No, Barbara Bouchey — There Is No Good in Nxivm and You Are the Proof

Keith Raniere and Barbara Bouchey. Photo courtesy Barbara Bouchey.

Some of the people – women in particular – who have had encounters with Keith Alan Raniere [AKA Vanguard] – have contacted Frank Report recently with a desire to be heard, to tell their stories.  Now that the beast is convicted and soon to be sentenced – for a minimum of 15 years – some want to make their voices heard.

It is perhaps a little safer to do so now that the demon resides behind bars.

It is perhaps cathartic. This is the forum to do so.

I would add this also — that we do not know the full extent of Keith Alan Raniere’s crimes against humanity. There is more to come. I hope to deliver some evidence soon.

I think it is far darker than the simple pervert – the creepy liar – who led a bogus self-help group – when all he wanted to do was fuck women and enslave them. No, I think his evil is much larger than anything that came out in trial and I think in essence it is this:

Keith Raniere did not just want to have sex and power over women. He wanted to destroy women. Everyone he could and in every way he possibly could – including getting them to become ill – getting them to die – getting them to commit suicide and – and I hope to prove this – murdering them.

Keith Alan Raniere tells Barbara Bouchey in 2009 – ‘I have had people killed for my beliefs … and for theirs.”

This was his joy – destroying women.

And his supreme joy was destroying women who believed in him.

Bouchey Is Wrong

I could not more firmly disagree with Barbara Bouchey – one of his inner circle [from 2000-2009] – who claims there was a lot of good in Nxivm. She is dead wrong.

Everything about Nxivm was evil – everything was meant to confuse and destroy women including her – and men too – but especially women. For it was women, above all, that he hated.

Just consider Bouchey’s own case. This woman who argues for the goodness in Nxivm – he stripped her of her life savings.

He involved her in what could be criminal activities. He took nude photos of her – her a businesswoman who should have known better – and kept them. They were shown at his trial – to the jury – and at any time – like all the other women – these photos could be released publicly someday.

This woman was a notable financial planner and Raniere told her he wanted nude pictures of her and she had to do it. She might have thought it was fun – but Raniere had an agenda. He was collecting collateral on all the slave women.

Bouchey was one of the first to give Raniere collateral – a businesswoman – who handles the life savings of hundreds of people – who advises them on what to invest in – and he took nudes of her – which he could use to compromise her at any later date.

On top of that, he swindled her out of her life savings – about $1.5 million – on crazy commodity trades.

Then, after doing that, he made her manager of the funds of Clare and Sara Bronfman – two stupid, silly creatures he wanted to destroy – and then Raniere – using Bouchey as the likely fall girl – swindled the stupid Bronfmans out of $100 million – mostly in crazy commodity trades.

[The possibility exists that the commodity trades were not so crazy but actual swindles.]

Clare Bronfman [left] with her sister Sara Bronfman-Igtet.n 
I do not know what Bouchey was doing or how she advised the stupid sisters – her clients – as she watched her boyfriend lose their money in commodities and then later real estate – just like he had lost her money – but she must have realized that he was at least incompetent and dishonest – because he did that to her before.

But she held on – believing in the good of Nxivm – despite evidence to the contrary.

He took Bouchey’s life savings and blew through it.

I am not saying Bouchey was doing anything illegal. I do not think that was the case – but he confused her. Broke her. Made her foolish and perhaps a little insane.

He made her think there was all this good in Nxivm – so she dedicated her life to it for 9 years – while he robbed her; robbed her clients. He lied to her – even in bed – claiming at first that they were in a monogamous relationship  – while secretly having sex with some 20 other women.

On top of that, even after she found out that he was having sex with – she says – three other women – he persuaded her to stay with him.

He even promised her an avatar baby.  And she stayed with this man – as her boyfriend – who was having sex with other women – coming to believe that, “I can’t own Keith’s penis – but he can own my vagina.”

This is how crazy it became.

She left – when she lost the top spot in his harem – Barb’s critics say. [Toni Natalie says that Barbara knew all about the other women. And that she was content to be in the harem provided she was the queen of the harem. When she learned she was not – but was being reduced to second-tier status – under such women as Ivy Nevares and other new women – younger women – Barb got upset and left.]

Barbara says this is patently untrue.  She says she finally saw through his dishonesty and realized that, while Nxivm was supremely good – Keith was bad – as if good can come out of evil intent.

After she left Keith, he went after her with a vengeance. He sued her numerous times. He dragged her into lawsuits against his other enemies. [He always had enemies].  All told, she was forced to defend herself or be a witness in 13 lawsuits.

He forced her into bankruptcy. She lost most of her clients – and her income was reduced from a million per year to a fraction of it.

He left her traumatized, a condition she is still suffering from today, she says.

But she still says there is good in Nxivm. It’s madness and it is proof of Raniere’s ability to destroy women – in part by confusing them.

Barbara Bouchey weeps outside the courthouse when she learned that her former master and boyfriend Keith Alan Raniere was convicted on all counts.

Nothing she learned in Nxivm – all those years of classes and all those hypnotic induction Exploration of Meaning therapy sessions – could rescue her or defend her from the danger of this maniac coming after her.  Her own clients, the Bronfmans, funded the attack on her.

And nobody in Nxivm stood up for her- they with all their so-called ‘good’ teachings under their belts. Her former friends – imbibing all those good teachings – and nothing.

They stood by silently; some of them helped try to get her arrested for extortion. Yet she cries – over and over – there was good in Nxivm!

Yet no one – not one of the Nxivm followers asked Keith to stop – “stop punishing your former lover – our former friend.”

Not one brave one – not one honest one – in the group – just sheep – like he had made them.

And there is a lot of good in Nxivm? Then where is the proof?

Women being destroyed – starved, sleep-deprived, lied to – being used as fuck toys – like Bouchey herself.

Do you think that he, for one moment, considered himself Bouchey’s boyfriend? That is her illusion and his lie.  No, he was out to destroy her and had devised Nxivm for this sole purpose – to destroy women.

Barbara Bouchey Facebook picture – she shows the world she is happy and free from Raniere.

It is true that Bouchey gets a lot of criticism – the most of anyone who left Nxivm.

She does not understand why.  It is because she is the only one who left who has not fully woken up yet. She fails to see that there was no good in Nxivm. By saying there is good – she undermines the hurt of other victims – who realize they were hurt deliberately, systematically- and the teachings were used to hurt them.

By claiming there was good in Nxivm, Bouchey insults their injuries. They got out – one way or the other – because Nxivm was bad. But just because Barbara had some good times – because of her wealth and status and her value to bringing in other women for Raniere to destroy – she thinks there was some good.  Others think they know better.

While Barbara laments her own victimization, I don’t think she realizes how callous and self-centered she appears when she tells other victims how good the Nxivm teachings were. Other victims know that something rotten happened to them and that cannot be good.

They are still trying to heal themselves – trying to trust themselves – and this woman – who seems crazy – comes out and says – Keith was bad – but all his teachings were good.

She is wrong.

This cult was devised by Raniere – with one goal in mind – to destroy Barbara Bouchey – and every other woman in it. No one can sit back and listen to Barbara say this and not be repulsed – not be offended – not be hurt and Barbara sadly does not have the diplomacy or the subtlety to understand that – so she drones on and on – fighting with anyone who challenges her – that there is a lot of good in the teachings.

With her whole life in shambles because of Raniere and his teachings – it is easy to mock her – to condemn her – even to hate her as some do. But that is wrong. She deserves sympathy and understanding.  She was abused too. She just fails to recognize the totality of it.

The teachings she thinks were so good – were used by Raniere to help destroy her. She separates Raniere from his teachings.

They are one and the same.

Barbara Bouchey goes on stage to defend Nxivm – and condemn Raniere – often shutting down anyone who dares to question her opinion.

Some, of course, say Barbara – because of egoism – to save face – has to justify the years spent in Nxivm – and, therefore, has to concoct this bizarre narrative that Raniere – founder and controller of everything Nxivm – was bad but somehow Nxivm was good.

It is so bizarre it makes people angry at her. It seems so transparently self-serving.

Maybe it is not.  I think Barbara is honest – just confused. Still hurting from her abuse.

I really don’t think Barbara would lie or be deceptive. I think she really thinks it.

This shows how Raniere can haunt people and ruin them and keep them in a stupor – for years after they leave him.

She still defends the teachings of Nxivm devised by Keith Raniere – who even had her indicted for computer trespassing – which required Raniere to set up Clare Bronfman to commit perjury. Imagine having an heiress set up to commit perjury on a nonsense charge and risk her freedom. He wanted to destroy Clare too – and he seems to have succeeded.

Bouchey with the Salzmans – also largely destroyed by Keith Raniere. Of course, Barb remembers the happy times when she was queen of the harem and top recruiter and volunteer – while Raniere was deceiving her – stealing her money and fucking her friends behind her back.

She was queen of the harem, but did Barbara Bouchey really not know that Keith Raniere was fucking all these other women?

This is why there is no good in Nxivm: Barbara Bouchey proves it.

She proves that all Keith ever wanted to do was destroy her. Destroy her and every woman with whom he ever came in contact.

The fact that she thinks there was good is the perfect proof that he outsmarted her.  He destroyed her and yet she still babbles that there was so much good in Nxivm. That was his power.

He set out to destroy Bouchey.  And she defends him and his horrible teachings – teachings meant to reduce women to fools and slaves – teachings that encouraged the rape of children. Teachings that taught that women should enjoy their first orgasm through rape.

Teachings that starved women – and kept them sleep-deprived. Teachings that led them to be branded.

No, Barbara, there is no good in Nxivm  – and you are the proof.

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  • Just wanted to end this thread with a final thought that I think it’s really cute and adorable that Mr. Niceguy is showing his affection for his idol by fighting for her honor so hard, lol. 🙂

    He is a man that will fight for her honor. He’ll be the hero that she’s dreaming of. 🙂

    Pretty sure I’ve never seen a stranger fight so hard for the honor of a woman he doesn’t really know. But it’s cute nonetheless. lol.

    It’s probably a case of unrequited feelings though, since I doubt his idol will return his affection. lol.

    • Bangkok

      My idol? My affections?

      I am just trying to get the point across to Heidi and Frank that you are infatuated and live near Heidi.

      Heidi is a woman and has a child….

      …..and you Bangkok pass by her home and monitor it to some degree.

      Bangkok I do not believe you are a serious threat or I actually would have contacted Heidi Hutchinson directly and urged her to go to the LAPD.

      I believe you should stop posting personal information about an adult single woman in your neighborhood.

      Bangkok you tripped yourself up this time. Last time you used an alias to post about Heidi’s pool problems.
      I feel for Heidi because I know how hard it is for a single woman with a kid who has gone through hell.

  • Just my opinion; Barb’s still emotionally in a safe bubble, the eye of the hurricane where despite all the turmoil and wreckage swirling around NXIVM, dead bodies dropping at her feet, she can pretend to be blissfully untouched by clinging to these almost delusional beliefs that there was “good,” that Keith was a “tender” lover, a “soft,” kind, misunderstood soul who, like she, only ever meant well.

    And how does she react to protect her safe place when anyone even inadvertently threatens to burst that bubble with a fact or two? …You don’t really want to be there. The fit she threw at the recorded pre-trial conference was nothing — in fact, Barb showed immense self-restraint there…relatively speaking.

    But I do understand and sympathize and pray she finds a truly loving, gentle guide to real emotional safety some day. I’d sign her up for Rick Ross’ series in a heart beat for entertainment value alone!

    • Wow….
      I only remembered reading her comments that there was “some good” in NXIVM, not any of that other stuff i Heidi’s post.

      Calling someone delusional because of their opinion that there was some positive attributes to NXIVM (and obviously there were some, because everything has some good) sounds more delusional (and also arrogant) to me.

      • Kindly stop kissing Irish Barb’s ass, little flower girl.

        She’s a babbling loon who can’t make amends with her past, which probably indicates she’s afraid to face her past and admit (to herself) that a decade of her life was wasted worshiping a smelly, fat conman with rodent feet.

        She’s trying to ‘hold on’ to the belief that her life wasn’t ‘wasted’, when in reality it was.

        She worshiped a dude who ditched her (replaced her with a new queen of the harem) as soon as she got old. Oh, and he also drove her broke in the process. LOL.

        I’m guessing that you might have experience with the concept of guys ditching you when you got older. 🙂

        Also, kindly stop kissing Heidi’s butt in other threads. You and Heidi are not kindred spirits. You are as different as apples and chewing gum.

        You and Heidi really should be enemies at all times, just as you and I should be enemies at all times. 🙂

        …Hey Heidi, if you’re reading this, kindly stop kissing Toni’s butt in other threads and hoping for an apology from her. You need to stop being so soft. If somebody talks crap about me then I sure as fuck don’t kiss their butt in public and beg for an apology. I have too much self respect.

        Be strong. 🙂

      • The quotes are there for a reason, Flowers. Those are some of Barb’s exact words from public appearances as if espousing any “good” in NXIVM alone isn’t delusional enough after what’s been revealed.

        At least Barb has an excuse to stay in denial about NX. What’s yours, again? Some good in EVERYTHING? …IDK what kind of flowers you’re on in Vancouver but how are your stalkers there treating you lately?

        • Re : Flower’s & Bangkok’s obsession with Heidi

          Flowers is jealous of Heidi. When Heidi received attention magically Flowers ended up with stalkers.

          Bangkok magically knows when Heidi has pool problems or is camped out in front of her house.

          What if Flowers and Bangkok exchange emails and create some magic together….. on their own.

          …….Then they can both leave Heidi Hutchinson alone…..
          And I will stop commenting on their obsession.

          • Unless I’m not connecting the dots or have missed something – Isn’t Bangcock Heidi’s talentless douchebag ex who is trying to fuck with her so he can win the divorce/custody battle? This would explain how he knows everything about Heidi and why he is such a pussy.

          • Nice guy
            The harassment issue began around 2014, so your theory doesn’t even make sense.

            Sure – give my address to Bangkok….what’s one more crazy harasser…

          • 🙂


            Methinks that Mr. Niceguy has forgotten the fact that he’s been mentioning my name in a high percentage of his posts going back for MONTHS now, LOL, mostly in posts that are not related to comments about Hobo Heidi or little Flower girl.

            His excuse now (that he’s only talking about me so often to defend Heidi’s honor, LOL) is not really accurate, since he’s been following me around like a pet puppy going back for many months now. 🙂

            I would say that I’ve been living rent free in Niceguy’s head for at least a year, ever since his idol put out a figurative ‘call to arms’ (Niceguy’s own quote, lol) to counteract some of Bangkookery’s posts. 🙂

            I’m guessing that Niceguy also can roll over, bark, sit and fetch the newspaper on command. That’s a good little puppy, Niceguy.

            I bid you a nice day. 🙂

          • To Nutjob & Flowers:

            Bangkok is a young adult. No one on planet earth could imitate a precocious young adult like Bangkok. Bangkok is authentic.

            Save your bullshit for your therapist.

      • Barbie seems to be a rather confused person. She should just submit to Keith once again and visit him at MDC to clear the air? Most likely not.

  • This is a horrible story…I cant help but wonder if this is punishment for not siding with you to make things up that never happened . So disappointed in this ongoing vendetta. People are entitled to their own experience..and since you have none with the teachings of Nx I dont understand why you insist that your opinion is credible. I was involved for 11 years and also had many benefits and never had any intimacy with Keith. Why cant you move on and stop torturing Barb? Such a waste of time and even sadistic.Very sad to see you take this path Frank.

    • Yep…I wrote something similar but Frank wouldn’t post it.
      That’s okay Frank , I don’t consider my posts a waste of time, since I know you probably see them😉

    • Look at that picture of Barbara Bouchey crying, CRYING, that the pedophile cunt got found guilty. After everything, she still cries for the scumbag. That opens up old Babs to some legit criticism.

      And please explain what Frank has made up. The comments section is quite good regarding free speech. Go for it.

      • If you think the fact that she’s crying can only mean that she’s sad Keith was convicted, then you know very little about human emotion. Victims will often cry when their abuser is convicted . Why are you make assumptions about her state of mind??

      • I was there with her and she was crying because the ordeal was finally over….not because she was morning him! It was very emotional as it came out at trial that they were still stalking her and ex girlfriends..she knew he would never stop!

      • Speaking of turds, I was instantly reminded of Bangkok, (who hasn’t yet realized that I don’t kiss anyone’s ass.)

        Heidi, of course there must have been some good points about NXIVM…If there wasn’t it would not have operated for as long as it did.

        Not sure why you’re enquiring about my crazy “stalkers” (who are not so much stalkers as they are a bunch of criminals trying to intimidate me) but maybe Bangkok could answer that, right Mr. 🙂🙂🙂? Did you get suspended yet, or is that just temporary?

        • What are you babbling about Flowers? From what has Bangkok been suspended? Are you saying you know Bangkok’s true identity and he yours? That’s some crazy shit!

          • No, I dont know his real name, but I do suspect that I’ve encountered a couple of his aliases elsewhere…. …and I’ve seen his picture, too.
            I was not impressed.

          • I’m just trying to wrap my brain around this…You believe that you and Bangkok are also both commenting in other places on the internet and you believe that you can recognize that it’s the same person posting here but is not using the same name?

          • Follow up,.
            Thats sort of correct. Someone on another forum ( I wont mention which one) made a new account using one of the names someone uses here, and then sent me notifications so that I would notice their account.
            I just ignored them, but I did check out other accounts they were interacting with, and one of those accounts certainly appears to be Bangkok.

            Of course anyone could make up an account using the handles used here, and pretend to be the same person who posts here.

            Someone named Scott Johnson also sent me a notification on a new , fake account…it was not the Scott who posts here.
            So yeah, there are crazy stalkers who follow this forum, but I dont think any of them are Heidi’s exhusband,…. but who knows for sure?

        • Quote from Flowers:

          If there wasn’t ‘good points’ about NXIVM, it would not have operated for as long as it did.

          My response:

          If that line of reasoning were LOGICAL then according to YOU (your reasoning) Hitler had lots of good in him too, lol.

          Hitler ran the country for over a decade, but his movement actually lasted for 25 years because his Brownshirt party (the Sturmabteilung) was founded in 1920.

          Hint: The reason NXIVM lasted so long wasn’t because it had good points about it —- it was because new recruits/students were LIED TO for so long, including being lied to by the very friends and family members who recruited them into attending their first NXIVM class.

          If NXIVM had been totally truthful with every person from day 1, nobody would have stayed for a single class.

          NXIVM had nothing good about it.

          IMO it’s an organization that was predatory in nature and designed to prey upon the weaker minded people who could be trained as followers of Keith the smelly conman.

          Lies, lies and more lies. That was what NXIVM did to people.

          Guess what else, Flowers?

          Bernie Madoff’s scam lasted for decades —- so I guess that means there’s good points about his scam too. Eh, Flowers? 🙂

          Duh, Flowers.

          Heidi is winning this catfight.

          She may be an arrogant piece of trash IMO, but she’s winning her argument against you. Methinks Heidi’s pruning shears have inflicted lots of pain upon little Flower girl.

          I bid you a nice day. 🙂

          PS — To answer your question…

          Nobody stalks an over-the-hill, post menopause, cat lady. lol. The stalkers of Canada would likely prefer a non-granny to obsess over. 🙂

          • Devil’s advocate:

            (something I engage in myself from time to time, just to piss people off)

            *Hitler did lots of good things for Germany during his tenure (turning around their economy and helping Germany to regain world status).

            However, he did it at the expense of breaking treaties and driving up their debt levels so high that the only way to pay it back was to enslave other countries, loot them and kill off any dissenters.

            So in that context, the economic ‘good’ he did wasn’t really good — it was merely narcissistic looting to please the masses temporarily, to further his power.

            But hey, it was good for German citizens who didn’t seem to care how their economy was turned around. 🙂

          • Tell that to the people who have tried to intimidate me….maybe they will explain why they started it.
            Anyways, in regards to there being some positive aspects to NXIVM, it only makes sense that there was (as people continued to enroll in their classes and to pay big bucks…) Why would people keep recommending the classes and paying for them if no one found the classes to be helpful?
            Most people were unaware that Keith was a pervy creep, because pervy creeps know that they need to hide that ceeepy shit from the normal people.

            The real question is this – why did the people who were aware that Keith was a perv enable him for so long??


    “In the beginning of “Scarred,” Edmondson suggests that telling her story is an act of contrition. She apologizes to the loved ones she alienated during her Nxivm years and later compares herself to “a soldier who returns from war to learn he’d killed children over a fight for oil, orchestrated by a machine bigger than him.” But the book is laced with an uncomfortable tension. Is Edmondson a brave feminist, a victim-turned-whistleblower in the age of #MeToo? Or is she someone who benefited from the cult, had an attack of conscience, then stumbled into a painful kind of fame? (She has reportedly signed up to star in a documentary series about Nxivm.) There’s also a troubling absence at the heart of the book: What became of all her recruits?

    It’s easy to wish for the kind of reportorial rigor that characterized another tough memoir, David Carr’s “The Night of the Gun,” in which the New York Times media columnist interviewed people he hurt during his years of addiction. “Scarred” isn’t that kind of story. The details are compelling, but the narrative feels more like a dishy tell-all than an investigative or literary work. Sometimes, the writing veers into self-indulgence.”

    Sarah Edmondson is disgusting. A complicit cult member, loving all the attention and money.


    – “Through some of the Vancouver actors, the group expanded deeper into Hollywood.”

    Kristin Kreuk comes to mind. So she must have helped NXIVM spread into Hollywood too as she was the most famous Vancouver member.

    – “NXIVM attracted A-list celebrities, she writes, including one of the world’s most beloved actresses, an iconic rock-and-roll legend and Oscar-winning directors. In the book, she teases, but does not identify them.” “That actress who broke up her co-star’s marriage in real life? Yep.”

    Angeline Jolie?

    • From what I have heard some say here, Mark Hildreth actually recruited more people into NXIVM than Kreuk – including Kreuk herself. I never even heard of any of these people before, but on what basis do you assume that Kreuk was the most famous Vancouver member? Hildreth apparently wielded more influence within the community, and then of course there was Edmondson who ran the Vancouver scene and did the most recruiting of all.

      And yes, we know that Kreuk is the first person who pops into some people’s minds. Continually, ad nauseum.

      I’d rather hear more about Hildreth, Voth and others to truly put the Vancouver scene in perspective – as well as to understand the role of Mack, who was both an outsider and an insider, and had apparently dragged along her abusive and manipulative first boyfriend and fiancee who we know far too little about. If people spent half the time digging for information about figures like those, that they spewing obsessive word salad over Kreuk, we might actually know useful things that would help us better understand what went on.

      • OMG, just stop it “sultan”. It is so obviously you. What a deeply sad, lonely and unhappy person you are. Even when you try to be anonymous in the comments, your loser persona just screams out. You just can’t help yourself. Do you actually believe you are in some kind of relationship with Kreuk!? What a mad nut you are.

        • AnonyMaker and Sultan of Six are not one and the same. Sultan is a specialist – he writes on one topic only and is prompted to write only by his ardent desire to defend Kristin Kreuk. He does not contribute on other topics and never volunteers anything – he is simply a defensive soldier for his lady fair.
          AnonyMaker on the other hand is a generalist – he writes on a wide variety of topics. He seems actually fairly neutral about Kreuk. And he writes not in reactive way but proactively marshaling his points usually with sound logic. Sultan on the other hand gets deeply emotional when Kreuk is even mentioned.
          Besides I have spoken on the phone with AnonyMaker.

          • dude, you spoke on the phone with spanky. He met John tigue in person too. He gives himself away with very specific words and statements he uses on all his many aliases. Plus, he will show up to defend Crook every time.

          • Anon at 4:00.

            Are there any jobs going in your Russian troll factory? It looks like you have cornered a niche there identifying ‘Spanky’s’ everywhere, you must need some help, no?

            Well, I can see the bar for trolling skill-set is kept very low, and I know a few out of work, well, frankly, unemployable leprechauns…

          • Do not expect to get the truth from Sultan the Mad Spanker. His religion condones lying to infidels like us. Same as Keith teaches that lying for the Nxivm cause is acceptable. If Frank is correct and it is not Spanky/aka sos, and I somewhat doubt it, maybe Mr. Annony would be Spanky Jr. Above commenter is correct in the number of similarities between the two.

        • Anonymous,

          AnoyMaker is too down to earth and sane to be Kristin Kreuk’s greatest champion….And superfan bar none.

          The SultanOfSix does not involve himself in the frivolity of mortal men.

          SultanOfSix only rises like the Kracken of old when his Asian elf queen’s good name is besmirched.

          • Anonyspanker shows up whenever Crook’s name is brought up and admits he gets “annoyed” by it.

  • You left out Barba stating Keith was a good bf. She was overheard stating that while standing online at the courthouse.

    As for sympathy for her? No thanks. I will pass on that. She’s shown she’s a narcissist and adamant to have a hand in bringing us the “good” of NXIVM with her playing a key role.

    Barb needs to put NXIVM behind her, get some therapy, get on with her life and slip quietly off into the sunset.

  • Barbara Bouchey really loved him and she lived. Truly lived. Next to Keith and Clare – she was the most important figure in Nxivm.

  • Mr. Parlato, you stated that you have word that Nancy Salzman has renounced Raniere.. Has *she* rejected the “tech”? The EMs– recorded, analyzed, discussed, and filed away for future use? What of all of that?

    I have to ask why all mum on Prefect? As if she did not factor into the whole weird, manipulative scene and had no connection. To be honest, it is getting ridiculous.

    Nope. It’s sad, messed up Allison and that other gadfly, Kristin What’s-Her-Face. Oh, yeah. That sci-fi person (lol, she is in control), plus endless crap on Bouchey and Natalie. We get it, Clare was a money move.

    But! Hapless Nancy Salzman. Dear lord! Where is my update?

    • Don’t attack poor Nancy…She just destroyed life for 20 years!

      Concentrate on Allison who Under coercion, dangerous diet and sleep deprivation followed the order of Raniere…
      Making her the brain of the cult, of course!

      Nancy is just a victim than wasn’t coerced, gain monetary values (I doubt she would have that house if she was just an uncertified nurse)…
      She might not have followed a diet to control her mind and actually practice hypnotic therapy on my victim…hum criminals

      But she is so hapless!

      She lost her daughter to the monster (after giving her to him)…

      Don’t be harsh on the one that CO-CREATED this cult.

      Vet your anger on one of its victims…it’s more sane!

  • —just like Bouchey.
    “The initial seminars help with a lot of the issues actors struggle with in terms of having confidence and needing to be validated. I can say from my own experience that after those early ESP seminars [Nxivm lingo that stands for Executive Success Program], I felt like things were going really well for me. I went to more auditions, I got off my sleeping pills, I felt like I was a causing agent in my life rather than just being at the whim of the world.”
    —from her interview

    • Edmondson’s perspective and report are typical. High control groups typically sort of bait their traps with something that can actually have a bit of value, as I went into a bit of detail in a earlier comment – everything from a bit of self-help to motivational training, plus providing a sort of support group or even social structure.

      I didn’t note previously, that those latter two may be substitutes for things people are lacking as old fashioned constructs like organized religion and extended families decline. Research shows that belonging to a group has significant mental and even physical health benefits.

      It’s important not to be entirely dismissive, and instead understand what gets people into groups, and the power of the mechanisms that are exploited.

  • Hi Frank, are you going to make an article about all what happened around Rosa Laura junco?, and how it was that her dad helped to destroy Nxvium?


  • Frank is correct. Any man who treats women the way he did, absolutley HATES women. He hated everyone of them period.
    I watched an interview of a convicted and imprisoned wife beater. He summed it all up when asked what advice would he give women who were in abusive relationships and he said “get out, because the man who is abusing you actually hates you.”
    LADIES, KEITH RANIERE HATES YOU ALL!!! I know this is heard but he never loved any of you, and the more abuse and humiliation you took the more he hated you. I’m so sorry for you all. Fuck this guy, I would love to be present when the death demon comes for him.

  • As for the damage Raniere did to the women he encountered, I doubt that was a conscious strategy, and more a symptom of his psychopathic “disintegrations” – his juvenile fixations and sex addiction and, ultimately, probably his continuing to act out on his dysfunctional relationship with his mother, which was likely a mix of love and hate. The thoughtless, selfish way he used women was inevitably destructive, but the ones who stayed obviously weren’t consciously aware of it, either.

    Perhaps that’s why he and Mack were a good match of sorts in running DOS, sharing a covert antipathy towards women which made it easy for them to commit abuses.

    • You are the absolute idiot…The person here talk about things that really happened, not your fantasy and leave Allison out of this…

      You are in a serious need of mental help with your obsession.
      the more the time pass, the more you sound like Shadow.

      BTW, idiot, Allison is a WOMAN and she was proved to be targeted to be destroyed…but ignore the fact and stay in your sicko wonderland.

      Get seriously help!

    • AnonyMaker,
      We haven’t always seen eye to eye on some issues but I fully subscribe to your analysis here. It makes sense and, whomever disagrees with your post, demonstrates crass ignorance of human psychology and not only that.
      Further to this, an attempt to demean ShadowState cements my point.

        • To the weakling who’s too scared to write his/her/its name:

          I respect your right to respond weakling, and continue to believe in the intellectual rigour of AnonyMaker, ShadowState, NiceGuy and a few other beautiful humans on this forum!!

          If these people appear as cretins to you, maybe it’s time for you to dash back to volleyball, grid iron or whatever shit is popular with the masses.

          • Wow,Ouch, now i’m on the ground…

            “Rigour of Anonymaker”, stop there, you made enough of a fool for 1 sentence.

            Anonymaker write pieces of fantasy base ,sometime on a (tiny) bit of Truth (with many omission of the facts) or no Truth at all…
            He changes the actor involved (like he did in his last article) , create false situation or use extremely disputable source (actually source fully debunked) for his analyze…
            Quite scientific!

            Btw , Niceguy isn’t included in the people i consider as idiots…

            Niceguy make sense (most of time) but also sometime is quite easy to manipulate and will flip his jacket even if the allegation he now believe is still unproved…

            But i’m sure Niceguy isn’t an idiot and certainly not biased because while i don’t support his idea that Allison should be punished, he is atleast reasonnable and don’t use lies to make false point.

            Anonymaker, Shadow,Actaeon in the other hand…
            While they sometime use Truth (rarely) , it’s to twist it

  • It’s refreshing to read this report on Bouchey. I was at the NXIVM pre-trial conference and many in the audience were calling it The Barbara Bouchey Show. Though she did give out some important information, it was disheartening to see her so adamantly defend the “good” that NXIVM accomplished — she even shot down Catherine Oxenberg and attorney Michael Grygiel when they tried to dispute the “good” that NXIVM accomplished. “You weren’t there!” she said repeatedly. She grabbed stage front and center and never let go, much the same as she has failed to let go of the idea that Raniere is a bad guy.

    I can’t help but wonder if her reaction to NXIVM being busted is somehow, in her eyes, a similar trauma such as when her own real life family fell apart when she was a child. I feel bad for Barbara but I sure wish she’d face up to the fact the Raniere is not someone who ever had good intentions for anyone involved with him. If she can move past this, maybe she can finally heal her life.

  • “She deserves sympathy and understanding. She was abused too. She just fails to recognize the totality of it”, Frank Parlato.

    I could not possibly agree more.

    • Funny, because some who were obviously abused don’t get that sympathy and are actually set on the bonfire…

      If you go by non-double standard view, she enabled Raniere a LOT …
      And playing cheerleader afterward is not really disabling him now, is it?

      Nope, double standards are inexistent around here…

      • Dude. You’re doing the same thing that you call others out for. Your point is an easier sell if you’d be fucking consistent with all the females – even ones you didn’t grow up with. Do you really believe that Keith manipulated Allison but not Nancy? Or Pam? Or Lauren? Or _______…..

  • I disagree. I think there was some good in NXIVM. There had to be. Otherwise, most who joined wouldn’t have been deceived into joining it in the first place and it wouldn’t have lasted as long. It lived off the reputation of mostly decent people. You catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar. I don’t think there was any sincere or unselfish motives that drove VanDouche to create it. Everything and everyone was a tool to him which he used. I think there was evil intent in his motives too, especially when it came to women. I do think the longer a person was in the organization and the closer they were to VanDouche, the more morally corrupt they are as a person. Those people need to engage in some critical self-introspection. But to say there wasn’t any good would question and/or diminish the goodness of everyone who joined it and those who helped take it down. “Devils” and “demons” use tricks and deception over time to make bad things seem fair seeming. How many people would’ve joined the cult if they knew VanDouche’s true academic and other history or that he would eventually form slave pods of women? Not many I would wager.

  • Today is the day that Sarah Edmondson’s new book “Scarred” drops.
    Basically, everyone in the NXIVM criminal gang is somehow broken or perverted.
    Lauren Salzman comes across as particularly devious and deceptive.
    Nancy is the self-help lecturer who educated the executives at Enron.
    You remember Enron, the energy company that was a giant fraud and cost investors 70 billion dollars.

    Of course, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne receive dishonorable mention as does Clare Bronfman.
    Even Sarah Edmondson herself admits to being impressed with flying onboard the Bronfman private jet.

    NXIVM consists of social climbing criminals and grifters willing to terrorize others to gain money and power.

    And Sarah Edmondson reveals that all of the top people at NXIVM used TELEGRAM encrypted phones.
    These phones not only scrambled text messages, they also erased all messages immediately after they were read by the recipient.

    Could the NXIVM co-defendants be communicating with one another surreptitiously using such encrypted phones?

    Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM, the Cult that Bound My Life (True Crime Memoir, Cult Books) Hardcover – September 17, 2019
    by Sarah Edmondson (Author), Kristine Gasbarre (Contributor)

    • I might add parenthetically that Sarah Edmondson states in her new book that she has hired attorney Neil Glazer to represent her in lawsuits against the NXIVM DOS principals.
      That would include Keith Raniere, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack and others.

      • Shadowstate,

        Sarah Edmonson profited greatly from NXIVM.

        What are her damages exactly?

        Sarah made money off of NXIVM’s success….

        ……And is now making even more money off of NXIVM’s destruction.

        Except for the branding mark how she is victim?

        Neil Glazer apparently fits all sorts of stereotypes none of them good ones……

        • “Except for the branding mark, how is she a victim? ”

          The branding that she didn’t refuse at all while she admitted she could!

          But it was dark, in a neighborhood she didn’t know (wait, no, she later said that she recognize Allison’s smell and a couple of leaves in front of the house that meant that she was in Allison’s house…)

          She was naked (but could put clothes on) so she decided… I don’t feel like putting my clothes back up and calling a cab when I know where I am…

          Might as well do a barbecue!

          Branding doesn’t make a victim of her either (and actually, none of the persons branded bring that on the table as they WILLINGLY chose to do so)

    • Thanks for the reminder of that.

      Hopefully someone will write a review. I don’t have time to read the book myself right away, but am very interested to know if it contains any particular insights about what went on and how NXIVM operated, and whether it is worth buying for myself. I don’t want to contribute to someone profiting from a book whose author isn’t really revealing anything we didn’t already know.

      She Escaped From Nxivm. Now She’s Written a Book About the Sex Cult.
      “There’s also a troubling absence at the heart of the book: What became of all her recruits?”

      Life in a cult: Sarah Edmondson unveils her experience with NXIVM
      “NXIVM attracted A-list celebrities, she writes, including one of the world’s most beloved actresses, an iconic rock-and-roll legend and Oscar-winning directors. In the book, she teases, but does not identify them.”
      – And she reports the predictable true believe conspiracy theory:
      ‘“They believe in Keith, they don’t believe us, they think we destroyed their community. They think that Keith was framed. And that this whole thing is a smear campaign and that the FBI planted evidence to take him down and that he’s misunderstood and he’s a martyr,”’

    • Get help loser!

      Oh and I love how you quote your favorite fiction books…when not written by a liar who showed how good she was by letting her daughter to a cult (after leading her to it), you fancy a book written by a REAL enabler who was REALLY PAID for…

      One more thing for Edmondson, Don’t bite the hand that feeds you…you gladly took the money while blissfully ignoring the things happening in this cult, dragging innocent people in it…
      All of a sudden you play dumb and you are the victim? not in my book you are…

      If you consider Allison (who had good excuses and was not in mental shape to think properly) is guilty, then what are you, Sarah?

  • Thanks for these interesting ponderings. I think it is important to try to consider, and understand, the cases of some of the people involved. That can give us important insights into not only what happens to individuals, but also the sort of human dynamics that people fall prey to, and that groups and leaders exploit – as do other sorts of scams and cognitive traps.

    In my experience and observation, there are two prime things at work in the supposed “good” that former members of high control groups or cults claim:

    * Basic techniques of psychotherapy and motivation that may provide marginal benefits for some young people with limited life experience, and perhaps even occasionally sort of jump-start someone really mired in trying to get their life going; basically, a bit of Carl Rogers’ person-centered therapy along with some Dale Carnegie and Toastmasters, and typically a dash of the Think and Grow Rich of Napoleon Hill (a con man who had a bit of a cult of his own) as well. That all boils down to things the groups and leaders plagiarized from earlier sources, and which people could get other elsewhere themselves, or from many other similar (if superficially different) groups.

    * The comraderie of being among other people motivated to better themselves, and even improve the world, functioning as a sort of support group; at the lower levels, teeming with idealistic and ambitious people fresh off the street, it can seem like a heady atmosphere of opportunity. That also boils down to fundamental principles which are exploited, that people could get the benefit of other places, or from many other groups.

    Another major factor at work on top of those two is the typical human cognitive bias towards falsely attributing cause, or confusing cause and effect (which we also, of course, see at work in conspiracy theorizing). Typical younger recruits are people who are at a time in their lives when they are figuring out how to deal with their personal issues, and becoming more successful in their pursuits, and end up mistakenly attributing their natural growth to something like a group they belong to and its guru; cults and their leaders know how to exploit that tendency, so that it seems as if they are the source of everything positive in adherents’ lives.

    It’s thus possible, if not likely, that individuals participating, and even those who left, can have a powerful sense that their experience was a profound catalyst – and there can be at least a grain of truth to that, or even a couple. While there may be some substance, perhaps particularly in a few cases such as very repressed individuals who are encouraged to open up, the downside is that the most powerful techniques that these groups use can also in other cases lead to deterioration, psychosis and suicide (we should discuss abreaction and regression in Scientology and NXIVM some other time).

    I also think it’s worth noting that Bouchey was probably more of a successful saleswoman than a businesswoman. From what I can tell, she was selling pre-packed, commission-based, financial products and services. It’s more of a business of building a network and a reputation than actually providing services that are necessarily any better than anyone else’s (almost no one except Warren Buffet consistently outperforms the market averages in the long run) except to the extent that some have more talent for catering to people’s emotional needs around money. Once NXIVM blew up and she lost those clients, and the exposure of her poor judgment in that regard probably lost her the business of the country club set as well, that was the end, and it’s not surprising that she’s been unable to repeat her initial trick.

    It’s also typical that such cults and high control groups attract people whose work is more based on promotion and hype than professionalism and knowledge, and they’re the ones most likely to gain some “success” in increased income from learning how to relentlessly and ruthlessly push sales and recruiting. Thus, we see that NXIVM was filled with people selling or promoting something or other not particularly unique, and didn’t seem to have a single brain surgeon, neurologist, high-level scientist or engineer among their ranks – and not even any highly successful executives or entrepreneurs, except for a few who did some of the initial intensives prior to the Forbes expose; they probably transitioned from ESP to NXIVM in part to avoid reminding people of what they were actually failing at.

    p.s. Frank, since I have referred to Bouchey personally here, I’d appreciate it if you would just leave this as a comment in response to your piece about her, or remove the paragraph referring to her if you use it elsewhere. TIA

  • Frank, a good article bro.

    I have a couple of recommendations for you, as a journalist.

    1) Please call her Irish Barb Bouchey, as she’s half Irish and proud enough of this fact to use that as an EXCUSE not to answer questions from members here — simply because St. Patricks Day was coming in a couple of days. Remember, Frank? 🙂

    2) I don’t know the details of her financial relationship with Keith or anybody else. I can only surmise things from what’s been said by Barb herself.

    However, based upon what Barb said (and what you have reported) she was a certified financial planner who allegedly managed or housed money in various trading/banking accounts that Keith secretly controlled BUT hid this fact from the IRS by not transferring ANY of that money into trading/banking accounts which used Keith’s personal SSN or real name.

    I can also surmise that she APPARENTLY never issued 1099s using Keith’s personal name or SSN either, even though Keith allegedly was the person controlling various accounts and trading.

    Hey Frank… Try asking the national organization of CFP’s if it’s professionally ETHICAL for a CFP to do that for a client under any circumstances?

    Ask them if that’s considered ‘no big deal’, lol. 🙂

    • All valid, legal points, Retard.
      Barb tries to dominate the conversations so these questions are never asked.
      CrimeCon, which she attended, would have been the perfect venue to address these issues.

  • Fantastic! A great synopsis of how many feel about Barbara. I’m hoping her level of comprehension exceeds her myopia? Yet I do have an understanding (to a point) of what she means when she says “there’s some good in Nxivm”. I think she’s weighing heavily on her own personal breakthroughs and aha moments that resulted from her efforts there?

    During my time in RSE, I came to many understandings about the way I think, and what motivates me. Characteristics that I could examine and change for the betterment of my life. Would I have come to this knowledge in another way? Probably, maybe, maybe not! Regardless, I was the one doing the work, connecting the dots and coming to the realizations that were beneficial to me. Could I say there’s some good in RSE? If I weighed out on scales the “good” to the “bad”, there would be a few items on the “good” side, but they’d be far outweighed by what I consider the “bad”….brainwashing, trauma, abuse…and those disgusting showers!!

      • The showers. Well there were (maybe still are) 8 shower stalls set up inside a tiny building. It’s Washington state, so it’s always damp and mildewy. The shower curtains were all torn, allowing for zero privacy. You’d get 3 minutes of hot water total, so you’d play beat the clock just trying to get the dirty-bits. Keep in mind that at its peak, you could have over 1,000 people attending for 8-10 days. Everyone stunk, all the time. I would get up at 3 am and take my shower, bounce from stall to stall on the timers…lol.

        Brainwashing is done very subtly. She has a system where you have to do 2 events in the same year in order to advance to the next level. Beginners, Primary and then Blue College (it May have changed, I’ve been out since 2006). If you miss your event or follow up, you go back down to beginners. You have to stay “current” to get the “secret ancient wisdom” and advance.Beginners are treated with kid gloves compared to the higher levels, but at every level, you’re subject to abuse. What I mean when I say that is, you are forced to do the disciplines for hours and hours without any respite. It could be the intense breathing (c&e), blindfolded walking around a horse pen looking for a card you drew, or stuck in the “tank” maze. The shortest I’ve ever done any of these disciplines is 2 hours, and the longest 8. They have you up at 5 am to focus on the sky (the grid), and the evenings will run until 9:30-10. You sleep in a tent, or in the horse arena with hundreds of others listening to subliminal frog croaking. You feel like a million bucks at the end if you made it through without having some kind of emotional breakdown!! Your fellow brethren are conditioned to believe that each of us “creates our own reality”, so there is no empathy or concern for others. If you have a problem, it sucks to be you is all the help you’ll receive.

        Their success with the brainwashing relies on each participant experiencing their own little miracle, by achieving the goal set out while BLINDFOLDED. If you draw a “Pot of Gold” or “1$Million” on a card, and then find your card, you BELIEVE the rhetoric, because you have proof it works! You don’t think about the fact that it may have taken you 4 or 5 days, 5 hours a day “focusing” on your card. What are the odds you’ll eventually hit it after all that time? After one personal success, most will believe the BIG LIE about Ramtha the Enlightened one, being channeled through JZ. Everything “he” says now becomes gospel. Hope that helps clarify a bit?

        Scott, I’d also like to tell you about a new show on HBO called “How to become a God in Central Florida”. It’s a satire on Amyway, with the products called FAM. I think you’d really enjoy it!

        • Thanks for the details, what caused you to leave Ramtha?

          I saw the first two episodes. I think it’s on Showtime, which I don’t have. It’s a satire, but also has some parts that are very accurate.

          • I’d finally graduated out of Beginners after years of never being able to fulfill the 2 events. Once I was in Primary, my focus was to make it to Blue College. All of the activities designed to wear you down, that my mind kept shouting “abusive”, are explained as your resistance to change, and wanting to be back in your comfort zone. You need to be pulled out of your reality in order to evolve…so they could justify the high price for the less than meagre accommodations. Every time I went to Yelm, I got sick. So did 80% of the others, weird when everyone’s focused on health and wealth? No worries, it’s just “your body transmuting your old shitty attitudes”!

            So once I’d started doing the Primary events, my inner voice wasn’t ever at bay. They hit you with tons of conspiracy theories about aliens coming, the world shifting on its axis and thus the world would be ending…fear, fear, fear, except for those who prepared and stockpiled food in an underground bunker…etc. It was NUTS for me. I think I was in a state of severe anxiety for 6 months or so. My mind was telling me it’s bullshit, but I believed in ramtha, so I was at war with myself.

            I had filed away all the things that were Red Flags that I’d witnessed, and one day I read a sentence on a blog ( and all my red flags fell like dominoes. In an instant I knew I’d been totally scammed!! It felt like a punch to the gut, knocking the wind right out of me! I felt stupid, ashamed and angry…really f*cking angry….but my anxiety was gone! There was an enormous relief! I could take back control of my life and live it without ridiculous rituals and disciplines! There was just the little problem of regaining my own trust in myself. How could I have been tricked so severely? Why would I put so much trust in the words of Ramtha? What did I really believe, and what things were brainwashed in? I found my way back through nature. It was the only stable structure that I knew of that wasn’t affected by mans beliefs, if that makes sense? Anyways, I’ve become quite the gardener over the years and it’s the only place I choose to worship God now. I am no longer a “joiner”, to anything!

          • Thanks. It’s too bad your Ramtha experience caused you to not want to join anything, because there is strength in numbers, but it is understandable. In a similar manner, many of those who got burned by Amway or other MLM scams are high energy, entrepreneurial, and creative. However, they go into their shell and what they would have accomplished, such as owning their own business, inventing new products and services, employing others, etc., will never be achieved. So there are both direct and indirect costs of being burned. How big is your garden and what do you grow? I remember my grandmother in Wisconsin had a huge garden and grew all kinds of things, did a lot of canning, etc. Still the best pickles I ever ate.

          • The garden isn’t huge, but it takes up half of my large yard. I grow the tomatoes and cucumbers, beets, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce berries and ALL kinds of herbs (in Canada it’s legal). I can and preserve, but I give away a lot of my bounty.

            Also, I’m self employed. My husband and I have our own business, so I definitely have outlets for my energy. That’s the one thing you’ve hit on that I think needs mentioning again. When you’ve been deceived by a high pressure group, the discovery is just one part. Recovery from all the manipulation requires positive outlets for all the energy you used to give to the scam you believed in. Many mundane tasks became overwhelming for me after I woke up to the ramtha scam, for some reason? I kept the adage of “how do you eat an elephant “ in my mind all the time to remind myself that one bite at a time was all I could handle!

          • Speaking up against the perps helps as well, as you can prevent others experiencing what you experienced. I take it your husband was not involved with Ramtha?

          • JZ Knight is extremely litigious. We can speak up about our experiences, but we cannot share the particulars of her message because she owns the rights to all the things she took from other places! Hahahahaha…and you are correct, my husband was never a ramster, although I am truly grateful that he allowed me the freedom to do it. It’s really expensive, and took time away from my family, but he supported me just the same. Some lessons have to be learned on our own.

            I’d like to add that because my husband wasn’t into it, I was always being told that we’d never last. They’d say we wouldn’t be on the same wavelength anymore. They try really hard to get you to recruit your family members or leave them behind. It’s too difficult to keep you brainwashed if you always have dissenting voices in your ears.

  • Like Amway and other MLM scams, NXIVM is a gold-plated turd. The teachings could not have been 100% evil, or it would have been virtually imposssible to attract new victims. Those who paid for a course or two and never did anything else with NXIVM never got below the gold-plated part.

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