Robbie Chiappone Was Another Victim of Keith Raniere

The web of Keith Raniere (MK10 Art).

By Alex Trudel

On September 5th 2019, Shadow State wrote on Frank Report:

“Robbie (Chiappone) was the alleged owner of the computer company, E-Mallard Web Corp., where the server for the NXIVM website was hosted. Robbie had registered hundreds of domain names for Mr. Raniere and Clare Bronfman including, the website Mr. O’Hara [plus Toni Natalie, John Tighe, Barbara Bouchey, Jim Odato, Suzanna Andrews] and others allegedly accessed without permission.

“Robbie is the 20-something year old son of Esther Carlson Chiappone, a member of the High Rank of NXIVM [Esther holds the rank of Green Sash, Edge, one stripe].

“Robbie’s real job was to drive children to Rainbow Cultural Garden. At some point, Robbie was accused of sexually molesting a girl – and the New York State Police began an investigation. Mr. Raniere and Nancy Salzman worked to persuade parents not to cooperate with the State Police investigation, witnesses said.”

Shadow State was repeating allegations first published in Frank Report in 2017:
Some NXVIM sources told Frank this story: Robbie had sexual misconduct with one or more minors attending Rainbow Cultural Garden “school”, and Keith and Nancy worked together to cover up Robbie’s crimes, telling the parents to shut their mouths and say nothing when the local police [State Police Investigator Rodger Krirsopp] was investigating.
State Trooper Rodger Kirsopp: H pretended to be after Nxivm, but somehow he only arrested Nxivm’s enemies.


Kirsopp again? For fucking real?!
Is it only me, or does this story about Robbie sound suspicious – today – with everything we know about Raniere from the trial?
Of course, it may be true. Maybe Robbie molested some girl. I don’t know for sure, but a lot of things in this story should warn us to take this story with some skepticism.
I propose that this story about Robbie molesting children may be nothing more than a false narrative made up by Raniere to destroy Robbie’s reputation. Yes, I think it may be fake news.
For me, I  choose to consider Robbie innocent unless proven guilty and there were no charges made against him. (I hope that Frank Report readers will do the same for him).
So why would Raniere create a false narrative to destroy Robbie’s reputation? We now know: It’s because Raniere deeply hated Robbie.
Camila Fernandez ruined everything for Keith Raniere, he said, when she had sex with Robbie and consumed his DNA.

Raniere had sex with Camilla Fernandez while she was underage. [She was between 13 -15 when he first raped her.] He abused her for years after his statutory rape of her, and it was impossible for her to escape, being indoctrinated as she was, like all of her family was at the time.

But we now know [thanks to her texts that she saved with Raniere that the government accessed, I believe, through search warrants] that Camilla tried many times to keep a critical mind about her Vanguard and was fighting his evil influence with the small weapons she had.
Of course, Raniere prohibited Camilla to have any sexual or affectionate relationships with any other man – like he did with all his sexual slaves from the inner circle.
Camilla disobeyed and had sex with Robbie (She also apparently also had some kind of sexual contact with Jim Del Negro!)
Raniere was impotent, so we may easily understand why Camilla was trying to have some kind of fulfillment with other men.
Remember Raniere’s reaction? Just read the transcript on Frank Report if you don’t. For months, or even for years, Raniere was raging against Robbie, saying his dick was smaller than his or that his semen was bad tasting.
[Favorite text exchange of all time between Raniere and Cami about Robbie:
Keith: He is shorter and thinner penis-wise? …  I know his penis is 6.75 fully erect and mine is 7.5
CAMI: What the fuck? How do you know that?
KEITH: … Men masturbate together.

CAMI: Have you seen his penis?

KEITH: His is definitely not the width or length of mine. 

CAMI: You haven’t been at your fullest in a long time. 
Another fine quote of Vanguard: His sperm and DNA should be disgusting and invasive. You should have want to do anything to love mine…. Do you like his fluid more than mine?…. It is highly doubtful he was even close to as sweet.] 
Raniere’s virility was totally destroyed by young Robbie strong’s manhood, and that was enough for Raniere to turn Robbie into his personal enemy.
The rest is well known:
Raniere tried to portray Robbie as a sociopath and tried to have him spied on by various slaves.
For Raniere, it was an obligation to make Robbie disappear because he was a menace to his small impotent dick. He gave one spying mission to Nicole:

“Then came a new assignment from Keith. Nicole was assigned to seduce Robbie. [Robbie, readers may recall, was the man who had an affair with Cami, which drove Keith to fits of insane jealously – such that he had to demand of Cami that she tell him whose semen tasted better to her his or Robbie’s.]

[Robbie is the son of Raniere devotee and high ranking Nxivm leader Esther Chiappone Carlson.]

It was arranged that Nicole would run into Robbie “accidentally on purpose” and strike up a conversation. She would use a fake name. She created a fake Facebook page, fake email, and separate phone number for him.

Keith said they needed to keep track of Robbie for his and the community’s welfare.”

Raniere told everybody inside NXVIM that Robbie was a sociopath and that he should be under scrutiny (Was this also a good opportunity for Raniere to present his “serious” scientific studies about sociopath’s mentality he was pretending to be doing with Dr. Brandon Porter and Clare Bronfman’s help?).
Robbie probably knows a lot about NXVIM’s crimes, being the name used to cover lots of Raniere’s companies.
Robbie started to let it known he wanted to quit the organization and do something else with his life.
That was probably enough for Raniere to try to destroy him with all the means he had.
MK10 ART – The tangled web of the Vanguard.

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  • Glad this was posted. As I was reading the testimony about Keith’s jealousy over Robbie, I knew Keith had made up the sexual misconduct BS.

    On a side note, maybe we can revisit this group masturbation idea? I know niceguy’s always down – Scott and shadow, Fri night work? Niceguy will bring the Zima and I’ve got the rulers.

    • Nutjob,

      Scott allegedly has a bottle of blue dick pills i.e. Viagra™ and Shadowstate offered us his swinging bachelor pad at the YMCA Residence studio apartments. I can bring a case of Pabst Beer in addition to the Zika.

      Let’s do do this!!!!!!


      Zima is so 90’s…….

      • No to the blue stuff. Clearly cheating.

        Is that the Y next to the library? If yes, the pub on the corner has Golden Anniversary on tap.

        • Yes that’s the Y!

          Why is it guys at the Y always always hang at the library?

          It must be the air-conditioning and free Internet…

  • RE State Trooper Rodger Kirsopp:

    In my opinion, Rodger is one of the following:
    2.) Incredibly stupid
    3.) A coward
    4.) All of the above

    Dear Mr. Krisopp:

    How were you hoodwinked by Keith Raniere and Nxivm?

    How do you explain being manipulated by a cult?

    Yes, the computer trespass pass crimes were real……..
    …..But how did you miss everything else that was going on?

    Mr. Krisopp, do you deny ever reading an article in the Saratoga Springs upstate New York newspapers regarding NXIVM and Keith Raniere?

    Mr. Krisopp, I am sure you have done stellar police work in your career…..

    ……That doesn’t mean you get a free pass on mistakes or turning a blind eye.

  • “Kirsopp again? For fucking real?!
    Is it only me, or does this story about Robbie sound suspicious – today – with everything we know about Raniere from the trial?
    Of course, it may be true. Maybe Robbie molested some girl. I don’t know for sure, but a lot of things in this story should warn us to take this story with some skepticism.
    I propose that this story about Robbie molesting children may be nothing more than a false narrative made up by Raniere to destroy Robbie’s reputation. ”

    I have urged both the New York State Attorney General and the US Attorney for the NDNY to open up full investigations and prosecutions for all of the crimes and all of the members of the NXIVM crime syndicate.

    The EDNY is mainly responsible for crime in and around Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.
    The EDNY already has a full plate investigating the criminal activities of the Russian Mob which has its American headquarters in Brooklyn.
    The Russian Mob has long been suspected of involvement in the theft and trafficking of Russian nuclear weapons, a crime that would make NXIVM look like a childhood prank.


    The EDNY does not need to add to its job by investigating the goofball actresses and heiresses of an Upstate New York sex cult and criminal gang.

    Most of the criminal activities of NXIVM occurred in the NDNY.

    If there was corruption in the handling of any allegations involving Robbie Chiappone, I would urge the New York State Attorney General and the US Attorney for the NDNY to open up a long overdue investigation of the criminals of NXIVM.
    All of them!

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