Ghislaine Maxwell Wrecked Her Own Life and Many Others Too

By Shivani

If you go visit Ghislaine Maxwell at Getty Images, there is a large photo collection of her various years of socializing. It was ironic to see a pic of her grinning like a besotted moth beside hotelier Andre Balazs, and there are quite a few pics of Ghislaine being chummy with Carole Radziwill, who might not like to be reminded anymore. Glance at these Maxwell smiley face photos long enough and it looks like Ghislaine would show up for the opening of a packet of gum.

There is a photo of her being escorted into a society wedding in the English countryside by a man who is referred to as “one of the Duke of York’s detectives.” The text further details that Prince Andrew drove Ghislaine to the wedding in a sports car. Some photos are even older, from when she was a teen.

After her father’s death and the financial turmoil he left behind, Ghislaine came to New York and was exceedingly ambitious to resurrect her image as a socialite. It went well for around 15 years. She had found her personal Walt Disney in Epstein.

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But then she kept showing up at all kinds of events despite Epstein’s first round of public exposure as a criminal perv. She was not young anymore, was rounder about the midsection, still wore same old hairdo, and there was a chill in the air. Ghislaine caught the drift too late. It would surprise me if she was ever in love with Epstein. Their compatibility might have been more of a mental affinity. Plus they found each other useful. Maybe Ghislaine failed to get herself uninvolved with Epstein soon enough because she was hooked on the benefits.

After the civil defamation suit was begun against her by Virginia Giuffre in 2015, Ghislaine Maxwell became less visible. It wasn’t the only lawsuit which Maxwell ended up settling. The New York Post has recently reported that a “source” has said that Maxwell has been cooperating with authorities regarding Epstein’s case. Oh really? How so? Most other sources describe her as unavailable, not reachable for any comments.

Her fate has been tied to two humdingers of men. She was 29 when her father, Robert Maxwell, died in November 1991, prior to her 30th Christmas birthday. She was his favorite daughter. A daughter born prior to her had died of leukemia, and Ghislaine was the last girl and the last baby. If you learn about Robert Maxwell, it becomes easy to see him as being a prototype, in some ways, for what made Ghislaine like Epstein so well.

Maxwell was notorious as a businessman. He loved to live big. Clever and a real check bouncer. He was a flamboyant bear of a man. Of course there are pictures around of him with Edgar Bronfman. Much of Maxwell’s conduct would have prepared his daughter to be able to manage Epstein’s appointments, his scheduling, his properties. She understood unsavory reputations, too and had plenty of social acumen. Certainly more than Epstein did. Ghislaine’s father could be gauche at times, too.

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Robert Maxwell

But Robert Maxwell was never called a perv or sex trafficker. He was blessed to have a wife who was not only a scholar but a holocaust scholar. They had 9 children. She traced that 300 of Maxwell’s family had died in the holocaust. He escaped the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia while still very young and fought in WWII. Ghislaine’s mother was a French Protestant but said they wanted to bring back her husband’s big family and have many children.

How rotten that Ghislaine Maxwell wrecked her life. But then, how many lives has she harmed or maybe destroyed, with almost no recompense? She helped take away peoples’ youth and innocence, and she can never give any of that back.

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  • Epstein committing suicide (or being suicided) isn’t much different than him being found guilty while doing what Raniere did, clam up and not put on a defense. Epstein probably would have been sentenced to enough years that he would have died in prison anyway, the way he did it was faster and saved taxpayer dollars. Whether he clammed up by offing himself or pleading the 5th, the Feds would have the same, exact information about him to go after his partners in crime. Epstein’s death is actually quite meaningless with respect to the ability to go after others, except it can probably happen faster with him dead.

  • This seems like the best place to put some of today’s news:

    Why the Jeffrey Epstein Investigation Is Not Over
    “Mr. Epstein is dead, but prosecutors will focus on those who may have helped him in a sex-trafficking ring. Accusers still plan to pursue lawsuits.”

    Jeffrey Epstein’s death won’t protect his associates – here’s why
    “There are plenty of reasons for [Epstein’s] former associates – including the president, who is spending his time pushing conspiracy theories – to be fearful of what might still be to come”

    “Epstein also leaves behind an estate likely worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This creates a backdrop for what will likely be years of civil lawsuits from victims and others seeking reparations – and so a form of proxy justice, a backdoor route to have their cases heard, in civil form since a criminal trial was denied them.

    But crucially, Epstein’s death does not end the criminal trial. While the Grand Jury documents remain under seal from the press and the public, this does not mean that prosecutors can’t use them. In fact, prosecutors have already said they are still pursuing the case and looking for new suspects – so while the case against Epstein has ended with his death, the broader case has not.

    In some ways, the case will be easier to pursue. Secrets are generally harder to keep when the person at their core is no longer with us – people talk more freely, people find old records, things come apart. In purely practical terms, authorities will have far easier access to Epstein’s estate with him dead than when he was alive.

    None of this will stop the conspiracy theories, which will surely rage for generations. Nor should it mean we run ahead of evidence and rule out a conspiracy ahead of time. What it should do is cool our heads and encourage us to do the right thing for any victims: to follow the evidence trail, wherever it may lead.”

  • “In recent months, Ms Maxwell has been enjoying an extended afternoon tea with Lady Bumfax. When their tea concludes in several months, she will most likely be meeting with a very senior High Court Judge, and is unlikely to be available for comment.”

  • Since the Feds are no longer going after Epstein, Maxwell is now at the top of the target list. If there was a deal, it’s gone because Epstein is gone. Maxwell’s role for Epstein was essentially the same as Raniere’s wing women, two of whom died of cancer within the past couple of years.

    • I think the 2 ladies were given small amounts of poison for a period of time. Bodies should be exhumed and tested.

  • There’s no video of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide: sources

    There’s no surveillance video of the incident during which Jeffrey Epstein apparently hanged himself in a federal lockup in Lower Manhattan, law-enforcement officials told The Post on Sunday.

    Although there are cameras in the 9 South wing where the convicted pedophile was being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, they are trained on the areas outside the cells and not inside, according to sources familiar with the setup there

  • Ghislane Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell worked for the Israeli Mossad.
    Any story that fails to mention this connection is incomplete.

    Mossad killed U.K. tycoon, new book says

    British media tycoon Robert Maxwell was murdered by the Israeli intelligence agency, according to a new book that also alleges the flamboyant millionaire was a spy for Israel and had links to organized crime in Eastern Europe.

    Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy, to be published in December, says that Israel’s Mossad decided to get rid of Mr. Maxwell because he was threatening to expose his knowledge of Israeli secrets unless he received Israeli help in propping up his failing businesses.

    • That’s one theory, another is that Maxwell committed suicide much like his daughter’s boyfriend, because the heat was getting too hot, in Maxwell’s case because he was ripping off his employees.

      • Maxwell had stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from pension funds, to prop up companies of his that were teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, and was about to be found out. After his death his companies had to declare bankruptcy, and his sons went bankrupt personally and were put on trial – as Maxwell himself would have been, were he alive.

        He, like Epstein, was facing a future of public shame, rejection by his former friends and social circles, and imprisonment, and thus had plenty of reason to kill himself. While it’s possible something else happened, the principle of Occam’s Razor suggests we take the simplest explanation, and that would be suicide.

      • Maxwell was also exposed in Seymour Hersh’s book the “Samson Option” as an Israeli spy about two weeks before Maxwell’s death.
        There were lots of reasons for Maxwell to die by either suicide or murder.

        And please don’t bother to call me an anti-Semite.
        Seymour Hersh is Jewish and one of the great journalists in late Twentieth Century America.

    • My comment was a gathering of info and impressions about Ghislaine, with some observations about how “life with father” eventually transformed into life with Epstein. It was not an attempt to provide a biography about her father. References to Mossad were unnecessary here, from my point of view. What I’m looking at is Ghislaine and trying to see who she has let herself become.

      For reasoning to do with the deep matrilineal “heritage” still extant within Judaism, as well as due to other factors, I doubt that Ghislaine Maxwell would have been or ever would be engaged as part of Israeli intelligence, etc. As for Epstein, at the most, he might have been used as an occasional errand boy. We’ll see if any sort of info about that arises, ever. That, in itself, is doubtful, especially because he is deceased.

      However, it would never have taken much insight or investigation to decide that Epstein was unreliable unless dealing with his own self-interests. Not a trustworthy guy, he seems to have been devoted only to himself. Even a minnow in a pond might’ve noticed that self-preoccupation as being one of most Epstein’s most severe diseases. Intelligence-wise he would probably have been more of a pain in the ass than an asset.

      • I agree. She only liked being a socialite. Plus, she had this knack for threesomes, orgies and strap-ons, per Ms. Giuffres testimony. Ghislaine Maxwell liked this and closeness to power.

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