Part 1: Allison Mack Through the Looking Glass – Testimony About Her During Raniere Trial Gives Insight Into Her True Role in Sex Slaver Cult

Throughout the six weeks of the trial of Keith Alan Raniere – that led to his conviction by a jury in less than four hours – the name Allison Mack came up frequently. Hundreds of times in fact.

She was not on trial herself. Neither did she testify at the trial. And she did not attend any of the trial. She was at home in California under home confinement – as part of her bail conditions. She must also wear an ankle monitor.

Stealth photo by the Daily Mail of Allison Mack at her home [actually her parents’ home] in Los Alamitos, California.
She was arrested on April 20, 2018 and almost one year later, the lady pleaded guilty, prior to trial, with a plea deal that included two felonies – racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.  The maximum prison sentence for each count is 20 years. There is no minimum. The judge can sentence her to – if he wanted to give her the maximum – 40 years.

He can also give her a sentence that includes no prison time if he wants to.

This is a case where the judge has almost total discretion. However, there are non-binding federal sentencing guidelines and, from what I understand, those sentencing guidelines suggest a sentence in the 3-5 year range for the former stooge of Keith Raniere, his first line DOS slave, an actress who had fame, money and success and threw it all away to be Raniere’s fool.

Unhappily for Mack, she does not appear to be a particularly pleasant person from the testimony at trial. At times she appears to be a victim, true – but she often appears to be an eager co-conspirator in the racketeering and perhaps even in the sex trafficking aspects of this criminal enterprise called Nxivm.

She was fortunate indeed to have made a plea deal that allowed her to avoid sex trafficking charges, which would have come with a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison.

Since her sentencing is likely to be scheduled soon – most likely she will be sentenced before the end of the year – it might be a good idea for readers to become acquainted with some of the things said about her at trial.

The judge – Nicholas G. Garaufis – heard it all – and he is the one who is going to sentence her.

How much impact the testimony from others about Allison – who was not on trial – will have on the judge and his sentencing decision is anybody’s guess. I can imagine that technically it should not figure into his decision-making process at all because she pleaded guilty and whatever was said about her – negatively – was not something she had the opportunity to rebut or to have her attorneys cross-examine the witnesses making those statements.

Still, Judge Garaufis heard a lot and it might impact, on some level, his opinion of her and hence factor into – however subtly – what sort of sentence he metes out to her.

The trial of Keith Alan Raniere began on May 7, 2019. It began with opening statements by the prosecution and the defense.

The second day saw the first witness on the stand, a woman named Sylvie.

First Mention of Allison Mack

At the trial, the first time we heard about Allison Mack was from Sylvie, a DOS slave  – and an employee and friend of Clare Bronfman.  Sylvie’s master was Monica Duran. But Sylvie also came into contact with Allison and her slaves.

Monica Duran, an assistant to Clare Bronfman. She became a first line DOS slave and Sylvie became her slave.  Both Sylvie and Monica worked for Clare – which suggests that Clare Bronfman may have been more involved in DOS than she let on.

Pam Cafritz had died in November 2016. And Sylvie was assigned to help with the memorial service that Keith and Clare had planned.

The late Pam Cafritz. She purportedly died of renal cancer. But new evidence I am currently reviewing suggests she may have been murdered by Keith Raniere.  A weepy Raniere nevertheless staged a memorial service for her several months after she died.

The trial date is May 8.

Sylvie is on the witness stand. She is being examined by the government, by Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza. It is the second day of the trial and Sylvie is the first witness called by the government.

Penza: As part of her [Cafritz’s] memorial service, were there any tasks that came up related to DOS?

Sylvie: Yeah, …  I was being paid by Clare Bronfman to help the memorial…  I was doing logistical stuff for her because they were arranging a big memorial event….  as part of that there was all these things that they [Keith and Clare] wanted transcribed …. I got the task from Clare because it was Clare who was paying me but it was a lot of work… I would have never got it done in the deadline… [Clare] told me there was some people that I could ask for help….

Q And who did she tell you you could ask for help?

A …. they were girls that were all staying with Allison Mack… Nicole and Jaye …helped, I think India helped and Michele [Hatchette] as well. They were all working on it for me because it had to be done in a really tight time frame, it was like 48 hours or something and there was hours of transcription to get done.

Q Do you know whether they actually did that transcription?

A Yeah, I got most, if not all of the work back…

Q And do you know whether they were paid for that work?

A I don’t believe they were, at least not that I was aware of.

Q And you were paid for work you did on the memorial?

A I was, yeah.


So the first mention of Allison Mack at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere – is that a number of girls are living with her. They did some free work of transcribing, among other things, Raniere’s precious words – for Pam Cafritz’s memorial.

The girls who lived with Allison [which we later learn were her slaves] helped Sylvie get this transcription done. It was Sylvie who assigned the work to them. The point of this – which becomes evident later in the trial – is that these DOS women – particularly Allison’s slaves – had to do – were forced in fact to do –  free work for Raniere. This is part of the evidence against Raniere of forced labor conspiracy.

Mack evidently is at least tangentially involved since it was her slaves who had to do the free labor, slaves of hers that Allison had collected damning blackmail worthy “collateral’ on.  [As we shall see, Nicole who was a slave under Allison would later testify about some of the free work she had to do for Allison, including working for free on Pam Cafritz’s memorial.]


Second Mention of Mack

Sylvie was a DOS member and Raniere had plans for her to be branded. Monica Duran was her slave master and she told Sylvie that someone would arrange for her branding. That turned out to be one Allison’s slaves, Michele Hatchette. It is interesting and further points to Allison’s more vigorous role in DOS that one of her slaves would be making the arrangements for the branding of Monica’s slave. It should also be pointed out here that the woman who was going to do the branding was Dr. Danielle Roberts – who was also a slave of Allison Mack.

Now it becomes more evident as the trial progresses that Allison may have been the most active and efficient of the DOS first line slaves.

Of all the first line slaves who worshiped their glorious and wondrous master [center], Allison Mack was a true first liner – she worked hard for the golden one.
Penza: At some point was your own branding ceremony or your own branding being planned?

Sylvie: Yeah, Monica Duran told me that I would be contacted by another slave that was not her slave that would be arranging my branding.

Q Okay.  Who was that?

A I got contacted by Michele [Hatchette]. She set up a private – secret chat with me in Telegram and … tried to arrange the branding with me.

Q At that point, what was your understanding of Michelle’s role in DOS?

A I had a suspicion that she might be in DOS, I thought maybe she was a slave of Allison Mack just because I had seen her spend a lot of time around Allison and also she had been acting in ways that I thought was unusual but seemed similar to things I’d seen … or experienced myself…  I had a suspicion that she was in DOS but …  we weren’t allowed to talk about it so I didn’t know for sure…. I knew for sure [she was in DOS] …. because she contacted me.

Q Did you have any conversations with Allison Mack about Michele?

A At one point, Allison made a comment …. ‘if you ever have any problems with Michele, just tell me … because I [am] Michele’s coach… in ESP’ …. [I thought] ‘that’s weird’, it didn’t sound right to me, it didn’t feel right.

[As readers know, Sylvie was spared the branding because she read about it on the Frank Report and it caused her to run away from the ceremony. Court Testimony Reveals Frank Report Helped Save Sylvie From Being Branded.

The jury’s second introduction to Mack at trial is somewhat innocuous – that she seems to be Michele’s coach but it sounded weird to Sylvie, who suspected that Michele was in DOS and perhaps was Allison’s slave.

Third Mention of Mack

After the New York Times article came out about the DOS branding –  Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded – an article that credited Frank Report with first breaking the branding story –  Keith Raniere wound up leaving the Albany area – for good. He went to Mexico – although evidently, Sylvie did not know that.  Allison also wound up in Mexico and was there when the distinguished one was arrested. [He was hiding in a closet, brave lad that he is].

A skinny Allison Mack is captured by Nicki Clyne’s phone camera looking on as the great one is arrested near Puerto Vallarta Mexico on March 26, 2018.


Image result for keith raniere arrested
Sad sack Keith Alan Raniere fled to Mexico thinking he could avoid arrest in the USA. When Mexican federal police came to his villa, the brave one hid in the closet.

Penza: Do you know whether the defendant [Raniere] ended up staying in the Albany area?

Sylvie: No, I know at some point he left.  I think it was towards the end of that year, maybe November, [2017] … I just knew that he had left the area.

Q Did you know where he went?

A No.

Q Did anyone else leave the area?

A People started spending a lot of time away.  So the people I remember were Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack.  Clare Bronfman was traveling a lot more. People just seemed to be away a lot and actually, Monica [Duran] left around that time too. She went back home to Mexico, to her family home.

Q At some point did DOS garner national media attention?

A Yes.

Q Do you remember approximately when that was?

A I’m not sure when the New York Times article originally came out [it came out October 17 2017]….

Q At that time, did the defendant release a statement about DOS?

A Yes.  A statement went up on the website… and there was a community meeting too.

Q What do you remember about the statement?

A On the website, it said something –[Raniere] … stated that he had no association to the group [DOS] and I remember that I just thought that was cowardly, honestly, because it was a lie.

So, the third mention of Allison is, once again, rather innocuous. That she left Albany and, as we will see, fled to be with her imperial lord, the Vanguard. Indeed, as Frank Report readers know, the first line slaves were planning a group blow job – as part of a commitment ceremony on the august one – where no doubt they would compete to gobble up and slurp up his magical semen. it never came off because the kingly one was arrested.

This is all the testimony from Sylvie about Allison Mack.

Overall, it is not much.

In our next part of this series, we will hear the testimony of Mark Vicente. He has much more to say about Allison. And we get a clearer picture of the actress who became a cult member and a slave to Keith Alan Raniere.

Stay tuned.



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  • IDK what how often someone is mentioned at trial has to do with their guilt or innocence but since Allison (and Kristin Kruek, too, but Ally in particular) was put up to be the front woman and fall girl from the get-go — down to the false publicizing of the alleged “AM” standing for her initials in the brand — it’s not surprising she was popular and/or envied within the cult.

    It’s also possible that defense questions we’re strategically asked to invoke her name and slant more guilt toward her to lessen that on other defendants.

    I think Frank’s counting clicks on Allison’s name in FR headlines along with mentions of it at trial, frankly.

    And I will forever be astonished that Lauren’s charges are equal to Allison’s, that President & owner Nancy Salzman’s are less than them both and CEO owner Clare Bronfman’s are negligible by comparison to an 18 year old black kid smoking a joint in Georgia.

    • Heidi, I think that Mack was picked for her prominent if not pivotal role because she was suited to it for some reason, though her sort of celebrity was probably a factor as well. I don’t think the NXIVM leadership were thinking as far ahead as having people to take the fall if things collapsed, though; my observation about such groups is that they are based around maintaining a sort of irrational optimism – it’s one of the reasons that people involved often do work related to sales and promotions, where that can be a useful quality – and make no provisions for any reversal of fortune.

      That does make Mack a sort of curious type of example that I think we want to understand better, though that doesn’t entirely justify the inordinate amount of attention that she gets. I do appreciate this series, though, because I hope it will help blunt the tiresome continual attempts of “Frenchy” to try to paint her as just a hapless victim no different than any of the other slaves.

      • Anonymaker: You are back at not using your brain…please turn it back on.

        She was not pivotal at all unless you consider her being the “scapegoat” being a pivotal point of the case…Which could be in a way…Once he had someone to blame, he could commit the crimes he wanted.

        You try to give a role to Allison that never existed…you accused her many time but without the slightest proof (and always while asking proof of the contrary…while it’s not the way things work, you accuse, you gotta prove)

        It’s not disputable that she was the scapegoat…

        “because I hope it will help blunt the tiresome continual attempts of “Frenchy” to try to paint her as just a hapless victim no different than any of the other slaves.”
        Because i stick to the Truth ,it’s NEVER GONNA HAPPEN…Or atleast as long as the liars around here (you included) stop making their own stories about who she is and her false role in the cult…

        She is a victim and it’s UNDISPUTABLE !
        Only the idiots Believe she is the mastermind behind the crimes…

        Funny things is how those same idiots (and i regret saying that you were not Always stupid because you are definately one of them) say that she was dumb but she is the mastermind…
        All this while the court case say the opposite.

        • “She is a victim and it’s UNDISPUTABLE !”

          By your reasoning, Adolf Hitler was a victim.
          Adolf Hitler’s father and mother were also uncle and niece.
          They only married with a Papal dispensation.
          Children born of incestuous unions suffer more from medical problems.
          On top of that Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, was a violent man who often beat the family dog in front of the child, Adolf Hitler.
          Everyone is a victim.
          Everyone is a victim.
          Everyone is a victim.
          And no one is responsible for his or her behavior.

        • I understand that English is not your first language – so you might want to be careful about making accusations of misunderstanding.

          I did not say that Mack was the “mastermind,” just that she had a pivotal role. It looks like I’m going to have start keeping a list of all the things that set her actions and level of involvement apart from others.

          Here’s just some of what we know so far about her unusual role in DOS. Mack:

          * kept the DropBox used for collateral for all the slaves in all the pods
          * was tasked by Raniere with coordinating the designing of the branding ceremony
          * calculatedly went around to her neighbors telling them not to mind screams coming from “yoga”
          * had slaves branded at her home, including those from others’ pods
          * had some of her slaves staying with her
          * was indicted along with 4 other key players, by a grand jury that reviewed extensive evidence and took testimony from many more witnesses than we heard at trial

          She clearly was in a role above all the slaves and even other pod leaders; and unlike others from Kristin Keeffe to Dani, she didn’t object to, resist or escape from the situation. We still don’t have good enough information to properly assess to what extent she was a victim or a perpetrator, but we do know that she was involved in perpetrating actual harm against her fellow human beings, as well as real crimes, and never tried to step away from such misdeeds.

          As was established at Nuremberg, the “I vas chust followink orders” isn’t a valid defense. The Patty Hearst trial also set a precedent that even “Stockholm Syndrome” doesn’t absolve people of responsibility for crimes committed.

          You have consistently either misunderstood or misrepresented facts, in ways that downplay her involvement, such as having claimed quite recently that her having roommates meant that Mack couldn’t have held brandings at her home – though among other things, there is sworn testimony from Lauren Salzman that slaves from her pod were taken to Mack’s for branding.

    • Seriously, HH. That Ms. Nancy Prefect comes out of this as “hapless” is astounding. By their nature, EMs were intrusive, and call me a skeptic, and Nan, the Queen of EM, knew much, much more than the trial indicated. Like, yeah! There was a reason to protect the owner of all secrets. Right? Like there are still so many relationships and obvious ins and outs here that are being brushed under the carpet. It bugs me.

      I’d say this bs, “Clare was in charge of Nan”, for one, was a joke. All she was is $.

      Eh, I am still waiting for an article about Nancy.


  • Judge Garaufis will have more of the opportunity to evaluate Allson Mack’s current state of mind than bystanders have, due to the info in pre-sentencing reports, etc. He would have a fuller impression of her recent behavior and of her mental and emotional condition than most onlookers would have. Certainly his view would be less subjective and more based upon an assessment of real information.

    Allison made a guilty plea with the explanation that she had been “wrong” to trust Raniere and his “methodologies.” Hopefully Judge Garaufis has a sense now of how sincere or insincere that expressed remorsefulness of Mack’s was and has been, ever since she copped that plea.

    That sincerity, or lack thereof, could be a very strong consideration, so far as sentencing goes, for each Nxivm defendant. What is the evidence gleaned from their actions and behavior since the guilty pleas were entered, amongst the women who were co-defendants? Who remains a cultic risk to re-offend? Who, if any, has separated from the sado-masochistic conditioning and the criminal enterprises, which were disguised as being authentic self-help guidance?

    It is ironic that Raniere is chipping away at whatever his sentence turns out to be, but the women who surrendered with guilty pleas don’t get time lopped off for vegetating outside of jail, festooned with rigorously rechargeable ankle monitors. The Catholic church cancelled limbo as a spiritual dimension of indefinite “suspension,” but staying home awaiting a criminal sentence of indefinite length, to be doled out at an indefinite time, is kind of limbo-like. However, living in partially suspended animation beats the hell out of what is happening to innocent people right now in the Bahamas. Just looking at that ongoing sorrow puts many things into a different perspective.

    Everytime I sip water, I keep praying that someone else who needs liquid more than I right now receives every drop.

  • “Throughout the six weeks of the trial of Keith Alan Raniere – that led to his conviction by a jury in less than four hours – the name Allison Mack came up frequently. Hundreds of times in fact.”

    Suuure…well actually, if you weren’t trying so much to prove that she was more implicate, you would have seen that it was WAY LESS often than many more interesting names…
    Like Lauren , for example…

    Allison was also brushed by the firsts witness as a victim, so her name was cited to explain the situation.

    The only moment she was criminally implicate is during the testimony of Nicole (and it was mostly about the collection of collaterals) and when she was insulted by Jayes.
    In between, she was cited in the “messages” but nothing special came out.
    Except that Allison was not close enough to the inner circle to know what was the purpose of what Raniere did…

    In camilla’s text, it was stated and they pointed that Allison believed it was to heal them…She wasn’t in a position to make any decision, this isn’t disputable.

    All the assignments she gave have been given by other members of DOS under RANIERE’s direction.

    “Unhappily for Mack, she does not appear to be a particularly pleasant person from the testimony at trial. At times she appears to be a victim, true – but she often appears to be an eager co-conspirator in the racketeering and perhaps even in the sex trafficking aspects of this criminal enterprise called Nxivm.”
    That is because you are biased…you took her as a target since the beginning…the reality is SANE people see that she was in the same position as all the other while FULLY COLLATERALIZED.

    The victim themselves seem to accept to do whatever Raniere is saying…They even thank him for his abuse!

    “perhaps even in the sex trafficking aspects” is stupid, you are trying to indirectly defame her (while using perhaps…) but the fact is THIS CASE WAS DROPPED FOR HER!
    So how about you stop with this BS, if it was dropped, it’s because it’s not demonstrate a bit.
    Allison received the same orders as all the others and if Allison was linked (just by the action she did which do not fit the accusation), everybody else would be…including some of the “victims

    “How much impact the testimony from others about Allison – who was not on trial – will have on the judge and his sentencing decision is anybody’s guess. I can imagine that technically it should not figure into his decision-making process at all because she pleaded guilty and whatever was said about her – negatively – was not something she had the opportunity to rebut or to have her attorneys cross-examine the witnesses making those statements.”
    True but also , he isn’t biased…he will stick with what is a fact, not opinions.
    Also, you forget that while she will not have the trial , she has the right to present her story and they will verify it.
    It’s not disputable that Allison was a good person before she was forced into all this…and she committed minor crimes compared to what you tried to put on her back.
    She collected the collateral, that’s all that was demonstrate in court.

    Sylvie’s testimony:
    What was said about the memorial is the same things said during Nicole’s testimony…what is the point? Nobody said that what Nicole said was not the truth? those who dispute the forced labor point that it was a simple service and Allison was also giving an hand to Nicole and considered she should not pay…

    The forced labor is a BS argument and it’s debunked in court (for Allison)…She asked for a service while she helped Nicole…
    If you believe it’s forced labor: 1 you are stupid, 2 you must not help your friend often…

    “Now it becomes more evident as the trial progresses that Allison may have been the most active and efficient of the DOS first line slaves.”
    No it doesn’t…Many other people were cited WAY more than Allison…What was evident is that Raniere demanded to Allison to do WAY MORE then the other DOS masters…
    Obviously (and confirmed by Lauren) so that Allison would be his scapegoat.
    Plus the material proof show that Allison was, once again, just following orders…SHE WAS COLLATERALIZED! hardly doing it from her own will.

    “So, the third mention of Allison is, once again, rather innocuous. That she left Albany and, as we will see, fled to be with her imperial lord, the Vanguard. Indeed, as Frank Report readers know, the first line slaves were planning a group blow job – as part of a commitment ceremony on the august one – where no doubt they would compete to gobble up and slurp up his magical semen. it never came off because the kingly one was arrested.”

    What an idiot, you read what you want…she didn’t leave Albany to go far…She had an appartment in NY and she even took pictures of it several time after november…She was during holiday with her parents in LA but then she was back in NY…

    The fact is Allison was always travelling a lot (way before DOS happened) and she was barely travelling toward the end…

    There is also a serious witness (and pics to prove it) that Allison was in Mexico for a COUPLE OF DAYS only as she was seen with her mother in LA a few days before the arrest and was with a friend the day before…
    The friend even called her after the arrest to verify if she was fine and Allison replied “I’m fine, i’m at home”.

    SHE DIDN’T FLEE, you idiot.

    So you are back at you old lie mixed with a bit of truth…Some people never change…

    • “It’s not disputable that Allison was a good person before she was forced into all this…and she committed minor crimes compared to what you tried to put on her back.
      She collected the collateral, that’s all that was demonstrate in court.”

      Again with the lies.
      Allison Mack collected blackmail material.
      Allison Mack collected pictures and videos of naked women to use against them and coerce them into engaging in sex against their will.
      That is the essence of both blackmail and sex trafficking.
      Those are not minor crimes.

      “I was just following orders” did not work well for the Nazis in the Nuremberg Trials and it will not work well for Allison PIMP Mack.
      And what was the nature of Allison Pimp Mack’s (collateral) Blackmail material.
      Bogus stories that Mack made up from thin air about a relative sexually molesting her nephews.
      What kind of woman makes up bogus stories about her nephews being molested?
      A depraved, demented woman.

      And while we’re at it let’s talk about the allegation that Allison Mack was a victim.
      In the Chicago Mob many people are both victims and perpetrators.
      Anthony Tony Spilotro was murdered in 1986 and his body buried in an Indiana corn field.
      So Anthony Spilotro was a victim. Right?
      Tony Spilotro was a vicious sadistic brutal cold blooded murderer.

      “Suspect in gangland slayings
      By the time of his death in 1986, the FBI suspected Spilotro was responsible for at least 22 murders.
      According to former Willow Springs, Illinois, police chief Michael Corbitt, statements by Outfit Capo Sal Bastone implicated Spilotro in the murder of former Chicago Outfit boss Sam Giancana.[14] The FBI believes Spilotro was also involved in the torture murder of loan shark enforcer William “Action” Jackson,”

      The FBI deals all of the time with people who are both victims and criminals.
      And do you know what the rank and file FBI agent thinks of bums like Allison Pimp Mack?
      The rank and file FBI agent regards Allison Pimp Mack as a pervert, moron and scumbag.

  • Frankly, if I was a member of an organization and was asked to help out with a memorial for someone who died, I would consider it a privilege and an honor to be a part of it and wouldn’t expect to be paid. This is the least of the forced labor issues.

    • And that is the problem of the forced labor…actually, it’s the only case pointed, the only time they say “it’s forced labor”…
      It’s obvious that the forced labor charge are absurd…
      They clearly were debunked in court …
      I repeat it a lot but many forgot it:
      Nicole pointed this “forced labor” and how she felt she should be paid…Agnifilo asked her if she felt like she should pay Allison for the several services Allison provided her and she said ‘no, she was my mentor…’

      That is enough for anyone to be like “ok so no forced labor here…”
      And that is most of the “forced labor” case!

        • …Where? And if true, was it related to Allison?

          During the trial (the most important place to talk about those examples), none were given…

          The forced labor is inexistent (at least for Allison, it is)
          Now if you consider the poor rating in payroll, that is not forced labor anymore.

          The reality is there is no forced labor.

          Asking for a service to someone you know (because friend would be a big word in this case), it’s not forced labor.
          If for you it is, I pity your friendless life.

          • Mack wasn’t on trial, so little would have been said about her. The forced labor came as a result of the blackmail, which meant anything Mack asked her slaves (her term) to do was done under the cloud of blackmail. There are plenty of examples of this throughout the Frank Report. I suggest you find them, or perhaps Mr. Shadow can list them for you.

  • Off Topic Jeffrey Epstein & Bill Gates & MIT:

    Why would Bill Gates with a net worth of 103 billion dollars waste time socializing with the scandalous Jeffrey Epstein(net worth 500Mill) ?

    I find it puzzling…..

    What is the missing piece to the puzzle?

    Article link with added info below

    Clare Bronfman & Mack’s sentencing should be interesting…..

    Will Claren Bronfman get the rich girl slap on the wrist treatment?

    • The soliciting of a comparatively small donation doesn’t necessarily mean “socializing” involved – and Gates indeed, and plausibly, denies any social relationship with Epstein. Epstein did apparently get a meeting with Gates to pitch some philanthropy, but had to work his connections with people who might actually have rubbed elbows with Gates:

      Jeffrey Epstein directed allies to aggressively lobby for a meeting with Microsoft’s Bill Gates – he eventually got one

      For Gates $2 million is literally like $2 to the average person* – the sort of money you’d give to a bum to get them to stop bothering you. It does seem to illustrate how Epstein worked, however, worming his way into the sort of circles where that kind of money is the type of small change that people wouldn’t bother to chase after if the wind caught it – pick up some of it yourself, and before long you’ve got real money by most people’s standards, if not Gates’.

      * The average American’s net worth is just under $100K, so that’s actually the proportional representation

    • I’m not sure if I responded to another place where you mentioned Gates’ donation, or a if a reply went missing, so here goes again:

      Gates and Epstein did not socialize; Epstein apparently had to work all his connections including people who maybe did actually know Gates, in order to get a meeting to pitch a donation to the MIT lab, which sounds like the sort of philanthropy Gates would be amenable to anyway. I knew people who worked for Gates and that was how he ran Microsoft; people submitted written proposals that were vetted, and the proponents of the best of them would get a meeting for a final pitch directly to Bill himself. And $2 million for Gates is literally like $2 for the average person ($100B net worth compared to the average of $100K), the kind of money you stick in a donation jar just to be nice.

      And that seemed to have been part of Epstein’s strategy in general, worm his way into the circles of the ultra-wealthy for whom amounts like that are just change lost between the cushions, and grab enough of it to amount to real money by normal measures.

    • “Clare Bronfman & Mack’s sentencing should be interesting…..”
      While true point for Bronfman, why bring Allison in it?

      She is completely broke…She will likely lose the little that she still had for the restitution…
      And if it’s for her career, what was the last project she worked on (no, Don’t peek, try to remember from your memory)…
      She had no career for quite some times…her only success was Smallville and it was almost 10 years ago.

      Now she could get a lenient sentence….because it’s what she deserves.

  • “Insight Into Her True Role in Sex Slaver Cult”
    What a joke, you’ve done your damnedest to make a CHILD sex slaver look like a innocent victim for over a year.
    Youre a real pos Frank.

  • She’s not a “lady” and youre not a journalist.
    Allison the Victim, The True Story Unfolds…
    No just the same shame diverting sexist bigoted tripe youve been publishing from day one.

  • I’m thinking that Judge Garaufis is going to be hard on Mack when it comes to sentencing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s sentenced to a decade in prison. Garaufis seemed to have an emotional reaction to the tales of DOS abuse of women and it was pretty clear at trial that Mack was central to the operation of that organization. She was Raniere’s direct agent in it, its prime facilitator. Mack suckered women into DOS, deceived them as to its nature and purpose, collected collateral from them in quite harsh manner. She was an enthusiastic agent in building and running DOS. And DOS was branding women on their lower abdomens. That audio segment played in court of Mack and Raniere planning of the branding ceremony made a big impression in the courtroom. Not least on the judge. I think that damned her.

    She was no mere cog in the machine. She was an enthusiastic leader. I think Judge Garaufis fancies himself a bit of a white knight, he showed himself protective of women he thinks are being abused. He had zero tolerance for defense counsel badgering a female witness. I can only imagine his temperament toward Mack who willfully had women tortured with hot steel. In the most professional, rational, and steadfast way, he’s going to crucify Allison Mack.

    After hearing the sworn testimony of her misdeeds, and the physical evidence such as that audio recording, and reading her half-sincere allocution, I think she deserves a long prison sentence.

    • yeah… there is ZERO historical precedence of females getting anything than half the charges they deserve and little to ZERO time.
      your wish for justice is simply that. It’s not whats going to happen.

      • The most relevant precedent is probably actually the Manson girls, who were effectively sentenced to life without parole – they have been continually denied paroled, even when men who committed similar crimes were release after a decade or two, including one of the male Manson followers (“Clem” Grogan) involved in a later murder. It doesn’t always work that women get lighter sentences, even if it’s common.

        Faulty generalization is one of the characteristics of culty thinking.

      • Shadow, If the judge read your letter, he’ll send the book at you…or a team to get you to your rightfull place…a mental institute.

        • I can’t wait to read shadow’s letter. I’m sure it’s garden-fresh, unembellished, and riveting material. Or not…

          • Nutjob,

            Two things:

            1. You should know that SalientTruth is not
            Shadowstate1958. 😉

            2. It’s an accepted valid academic journalistic practice for Shadowstate1958 to site his own research and paraphrasing himself as journalistic fact…..

            ……In the third and second person thus proving his own logical moral position and moral equivalency of the hierarchical order of life. 😉

    • What an idiot you are Actaeon…first off, he doesn’t have the reputation of being harsh.
      Second, contrary to you, he isn’t blindfolded by stupidity…he will consider the facts.

  • Why did they want Pam dead? I think she died of not getting treatment?
    she looks so creepy in her latest photos 🙁

  • Re Evidence against Raniere:

    If Raniere had not kept “Collateral”, blackmail material and had not taken the photos of Cami, he may not have ended up in prison for life.

    The branding ceremony would have been an example of free will if the collateral had not been taken prior to the ceremony.

    Raniere was his own Achilles heel.

  • Allison Mack should be a case study in brainwashing. This woman had money and a life many struggling actresses dream of only to flush it down the toilet for a conman old enough to be her father with no recognizable real talent at all.

    • She wasn’t brainwashed because there is no such thing as brainwashing, it’s fictional. Mack got involved because she’s a gullible fool, and she would appear to have a rather vicious side to her personality that she gave full rein to once she was comfortably installed in this nasty cult. She was a willing henchman in the organization, an eager minion of the man she loved– Keith Raniere. Call it loyalty, perhaps, I’ll grant she was loyal to her once upon a time lover. Loyal to him even after he dumped her for a series of younger babes with better bodies. Her loyalty was akin to that of any mafioso, it’s an old story, as old as the hills.

      • Yes there is. It’s definitely not the “turn a person into a zombie or robot to do my bidding” kind of thing, but it certainly acts at the subconscious level via triggering and other mechanisms to place a person into a more suggestive state of acceptance that makes the person easier to convince to do so. Otherwise, tools like hypnosis and cognitive behavior therapy would not work at all. That’s why legitimate practitioners of these methods are well regulated by the law.

        • Anonymous: you lose your time, if you spend time to read Actaeon, you’ll see that kind of personnality he/she has…
          When he is not trying to twist the fact, he ignores the reality…

    • Brainwashing does not exist.
      And US courts do not accept brainwashing as a defense.
      Brainwashing is not a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for Allison Mack.

      There’s No Such Thing as “Brainwashing”
      By Rebecca Moore
      July 19, 2018

      Nearly 40 years ago, my two sisters, Carolyn Layton and Annie Moore, were among those who planned the mass deaths in Jonestown on Nov. 18, 1978.

      Part of a movement called Peoples Temple, which was led by a charismatic pastor named Jim Jones, they had moved with 1,000 other Americans to the South American nation of Guyana in order to create a communal utopia. Under pressure from concerned relatives and the media, however, they implemented a plan of group murder and suicide. Jonestown is remembered in the phrase “drinking the Kool-Aid,” because more than 900 people died after drinking poison-laced punch. My two sisters and nephew were among those who died.

      In the wake of this tragedy, you might think that I would be amenable to the idea that they had been brainwashed. It would absolve their heinous actions and offer an easy explanation for their behavior.

      Many argue that people join “cults” – or “new religious movements,” the term scholars prefer – because they’ve been brainwashed. The thinking goes that they’ve undergone some sort of programming that allows others to manipulate them against their will.

      How else to explain why people become immersed in fringe groups that seem so alien to their previous, more socially acceptable lives? How else to account for the fact that – in some cases – they’ll even commit crimes?

      But like the word “cult,” the term brainwashing seems to only be applied to groups we disapprove of. We don’t say that soldiers are brainwashed to kill other people; that’s basic training. We don’t say that fraternity members are brainwashed to haze their members; that’s peer pressure.

      As a scholar of religious studies, I’m disheartened by how casually the word “brainwashing” gets thrown around, whether it’s used to describe a politician’s supporters, or individuals who are devoutly religious.

      I reject the idea of brainwashing for three reasons: It is pseudoscientific, ignores research-based explanations for human behavior and dehumanizes people by denying their free will.


  • Ms. Mack, the self-proclaimed “bad ass warrior bitch” did not go to trial because she chickened out.
    She knew what evidence the Feds had against her and chose to cut a plea deal rather than face the music.
    Had Raniere’s operation not been shut down the sadistic Allison Mack would still be recruiting new sex slaves, supervising brandings and collecting blackmail information from the slaves.
    “Unhappily for Mack, she does not appear particularly pleasant from the testimony at trial ”

    Let’s be blunt.
    Allison Mack is a cruel, brutal, sadistic person who enjoyed demeaning other people.
    Allison Mack is a narcissist who puts her own self first and has little empathy for others.
    Allison Mack’s “girl next door” persona is a sham.

    And Allison Mack directed her “slaves” not to talk about her because Allison wanted to keep her innate cruelty under wraps.
    Last October “Slave” Jane stated that Allison did not want the women slaves under her talking about her.
    Allison was very specific about that rule.
    “A skinny Allison Mack is captured by Nicki Clyne’s phone camera looking on as the great one is arrested near Puerto Vallarta”

    Wasn’t it convenient that Nicki Clyne happened to be on hand with a dazed and confused Allison Mack when Mack’s Vanguard was arrested?
    And Nicki, being an experienced actress who knows about camera angles, made sure that Allison was clearly in the frame.
    And Nicki provides some very helpful commentary being sure to name Lauren Salzman by name.
    “Lauren is going to get the car.”
    But while Nicki’s voice is in the video Nicki never appears in the frame and Nicki’s name is never mentioned.
    Well done, Nicki!
    Way to Go!

    Can you spell “Set Up”?

    Do you suppose that Nicki is somewhat jealous that Allison horned in on her show and stole the Vanguard from her?
    Naw. Nicki is not the jealous type!

    Here is the latest picture of the Luciferian Allison Mack posted on her Tribute Page only six hours ago.
    Do you suppose that she sharpens her teeth like a vampire?

    ❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #inspiration #beautiful #gorgeous #amazingwoman #greatactress #blessed #caring #gentlesoul #unique #extraordinary #exceptional #angelic #heavensent #captivating #majestic #devine #freeallison #goddess #queen #phenomenalwoman #intelligent #compassionate #hero

      • What is more disturbing and DISTURBING, about shadow is that no matter how much evidence or testimony, it is presented to prove that most of its arguments are wrong or not very objective when it comes to judging Allison, even so he goes on and on and on repeating them again and again, here we see a couple of examples.
        1-Last October, “Slave” Jane declared that Allison did not want the slave women under her to talk about her.
        Allison was very specific about that rule.

        – Ask, for shadow, who is supposed to be this slave Jane you mention, perhaps the same as Frank. I declare NOT to have been able to confirm his story and therefore did not follow that line of investigation, perhaps it is the same jane who said that allison had a tattoo and not a mark, history that Lauren’s testimony at the trial denied by making it clear that the 8 Frontline slaves were marked by a professional and that said brand were also filmed and said recording served as a guide for Daniel Roberts and the other slaves who helped in the ceremonies.

        2-Let’s be frank.
        Allison Mack is a cruel, brutal and sadistic person who enjoyed degrading other people.
        Allison Mack is a narcissist who puts herself first and has little empathy for others.

        -shadow if your best examples of allison’s cruelty, brutality and sadism are, do the same as the other slave teachers in the pyramid, then you leave no place to separate victims and victimizers, or perhaps you can say that Lauren, Nicki, Rosa Laura, Monica, Loretta, Daniella Padilla and Camila, were doing something very different, Lairen’s testimony made it clear that the orders came directly from Raenier, therefore I make it clear that if Raenier asked Lauren to do anything he has asked to do allison lauren would too.

        -oh and you’re right allison is so narcissistic that she puts herself first.
        -that must be why he gave his goods and money to KAR and lent money to brandon porter, other than that he trusted his slaves so much that he gave them the key to the Droopbox account.

      • It’s on the internet for anyone to access.
        I think it’s creepy that some NXIVM troll collected about 150 photos of Ms. Mack to sell this sadistic gangster as some kind of hero.

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