Barbara Bouchey Breaks Long Silence and Speaks Out About Commodities Losses and Other Raniere-Bronfman Matters

Barbara Bouchey always shared what information she has to help the public understand Nxivm. This is good since it may prevent repeat crimes

By Barbara Bouchey

Today, I am ending my silence.  It’s time to set the record straight, bring facts to light, and defend myself.

I will begin by clearing up enormous errors by made by K.R. Claviger’s post  A Few Facts About The Commodities Trades – And The L.A. Precision Development Project – And Raniere Owes Tens Of Millions Of Dollars In Unpaid Taxes  published back in January 2019 about my $1.6 million commodity loss incurred by Keith Raniere.

The reason I need to clarify this – and set the record straight – is that I counted 18 untrue claims, eight inaccurate facts, and 9 statements that are, in my opinion, defamatory and slanderous.

Neither Claviger, or Frank Report contacted me for my side, or referenced easily available public court filings on the matter.  Given Claviger’s legal prowess, and being aware that Frank speaks with me, it makes me wonder why this gross oversight and lack of fair journalism occurred?

Of course, I write with some trepidation expecting an onslaught of false accusations, and cruel comments.

These erroneous postings by Claviger, and others, have been deeply painful and traumatizing.

And studies suggest that once someone has made their “initial impression” of you, it is difficult to alter it.  My hope, dear readers, is that you set aside your impressions, remain open, give me a chance, and after reading what I have to say, perhaps reevaluate your impressions.

Readers of Frank Report probably know I am one of the most singled out ex-NXIVM members. I am often portrayed in a negative light, blamed, discredited, and repeatedly accused of things I never did, even slandered by the legal definition of the term.

Here is why:

NXIVM & Bronfmans wrongfully launched 7 lawsuits and even had me arrested – between April 2009 and  March 2017.

They falsely accused me of being the “source” in media/blogs, falsely claiming I revealed private confidential information.

They filed motions that I “violated” restraining orders, should be held in “contempt of court” and “sanctioned.” My attorneys advised me that I should NEVER post, comment or have dialog with John Tighe or Frank Parlato – so that I could testify that anything that was written there did not come from me.

Barbara Bouchey says she never was a source for John Tighe’s Saratoga in Decline

I strictly adhered to that advice in order to protect myself.

I did, however, defend myself in the lawsuits I was dragged into and had to comply with numerous subpoenas and some 50 hours of being deposed.

This would not be anyone’s version of volunteer work.

Many of my court documents provided revelations to the media and the general public about the inner working of Nxivm and of Keith Raniere.

James Odato for the Albany Times Union wrote numerous stories about the lawsuits against Barbara Bouchey.

Many do not know or understand why I did not post or comment on the blogs to defend myself.  Some presumed I was guilty. Naysayers claimed my silence equaled guilt.

A critical turning point came when Keith’s last lawsuit was finally dismissed against me in 2017 – and when he was arrested on March 26,  2018 – which all makes me feel “safer” to speak.

For the record, my very first dialog with Frank Parlato was April 8, 2018.

I refrained from sharing for 10 years in interviews, court filings, depositions, publicly speaking – and on this blog – regarding the unfavorable things about ex-NXIVM members or consultants, including those who attack me, because I believed we were all “victims” of Keith. And because I did not want to add further to anyone’s pain.

“We were all victims of Keith Raniere.”

My focus was to keep my eye on the ball – to hold Keith accountable and stop him from harming me and others.

Unfortunately, my silence caused me further damage, as false narratives get propagated and since there was nothing on the record to refute it – – for the reasons I explained above – many people believed it.

I am grateful for the handful of people who defending me, yet saddened to see them viciously attacked. They have told me they fear these attacks and prefer not to be subjected to such cruelty as it is traumatic – which I understand.  This has been deeply painful and traumatizing to not defend myself – or be defended.

Imagine if you were me, knowing Frank Report has millions of views around the world, with people seeing it as the “NXIVM Source” and watch silently as your “character is assassinated.”


K. R. Claviger’s statements are in BOLD, while my FACTS are below them in regular typeface.


Barbara Bouchey found Yuri Plyam, a licensed commodities broker in Los Angeles, CA. I don’t remember the date Yuri was hired offhand but believe it was after Keith lost $1M or so of Barbara’s own money or, some say, money she’d earned as the Bronfman sisters’ accountant after joining NXIVM.

Yuri Plyam, a commodities broker, was found by Barbara Bouchey.


Five months after I met Keith, he convinced me that he and I should each invest $25,000 in a commodity account to “test” his mathematical formula.  My employee did some research and we found “Castle Commodity Trading”, owned by Yuri Plyam.

My own savings were invested. The money did not come from the Bronfmans. The Bronfmans didn’t join NXIVM until two years later and didn’t become my clients until five years later.


At nearly 40 years old, however, Barbara was already a very successful financial manager in the Albany area. Barbara was referred to NXIVM by Nancy Salzman in about 2000, a year or so after officially starting ESP, later NXIVM, with Keith.

Barbara Bouchey and Nancy Salzman


When I took my first workshop, I was, at age 40, managing $90 million, grossing $900,000 annually, with a client minimum of $1 million, and I had $1.5 million in savings.  I met Nancy in 1988. She was referred to me by my TMJ dentist for stress management.

I went for therapy for six months. A few years later, I invested a small IRA for Nancy. We socialized 2-3 times a year. Twelve years later, [2000] Nancy persuaded me to take a workshop. It was an emotional time for me. My best friend had committed suicide and I had just asked my husband for a divorce.  Keith and Nancy had started ESP two years earlier, in July 1998.


Nancy was Barbara’s “psychologist” or therapist for over a decade prior.


Nancy was not my therapist for a decade. I met Nancy 12 years before I took my first ESP workshop, but I only went for therapy 6 months with Nancy – in 1988. Over the 12 years that passed, I only went in to see Nancy for therapy on a few occasions for a brief period.


Keith seduced Barbara or “they fell in love” rather, overnight. Barbara believed Keith was in love and that they had an exclusive, more or less, romantic relationship until 2009 when Barbara left with the “NXIVM 9.”

Keith Raniere and Barbara Bouchey


I did not find Keith physically or romantically attractive, and the last thing I wanted during a divorce transition was getting into another relationship. I did not fall in love overnight.

Although, Keith pursued me from day one and Nancy, and his inner circle, continually sang his praises and tried to encourage me to date him, it wasn’t until six months later that I first started having feelings of love for Keith.

I ended our intimate relationship one year before leaving NXIVM, which caused Keith to give me the silent treatment over the next 10 months while propagating the lie that I had some big “ethical breach” with him which was so bad that he couldn’t even “talk” to me.


Keith called the shots on the trades, per Barbara, but Keith didn’t have a brokers’ license.


True, Keith did not have a broker license. However, I signed documents giving Keith “Trader Authorization” which allowed him unlimited “trading authority”. It was Yuri Plyam who placed the trades as the broker.


Yuri and Keith became phone buddies as Keith blew through upwards of 65M loaned to him by the Bronfman sisters in market trades.


(Disclaimer, this info is already in the public domain or public court documents)

August 2000 was the first time Keith placed trades with Yuri in my account. Trading stopped months later due to margin call losses.

However, Keith and Yuri continued talking daily for some four years, becoming phone buddies.  Then sometime around 2004-5, Keith opened a commodity account for First Principles, Inc., which was his and Nancy’s company which he put in Nancy’s name.

Keith started incurring margin losses. Then he and Nancy asked to “borrow” money from the Bronfmans in 2005 to cover his losses. They agreed to pay it all back and drafted loan agreements. The Bronfmans never owned or invested in commodities, nor did they invest in First Principles to buy commodities.

Barbara Bouchey, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman


In the beginning, Raniere followed Yuri’s advice – and was actually making money. But once he started making his own trading decisions, he quickly blew through $1.2 million of Bouchey’s funds.


Keith convinced me that we each should invest $25,000 in commodities to test out his mathematical formula.  Keith then asked to borrow his $25,000 from me, telling me he was confident it would be earned back quickly, or ESP would pay me. He guaranteed me that all I could lose was my $25,000 principal. That turned out to be a lie. At first, he made money. The investment grew to $150,000 over the next six weeks. Then suddenly Keith came to me and told me he needed $600,000 for a margin call, claiming he didn’t “know” commodities could incur losses. That turned out to be another lie.

I was shocked and horrified. I told him to close the account, but Keith said he couldn’t. That was a lie. He said he could lengthen maturities to reduce risk. That was a lie.

Lengthening maturities exposed me to greater risk. Within months, I was forced to use my own $1.6 million savings to cover his margin call losses.


Next up was Michael Sutton – who was convinced to put up some funds so that Raniere could continue to refine his formula (Barbara and Keith did such a good job of convincing Sutton that they knew what they were doing, he even opened up his own commodities trading account and doubled-down on some of Raniere’s investments, thereby doubling the amount of the losses that he incurred via Raniere’s commodities trading strategies). Total losses for Sutton were approximately $5 million – some of which Bouchey promised to pay back to him (I don’t believe she ever did this).


Keith did the convincing, not me. He convinced Nancy, myself and then Michael to invest.  After I lost my entire life savings of $1.6 million to cover Keith’s margin losses [which was in my name in my account], the losses still continued.

Keith and Nancy asked Michael Sutton if they could borrow $1.3 million from him to cover Keith’s further losses in my account. Because the account was in my name, I was the one who had to sign the loan agreement with Michael – but Michael knew full well it was Keith and Nancy’s debt, not mine.  Michael never asked me to pay him back because he knew he made the loan to Keith and Nancy and it was their debt.


The only way that Raniere could have ever paid back any of the money he “borrowed” from Bouchey, Sutton and or Bronfmans is if he actually made money on some future commodities trades. 

 Clare [l] and Sara Bronfman.

Keith and Nancy owed, and vowed to pay me back the $1.6 million I invested and they vowed to pay Michael back the $1.3 million in 2001. They said ESP would soon earn that money. By 2003, ESP was grossing over $3 million, and they said they could start to pay us back from ESP, having nothing to do with Keith needing to do future trades.

But Keith said it would cripple ESP financially, and since we were earning money in our own businesses, Keith and Nancy told us that we should think of upholding the mission and humanity – instead of being selfish. And just to clarify, the $65 million margin call loss – which Keith borrowed from the Bronfmans to make – didn’t occur until six years later.


It was apparently sometime after her divorce that Bouchey started seeing Nancy Salzman. And although Salzman presented herself to clients and potential clients as a “psychotherapist,” she basically had the same psychologist/psychiatrist/therapist credentials as Lucy does in the Charlie Brown comic strip: i.e., NONE.


I did not start seeing Nancy for therapy after my divorce. I did go out for dinners with Nancy about six months prior to my first workshop. My last previous therapy with Nancy was probably about five years earlier. Nancy referred to herself as a therapist or NLP practitioner – and never called herself a psychotherapist. A month before taking my first ESP workshop, I asked my husband for a divorce and we had our last marriage counseling session.

That was the triggering event. Nancy convinced me to take a workshop saying it would help me in the transition.


Although Bouchey has always maintained that she thought she had an “exclusive” sexual relationship with Raniere, several of her NXIVM contemporaries have disputed that claim. Indeed, there have numerous accounts of Salzman, Pam Cafritz and others counselling Bouchey about her unreasonable attachment to Raniere’s penis.

Barbara Bouchey was Keith Raniere’s girlfriend for several years and it was not until after several months did she find out he was seeing three other women. She did not know about the other nine women he was seeing.


I have always maintained that I did not know of Keith having other women until almost a year after meeting Keith. I have always maintained that I learned of three other women but didn’t know for sure about nine other women until I quit NXIVM.

I did, however, suspect other women, but Keith and his inner circle denied it and I was berated for being jealous and accusatory. I have always stated Salzman, Cafritz and others counseled me repeatedly for being unhappy about the three women I knew about. In fact, there were often 2-5 of Keith’s inner circle coming for a “chat” and to “EM” me or have a “mentor feedback session.”


Regardless of the realities of Bouchey’s description of her personal relationship with Raniere, it’s true that she allowed him to make all the decisions about the commodities trades in her account. What that says about her prowess as a financial planner is an interesting question.

Image result for 1989 guinness book of records australian edition
Keith Raniere’s name appeared in the 1989 Guinness Book of Records – Australian edition only. under the category of highest IQ. He was named along with two others. Curiously, right after naming Raniere – Guinness chose to retire the category and Raniere’s name never appeared in the US edition. Guinness never used the category “highest IQ” again. in any edition.


My reputation as a Financial Planner was one where I was known as being honest, trustworthy, responsible, astute, a leader and a pillar in the community. I only knew Keith five months, having no idea about his true character when we did the commodities.

Prior to this, I never owned, traded, or did so for my clients in my entire career – and – was unfamiliar with them.

Keith showed me copies of the Guinness Book of Records where he was named as having the Highest IQ. He and his inner circle boasted about how smart, honorable, honest and trustworthy he was and boasted of his previous successes.

At that point, I had no reason to suspect Keith, his inner circle, or Nancy (who I knew for 12 years) would deceive me. I had no reason or evidence to suspect Keith was lying and conning me. No matter what one’s prowess is, even the smartest of people can be conned by a master con artist.

Claviger: Indeed, at one-point Bouchey arranged for them to borrow $20 million against one of their future trust payouts so that they could keep both things going (Another great piece of advice from their financial planner – who, by the way, more than recouped her $1.2 million of commodities losses via the fees she earned as the Bronfman sisters’ financial adviser).


(Disclaimer, this info is already in the public domain or public court documents)

At the Bronfman’s request, I attended a bank meeting to provide financial information to help them borrow $20 million against a trust payout.

Well before this, I made it known to Keith, Nancy and the Bronfmans of my dissatisfaction.

The Bronfmans told me to “mind my own business” and Keith and Nancy avoided the topic with me.  The Bronfman’s requests went through my assistant, Becky Freeman, instead of me.

As a Financial Planner, I have no right to tell my clients how to spend their money. Yes, we can share our two cents worth, but it’s improper to do more, or push or pressure a client beyond that.

I rightfully earned fees by providing services to the Bronfmans, while incurring overhead and five employees to do so. To say that this somehow allowed me to recoup my lost life savings of $1.6 million which Keith lost in commodity trading and he owed to me is cruel and irrelevant.

My revenues and net profit were far better before the Bronfmans became clients. Remember, they didn’t become clients until five years after I joined NXIVM, and were my clients for only four years. Our relationship ending when I quit Nxivm in 2009.

I had wanted to terminate them as clients a year before I left NXIVM due to lack of profitability and insubordination issues I had with them. I assure you there is much that no one knows of, and I am not allowed to speak of.


Several people have speculated that Keith and Yuri may have conspired to fake the commodities losses – and the trades never really happened. But, if that’s the case, then Bouchey had to be in on the conspiracy because, in her role as the Bronfman’s financial adviser, she actually had records of all the trades.

Barbara Bouchey with Michelle, Lauren and Nancy SalzmanBB FACTS:

I never had records of Keith’s trades or commodity statements because they were done in First Principle, Inc. (owned on paper by Nancy Salzman) and were NOT shared with me.

The Bronfmans “loaned” money to cover Keith’s losses. Their loans are the only records I have. To suggest that I was or had to be in on the conspiracy is false, uninformed and slanderous.


Bouchey joined Executive Success Programs (ESP) – and took her first training course on March 27, 2000. Less than six months later, she was madly in love with Raniere – and turning over control of her life savings to him.


I never turned over control of my life savings to Keith. I agreed to ONLY a $25,000 commodity investment and was told by Keith that not a penny more could be lost. Due to Keith’s lying about not being able to close the account and how it was traded, I was forced to cover margin calls of $1.6 million within months which I had no way of stopping. It was a nightmare for me, like being on a train barreling down the tracks towards the station and you cannot get off.

I would never knowingly or willingly have invested more than $25,000 in commodities.

The reason I had $1.6 million saved by age 40 was because I did not spend frivolously. I saved my money. I didn’t invest in risky things and was extremely prudent and cautious.


In addition to the money that she herself lost, Bouchey convinced several other people to get involved with Raniere’s commodities trading. These included her cousin, Chrissy Carey ($700,000), Noelle Nielsen ($200,000), and Michael Sutton ($1,400,000). Supposedly, Chrissy Carey was paid back her $700,000, though the source of the funds for that repayment is not known. There is no information as to whether Noelle Nielsen ever got paid back her $200,000.


My cousin, Chrissy Carey, was asked by Keith and Nancy to lend them $700,000 for a different account. A loan agreement was signed where they would pay her 12% interest. Two years later Keith and Nancy paid Carey in full, using a corporate check. Keith and Nancy also borrowed $200,000 from Noelle Nielsen and paid her in full one year later with 12% interest with a corporate check.


Bouchey’s apparent motivation for getting others involved in Raniere’s commodities trading was to generate profits that would allow her to recoup some/all of the money that she herself had lost. Not exactly the soundest of investment strategies to recommend to others – especially for a Certified Financial Planner.


My motivation was for Keith and Nancy to take responsibility for Keith’s commodity losses. Keith and Nancy borrowed money from Carey and Nielsen and signed contractual loan agreements and repaid them in full, plus 12% interest. ESP was earning millions and was capable of paying this money back – which they did. This did not generate any profit for me. But it turned out to be a sound strategy. What wasn’t a sound strategy was my inability to ever get Keith and Nancy to pay “me” back.


Bouchey had apparently promised Sutton that she would personally reimburse him for the $1.4 million that he had “loaned” to Raniere (Sutton reportedly lost another $3-$4 million by setting up his own commodities trading account – and mimicking Raniere’s trades). That’s why she listed Sutton as a creditor in her bankruptcy filing in 2010.


Because the commodity account was in my name, the loan agreement needed to be signed by me for the $1.4 million owed Michael Sutton – but – it was clearly understood and the investment was ONLY made by Michael – because Keith and Nancy were responsible for paying Michael back. He knew this full well.  I was required by law to list the Sutton loan in my bankruptcy filing, which I did, along with a full description of the terms of the loan – which was that the debt was owed by Keith and Nancy. I included a letter in my bankruptcy filings signed by Michael Sutton affirming that Keith and Nancy owed him the money, not me.


Barbara Bouchey said she ended her intimate relationship with Keith Raniere about a year before she left Nxivm in 2009.


Bouchey originally claimed that she lost $600,000 in conjunction with Raniere’s commodities trades on her behalf. She later claimed that her total losses were $1.7 million.


I did claim I lost $600,000 with Raniere’s commodity trades, which was the “first” margin call loss I was required to make. And I always stated that the total margin call losses were $1.7 million.

This concludes the clarifications needed to refute the post written by K. R. Claviger.

If you have read this far, thank you for doing so!  If you have questions, please use your real name, comment, and I will do my best to respond.

As for my commodity account, I filed counterclaims against NXIVM for fraud, conversion and conspiracy in regard to Keith trading my commodity account.

I have broken down precisely how Keith masterfully conned, deceived, and lied to me while Nancy and his inner circle helped him manipulate and weave his false tale.

I hope this clarifies the true facts and rebuts the slanderous claims that I was a lousy financial planner who stupidly gave Keith her life savings of $1.6 million. I NEVER did this.  I was deceived. And this is yet another lesson in the art of manipulation by Keith Raniere and his inner circle.

In closing, thank you for reading my post!  Please note that much of this information is corroborated in some 800 court filings, containing over 100,000 pages, stemming from the last 10 years of malicious litigation I endured – directed by Keith Raniere.


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  • Toni Natalie hates Barbara Bouchey. She has stabbed her in the back with everyone she has come into contact with.

    My guess is most the negative comments on here and most posts that are nameless are posted by Toni Natalie.

    In my opinion, at least Barbara Bouchey got people out of NXIVM when she figured out what was going on.

    Toni started another business with the slimebag Raniere after he was taken out by many US state attorneys general’s

    Toni Natalie stole from her ex and Nancy Salzman, abandoned her son, cheated on her 3rd husband, made it ok for her soon-to-be 4th husband to cheat on his wife, made it ok for her 4th husband to move out of state and not spend time with his child, bankrupted her parents bailing her out, lied over and over in her so called non-fiction book, and
    has screwed over almost everyone she knows.

  • This place is a madhouse. People turning on each other, sniping at every and any opinion, heroes are now zeroes, zeroes might be victims, victims are perps. I can only imagine what life in the cult was like if a blog comment section devolves into such chaos. I love it

    • Mitch,

      You have just posted the most profound comment I have have ever read on Frankreport….

      …..Welcome to purgatory…of course you would love it……

      It’s where you are headed first when you die 😉

      • Purgatory was invented to enable the Catholic church to make more money than Raniere’s overpriced NXIVM courses. Raniere should be jealous, but he’s too busy with Bubba playing with his sphincter at the moment.

          • Mitch Garrity,

            I posted a response to your post regarding my many hypocrisies and paradoxical posts as you see them.

            I will take your silence to mean that you were intoxicated; And your post was not a genuine reflection of how you feel for me.

            I appreciate you following my every post like rabid literary fan or Shadowstate following Allison Mack on PinInterest…..

      • You’re one of my favorites. You appear to be kind and understanding to everyone, with over zealous compliments to a few of the actual actors and victims of this cult. Of course you’ve chosen a few posters that you respond harshly to as well, for a reason I’m not sure I understand. The exception is Scott Johnson where it’s obvious your crush on Heidi and possibly a strange attempt to impress her.

        It’s especially entertaining reading your prior post white knighting for Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie angrily defending them against their critics. Once the truth started coming out about the latter you wittily jump on the train. With the former, Barbara, you alternate back and forth. Nasty and cruel comments and then concerned and compassionate remarks and suggestions.

        I once explained to you what an internet troll was. I mistakenly thought you were a “nice guy” and somewhat naive. You’ve proven to be quite adept at trolling and being a not so nice guy. You entertain as I read and try to determine who you have fooled and who you think you are fooling.

        Have a good night nice guy! Take care! I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and opinions if you took the time to read all this. I did 😁

        • Choose wisely

          A) Mitch studies (stalks?) niceguy as shadow “studies” Allison.
          B) Niceguy stirs Mitch’s curiousity due to them both sharing the “too chicken to appear on Scott’s buddy’s podcast” label.
          C) Mitch loves Heidi and he sees niceguy as a worthy opponent.
          D) Niceguy will soon post to apologize.
          E) Mitch is feeling left out and wants to join the FR message board madhouse.

        • Dearest Mitchell,

          You have addressed me and made some interesting, but wrong assumptions and conclusions.

          First I want to thank you for your very, very, generous warm high praise; “You’re one of my favorites”, and “You entertain as I read” Mitch. I think you are swell as well.

          So you made a few criticisms so I will address them in the following bullets:
          •Regarding my opinion changing overtime. Doesn’t everyone’s opinion change overtime?
          •My opinion of Toni Natalie changed when Frank Parlato shared a large compost of information on Natalie. She starved her kid Mitch. WTF don’t you understand?
          •My opinions of Barbara Bouchey changed, when I realized why she clings to ” NXIVM had some good”, it is because otherwise she flushed her whole life down the toilet and wasted over a decade of her life. All of that loss has to have some meaning for Barbara to carry on.
          •Regarding Heidi Hutchinson, I lost someone I loved in my life just like Heidi did under ambiguous circumstances. Not knowing what really happened, leaves a wound in your soul that never heals.
          If I had a crush on Heidi, I would have to get in line behind Bangkok, Scott Johnson and you.
          •Mitch, I have always stated I make fun of assholes and people who act like assholes. You are an asshole. You have said more misogynistic and misanthropic statements than I can count.
          •Regarding myself, I am just an average guy and sometime web- crank, who posts on this website. I am no hero and I am no saint. Over time the people I know and strangers I meet have always said the same thing to me, “you are a nice guy”.

          Mitch it’s Friday night as you know, so you are probably having a bottle of cheap scotch. The usual? I hope that at the bottom of that bottle you find your succor tonight my sweetest friend.

          BTW: I never said I was not going to purgatory. When I get there I will save your ass a seat at my table. Good night to you, my favorite blow hard. Kiss, Kiss.

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  • Bouchey is more a financial planner than an investment manager, though she may want people to think think she has a grander role. For instance, she doesn’t have an Investment Manager certificate and hasn’t taken any CFA exams, from what I can tell. She’s really just qualified to do things like help people set up IRAs and buy mutual funds, or sell them an annuity or whole life insurance. She was obviously completely out of her depth with an investment like commodities.

  • I call bullshit. Investing, according to her job qualifications is her profession. She’s playing the dumb card. It just doesn’t add up. Besides this doesn’t look like Barb’s writing.

  • Hi Barbara, I worked for Clare on her property SRF in Bucks Co. from 02-09. I’m glad you could get the story off your chest finally. I think it’s a shame what happened to and you Clare.I do believe she was a victim of asshole Keith at first and corrupted later of course. I’m glad it’s over for you and you can start a new chapter. Let’s hope Keith rots in jail for a long time.

  • Having some experience with commodities trading, I can offer some perspective on that aspect, that one or both of two methods are used to vet any potential trading strategy, whether it is a supposed “formula” or whatever – and neither involve risking actual money:

    * Test the strategy on several years worth of previous market data, preferably covering different types of markets (i.e., “bull” and “bear”), making imaginary (“paper”) trades to see what results actual trading would have produced.

    * Test the strategy under current market conditions for a period of time, making “paper” trades to see what results actual trading would produce.

    No diligent professional would “test” a trading strategy with real money – and Bouchey’s apparent minimal training left her without an understanding of the risks of commodities trading on margin. I think that shows how she was more a saleswoman and promoter, which helps explain how she got involved in NXIVM and fell for Raniere – including his cons.

    I would have thought that Bouchey’s CFP (Certified Financial Planner) training would have at least taught her to steer clear of risky investments like commodities, and leave them to specialized investment professionals – but apparently not. Also, I think that the educational requirements for CFPs have changed to require a college degree, and so she would no longer even qualify if what I have read is correct.

    ESP had almost no actual successful executives or real professionals, especially after the Forbes expose’ of 2003, precisely because such people tend to be both trained in, and habituated to, rigorous and diligent thinking and action, and would likely research and quickly recognize NXIVM and Raniere for the shallow cons that they were.

    However, I think that we can understand to some extent how people in vulnerable situations (as Bouchey apparently was at the time of her getting involved), and without rigorous and diligent training and habits, could have been fooled by, NXIVM and Raniere – at least initially.

    I also don’t see any sign that Bouchey has done any sort of research or due diligence in reading about and understanding high control groups or cults, which I think unfortunately leaves her rather stuck imagining the “good” in NXIVM and lacking real perspective on her experience.

    Barb, if you’re reading this, I would suggest starting out with some of Steve Hassan’s books, and then delving deeper into the literature – particularly if you want to hold yourself out as someone who has real understanding about what went on in NXIVM.

    • Precisely.

      “No diligent professional would “test” a trading strategy with real money – and Bouchey’s apparent minimal training left her without an understanding of the risks of commodities trading on margin. I think that shows how she was more a saleswoman and promoter, which helps explain how she got involved in NXIVM and fell for Raniere – including his cons.

      I would have thought that Bouchey’s CFP (Certified Financial Planner) training would have at least taught her to steer clear of risky investments like commodities, and leave them to specialized investment professionals – but apparently not. Also, I think that the educational requirements for CFPs have changed to require a college degree, and so she would no longer even qualify if what I have read is correct.”

  • I am glad that Frank finally posted this . I have and always will be a supporter of Barb, and believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves against false allegations. Although not everyone likes her style, I find her to be one of the most courageous and honorable people I’ve known.

  • I think Barbara Bouchey did what she could do with her limited resources when she left NXIVM to take them down.

    As she has said, Raniere, Salzman and others in the inner circle left BB out of the loop of the criminal enterprise.

    After leaving BB had no real hard evidence of the NXIVM criminal enterprise to turn over it appears to take down NXIVM.

    The legal system was not going to take down Raniere because he slept around.

    Because BB had put up with the inner circle “gals pals” club she couldn’t make a big enough dent in taking numbers with her when she left to put an end to NXIVM.

    What really took Raniere and NXIVM down was DOS, the branding and the collateral. Had Raniere not stepped over that line, NXIVM would still be up and running.

    Trying to correct misinformation might change some minds. Those that don’t like her might still not like her for their own reasons. Those that have supported her all along, will continue to do so.

    In the grand plan. If this helps you heal Barbara Bouchey, that’s what is important.

  • Barbara’s post is to be taken with a grain of salt. She’s far from having a mediocre ability to express her position eloquently. One should also consider omitted details. They are the hardest to identify. Based on past postings her response is selective.

    One has got to love Nancy however. Her innate capacity to destroy like a cancer is now richly rewarded in turn by nature. Unfortunately very late but hopefully she will exit the stage very soon!

  • “He and his inner circle boasted about how smart, honorable, honest and trustworthy he was and boasted of his previous successes.
    At that point, I had no reason to suspect Keith”

    Sentence #1 gives ample reason to suspect Keith. He boasted about his wonderfulness, he boasted of his accomplishments as well as boasting about his I.Q. Methinks, to paraphrase Shakespeare, he boasts too much. He was obviously a braggart and a windbag, which should have raised several red flags.

    “I agreed to ONLY a $25,000 commodity investment and was told by Keith that not a penny more could be lost.” As if his promises meant anything. When $25k is on the line, I’d expect it in writing, notarized, and approved by my lawyer. The promises of a man who boasts he has the highest I.Q. in the world are not something to take as ironclad.

    I know next to nothing about investing. Simple common sense, however, would warn me off anyone claiming he had some magical mathematical formula guaranteed to beat the commodities market. Promises of easy money are in the territory of e-mails from Nigerian princes. If Keith had this magic formula, why was he looking for other people’s money to invest? Why didn’t he use some of the “millions” his ESP was banking? Red flags, red flags.

    It’s actually not that hard to avoid being conned. A little common sense, a little caution and a little research beforehand. Like checking out this guy Keith Raniere before taking his investment “opportunity”. A little cursory digging would reveal that his previous enterprise, CBL had been busted by the government as a pyramid scheme.

    • Actaeon,

      Your fault is to sometimes think your analytical approach is easily replicated by commoners. LOL
      Insightful but entertaining post!

    • Good common sense points. Plus you might think that someone who was supposedly a trained professional financial advisor, would know to be particularly aware to cautious about potentially risky investment strategies. Plus she claims not to have known anything about even the basics of how commodities trading on margin works – which may just be a sign of how minimal her training actually was.

      I’m going to write a separate comment about how commodities trading strategies should be vetted.

      Bouchey seems to have been rather gullible, and more of a salesperson and promoter than a professional herself.

    • Acteon,

      Re Your beliefs:

      I can at least agree with you on two points you readily repeat so often:

      1. Personal responsibility and accountability.

      2. All humans unlike animals have a certain level of free will and agency.

      What I do not agree with is your nonsensical pseudo-philosophical callous, insensitive, and absolute disregard for the plight of other human beings.

      The alias Jarhead, once paid you a compliment when he said, “you would be an excellent addition to a special forces unit” ….Nothing could be farther from the truth.

      To be a good soldier you have to be able to self-sacrifice for the good of the group or be able to follow the most perilous orders.

      A man that does have compassion lacks the basic trait for self-sacrifice.

      You would never risk your own life for the good of a fellow soldier or military unit or for that matter your country.

      Please stay out of the military and….
      ……Stick to sophistry it’s the one thing you excel at.

      • Acteon,

        Re Compassion and self-sacrifice:

        In every war the United States has been starting with World War II marines and other servicemen have literally dove on hand-grenades to protect their fellow marines and soldiers in war time including Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

        Do you think a marine diving on a hand-grenade lacks compassion?

        Self- sacrifice is the ultimate act of compassion for another human being.

        You can never be a true man without compassion.

        • Indeed, Nice Guy, which is why the nxivm regiment was and continues to be such a mess. No conception of All for one and One for all.

    • Batb claims she left 9 years ago YET she constantky seeks the spotlight over this.
      CrimeCon this summer, the TU event where she hogged the mic, E, Megyn Kelly interview…..tine to put it to rest and get on with her life.
      She plainly seeks the notiriety.
      This isn’t about her.
      It’s a misnomer that any publicity, even bad publicity is good.
      Frankly I would think it violates some code of conduct aming CFP’S.
      Besides hrr, Toni, even Sarah. Tend to rewrite their history.
      We all do that to some extent.
      Sarah, to her credit, ensured that all the credit cards would be locked away in a lawyer’s office away from Clare’s greedy hands. Like Scientoligy, NXIVM automatically charges your credit cards once they have your card numbers.
      Barbara has not, to my knowledge, been ssked by the authorities, nor a CFP adjudicating body to account for her financial activities while in NXIVM. Perhaps they should because the lady protesteth too much.
      Nine years is more than enough time to move on.
      By her actions one can assume Barb seeks the limelight. Thus she leaves herself open to criticism.
      Now she protests? She opened the door and continues to do so by her oral and written words.
      Barb, stsy in Saratoga, tend to your busineess and do a bit of gardening.

  • Barbara Bouchey is a hero. She more than anyone brought down Nxivm. And more than anyone she suffered. She was the greatest victim and the greatest hero.

  • “Frank Parlato
    October 22, 2019 at 8:09 am

    Barbara wrote this some time ago. It was held up for some time because of various issues between this publication and herself, but last week she told Joe O’Hara that she wished her story to be published. This may account for why she made other appearances during the trial and before it. She has been silent since the trial ended as far as I know.”

    Frank — don’t you think it would have been more honest of you to include this information at the top of this article. Your failure to provide this type of information makes you look like you are trying to deceive your readers.

    If you want to be taken more seriously, you should also be honest and label the older articles that you are recycling so that readers have some context.

    Also, if you don’t want to appear so dishonest, you should start to provide retractions whenever your previous statements are shown to be wrong.

    • Barbara did not ask that such a disclaimer be made. She wanted it published. Period. IN my opinion, when she wrote the article is irrelevant, if the author wanted it published now.

      • That’s why you aren’t the great investigative journalist you proclaim yourself to be. If you actually think you are or can’t see why you aren’t, you’re probably as delusional as you claim Natalie to be. You are apparently little more than a parrot with some disturbing biases. Some “source” tells you something and you splatter it on your blog. “Someone” tells you something else and you splatter that as well.

        Do you ever ask yourself why Mark Vicente, Catherine Oxenberg, Bonnie Piesse, Sarah Edmondson and many others don’t follow the Frank Report on Twitter when they follow so many of the real journalists that have covered the NXIVM story.

        • Dear Anonymous

          It seems you are here with an agenda. I don’t care if anyone follows me on Twitter or not– a person really does not have to follow on Twitter to log on to the Frank Report – as more than five million page views this year prove. I can guarantee you that Bonnie, Mark, Catherine and Sarah all read my blog when the fight was on – and I was the only one out there with my name on anything concerning Nxivm.

          All four of those you mention were invaluable sources – do they have to follow on Twitter to read Frank Report?

          And even if they do not read it every day – like they used to – for them, the battle is over. For me I am not finished – yet. Am I a good investigative reporter or even a great one? I rather suspect I am decent enough to accomplish the work I undertook – which was to expose Bronfman-Raniere. Half my work is done [Bronfmans have not experienced justice yet]. I am not sure what you have done in your life – but my work – and it has been credited in a hundred – literally – media outlets – cratered a cult and took down a criminal enterprise. I did it with help from people you mention – who used their own names – and for many – sources – I had to keep them private.

          Who are you?

          You seem to know little about investigative journalism – if you fail to see that by my writing “according to a source” qualifies the comment. It does not mean that it is dispositive. This is precisely why I publish disparate accounts from different sources – in order for readers to judge and for additional sources to come forward.

          You seem to have a mean and uninformed agenda – not one of seeking the truth – and all under the cloak of anonymity. What brave fight have you undertaken?

          I use my own name when I pick a fight. I rarely say this to anyone – but why don’t you either come forward with you own name and make your case – or go away.


          • Do you a reason to believe that there may be a hidden agenda? To be honest, to me this commenter sounded genuinely confused as to why Barb’s article was just posted now…..I didn’t think there was an agenda beyond getting clarification on the matter.

          • Frank, it does appear that Anonymous poster does have an agenda and also has an affinity for Twitter. If memory serves there is a person who posts here frequently, although not has often now as she did when she first grew sprouted, who also likes that platform. I believe it was Flowers who checked out Heidi’s twitter account and was using it to launch attacks on her. I think she was questioning accounts Heidi was following but I could be misremembering. I do recall Flowers stating she believed Heidi is a fake and then tried to say Heidi was harassing her l. When people like to use the same turns of phrase in their comments it may be easy to use an advance Twitter search and see if you could unearth Flowers’ twitter account and see if she’s been throwing any mud your way.

          • Agenda guy
            Are you so sure I have a Twitter account? I did have one that I had to close due to harassment by the people who tried to intimidate me with a fake lawsuit.

            Anyways, I’m NOT an investigative journalist, and I’m not responsible for any information that may have been uncovered by any journalists, if any such information exists.

          • Mr. Parlato, like any good journalist, will go through great lengths to protect their sources. In all my years reading about this case on the Frank Report, there has never been one story written that has been discredited. I think last year there was one retraction to an article. That alone should tell anonymous something. not to mention this cited list: New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Albany Times Union, New York Post, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, Oxygen, Hollywood Life, E! News, CBS Inside Edition, Televisa (Mexico), Stern (Germany), Brisbane Times (Australia), Sun (UK), Hamilton Spectator (Canada), Haaretz (Israel), Tibetan Journal (Tibet), Dnevnik (Croatia), New Zealand Herald, Sputnik News (Russia), Voici (France), Blich (Switzerland), Pour Femme (Italy), CM Journal (Portugal)

          • There’s a JRule31 on Reddit who doesn’t seem to be a big Frank fan. Flowers says she isn’t an investigative journalist. Well, that comes as a huge surprise but what’s she on about when she says she’s not responsible for any information uncovered with the added kicker “if any such information exists.” More cryptic comments from Flowers.

          • Is Flowers talking about this


            The author is accusing Frank of interfering in the Canadian election but it doesn’t look like she bothered to allow him a chance to comment.

            A note to anyone who clicks on the link – the story is very long and convoluted but there’s a heading with Frank’s name where she starts talking about him.

          • That’s an interesting article (but really, really long) so I haven’t had time to go over it in detail.
            Has Frank or this Matthew guy made any statements regarding this article?

          • The link to the article above is fake news. It mentions Frank unfairly taking down NXIVM but doesn’t mention the NXIVM 6 were convicted of felony crimes. It’s not real journalism.

          • This is exactly why I favor requiring all commenters to use their real name or one of their social media IDs. I’m all for protecting the names of sources, but stupid commenters waste a lot of time. There aren’t that many people who comment on this website to make it that hard to implement.

      • But since Barbara wrote this, “If you have questions, please use your real name, comment, and I will do my best to respond.” if you don’t mention that this article was actually written 6-7 months ago, people will be asking questions and wondering why Barbara doesn’t bother to respond.

          • Are you Sylvia, The Agenda? I don’t know any Sylvia’s nor have noticed any posts on FR written by a Sylvia.

            I did have a twitter account, which was was trolled by the people who intimidated me with a lawsuit, and so consequently was deleted.

            I don’t know the journalist who wrote that article, though coincidently I did email her once regarding a totally different matter (at least it has no connections to her current story that I am aware of) so I was amazed to now see this article that mentions Frank. Its a bit of a coincidence.

          • Are you referring to the fragrant article linked above? Flowers, yes I bet you were ‘amazed’ at the ‘coincidence’ And you only emailed her once? Fancy that.

          • It’s probably not a coincidence the JRule31 Reddit user has vanished after being called out here on the Frank Report. I do wonder who was behind it.

          • Flowers’ comments here have a Toni Natalie quality about them. Frank doesn’t like people he catches in a lie. Good luck to you, Petals. 🙂

            Sylvia says you’ve done a little housecleaning.

          • I still don’t know who Sylvia is, but why is she talking to someone on Frank Report? This Svia should just write her own posts, or maybe email Frank if she has any information.

            I did email the journalist once a few weeks ago, regarding anther story she was working on, and I did mention to her that I had been harassed since 2013. Since I never even heard of the Frank Report until 2017, how could the two things be connected?

            But it seems I might have guessed correctly about some things, such as Roger Stone and Alex Jones having a hand in the crazy Ben Szemkus story.

          • Also, I have no clue who JRule is, and I have never had an account on reddit. The first time I saw those comments was yesterday, after you pointed out that such comments exist.
            Your accusations mean absolutely nothing, and are just as accurate as me accusing you of being Roger Stone.

          • The Agenda,

            What’s the background on Flowers?

            Is she and ex-NXIVM member?

            Is she for real?

          • Nice guy
            Yeah, I’m not real, I’m a figment of your imagination.

            Or maybe I work for Frank to write comments that will encourage the trolls to attack me….

            What do you think?

          • Niceguy

            You ask if Flowers is for real. All I can say to that is if you start reading her comments from the time she arrived here in and around October 2017 until now you can come to your own conclusion. She seems to have an agenda here that has little or nothing to do with NXIVM at this point. She wants to tell her own story and, in the beginning linked it to NXVIM. She drops a lot of info and accuses almost everyone, except God himself, of being part of a large group harassing her. When you follow along the cast of characters just keeps growing and includes anyone who may doubt her story. Everyone is in on it and I think she’s now including Frank in that group. I could be wrong but that’s my theory. She does point out in that last comment she talked to the person who wrote the article which says Frank is involved in a whole slew of crap and, of course, she mentioned she’s been harassed since 2013. She’s said over and over she’s been ‘threatened’ with a lawsuit and just recently said it involved libel. That doesn’t surprise me. It was when Frank started writing about Toni and her behavior it struck me there is a similarity in the way these two women act. This is all just conjecture that’s how I see it.

            If you do read back notice how she starts out seemly sweet and as time goes on the tone changes and she gets ugly with people. She has a particular hate for Heidi that seems really weird. For a time her comments were on the topic at hand but that didn’t last too long.

          • Hi,
            The Agenda
            I bet I’ve talked to you before, under one of your many incarnations/personalites/aliases.

            Why are you so angry? Frank knows I’m not Toni, unless Toni is now in Canada, which seems unlikely. I dont know her, or any of the other people mentioned here.

            You can keep insisting that I’m a liar, but that doesnt make your lies about me true.

            Scott, there is a mistake in that article with regards to Frank attending a NXIVM party. I think the source of the party info had been a crazy Ben Szemkus story, not the truth.
            The other info mentioned in the article was all things I had not heard before, except I knew, of course, that Roger Stone was connected to Frank.

          • Agenda,

            I had been confused regarding Flowers & Nxivm.

            Thank you for sharing and clearing things up.

          • OMG! Of course Flowers isn’t Toni Natalie. No one said she is but she comes across as very much LIKE Toni Natalie in personality in as much as she needs the story to revolve around her and the truth is nothing but a nuisance.

          • Agenda, you are the one who attempted to involve me in this story, only to turn around and claim I involved myself. Read your own posts…..🙄

            I bet you are also the person who wrote the original anonymous post that critisized Frank, too, in order to expose this story.

            Why are so interested in this? Writing all these posts as NiceGal and The Agenda….sounds like YOU have your own agenda.

  • I took a 15 day intensive in Albany and questioned the inconsistencies of ESP. It was Philosophical mumble jumbo.

    When We first met, You were leading a group only months after taking your first training Barbara. We had a difference of opinion about parasitic behavior and you were very adamant about being right and I realized then that you couldn’t see beyond the tip of your nose.

    Barbara I think you still suffer from that shortcoming. You lack the ability to see many facets in a situation making it very simple for Keith to fool you out of $1.7 and 9 years of your life in Nxivm and another 10 years holding on to the fantasy of the GOOD in Nxivm

    Barbara your road to recovery will not start until you look in the mirror and accept the mistakes you made in following this charlatan Keith
    and accept your responsibility for being naive without any critical thinking skills.

    I hope you wake up from the nightmare and start healing.

    • I was only there for a 5 day program in 2002 but it was enough for me to realize that Keith was a charlatan and that Nancy and the two Barbara’s (Bouchey and Jeske) were brainwashed sycophants who nearly had orgasms whenever Keith was approaching or off in seclusion planning his new headquarters: i.e., the proposed monument to his ego that never got built (remember that?). Part of Keith’s devious program was to label and vilify dissent or even insightful questions. They caught me on tape nodding off briefly in one session and used it to illustrate to the rest of the class how a person avoids truth and reality. I saw marriages being broken up. I saw people crying because their family members or parents refused to send them any more money to continue their “explorations of meaning”. While I do sympathize with Barbara B. for the degree of viciousness they subjected her too once she dared to defect, it’s hard to forget how willing she was to take hard-earned money from other innocents when she was “in love” and believing herself to be a chosen disciple of the great fraud Keith Raniere.

  • Bravo. You’ve survived hell and lived to tell about it.

    One can only imagine the strength and patience you must have to go through this for so long.

  • Babs. I hear you have a lovely little dog. It’s about time you have some love in your life. And some peace. While Toni Natalie lies her head off and makes up bullshit stories you have always told us the truth. God Bless You Barbara Bouchey.

  • End your silence?
    TU event
    You were recently on E!

    Silent my ass!

    You ran your mouth touting Keith as a good bf whilst you stood online outside the courthouse.
    Repeatedly you insist there is “good” in NXIVM that YOU want to bring to us.

    Please., PLEASE be silent. Run your CFP business and shut up!

    • Barbara wrote this some time ago. It was held up for some time because of various issues between this publication and herself, but last week she told Joe O’Hara that she wished her story to be published. This may account for why she made other appearances during the trial and before it. She has been silent since the trial ended as far as I know.

      • “She has been silent since the trial ended as far as I know.” — So did Barbara do the E! Hollywood interview before the end of the trial?

  • Barb, I hate to break the news to you

    But nobody gives a shit.

    Get a life and stop being the Drama Queen.

    It’s almost like you’re upset that Frank stopped writing about you. Now, you flap your jowels to be at the center of attention again.

    You’re basically the JESSE JACKSON of NXIVM. Always ready to give you’re two cents. But you’re too stoopid to realize that nobody gives a rat’s ass.

    Yes, that’s stoopid, because that’s one step below normal stupid.


    • John Davis,
      It may be that Barbara does not give a damn about us yet gives a shit about mopping up her past to present a shinier image of herself to potential clients of her investment fund.

  • Hi Barbara – According to the Hollywood Reporter article, you had a big influence on Allison Mack when she first joined NXIVM.

    From that article:
    “It was really Bouchey that put her under her spell,” says Mack’s former roommate. “I heard three years of how wonderful Barbara Bouchey was and how she was so great with business. Allison had such a desire to be a strong businesswoman and have a mentor.”

    According to a comment on here, Allison also turned over her money to you to manage. Can you talk more about your interactions with Allison. She obviously trusted you enough to turn over her finances to you.Why do you think Allison and not Nicki Clyne ended up in Keith’s inner circle and not Sarah Edmondson. Before you left in 2009, did Allison still have most of her money or had Keith started using it?

  • Like it or not Barbara is a heroine. She fought the good fight and won and kept her soul intact. You cowardly one who don’t even sign your real name. I doubt you could withstand what Barbara has done.

  • Have you been sitting on this article for a while? Barbara posted one or two articles earlier in the year and then disappeared. did you just choose not to post this before?

  • By the way Barb, I don’t care about you being hurt, traumatized, etc.
    I care about the helpless victims like Dani.
    Maybe if you would shut up, stop making yourself the focus of attention you would start to rebuild a private life.
    But, no, just like at the TU event, you had to grab the.mic and make it all about you.
    It’s always about Barb.

    Get ON with your life, please.
    Seek therapy if need be but get on with your life.

    • Why shouldn’t BB be allowed to write a response here to what was published about her here?
      g, you are being unfair and even irrational, but maybe you have personal issues with BB that makes you so.

      • Please, I would avoid the company of someone like Barb who refuses to get on with her life.
        She avails herself of every opportunity to promote herself as some bastion of truth as regards this group.
        It is long past time for her to get on with a private life. Long past.
        Frankly methinks she protesteth too much.

    • That’s about the stupidest response I’ve ever heard. You don’t care about “helpless victims like Dani” at all. How arrogant to actually think you have a right to decide who is a more “worthy” victim, that you would attack someone who did absolutely nothing to you.
      What type of reasoning is that? Attacking Barbara does nothing to help anyone else, does it?… and it certainly has no positive effect on any other victims that you decided were more deserving of sympathy.

        • Thank you Barbara for stepping up in 2009 like you and the others did. This brought much of Keith’s behavior to the forefront. And thanks for speaking up now to clear your name with your facts.

      • Flowers is trying to shame g for attacking someone who has done nothing to her. She asks what kind of reasoning is that? Same kind of reasoning Flowers’ employs. IMO. That’s rich, coming from Flowers.

        • Anonymous
          First – pointing out that G is attacking Barb without reason is not shaming. By your reasoning any criticism could be considered to be shaming.

          Second- how can my attempts to expose the activities of criminals be an attack on them? Do you mean criminals should never be exposed? Lol.

          Lastly – what makes you believe you know anything about the criminals who harassed me? It’s very odd that you make assumptions about things that you have no way to know.

  • Before I even finish reading this….
    Explain why, Barba, you go to CrimeCon, interviewed on Megym Kelly, now on E.
    Were overheard, while standing in line at the courthouse going on about what a great boy friend Keith was.
    Repeatedly make statements about wanting to bring us the BEST of NXIVM.

    Why don’t you just go about running your CFP business and lead a private life.

    You seem to be dense in understanding your prior reception on here.
    Frankly one can assume you crave the limelight and the days when you mistakenly thought, as Keith’s paramour, you would rise alongside the world’s smartest man to rule the world.

    Let me state it plainly.

    Go away. Lead a private life.

  • Barbara,

    I read your whole article. I have no questions or criticism.

    I wish you well, and hope you have joy and happiness in your life.

    Take care!

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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