Did Nxivm Launder Mexican Drug Money for Carlos Salinas?

Carlos Salinas de Gortari. It is said he has a high turnover in friends. One day he meets a guy and then he never sees him again.

By Shadow State

Frank wrote in his post Is Emiliano Salinas on the Hot Seat? Or Just in Need of Mental Help?,  “It must be hard on the lad to have lost some 15 years of his life foolishly following a monster.”

Emiliano’s own family is filled with monsters.

Emiliano’s father Carlos is the monster who gave us NAFTA with shuttered factories across America’s Industrial Zone and the giant sucking sound of American jobs flowing to low-wage Mexico.

How do American workers like competing for jobs against Mexico’s minimum wage which is about 4.71 US dollars per day?
America’s minimum wage is about 56 dollars per day.

“Mexico raises minimum wage by 10 percent to $4.71 per day”

“MEXICO CITY • Critics are blasting a move this week by Mexico to raise its minimum wage by 10 percent, saying the increase falls short of meeting the basic needs of workers and is unlikely to satisfy U.S. and Canadian NAFTA negotiators who see low Mexican salaries as unfair competition.”

Think how hard American and Canadian workers have it to compete with Mexico’s poverty wages. Thank you, Carlos Salinas.

And NAFTA had the additional impact of wiping out Mexican family farms.

Mexicans can’t compete with the industrial farms of the American Midwest and many Mexican farmers have been forced to flee to El Norte (the United States) to find employment, thereby creating even more economic pressure on American workers.

Many villages in Mexico consist of either the very old or the very young.

All of the middle aged Mexicans are in the US scrambling to survive the economic catastrophe bequeathed on them by Carlos Salinas.
Thank you again, Carlos Salinas.

And Carlos Salinas notched his first murder victim when he was four 4 years old when he shot and killed the family’s 12-year-old maid, Manuela.

“Mexico’s Biggest Criminal: The Salinas de Gortari Crime Family” “By Larry Shea

Don’t leave a loaded gun accessible to either of the Salinas de Gortari brothers, Carlos or Raul, or – for that matter – to any of their friends.

“Manuela, a twelve-year old family ‘maid,’ was murdered with a loaded .22 rifle on October 19, 1951 at the Salinas family home. Raul Salinas Lozano, the politically well-connected father of Raul and Carlos Salinas de Gortari (and the padrino [godfather] of the crime family) was an economist who served in several high-level positions in different Mexican presidential administrations.

“Mexico City newspapers reported in December of 1951 that the young girl had been executed by one of these three young elite deviants. However, some of the newspapers also reported that it was unclear whether Raul (age: six years), Carlos (age: four-and-a-half years), or unidentified friend (age: eight years) had executed the young girl. Nevertheless, the newspaper, El Universal, reported that when he was asked, Carlos proudly boasted that “I killed her with one shot; I’m a hero.”

And the open borders created by Carlos Salinas’ NAFTA have exacerbated the drug trade devastating both Mexico and the US.

Here is a story this week from the AP about Mexico’s new drug war which is worse than it was years ago.
“Mexico’s new drug war may be worse than old one

“COATZACOALCOS, Mexico (AP) — Mexico’s drug war appears to be back — and it may be worse this time around than in the bloody years of the government’s 2006-2012 offensive against drug cartels.

“Back then, the worst of the violence was confined to a few cities. Now it is spread out throughout the country. Once it was not uncommon for gangs to kill adults but leave children unharmed. Now, the killing of children alongside their parents has become all too frequent.”

Think about all of the rumors concerning money laundering by NXIVM.  Think of the cash counting machine stashed away in Nancy Salzman’s house.

How much of NXIVM’S money laundering involved the proceeds of drug trafficking?

Come on Nancy and Lauren and Clare and all of you other NXIVM monsters.  Are you going to gaslight us and claim that there was no drug money laundering through NXIVM?

Did all those bundles of kinky cash flowing into Clifton Park come from selling refried beans on the black market?

We know that Sara Bronfman and Nancy Salzman went down to Sir Richard Branson’s island on two occasions reportedly to talk about NXIVM’S money laundering skills.

Isn’t that why John Tighe was targeted to be set up with child porn on his computer? Because Tighe had the guts to report on this money laundering conference in 2010?

“Several group members, including co-founder Nancy Salzman, visited Necker for two seminars in 2007 and 2010. The cult’s leader, Keith Raniere, did not attend either trip.”

“At least one of the visits is said to have been paid for by billionaire heiress and Nxivm follower Sara Bronfman, whose late father, businessman Edgar Bronfman Sr., knew Branson.”


And let’s not forget the brave Mexican politicians and journalists who tried to expose the many crimes of the Salinas gang.
Over a dozen of them ended up being assassinated.

“One should watch the 2012 film, Colosio: El Asesinato. In the months following the assassination, 15 people who were directly linked to the case were murdered including the Secretary General of the PRI Party, Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu, who happened to be the ex-brother-in-law of Carlos and Raul Salinas de Gortari.”

“It has been speculated by some that Massieu had learned that the Salinas crime family had been behind the conspiracy to assassinate Colosio. However, according to an official document from the office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico, there was sufficient evidence that, sometime in March of 1993, the brothers, Carlos and Raul, along with their sister Adriana (Massieu’s ex-wife) had held a meeting with their father, Raul Salinas Lozano. At that meeting, it was decided by the Salinas crime family that their ex-in-law Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu, aka “Pepe,” must be ‘physically eliminated.’

“The title of a book that was written by Mexican investigative journalist, Anabel Hernandez, is called Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and Their Godfathers (2010), and she chose that title for good reason. It was reported in 1997 that: ‘In its suit against Mario Ruiz Massieu [who was the brother of the murdered, ex-in-law Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu] the US Department of Justice began to roll out testimony which implicates ex-president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, his siblings Adriana and Raul, his father Raul Salinas Lozano, his ex-brother-in-law Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu, and even Luis Donaldo Colosio in drug trafficking operations.” [Let that sink in for a moment!]


So all of you NXIVM trolls who lecture us on all of the good that NXIVM does with their regurgitated Scientology, explain to us that NXIVM was not involved in drug trafficking and money laundering when some of the top officials in the NXIVM criminal gang were neck deep in murder.

And the Bronfman sisters and the Salzmans were breaking bread with NXIVM Mexico.

And NXIVM drones like Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne loved to vacation in Mexico and engage in orgies with members of NXIVM Mexico.

Carlos Salinas’ brother, Raul, was convicted of money laundering and ordering a hit on a rival politician.

“On February 28, 1995, Raul Salinas de Gortari was arrested (after a classic Mexican standoff) and charged with ordering and financing the murder of their rival, Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu.”

And Carlos Salinas’ sister in law was arrested in Switzerland for trying to withdraw money from a secret Swiss bank account opened with a fictitious name.

“It was reported in November of 1995 that Paula Castanon, the wife of Raul Salinas de Gortari and her brother, Antonio Castanon, were arrested in Geneva, Switzerland after attempting to withdraw $84 million from an account that Raul kept under an alias.”

“Even though his modest annual government salary had never exceeded $190,000, it was discovered that Raul Salinas de Gortai had hundreds of millions of US dollars stashed in banks all over the world.”

And what happened to NAFTA that was supposed to be a boon for America and Mexico?

“Crime lord “Bubba” Bill Clinton and his gang of White-House disaster capitalists, led by “Wall Street” Bobby Rubin and “World Bank” Larry Summers, coordinated a $50 billion bailout package for Mexico, including $25 billion from the US treasury. ”

That’s right.

You, the American taxpayers, were hit with a 50 billion dollar bailout to save Mexico after scumbag Bill Clinton’s friend Carlos Salinas looted it.

Now, Bill and Hillary Clinton are the political bosses of New York State.

And the gangsters of Mexico (Salinas) and Canada (Bronfman) want to save NXIVM and use it to funnel dirty drug money from Mexico into the US and on top of that funnel money to their corrupt puppets in the New York State Democratic party.


Folks, you get the government you deserve.

Do you deserve a government run by NXIVM, the Salinas gang, the Clinton gang, and the Bronfmans?

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  • Give me more info on his acceptance in the UK and I will lobby the HM gov to revoke his stay there.
    Is this due to Boris the Clown, who ran around with Darius Guppy a convicted criminal? Both of them
    threatening to beat up journsalists and Darius has ties to far right neo nazi groups?

    Time for Boris to go, along with the rich kid Bullington club from Oxbridge.

  • Earlier this year, the Daile Beast reported that the head of Jellyfish, former Blackwater op and Operations Intelligence op and Sen. Patty Murray aide Michael Bagley was arrested in a sting op – he was bragging to Bureau agents that he worked for El Mayo. His trial seems to be a secret, could it be his ties to the Clintons and some dark figures in the EU who tried to get to Trump via Jason Jorjani and failed?
    Bagley had US State Dept waivers from Obama, Clinton days. NXIVM may have had ties to Bagley and the US State Dept. That is why Frank had to push so hard to get the FBI to arrest him.

  • Carlos Salinas de Gortari no longer is a powerful man in Mexico. He used to do obscure business with the cartels of his time, but those criminal organizations are all gone. Today’s cartels are just spill-outs of more recent (but also finished) drug syndicates that were destroyed by the army and the navy during Calderon’s term.

    None of the drug cartels that operated during Salinas time survived. None of the drug lords of the time is alive.

    • You too can make big bucks running a “consulting” agency that does nothing but advance the agenda of dirty clients from Mexico just like Marco A. Lopez Jr. and Dennis K. Burke of Phoenix, Arizona. Your clients will be cartel affiliated Mexican politicians who will pay you to post disinformation on blogs, and to help them avoid prosecution in the U.S., among other things. All you have to do is sell yourself out, look the other way about who you are representing, and be not ethically or morally bothered by working for death squads.

  • Carlos Salinas is and was the Castro off Mexico and the top head for the Mexican cartels. All cartels in Mexico ware funded by Carlos Salinas and still this day biggest most powerfull man from South to North America and and Spain. Last week was given a house by England and turned into an English citizen to get immunity.

  • Bulk Cash Smuggling
    Vicente also testified that cash went north from Mexico to Albany [One has to wonder why Emiliano, whose father is fabulously wealthy, would have to be get involved with petty bulk cash smuggling.]

    Lesko: Do you have … knowledge that the individuals within NXIVM, within the community, actually brought cash from Mexico to Albany?

    Vicente: I do. I was in an executive board meeting once where a lot of cash was handed over. I believe it was handed …to Nancy Salzman.
    Why would NXIVM Mexico need to engage in bulk ash smuggling?
    The top leadership of NXIVM Mexico consists of people with a business or banking background.
    They know about transparent ways of moving lots of money.
    They know that bulk cash transfers raise government suspicions.

    Don’t you think the FBI views such covert transfers of cash across international boundaries as suspicious?
    Any transfer of over 10,000 dollars in cash has to be reported to the US Treasury.

    • The testimony also was that cash was sent quarterly – according the system for sending NXIMV “uplines” payments, which is the wrong sort of timing on top of the wrong direction for it to be drug money. It may have been nothing more than part of Raniere’s systemic tax evasion, and of course how Nancy Salzman’s home ended up with cash squirreled all over.

      I’m surprised that we have yet to see the IRS and Customs/DHS take action, but apparently agents were at the trial and I suspect that eventually NXIVM and perhaps Bronfman will at least get hit with penalties. The interesting question is whether there will be criminal charges, which would probably also scoop up some of the lower-level “mules” who are apparently still among NXIVM’s remaining loyalists.

  • You need to go back to Mack, this entire article is BS. Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton is the monster who gave us NAFTA. Salinas accepted the gift that Clinton gave him. The 10% hike in Mexican minimum wage is a story that is two years old, and how many people in Mexico are paid the minimum? The USMCA provides for a much more level playing field. Job displacement is not an excuse to illegally invade another country. A very small percentage of those entering the U.S. are displaced farmers, it has far more to do with the minimum wage issue, as field workers are hardly ever confused with being Einsteins. The Clintons are NOT the bosses of New York state, that is ridiculous.

      • Chelsea can run, she’s already damaged goods and her parents do not have the influence they once did. Hellary THE Horrible guaranteed that by losing to Trump and the #metoo movement has tarnished Slick Willy, even before the Epstein saga.

  • I doubt anyone in the Salinas fam has much positive to say about NXIVM. You think they are shedding tears over NXIVM’s downfall? The idea that they want to restart NXIVM is laughable. I’m pretty sure they have other ways to launder money, if they want to launder money.

  • Emiliano Salinas has very similar facial features to his father.

    As regards moral character, there are also obvious similarities, but some differences in motivation.

  • Sorry, babe but Salinas never could have had that kind of hold in the US unless the Clintons put out the welcome mat.

    • ” unless the Clintons put out the welcome mat.”

      The Clintons and their minions represent the worst in American politics.

      Nothing I have ever said or written could be reasonably construed as an endorsement of the Clintons.

  • Loquacious though it were, Shadow, you do us so much proud when you prove you can lay down that many words without a single stroke of “AM” therein!

    Really, fantastic piece — prol better served piece meal — great research!

  • It seems implausible that NXIVM was involved in the sort of large-scale money laundering associated with drug cartels. The only accounts I’ve seen are that money flowed South to North – the wrong way for drug profits – and in modest though not insignificant amounts that fit with what NXIVM’s Mexican operations could have been expected to have had to send “uplines,” more in line with Raniere’s tax evasion than something bigger.

    Additionally, if they had been tied into drug trafficking operations, that likely would have brought the feds down on them long ago, particularly as amateurish as their operations were. However, their cash smuggling and other illegal cross-border activities are perhaps the prime thing that ought to be thoroughly investigated in NDNY, and prosecuted.

    Also, in terms of general fact-checking, do you have any evidence that NAFTA itself has somehow been associated with an increase in cross-border drug trafficking? The illegal drug trade has been going on since long before NAFTA, and in some ways at used to be larger in bulk when bales of marijuana could be flown into the country before technology mostly shut down that route. There are problems with NAFTA that should have been addressed, but the biggest is that the junior Bush failed to use it to , which caused US companies to not only lose complete control of their manufacturing, but concede trade secrets and technology to the Chinese, leading to a slow-motion economic Pearl Harbor (we can even now see the Chinese sort of “island hopping” in the Western Pacific).

    And, do you have any evidence that the Clintons have actually overshadowed the longstanding NY “deep state” power elite represented by the likes of D’Amato (who NXIVM first went to when they were seeking influence and protection) and Giuliani, who are deeply embedded? The Clintons are relative newcomers and regarded by many, including myself, as carpetbaggers when it comes to New York, more focused on the national scene, and their power waning at that as they age and fall into discredit – though their partisan enemies have always loved to hate them (I remember that there was impeachment talk, before Clinton even was sworn in as President).

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