It’s Not a Sin to be Thin

This article is in response to Heidi Hutchinson’s recent article Heidi: Another Take on Toni Natalie as a Mom. In her article, Heidi points out that Toni Natalie, who seems to have imposed a serious regime of food restrictions on her son, was not in favor of such strictures for a child – or for that matter an adult.


By Actaeon

Heidi writes in her post, “I already had bad feelings about the subject of severe caloric restriction for adults and especially children. Despite Toni’s yen for the thin model type body – a desire she seemed to share with Keith – I was very much against too much restriction – perhaps much more so than others who might think the super skinny model look is beautiful”.

This issue of calorie cutting has gotten a lot of attention here, in part I think because of the current “body-positive” cultural trend.

So I delved into it a little. First, I want to be clear that Keith Raniere was a pudgy hypocrite and bullied the women in his harem about losing weight while he enjoyed his ample pizza gut. And the women were fools for listening to him.

That said, obesity is a huge problem in the U.S. According to the CDC, just shy of 40% percent of American adults are obese – not just overweight but obese. Nearly half the U.S. population. Another 30% are overweight. That’s 70% of adults are overweight or obese.

I don’t need to go into the health problems directly linked with being overweight or obese, everybody knows them. Being fat is not okay. It’s not “Body Positive”. It’s unhealthy.

Nonetheless, a lot of attention is paid to the underweight. Those goddamn skinny models. The media and Hollywood spreading that terrible idea that the skinny model look is attractive. What terrible role models!

So how big a problem is being underweight, factually? Again according to the CDC, about 1.7% of the population is underweight.

Let that sink in. For all the hysteria about “negative body images” and the damage done by those awful swimsuit models, less than two percent of the population is actually underweight. And this statistic includes the sick and dying as well – people who are thin because of an underlying health condition.

It’s actually healthy to be thin. It’s not awful to want to look like the statue of a Greek god. It’s not a sin to be thin.

“I was starting to notice the same Nazi concentration camp look trending among Nxivm female recruits” Seriously? Have a look at pictures of the Holocaust and actually compare them to photos of Keith’s harem girls.

Mack’s chipmunk cheeks compared to the living skulls of the death camp survivors.


That scary “concentration camp” look of models and actresses is actually what a person on the light end of normal looks like; it’s just in a society where nearly half are obese and nearly three quarters are too fat, having a normal BMI looks odd.

Keith Raniere was not exactly skinny  – that is because he enjoyed food too much. Photo courtesy Albany Times Union.


India Oxenberg was put on a 500-800 calorie per day diet for a time when she was a slave to Allison Mack.


India after leaving DOS.


This full-figure woman was not acceptable for Keith Raniere. If she had been a member of DOS, she would have been required to lose 60-100 pounds.

This was the right weight for women as far as Keith Raniere wasa concerned. Is it really unhealthy or on the light end of healthy?

Allison Mack – pre-DOS.


Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack [during DOS]
Allison Mack during DOS after her singing performance before her master Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard – at Vanguard Week 2016.


Mack post-DOS – leaving court – after several months of being separated from her lord Raniere.

Three months away from her kingly master Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, on home detention, seems to have gained a few pounds.

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  • Way to make a fool of yourself again Actaeon…you really can’t say something intelligent or true.

    BTW, it’s more than a sin when you push a diet to the level of what Raniere was doing.
    Even if not recognized as such, it’s close to an attempted murder as at this level he was pushing those girls to be extremely active while not feeding them.

    You supporting the idea is showing the kind of “human” you are…The bullied that bully others is also a monster who consider normal to starve people.
    I bet you have tons of friends with that attitude…

  • Kristin Kreuk got very thin during her years in Nx, and remains so. Was it because of the show-biz standard that thinner is better, or was she trying to meet Keiths standards?

  • Good article but you’re missing the point of mine.

    My aversion to the thinness trend among Raniere’s growing harem had to do with similarities I began to notice between them and my sister in the weeks leading up to her death.

    Gina was, shockingly, at least 30 pounds thinner than she’d ever previously been in her entire life on the day she died.

    It seemed Toni was using some of the same oppressive, domineering “Nazi” tactics on her son — forcing him to conform to her own ideal body type — while hypocritically blaming Keith and Rusty for Micheal’s defiance and alleged “eating disorder.”

    You make some good points, nonetheless.

  • Look dummy, you’re confusing 2 things.

    1) Being healthy (not obese)
    2) Starving yourself to look like a model (Unhealthy).

    That is, you’re confusing being ‘healthy’ with forcing your body into ‘starvation mode’ (unhealthy) just to lose weight.

    Guess what, you ignoramus?

    It’s NOT healthy to lose weight by artificially dropping your calories to starvation levels (under 1,200 calories per day is generally considered starvation dieting).

    Find me a SINGLE doctor in America (besides Porter or Roberts) who will publicly state that starving yourself like ‘models’ is what Americans need to do to become healthy.

    LOL. 🙂

    Those female models you used as proof of being ‘healthy’ are likely not healthy, even though they are thin. Many models starve themselves to maintain an ultra thin appearance, which no doctor would recommend.


    1) While on a ‘starvation diet’ your body will begin burning muscle and organ tissue too, which is dangerous and UNHEALTHY on a long term basis.

    2) Your body’s electrolytes and vitamins/minerals will become unbalanced and depleted and you’ll need to take daily measures to ensure they get balanced/replenished.

    3) Your body’s metabolism massively SLOWS DOWN when you begin starving yourself. This means you begin burning fewer calories each day, which means you’ll need to cut calories even further to lose more weight (which is likely why some NXIVM gals were eating only 500 calories per day). This is a ‘protection’ mechanism by your brain. In short, your body senses that you’re in danger (of starving to death) and it begins burning fewer calories to delay your muscle and organ tissue from getting burned up.

    Look Dipshit…

    Americans can lose weight safely and increase their metabolism (burn more calories) by simply exercising on a daily basis while slightly cutting out foods that raise blood sugar too high (certain types of carbs, not all carbs).

    High blood sugar levels is why most Americans gain weight and get fat as a house, not merely excess calories.

    FYI: Yes, if you pig out on 5,000 calories per day you’ll gain weight no matter what types of calories they are. However, if you’re a typical American eating around 2,500-3,500 calories per day then simply moderating your blood sugar (carbs) will make it very difficult to gain weight and very easy to lose weight.

    You fucken dunce.

    Americans overeat ‘unhealthy’ carbs on a massive scale compared to Europeans and Asians.

    If you drink non-diet soda or have Starbucks coffee every day then you’re spiking your blood sugar every time you do that with almost no nutritional benefits.

    Virtually every breakfast cereal on American shelves will spike blood sugar and make kids fatter than they otherwise would be. Even most ‘low sugar’ cereals are fattening, since low sugar cereals are high in other types of starches which spike blood sugar.

    FYI: Americans don’t need to go on a super low carb diet to lose weight. They don’t need to use Atkins or Keto.

    They simply need to ‘moderate’ carbs (i.e, slowly reduce certain types of carbs) to keep their blood sugar stable — and they’ll lose fat and excess water weight without having to starve themselves.

    (every gram of carbs makes your body retain 2-3 grams of water)

    On a different note:

    Putting a small child on any type of calorie restricted diet supervised by a maniac like Keith (even one which doesn’t go into full starvation mode) is one of the unhealthiest ways for a child to lose weight, since Keith doesn’t understand how to nutritionally balance meals nor does he understand how to properly exercise to lose weight without having to cut calories so much.

    That’s why HEIDI’S RANTINGS — about Toni trying to make her kid healthy — are nothing but drivel. If Toni really wanted to make her kid healthy she’d have consulted a pediatric doctor to supervise her child’s nutrition and exercise, not a maniac like Keith Raniere.


    PS — Mr. Actaeon, if you’re in good shape without moderating your carbs or exercising at all —- it simply means you were born with a faster than normal metabolism. It doesn’t mean that other people should listen to your uneducated drivel about doing ANYTHING they can to lose weight, since most people were not born with a fast metabolism.

    Your article is trash and you should consider improving the world via Seppuku. 🙂

    • Starvation only begins when a person is consuming insufficient calories after having burned up ALL their body fat. Any weight loss before that point is reached cannot correctly be called starvation.

  • 1. Greek gods are not underweight.
    2. The health or lack of Health that can be attributed to being underweight is not influenced by what percentage of the population fills your criteria for being underweight.
    3. Being underweight is associated with a shorter lifespan than being overweight. Statistically this is just true. Yes there are a number of diseases that seem to be associated with obesity, but the majority of people who are obese do not get those diseases.
    4. Heart disease high blood pressure, heart attacks that come with no warning and kill you dead, those things happened to marathon runners all of the time. So no. You are clueless.

    • “What are common health consequences of overweight and obesity?

      Raised BMI is a major risk factor for noncommunicable diseases such as:

      cardiovascular diseases (mainly heart disease and stroke), which were the leading cause of death in 2012;

      musculoskeletal disorders (especially osteoarthritis – a highly disabling degenerative disease of the joints);
      some cancers (including endometrial, breast, ovarian, prostate, liver, gallbladder, kidney, and colon).

      The risk for these noncommunicable diseases increases, with increases in BMI.

      Childhood obesity is associated with a higher chance of obesity, premature death and disability in adulthood. But in addition to increased future risks, obese children experience breathing difficulties, increased risk of fractures, hypertension, early markers of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and psychological effects.”


  • Living in a European tourist capital, I’m often struck by how many American tourists (of all ages) are very fat. It’s a public health problem that the US seems to have accepted as normal. It looks very negative and undesirable from the outside. As regards Raniere and DOS, he had no right to dictate anyone’s calorie intake, no matter whether he dictated more or less calories. He couldn’t tolerate the idea of anyone being in control of their own lives, and I think it was more about that than his favoured body type for sex.

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