Toni Natalie Helped Me When Jim Odato Called

Times Union reporter James Odato broke many of the stories of crime that Keith Raniere and Nxivm were engaged in, but law enforcement did nothing in the Albany area.

By A Former Raniere Woman Who Defends Toni Natalie

Years ago, I was contacted by James Odato of the Albany Times Union asking me to talk with him about my experiences with Keith Raniere.

I flipped out since I had walked out on KR years ago and he had been out of my life since then – and I wanted it to STAY that way.

I was not comfortable with giving info and recalling myself to KR’s attention – especially since I was not up on all of KR’s history since I had left him. I was given Toni’s contact info.

Her willingness to share her experiences and what she knew with me was part of what convinced me to speak with Jim Odato.

He didn’t include my name or particulars of my story in his expose since I asked to remain anonymous, but I was able to corroborate some things for him and, hopefully, make a stronger journalistic case for publishing.

That’s how I know Toni Natale – as someone who was willing to support and reassure me in sharing my story with James Odato so I could support his fact-finding. And as someone with whom I have shared much of my story knowing that she has respected my wish for my life to remain private.

I get it that some of you feel Toni’s words/actions have affected you negatively. For me, she has only been a positive influence and mistakes she may have made in her past don’t change that.

Hell, we all make mistakes – sometimes huge ones. Obviously, I did.

I was Raniere’s girlfriend for a time (one of those hoodwinked monogamous ones – ha, ha!). And (horror of horrors) I was even in Amway for a short while.


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