To His Honor, Judge Garaufis – on My Sister Gina Hutchinson

Gina Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

To His Honor, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis:

My name is Heidi Hutchinson. My late sister, Gina Hutchinson, was one of the underage girls who was raped by Keith Alan Raniere at the age of 14.

Her case could not be brought and tried in this court, I’m told, because the crimes against her occurred in a different jurisdiction and a different era, possibly beyond the statute of limitations for reporting the crimes.

Keith Raniere convinced Gina Hutchinson to sacrifice not only her virginity but, ultimately, her life, by degrees, over the course of nearly two decades she knew this sexual predator masquerading as a superhuman who possesses a higher level of virtue, intelligence, and purpose than any common man on Earth.

Raniere led Gina to believe she, too, was specially empowered to be his consort — a sex companion — whom only he could lead to enlightenment in her next life through his teachings.

Gina quit high school to study with Raniere and although she eventually did obtain her GED and graduate from SUNY Albany on her own, her long relationship with Keith emotionally destroyed and scarred her as surely as it did these dozens of brave young women who have come forward seeking justice in this court.

Gina cannot speak for herself. She died on October 11, 2002 of a fatal gunshot wound to her skull that was either self-inflicted or, some indicate, may have been inflicted on her in a ritual sacrifice to Keith Raniere’s beliefs.

A recent private investigation into Gina’s death made by Frank Parlato suggests that Keith Raniere had a hand in what was deemed as her suicide.

For years, Keith Raniere — and possibly some of his accomplices acting on Raniere’s orders — explicitly tried to brainwash Gina into taking her life.

There is strong evidence and witnesses to the fact that Keith Raniere mercilessly experimented on Gina using gruesome snuff film images, subliminal suggestions and overt recommendations on various suicide methods that would work to ensure her death and passage on to become an enlightened Goddess in her next life.

Like many of his young, female victims, Gina suffered severe emotional distress in the years following Raniere’s initial molestation of her.

Unfortunately, Gina remained in association with Raniere and the NXIVM cult accepting their help to overcome her difficulties in relationships, her fears of intimacy — in short, all that Raniere himself contributed to by violating her to begin with.

Gina worked for Raniere’s MLM companies as a computer programmer, earning little compensation while being used as a guinea pig and sex toy more than a decade before DOS was organized.

Raniere deliberately used the same mind-control methods — including starvation and sleep deprivation — to destroy Gina Hutchinson that he used on the more recent DOS slaves.

Perhaps the single most important thing I believe Gina would want me to tell this court, to tell the world about her association with Keith Raniere and the NXIVM cult is this:

These crimes were all carefully premeditated to destroy, never to empower, the victims.

Gina’s death, the disappearance of Kristin Snyder and the mental breakdown of many others who took NXIVM courses proved that these teachings and methods — formulated by Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman — are dangerous and destructive.

Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman and many of those who profited from this pyramid scheme did so knowing that not only fortunes but lives were being put at stake, that people had been — and would continue to be — destroyed in the same way and by the same hand as was Gina Rose Hutchinson’s.

Yet they persisted and can now only be stopped from doing further harm by the strong arm of the law, the hand of Justice and, perhaps, the memory of those who did not live to tell like the late Gina Rose Hutchinson.

Gina Rose Hutchinson: January 8, 1968 – October 11, 2002.


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Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

This has been a very emotional time for me as some unknown facts about Gina’s death continue to emerge. I have the deepest gratitude for Frank, Chitra, Joe O’Hara and those of you who contribute here in support of NXIVM victims. Many of you are helping to make her passing a meaningful contribution to the betterment of the humanity — which is something Gina strove for in every moment she spent while alive.


Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

This sums it up completely:

“she knew this sexual predator masquerading as a superhuman who possesses a higher level of virtue, intelligence, and purpose than any common man on Earth.”

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

Heidi– this is an amazing letter.

I just wanted to say I am so sorry you ever had to write it in the first place.

God Bless you and your sister and whomever else was touched by your loss.

Peace and prayers 🙏.

4 years ago

Great job, Heidi. If any letter helps, this one will.

4 years ago

Yet Barb Bouchey is insistent on bringing the “best” of NXIVM to us and Nancy wants to reintegrate into the community.

This from Heidi, if nothing else convinces you, is that every bit of NXIVM should be ground into dust and scattered to the 4 winds.

As for Barb, Nancy, Lauren, Michelle and any other NXIVM diehards….be warned. We now know what you really are and we will fight any resurrection of NXIVM to the end.

My advice? Beg Clare, or Sara, to fly you to Fiji or France and live with, or off, them. We know how they love to toss millions away on this deluded monstrous cult.

So, since you are such reprobates, and unwanted by ordinary folks like myself, better you go with them.

4 years ago

Heidi, I so wish that Judge Garaufis puts his feet right into Gina’s shoes and hears your every word, just like it’s his own flesh and blood.

Anyone reading what you have ever said, right here, about what Gina, and you and your family has endured, are still enduring and will never forget, you have been consistent. You have been brave and true. This was written with such care and even restraint and without embellishment or exaggeration. This comes from strength and love. You are still brave and true, as ever.

“These crimes were all carefully premeditated to destroy, never to empower, the victims.”

After reading what you have said, even more of the world is watching to see what Judge Garaufis does with the power he is holding. Your words can go out to so many people. The dustpan and whisk broom, the delivery of sentences, is in the Judge’s hands.

How deep is his commitment to justice for all? I hope what you wrote here goes all over the world, so Judge Garaufis looks very closely, right up until sentencings, at this grotesque roundup of criminals, who do not deserve more mercy than what they have shown to those who trusted them and for what they’ve delivered to others.

Keith Raniere, already infamously beyond all repair. Nancy Salzman, his longtime partner in building a sickening empire, still ongoing. Her daughter, Lauren Salzman, repentant too late for keeping a young lady captive for at least two years. All for the love of her life who never loved her at all, Raniere.

Psycho-terrorists. Call Nxivm’s practioners out for who they are. DOS, too. The psycho-terrorists of self-help.

Clare Bronfman, the “pitbull with deep pockets.” She posed for a psychopathic mugshot before spending millions to get off the hot seat. Kathy Russell, who used the fifth amendment enough times that the fifth amendment probably had time to die and to reincarnate as a hockey puck.

Allison Mack, the wackadoodle tv star who kept slaves and was PROUD of it and had a green card marriage. Mack, still married to the mob through Nicki Clyne, who still recruits for her “community of slaves,” according to witnesses. Allison Mack’s track record as a criminal was portrayed more than ever, during Raniere’s trial.

Raniere. He never can be trusted again, not to stop harming others, ever. He has done too much. So have his co-defendants. Many members of this cult should be facing charges who are not. Yet.

Nancy Salzman, playing with justice like it’s a gameshow, Let’s Make a Deal, and appearing in a hideous costume as herself. Hoping to slip right on out the door. Ready with her accusations of “linguistic conceptualization,” when all she really seemed or seems to want was mo’ money and power. Still drooling, after all these years. All too visibly.

Keith Raniere creeping and sneaking into a young teen’s bedroom window at night to sexually abuse her, to confuse her, to trap her, to pretend rape is love. One of his very first targets, Gina Hutchinson. His crime spree, some of his groupies’ crime sprees, all have been tolerated too long. All premeditated methodically to do the greatest harm.

Heidi, let’s see what His Honor is made of as a man. As a man who has the ulitmate say right now, as a representative of our system of American justice, to deliver honest and courageous sentences to the first six Nxivm defendants. Teenagers are watching., commenting and waiting. Parents and grandparents are watching, not for the first time. Neighbors, neighborhoods, towns and cities are watching. The world is watching and waiting. First here, then looking north.

4 years ago

Heidi thank you for sharing this letter with Frank Report readers. It is heartfelt and well-written.

4 years ago

God speed all your efforts on Gina’s behalf, you’re a good loving sister Heidi. I wish you every possible assistance the universe can give.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago

very nice letter Heidi. well written.

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