Lauren Salzman’s Requests to End Home Confinement Turned Down by Judge

Lauren Salzman

U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has denied all of Lauren Salzman’s recent requests for modification of her bail conditions.

So, Lauren will not get to ditch her ankle monitor.

She will not get to leave her residence whenever she wants.

And she will not be allowed to go see her ailing grandparents in New Jersey whenever she thinks that would be a good idea.

She also will not -– as her attorneys had requested – have “a more fulsome opportunity to integrate into her community” – whatever the hell that means.


Fewer Than 60 Days Before Sentencing

Just like he did when he denied similar requests from her mother, Nancy Salzman, the judge didn’t offer any explanation for his action.

His hand-written order simply noted, “Application denied”.

Lauren is scheduled to be sentenced at 11:00 AM on September 11th.

Assuming her sentencing date is not pushed back, she’ll be spending most of those days at her home under the watchful monitoring of the U.S. Probation Office.

Perhaps she should start focusing on how she’s going to “fulsomely integrate” into the prison community where’s she’s likely headed.


Orange Is The New Black

“Orange Is The New Black” is about to wind up its seventh season.

Which means that Lauren will have plenty of time to binge-watch all 91 episodes before she heads off to prison herself.

The fictional Litchfield Prison in Upstate New York that appears in the series is primarily based on FCI Danbury, where Piper Kerman, who wrote the memoir on which the series is based, was incarcerated in 2004–2005 after her conviction for money laundering and drug trafficking.

Danbury Federal Women’s Prison

Oddly enough, there’s a good chance that is where Lauren will end up serving her sentence.


Lauren Was A Very Effective Witness

There are those who think that of all the witnesses for the prosecution, Lauren was the most effective.

In fact, her teary-eyed answers during cross-examination were so emotional that the judge actually ordered Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, to end his cross-examination. Afterward, the judge said he feared that Lauren was going to have a nervous breakdown on the stand.

The judge also said that Lauren was a broken woman.

But it is undeniable that hew painful testimony helped the prosecution to show what a despicable bastard Raniere is.

Her pathetic story of waiting for years to have a baby with the lordly one – and then finding out that he was having a baby with the much younger Mariana – was gut-wrenching.. Her emotion and her grief boiled over into such a torrent of tears that even the judge – and no doubt the jury – got to see, first-hand, the kind of damage Raniere had done to his slaves.

How this will affect the sentencing of Lauren Salzman is anybody’s guess.

In the meantime, she is allowed to go nowhere without special permission from her Probation Officer.

She may be a broken woman – and the worst still lies ahead for her.

But each day now, she continues to suffer – and to break a little more.



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  • Warning meaningless drivel to follow!!!!

    Has anyone else noticed that Lauren Salzman has elf ears?

    I’m kinda of liking the elf ears.

    She may possibly be pixie or fairy.

  • Although i do agree (to a certain extent) that Lauren is a victim too, I find it funny that you , joe joe, never showed the same kind of (fake) “compassion” for Allison…

  • She isn’t broken she a criminal, a convicted felon who is about to go to prison and she wants her final months before to be a party of freedom?

    To bad so sad for you #1. Got to admit, you have it better than your Master… for now.

  • These evil filth make me sick. They destroy people’s lives, some victims beyond help; then whine about an ankle bracelet , while allowed to stay in their homes??? They should all be executed. You can not rehab this type of evil.

    • These NXIVM defendants act like they’re entitled to break the law with impunity.
      I will tell you that these defendants, with the exception of Raniere, are still in contact with one another and they intend to go back into business as soon as its practical.
      These defendants are so marinated in corruption that they know nothing else.

      • I fully agree that is their intention.
        Just this past month one of tbe followers attempted to sell tickets to a NXIVM defense talk at 25 dollars a pop.
        Mark whatever his name is.
        He did not expect the immediate pushback from the general public.
        He wanted to play po’ NXIVM is a misunderstood victim.
        I think we have not seen the last of these folks. I also think Clare is crazy enough to do others great harm and has the money to do so.
        After all, the Bronfmans have always been criminals, so it’s in the blood.

        Also, Dr. Danielle Roberts shares an apartment in NYC with 2 or more NXIVM die-hard disciples. She is certainly to be watched.

        I wonder. Do Danielle, Nikki and the others all compare their brands??? Kind of I will show you mine if you show me yours????

        • Nicki shares a Brooklyn apartment with Michelle Hatchette as well as Samantha LeBron and Justin Elliott.
          And you are 100% right that Dr. Danielle Roberts pops in from time to time.
          Kind of like a Brooklyn version of “Seinfeld.”
          I won’t give the exact address because I don’t want these “love birds” bothered.
          But I will say that the US government is planning the absolute financial destruction of NXIVM.

      • To Shadow – You continue to prove to us that you are a fucking moron. Stick to things you actually know about – Chicago and Allison’s old social media posts.

        To everyone else who is still on the fence about Shadow – plain and simple – he often makes stuff up so he has material to post.

        Amazing how many of the “expert” commenters on this site have no direct knowledge of THIS cult (1958, g) and think that piling on certain individuals is helping anything. Keep your half truths and keep your victim blaming in your twisted head.

        (cue up the shadowy shifter strategy of responding to this post with a pseudo list of every bad thing Lauren ever did)

        • Nutjob,

          “(cue up the shadowy shifter strategy of responding to this post with a pseudo list of every bad thing Lauren ever did)”…..

          Shadowstate does use that strategy!


          Nutjob you are being very generous calling it a strategy.

          Shadowstate loves the occasional non sequitur.

          It’s like a Jedi knight mind trick.

  • Of course Lauren is broken. Her mother fed her to a sociopath, had her and her sister break off contact with their father. And she lived and breathed this sociopath’s words, dreams and lifestyle for most of her adulthood. She knew nothing else. Keith molded her into a sociopath who was fine with lying, who was fine with extreme cruelty to others, and, yet when she surrounded by the federales’ guns, hid in a closet. She had believed for nearly 2 decades that Keith was the great and powerful Oz, and then with guns in her face, saw him for the cowardly, narcissistic pervert that he was.

    • I believe Raniere is the one who hid in a closet, Salzman tried to keep the police outside the building or room. Also, remember she thought she was going to be the mother of the world’s smartest man’s offspring, and he led her on for almost two decades over that issue while f*cking numerous girls and women. That can’t be good for her mental state.

  • You think she’s broken now? Wait until Large Marge and Sweaty Betty start pimping her and her old lady out for cigarettes.

  • I tend to see Nancy “Mother Prefect” Salzman, as a bald face queen hornet, still leader of the paper Halfmoon nest. The underling hornets, sting and protect. Lauren protects. It’s her nature. And can you imagine the demands of the queen?

    Seriously. There were “Raniere supporters” at sentencing. Mrs. Porter was the only one mentioned! Still wondering about that! There are many, it seems, for whatever reasons.. It rather acknowledges that there are the faithful still–the community into which one wants to integrate and…continue?

    Like, these people will not give up with their narcissistic “we believe we have the solution” sense of entitlement.

    Bravo with the succinct denial, Judge G. It is clear that the mysogynistic mindset continues.

    Victims or not, there are Nxians, deep followers, who cannot imagine life without the community, without the leaders. Judge G realizes how quickly the Prefect Empire is already trying to regroup. Maybe out of shame, to prove that “there was good in the program.”

    The black and white thinking, victim or perp. These remaining followers are, as Vicente admitted, embarrassed yet perpetrating. And the High Ranks, besides Raniere, will take advantage. No one should forget that there are the Society of Protectors, all free.

    • Shadowstate,

      I believe God should have you manage purgatory…..

      You seem to believe in everyone’s guilt and damnation.

      Do practice self-flagellation ?

      • The members of NXIVM paved their own Road to Perdition.

        “Do practice self-flagellation ?”

        The women of NXIVM thought that “Group Fellatio” with their Vanguard was a wonderful idea.
        Sounds to me that those women are into self-flagellation.

          • You lose your bet.

            The current temperature in the Chicago area is in the nineties and will stay that way for the next several days.
            And where would I get the hair shirt from?
            Did Allison Mack shave the hair off of some of her slaves?

          • “Girl Scout Cookies
            July 13, 2019 at 7:31 pm
            Please don’t waste any more energy on Shadow. Promise?”

            Girl Scout Cookies.

            I am incorrigible.
            There is your vocabulary word for today.

          • According to KR Claviger the new US Attorney for the NDNY is a Trump appointee.

            “The current U.S. Attorney for the NDNY is Grant C. Jaquith. He was appointed to that position on January 5, 2018 – well after the EDNY had begun its investigation of Raniere and his criminal cronies (Jaquith served in an acting capacity from July 1, 2017 through January 4, 2018).

            Jaquith has reportedly tried to insert his office into the EDNY’s investigation of Raniere and NXIVM/ESP on a couple of occasions. Each time he did so, however, he was emphatically told to back off – and to stay out of the way until the EDNY had finished its work.”

            Since the EDNY is now working on the RICO charges against R. Kelly and his entourage perhaps they will let the NDNY pick up the ball and begin bringing RICO charges against the NXIVM defendants and their crimes around Albany.

            It is clear that the Trump DOJ is eager to bring RICO and sex trafficking charges against prominent people.

          • Most U.S. attorneys are Trump appointees. I doubt the Kelly case will have much of an impact on what the EDNY does with NXIVM, they can walk and chew gum. Plus, the Kelly case is relatively simple and straightforward.

          • “Scott Johnson
            July 13, 2019 at 12:17 pm
            Most U.S. attorneys are Trump appointees. I doubt the Kelly case will have much of an impact on what the EDNY does with NXIVM, they can walk and chew gum. Plus, the Kelly case is relatively simple and straightforward.”

            Wrong, Scott.

            The Kelly case is a RICO case brought in Brooklyn and Chicago.
            Ask the NXIVM defendants what RICO means.

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