In Defense of Toni Natalie – She Was Afraid of Keith Raniere

MK10: Toni Natalie & Keith Raniere

By Nutjob

Since Frank Report will undoubtedly be a blood-path of people calling every word of Toni Natalie’s new book ‘The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM a lie, I’m going to preemptively back Toni (if that is her real name) up by giving my thoughts on some things I hope will be in the book.

I am not defending her on everything. I don’t know anything about restaurant equipment leases – so I’m not touching that or other stuff I’m clueless about.


Toni Natalie by MK10ART. Did Toni Natalie operate a scam where she would fake leasing restaurant equipment and illegally pocket the money to buy the equipment – which was never purchased? We don’t know and Toni is not saying. In the past, she blamed it on Keith Raniere but other sources say she did the restaurant equipment scam after she left Raniere.

– Toni loved her son greatly and talked about him often. She wanted him to live with her, but she also wanted to do what was best for him. When a child is of school age, it isn’t fun to move them from school to school and avoiding that was ideal. Toni dumping Keith and getting married to Scott was done after her son had moved back with his father. Toni was working 80 hr weeks leading up to splitting with Keith. Living with dad was logical – and not anything new or out of the ordinary. I’d guess he started that 1998 school yr with dad, but I could be wrong.

– Scott’s marriage was all but over for at least 4-5 months before he had any sort of relationship with Toni. Saying Toni was to blame for Scott’s marriage ending is flat out wrong. Scott may have officially pulled the trigger when he RVd off with Toni, but his feet were out the door well before Toni entered the picture.

Image result for motor home headed for the keys
Toni Natalie left her son and Scott Foley left his daughter to motor south in a recreational vehicle. They landed in the Keys and stayed there for some months before heading back to Rochester. Once in Rochester, Toni did not renew her relationship with her son, who remained with his father. Toni claimed that Keith prevented her from being with her son.

– Toni was scared of Keith. Her brother, John, was scared of Keith’s mind control tactics. John Natalie thought Keith used “voodoo” and wanted Keith to stop any and all contact with Toni. John tried to help Toni get away from Keith and acted as a sorta bodyguard for her.

– My take on Consumers’ Buyline: Toni was late to the CBI game. It was Keith’s business. She was a top salesperson. She didn’t know jack about the illegal activity. She knew what Keith told her – which is what he told everyone else. That the Attorney Generals coming after him was The Man holding him down.

CBI was becoming too much of a threat to big business and they wanted to end it. Poor Keith was a victim. Not only that, Keith said he used every dime of the money from CBI to fight the charges in court so that he didn’t need to admit any wrongdoing. Knowing what we know about Keith, does anyone (other than Bangcock pretending to) honestly think that Keith opened up to Toni and told her about anything illegal or shady with CBI?

– People saying Toni opened up two more illegal pyramid schemes after CBI is a joke. Her skincare line was sold through CBI. After CBI ended, it was sold retail.

– National Health Network had outlets (NHOs) to sell healthcare items retail. If you were a member (for $25 per month), you’d get a big discount on the health food and vitamins you purchased. There was a member price and a non-member price for everything. You could have the stuff shipped to you or you could go into the store to buy. Yes, it was an MLM. If we have an expert on MLMs that contributes to this site, maybe he could chime in as to if he thinks NHN was illegal.

– Toni wouldn’t have been “Queen of Comp” if Keith didn’t want her to be that. Keith wanted people to believe she stole and was shady. Then, it would be easier to blame her for things later – like when she left him for Scott, or if he had to explain why he needed to lock her in a room for 2 years.

– The restaurant business is easy. Virtually every new venture is successful. Toni failing TWICE shows what an unethical idiot she is.

– Kristin Keeffe supposedly told Toni that her dog was poisoned. This seems like something that can be verified. Can we add this to the list of things to ask Kristin the next time she talks to anyone?

[Editor’s Note: It is not confirmed that Keeffe told Natalie that Keith poisoned her dog. This is merely what Natalie claims.]

– Kristin is on tape [secretly recorded by Barbara Bouchey] saying that a Mexican judge was bribed as part of the prison/rape plot. Whether the women fell for the plot or not, shouldn’t change the fact that Keith was a danger to these women and they SHOULD have been scared of him.

– To me, Toni approaching Keith over the years and not being afraid to try to hustle the Bronfmans out of a million dollars is more funny than alarming. She never was willing to totally back down to him. He kept suing her – it’s not like she could get him out of her life. Why not punch back?

– I firmly believe that the narrative about Toni leaving with money from the NHN business is incorrect. That business was bankrupt. As was the “A Place of Creations” cafe (failed restaurant #1) that Toni hastily opened as a way to try saving the failing NHN. If Toni left with money, it was from her mom.

Keith having his minions tell everybody that Toni left with money from the business is a 100% guarantee. Just a lie. In fact, can we add this to the Kristin Keeffe question list? The inner inner inner circle knew how much money Toni/NHN had left – almost to the dollar.

Again, I’m hoping these things will be addressed in the book. I’m sure it will be fun calling out the lies in the book, but I’m backing Toni up on these things out of the gate.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire – and I’m not saying all of this new narrative put out by Joe and Frank is false. However, as you can see by what I’ve typed, some of this is over-the-top and some of it is just not correct.

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  • Re Natalie’s adopted son:

    That kid is a million times better off without Toni Natalie in his life.

    That’s for damn sure!!!!

  • Re Restaurant fraudulent bank loan:

    The oldest bank fraud in the world is taking out fraudulent bank loans for restaurant equipment or other businesses equipment and then declaring bankruptcy and absconding with the funds. It used to be called a bust out and was a low level mob racket of sorts for some outfits. If you have a bank loan officer on the hook it’s easy to do.

  • – The restaurant business is easy. Virtually every new venture is successful-

    I beg to differ with you. I work in loaning money to parties in this industry. One out of three new ventures is successful.

  • Questions for Nutjob:

    Could you please provide the details behind this comment: “He kept suing her – it’s not like she could get him out of her life.”

    When – and in what courts – did Raniere sue Toni?

    What were the outcomes in all these lawsuits?

    • I’ll defer to you. You know better than me about the times they’ve been involved in court proceedings. At a minimum, don’t we have Keith fighting her bankruptcy, the lawsuit about the patent, and the computer password incident?

    • Apologize if all my answers to your questions show up at once, but let me try again:

      I’ll defer to you, Joe. You make a good point. “He kept suing her” wasn’t what I should have typed. How about this – She kept needing to pay lawyers because of him. Challenging the BK, the patent lawsuit, the password debacle. Is this fair?

      • The patent lawsuit?

        Let’s look at how things played out…

        Toni tried to sucker Keith out of $1 million dollars for the patent by refusing to sell it to him for less than that.

        Does that sound like she’s deathly afraid of aggravating him? LOL.

        She basically stood toe to toe with Keith and demanded that money, without fear or hesitation.


        Also… Toni turned down a $50k offer for the patent from Microsoft/ATT, in an attempt to play hardball and get more money out of them (which failed, just like everything else she does).

        Does that sound like a woman being taken advantage of? LOL.

        Try again, Nutjob. This time, bring facts to the table. 🙂

        • Just wanted to clarify the obvious, for any idiot attorneys who lack common sense. 🙂

          The phrase ‘she stood toe to toe’ (with Keith) is a figurative phrase, not a literal one. I realize that she used the phone to make that request for the patent money.

  • “In Defense of Toni Natalie — She Was Afraid of Keith Raniere”

    I read the transcripts of Raniere with Cami.
    Here is a grown man cowering and sniveling like a eunuch before a young woman thirty years his junior.

    “Don’t you know when you have sex with another man it drains my life force?
    It depletes my life essence!”

    “My semen tastes sweeter than Robbie’s semen.”
    (I am sure Raniere would know.)

    No real man talks like that.
    No one is afraid of a fool like Raniere.

    And Raniere is some kind of wizard with a Magic Wand.
    He is a cowardly clown with a limp noodle!

    And there is only one way to deal with a coward like Raniere.
    Stand up to him!

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