Kathy Russell to Be Sentenced January 29, 2020

Kathy Russell

Here is the court order: “The sentencing hearing for Kathy Russell will be held on January 29, 2020 at 11:00 AM in Courtroom 4D South. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 9/27/2019.”

So our hapless friend, Kathy Russell, 61, the erstwhile ballerina and Nxivm bookkeeper, is going to learn her fate at the end of January.

She is the second one to have a sentencing date set. The first was Clare Webb Bronfman who will be sentenced on January 8th.

Ah, Kathy Russell.

She could have avoided all this had she simply accepted the prosecutor’s invitation to turn state’s evidence against her Vanguard back in 2018.

Instead, listening to her Clare Bronfman paid attorney, William Funciullo, she chose to go into the grand jury without an immunity agreement and she blew it – sometimes taking the 5th and sometimes answering stupidly – and wound up giving incriminating statements against herself.

Russell was indicted on July 23, 2018.

On Good Friday, April 19, 2019, Russell, pleaded guilty and ended the prosecution of her in the case of U.S. v. Raniere Et Al.

None of it had to happen.

But at least she replaced the inept and/or conflicted Funciullo and retained Justine Harris and Amanda Ravich, who seemed to be looking out for her and not Bronfman.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis presided at her guilty plea hearing.  Russell accepted a plea deal but did not condemn Raniere in her allocution.

Of all the Nxivm defendants, Russell got off with the lightest plea deal.  She was charged with one count of visa fraud.

Here is how her crime was described in court:

“In or about and between February 2014 and March 2015…  in the Northern District of New York and elsewhere, the defendant, Kathy Russell, together with others, did knowingly and intentionally present an application, affidavit, and other document required by the immigration laws and regulations prescribed thereunder which contain one or more false statements with respect to one or more material facts, and which fails to contain any reasonable basis in law and fact, to wit: The defendant caused to be submitted to the United States Consulate an offer of employment that the defendant knew to contain materially false and fraudulent statements, which offer of employment was submitted in support of a visa application for another individual.”

Between February 2014 and March 2015, Russell knowingly presented documents to the United States Consulate in Mexico in connection with a NAFTA TN visa application for Loreta Garza – a high ranking Nxivm member – including an employment letter that contained false statements.

Mexican slave Loreta Garza got into the USA under false pretenses.

Russell – always a willing stooge for Raniere  – presented documents to the U.S. Consulate, including a letter dated February 15th, 2014, which contained statements regarding the visa applicant’s job description and salary that were false.

Garza’s claimed salary was not true. Russell and Clare Bronfman inflated Garza’s salary on her visa application to ensure she was approved.

Once in the US, Garza was required to kickback a major portion of her salary.

In another lie, Russell represented that Garza was to be a management consultant for NXIVM, but Russell knew  Garza was, in fact, working for a separate entity, Rainbow Cultural Gardens.

For visa fraud, the maximum term of imprisonment is ten years. There is no minimum term. The maximum supervised release term is three years. The maximum fine is $250,000. Restitution is in the full amount of each victim’s losses, as determined by the Court.

Garza probably lost about $100,000 – if her case is similar to Sylvie, who was also brought into the US illegally.

Russell is not likely to be able to pay any fine since she claims to be broke and unemployed. Maybe Clare who got her to where she is today will pay it for her.

Clare Bronfman – whose sentencing guidelines are about 2 years – made it possible for Kathy to end up in federal prison.

Sentencing Guidelines

Before the judge gives his sentence, he will review a report prepared by the Probation Department, which will calculate a particular guideline range.

The prosecution made a prediction in Russell’s plea agreement that her offense level would be a 10 – and that, because she has no previous criminal record, the range of incarceration would be 6 to 12 months in prison.

According to her plea agreement, Russell can appeal the judge’s sentence if it exceeds 18 months in jail, and she believes there is a legal or other error in his doing that.

On April 19, when she pleaded guilty, she also made her allocution.

Here is what Kathy said. It was brief.

“On or about February 2014, I knowingly and intentionally presented a document to the United States Consulate in Mexico that contained false statements, specifically in support of a TN visa for Loretta Garza Davila.

“I submitted the document that I knew contained materially false statements regarding Miss Garza’s job description and salary. This document, which I signed, described Miss Garza’s job title to be a management consultant at NXIVM Corporation and stated she would provide advice on strategic marketing needs of NXIVM. While Miss Garza did perform some of the duties described in the letter, she spent most of her time developing and running a separate company called Rainbow Cultural Gardens.  I knew Miss Garza worked for Rainbow Cultural Gardens, but I submitted a letter on her behalf that intentionally omitted that fact.

“I also knew that Miss Garza was not keeping the full amount of the salary listed in that letter. The letter that I submitted was required to be filed by the immigration laws. I know what I did was wrong, and I’m very sorry for the trouble I have caused. I compromised my own principles and I will have to live with that for the rest of my life.”

Too bad she did not say this simple statement back when she was called before the grand jury and when the DOJ was willing to let her say the same thing – and get completely off the hook.

Poor Kathy – she believed in Vanguard and in Clare Bronfman’s tender concern for her.

But she is a gullible soul.

MK10ART’s interpretive painting of Kathy Russell headed to court with her attorneys.

For years, the wondrous faith Kathy had in her Vanguard was evidenced by the fact that she believed him when he said she could, even at age 60, become a world-class ballerina.

It was sad to some – and comical to others – to see her perform at the Saratoga Ballet company – a company comprised mainly of children between 5 and 13 years old – performing side by side with them  – with an audience comprised of parents – most of them younger than Kathy – as she did pirouettes, tour en l’airs, and grande jetés – at age 59 – with 12 years olds.

But such was her belief in her Vanguard that she felt only joy and no awareness of how bizarre it was for an old lady to be performing with children.

Kathy Russell – her photograph used by the prosecution to show to the jury in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

At the trial, the jury learned a few unsavory things about Kathy. Such as her willingness to lie for Raniere – to rent homes in phony names for him to hide his sex slaves like Camila – and to whisk illegal aliens like Daniella – across the border using a fake ID. Kathy was also a very willing participant in threesomes with Vanguard – and with at least one unwilling young woman.

But it is what it is.

Still, one cannot help but feel a bit sad for the hapless and aging woman, who only wanted to be a ballerina and a worthy servant of the world’s smartest and most ethical man.

Viva  Executive Success!

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  • They say the last taboo is pedophilia and Keith championed that.

    Do you really want these folks reintegrated into society??????

  • Kathy is neither unlucky or unfortunate.
    She’s an adult responsible for her actions or, in this case, inactions.
    We keep forgetting about the real victims of NXIVM.

  • Notice that there are efforts to omit references to Clare Bronfman’s sexual contributions to Raniere’s pantheon of vaginas? Observe the design work in place regarding her cult involvement. We have been “assigned” to think of her as asexual. Her attorneys have entirely blackballed any discussions about Clare’s vaginal activities or lack thereof. Or is that blueballed? This is despite the fact that Bronfman was a fundamental participant who bankrolled Raniere’s sexually abusive appetite for about half of her current lifespan.

    Apparently Clare does not want anyone thinking about her twat or if it worked alongside her false altruism.

    Now I realize that probably a majority of people do not WANT to think about Clare’s twat. Let us think of her as a frigid but endless wallet, a homely spinster of self-help. That is evidently how things have been arranged.

      • Darned if I’m not back with another Bronfman twat rumination. If she were an interviewee, ooh wee ooh wee!

        First question

        Ms. Bronfman, recollect for us if you will, and in detail, exactly how and when you were first short-circuited? Kindly name the adults, dead or living, who participated in you initial, traumatic, sacrificial splittage?

        Second question

        Delineate for us, to the best of your recollection, what surgical procedures have been used upon you, to augment the traumatic splittage?

        Third question

        Ms. Bronfman, hopefully, you have recovered your bearings now, after your last several fainting sessions. Nevertheless, surely you can understand and will agree with us that repeatedly answering each question by saying ” twat did you say? I cunt hear you,” is both vaingloriously inappropriate, as well as grade-school level impertinent?

        • Hookers charge differently for various sex acts. My question is, how much would you (man or woman) charge to have sex with Clare?

          She is a multi-millionaire…so for what price will you sell your dignity?
          Cunniligus (on Clare)?
          Cunniligus (Clare on you, ladies)?

          Warning: Ladies, no garlic, please. Men, remember Clare used to spend time with horses.

    • “Apparently Clare does not want anyone thinking about her twat or if it worked alongside her false altruism.”

      I for one do not want to think about Ms. Bronmfman’s private parts.
      But as for the second part of your statement, Shivani, was there anyone in NXIVM who could be described as truly altruistic?

  • As long as this cult still has support, as evidenced by comments left here, my opinion is to issue the maximum on all defendants. I hope the judge sees that with the same clarity.

    Someone, my opinion, is keeping nxivm alive. There is still a cheerleading crowd for Vangone and someone is running it.

    Hang them high, and keep sniffing for more rats.

    Just an opinion.

    • At least half of the NXIVM members are still in the criminal gang and others are lying low until the storm blows over.
      And the financiers of the group, the Bronfmans and the Mexican elite, are waiting in the wings.

      And there are persistent rumors indicating that the Legatus Pro Tempore, our very own Pea Onyu/Yolanda Cortez/ Nicki Clyne, will be the nucleus around whom the new NXIVM will regroup.

      If a criminal cult can be built around the chubby fur ball Raniere, then it can be built around Nicki Clyne, who is far more energetic and dedicated.

      THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2019
      Today’s Blind Items – A New Cult
      Taken from the ashes of the one they came from, several of the members of this former sex cult, including at least two actresses, have brought several members back into the fold. They have also recruited this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show which was on purpose. They wanted that same type connection they had the last time around. Because of his star power, he has recruited a half dozen women over the past three months who are also now members. Apparently the leader is the wife of the actress all of you know.

      In prosecuting criminal, terrorist gangs like NXIVM half a job is no job at all.

  • https://pagesix.com/2019/09/27/the-cast-of-smallville-then-and-now/amp/?__twitter_impression=true


    “Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan. Mack has taken a complete turn, and has recently been in the news for her ties to the sex-slave cult Nxivm. She pleaded guilty in April for her role in the cult.”

    Will she engage in any pussy lickin’ In prison?


    “Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang. She is currently on a Canadian drama series called “Burden of Truth.” She was also involved in Nxivm, but claims she got out before doing anything “illegal or nefarious.”

    Claims, she she never “experienced” anything “illegal or nefarious”. Not that she didn’t know anything illegal or nefarious. Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit? The Necker Island criminal expose? Being named in the pedophile expose. Bullshit. The author of that article needs an update…

  • In their little bubble, they believed there were above the law because they were ‘serving a higher purpose.’

    This is what all cults believe.


    “Be ye never so high, the law is above ye.”

    – Lord Justice Denning

  • Do you feel bad for and worry about Kathy Russell?

    Think people are mean to make fun of Kathy Russell?

    Re-read Dani’s testimony from the trial…….

    And feel bad for Dani.

    I personally hope the rest of Kathy Russell’s hair falls out.

    • Yes, It DOES seem to have patchy hair trouble. Do-it-yourself el cheapo hair coloring and a somewhat bulbous forehead have not helped Its aging Barbie doll appearance. It tries so very hard, expending efforts to look like a Good Girl, instead of some delusionary, senior pedo-sylph who doesn’t mind being insistent about having threesomes with underage, imported and trafficked sex slaves.

      Perhaps these unsacred molestation sessions are what kept giving It the willingness to keep going as a nonentity, so easily ignorable amidst the pantheon of overly-available and fresher poontang. Were any orgasms involved for the poor old gal-thing? Or was It just a piece of set decoration, another set of fingers, another cooperative mouth?

      The ballerina illustration by MK10ART really looks like a bald man in a wig, with eyeglasses and very hairy armpits. Dressed to kill! Or at least to deliver profound indigestion, nausea. The attorneys who flank her betray a tinge of emotion, expressing ” how we wish that we anywhere but here with this balletomane, UpChucklehead.”

  • Frank sir, you once posted this article about NXIVM coach Olivia Cheng.


    She recently posted this bullshit comment about “accountability” while still never making any attempt to admit her NXIVM skeleton.


    It would be rather funny and poetic if you post your article about her on that tweet via your Frank Report twitter account.

    • Why don’t you do it yourself, you chickenshit. Do you not see the hypocrisy of calling out someone for not being accountable while trying to hide behind Frank. LOL

      • Not everyone has a twitter account you worthless vegetarian’s fart. And Frank has some public anti-NXIVM profile. What got your knickers in a twist? Are you the “me luv yu lawng tym” NXIVM actress, an associate, fan, or…. Spanky? You are 100% either a soy boy faggot or an ugly chick, which is basically the same thing. Your dad should of just pulled it out and sprayed it on your mama’s ass, instead of wasting that low testosterone load on you. Toodles cunt-features.

  • She is so gross manipulating the young lady she illegally brought into the untied states to have a threesome with that pedophile. Is there any footage anywhere showing her ballet performance with the children?

    • No way would Frank not post that….

      Plus a video of a 50 year old ballerina doing a recital with 12 year olds would have gone viral by now.

      It would be all over YouTube.

  • Sex Machine Cat Russell in the news again.

    Why didn’t VanTranny run his kingdom out of Mexico in the first place? He would never have been caught or arrested.

    But he might have been kidnapped and held for ransom by a Cartel or local police. Hmmm

  • According to a highly confidential source of mine, Kathy’s sentencing date (January 29th) was set because she has 2 previous engagements on the 27th and 28th.

    27th -> Ballet Recital
    28th -> Tryout for Juilliard’s ‘senior citizens’ ballet scholarship

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