent of STDs?”

        You sound like Keith Raniere.

        • Shadowstate,

          Re Rastafarians & two dicks

          Rastafarians except for the marijuana use, Rastafarians are actually strict Christians of a kind. They even believe, like Mormons, that women should be fully clothed and wear long skirts.

          If men had 2 dicks, they wouldn’t have prostate problems or suffer impotence.

          Speaking of impotence…
          ……How is your Jimmy Johnson doing at 61?
          Can he still stand at attention like a newly minted Marine?

  • It would be helpful to have a link to the 2007 magazine story, or at least a picture of the article.

    Raniere will never be as notorious as Manson. Raniere never killed anybody, let alone a celebrity in a gruesome manner. Celebrity status should have nothing to do with it, but that’s reality. Modern media moves onto the next event so fast that Manson wouldn’t get the attention that he received years ago had he committed his crimes within the past several years. Even Epstein is better known.

    Raniere was the exact opposite of what he claimed to be. Bitter, not joyful. A victim, rather than there are no victims. A sex addict, rather than being celibate. No conscience, not a personal improvement movement. Not surprising.

    I think Raniere’s happy days are already over. From the day he was arrested for a very long time to come, his days just become increasingly miserable.

    Many others posting comments on this website also have “…never learned that fearlessness brings happiness in a moment,” because they still fear even the simple step of using their real names. On the other hand, I am extremely happy.

    • What great insight Scott. You are sharp like an arrow. And you have cool insights.

      Your new name is Cool Arrow

    • You are not the coach who gets to decide and to make judgments upon anyone’s choices about what screen name is chosen or used. Sounds to me more like you are thinking this is any of your business and are looking down your nose from some (hallucinated) high horse. “Use your ‘real name’ or else” Scott Johnson deems you in his special negative light.

      Well, what do you know? This is your circus act, “no, blame no game.”

      Is that tuna, or is it chickenshit? Climb out of that can and get real. Nobody needs bald pontifications about what name to use in cyberspace. Blow off, playing the thought police, especially on a website dedicated to thinking for oneself. So that you do not become some enslaved cultie, stranded in somebody’s false beliefs, nobody here is contrlled by Scott Johnson’s subjective judgementality. Surprise!

      Interesting how Toni Natalie wants everybody to know that she’s “extremely” pretty. Just like Scott Johnson leaves a remark, here at his conclusion, “I am extremely happy.” Sho’ nuff. Have a cigar. Nobody cares what you call yourself, so you can step aside and respect the decisions others make, not needing to consult Scott Johnson. Try to dig it.

  • Great article. There IS value in the NXIVM material. Keith did an excellent job of teaching the traits of himself, and how to spot people like himself. He used different labels, like luciferian, leveler, suppressive, etc. Just like he gave clues about himself in this article, he gave clues about himself in the modules and intensives. He loved this cat & mouse game about his true self. He loved teaching about himself. He’d just pretend he was talking about how to spot others who were this way.

    When the game got too easy for him or he started getting bored, he’d up the ante and make it more challenging. He pushed in too many chips with the branding, and Frank nailed him.

    • Yep, Nutjob. He kept escalating, unchecked. Even serial killers start small, maybe by torturing animals. The gradual escalation over decades is what makes this story so frightening, IMO. What would have eventually happened if Frank and others had not stopped him? His own private enclave (“country”) in Mexico, where the “age of consent” is 12? Murders – or more murders?

      Back in the CBI days, he was more cautious. I met him several times and you would never sense there was anything amiss. That was back when he used the “mild-mannered, roly-poly boy-genius” persona.

      • He was such a good actor, but everything about him was fake. Maybe he actually was a good acting coach. It wouldn’t surprise me.

      • OCD,

        Your point about never knowing anything was amiss about KAR is exactly how this kind of person gets away with what they do for so long. It always raising my hackles when I read or hear someone say, “oh, he doesn’t look like a killer,” when commenting on a story. Of course, most often, the worst among us look and seem just like us and that’s how they manage to keep evading the law.

        When you remember articles had been published outlining many of the dastardly deeds KAR had committed while his co-accused were still able to escape his clutches. They did not for they were told all the articles and the whispered were lies and it’s THIS they chose to believe and just sunk deeper into the cult and, in some cases, becoming more like their Master and hurting others below them in rank.

  • (Dedicated to the world’s smartest man.)

    “We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Our dried voices,
    When we whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    As rats feet over
    Broken glass
    In our dry cellar.”

    – Excerpt fro a poem bt TT Elliot

  • This is a very interesting article and one can see that it was the power to manipulate others that gave Keith Raniere the greatest satisfaction and when someone balked at following his orders, he would punish them by isolating them from the rest of the group. Isolation, freezing a person out of the group they consider family is one of the cruelest things to do and he enjoyed it. He derived great pleasure in hearing the pleas to be let back in. This was evidenced throughout the trial. This is a man who cared nothing for anyone but himself.

    • Actually, we have no proof that Keith even wrote that article himself. However, we don’t require an article, (allegedly written in Keith’s own words), to prove that Keith is a narcissist or a sociopath. His own actions have proved it many times over.

      I agree with Scott’s earlier comment that Keith will never have the notoriety that Manson has, as Keith’s crimes were not as high-profile or as shocking as Manson’s were. I think that in a few years, most people will forget Raniere’s name.

      • Flowers, here in the US, on Investigation Discovery network, on December 8, there will be a two hour special called “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” This will focus on the untimely deaths of four women: Gina Hutchinson, Kristen Snyder, Pam Cafritz and (I think) Barbara Jeske. The network is starting to promote it now and it looks creepy as hell. Supposedly certain people are speaking out for the first time. So I think the story will continue to evolve for a while and there might be a more lasting impact than the current conviction has garnered.

        • Thanks for the info. Let’s hope the floodgates start to open. Keith was saying “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs” several years before any of these four women passed away.

  • There was a video available once – one of his armchair chats – with Emiliano or Mark Vicente or someone like that in which KR was discussing sociopaths. He described how some were unconscious about their propensity for evil. And then he described how some were fully aware of what they were and how they enjoyed the game of destroying all around them and he giggled ( literally – teehee). It was chilling. I had known him personally, and I recognized that laugh. He knows what he is and what he was doing and he was thrilled to be putting it out there in the open and mocking everyone with it. Any chance you still have access to that video, Frank? It would be an appropriate companion to this piece, but I can’t find it anywhere.

      • Hey, Nicki: aka Gastone Hiram Hilliard Porter MD, PhD, DDS, DD:
        What happened to your name “Hasbrook”?
        Now it’s “Hilliard”!
        You change names more often than you change your underwear.

        Speaking of Toni Natalie:
        Gastone Hiram Hilliard Porter MD, PhD, DDS, DD, aka Nicki:
        Why didn’t you expose Keith Raniere’s evil?
        Or are you a Luciferian?

        By the Way the next story mentions your good friend Brandon Porter.
        Are you by any chance related to Dr. Brandon Porter, Gastone Hiram Hilliard Porter MD, PhD, DDS, DD?

  • As always, amazed that the men, the SOP fops hanging out after meetings at Apropos in Rome Plaza, get a pass. Disgusting mysogynists.

    Someone here defended them, saying how they were bamboozled by the wit of the sly Vanguard.

    You have to give it to Raniere, though, as he was able to inculcate the mysogyny. Here comes Nancy! Willing to EM and experiment on her own daughter, Lauren, Queen of Mexico.

    I’d love to ask Nan why Michelle gets a husband. Nan? You saw how unhappy Lauren was! Ah, Nan! How cruel.

  • ***The basis of his power, he knew was that he had gotten rid of his conscience. This was his secret as the Vanguard and the reason he created his cult – without a conscience he had the ability to dominate all those who still had a conscience. [I think he also worked to destroy the conscience of his closest followers.]***

    All this bs about low information Clare aside, please remember that the mightly, psychopathic Vanguard had a woman, our Prefect, our Lady Macbeth, a literal cracket, cooking breakfast and doing his Explorations of “Meaning” for him.

    Prefect Nancy lived in the Big House. And dear daughter, Lauren, had another big house around the corner.

  • I’m not a religious person but Raniere’s descent perfectly mirrors the steps to demonic possession as outlined by Malachi Martin- the deceased Jesuit priest, writer and intellectual. One case of a cult leader can be found in his book Hostage to the Devil. But unlike most subjects of demonic possession Raniere seems to have never had much innocence or humanity. Martin would describe Raniere as the perfectly possessed as they offer no opposition. Frank Parlato would call him a psycho or sociopath. He is but Martin’s description of perfect possession seem even closer to the mark.

  • That reminds me of Julius? Im parked at enterprise painting by my self. cell hasn’t been activated its taking hours for some reason. it will be this area code. all is well. (dfioyb) (lu)

  • Fantastic writing Frank! Kudos to your Mexican friend for translating. This was strong stuff.

    You are right he could have very well killed Pam too. All for power.

    Amazing Ivy heard that and did not run. We should all run from psychopaths . Losers with an addiction.

    Thank you, Frank, for all your work

  • Excellent article
    I now understand what Keith saw in me that made him run for the hills
    Courage, an attribute of which he had none

  • This article rather more or less proves that Keith Raniere not Toni Natalie is the villain in this saga. Toni is our heroine don’t forget it. That means you Shadow. And keep in mind I am a licensed barrister admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of the USA.

    • Toni seems to be a psychopath too. Who lies about another woman being retarded? A woman who already lost her sister? That is fucked up.

    • Arthur Franz Hunnicutt, Juris Doctor, aka Nicki Clyne:
      ” keep in mind I am a licensed barrister admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of the USA.”

      American lawyers do not use distinctions like ‘barrister’ or ‘solicitor.’
      Those are British phrases.
      And what happened to Dr. Gastone Hiram H. Porter?
      Did he get lost in the prairie somewhere between Wichita and Omaha?

      Nicki, after reading this enlightening piece by Vanguard Keith Raniere, are you a Luciferian?
      How about Allison, your wife, is she a Luciferian?

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