Allison Mack’s True Role in the Sex Trafficking of Nicole [Part 1]

Not a true picture of Nicole whose last name is being withheld for her protection and to aid in her healing from her contact with Keith Alan Raniere.

This is the first in a series about the true role that Allison Mack played in the sex trafficking of her slave Nicole.

Nicole, a 31-year-old aspiring actress, came under Mack’s influence in 2015; at first, she was hopeful that Mack could help her with her career.

Nicole was soon recruited by Mack to join a secret sorority – called DOS – which she was led to believe would help her in life and lead to her ultimately meeting Mack’s master, Keith Alan Raniere.  Nicole was induced to give blackmail worthy material to Mack, which she shared with Raniere and, ultimately, Nicole was branded on her pubic region – as a slave – with Keith Raniere’s initials.

All of the details we are going to reveal came from Nicole’s statements – to me – when I interviewed her – and later in the trial of Raniere in federal court in Brooklyn – where she testified.

Mack did not stand trial because she took a plea deal which saw her plead guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy – and avoid the serious sex trafficking charge – for sex trafficking Nicole.

Raniere was convicted of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy  – and also,  because of Nicole’s testimony, of sex trafficking.

I know quite a bit about this – since I was the first person to urge Nicole to go to the FBI, and arranged a meeting with her and Catherine Oxenberg in Brooklyn. Then, Catherine and I arranged for Nicole to go to an attorney, Neil Glazer, who, in turn, took her to the FBI. She became a star witness for the prosecution.

I knew after talking to Nicole that crimes had been committed against her by Raniere and possibly Mack.  I outlined those crimes to Glazer, who, in turn, outlined them to the FBI and then later produced Nicole to the feds. Glazer represented Nicole pro bono.

Thanks to Nicole agreeing to become a witness, Raniere was convicted of sex trafficking – and for this crime, he faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison.

Raniere could not have sex-trafficked Nicole without Allison’s help.  She introduced Nicole to Raniere.

But how guilty is Allison?

As we unfold this little series, I believe the reader will be able to judge for himself or herself, whether Allison was a victim or whether she participated gleefully in the sex trafficking of Nicole.


Before we begin the actual testimony of Nicole, I would like to address comments made by some readers – that we have had enough stories about Allison Mack.

This is not entirely a story about Mack – but rather a story about a precedent-setting sex trafficking case.

Usually, sex trafficking comes with prostitution and involves women who are in the lowest, most vulnerable rungs of society – the most helpless. Nicole comes from a fine family who are at least middle class, if not affluent – and she is in the normal workaday world; she was gainfully employed and aspiring for her dream to be an actress and having some success at it.

Yet, she too was sex trafficked – not for money. Not as a prostitute, who could not escape some ruthless gang – who forced her to offer her body to many men for money paid each time she was degraded.

Nicole was in a so-called self-help group and was not sold – but rather coerced into having sex with just one man – the leader of the cult.

This is not your typical sex-trafficking scenario and, in this respect, it is groundbreaking.

Poor Allison – who is the most famous in the group – and who will attract the largest attention – because of her former celebrity [now notoriety, now infamy] – was in the middle of it, and now will help guide the public to a larger understanding of a new concept of sex trafficking, arising from this precedent-setting legal case.

Perhaps it is unjust to have what happened to Nicole deemed as sex trafficking – it may be a reach or overreach – but the charges were made by the feds and the jury decided it was true. Nicole was sex trafficked.

And Allison was in the middle, lucky to avoid the sex trafficking charges herself.

By exploring this matter thoroughly, readers may come to sympathize with Allison, coming to believe perhaps that she, as a slave, too, was sex-trafficked herself.

In this and the next posts in this series, we will be working from transcripts of the trial – with additional comments from me to explain the context.

Most of this has never been published and much of it is in Nicole’s exact words.

She is the witness, on June 7, 2019  – the 18th day of the trial of Keith Raniere. She is being examined by the lead prosecutor, Moira Kim Penza, an assistant US attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Department of Justice. The presiding judge is Nicholas G. Garuafis.

Raniere, along with his attorneys, is in the courtroom and between her and Penza, to her right – seated in two rows – on wooden seats – with small monitors to examine exhibits – are 12 jurors and five alternates – listening – apparently quite intently – to her testimony.


As a matter of context, Nicole was Allison’s slave – in the master-slave sorority called DOS.  Unbeknownst to her, this sorority was led by a man, and he was the master of Mack, which made Nicole, in the parlance of the group, the grand-slave of Raniere, the man on trial.

As a slave of Allison’s, Nicole was required to obey her commands or risk punishment – such as having her collateral released – collateral in the form of blackmail worthy material – which, if released publicly, or to the right people, could destroy her career and ruin her relationships with her family.


In April 2016, Allison had a command for her slave, Nicole – who was, at the time, a struggling actress living in New York and trying to make enough money in acting to quit her regular job – in a nightclub.

Allison ordered Nicole to make contact with Keith Raniere – a man she had never met – but had heard about – as the leader of Nxivm.

As a matter of record, if Nicole was Allison’s slave, in turn, Allison was Raniere’s slave, and, just as Nicole must obey Mack’s commands, so also did Allison have to obey Raniere.  This is important for while Mack ordered Nicole to begin to communicate with Raniere, I doubt this is something Allison likely dreamed up for herself.

It is my opinion that Raniere ordered Mack to order Nicole to start communicating with him. Why? Because Nicole is a naturally slender, attractive brunette, who was the type of woman that Raniere was sexually attracted to.

At the time, Nicole did not know Raniere was the secret leader of DOS. She had already taken the Nxivm five-day intensive so she was familiar with pictures of Raniere which hung on the walls of Nxivm classes.

After Nicole received her order from Allison to make contact with Raniere, Nicole emailed Raniere trying to get a response.

He did not respond to her first email.

Nicole then asked Allison what she should write, what should she do to get him to respond.

Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza is asking the questions.

Nicole, on the witness stand, is answering.


Q: …What did you do?

A   I [texted Allison asking] what I should say – [Allison texted back]…  that I needed to have him respond, so I sent another e-mail.

Q   Did you end up sending a series of e-mails?

A   Yeah, I think I sent one — I sent one more and then he still didn’t respond, and then she [Allison] was really getting on me, and then she said that … I was slow as molasses getting this accomplished [getting Raniere to respond] and then she said, if I didn’t get him to respond by 3:00 a.m…. that she would have to take a cold shower. [it was April and the water is still cold in New York]. So then I sent another e-mail.

Q   Why did you do that?

A  Because I was scared that I was going to get in trouble and I also didn’t want her to have to take a cold shower. At that time that seemed like kind of a crazy thing to do. I was like ‘why do you have to do that if he’s not answering?’ And I didn’t want to make her have to do that, so I tried to e-mail again.


Q   And … this is now the second e-mail that you’ve sent to the defendant?

A   Yes. And I believe Allison said to like ‘ask him a question.’

Q   So is that why you say [in the second email to Raniere], “I go around and around in circles trying to think of the right question to ask?”

A   Yes.

Q   And do you remember there being a sense of urgency from Allison from the time you … first received the defendant’s e-mail address…

A   Yeah.

Q   And so you end up asking a question: “The biggest question on my mind, how do I constantly challenge my fears and be joyful at the same time? While I’m challenging and facing my fears, my body feels constantly in fight or flight.”  Do you remember asking that question [to Raniere in an email]?

A   Yes.

Q   And did you feel that way at the time?

A   Yes, especially when like [Allison] was putting a lot of pressure on me to get an answer. Every time she gave me an assignment, my body just went into fight or flight because I knew I had to do it, so I would go into fight or fright.

Q   And you say: “I’m about to start the five day in New York City with Lauren.”  Did you end up taking the five-day intensive again?

A   Yeah. Allison had talked about wanting me to do more ESP curriculum, which she wanted — it goes the five day and then like ten more days, but it had been such a long time I just said that I would rather do the first five day over again, then do more.

Q   And at the end, you say [in her email to Raniere]: “In all the videos I’ve seen and things I’ve heard about you, you’re very joyful and playful, but for me, thinking about pushing on my fears for the rest of my life doesn’t make me feel playful. It makes me feel scared and heavy-hearted, it makes me want to run away.” Is that how you felt at the time?

A   Yes.

Q   And this is April 17, 2016…

A   Uh-hum. Yes.

Q   And did the defendant respond to this e-mail?

A   No.

Q   And April 18, so the next day, you send another e-mail?

A   Yes.

Q   And … you write: “… I have no idea how to befriend someone that I’ve never met, especially someone as intellectual and contemplative and as in demand as you, and having to do it over the internet while it’s pushing against all sorts of things I hate, like bothering people or asking for things or feeling uncomfortable or, even worse, feeling needy or desperate.” Did you have any desire to be e-mailing the defendant?

A   No, there was no reason for me to.” [other than being ordered by Mack]

Q   And then you say: “But Allison told me to be honest with you and the truth is that Allison is trying to push me, or I assume push against my fears, and is going to stand in a cold shower if I don’t figure out how to hear back from you by 3:00 a.m. Yeah, that’s happening. I would personally prefer not to have her do that. I know, shocking. At least not on account of, or because of my failure.”  So did the defendant respond to this e-mail?

A   Yes. Finally.

Q   …. Before he responded, had you actually sent another e-mail as well? …

A   Oh, yeah. Yeah, I was just trying to think of anything to spark up a conversation so I sent one of my favorite Ted talks by JK Rowling.

Q   So …. on the 18th at 5:20 a.m., you had sent the e-mail about her taking the cold shower, and then on the 18th at 12:42 p.m., you sent the Ted talk. And then did the defendant respond on April 18 at 6:46 p.m.?

A   Yes.


Q   Okay. So the defendant [Raniere] writes: ‘Oh, dear, how far do you want (me) to go? Also the thing with Allison and the shower is not a good lever for me, but more of ethics later.” Did you know what that meant?

A  Not exactly, but I assumed that he considered what I did unethical, like I don’t know why, but, yeah, that is what I got from it.

Q  [Penza continues to read Raniere’s email to Nicole] “How committed are you to working to get this answer? It is a scary, difficult journey to experiencing existence with the lightness of true freedom with the depth of love.”  Now, did you want to “experience the lightness of true freedom with the depth of love?”

A   I mean, I don’t really know what that is, to be honest.

Q   Okay. And then [Raniere] said: “Thank you for persisting. I just got your three e-mails, long after Allison must have started her refreshing shower.” So that’s in response to the cold shower?

A   Yeah.

Q   Now, did you respond — did you end up responding to the defendant?

A   Yes.

Q   Were you checking in with Allison during this time and telling her about whether there had been a response from the defendant?

At this point, Raniere’s attorney Marc Agnifilo objected.

AGNIFILO: Your Honor, object to the leading [the witness].

THE COURT: Rephrase the question.

PENZA: Sure.

Q   Nicole, during this time, are you communicating with Allison?

A   Yeah, because I have to let her know that I accomplished it.

Q   And how is she responding?

A   Like “good job, finally. Good job, now like start a back and forth.”

Q   And did she say that?

A   Yeah.

Penza shows Nicole a two-page e-mail chain.

Q Is this the back and forth between you and the defendant following his response?

A   Yes.


Q   So, Nicole, you wrote back to the defendant: “Yeah, I wasn’t sure about that lever [mentioning that Allison would have to take a cold shower], but I got scared and panicked. Thank you for the feedback on that. I have so much to learn on ethics.”  What’s feedback?

A  That’s like an ESP-like NXIVM word – people were constantly giving you feedback on how you could improve or what you could do better. Yeah.

Q  And then you talk about “it’s the whole process of acting and the discipline and the human exploration, and the person I have to become in order to be a great actor that I love?”

A   Yes.

Q   You are talking about your interests here; are you talking about your interests in improving as an actor?

A   Yeah. Yes.

Q   … was that your focus?

A  I think that sentence is a very good way of explaining it. I loved exploring humanity and human nature, and learning how to be a more like grounded and better person so I could become the kind of performer I wanted to be. That’s why I was doing all of this, you know. Yeah, yes.

Q   And then, at the end [of her email to Raniere], you say: “I guess the other part of my question is, why there has to be so much struggle and difficulty to get joy or freedom and how does one not get lost in the struggle and fear and hardship.”

A   Yeah, so there’s something that I noticed just about the ESP community. And also, what I was experiencing and going through, was everyone seems like everything needed to be a struggle and you had to be in pain, and you had to struggle in order to grow. And it just felt really overwhelming sometimes because I’m all for growing, but I just didn’t want to live my life constantly needing to struggle and feel bad or ind something to struggle against. Like, life gives you enough struggles.

Q   And then, April 19, 2016, does the defendant respond?

A   Yes. Yes.

Q   And he says: “True freedom in the physical world comes from absolute commitment to a principal with no tolerance for excuses or an out, escape. Only then do we find freedom does not depend on being able to do what we want; it depends on not being able to do what we want yet still experiencing self. Love is only measured through pain. Our ability to feel human pain determines the depth and strength of our love.” Is that what he wrote?

A   Yes.

Q   At this time, did you know that the defendant was part of DOS?

A   No.

Q   Those concepts, … were those DOS-related concepts?

A   Absolutely.

Q   And would you later discuss them with the defendant?

A   Yes.

Q   So during  … April and May 2016, during that time period, what are your feelings about DOS?

A   Confusing. It was stressful and scary to constantly be facing this commitment that there was no [getting] out of. It felt really scary, but also, Allison was still being nice a lot of the time and she was helping me with some career stuff, so it was a little bit confusing.



As we shall see in the next post in our series “The Sex Trafficking of Nicole,” it was to get a lot more confusing and a lot more scary – and Allison was to become a lot less nice – as the relationship with Keith and Nicole evolved.

Stay tuned.



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  • Shadowstate’s Worldview: Wikipedia and Google Maps.

    Just stop Sadstate. If your closest connection with Clifton Park is Google Maps, why even bother offering an opinion? Do you realize how asinine it sounds to say that you “looked at Google Maps and Clifton Park seems like a nice place to raise a family.”?

    I will assure you, having been a regular visitor to Clifton Park and Colonie and Halfmoon and Latham and Saratoga Springs and Malta and Mechanicsville since the mid 1970s, and having very dear longtime friends (since I would imagine that you have not many friends, maybe you could Google “friends”?) who have lived in Clifton Park for the last ten years, believe me no one in the Capital Region was terrorized by Raniere or NXIVM except for the lost souls who fell victim to the bad tech, who were susceptible to lovebombing, who masticated moronically on the word salad. If one did not irritate His Flacidness (as did John Tighe and Frank Parlato), you would not even know Vanprisonguard was there, unless of course you were looking for a late night volleyball game or you were a slim young waif searching for a pearl necklace.

    One of my Clifton Park friends has taught grade school there for the last eight years. Which means (s)he came into contact (obviously) with many parents and children. (S)he had never heard of Raniere or NXIVM until Sarah Edmondson’s shazizzle hit the fan on the front page of the Times. So this notion you have that residents of Albany and Saratoga are living in fear of NXIVM is rather far fetched, much like your belief that master criminals Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman, aided by an army of Mexicans and B- actresses, with the half hearted endorsement of the Dalai Lama, with the support of two of the stupidest men ever to graduate Harvard (Emi Salinas and Anthony Ames) were bent on world domination. Is/was NXIVM a criminal enterprise worthy of prosecution? Absolutely. Did their activities endanger the general population of the Capital Region? Only in this fantasy world you are living in.

    As to me being a kilt wearing Scottish troll just because I called you “laddy’, get this straight boyo I can insult a schlmiel like you in many languages. Got it you gryaznoye zhivotnoye?

    I eagerly await your next article (as you call them) on AMack. Or has Frank Report’s legal team advised that your missives be relegated to the “Comments” section? C’mon Mr. Frank what fun is journalism without a loose cannon rolling around on the deck?

    • The rhetoric around here does tend to get overheated, I agree with you on that. Rainiere and Co. richly deserve to be in prison, which is where they are or are headed. Mxivm/DOS was a cult, a fraud, a criminal enterprise. That said, a cult like this is basically only a threat to those foolish enough to sign up for the abuse. People paid good money for rather obviously useless and derivative “personal growth” courses where the bullshit was obvious from the get-go. Or they paid excessive fees for baloney acting classes form an obscure former actress with no track record of actually gaining her students professional acting careers.

      People make foolish choices all the time, but what Nxivm and its derivatives like The Source got up to was, in my estimation, borderline fraud. The people who signed up for this were naive and gullible fools, as is often the case with fraud victims. Which doesn’t in any way make the fraud okay. It’s immoral and despicable to sucker fools out of their money. Can also be illegal.

      It irks me no end that people join cults. Give their money, their time, their lives to some self-aggrandizing guru. Send their hard-earned money to some multimillionaire televangelist. Even though they’re idiots for doing it, it still ain’t right.

      But unless the cult starts stockpiling guns and explosives, a la the Branch Davidians, cults really aren’t a danger to people who have a modicum of common sense.

    • “Or has Frank Report’s legal team advised that your missives be relegated to the “Comments” section? ”

      Once Allison Mack has been indicted for sex trafficking and plea bargains it down to Racketeering and admits in court to extortion and blackmail, there are not many ways one can defame her.
      Just read the trial testimony where Mack collected blackmail pictures and videos of naked women to coerce them.
      That is sex trafficking and pimping.
      Allison Mack is a sex trafficker and pimp.

      And before you call me a dirty animal again, no one is a dirtier animal than Allison Pimp Mack who starved India Oxenberg to compel India’s friend “Nicole” to obey her commands.
      Allison Pimp Mack is more Nazi than human.
      No wonder Allison Pimp Mack was so eager to collect Raniere’s sperm to breed the future Master Race with her Sister-Wives.
      And that breeding story comes from the court testimony of Lauren Salzman.

      Allison Mack wallowed in the mud like the other NXIVM pigs.

      • Master race? Lauren Salzman? Keith Raniere? Somehow I never imagined a master race comprised of men with borderline hypertrichosis and women with huge proboscises.

    • “Did their activities endanger the general population of the Capital Region? Only in this fantasy world you are living in.” So, your local politicians being paid with money extorted from members used to keep people in litigation is a safe place? You sound like a loose cannon. Imo, of course.

      • I will take “loose cannon” as a compliment, though you may not have meant it that way. Blow hard is a little less complimentary, but I’ve been called much worse.

        “Extorted from members”? Hey these people were on a path towards self improvement, no?

        As to local politicians being paid, my hometown is currently suffering through its sixth year of probably the worst pay for play Mayor in history, a man who makes worse every problem he addresses.

        My point to Shadowstate was that the presence of NXIVM in the Capital Region had very little impact on people who had no involvement with the cult, and indeed there were folks in the Capital Region not even aware of its existence.

    • Thanks for that Anthony Ames confirmation, his face symmetry reads as an inbred Appalachian with mental deficiencies. I wasn’t sure if it was just his putrid belief system throwing off my radar.

  • I’m curious, does anyone know if there was a drug aspect to all this? Was KR spewing his shit on hallucinogens?? Serious. Were drugs involved?

    • In a Crazy Days and Nights Blind Item published last year there was a hint that drugs were used to make the slaves more compliant.
      The usual pattern in sex trafficking is for drugs to be used to keep women docile.

      “TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2018
      Blind Item #8
      Over the last couple months, what seems like the last remaining insider in the NXIVM scandal has basically shut down communication with everyone including me. What were fairly frequent emails has turned into infrequent screeds and links to positive thinking news articles and message boards. Then, two nights ago, that changed when the insider was ticked off. Lies, lies lies was the subject line and for two paragraphs, the insider described multiple times that the former almost network actress forced women to have sex with her and then would hold them while the leader had sex with the woman. Other times, the leader would force our actress to have sex with another woman in front of him an would give instructions. If the instructions were not carried out, the actress would make the other woman do as she was told. On multiple occasions, the other woman was the celebrity offspring of this actress. In addition, our insider said that if the actress thought someone was not doing a good enough job of pleasing her or the leader she would subject the woman to hours of instruction which was confinement and isolation and denial of food until they became more compliant. If there was a woman that the leader really wanted to have sex with but was not being compliant, the actress would force feed her drugs, often addictive drugs to get them hooked. If the addiction would get out of control, the subject would be put an isolation and forced to go cold turkey for days. This cycle would often play out multiple times. ”

      Allow me to highlight the relevant allegation:

      “If there was a woman that the leader really wanted to have sex with but was not being compliant, the actress would force feed her drugs, often addictive drugs to get them hooked. If the addiction would get out of control, the subject would be put an isolation and forced to go cold turkey for days. This cycle would often play out multiple times. ”

      Some of the comments to this blind item.

      Brayson878:51 AM
      Good gawd Allison Mack!


      Sara, Making It Work8:52 AM
      India Oxenberg for the offspring


      MDAnderson8:53 AM
      Sara Bronfman??/Allison Mack/India Oxenberg

      LooksLikeCRicci11:44 AM
      Oh, Allison Mack. You suck. You suck so much!

    • Raniere reminds me a lot of some potheads I knew during graduate school who were interested in very similar sorts of amateur philosophizing, speculation and conspiracy theorizing, and supposedly cutting-edge tools of the mind like NLP. That might go towards explaining his development – including its somewhat stunted aspects, such as being stuck in a juvenile sexuality fixated on young girls or women who looked like teens.

      I think I may recall seeing references to his early hanging out with young women involving smoking marijuana. But he seems to have ended up in a place mentally, where no drugs were necessary. His pseudo-philosophizing doesn’t really strike me as having any of the really esoteric aspects typical of those doing halucinogens – he’s not even a Timothy Leary wannabe, though I suppose that might suggest a possible path of re-invention if he ever gets out of jail.

      • I’ve heard mention of pills in relation to this cult, they had two doctors with prescription pads. I agree KAR has a committed pot-head vibe, he always strikes me as ‘dopey’ ‘sloppy’ inclined to intellectual short-cuts, and high carb munchies, and yes, come to think of it most folk I know that are ‘Conspiracy Fundementalists’ are mostly committed to the rama-lama-ding-dong, above all else – including my venerable old dealer hahaha…

  • KR is such a flaming asshole. First, they set him up godlike. “Ooohhh, better send another email”.

    Then the prick ignores the girl. And ends up spewing horseshit like, ““How committed are you to working to get this answer? It is a scary, difficult journey to experiencing existence with the lightness of true freedom with the depth of love.” Now, did you want to “experience the lightness of true freedom with the depth of love?”

    He is a cold, calculating, deliberate sociopath.

    And he tapped into the weakness of an awful lot of people.

  • “she took a plea deal which saw her plead guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy – and avoid the serious sex trafficking charge”
    No she didn’t avoid it…the charge are dropped in the plea deal, subtle difference.

    When a plea deal is made, the prosecutors aim at what they know they CAN prove. Since the beginning, the Sex trafficking part of the accusation was always making no sense (and many lawyers wondered how it could be qualified as Sex trafficking while it didn’t fit)
    Only the prosecution believed it was (the judge didn’t drop the case as it waited for more info which never happened…He never directly refused the dropping of those charges (while he refused to drop some of the charges)

    The prosecution obtained a plea deal due to the unsupported accusation against Allison (about pedophilia). It’s the reason why Allison gave up her trial.
    Because, despite the fact she wasn’t there, Penza said she would demonstrate that it didn’t matter and she was linked to it (years after it happened).
    This meant that Allison wouldn’t have had a fair trial.
    The Sex trafficking was dropped as it’s non-existent.

    “I know quite a bit about this – since I was the first person to urge Nicole to go to the FBI”
    She doesn’t seem to appreciate you much from what the trial showed…Urging is a bit of an understatement from her point of view.

    “This is not entirely a story about Mack”
    Suuuuure, it’s always about Allison, even when it’s not, you manage to drag her in it…always while twisting everything to make her look guilty.

    “Perhaps it is unjust to have what happened to Nicole deemed as sex trafficking – it may be a reach or overreach – but the charges were made by the feds and the jury decided it was true. Nicole was sex trafficked.”
    No, the prosecution promised to prove to the grand jury that it was sex trafficking base on the bogus claim…the judge and everyone waited for the proof which never happened.
    In reality, as much as i’m happy Raniere was declared guilty of it too, it is not because it was proved (it was never proved) but because of the bastard, he was!
    I praise the jury for their decision because else, with this trial, he would have gotten a low sentence…now he is guaranteed to do at least 15years.

    “By exploring this matter thoroughly, readers may come to sympathize with Allison, coming to believe perhaps that she, as a slave, too, was sex-trafficked herself.”
    There was no sex trafficking and i doubt, seeing the kind of person who still goes after Allison, that anything will change their mind.
    It’s your fault as you tried to charge Allison since WAY before the trial and even when proved wrong (by the trial), you still charge her with things proved not to be her work.
    You also ignore frequently her position and the fact that she was coerced, starved and sleep deprivation.
    Actually, you only keep what is fitting your stories and ignore the circumstances and details.

    “It is my opinion that Raniere ordered Mack to order Nicole to start communicating with him.”
    No it’s not…it’s a fact known. Several 2 masters slaves (and a slave) confirmed that they gave the same assignment…
    It’s not an opinion and for the court, it was a fact. Only here, some people pretend that Allison was the leader of DOS (because of you). In reality, it is clearly debunked in court.

    “she said, if I didn’t get him to respond by 3:00 a.m…. that she would have to take a cold shower”
    Funny, Allison is said to be the big bad monster but Nicole said it’s not her that would have to take the cold shower but Allison…Wait but i thought that Allison was the one punishing!?

    “And then [Raniere] said: “Thank you for persisting. I just got your three e-mails, long after Allison must have started her refreshing shower.””
    What a pathetic loser, may he never see the light of freedom! when to think that MDC had the cold shower problem and he was probably amongst those who cried for it…Fucking Sissy!

    “Confusing. It was stressful and scary to constantly be facing this commitment that there was no [getting] out of. It felt really scary, but also, Allison was still being nice a lot of the time and she was helping me with some career stuff, so it was a little bit confusing.”
    Shadow’s voice: Nicole is a liar! Allison is the devil, the devil i tell you! burn her!

    It’s not like she (Nicole) know Allison as good as Mr i hide in my parent’s basement…

    “Allison was to become a lot less nice”
    No , she didn’t became a lot less nice, you pointed yourself that she was in the same position as Nicole, following the orders…

    • “Shadow’s voice: Nicole is a liar! Allison is the devil, the devil i tell you! burn her!” Anonymous getting full of herself.

      I hope that attorney Neil Glazer sues the pants off of Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman on behalf of all of the women tortured and abused by these monsters.

      • That’s probably all Glazer would get, a pair of pants. Both of them are broke. Lawyers don’t like to sue when there’s nothing in it for them. Duh.

      • Shadow’s voice Alison is evil, she is evil, she is Evil LLL!
        Shadow why don’t you target anybody else involved???
        Shadow.. She is Evil! She is Evil…
        We’ve now had nearly two years of this crap…

        Please explain why you HATE her so much (and none of the others)
        Everyone can see it’s clearly something personal..
        So man up and be honest!

        • Truthseeker:
          How many young women were suckered into NXIVM based solely on the celebrity of Allison Mack?
          And that was the type of slaves that Raniere wanted.
          Pliable young females who can sexually please Raniere.
          Do you have any idea how sex traffickers groom their victims?

          And men are more independent and rebellious and willing to challenge authority.
          Not many men will tolerate the Vanguard stealing their wives or girl friends.
          NXIVM only has room for one Alpha male, Keith Raniere.

          Young women are not going to be attracted to a chubby, hairy bloated scam artist like Raniere.
          They will be attracted to a young female celebrity who appeals to them as a role model.
          A supposedly independent young woman.

          In fact Rick Ross boiled it down to the essence.
          Allison Mack is the “Tom Cruise ” of NXIVM.

          And as Chief Pimp Allison Mack was all in for meting out punishments to non-compliant “slaves.”
          Allison Pimp Mack was Raniere’s eager and willing accomplice as Pam Pimp Caffritz lay dying.

  • I remeber those late showers i always heard that shower going late at night 2 o’clock 3 o’clock it drove me crazy — little did we know – very upsetting

    • Those showers had nothing to do with cleanliness.
      They were Allison Mack torturing her slaves.
      How many long cold showers will Allison Mack have to take to cleanse her rotten soul?

        • Scott:
          Most people are inherently good and don’t want to see others suffer.
          Particularly if those others are their family or friends.
          A person might sacrifice his own life or comfort but not be willing to see their relatives or friends tortured.

          • Linda:

            I feel sorry for the good people of Clifton Park who had to suffer through this madness for so long.
            From what I’ve seen of the neighborhood through Google Maps and Google Earth, it looks like a good decent neighborhood where people should be able to raise their kids without too many fears.
            Raniere and his mindless drones took a nice typical suburban American neighborhood and turned it into a venue for craziness and cruelty.

            As time passes, Clifton Park will return to normal and people will forget about Raniere, Clare, Mack, the Salzmans and all of their insanity.
            These monsters deserve to be buried alive.
            Perhaps at some point in the future, a writer will create a story based on NXIVM as a legend.
            The way Washington Irving wrote the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle” someday a writer will expose these NXIVM clowns for what they truly are.
            Goblins and Ghouls who belong in a macabre fiction more appropriate for a Washington Irving or Edgar Allan Poe story than a modern-day American neighborhood.

            “The Witches of Knox Woods who danced with the Devil in the pale Moonlight.”

            Remember time heals all wounds.

        • It’s only been 14 years and I’m not complaining, I’m educating. The Amway dirtbag lawyer Charles Bundren even made a point of saying during one of my court hearings that I was “yelling” by capitalizing that I was EDUCATING someone in an email I sent them about Amway’s scam. LOL

      • The point of my question is some people work on the back shifts, so the mere sound of a shower should not be upsetting, unless it was a cold shower, and cold water does not make a significantly different sound than warm water, unless the person is screaming. The drama on this website is amazing. LOL

  • “…she said, if I didn’t get him to respond by 3:00 a.m…. that she would have to take a cold shower”

    I wonder whether Allison was stupid enough to actually take a cold shower. As if her lord and master would know if she didn’t. Did she think he had a crystal ball? What a dumbass.

    And Nicole was dumb enough to buy it! Lord, what a bunch of idiots. Proof that you really have to be brain dead to join a cult.

    Here’s how it would go with anyone with a few active brain cells:

    “If he doesn’t respond by 3:00 am, I’ll have to take a cold shower.”

    “No you don’t”

    “Yeah, I do. That’s what he told me.”

    “What are you, retarded? How’s he gonna know? Just tell him you took the shower. Honestly Allison, you’re the dumbest brick I’ve ever known.”

    “We’ll release your collateral!”

    “Oh that? I made all that shit up. Go ahead, release it. Dumb bitch.”

    • You obviously have no ethics, or you wouldn’t question whether Mack would take a cold shower. What if some of the blackmail material wasn’t made up, but true?

      • Then they were idiots for giving relative strangers blackmail material. Make no mistake, Raniere and company belong in prison. They victimized people. But their victims were incredibly stupid.

        Why would anyone in their right mind want to join some outfit like DOS?

    • So you would tell your family, friends (if you actually have any) or co-workers (assuming anyone would actually employ you) that it isn’t really you masturbating in that video or photograph.

      OK, let’s put pompous Actaeon’s puffery to the test.

      What if I told you I know who you are and will share your masturbatory Erica Durance posts, your vile post encouraging Allison Mack to kill herself, and your promotion of Satanism with the people in Boston who know you?

      • The only people who should be exposed are the gangsters who ran the NXIVM crime gang for years.
        Anonymous, you just want to protect the rotten, reprehensible Allison Mack who is a groveling subservient girl friend of the big boss.

      • Go ahead and post the information about Actaeon, that’s the only way to make the comparison legitimate. Make it real, not just theoretical. Otherwise, you’re pompously puffing like like Actaeon. LOL

    • Actaeon : You are the stupid one…instead of recognizing you are wrong, you continue to aim at her.
      You are a fool and you are pathetic!

      COLLATERALS! i remind you that Nicole accepted to do the same kind of things (because of collaterals) and that it is known that Raniere had mean to spy on his slaves…(cameras and Nicky clines…)

    • From what I’ve seen and read of such groups, there is such a level of both commitment and enforcement, that in a case like that it’s almost certain that Mack would take the cold shower, and that not doing it wouldn’t be seen as an option. They are virtually by definition stuck in a mindset that is not normal, so considerations of normal behavior from our perspective don’t work as guides to understand their behavior.

      That level of commitment would be admirable in a way, if the context and purpose of it weren’t so warped. One of the classic tests of virtue, or integrity, as C.S. Lewis put it, is “doing the right thing even when no one is watching”

  • This is a steep cliffhanger…

    Most chilling part of Nicole’s story for me is that she’d expressed suicidal ideation prior to being recruited — on top of the fact that, as the NX top-tier knew, suicides, mental breakdowns and mysterious deaths had already occurred among them. Plus, in these emails to Keith, Nicole is expressing her loathing to continue under the pressure and coercion of potentially harming Allison.

    Yeah, she’s a fully grown woman but this does give credence to cult-joiner target theories that the recently emotionally damaged are most likely to fall for the trap.

  • I have the greatest respect for you, Frank and the work you’ve done exposing this cult, but it feels misleading to point out that Nicole was a poor little 31 year old waif when Allison got her in her clutches–Allison herself was 33 years old at the time–and by the time you’re in your 30’s, you are a fully grown adult. I have no doubt horrible things happened to Nicole and other women like her, but they weren’t teenage girls snatched off the streets but women making terrible choices who in turn had awful things happen to them.

    • Lucy L:

      Allison Mack used her fame and good name to lure women into a sex slave operation.
      Allison Mack is a disreputable woman.
      A deplorable woman.
      A reprehensible woman.
      A ruthless, cruel, sadistic woman.

      Allison Mack hurt other women to impress her boy friend and receive his blessing.
      To gain power and prestige within the NXIVM criminal gang.
      Allison Mack is a misogynistic pimp.

      • Allison Mack used her fame and good name to attract women to a sex slave operation.

        According to your argument, it is irrelevant that Nicole was 31 years old, since Allison’s simple fame was enough to make her someone without her own will and without common sense, I ask if instead of Allison it would have been Margot Robbie or Sofia Vergara, then according to you argument would have had thousands of women recruited.

        • Many young women admired Allison Mack for her early success in the acting business.
          When Nicole was a young woman in high school and college she looked up to Allison Mack as a role model.
          Many young women and girls did.

          Now these young women have woken up to the fact that Allison Mack is a fiendish Ghoul who enjoyed torturing and enslaving women.
          Stop Drinking the Allison Mack Kool-Aid!

      • Shadow: Oh shut up idiot…get help, get restrained in a mental facility, this is your place you lunatic!

        “Allison Mack hurt other women to impress ” If you weren’t that stupid, you wouldn’t choose the article where it is said that she is the one being hurt to make your Fucking stupid point!
        Actaeon: “While I’m glad Raniere and his lieutenants got convicted”
        Here we go again…this text is actually showing that it’s Raniere, some of his lieutenants and a couple of victims got convicted.

        We read here that it’s Allison who was the victim of Raniere’s punishments…not Nicole.

        • Where is the proof that Allison actually took cold showers as punishment for Nicole’s failures?

          Both Keith Raniere and Allison Mack are Master Manipulators who played with other people’s emotions.
          Both Keith Raniere and Allison Pimp Mack liked playing Mind Games with people.

    • True. While I’m glad Raniere and his lieutenants got convicted, the women who got suckered into DOS were unbelievably stupid. So while I stand by the principle that people who defraud and abuse fools belong in prison, the fact remains that the victims were naive and foolish to a degree that beggars belief. Paying a small fortune for bogus, useless courses. Believing all the obvious crap that was Nxivm. Freely giving blackmail material to people they barely knew, people who were selling them self-improvement malarky at inflated prices.

      They were practically begging to be ripped off. And ripped off they were. And more. Quelle surprise!

  • I think we have had too many superficial stories about Mack – but not enough getting to the heart of what I think draws people to her case, and makes it an interesting example of how people get involved in high control groups or cults. So thanks for delving into the actual testimony, evidence and facts.

    Given that DOS was a sort of BDSM arrangement, I’m not sure that the first-level slaves wouldn’t have offered up their pod slaves to their master as a matter of course, though it’s also quite possible that he had either asked for a “fuck toy” in general, or for one of them who had specifically caught his eye.

    What struck me in this section, was Raniere’s style of manipulation and covert victim-playing trickling down, with Mack under threat of having to take a cold shower if Nicole didn’t fulfill her assignment. Despite NXIVM’s claimed ideology, no one apparently thought to point out that if there are no ultimate victims, then such a thing shouldn’t be their problem – but in such groups, mechanisms like that are used to push blame and burdens of responsibility down on those of lesser status, not actually increase accountability.

    • “with Mack under threat of having to take a cold shower”

      This threat was a mere means of manipulating Nicole and playing on her humanity.
      Neither Keith Raniere nor Allison Mack have any humanity.

      Keith Raniere and Allison Mack are manipulative fiends.
      Raniere and Mack are Demons Incarnate.
      People rose to power in NXIVM by bullying, peer pressure and manipulating others.

      And Allison Mack was as eager to manipulate people as Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman.
      Quit apologizing for a stupid, vapid Hollyweird celebrity

      • “With Mack under the threat of having to take a cold shower”

        This threat was a mere means of manipulating Nicole and playing with her humanity.
        Neither Keith Raniere nor Allison Mack have humanity.

        I remind you, sir, not obsessed that Sarah Edmondson mentioned something similar about Lauren, when Lauren told her that if she did not give more guarantees she would be buried in a cage, Keith Raniere manipulated people by pushing ideas from those in the upper lines to those of the bottom lines, in his speech at Vanguad Week 2016, he mentions how he pulls the proctors with his example and these in turn see the trainers and so they pull the students

        And Allison Mack was so eager to manipulate people like Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman.

        so you know what was going through their minds at that time, fence you must have impressive but curious mental gifts since you know what was in the minds of allison and lauren, but you have no idea why nicole and all the other women who were part of Keith’s haren and those who were recruited in DOS, forgot their common sense and their will.

        • “Lauren told her that if she did not give more guarantees she would be buried in a cage,”

          Thinking back to how Lauren Salzman locked up a young woman in a room for almost two years because that woman would not have sex with Raniere, Lauren Salzman should have been buried in a cage.
          Lauren Salzman richly deserves to be buried in a cage.
          Lauren Salzman is every bit as evil as Keith Pervert Raniere and Allison Pimp Mack.
          What did it take to wake Lauren Salzman up?
          Mexican Federales pointing machine guns at her head.
          All three of them –Raniere, Mack and Lauren Salzman deserve to be buried in a cage together.

          Please read one of my favorite Edgar Allan Poe stories, linked below in PDF format.
          A great American classic.
          “The Cask of Amontillado.”

          The Cask of Amontillado
          Edgar Allan Poe

  • Reading this testimony it is abundantly clear that Allison Pimp Mack was procuring women for her boyfriend Raniere using Mack’s bogus Acting School “The Source” as a portal into sexual slavery.
    Allison Mack is a sex trafficker.
    And the threat of cold showers if “Nicole” does not comply demonstrates that Allison Mack was willing to use force and coercion to get her orders obeyed.
    The EDNY was foolish to fail to prosecute this case against Mack as well as against Raniere.

    I hope that the NDNY picks up the ball and prosecutes the crimes that the EDNY declined to pursue.
    And I hope that Nicole’s attorney Neil Glazer files a civil RICO suit against both Allison Mack and Raniere and anyone else involved in the operation of the sex trafficking crime ring.

    “As a slave of Allison’s, Nicole was required to obey her commands or risk punishment – such as having her collateral released – collateral in the form of blackmail worthy material – which, if released publicly, or to the right people, could destroy her career and ruin her relationships with her family.”

    Allison Mack is nothing less than the female version of the Joker.
    A cruel criminal who pulls grim gruesome practical jokes on people.

    • Yes, but since you have proven time and again that you are STILL INFATUATED and OBSESSED with Ms.Mack, your rants carry less and less weight and serve only as sad comedy.

      Looking forward to January sentencing, when I can check PACER to see if your sentencing letter (hopefully you used coherent sentences and paragraphs) was made part of the public record, and we will be able to check on what caused a middle aged man to become INFATUATED and OBSESSED with a marginally talented, average looking B- actress.

      I live and work in New York City, covered by the Southern District and Eastern District federal courts. There are dangerous criminals in NYC, from Mayor and Mrs deBlasio right on down to the gang bangers and the licensed physicians peddling opioids. I think the government has spent enough time with NXIVM, a group of idiots who were able to separate folks even more idiotic than themselves from their money.

      NXIVM is (was) not the Mafia or even the Catholic Church. Raniere is in prison for the rest of his life, and Allison and Nicki’s acting careers(?) are ruined. That’s enough for me, let’s use our resources to investigate, arrest and prosecute real criminals.

        • Amen, indeed! Why would a 60+ year old man stalk a B-actress with a felony conviction? And have you ever noticed he takes any criticism of himself as a defense of Allison, the object of his love/hate obsession?

          But then this is the wacky world of the Internet…

          I do think, Frank, that you should nix the posts on Allison at least until her sentencing, not because they are not of interest, but because they are triggers for you-know-who.

          • Because shadowstlker is a mentally unstable. He has never developed as an adult out of puberty. He like a couple of his butt buddies on here scream the loudest. A sign of someone who projects their own evils upon others.

          • To Shadow’s shrink:

            Your brain has shrunk.
            A woman who tortures other women with a branding iron is not “Unstable” in your twisted world.
            A woman who enslaves other women in the name of female empowerment is not unstable in your twisted world.

            Maybe Bellevue’s Psychiatric Ward has a spot for you.

          • “I do think, Frank, that you should nix the posts on Allison at least until her sentencing, not because they are not of interest, but because they are triggers for you-know-who.”

            You forget that Allison Mack’s sadistic obedience to her master and her eagerness to torture other women caused the whole NXIVM House of Cards to collapse.
            Had Allison Mack acted like a decent human being none of the hundred alleged sex slaves” would have been hurt and dehumanized.

          • John, we need the Allison Mack articles.

            The Mack articles bring out the semi coherent contributions of the Frank Report’s Clown Prince, and before Mack somehow rejected him (the Truth about this is out there!), Mack’s most devoted and likely most elderly fan.

            I had never heard of Mack or Kristen Klick or Smallville before coming across Frank Report, but I am hoping that Allison Mack, after serving her time, makes a bit of a comeback. While Disney and the Networks might treat her as toxic, a Hulu or a Netflix or an Indie filmmaker might take a chance on Mack. Stranger things have happened, and Sadstate’s predictably apoplectic reaction at an Allison Mack comeback of any sort would be….priceless.

            (Cue Sadstate’s predictable and oft repeated retort that am a Mack apologist/misogynist whatever).

      • “let’s use our resources to investigate, arrest and prosecute real criminals.”

        You might take time to note that I have discussed Jeffrey Epstein, R. Kelly, Jussie Smollett, Bill Clinton and any number of other criminals.
        Your main intent appears to be to save a slave master named Allison Mack from the Justice she so richly deserves.

        • That’s right, Mr. Shadow. You’ve thrown crumbs towards other criminals, but you have thrown bushels of bread loaves towards Mack. LOL

        • Let me tell you laddy, if you, like me, cared NOT A WHIT about Allison Mack’s past, present or future, your life might seem a little more normal.

          You once revealed that you had only watched two episodes of Smallville. What, 100 times you watched each episode?

          Sure you have offered your thoughts on Epstein, R. Kelly, Smollett, John Wayne Gacy, Hitler, Clinton, et al. But I might say that some readers, contributors and even the proprietor of The Frank have noticed that you set upon Allison Mack with more vim, vigor, vitriol and vehemence than all of the above-mentioned malfeasors. Even an osteopath, or man of limited diagnostic skills such as Brandon (“Don’t call me Doctor”) Porter would opine that said focus is not healthy.

          Once again, if you were truly concerned about violence against and enslavement and trafficking of women, or humans in general, and took 1/3 of the time you spend excoriating Allison Mack trying to better the lot of those victims, why it would almost be as if the Bronfman girls had donated hundreds of millions to real scientists and researchers rather than the chubby charlatan’s speculative and pseudo scientific pursuits.

          One question (being serious here): Will Allison Mack, as part of her sentence, be required to be registered as a sex offender (a veritable life sentence of sorts)? If not, why not?

          • I doubt Mack will have to register as a sex offender, she didn’t plead guilty to any sex charges.

          • “Let me tell you laddy,”

            Let me tell you I am not a kilt wearing Scotsman, “Laddie.”
            I am an American and I will speak up against evil whenever I damned well please.
            Welcome to the United States of America.

            The proprietor of the Frank Report offered Allison Mack the opportunity to respond to the charges against her.
            Allison Mack arrogantly chose to ignore him.

            The proprietor of the Frank Report together with Catherine Oxenberg tried to reach Allison Mack to turn her away from her wanton ways.
            They went to Mack’s parents and her manager and agent.
            Again Allison Mack arrogantly chose not to correct her wickedness.
            It took a taxpayer financed FBI investigation to slow Allison Mack down.

            People have a right to speak out against evil no matter how much it offends Scottish trolls like you.
            “Even an osteopath, or man of limited diagnostic skills such as Brandon (“Don’t call me Doctor”) Porter would opine that said focus is not healthy.”

            After all of the stories on the Frank Report about Brandon Dr. Josef Mengele Porter and that sadistic, moronic Quack Doctor Danielle Roberts, why would I give a rat’s ass what those two lunatics think?

        • Once sentencings are given by Judge Garuafis, we know more charges can come from the north. Maybe it has been pragmatic for the Northern District to see how this trial wraps first. It seems like common sense. Judge Garaufis referred to the Northern District of New York as the suitable jurisdiction to pursue certain charges, even as he was preparing for this trial to get underway. He took on what he deemed appropriate and pretty much told the Northern District, ” the ball’s in your court.” The judge was correct.

          There is no way those remarks of the judge went unnoticed. Clare Bronfman, in particular, seems highly chargeable still, not that she’s the only one. It is hard not to feel skeptical, though, for too many reasons.

          Anyone paying much attention notices that not all of those who were convicted have stopped their madness. The actions of certain ones, including ones who weren’t charged, speak louder than any of their combined words. Some of these Nxivm/ DOS freaks haven’t been defanged. Some are shacked up together and still recruiting. There are stories to tell which have not been mentioned.

          Frank Parlato, I feel certain, has a whole lot more to tell us, stuff that hasn’t come to light yet. There is a distinct scent of more in the air.

          I too think additional indictments or arrests would be the right thing to do. So many people have been deceived and harmed, and some have been grievously harmed. It also looks like some could have been murdered. There are still things to uncover and probably even more to work to prevent.

          • Shivani:
            I hope you are right.
            The NDNY has a bad track record on investigating NXIVM and its many crimes.
            But there is a new US Attorney in the NDNY and perhaps he will take the initiative to pursue matters that have festered for too long.
            The vast majority of crimes committed by NXIVM and its gangsters were committed in the NDNY.
            Most of the victims lived in the NDNY.
            Most of the perpetrators committed their crimes in the NDNY and lived near Albany to boot.
            Had Allison Mack not taken an apartment in Brooklyn the EDNY would never had had any jurisdiction over this case.
            And now a considerable amount of investigation has already occurred pointing to numerous crimes by NXIVM’s elite.
            Recent stories about Nicki Clyne’s possible activities in New York City indicate that NXIVM is not dead yet and like Dracula this gang can rise from the grave to haunt New York again.

      • You forgot to say in my opinion. In my opinion the government has in no way spent enough time on Nxivm. Obviously more time is needed. Mere house arrest will not stop their criminalty.

        • “Mere house arrest will not stop their criminalty”

          Peaches, you are so right.
          I was looking back at an old Frank Report story and the prediction was that the trial would not start until late 2019 at the earliest.
          Much more investigation had to be done before a full case could be presented.

          And most of the NXIVM numb skulls get a slap on the wrist and will be back in business in a few years.
          Only the world’s third dumbest man is permanently retired.
          But the middle management who actually ran the criminal gang will be back.

        • You may be correct, but I am rather certain that when Raniere files his inevitable appeal post conviction most of the sentencing recommendation letters which were considered in the sentencing will become available. Of course I have stated before there might be an entire file of letters from young Mack fans begging the judge to release their beloved Allie into their custody, with one letter from an overaged former fan begging Judge G to give Mack the longest term of incarceration allowed under the guidelines. These letters were likely not passed on to Judge G for consideration.

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