Kristin Kreuk Tried to Dupe the Public About Her Role in Nxivm

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By Bangkok

Hi lads and lasses!

Here’s some MORE great photos of the so-called ‘beginner/student’ of NXIVM…

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM
Kristin Kreuk released this statement three days after Keith Alan Raniere was arrested. In it, she implies she was just a beginner student who took Nxivm classes to cure her shyness. She does not mention that she was a high-level coach who recruited others into the dangerous racketeering cult.

1) Did Kreuk’s explanation (that she only did NXIVM to cure shyness) cover the fact that she was asked to attend the Necker Island festivities with other bigwigs? Nope.

Here she is partying with Alex Betancourt [and isn’t that Mark Hildreth?] on Necker Island. Betancourt is one of the most senior NXIVM members in Mexico.
Yet Kreuk was just some unimportant, beginner/student? Yeah right. 


2) Did Kreuk’s explanation (that she only did NXIVM to cure shyness) cover the fact that she was on stage praising Keith Raniere, lending her star power to honor a perverted asshole like Keith? Nope.

Here she is on stage praising Keith and NXIVM:

Kristin Kreuk on stage with Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack,. Note the Keith Raniere banner behind them.

Great photo. 

3) Did Kreuk’s explanation (that she only did NXIVM to cure shyness) cover the fact that she helped to create Girls By Design for reasons which we can only speculate about, but which clearly were somehow related to NXIVM — due to the people she created it with? Nope.

Kristin Kreuk teaches at Girls By Design retreat.

Great photo.


Somehow, I don’t think her explanation which ‘implied’ she was a beginner/student (who was only looking to cure shyness) was totally truthful with the public.

I think Frank needs to expose every last morsel of Kreuk’s involvement within NXIVM.

Look fanboys, she went on stage with a fucken banner of Keith behind her — you can’t fucken pretend she was some beginner or low-level person of no importance.

Her sash color was not important. She was still a COACH and not just a student. Deal with it.

She was still important enough to be invited to Necker Island.

Kristin Kreuk [c] with Allison Mack [r] and Sara Bronfman [r] at Necker Island.
She was still important enough to go on stage to lend her star power to praising Keith Raniere.

She let herself be a recruitment tool for NXIVM.

Methinks that Frank needs to keep his investigation into Kreuk’s NXIVM activities open —- and to leave no stone unturned in this effort. 

As for Hildreth and Grace Park and others from Vancouver, they were not caught trying to MINIMIZE or DENY their coaching level status at NXIVM.

From John Tighe’s blog Saratoga In Decline – from the 2011 Nxivm Coaches List. It shows Kreuk is a Coach – a yellow sash – with two stripes. This shows that in 2011, Kreuk had been a coach for some time.  For a coach level begins at yellow with no stripes. Kreuk had earned two stripes after becoming a coach – which can only be accomplished by taking many classes, coaching many students and recruiting new students into Nxivm.

Kreuk must be held accountable for her attempt to dupe the public.

If you’re allergic to learning the TRUTH about Kreuk’s level of NXIVM involvement — and you want Frank to end his investigation — then why should Frank bother to investigate ANY person within NXIVM?

Truth is truth. Doesn’t matter who it applies to.

Yup, I just won my argument. 

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  • Yeah, so your evidence is pretty clear that she lied about it. Not to mention the pics and facts about the coach levels….doesn’t mean you have to be a dick at the end of the article by saying “fanboys” in a way of insulting the reader.
    Not to mention the douchiest ALL CAPS at the end.

  • Well what ever the truth is. This is going to haunt her for the rest of her life. I think that’s enough torment for her.

  • Re Kristin Kreuk

    The only thing Kristin Kreuk is guilty of is being a sanctimonious and not being forthright. End of story…..

    Kreuk is now ancient by Hollywood standards and except for comic cons, or occasional roles on Oxygen and HULU etc., …

    ….Kreuk is done……

    ….Discussing Kristin Kreuk is a waste of time.

    Lastly Kristin Kreuk had good intentions….

    ……How many of you reading this comment have ever tried to better yourselves or help others?

    • Probably every person here has attempted to make themselves a better person and help others. Can you read what you wrote? “Oh she had good intentions (I don’t know how you would know that, by the way). Also she’s irrelevant now mostly except for ‘x’ celebrity appearances”. Nothing you wrote changes anything, a murderer who has changed and not killed again is still responsible for the murder (yes, this is an extreme extension of your logic but I just want you to understand why what you write is, illogical). You may counter, “she didn’t commit any crimes!”. I would respond that is technically true at this point, but innocent people don’t immediately distance themselves from corrupt/illegal organizations/groups. Innocent people (besides never being involved with this at all) would have a conscience screaming for justice on behalf of the victims of this disturbing cult. Bottom line, she allowed herself to be used as a recruiter to trap young women into a cult where they would have to perform sex acts on the leader, regardless of if they wanted to or not. Being a facilitator of this is a pretty big deal, apparently not for you but for most people that use inference and critical thinking.

      • Carlos,

        You have taken the time to write a finely crafted rebuke, which deserves a fitting response.

        My comment is a well intentioned attempt at reconciliation between both sides of the Kristin Kreuk debate.

        What is done is done and cannot be undone.

        The DOJ will never investigate Kreuk for crimes.

        The base of your “logic” lies on perspective and opinion. Is somone that “honestly” promotes something truly responsible?

        All of the politicians in Washington DC are disingenuous.

        Why should Kristin Kreuk be held to a hire standard than our public officials?

        • Carlos,

          Not to be sexist, but at the end of the day Kristin Kreuk’s crimes were that she was a naïve timid young woman.

        • Why should she – or any other member who apparently knew nothing – be held to a higher standard than the corrupt government officials who let NXIVM get away with the crap they did for so long?

          • She used her name to build up the cult and did nothing to bring it down. She was different from most other NXIVM members because she had fame to legitimize the cult. She had a moral responsibility to do something. Instead she hid and bullshitted on television.

          • Good point.

            That’s also a reminder, it’s sometimes literally the case – and I’ve seen examples across multiple groups – that people in these situations rationalize something that is going on or alleged, using the fallacious logic that if something were wrong or illegal, it wouldn’t have been allowed or would have been prosecuted.

            Thus, for instance, NXIVM loyalists were almost certainly thinking, and probably even saying, that if the allegations in the 2012 Times Union expose’ were true, Raniere would have been arrested and the group shut down. So they could have found an easy way to dismiss the reports that went against their beliefs; and most of us have probably done the same regarding something, so it’s not so hard to understand when looked at from the insiders’ point of view, even though of course it’s still wrong-headed.

          • How was she different from Hildreth, Park, Voth, and some of the other actors? There’s still a whole little gang with a similar degree of culpability in that regard.

            Being fixated on the one who was the prettiest, and broke the most fanboys’ hearts, and claiming that has to do with a “higher standard” and “moral responsibility” while ignoring others equally if not more culpable, is itself a sort of “virtue signaling.”

            Edmondson is also arguably much more culpable, particularly regarding the very large number of people she recruited and how she profited off of them, even if she did finally turn on the group once she found herself on the wrong end of its abuses; I addressed her case a bit more in another comment.

          • –She used her name to build up the cult—

            Actually, HER NAME was USED to build up the cult. Same effect, but less culpability.

          • Shut up Sultan Of Shit. Stop butting in. You are the biggest cunt on the internet. No matter how much you cry and try and dictate the narrative, Kreuk knew full well her name was a draw. She wasn’t used. She was happy to be there. She coached. She taught people to ignore the critics. Hearing the words come from her would of convinced other morons. She was heavily involved with recruitment, teaming up with Head of Recruitment on the board of directors Mark Vicente.

          • Name and fame doesn’t “legitimize” anything except to fools, because only they would buy or do anything just because celebrities sell or do them.

  • This is a stupid story. Kristin Crook(ed) said she benefited from NXIVM helping her with her shyness and that is the reason why she continued with the program. She didn’t deny being a coach or recruiting others. It is clearly a PR statement that was intended for the critics to take the bait, and Bangkok and the rest of you not only bit, but you also swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker. LOL

  • Hey Bang-cunt, where does she imply or say she was an unimportant or a beginner student? Where is she praising Keith Raniere on stage? Do you have some hidden video clip of her saying how magnificent he is? Yeah she may be a naive actress and may not have spoken about all she did while she was in it, but at least she’s not fooking cunt.

    • “where does she imply or say she was an unimportant or a beginner student?”

      A deliberate downplaying of her role by leaving out details. As vague a statement as possible. That is the point.


      “Where is she praising Keith Raniere on stage? Do you have some hidden video clip of her saying how magnificent he is?”

      Literally, standing on a stage behind a Raniere poster.

      As a coach, she would of literally had her “students” say “thank you Vanguard”!


      “Yeah she may be a naive actress and may not have spoken about all she did while she was in it, but at least she’s not fooking cunt.”

      Such infatuation. Such unrequited toxic emotion.

  • How dare you Bangkok!!!!

    How dare you Frank Parlato post these visceral lies and hurtful language towards Kristin Kreuk!!!!

    Leave Kristin Alone!!!!!!!

    Leave Kristin Kreuk alone!!!!

    Anonymous for Kristin made the following video for another celebrity and….
    …….I think it’s applicable that I share it with all of you!!!! Link below:

    • Re My defense of Kristin Kreuk

      I am just just joking of course.

      The day I start caring about a celebrity’s personal life is the day I become as big a loser as “Amway” Johnson of Texas.

      Scott Amway Johnson is such loser that The Donald Trump Presidential Campaign allegedly took back Scott’s MAGA hat…

      …. And blocked Scott from Ivanka Trump’s Facebook page.

      So sad…..

  • —As for Hildreth and Grace Park and others from Vancouver, they were not caught trying to MINIMIZE or DENY their coaching level status at NXIVM—

    Interesting idea of justice, Bangkook. You generously give a pass to Hildreth and Park who did not minimize or deny their coaching status—because neither said ANYTHING about their role in Nx. Neither said anything about their recruitment videos with Ranieri. Neither said anything about trying to scrub their internet trail. Neither said anything about still being in the cult when the DOShit hit the fan. Neither made any PR statement though both are semi-celebs currently on TV, just like Kreuk.

    Admit it, Bangkook, your interest in Kreuk is all about sex. The same for most posters. It is all about sex.
    Who fucked her, how many times, and in what holes.

  • When looking at Kristin sitting tableside at Necker island beside all of the other homely wimmen of Nxivm, you can see why she needed to be invited. For one thing, she could still afford to pay for her own transportation. More crucially, the rest of the gals couldn’t entice much of anybody, as a potential appetizer or as a money fountain. Even though Raniere didn’t seem to mind banging them all once in awhile, when all of their mouths were sagging and their jaws dislocated from draining those drips of enlightenment out of his pecker.

    And to think that these ladies didn’t even get paid 5 cents a dance and had to list whatever else they ate, besides Flabturd’s cum. These are empowered females, right ? How fascinating. The cultural anthropology of Nxivm! It is as modern and provocative as old Lawrence Welk with his bubble machine and the Lennon Sisters.

    That reminds me. Now is a fine moment for me to ask a question, here at Frank’s, or up where the Shinnecocks used to dwell. Maybe it will encourage investigative journalists to tackle a mysterious topic. Alone here on the patio, I dunna have the stomach to figure it out alone.

    For months and months, what with so many discussions of all of these jackrabbits’ sexual proclivities, sado-masochism, jealousy disguised by spiritual sacrificialism and ardent self-promotion, wherein every single smiling face was telling lies, how come we have such a wall of silence regarding the sexual life of poor, miserable Clare Bronfman ? Was she a ladies’ man? Was she asexual? Bisexual? A now 40 year-old virgin on mothballs?

    Is her sex life to be ignored as sacrosanct because of her wealth, or does everyone need to protect their own delicate stomachs?

    Would anyone care to take a whack at this particular armpit of the subject? Or are we beating around the bushes?

  • I’m not sure I’d call Kreuk a “high level coach” as she is categorized in one of the photo captions – I’d say those would be the orange sashes, like for instance Hildreth.

    But she was certainly disingenuous if not dishonest in her statement. It looks to me like the sort of thing that a PR person or attorney would draft in order to try downplay her involvement without outright lying.

    And I don’t see that there’s really anything more about her to expose – we’ve had a couple of people with insider knowledge contribute information, plus Frank has checked with his inside sources, and nothing . The real work that needs to be done, is to document and expose what those who had lower-profile but in many cases more significant roles did, like some of the high-ranking orange sashes we almost never hear about, Lim-Mottishaw, Ward and Cooley, and almost certainly some not even yet identified since we’re mostly working off a list from 2011. By the way, Edmondson’s book did nothing to tell us about those sort of people – she is also someone to be held to account for not having really come clean, instead producing something that could have been vetted by the same sort of PR people and attorneys who might have crafted Kreuk’s statement.

    Speaking of yellow sashes, of which I’ve identified many at the Vancouver center – outranked by quite a few orange sashes – Grace Park has so thoroughly covered her tracks, or dodged publicity, that I can’t even find what her final sash rank was with number of stripes – does anyone know? Park has also “virtue signaled,” for those who seem to think that is somehow particularly worthy of criticism.

    Here’s the sort of draft list I’ve put together for perspective – I welcome additions, updates, and corrections:

    List of key players in Vancouver including Orange Sash proctors, actors, DOS and SOP members.

    * Sarah Edmondson – Established and ran Vancouver Center, recruited actors and celebrities. Claims/reported recruited 2,000.
    * Mark Vicente – Ran Center in California and co-founded Vancouver
    * Mark Hildreth – Orange Sash by 2011. Jness senior trainer/mentor. Co-leader of The Source. Recruited Kreuk, Nicole, others. Recorded online videos with/for Raniere. Stayed until reportedly cuckolded 2016-7.
    * Lucas Roberts – Orange sash 2 stripes. Stayed in.
    * Leah Lim Mottishaw – Orange sash 1 stripe. Stayed in.
    * Allison Mack – Orange sash 1 stripe. Recruited by Kreuk. Co-leader of The Source. Stayed in.
    * Nicki Cline – Orange sash 1 stripe. Recruited by Edmondson. Stayed in, loyalist.
    * Valerie Ward – Orange sash 1 stripe as of 2011.
    * Pam Cooley – Yellow sash 4 stripes as of 2011.
    * Diane Lim – DOS maybe branded*, Yellow sash 3 stripes. Stayed in, loyalist.
    * Grace Park – Yellow Sash (stripes?). Recruited by Edmondson. Made at least 9 online videos with Raniere. Reported left 2017.
    (note there were 2 Yellow Sash 4 stripes and 2 2 stripes coaches additional as of 2011, not listed here)
    * Kristen Kreuk – Yellow Sash 2 Stripes. Recruited by Hildreth, recruited Voth. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort, turned down OneAsian. “Left”/distanced 2012/3, coached twice before leaving in 2015/16.
    * Olivia Cheng – Yellow Sash 2 stripes by 2011. OneAsian. Actress, recruited by Cline.
    * Kendra Voth – Yellow sash 1 stripe as of 2011. Recruited by Kreuk. Co-founded GBD abortive recruiting effort. Reported/claimed left c. 2012, but posted about GBD in 2013?
    * Chad Krowchuk – Recruited by Mack.

    — Actors and DOS slaves of unknown rank, mostly lower —
    * Pam Arstikaitis – DOS maybe branded*
    * Callum Blue – Smallville
    * Lyvia Cohen – DOS likely branded*. Exo/Eso. TV/film producer
    * Maggie Dou – DOS reportedly just missed getting branded*
    * Alicia Novak – DOS reportedly branded*. Mack slave. Actress
    * Teresa ‘Tree” Walsh – DOS reportedly branded

    * [Name redacted] – GBD used the Time Out Retreat she ran in Sonoma, but says she was not part of NXIVM

    * Per Frank, see for instance

  • I don’t think Kristen Kreuk was a full on sell your soul, body and children member of NXIVM but it doesn’t do herself any favors that she doesn’t at least admit she was taken in by the cult. Even if it was just as an outlier. I am by no means a fanboy (heck I was more a fan of Allison Mack anyway) but I don’t think she meant any actual harm and she might help herself by saying as much even if her group turned out to be a scam in itself.

  • Lol, Kristin must be really driving you nuts… NYPD, Oxenburg got who they wanted. Case closed. Kristin will never be part of this case.
    That’s the truth. Deal with it. And yeah, she is still stunningly beautiful and Heidi was right.

    • Okay Sultan of Sickos, aka Jesse

      No one wants to hear about how a 40yo fanboy snuck on to GBD message boards to get info from 12yo girls

      Get a life Jesse

      • So what’s your excuse for following an organization for teenage girls or did you forget you are following them on Twiter back when you were one of those stupid fools who joined despite being told it was a cult.

      • Fed. District court of Brooklyn is in New York and does work with the NYPD on a regular bases as I understand it. DOJ and FBI did their part in the arrest. The Leader is under federal custody.
        But face it Oxenburg got the ball rolling with insiders and media buddies. She got who she wanted.
        And got back her daughter.

        • Of course the NYPD works with the DOJ, but the DOJ was the prosecutor, not the NYPD/New York City DA. Oxenberg got her daughter back, that’s all she wanted. Edmondson and others got the NXIVM FBI got the investigation going.

          • DOJ was the prosecutor because it was a federal case. Sarah Edmondson who quit DOS did enough damage to destroy the cult with her on the record testimony. Good for her. And BTW she was one of Kristin Kreuk’s big defenders on Twitter, saying Kristin had absolutely nothing to do with the cult and her name should never be dragged into then DOS mess. Good for Kristin.

          • But in can be useful in helping in taking down a cult, as you have pointed out. And unfortunately there will be crimes done after this case is closed….by other cults,cartels,mafia,or any like minded people.

  • “Dupe” the Public? Wow. There’s that word again, “Dupe.”

    The disgraced former federal prosecutor, Dennis K. Burke, a.k.a. Bangkok, tried to “Dupe the Public” about his role in the Fast and Furious arms trafficking scandal, where he used his position as top cop in Arizona under the Obama administration to engage in weapons trafficking with Mexican cartels.

    Then Burke was “exposed” by the national press. Burke quit his job to avoid testifying to the legislature in Washington, D.C., where he is still being investigated.

    Years later, Burke now works directly for the Salinas political family of Mexico, which is why he constantly posts on this message board, often orchestrating conversations with himself through use of numerous aliases, to try to sway the conversations in the way he would like to.

    In case readers haven’t noticed by now, Burke is a cringeworthy narcissist, incapable of writing anything other than negativity and cynicism on any given topic. His past posts here reflect his factual history as a mediocre, sophomoric federal prosecutor who held appointed positions only — never winning an election for office in his history — who becomes emotionally involved with his battles and makes bad, impulsive decisions often based on wrong assumptions.

    Dennis, is your point that Kreuk is a loser, who needs to be “exposed”, like you were?

    Some people make bad decisions, like you did when you chose to go to work for Mexico. People know what Kreuk did. With time, more people will know what you did and continue to do. It is what it is.

    From Democratic Party “yes-man” to Mexican cartel “clean-up man”…

    the University of Arizona must be proud of Dennis K. Burke (a.k.a. Bangkok)!

    (watch for the series of usual ‘disinfo’ messages from Dennis’s multiple accounts, written with the hope to confuse you and obfuscate Burke’s true identity, that will surely follow this post..)

  • Kristin Kreuk likes to Virtue Signal like all good Liberals do.
    Here is a cause for Kristin Kreuk to take up.
    In order to save the planet Earth from Global Warming we need to “Eat The Babies!”
    Whether the babies are boiled or fried or microwaved we must “Eat the Babies!” to save our planet from catastrophe.

    Henry Hanks
    2 days ago
    The presidential candidates must be asked if they are for or against eating babies. This is urgent

    Mark Evans
    1 day ago
    There’s a woman who takes AOC seriously.

    John Dacosta
    2 days ago
    Planned parenthood is gonna start opening restaurants now.

    Henry Morgan
    2 days ago
    A modern Jonathan Swift: Infant’s flesh will be in season throughout the year, but more plentiful in March, and a little before and after;

    “We Need to Eat the Babies!’ Climate Activist Confronts AOC at New York Town Hall”

    • Virtue signaling is not the province of some side or another, though it may take superficially different forms depending on the ideological priorities of those who engage in it.

      Remember the “family values” push, when things like strong marriages and sexual virtue were embraced as essential values, particularly for leadership?

      Or when balancing the budget was something supposedly so crucial as to merit shutting down the government over?

      Kreuk’s statement looks to me like something PR people could have written – including those who work for corporation and politicians. Politicans themselves, many of whom are lawyers, often provide such guarded or even disingenuous answers – and their partisan followers excuse that as just how things are done.

      Us-against-them is another aspect of culty thinking, exploited in groups like NXIVM and Scientology.

    • Turning non political post into a political post. I am surprised you didn’t post how Frank is part of media conspiracy against Trump.

      • ” I am surprised you didn’t post how Frank is part of media conspiracy against Trump.”

        How could Frank be anti-Trump????
        Frank is friends with Roger Stone the political adviser to Trump for the last thirty years.
        Your comment makes no sense.

    • You research enough and see how interwoven all of this immense story really is, and Shadowstate knows it. Politics both national and international, finances, sex-trafficking, drugs, the prison industry, the entertainment industry, the Mega Group, the FBI, business conglomerates, the “war”on drugs, international skirmishes, religious organizations, influencers and even journalists, propaganda, financed scientists and even satanic ritualistic who wear the best suits, ties and designer shoes to their significant day jobs.. Lots and lots of accidental deaths, “suicides” and murders. Tons of digging even to get the news of international conferences having been convened to decide all of our worldly matters for us, without publicity or consultation, as “the elite conceal the business of the elite,” as well as their private affairs.

      An estimated $29 million spent by Epstein, in a huge rush to destroy not only the tunnel system which apparently was accessible underneath his temple, on April 3, 2018. I have seen listed notes about some of these tunnel rooms, which seem to have been written by someone who was present for the burial of the tunnels, which was a very big project. This undertaking was followed by 2 very substantial fires on his Little Saint James Island, noted in the press and certainly reported by Virgin Island residents. But one has to really shop around for the info, even though it’s out there.

      The first fire was reported by World Press, among others, April12, 2018. The second fire, as I read reported by a local island source, the Clover Chronicle, was on January 5, 2019. So, nine months apart. There are a few pictures from the little article which were just cited above. The second huge fire was seen after residents who live nearby reported hearing a very loud explosion. Also, we have seen pictures posted right here of Epstein’s cement mixing truck and palettes closeby. The pressure was on, eh?

      Plus, there are two links between Epstein/ Wexner and the Bronfman’s (Edgar) – with one being an older Seagram’s deal which Epstein “fixed” back before he got permanently excused from Bear Sterns. Still researching that one, as it has ties to zinc and lead in a big, big way, not my kinda subjects. The other more heavy-duty link is when Edgar Bronfman and Lesle Wexner founded the pro- Israeli billionaire endowment and influencer/ lobbyist , etc., etc., group called the Mega Group in 1991, the same year that Robert Maxwell met his end off of the Canary Islands. And I’ve found out that Robert Maxwell knew Epstein as a business colleague before Ghislaine, his daughter, ever met Epstein.

      Of course, one must not ignore that both Epstein and Nxivm were deeply involved in sex-trafficking and that is their primary and most obvious interconnection. Right, Hill and Billary ? It would help if someone like Mr. Hoffenberg would explain how Jeffrey grew his nest egg into enough money to sponsor so much mass-scale criminality. But I can almost hear him now, singing “Don’t Explain.”

      Okay, Shadow?

  • Would KK be considered a co-conspirator? Innocent naïve co-conspirator? Innocent bystander? Victim? She doesn’t seem as insane as Mack. In all seriousness has she committed a crime? I understand she lied publicly and you are proving she lied beautifully but what if any are her possible crimes?

    • Peaches:
      Around 2012 Joe O’Hara filed a law suit which suggested that Kreuk might, might have engaged in money laundering.
      Kreuk was on a list of about 80 names which included Mack but not Nicki Clyne.
      It appears the Feds will overlook money laundering in this case.

      Here is a link to the pdf file of O’Hara’s law suit and some of the first page.
      Hit the link to read the full pdf file.
      Kreuk and Mack are mentioned deep into the document.
      u.s. DISTr:;iCT
      N.D. Or: N. Y.
      Civil Action No.—- )

      )1:12 -CV- 0252
      6-LS JA113

      • That looks like a real laundry list of people including probably all the yellow sashes he knew of, Raniere’s father who apparently has never been involved in any of his son’s activities, as well as Nancy Salzman’s ex-husband and the father of her children who had long been shunned. So I don’t think the presence of any name there can be taken to mean anything.

        Thanks for posting the link, though, it’s interesting to finally get to see that suit for myself. From previous references I assumed there must be something along the lines of a specific allegation, but this reminds me of the sort of thing lawyers send out as a preliminary move in which they ask for everything but the kitchen sink, or all your financial records from the time you were born (I’ve actually seen that), just to see what shakes out, and also as a negotiating ploy.

        • p.s. Also, who is the Sydney Raniere listed? An uncle? There is someone by that name who is well-off and shows up as a possible older relative, so indeed that list smacks of being a sort of fishing expedition.

        • Spanky, after all these years, you still cannot get people to go along with your bullshit. Dirty is dirty and you cannot roll a stinking shit in glitter.

      • That is one hell of a lawsuit. I’d have never won against them. Interesting advantage having Keefe work as an intern.

        • KK is kind of dense and might not have realized that Raniere is a pedophile until after the
          Albany Times Union story in 2012 and her own father intervened.
          And at some point it dawned on KK that Girls By Design was really a tool to recruit underage girls.
          KK’s departure was abrupt after that story broke.

        • As a minimum, February 2012 when she was listed as a NXIVM cult member in the Times Union expose that exposed his pedophilia. Not to mention, how the pedo taught students like her that pedophilia was acceptable and the West makes it unacceptable. All, planning to relaunch Girls By Design as recently as July 2013, around a year and a half after the pedo revelations. Gross.

          • Listing somebody’s name in a lawsuit isn’t evidence. Do you know whether she agreed with the “pedo is okay” teaching? Planning to do something that never happened is now a crime? How do you know she was aware of the pedo revelations? Lots of assumptions, zero proof.

        • Scooter no evidence to PROVE you are a pedophile, but doesn’t mean that you are not one. Would not surprise me if you were ever caught in one of the stings someday.

          • There’s also no evidence to prove that you’re a moron. But that doesn’t mean you’re not one…

            Until now. You know, by using such bonehead “logic” to try and make a fallacious point.

          • Looks like you nailed Scooter to the wall. He and his fellow wackos…niceguy, anony maker certainly give off that creeper vibe.


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