Guest View: Just an Awful Shitshow – Starring Toni Natalie

By Shivani

Again and again, permeating the words and behaviors of Toni Natalie, her patterns are unavoidable, unignorable.

Overly overt dishonesty being shown, and not cleverly, but transparently. She just keeps revealing herself. And not in the ways that she keeps trying to design, not at all.

There is just no heroine, and no nobility of human mind, heart or spirit, just an awful shitshow. Starring Toni Natalie. Off the deep end/ends, on and on and on. A kind of pathological banality, smugness, dishonesty to the core. Sorry to sound explicit; yet here it is.

A sense of such betrayals, she evokes. It is her fabric, her weave, the one surest way to observe her, repeatedly. She does not change, but certainly, all of her stories about herself and about others, change all of the time. Most of all, we keep learning from people who have direct, personal experiences of her and who have said what those experiences were, still are. Wow. How can Toni maintain such obliviousness about herself? It must be a full time job. One doomed to implode.

So many have been ripped off by her presentations, so many harmed, and lots of us feel outraged, learning, hearing, seeing how Toni operates. Consistently. For only herself, regardless of how much she decides to compromise simple human values to get away with championing her own terribly twisted dynamics. It does seem as though Toni cannot, will not encounter, her own “consciousness.”

That is never a positive sign, indication, no matter who it is, one will not or cannot get real.

Like a mini-Nxivm all on her own, very deceptive, narcissistic, conscienceless behaviors towards so many people.

One of the most heartbreaking aspects to me is how she has mistreated a beautiful little boy, over and over again. For the love of God, this is no woman, no lady, and no mother. It hits so hard!

Image result for painting michael by ramon santiago
When she was in bankruptcy court, from 1999-2003, Toni Natalie swore under oath that the painting behind her – was not hers, but her son’s. The painting is called Michael [the name of her son] and was painted by Ramon Santiago. The painting is worth about $50,000. Toni said she did not own the painting to avoid having it sold to pay off all the creditors she was cheating. But how come the painting is still in her house in 2019?
Keith Raniere, Michael and Toni Natalie sometime during the three years of his life when Toni took care of him. He stayed with her during the school years. He went home to his father during summers. While the boy was with Toni [and Keith] she kept him on a super low calorie diet. It is not known why Raniere [and Toni] insisted the growing boy should be super thin and why his caloric intake had to be restricted. It is known that when the lad came back from summer vacation, the first thing his mother did – before she hugged him or told him she was glad to see him – the very first thing – was to trot him over to the scale to check his weight. Happily, the boy escaped when he was nine, going to live with his father full time. Toni did not object and thankfully the boy was raised by his father. His father raised the boy by himself and never asked for one penny of child support from Toni. [She never offered.]
I look at this photo [above] of Michael’s trusting and innocent, young smiling face. And there he is, surrounded by two harmers. YES, they gave him HARM, a little boy with very little way to be able to protect himself. It’s devastating to see this, to see how precious is a child, and amidst such heavy, terrible energy.

What mother, what father, what person who cares at all, can look at Michael in that photo and not feel such emotion? A little boy! These are the last things we would want any child to endure. It is outrageous and it hits deeply, deeply. Harm to the innocent. No. No. No. Forever and ever “no” to this, of all things human, humane, what can be colder? To hurt a child?!

Only maybe “God” could forgive that. How does anyone make any peace with seeing anyone hurt a child? I can’t. I’m just not “big” enough.

No matter what else Toni has done, and it adds up to so much nastiness and so many, many profound unkindnesses, her harmfulness to Michael is a killer. A killer. Children are the most vulnerable. Woman carries life in her womb see the tiny face, those eyes, those tiny fingers, and toes, everything changes deep in the heart, for the rest of one’s life. The same for our fathers, our brother, and our sisters, never-ending love. What a feeling to miss and not to give.

Yet he has not been undone by her or by Raniere. There has been a devoted, dedicated father, other truehearted people who love him, who loved him then, who made sure that her reign over a small boy was put to an end. As well as getting a boy away from Raniere’s clutches. But Toni is responsible for this. She was supposed be his mother. My God.


A few revealing photos with captions help explain Toni Natalie AKA Patient Zero.

Michael DeCook grew up without his mother. Except for during three school years, his father raised him after Toni left him when she began an adulterous affair with Keith Raniere.

Toni evidently took her son’s valuable Ramon Santiago painting and, according to sources, Toni may have also taken his inheritance – about $80,000 – which his step grandfather intended to leave him for his college education.

Now, for those who might condemn Toni for this, consider – Michael is only an adopted son. Toni never really took care of him. [Even when the boy was living with Toni she had nannies]. While Michael was close to his step-grandfather, Toni naturally concluded that the old man had no right to waste the money that would be otherwise hers – giving it to an “outsider” like Michael.

Michael was supposed to be the executor of the estate of his step grandfather [Al Schneir]. Somehow Toni introduced her boyfriend – a married man – Ron Von Pearlstein into the equation. Just days before the step grandfather died, Toni got the old man to sign a power of attorney and filed it with the Monroe County Clerk.

Toni’s boyfriend Ron Von – became power of attorney and then executor of the old man’s estate. Michael got nothing. The old man’s own children also got nothing. Toni inherited the entire estate.

But again, consider it from Toni’s perspective – why should she waste money on a stranger [her adopted son Michael] for his college education when that money could go to pay for her needs and comforts?

Not to be too revealing, but Michael, deprived of his inheritance – which was to pay for his college education – went to work delivering pizza – which he did for years – in order to save some money.

His father Rusty is helping him and finally the boy will be going to college in Florida – where his father lives. It was through the faith of his father – and Michael’s hard work delivering pizza that he will get his college education – delayed for years – but accomplished at last.

Toni Natalie was written a book about how brave and self- sacrificing she was – and how she was a victim of Keith Raniere.

She even wrote that she had to give up her son – to keep him safe from Keith.

Funny though, even after she gave up her son, she stayed with Keith. It was not until she cheated on Keith with a younger, married man did she run off with the partnership money and leave Kieth.

Toni Natalie appears on stage before a small audience in Albany with Rick Ross to promote her book. Ross wrote a preface for her book and may actually believe everything Toni says about herself.

In the advertising for her book, Toni was described as a brave “single mother.” Here she is capitalizing on her “heroics and sacrifices” – on stage with Rick Ross.

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  • Why would Nicki Clyne come to Toni Natalie’s defense? They never knew each other. Different times, different Keith Ranieres.

    Toni was with Raniere, the CBI wonder boy, and covered up the fact he was running another illegal pyramid scheme by hiding it in her name.

    Toni was in NXIVM a split second and couldn’t stand that Nancy Salzman was in charge and not her.

    Patient Zero my ass. There was a group that came in at the same time from CBI and NHN at the same time. Toni wasn’t patient zero, she’s just a big ZERO.

  • This prattling by commenters is inane and insipid. Moreover it is defamatory. Frank Perlato should ban such comments that decry and denigrate. If he doesn’t then he should be prepared to face the consequences. Toni Natalie is the heroine of Nxivm. Its one true spirit of fighting the good cause. She is everyone’s bedrock. Our hope and faith. When the battle was on “not everyone spoke to each other but everyone speaks to Toni Natalie “ brave virtuous woman.
    By the way I am an attorney admitted to the bar in Rhode Island, Tennessee and New York and I know libel when I see it. You commenters and Perlato himself should be very, very careful about the comments you make. I am cataloguing all of them. This is fair warning. And Shadow State – that means you. I will sue you if you dare to make one more disparaging comment about our queen. Stick to Allison Mack.

    • Transparent. Someone’s hackles are up and bristling, so it appears. Or else it could be poorly organized satire, but that is unlikely. There is the prevalent lack of any good will in the comment’s language.

      No room is herein for any re-education or examination of the quantity and quality of information, readily available, regarding the words and the actions of a “brave, virtuous woman.”

      Who’s afraid of what distinctly sounds just like the baying of an impotent coyote, who brings wet firecrackers to the bonfire of the insanities?

    • Shivani 33:

      Arthur David Hellinger Esq. is probably our stand up comedian friend Nicki Clyne.
      There is no attorney named Arthur David Hellinger admitted to the bar in Rhode Island, Tennessee and New York, although Nicki Clyne is always free to put up the citation listing Mr. Arthur David Hellinger, Esquire if she can find it on the internet

      There was a theater critic way back in the 1940s named Mark Hellinger who died of alcoholism and has a theater in New York City named for him.

      “This is fair warning. And Shadow State – that means you. I will sue you if you dare to make one more disparaging comment about our queen. ” Arthur David Hellinger Esq.

      Nicki Clyne:
      Who is your Queen?
      Toni Natalie or Elizabeth the Second of England or the other Queen of England Elton John?
      Picture of Queen Elton John of England.

    • There’s only one thing worse than an ambulance chaser, and that’s a free speech monitor. F*ck you, Hellinger. AND the horse you road in on. I think you’re using a fake name, provide a website link to prove me wrong.

    • Toni Natalie is a public figure and is fair game for freedom of speech just like President Trump. Some like him, some hate him. When five people say you are a liar and those people are family members, one should take notice that it’s most likely true Natalie is lying about things she has written in her book.

      It would have been just as easy for Toni Natalie to tell the truth but her story would have been milk toast and not interesting to any publisher.
      One question that has been pondered is how the heck did Toni Natalie get a press pass to make her way to the front of the line at the courthouse while the rest of the “common people” waited to get in?

      Natalie has never been a part of the press core. Writing a book does not make you part of the press. Toni did not sit with the press either. She sat in her “perfect spot” that gave her the best site to see her ex-lover and give him the finger whenever he looked her way by pretending to adjust her glasses and scratch her nose. So Toni cheated her way into the courtroom.

      This wasn’t an attempt to harass the witness, one has to ask what is up with that?

      Of course, those of us that really know Raniere know he is blind as a bat without the correct glasses which he never had the entire time during the trial. the joke is on Natalie and her story is all made up.

    • Shut up and sit the f**k down! Unlike Shadow, I believe you (gravatar abfnt1) to be The Lying Author (NataLIE), rather than skanky Nikki Clyne. Regardless, shut up and sit the f**k down!

    • “She’s never been much different from Keith in terms of personality.”

      That’s why Dr. Gastone Porter, aka Nicki Clyne, is trying to recruit Toni Natalie into the new NXIVM.
      Toni Natalie has the perfect personality for the average supporter of NXIVM.

  • “…her patterns are unavoidable, unignorable.”

    Well, I beg to differ. The fairy tale book and publicity is a desperate plea for attention – and desperate last shot at making a few bucks off the NXIVM/Raniere freak show. Truthful, accurate information about her own greed and self-centered narcissistic naiveté wouldn’t sell nearly as many books or interviews – and would reveal her as the loser she is.

    I might suggest she is entirely avoidable and ignorable – just stop paying attention to an attention whore. This will be my last comment on the subject. Next.

    • Put another way, Toni is what she is, based upon just sitting back and watching her machinations. Anyone is free to help her stay dolled up in her shit, though. Maybe she never got you (or me) into her crosshatches. I don’t know about your reaction. But to quote Shania Twain, “that don’t impress me much.” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Thanks for the nap.

      Some people want some of Toni Natalie’s actions to be undone or rectified. Or to move things out of her clutchy hands, eject her from having any more driver’s seat, especially when she has done damages not in any way repaired so far, damages with effects still ongoing.

      Is that hard to comprehend? Ready, aim, fire with the blasé crappola, SwedeWorld. Be glad your own life could be distant, far from where and how deeply Toni’s fake fingernails have been clawing many, who were unsuspecting and didn’t recognize her bad habits to be perpetually mercenary. Tiptoe through the rotten fucking tulips and say sarcastically “it’s done, done, done.” Here is your Crackerjacks prize, a miniature poop cushion.

      For crying out loud. Hey, Joe. Ya got any gum?

      Some would feel relief if Toni Natalie would clean up her act or explain herself, which will not happen unless her back is up against the wall. Even then she’s spew no truth. She has lied, cheated and stolen from ” friends.” She pretends exaggerated insider knowledge one minute, the victimhood of being a martyr, the next minute. Like Aileen Wuornos the semi-female serial killer, but perhaps too squeamish to leave any DEAD bodies, Toni is habitually handing out her fake final solutions. Cha-cha away, though. Say ignore it. Do the bossa nova. Not my boss, not you and not pretty ugly Toni.

      She has put people into legalistic jeopardy, deceived people, divided ones against others for her own benefit. She has called the sister of the late Kristin Snyder “retarded” to try to end her credibility and to stop people from trying to communicate with her about her sister’s Nxivm-related death. Let’s forget this two-bit snafu and move it asap, but keep your damn meatballs.

      There’s a good chance you know nothing about Kristin Snyder or the strangeness behind her death. Maybe you have no receptivity to paying attention to Toni’s trippiness and what she did to Kristin’s entire family. How she blocked Frank Parlato from behind his back; made him look bad. However, more and more actions from Toni Natalie have been being exposed, discussed, brought to light. This is what happens when people get together (despite Toni’s tricks) and clean house. And I am a demolition woman right from birth. Especially in regards to tricksters like Toni, who mangle their womanhood and then use it to cause harm, insouciantly. Draped like a ho’bag up next to Rick Alan Ross? Hoooo Eeeee bébé, give that bitch some F’s. For frumpy. For foul play. For fuckknuckle. God bless American cussing. So sassifying.

      The Toni exposé is happening. Right here.

      Tough luck if you want to swan around saying “forget about it.” That idea is ignorable. The indifference and the high horse it rode in on are impotent motion. Case dismissed, SwedeWorld, very most likely Toni’s shitbags will keep ecploding. She’s getting too old to handle her baggage.

      Useless noninformation is not that helpful, except for the laughs it might arouse. Passive and wrinkly like peas cooked to snot greenish-yellow death offer no empathy, nothing to taste. Ptui. Spooned out by Martha Hoople, with one fist knotted around her rolling pin behind her back. As she dishes out her entrée of dead Arctic fish entrails. Too damn cold. Frozen stiff.

    • ‘Truthful, accurate information about her own greed and self-centered narcissistic naiveté wouldn’t sell nearly as many books or interviews – and would reveal her as the loser she is.’

      I think that would make an excellent book and Im sure would be far more successful than her current collection of grim fairy tales. Cant be many ruthlessly honest self-reflections on being a narcissist, it would capture the spirit of the age.

  • Funny how Toni Natalie is clutching Rick Ross’s tie. It’s almost like a lioness clutching at her prey.

    She’s such a pretty girl posing with the real cult busting expert.

    You have to get the photo ops in when you can Toni girl. While some people still will talk to you.

    Some memories to look back on when your all alone and there is no one left that gives a shit about you.

    Toni’s future is bleak?

    Ramona doesn’t have that many years left to live. She’s old and her health is declining.

    Son has moved to Florida; never speaks to you again

    Parents are dead

    Brother is dead

    Other family doesn’t like you anyway

    You blew through their inheritance money, even what wasn’t yours

    SSI cuts you off for fraud, big fines are due

    Your publisher has sued you for too many lies in your book – no 2nd printing

    Your co-author cuts you out of his life for destroying his marriage

    All your friends left you in the dust while they walk away with the bloodily knife you stabbed in their backs.

    Your the laughing stock of the ex-cult industry and considered a total narcissistic nutjob. (No offense to you Nutjob)

    • I don’t see any clutching of the tie. Natalie has her fingertips on Ross’ shirt and tie. Much more interesting would be to get Ross’ take on Natalie’s lies. Not that I have much respect for him, he’s into the mumbo-jumbo culty stuff rather than the brass tacks of illegal MLM scams, such as Amway. He’s made a living fluffing up his BS instead of helping educate others about the fundamental problems with MLM scams, so perhaps he’s a natural fit with Natalie.

  • Look here. Toni is not the biological mother of Michael. When Rusty and Toni were together Toni introduced Michael to her stepfather Al Schnier. After she left him, Michael kept up the relationship with Al. So Toni had no choice but to intervene. If not, Michael would have gotten a big chunk of the estate. She needed the money more than the kid. She was patient zero and for years she had been supported by Al. Her mother died. All she had left was her stepfather and she did what she had to do to survive and fight Keith Raniere. She got control of her stepfather’s estate just in time before Al died. It all worked out because Toni took down Nxivm. So I ask you, what is more important- Nxivm going down or some strange kid getting a college education. Suppose he had gotten the college education but Toni did not take down Nxivm and free the DOS slaves. What is more important? Readers have the priorities backwards. The kid is going to college anyway and our brave Toni Natalie – the heroine for the masses – our leader – taught us all lessons in bravery, devotion, strength and self sacrifice. #LoveYouToni. #StopPerlato

    • Bahahahahahaha Dr. Porter or should we call you Mike Grygiel?

      Toni was not Al Schnier bio-baby either.

      He had five biological children who got nothing because Toni Natalie did what she has always done, robbed from them.

      Toni robbed from her own son, more than his college education.

      NXIVM would have gone down without Toni but it’s OK Mike. We know you want to park your jet in her hanger.

    • So good. to hear from you Dr. Gastone Hiram H. Porter of Wichita, Omaha and Columbia University, aka Nicki Clyne:

      In calling Toni Natalie Patient Zero of NXIVM are you saying that NXIVM is like AIDS?
      Thirty years ago I read the book by Randy Shilts titled “As the Band Played On” about the AIDS epidemic.
      In that book there was a Patient Zero, a flight attendant Gaetan Dugas for Air Canada who contracted the AIDS virus and spread it around North America.
      Dr. Gastone Porter, did you get your unusual name from the Air Canada flight attendant Gaetan Dugas, the original Patient Zero?

      Dr. Gastone Porter, would your Canadian friend Nicki Clyne know the story of Gaetan Dugas, the original Patient Zero?

      Gaëtan Dugas

      Nationality Canadian
      Occupation Flight attendant
      Known for Long misdescribed as “Patient Zero” of the North American AIDS epidemic[1]
      Gaëtan Dugas (French: [ɡaetɑ̃ dyɡa]; February 20, 1953 – March 30, 1984), a Canadian flight attendant, was a relatively early HIV patient who once was widely regarded as “Patient Zero” or the primary case for AIDS in the United States. His case was later found to have been only one of many that began in the 1970s, according to a September 2016 study published in Nature.
      Dugas worked as a flight attendant for Air Canada[1][7] and died in Quebec City in March 1984 as a result of kidney failure caused by AIDS-related infections.
      He claimed to have had over 2,500 sexual partners across North America since becoming sexually active in 1972.[

  • One has to wonder, is that finger Michael is flipping off over Toni’s shoulder, is it for that horrible witch he had to call Mom, or the insane abuser he had to live with that to resembles in so many actions and deeds.

    • The photo of Michael, with these two? These two who have been seen microscopically now but maybe not as much, back then. We also have IMAX cinemascope. Have they not both, Toni and her old guru, proven themselves to be “smoothly, even reassuringly, deviant? Working to control others. Planning to do harm, which ever way it can be managed, when the opportunity to do harm arises? When the benefits look good to them, full steam ahead. Well how come all I see is dirty asses dipped in craft glue, rolled in sequins? Too many teeth and gums, too too simian. Predatory, even.

      Zippety doo dah. Here, it appears, are two puffheads who are instigators, alligators with plans. Keep strutting. Keep salivating. Lemme see you slither. Welcome to the Naked City. Hear this old soul song haunting you two sapsuckers, as I jam. Maybe with some sacramental embellishments, a few swift flamenco stomps aimed smack at those flappy reproductive organs. Metaphorically. Now light up.

      “Smiling faces sometimes
      Pretend to be your friend
      Smiling faces show no traces
      Of the evil that lurks within (can you dig it?)
      Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies
      and I got the proof….”

      “Smiling Faces Sometimes,” from around 1971, lyrics by Norman Whitfield, was also called “Back Stabbers.” “… Beware of the pat on the back. It just might hold you back.”

      You who play cultfreaks and cult Headmasters cannot mess with this beat or begin to touch the birth of the blues. It goes way, way back and always, there is that stench oozing right from Raniere, from Toni Natalie. From Nancy Salzzzman. From Born that Way Bronfmans. Leeches. Power jackoffs. Waiting full of malintent even they know needs to be hidden. Extinction dead ahead.

      Freaky with their rough stuff and grinning up the atmosphere like drunk baboons in front of the crowd. “Hiya, hiya, hiya, ain’t we the greatest? Let us help you be great, too.” Their Wizard of Oz and Its posse already itching to pull their assault rifles’ triggers.

      Just like the mouldering long dead Father Powers, bellowing his furies in his Catholic church, back in 1954. Red-faced mean jackass with a “good cop” sidekick, the effete Father Lane.

      Me, a tiny kid asking my dad, repeatedly and in a fine outdoor voice, “is that God?” I figured it was the big guy in the long gown up on stage and dad said “no, that’s not God.” I just kept looking for who was God, where was God. Getting pretty frustrated. Becoming noisier, as the investigation was important to me.

      You don’t invite people to your house and then you don’t bother to be there at all. This is not how to behave. Feeling exceedingly disappointed, unforgettably so. We came to ” God’s house,” so I had been told, and God is nowhere in that mess. Not even home for company. Only Father Lane busy trying to see how loud he can spit out his menacing rage and baring his fangs trying to scare everybody. This was the Last Time when dad called church “God’s house” anywhere near me.

      I hear it, remember these “Smiling Faces Sometimes” words a lot, running like an underground anthem, while looking at the way cults sell their dominance, their “righteousness,” while really ready to inject misery, not happiness or any comfort, into their roundups of recruits, volunteers, employees or diehards who might need reshackling.

      The doozy dippy smiles are often seen coming out of the faces of abusers, beaming like big hungry apes, to make sure the trap is set. You can even have just one “demon” in your own family, who shows one personality outside your house, home and then turns totally different behind closed doors when nobody’s looking. Where the hell is “God” hanging out? Off someplace ehind closed door ?. In churches full of maniacs? “God” is not for sale. This is free range. Nobody owns anybody. Smile up your culty hind ends. No offense at all meant to any genuine monkeys or apes who happen to read here.

    • Michael had a far from less than ideal childhood, but his situation is far from alone and even farther away from a worst case scenario. Certainly not worthy of all of Shivani’s commas, adverbs, and adjectives.

  • My own ‘parents’ lie in graves somewhere. I know nor where, and care even less. It is assumed that the title ‘mother’ or ‘father’ means that someone is a care-giver, but that is only an assumption. To some ‘parents’ children are merely objects to moved around according to what is convenient nd expedient. The title ‘parent’ should be reserved only for those who really care.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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