Teny Geragos Will Not Go to Work at US Attorney’s Office – Did Father, Mark Geragos’ Entanglement With Michael Avenatti Doom Her Hire?

Teny Geragos

A new court order suggests that Keith Raniere’s attorney, Teny Geragos, will not be getting a job at the US Attorney’s office.

She applied for the job as an assistant US attorney after the trial of Raniere’s concluded with his conviction on seven felony counts.

Geragos’ application to the Department of Justice for the Eastern District of New York prompted a Curcio hearing to address potential conflicts of interest and brought Raniere back to court for the first time since he heard the jury’s verdict on June 19, 2019.

The judge sought to discuss with Raniere the potential of a conflict of interest in having one of his defense attorneys becoming employed with the government agency [and work with the same people] who worked so hard to convict him.

The first Curcio hearing was adjourned without a decision and Raniere had a taxpayer-provided legal representative [Avi Moskowitz Esq.] to advise him of his rights and risks – if he chooses to keep Geragos.

Raniere still has sentencing and a possible appeal ahead of him.

Keith Alan Raniere, 59, will be sentenced on January 17 and faces up to life in prison.

Based on his sex trafficking of Nicole alone, he will be sentenced to a minimum of 15 years. He is going to prison, as an absolute minimum, for more than a decade. With time served and time off for good behavior, he might be out and on probation in around 11 years – making him 70 [at the earliest] when he emerges to rejoin society.

The chance of him getting the lightest sentence, however, seems remote considering he was convicted of six other felonies besides sex trafficking.

Is There Still a Conflict?

As for the potential conflict of interest, if Gergaos is not going to work at the DOJ, it may be moot.

Here is Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis’ order:

“The court has been advised that Ms. Geragos’s application to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York is no longer pending. Mr. Moskowitz shall provide a supplemental filing to the court regarding any ongoing potential conflict of interest by no later than October 18, 2019. In lieu of filing tomorrow, the Government shall file its response by no later than October 25, 2019. The Curcio hearing shall continue on October 31, 2019 as scheduled. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 10/10/2019. (Davis, Eleanor) (Entered: 10/10/2019)

The Curcio hearing will take place anyway, likely because the judge wants Raniere to state on the record that he wants [or does not want] Geragos to continue to represent him.

He will also want Raniere to state whether he wants to continue being represented by Geragos’ law firm, Brafman and Associates. Raniere’s lead lawyer, Marc Agnifilo is a member of the firm.

Moira Kim Penza at a press conference after the verdict in the trial of Keith Raniere. Teny Geragos sought to replace her at the DOJ. Geragos applied to work for his prosecutors and, in effect, to fill the vacancy created by Raniere’s lead prosecutor, Moira Kim Penza, who has left the office.

Raniere might reason that his defense lawyer seeking to replace his prosecutor – even if she did not ultimately get the position – might still be a conflict and might lessen her zealousness to work toward getting him the lightest possible sentence – or dampen her ardor to work on his appeal.

What Happened to Teny Geragos’ Application?

Why Teny Geragos’ application to work at the DOJ is no longer pending is not clear.

She herself may have withdrawn it, or possibly the DOJ decided to hire someone else to fill the vacancy created when Moira Penza – fresh off her victory in the Raniere case – went into private practice.

It is possible that her father, celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos, is the reason.

His recent role in a criminal case being prosecuted in the neighboring district office of the Department of Justice – the Southern District of New York – may have had a hand in the decision – by either Teny or the DOJ EDNY – for her not to go to work there – at least for the present.

Next month, an associate of her father, lawyer Michael Avenatti, is going to trial in the Southern District of NY for the alleged extortion of Nike Corp.

Avenatti allegedly tried to get Nike to pay him $20 million – or else he would go to the media and expose the company for its alleged illegal or immoral practices concerning amateur basketball players.

Teny’s father, Mark, appears to be an unindicted co-conspirator in the case. Geragos was with Avenatti when the alleged extortion plot unfolded.

Celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos represented Michael Jackson (C), at his arraignment on child molestation charges at the courthouse in Santa Maria, California. (Photo by Hector Mata)

In just a few weeks, if the trial goes forward as scheduled, Geragos will likely testify in return for not being prosecuted – or he may himself be indicted.

In any event, he will be in the headlines for his association with the notorious Avenatti, who also faces charges for allegedly stealing millions in settlement money from five clients in California, and again in New York for allegedly stealing almost $300,000 in book advance money from his famous client Stormy Daniels.

Avenatti – and most likely Gergaos – were recorded secretly by Nike lawyers during their alleged extortion efforts. These recordings will be played before the jury and most likely become available to the media.

This will create quite a media circus with Mark Geragos right in the center.  Depending on whether Geragos appears and how he appears on the tapes, his own career may be in some jeopardy.  Even if he is not prosecuted, the bar association may take some action against him – up to including disbarment.

The DOJ hiring of his daughter – while her father is being roasted in the press – and possibly prosecuted – will create an unwelcome diversion for the otherwise staid and sober appearing DOJ.

Consider the possible spin.

We have the story of the lawyer who unsuccessfully defended the notorious cult leader Raniere – trying to go to work for the DOJ  – while Raniere is awaiting sentencing – while her father is making unflattering headlines for his disturbing role in the Nike extortion case.

It is my guess that with these ticklish and controversial issues before the public, someone whispered to Teny that the time is just not right to go to work for the DOJ.

Who knows, Teny may be needed to help defend her father.


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  • As I gather from various articles, Agnifilo is the lead attorney and will represent kinky Keithy at his sentencing – Geragos would play little or no roll. Apparently, she applied for the DOJ job when Raniere was scheduled for sentencing in Sept which would be over by now – but the sentencing postponement brings up the possible conflict.

    My son is an attorney – and there are times when lawyers are compelled by professional ethics to do things they find personally distasteful.. As sleazy and disgusting as randy Raniere may be – he’s entitled to the best defense his attorneys can provide. I’d wager Teny found this steaming turd repugnant – yet performed her responsibilities well, like the pro she is. But she would rather have been in Penza’s place – pounding this pedophile punk deep into terra firma. Generally a good attorney can do better in private practice – but it isn’t always about the money – would be my guess on her decision. What put the kibosh on it is anyone’s guess.

  • Krclaviger and Frank Parlato seem to believe Teny Geragos working for the DOJ is not a big deal.

    If Krclaviger or Frank or anyone else with a degree of common sense was in the same situation as Keith Raniere, they would be pissed off.

    If I was a criminal defendant and my attorney wanted my permission to work for the prosecutor that just convicted me…… I would beyond irate…… I would have a conniption like SultanOfSix after reading a Kristin Kreuk article. 😉

    Teny Geragos would have done an excellent job as a prosecutor if she had gotten the job. It is immaterial if she is only doing it to advance her career. Plenty of people take other government jobs for the same reason. Just ask IRS attorneys and the attorneys that defend them.

      • Scott,

        You are “pulling a Bangkok”. You are twisting my words to get a response.

        It worked…….

        You run around playing the victim card all of the time. “Amway is a pyramid scheme that ruined my life, boohoo boohoo”, Scott Johnson.

        Amway did not have collateral on you or hold a gun to your head for 8 years.

        You chose to stay, dumb-ass.

        • I have no need to twist your words to make you look stupid, you do it all by yourself. All I have to do is point out the obvious to others who don’t bother reading your drivel. LOL

          Now you’re twisting my words, I never said what you quoted. What I say is I can help others not get scammed like me and 100s of millions of others have. That’s a few more than 17,000 NXIVM participants. LOL

          You chose to reply, dumba$$. LOL

          • Amway “small” Johnson,

            You do not care about anyone or anything but yourself. It’s fact that is obvious to anyone on this blog.

            Scott you do not even seem to understand how transparent you are. You are not even remotely nice to anyone.

            You are either as delusional as SultanOfSix or you are the dumbest motherfucker on planet earth right after Clare “dumb as fuck” Bronfman.

            There are boxes stuffed with hair that are smarter than your retarded ass…..
            …… and there are Schizophrenics in Penn Station NY that are less delusional than you.

            You should probably drop Acid because your brain cannot possibly get anymore fucked up than it currently is.

            Maybe your poor mental faculties are the result of a sexless lifestyle.
            When was the last time you got laid?

            Before Trump was elected or before Obama was elected?

            Its possible that your balls are backed up all the way to your brain.

            Maybe you just need a good plumber or a serious blow job? 😉

  • Raniere also filed civil lawsuit #1 against the Feds whom Teny would be working for — a tad awkward.

    That ridiculous lawsuit — over ownership of NXIVM property — is also doubtless backed by Clare Bronfman — whom Teny’s old man reps — and who was on the brink of hiring Avenetti to help Daddy Geragos rig Frank Parlato’s scalp into her (Clare’s) plea deal after filing a civil suit against him.


    • Rapist Raniere will be having quite the unexpected orgasms for the rest of his life. Those skinheads are sex freaks. Some are on meth in prison just for sexual enhancement. God, Raniere’s insides are going to be falling out of his ass. I bet he dies with a colostomy bag. I’ve talked to men who have had to kill sexual predators in prison and gotten away with it. Their cries for help and mercy fall on deaf ears.

  • Thanks for following the interesting details of this case.

    In the bigger picture, this is a reminder that the revolving door between business and government can be problematic. In a way it serves the public interest that positions such as in federal prosecutors’ offices are seen as such prestigious stepping stones that they can attract top law school graduates like Moira Kim Penza (Cornell Law) and Tonya Hajjar (Columbia Law), and of course some committed to serving the public rather than maximizing their earning potential even stay with the government; I find it more troubling when someone like Geragos wants to jump into the public sector from private practice, when presumably she’s just going to go back once she’s gained useful insider knowledge about how prosecutors’ offices work, and made connections.

    It’s also an example that when it comes down to some particular group like the New York legal community and other nationally prominent lawyers, there are lots of connections among them as a matter of course. I just checked for the fun of it and while Hajjar and William Barr (whose name came up the other day) both went to Columbia, Barr was only there as an undergrad (the same as his father, who was the headmaster at the Dalton School when Jeffrey Epstein was a teacher), and Hajjar only attended law school there; Barr then went to George Washington for law school, which is also where Avenatti got his JD, though they were actually quite a few years apart.

    • Keep those conspiracy theories coming Pops. It is amazing how much you don’t know what you don’t know.

      • Not sure what your point is there, kid. Does some sort of quota limit you to 2 short sentences?

        Pay attention, and you might learn something. Connections, and even collusion, work like that – the people in the public sector sometimes turn out to be getting too chummy with those in the private sector whom they hope to eventually work with more lucratively, particularly when it comes to regulators and bureaucrats not as trained as attorneys in dealing with ethical conflicts; there are plenty of cases of that which have been uncovered.

        The fantastic and grandiose conspiracy theories never turn out to be proven true. Believers may not accept that, but I don’t think any can come up with even one example from history that ever was shown to have really happened.

    • In most cases it won’t be worth people risking their entire careers over one case by being biased and they will be subject to conflict of interest rules too.
      it is difficult to make sure people don’t know each other in many cities including here in London and often children do follow their parents’ careers – the baker’s son becomes a baker etc and the same with law. In practice lawyers are less likely than some other careers to favour each other, bribe, be biased etc because you lose a lucrative career over it much more so than in many other jobs.

  • It is a conflict of interest if her Dad is being prosecuted or could be a ‘Star Witness’ against Michael Avenatti.

    Teny could get access to DOJ files and see the FBI investigation on Avenatti. And then give Avenatti a heads-up. This is why she was told she couldn’t get a job with US Attorney’s Office. Way too much access to confidential info.

  • New for New Yorkers!

    A while back I warned that the Clinton Crime family intends to dominate New York politics with Chelsea Clinton leading the gang in the future.
    Some people made fun of my prognostication.

    Well the recent announcement that Congresswoman Nita Lowey, 82 years old, intends to retire from Congress opens the door for Chelsea Clinton to seek Lowey’s Congressional seat.
    And when the next Senate vacancy occurs, probably when Chuck Schumer retires in 2022 or 2028, Chelsea Clinton will be the next Carpetbagger Senator for New York.

    Chelsea Clinton could run for Nita Lowey’s seat in Congress

    Westchester Dems are pitching Chelsea Clinton on running for Rep. Nita Lowey’s seat after retirement announcement: source

    Can President Chelsea Clinton be far behind?

    I hate to say “I told you so.”

    • As one article notes, there are already several other candidates actively in the race, including a woman who would be a historic first, so it’s not at all clear that Chelsea Clinton would join the fray and try to knock the others out – among other things, she recently had another child. A quick check for the birth announcement (July) also turned up the fact that she has a couple of nice part-time positions that are probably the sorts of things that allow her some work-life balance compared to, say, running for public office and then possibly ending up in DC.

      The articles cited are just more of the sort of speculation that you engage in. That some New York tabloids are doing it, doesn’t really confer any legitimacy.

      And you can’t really claim credit until a prediction actually comes true. Even then, we’d need to look at your complete track record of predictions to see if you were just cherry picking one random apparent success – as the old saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      You also might want to actually read to the bottom of the NY Post article:

      ‘“There is no doubt Chelsea Clinton has the genes to be a formidable candidate in a New York race, but it just doesn’t appear she’ll be stumping with her own version of a pantsuit anytime soon. She’ll likely sit this one out,” said another New York political source.’

      This is falling into the cognitive bias of selective perception, or “Allowing our expectations to influence how we perceive the world.” That’s from a nice little primer on biases:

      20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions

      • ‘“There is no doubt Chelsea Clinton has the genes to be a formidable candidate

        Sorry Skippy not gonna happen. The filth and corruption of the Clinton Foundation is going to taint her like a shitstain in your tighty whities.
        You keep dreaming and watch as your worst nightmare unfolds

        • LOLOL The fucking Clintons. Their fucking nightmare on society is coming to a crashing end.


          Chelsea is preparing to run for Congress in NY. The truth about the Clintons is well reflected in this article. Sadly, there are millions of brainwashed individuals who fawn all over the most corrupt politician in American history, and are willing to elect her daughter who is being molded in her image. Somehow those who are blinded need to see. I certainly hope that some of the investigations going on at this point in time, reveal the corruption for all to see.

          That girl isn’t very bright
          She is just another snowflake like AOC without the bulging eyes.

          Clinton would not have gone very far had it not been for her partner in crime, Barack Obama. Do not understate how corrupt this low-rent Chicago politician was. I began with dirty tricks like unsealing of divorce records to become a U.S. Senator. As President he condoned the pay-for-play of Hillary,Biden,and Kerry. He condoned the corrupt gun running in Libya and the false reason for the subsequent massacre. He likely authorized the abuse of the IRS to intimidate voters. He outright and knowingly lied about Obamacare. And I believe he was ultimately behind the biggest scandal in American history – the attempted undermining of the 2016 Presidential election.

          Then along came the feckless “islam is a religion of peace” Dubya, followed by the evil taqiyya muslim simpleton Barack Hussein Rspect and his “fundamental transformation”.

  • It’s the story of Raniere’s life – women leave him. At least he has a chance to have one of them back, someone who wanted to back-stab him but it didn’t work out. LOL

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