Allison Mack, Keith Raniere Sentencing Postponed

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Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has adjourned the sentencing of Allison Mack, Keith Alan Raniere and Lauren Salzman indefinitely. All three were scheduled to be sentenced in September.

Mack and Salzman were scheduled to be sentenced on September 11th and their master, Raniere, who is also known to followers as Vanguard, was scheduled for September 25th.

It is not known when they will be rescheduled.

Earlier this month, the judge postponed sentencing on the other three defendants in the Nxivm racketeering case: Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell.

These three had been scheduled for sentencing in July.

Raniere, who will be 59, on August 26th, has been in federal custody since March 26, 2018 – one year and four months.  The delay in sentencing for Raniere is largely irrelevant since the time he spends in prison awaiting sentencing – along with the time he spent awaiting trial and during the trial – will be credited as time served.

His sentence will be a minimum of 15 years [for sex trafficking alone] and likely much longer.  Sentencing guidelines, as I calculate it, suggest 30-40 years.

The other defendants – Mack: 36, Nancy Salzman: 64, Lauren Salzman: 43, Bronfman: 39, and Russell: 60 – are all subject to home arrest. The time spent subject to home arrest does not go toward time served.

All of the Nxivm convicts, except Raniere, took plea deals.

Raniere stood trial alone and a jury convicted him in less than five hours on seven felony counts on June 19th, a date that is now known as Vangone Day.

Mack is the former star of the television show Smallville. She quit acting to join Raniere’s inner circle, and rose to become one of his eight first-line DOS sex slaves. She was prominently mentioned in court as a vigorous and randy recruiter of women for her Vanguard to have sexual encounters with.

One of them, Nicole, the jury found, was the victim of sex trafficking by Raniere.  Mack arranged their lurid and frightening encounter where Nicole was taken blindfolded and tied to a table – where Raniere filmed her as Cami performed oral sex on her.

While it was happening, Nicole had no idea who was performing the oral sex on her. Raniere stood by watching, making comments and secretly filming her.

This was adjudged sex trafficking because Raniere [and Mack] held collateral on Nicole which, in effect, forced her into doing this unsavory and unwanted sex act.  Mack was not in attendance and was not convicted of sex trafficking.

Cami had been groomed by Raniere since she was 15 when he started having sex with her.  Raniere was convicted of sex trafficking, forced labor and wire fraud conspiracy, racketeering, and racketeering conspiracy charges. The racketeering charges included predicate acts of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a child, as well as identity theft and extortion.

The child exploitation and pornography acts are based on Raniere’s possession of nude photos of Cami, taken in 2005 when she was 15-years-old, that he kept on a hard drive in his library. She is now 29.

Lauren Salzman, another sexual partner and DOS first-line slave, was the only Nxivm convict to testify at Raniere’s trial.  In a dramatic moment, Lauren broke down on the witness stand under a withering cross-examination by Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo.  The judge actually ordered the cross-examination to end, giving Raniere’s defense team grounds for an appeal.

The judge said, outside the presence of the jury, that Lauren was a broken woman – and that he was worried she would have a nervous breakdown in his court.

Reason for Delay

Judge Garaufis reportedly adjourned the sentencing to allow federal probation officials more time to conduct pre-sentencing investigations.  It is policy in federal court for probation officers to interview convicted defendants, investigate various matters associated with the defendants and their statements, and then prepare pre-sentencing reports for the judge.

A probation officer will interview Raniere and discuss, among other things, various claims he has made in the past, as well as in the present – during the interview –  to determine his veracity, his danger to society, his remorse, the possibility of recidivism were he ever allowed to be freed, and numerous other considerations.

While Raniere is a well-known liar and will almost certainly be found to be too dangerous to release, the reports for Mack, Salzman, Salzman, and Russell may come out favorably and indicate a downward departure on the normal sentencing guidelines.

Clare Bronfman, who has enough money, as she knows, to buy and sell any 10 probation officers they send to interview her, may not fare too well.

She is the only one of the Nxivm convicts who reportedly is still standing by her Vanguard.  It would not be surprising if the haughty Clare will show annoyance at a low-level probation officer prying into her privileged life.

She is currently under home arrest in her luxury Manhattan apartment. She has posted $100 million bail. She recently paid a $6 million fine [about 3 percent of her stated net worth] and previously struck a plea deal where she can appeal the judge’s sentence if he sentences her to more than 27 months.

Nancy Salzman, who was the first to get on the plea deal bus, faces 2-4 years based on my calculation of the sentencing guidelines.  Mack and Lauren face 3-5 years. Kathy faces 6-18 months.

Bronfman – the true second in command, the financial enabler of the criminal enterprise, and next to Raniere, the most serious criminal – faces light sentencing guidelines of 21-24 months.

The judge has wide latitude to impose sentences greater or lesser than the sentencing guidelines indicate. The pre-sentencing reports will go a long way in helping guide the judge.

Letters from victims and other interested parties in favor or against the convicts may also have an impact. [Send these to Judge Garaufis, United States Courthouse Room 1426 S , 225 Cadman Plaza East Brooklyn, NY 11201]

In the end, the judge sat and listened to seven weeks of victims and experts testify in the trial against Raniere. All the Nxivm convicts’ names cropped up during the trial, some more than others.

I think the judge has formed a definite impression of Raniere and perhaps some of the other convicts.

It will be interesting to see if he grants leniency to the women convicts of Nxivm.

He will not likely grant leniency to Raniere.

I would expect sentencing to take place before the end of the year.

And as I said, no rush for Raniere. He will likely be spending the rest of his days in prison. All that remains is for the judge to make that official.


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  • In the end, the corrupt judiciary will get as much money as they can from the girls, use the guy as a scapegoat for hard time, and let the girls walk

  • Is it possible that all the delays and Allison Mack’s melt down all point to the possibility of more charges coming their way?
    Is the Judge holding off because another trial is afoot?

    • “Is it possible that all the delays and Allison Mack’s melt down all point to the possibility of more charges coming their way?
      Is the Judge holding off because another trial is afoot?”

      Precisely right.
      Most of the NXIVM crimes occurred in and near the NXIVM Village in Clifton Park.
      Altogether there might have been as many as 150 “slaves” in the NXIVM DOS sorority.
      One hundred fifty victims.
      Not to mention the staggering array of possible financial and public corruption charges possible in the NXIVM case.
      These crimes should be prosecuted in the NDNY and there are indications that the new Trump appointed US Attorney inb Albany is chomping at the bit.

      And Frank Parlato has published stories linking Mack and Raniere to possible child sex trafficking.

      Neighbor: Allison Mack befriended 8-year-old girl – and seemed to be grooming her- said to have fondled her

      Transcript of interview with neighbor who claims Allison Mack molested 8 year old girl

      Allison Mack and sex cult leader Raniere may have trafficked teen and preteen girls from Chihuahua, Mexico

      Shadow State: What is Kim Constable trying to hide?

      Kim Constable – Irish leader of NXIVM – jokes about working out in prison; shows results of badass workouts

      • You need to Fucking stop with your stupid lies!
        I told you already, this will end up badly for you…Several times I was on ready to transmit the info to the authorities and it’s still a threat that exists…
        I still have all your false claims and your false accusation in archives and I would love to see you pay for your crime so Don’t push too far!

        The neighbor thing is utter BS (even Parlato said he didn’t believe it)

        The chihuahua case is also BS for Allison…First, because there is nothing proving it existed and second because of Nothing linking her to it!

        Shadow State: What is Kim Constable…wait, I Don’t have to disprove it, it said: “shadow state” in the title and everyone know you are full of lies.

        Get help Mr lowlife… I know that lately, you feel more at home than ever with all the nutjobs around here (including KR claviger) but that doesn’t make your (and other) BS lies true…

        Stick with the fact or else face justice.(Have you looked for the crime you committed, Mr. Wikipedia? So you Don’t search too much, I’ll lay it out here for you “defamation per se”…)

    • First off, nobody has proved that she had a meltdown…
      Secondly, what are you talking about!? She was clearly said to be in no other crimes…why would the possibility of more charges impact her?!

      Also, another trial wouldn’t hold the sentencing…the sentencing concern THIS trial.
      If another trial is on the way, they’ll be another sentencing for the new trial.

      I would say that the postponing could be either that they have to investigate one of the claims done by one of the défendant in their pre-sentencing.
      Or it could be for a re-trial for Raniere…I doubt he gave up the idea and I doubt he won’t eventually find a technicality to use for retrial.

  • Does anyone know whether Mr. Raniere has the funds to start an appeal? I understand that they are expensive.

  • Does anyone have a link to the full trial manuscript? Maybe it hasn’t been posted yet as sentencing isn’t complete. I’m sure there’s several of us who would like to read the full trial testimony.

  • Goes to show that being White and rich in America gets you aesser jail sentence if one at all! What would the Judge do if they were all African Americans? The story would be a lot different to this!

    Money talks!

  • Agnifilo made it clear he did not want to go to trial and face former Nx comrades who turned on Raniere and deal with the legacy of DOS. I was totally shocked when Raniere did not opt toward a plea deal. There is no way of knowing what kinds of deals were available to him but Agnifilo made him aware that the possibility of a guilty outcome was almost certain.

    If a reasonable deal (15 years) was on the table, Raniere has himself to blame for the decision to go to trial. In the end, his own pride and arrogance prevented him, once again, from coming to terms with himself and setting his life on a truthful course.

  • “This was adjudged sex trafficking because Raniere [and Mack] held collateral on Nicole which in effect forced her into doing this unsavory and unwanted sex act. Mack was not in attendance and was not convicted of sex trafficking.”

    Hmm no…that is not why it was adjudged sex trafficking…

    And Mack didn’t held collateral, she collected (like most of the DOS member)…And if it forced Nicole, it’s only because Raniere (and him only) threaten to release the collateral.
    In court, it was clearly stated that Allison never threaten.

    You should consider to consult a professionnal because you regularly go from going back an forth about this.

    “Judge Garaufis reportedly adjourned the sentencing to allow federal probation officials more time to conduct pre-sentencing investigations. It is policy in federal court for probation officers to interview convicted defendants, investigate various matters associated with the defendants and their statements and prepare sentencing reports for the judge.”

    But it’s not usual to see the sentencing postponed unfinitely…
    Couldn’t it be because of the Re-trial? (i suppose that Raniere is asking for this relentlesly so i assume it will eventually pass)

  • This seems odd to me. This is not the judge’s first rodeo. When he set the dates originally, did he not take the time for this interview process into account? And even if that was the case, he has no way of knowing how long this process will take — so he has to postpone everything “indefinitely”? Even El Chapo has a sentencing date on July 17. Doesn’t seem right to me.

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