Emiliano Salinas and Clare and Sara Bronfman Joined Nxivm to Get out of Daddy’s Shadow and Do Something on Their Own

Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman y Emiliano Salinas, todos con las bandas de colores de Nxivm.

By Bangkok

As for Emiliano Salinas’ ‘reason’ for being in NXIVM, Frank’s speculation that he fell under the spell of a madman — and thus became a madman himself — does not seem very believable to me.

While there’s probably some truth to what Frank said — since Emi obviously didn’t need any money from NXIVM — I think the truth is akin to what the Bronfman sisters probably joined for.

I can only surmise that Emi, Clare Bear and Sara Bronfman enjoyed being leading players within NXIVM partly because they were trying to get out of the huge shadow cast by their ‘masters of the universe’ fathers.

Edgar Bronfman and Carlos Salinas became as successful, powerful and rich as any human could ever hope to be.

Thus, living in that shadow likely made their kiddies feel like second rate nobodies.

NXIVM would have provided Emi, Clare Bear and Sara a sense of ‘individual achievement’ not tied to their fathers.

I think NXIVM gave them a sense of pride that they had led an organization without daddy’s help.

It was their own thing.

Although Emi graduated Harvard on his own, I think it’s safe to say that without daddy’s friends and ‘influence’ he would not have been on Harvard’s short list to even gain admittance. Yeah, I’m sure his grades were good but it takes more than that to get into Harvard (they have a long waiting list of people possessing virtually perfect GPA’s and high SAT scores).

Without daddy’s influence, in my opinion Emi doesn’t gain admittance to Harvard.

If you disagree then EAT SHIT. 🙂

Thus, I think NXIVM allowed Emi to get out of daddy’s shadow and do something truly on his own, at least in his own mind.

I just don’t believe that Emi, Clare or Sara were FULLY brainwashed like Lauren and Allison were. I don’t believe that.

I think they merely TOLERATED Keith’s bullshit — rather than becoming brainwashed by it — simply because calling out Keith’s bullshit would have meant losing their position within the upper echelons of NXIVM, or at least losing Keith’s trust.

i.e., I don’t think they TRULY believed they were really ‘Mussolini’ or ‘Hitler’ or whoever the fuck Keith claimed they were.

I’m sure they believed in the STATED MISSION of NXIVM. I’m sure they believed they were helping people, but they weren’t likely brainwashed like the others IMO.

They likely just tolerated Keith’s insane remarks to avoid losing their positions of trust and influence within NXIVM.

PS — As for Frank’s claims about Emi being gay, I do not believe for one minute that he fucked another guy simply to please Keith.

A guy can’t get ‘hard’ (get a woody) if he’s not aroused.

Thus, Keith would NOT have had any influence over a guy fucking another guy.

Keith may have recommended that they become lovers — if Frank’s claims are accurate — but if they truly fucked then it was simply their own ‘preference’ to be bisexual, at least in my own opinion.

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  • I would love to know which of the higher-ups were told they were reincarnations of nazis or bad people. And which still recruited people after that. Whoever those people are – they should be tarred and feathered and forced to do a public apology for being retarded idiots. And I don’t use the word retarded in a handicapped way. They are literally Darwin Award winners.

  • Nobody with half a brain thinks anybody in NXIVM was/is brainwashed, because brainwashing doesn’t exist.

    I did enjoy the explanation for “hard” being a “woody” instead of a non-slang/medical term such as “erection.” Nice touch, just don’t touch mine!

  • Interesting article; however, one thing is incorrect. I know for a fact – based on stories told directly to me by a few of the men that Keith ordered them to have sex with other men and they did. Their reasoning was that Keith told them that society dictated sexuality and straight and gay are constructs. As to who the men are – they were at the top and middle of the organization.

    • “Keith told them that society dictated sexuality and straight and gay are constructs.”

      None of the “men” in NXIVM are what one would call Alpha males.

      If Raniere told real males a line like that, those men would laugh at the Vanguard. If Raniere pressed the issue he would have had his clock cleaned.

  • “Emiliano Salinas and Clare and Sara Bronfman Joined Nxivm to Get out of Daddy’s Shadow and Do Something on Their Own”……..

    Bangkok your daddy dreams of you getting out from under his shadow……

    And moving out of the basement.

  • Old Sam Bronfman built his wealth as a bootlegger and gangster, selling rotgut to people desperate for a drink during prohibition.
    Edgar was a more conventional businessman with a thin veneer of respectability.
    At their peak around 1980, the Bronfmans were worth about 20 billion dollars.
    Through bad investments, they are now worth about 6 billion dollars.

    Emi is a neer-do-well son of a family of corrupt politicians who sold out their offices to corrupt businessmen and drug traffickers.
    The Salinas gang has built a continent-wide criminal gang that permeates all aspects of North America’s business world.
    The estimated wealth of Carlos Salinas is about 17 billion dollars.
    In the process, the Salinas family enabled a Narco-State to develop in Mexico that has killed over 115,000 people in that country since 2007.

    Mexican Drug War

    Date 11 December 2006 – ongoing
    (12 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 6 days)
    Throughout Mexico, with occasional spillover across international borders into Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California,[8][9] and also into the neighboring countries of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belize and Guatemala[10][11]
    Status Ongoing

    Total casualties:
    115,000 deaths from organized crime homicides 2007 – 2018


    If the goal of Emi, Clare, Sara, Raniere and their half-witted followers was to cause chaos, corruption, and crime throughout North America, then they have done an outstanding job.

    Old Sam Bronfman and Carlos Salinas should be proud.

    • It was Edgar, Jr. who tried to take over the reins and get into more glamorous businesses like Hollywood, and ended up losing most of the family money. He’s another in that generation who did not do well.

      p.s. Why not use longer-term drug war casualty statistics, including those that were part of the Reagan-Bush backed “dirty wars” in Central American, which were also fueled by drug trading that those US administrations either turned a blind eye to or actually helped facilitate?

  • I salute Bangkok’s salient observation that so-called “Ivy League Colleges” do not offer places principally on intellectual and educational merit to their students. Unfortunately, these organizations have a chronic habit of selling assessment tasks as though having severely warped admittance criteria was not sufficiently reprehensible.

    The more I read of Bangkok’s contributions, the more I realize he’s putting on an act!

    • That’s actually an example of the sort of the sort of assumptions and conspiracy-style thinking that are largely wrong, perhaps based on a tendency to assume that unfamiliar milieus somehow operate very differently. The vast majority of the students get in to such schools on their own merits.

      To some extent it is state universities, strapped for cash as their public funding has been cut, that have become some of the worst examples of selling significant numbers of their admissions slots in various ways. I went to graduate school at a then still renowned public institution that even decades ago was becoming infamous for filling its undergraduate classes with large numbers of the sort of hapless children of successful and wealthy people discussed here, who could pay full rate out of state tuition and help make up for Reagan-era funding cuts.

      I know the selective college admissions system in and out due to my and my family’s experience, and I actually now volunteer to help some of the most talented disadvantaged kids in public schools navigate the system and get into highly selective colleges. Poor students often get better financial aid packages at those private schools than they would at public schools, because the Ivy League, the “little ivies” and the next tier down have built up huge endowments, and are now more committed to ever than having very diverse student bodies and offering as much opportunity as possible – though there’s still a bit of that pandering to wealthy families and influential people, that actually used to be more pervasive.

    • G-

      Please stop self copyrighting and pseudo patenting the most basic thoughts and observations…..

      Seriously anyone would have or could have made the same observation you did…..

      ….And anyone that has been following the story probably did…..

      kudos you are slightly intelligent…

      I have as much sympathy for you and your BS…. as you do for people that have been victimized by cults…..

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