Operation Legatus: Forget About When Crimes Were Committed – We’re Going for Racketeering Charges Against Clare and Sara Bronfman Where Statute of Limitation Is Irrelevant

MK10ART's sketch of Clare Bronfman, the leader of Nxivm known also as Legatus.

Yesterday, I posted an article, Operation Legatus: NXIVM Crimes Revealed by Susan Dones Might be Worth Looking at by NDNY.

The article detailed crimes that Keith Raniere and his racketeering enterprise Nxivm committed, as alleged by Susan Dones in a deposition she gave in 2010.

AnonyMaker commented, “Unfortunately, I assume that most or all of this is past the statute of limitations.”

Actually, that is not true.

The crimes – such as fraud, tax evasion, etc. would be, if treated as stand-alone charges, beyond the statute of limitations. However, if named as predicate acts for charges of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, these crimes would not be beyond the statute of limitations.

Racketeering predicate acts can go beyond the statute of limitations in order to prove a pattern of racketeering.

Racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges are warranted for Clare Bronfman, her sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet, Nancy Salzman and, of course, Keith Raniere.

While Raniere will almost certainly get 20 years or more for charges already proven against him in the Eastern District of NY [DOJ], Clare got off with a plea deal with sentencing guidelines in the 21-27 month range.

She purchased this deal by paying a $6 million fine to the feds.

Nancy also got off with a light deal with one felony – racketeering conspiracy and a sentencing range likely to be around 2 1/2 -3 years.

The feds also kept $520,000 in cash found in her house.

Of the three biggest criminals of Nxivm, only Keith faces serious time.

Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017.


Legatus: The reason I’m conducting Operation Legatus [Legatus is a tribute name for Clare – like Prefect for Nancy or Vanguard for Raniere] is to try to demonstrate to the Northern District that they have an easy, robust, solid and profitable case of racketeering against the Bronfmans, Salzman, and Raniere.

Of course, Raniere is sewn up for decades, but he needs to be included in the case since he is the leader. He must be included in order to nab Clare and Sara Bronfman and get them to pay for their crimes.

And by “pay” I mean it literally.  The sisters will pay millions to buy down their sentences.

The Northern District is sitting on a pot of gold in fines and forfeitures that would put them on the map for money collected in seizures, fines and forfeitures among the US DOJ’s 93 district offices – for 2020.

If they couldn’t get $20 -$30 million out of those two criminally-minded dunce sisters, I would be astonished.

It will be good for taxpayers also since it would not cost anywhere near that much to prosecute the sisters.

On top of that, it will make a reputation for some smart assistant US attorney in the NDNY – especially if he or she focuses on the Bronfmans.  That bright AUSA will likely wind up – like Moira Penza did in the EDNY after prosecuting Raniere – being offered a partnership in some white-shoe law firm and jump from $150,000 at the DOJ to a million per year.

Over-saturated on Nxivm? No Way

Even though the headlines were plenteous in the first NXIVM case – the focus was on Raniere and Allison Mack. And the sex crimes.

To get fame for this prosecution, the NDNY should keep focused on the Bronfmans. Privileged, super-wealthy sisters who cared naught about anyone else and used their fortunes to squash other people’s lives. Both at Raniere’s direction and on their own – for the pure pleasure in it.  And because they could.

The name Bronfman will make headlines; this could be a great international news story.

This time it is not about an ugly man with his crazy TV actress abusing women in a sex cult – it will be about the abuse of wealth and privilege by the elite – those who normally escape justice.

Keep the focus on Bronfmans – not Raniere – skip Allison Mack. True, her fame helped the EDNY – by elevating the sex aspects of the crazy case – but it will be a distraction in the NDNY prosecution.

I would advise the NDNY to try to keep the trials together – Bronfman with Raniere – so that the child porn charge against Raniere which is sitting right in their laps – remains part of a larger joint trial.

Keith Raniere in his library at 8 Hale Drive

Back in April, Judge Nicolas Garaufis dismissed four charges against Raniere including possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a child – Camilia – who was 15 in 2005 – because of jurisdictional issues. He took nude pictures of her. The brilliant Vanguard kept those pics for 12 years – even after he fled for Mexico – and the feds found them on a hard drive when they raided his library].

Clare [l] and Sara [r] Bronfman
Keeping the trials together will put pressure on Clare and Sara to take plea deals and pay big money to get out of it.

To recap:

The reason for the post recalling Susan Dones’ old allegations – that would otherwise be beyond the statute of limitations – is that they can still be part of a racketeering charge.

Racketeering charges are based on predicate acts. Some acts need to be within the statute of limitations – but others can go back well beyond the statute of limitations – to prove a longstanding racketeering enterprise.

There are already several racketeering predicate acts the NDNY is aware of. The reason they are aware of it is that it was handed to them in a gift basket.  The EDNY in April dropped several charges against Raniere and one against Clare – declaring these occurred in the Northern District.

The charge against Clare – conspiracy to commit identity theft [with Raniere] is ripe for prosecution.

Two other easy crimes – are her perjuries in the criminal and civil Computer Trespassing cases and her blatant perjury in the grand jury against me. These are slam dunk cases and easy to prove. I will be writing more about these soon.

Susan Dones identified several more crimes back in 2010 but nobody was paying attention back then.

Just to remind readers that old crimes can still be used effectively for the prosecution in racketeering cases, keep in mind that in the case against Keith Raniere in the EDNY, more than half [11] of the 16 racketeering predicate acts were beyond the statute of limitations if they had been charged as separate crimes. Some of them were as old or older than the matters Dones brought up.

And the fraud – about Bronfmans knowing Keith was lying about his accomplishments – in order to induce people to pay to join Nxivm – is within the statute of limitations if it were to be charged as a stand-alone crime. This then would open the door to money laundering and wire fraud. The Mexican money laundering also continued within the statute of limitations.

But even if they were all beyond it, let’s look at the EDNY’s 16 predicate acts and see how 11 of them occurred from 2002 to 2012.

EDNY Racketeering Acts beyond statute of limitations

1A (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Ashana Chenoa) 

Raniere conspired with Kathy Russell, Kristin Keeffe, Nancy Salzman, and others to get Daniela into the US illegally by using the name of the late Ashana Chenoa, a perfect stranger to them.

1B (Conspiracy to Unlawfully Possess Identification Document)

They had a bogus ID for Chenoa that got Daniela across the border.

Racketeering Act 2 (Sexual Exploitation of a Child on November 2, 2005 – Camila).

Racketeering Act 3 (Sexual Exploitation of a Child on November 24, 2005 – Camila) [beyond the statute of limitations].

Raniere took nude pictures of 15-year-old Camila on Nov. 2, and Nov. 24, 2005. He kept those in his so-called Library at 8 Hale Drive in Clifton Park to be found by FBI agents.

5A (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft) 

5B (Identity Theft – James Loperfido)

Raniere and his coconspirators – including Kathy Russell and Daniela hacked into accountant James Loperfido’s email account. They were trying to spy on one of his clients, Joe O’Hara.

5C (Identity Theft – Edgar Bronfman) 

Raniere and co-conspirators Clare Bronfman and Daniela hacked into Clare’s father’s email account so they could spy on him.

6 (Conspiracy to Alter Records for Use in an Official Proceeding) 

Raniere and Nancy Salzman – with the help of Mark Vicente, who testified he did not know why he was asked to do it – altered video that was later used in evidence in a federal civil case Nxivm brought against Rick Ross.

7 (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Marianna)

Raniere, helped by Daniela and others, hacked into Mariana’s accounts.

8A (Trafficking for Labor and Services – Daniela)

They forced Daniela to do labor and services – without pay – which included a series of book reports on books in Raniere’s library.

8B (Document Servitude – Daniela) 

Raniere, Lauren Salzman and others – after confining Daniela to a room in Clifton Park NY for 700 days – refused to return her birth certificate and other documents –  when they let her return to Mexico.

Not Beyond the Statute if charged as separate crimes 

4 (Possession of Child Pornography)

Raniere can be charged for this as a stand-alone crime in the NDNY.

9 (Extortion) 

The extortion arose out of the fear of DOS slaves who were required to do certain acts – while Raniere and the other DOS slave masters, such as Lauren and Allison Mack, held collateral over them.

10A (Sex Trafficking – Nicole) 

10B (Forced Labor – Nicole)

Nicole had to do various chores for Pam Cafritz’s memorial service because Raniere and Mack held her collateral.

11 (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Pamela Cafritz) 

Raniere, along with others, notably Clare Bronfman, used the late Pam Cafritz’s American Express credit card to charge up hundreds of thousands of dollars. They did pay the charges on the card (quite likely from Pam’s bank account) – but it is a crime to use a dead person’s credit card – even if you pay it.


So you can see by the way the EDNY put their predicate acts together to support the racketeering charges they reached back in time and continued up to the present.

The same technique can be applied to the NDNY’s Bronfman racketeering case.

Forget about when the crimes were committed. Let us snag old Legatus and her companions in crime for their racketeering that has harmed so many people for so many years.

Stay tuned for more on Operation Legatus.

We are far from done.


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  • I was in Montreal recently and sat on some stairs on a sidewalk. I saw a tribute plaque to the Bronfman family for donating the building. In the past, I just would have thought that was a nice gesture by some family that I really didn’t know. I honestly didn’t know much about their connection to Montreal. Now, the only thing I can think of is that this family is full of morons and criminals. And while that really only applies to two people, nevertheless, it is what came to my mind. I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

  • There is so much to think about in the list of deferred and/or possible charges, waiting for the Northern District to step up or show their fumble, probably be waiting for longer than several more months. Then it will begin to show obtrusively once again, if nothing comes out of NDNY, no charges. Then tons of people who give a damn will be saying “say what?” Thanks for all of the representation there, Charlie. These Nxivm/DOS gals were jolly good neighborhood chaps, right? Who ARE y’alls devils on high?

    The conspiracy to alter records, point 7, well got that well unsorted-out in another earlier comment. These monkey shiners tried to pull trapdoors on Rick Alan Ross, one man whose work to educate people about a wide range of cult or fanatic groups had already taught him that he’d sometimes stand alone and would take those risks. For years he has been a tremendous resource and inspiration, author and speaker.

    Now about number 11, “Conspiracy to commit identity theft: Pam Cafritz.” There have got to be a whole lot of people who see how much and how deeply buried this one web of details tries to keep itself under omerta. Elite derailment, coming right up, been here all along with Cafritz trails, has it not?. The reach of any revelatory touchability, watching all of the offshoots from this one angle is a steep, steep, steep cliff. Like the one steep cliff that one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s newly ex-brother-in-laws seemed to fall off of while beachside, supposedly distraught. Follow the money. All the way to some wizards from oz.

    Ain’t nobody gonna wanna say jack shit. Not Cafritz stuff. Certain people have to know the drill, and probably several of them are awaiting their sentences right now, alongside Flabturd. Way, way too many rabbit holes, say from New York state to Washington, D.C. and back again had to have concrete pours plus maintenance, like Epstein got done on at least one of his islands.

    But oh-oh, there are Epstein sex tapes sitting in Russia, with a Palm Beach ex-lawman who had to run for his life. The man who gave him the Epstein cache for safekeeping is dead now, Palm Beach ( island) police officer, Joseph Recarey, dead at 50, mysterious, fast illness. He has backups elsewhere, widespread. The FBI confiscated numerous Epstein sex tapes full of famous faces, from Palm Beach. None of this is a secret anymore.

    Tell me again, how did Nancy Salzman cop first, right? What happened?

    How deep is the ocean? Who’s hiding the pearls? What do you suppose Nancy Salzman even needed to bother to sing for her supper? The buck stops here. Or what?

  • I guess this will be one of several impolite questions evoked by The End of Legatus. Bring it on. But first, compliments to the Chef, for this stunning appetizer. ” If they [NDNY] couldn’t get $20-30 million out of those two criminally-induced dunce sisters….”

    Why, Sara and Clare. Coco Chanel just came to the medium from Guadalajara who happens to live nearby. To moi, ye culthogs.

    Coco Chanel wants to thank “the older and malodorous Bronfman stepsisters.” (She said you should try her #19 for that.) That’s what she said, Sara first and then Clare. As usual. She is deeply glad that you have stopped worrying about Mossad and your father’s plethora of notable social photographs and prolific endowments or deed transfers. Of course, Coco said that family is everything. She said that this exactly why she did not have one. Kudos to you, Legatus, for bearing no spawn or at least for disposing or any in a timely manner.

    Then she said the rest of your family, living or dead, is sick to death of you two and your shenanigans. Only your mother, when not too too distracted, still wishes you somewhat well. Remember, this is from a Guadalajara medium. And Coco Chanel.

    Nevertheless, Coco Chanel was emphatic about how she appreciates your affiliation with the Nazi party. That really takes all KINDS of guts. She said that you are sex-trafficking for a good cause, no matter ” how you cut it, all for the good of the Master Race.” She said that even though you wouldn’t understand any of this, she, Coco, does.

    So please tell me, why oh why would Mark Vicente “alter videotape” for any reason at all, huh? That is not what we call, euphemistically, “editing.” Did he or did he not go on and on, for days, on the witness stand, about all of the doubts ” he was having…” ??? All about his suspicions about the ” intergrity” of Raniere and of Nxivm. How he thought more and more that lies were being told, that his wife did not like what was happening, on and on. With brief breaks to introduce some actual evidence collected by law enforcement.

    Just ram here for a bit about Raniere, about Vicente and his frigging Vanguard fixation. Vicente, while testifying, even took a few whacks at Mack, living with him and his wife, under Raniere’s avuncular pervo supervision. Like 2 married mice stuck with an egotistical horse’s ass nosing around in their lives and refrigerator. While reporting back to Keithy-Weethie and trying to reach him by text and not to disturb his day sleep or any of his scheduled blowjobs. “Wait’ll you hear what Mark’s mean, selfish wife said to ME this afternoon.”

    He said how he was questioning what was going on around him.. He rounded up his suspects: Keith, Crabby B, Nancy, the world’s greatest mother, blah blah Allison Mack is whack blah blah.

    So how possessed by demons was Mark Vicente, toying with video ” at the request of…” He did not know why he did what he did. Oh for Christ’s sake. He was not some unrehabilitated orangutan back then. No questions. Me yo’ robot.

  • I am an avid reader of the Frank Report and have wondered why after you have corralled the top Nexium elites. Is it you have forgotten the mini-Vanguard. The main vermin vein besides the chosen one Keith Renaire. James DelNegro had done all the sacrificial deeds required to inherit the powers of the smartest man on earth. Unprotected anal and rim jobs were a very must for the Vanguard and if you really wanted to go to the highest escalant. Then James DelNegro had to carry on a very old tradition of one drinking there own urine and especially the famous known thruout the cult as K.R. golden showers. Keith proclaimed this the ultimate way for males to receive his spiritual powers and to prove there worthiness to the other males in the Satanic cult nexium. Much like the semen for the women who were delighted enough to have the glorious ones lifeseed as he calls it spread all over there mouths and especially took great joy in kicking off his own spunk off his many brandees. Calling it the “Nectar of the Gods” and remember now who ever has the most fun wins.

  • “The brilliant Vanguard kept those pics for 12 years – even after he fled for Mexico – and the feds found them on a hard drive when they raided his library.” Certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    But yes, the U.S. Attorney’s could prosecute RICO Statute violations and extract more fines, forfeitures and penalties.

  • Has Emiliano Salinas popped up again in public in Mexico?

    And is Emiliano trying to “Save the Children?”


    #EmilianoSalinas reapareció en público luego del estacandalo de la secta #NXIVM, condenada en NY. El empresario e hijo del expresidente Carlos Salinas, asistió a la #CenaEnRojo, en el Papalote Museo del Niño, que organizó Save the Children México, a la que también acudió #LudwikaPaleta y #CeciliaOccelli.


    #EmilianoSalinas reappeared in public after the scandal of the #NXIVM sect, condemned in NY. The businessman and son of former President Carlos Salinas, attended the #CenaEnRojo, in the Papalote Museo del Niño, which was organized by Save the Children México, which was also attended by #LudwikaPaleta and #CeciliaOccelli.

    Is the heat now off of Emiliano?

    Is the Fix in?

    • Response to the above photo of Emiliano Salinas and family at a “Save the Children event.

      Descaro! “Save the the children” después oh antes de traficarlos? 🤪


      iheart valentina
      Nerve! “Save the the children” after or before trafficking them? 🤪

    • Let’s write it out, how Emiliano the Nxivmboy, wants to save children. Okay.

      Look into it. All of it. If you want, maybe I can paint you a vivid picture. Too vivid. Unmentionable even.

      Don’t be fooled. Save the children, my ass. Another Clinton Foundation. Oops, slipped out.

      • That’s right, Haiti. How many shipped out? How many disappeared, or is it still ongoing? The rot at the top? Another thing is out, too.

        Shipped out all over the worldwide web. The word is out, about not all charities are charities. At all. How do you stand tall, in humane rubble? And the messengers get the first bullets. Sacré coeur. No matter what.

  • I fear that the issue of whether there are future prosecutions in the NXIVM case will hinge on the results of the 2020 elections.
    If there is an impeachment and/or removal of the President, there might not be a continuation of the prosecutions.
    Furthermore, if the elections in 2020 result in a Democratic victory, expect the NXIVM prosecutions to abruptly end.

    This case stinks of politics and has of the very beginning.
    That is why NXIVM survived and thrived for so long.

  • Thanks for the clarification of the relevance of the old crimes, Frank.

    I think you do an excellent job here outlining exactly why the NDNY should pursue charges against the NXIVM racketeers, both strategically and in terms of the specific crimes involved. Edited for brevity, this would make a great guest editorial in the Times Union – I hope that in one way or another, you can get the local media to follow up and press for action.

  • This ability to leapfrog the Statute of Limitations is why Prosecutors LOVE the RICO Act.
    Both the Federal government and 33 of the 50 state governments have some version of the RICO Act.
    And many foreign countries, including Canada and Britain, have some type of RICO Act on their books although it is usually called something else like “Enterprise Corruption.

    Think of the RICO Act as a Super Law against criminal conspiracies.
    Governments have long prosecuted criminal conspiracies.
    That is true going back to the days of Guy Fawkes in England and his plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

    But RICO allows governments to negate any limitations imposed by Statute of Limitations laws.
    And RICO allows governments to seize property earned in rackets and property used in the commission of Racketeering crimes.
    That’s why Allison Pimp Mack lost her town house.
    She used it in the commission of racketeering crimes.

    Allison Pimp Mack was looking to find her “Superman” in the form of Keith Raniere and ended up finding the “Super Law”
    against criminal conspiracies in the form of the RICO Act.

    How come the World’s Third Smartest Man Vanguard Keith Raniere did not know about the RICO Act?
    How come the Great Legatus Clare Bronfman did not know about the RICO Act?
    How come the brilliant actress Allison Pimp Mack did not know about the RICO Act?
    How come that Great Educator of children and Boss of the Rainbow Cultural Garden Sara Bronfman did not know about the RICO Act?

    And while we’re on the subject of NXIVM, it is clear that Brooklyn is now the de facto headquarters of that gang of criminals, racketeers and terrorists.
    And this story from the UK’s Daily Mail displayes what a wise choice NXIVM made.
    Brooklyn is now in chaos as AntiFa groups are marching through the streets of downtown Brooklyn demanding people “off the pigs.”
    What crimes have the “pigs” committed?
    Enforcing laws against people jumping the turnstiles and riding the subways for free.

    Chaos in Brooklyn as 1,000 anti-cop protesters storm subway stations yelling ‘don’t let these pigs touch us’ after a spate of violent arrests and the city’s vow to add even MORE officers to crackdown on anyone not paying the $2.75 fare
    Nearly 1,000 protesters took to the streets in Brooklyn Friday night to demonstrate NYPD excessive force and fare evasion crack down plans
    The demonstrators waved anti-police signs, shouted obscenities, vandalized a bus and cop car, and jumped subway turnstiles
    The protest was sparked by two headline-grabbing incidents involving black teens on October 25
    Protesters also demonstrated against plans to hire more cops to police the transit system for fare evaders

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