Nancy Grace Is Wrong; Allison Mack and Keith Raniere Do Not Deserve Same Prison Sentence.

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Guest View By a Defender of Allison

It’s probably true.  Allison Mack is suffering a mental breakdown from all the pressure she is under while awaiting sentencing and the fact that she was not called as a witness.

Unlike Lauren Salzman, she was prevented from defending her position on the witness stand. In any event, she is out of Nxivm. That might save her life.

Recently, TV journalist and former prosecutor, Nancy Grace declared that she believes Allison should not be given leniency on her prison sentence, as Radaronline reported.

Grace went so far as to say that Allison should serve as long a prison sentence as Raniere.

My advice to this “veteran prosecutor” is that she should get more information about the case.  It was demonstrated in court that she had little power in Nxivm or DOS. Raniere controlled everything.

Allison was – this is inescapable – under the same coercive system of collateral as all other victims.

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Nancy Grace thinks Allison Mack should be locked up for a long time

Allison’s whole life  was ruined – 30 year career in acting, her reputation, her money – and her freedom. She could have been killed or contracted a serious illness by the excesses Raniere was putting her through — extreme diet, sleep deprivation, etc..

To break down a dog, you beat them, cage them, starve them. You deprive them of sleep.  Have you seen Allison’s figure when Raniere was arrested? It seems Raniere was trying to destroy her.

Allison was in terrible mental condition too (abused and destroyed). She had night terrors. She would scream out in the night and neighbors would hear her.  This is something that happens because of serious trauma.

And Allison didn’t have sex with the victims. That comes from a pretty good source, the victims themselves!

Allison was collecting collateral –period!

That’s the whole case against her.  And that’s something that several others who are seen as 100 percent victims did also – collect collateral.

Allison was coerced the same way they were – using her collateral to require her to collect collateral and – I cannot stress this enough – she was under a strict nutrition-deficient diet which clouded her judgment.

The reality is Raniere was at the top, Nancy Salzman, at his side (and she may get no prison time). Lauren committed a lot of crimes but is now considered a victim (in a way).

Despite the protestations of professional TV personality, Nancy Grace, – Allison’s sentence should be closer to zero.  Grace knows nothing about this case.

The prosecution does, however.  If the prosecution agreed to a plea deal where sentencing guidelines are 3- 5 years, it’s because that was the best they could do.  Humanitarians they are not.

Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha Lebaron and Danielle Roberts – DOS slaves. All of them continue as slaves except for Mack who soon may become a slave of the state.

With scanty evidence 3-5 years would have been, at best, the longest sentence they could have hoped for at trial.  No this isn’t a sweetheart deal but simply a matter of how much the prosecution could prove versus the risk that Allison might have been seen as a 100 percent victim had she testified as a defendant and the jury moved to sympathy might have acquitted her.

Except for the collection of collateral (which fits extortion elements), there is nothing else criminal in Allison’s alleged conduct.

In my opinion, three years is far too long for a prison sentence, seeing what she did, compared to the crime [collateral] she was accused of.

She did collect collateral, but so did India, who isn’t seen as a criminal. Likely Nicki, Rosa Laura, Dani Padilla, and other first line slaves – who had slaves of their own – collected collateral They are not charged..

The diet, sleep deprivation and collateral on Allison held by Keith are a pretty good defense for committing the crime of collecting collateral.

She didn’t murder anyone. She didn’t coerce anyone to have sex with her. And she did not coerce anyone to have sex with Raniere.  She pushed Nicole to meet with Keith. Yet Keith asked Nicole to keep it a secret from Allison that they were having sex.

Allison was in the same position as Nicole and other slaves. Unfortunately, Allison tried to “rationalize” her obedience as something good, like she was learning and teaching the slaves something, because she believed at the time that Raniere was good.

You can see it in her comments/messages.  Especially the email where she thanks Raniere about the threesome she had with Dani Padilla and Keith.

It stuck me when I read that email that she was not willingly joining in the threesome at first, but tried to rationalize the experience and make it into something good. What else could she do?  He had mounds of collateral and she had – let’s face it – clouded judgement from semi-starvation and sleep deprivation.

While the monster had all the food he wanted and slept all day.

No, Nancy Grace is wrong. Allison and Keith do not deserve the same prison sentence.



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  • You’re a sexist and you are the reason the predominant amount of predators and traffickers never recieve justice.

  • IMHO Mack rose through the ranks because she enjoyed the attention/power/control she accumulated along the way. She was made to feel important — and was willing to do whatever it took to keep feeling that way. She was instrumental in recruiting and then coercing dozens of young women into have sex with Raniere (including India Oxenburg). It’s not really a question of whether or not she deserves the same amount of years behind bars as her master — she doesn’t — but she also was a master/madam/pimp or whatever language you prefer.

    Mack was in the NXIVM inner circle nearly a decade taking part in the plotting, scheming, extorting, and demeaning of other human beings along the way. These are criminal, often inhumane acts. Don’t sugarcoat what she did just because she’s pulls the little innocent girl act when it’s convenient like a page out of a TV script. She’s a grown woman — albeit not very educated, extremely naive, and came off as a self-absorbed person of privilege. She deserves jail time (5-7 years seems fair and reasonable). Those cauterized brands will last a lifetime on the skin and in the emotional psyches of the women she duped and manipulated for her own benefit. She ruined her own life by making foolish choices and ignoring huge red flags simply to serve her own ego, or to protect herself from her own collateral release. Not much ethical integrity in that choice is there? She ain’t no Joan of Arc that’s for sure.

    I once told her she was in a cult. She called it her “family” despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. I guess believing the truth would have left her to grapple with the reality of the utter waste of her life. Some people go on living the lie because it serves them better. Maybe time in prison will help her sort out fantasy from reality and she can wake up and salvage what life she has left. I don’t know for sure, but maybe the values instilled during her upbringing set her up to be an easier mark to preyed upon for life.

    I only hope that some of the particularly sociopathic NXIVM recruiters, like Esther Carlson, get what’s due them, too. Shut this evil enterprise down by punishing those who kept it going for decades (and probably hope it will continue). May justice be swift and served.

  • Wow, way to get everything out of context Mr parlato…

    This is just a compilation of my reply to MANY comments and out of this context, it sound absurd…I have to repeat myself in the comment but in a one stretch text, i wouldn’t repeat that much.

    Also, Although i understand that certain corrections were due, some are changing completly what i meant…

    • You’re whining and incoherent at the best of times.

      The worst advocate for Mack’s innocence imaginable.

  • While I agree that KR is more to blame and deserves to spend life behind bars, Allison isn’t quite the victim the writer or this opinion is claiming. By all evidence she seemed to want to play an increasingly significant role in the lifestyle and methods of KR. Unlikely she would have done what she did were she not infouenced by KR, but she allowed herself to fall under his spell.

    To me, it’s not much different than the Charles Manson family members had they claimed they were victims of Manson. Yes, they were victims, but no, they really weren’t. I believe most reasonable people understand this.

    • “By all evidence she seemed to want to play an increasingly significant role in the lifestyle and methods of KR.”
      Have you actually paid attention to the trial? i’m sure you didn’t…

      • You appear to be “Guest View By a Defender of Allison”. I read what you said and I’m not arguing with you. in that I agree her sentence and that of KR should not be the same; his should be much worse. But she deserves a nice long stay in the pokey.

  • Allison Mack is nuts and seems to be a truly repugnant character. Doesn’t deserve a pussy pass just because she is a female, despite the in-group preference to take it easy on women (eternal “victimhood”). She is a sex slaver and a bad little dude and needs to do time commensurate with the sentencing guidelines like the rest of the Nxium cretins who plead out or in Raniere’s case convicted.

    • “She is a sex slaver” This tells me how much you know about this case…So shut up, go back to read your BS news or come back once you know what you are talking about!

  • Yes, it’s a mistake to treat Mack and Raniere as equally responsible – Mack was not the architect of abuse and chief perpetrator that Raniere was.

    But it’s also a mistake to try to equate Mack’s and Oxenberg’s roles – Mack was much more a perpetrator and abuser than rank-and-file slaves like Oxenberg.

    We didn’t really hear enough from Allison’s slaves to get a clear picture of how harsh and cruel she was – or wasn’t. Her key role as essentially Raniere’s henchwoman, and the mistress of DOS, also wasn’t thoroughly revealed out, though we know for instance from Lauren Salzman, that when there was a meeting with the local community about revelations coming out, it was the two of them who headed it up, and that in DOS Mack had even higher status in spite of how long Salzman had been in NXIVM and close to Raniere.

    Also, besides managing the collateral account, it has also been revealed that Mack was responsible for getting slave contracts signed.

    • How so?

      India is said by Jayes to have used her privilege FULLY (like buying jewels for India as a forced labor)…

      India was collecting the collaterals, was giving assignement (just like Allison, assignments were not her work but the orders from Raniere),she did exactly what Allison did!

      I Don’t see how it is different ?

      “We didn’t really hear enough from Allison’s slaves to get a clear picture of how harsh and cruel she was – or wasn’t”
      Oh but we did but that is not what some people around here wanted to hear…

      Allison wasn’t beating anyone (contrary to what some people said) , she was said ,and i quote Nicole “a loving person”…
      She also explain that she got to the hiking because she liked the girls (including Allison)

      What a cruel monster she must be to be loved…

      The trial showed that she didn’t committed anything cruel , not even mentally as she was not using the collateral as a mean of pressure…Raniere did that!

      “that in DOS Mack had even higher status in spite of how long Salzman had been in NXIVM and close to Raniere.”
      Excuse me? that is not what is said…She was at the same level (all first line were) and that is : DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO DO BY RANIERE…
      She didn’t had a special place or anything.if anything, she was in a worse position! Lauren stated that it was decided that Allison was to take the blame.

      “Also, besides managing the collateral account, it has also been revealed that Mack was responsible for getting slave contracts signed.”
      Suuuuure, limit your reading to what fits your agenda…The contract was clearly a Raniere thing…
      This contract was asked to be signed in any pods…

      The contract is what we seen in the exchange between cami and Raniere…Allison had NOTHING to do with it.

      So wrong on all the points but atleast there is progress in your view…continue like that and you might see what is true instead of searching for the false!

      Yours trully, Frenchie

      • People seem to forget the woman voluntarily submitted the “collateral”. They could have refused and left the organization then. Also, branding members of an organization is not unprecedented. There are college fraternities that have such practices.

        • You need to learn more of how the woman was slow boiled, not thrown in a hot boiling pot. Also, pay attention to the collateral/blackmail aspect. And ditch the bowtie and get a different hair style.

          • Scott Johnson. Apparently you fail to see the personal responsibility of those that gave up collateral and signed contracts. These ought to have been red flags to them. Perhaps you may be gullible enough to hand over incriminating information of yourself. I would never do that. Also, your references to my attire and hair style are petty. Indicative of an immature mind.

  • Evidently, according to one (anonymous) source, Mack'”had a meltdown,” the source said. “She was babbling and incoherent and needed psychiatric treatment.'”

    IMHO she’s been babbling and incoherent for the past ten years, ever since she joined Nxivm.

    So what if this report is even accurate. So what if she’s a neurotic mess. I suppose most people awaiting sentencing on a double felony rap have plenty of anxiety issues. I bet most people serving out their sentences in prison have even more “issues”. She better get used to it, and fast. Because come September, when she’s off to the pokey for a multi-year stint in a federal penitentiary, she will no longer be living the life of a privileged California girl. In her new surroundings, nobody and I mean nobody will care about her emotional well-being. She kissed that life goodbye when she engaged in felony racketeering.

    “Allison’s whole life was ruined” She ruined her own life. She chose to join Nxivm. She was Raniere’s eager lieutenant is founding DOS. One listen to the sickening conversation these two criminals having a walk outside and discussing how the branding “ceremony” should be conducted proves just how eager a partner in crime Mack was. She undertook her duties with aplomb. Facilitating her “friend and guru” in his sick schemes. She broke the law, there is no doubt of this, she confessed in open court. Now she has to pay the price. That’s justice. She also demonstrated an appalling lack of ethics, and there is a price to be paid for that. Her cruelty, her manipulativeness, her selfishness and lack of pity for those in her grip has blowback. Reasonable people have the right to ask, “why should I feel sorry for her?”

    • Seeing the ass you are, i won’t give you a complete answer, you Don’t deserve it!

      Especially since, like Shadow, you ADORE to TWIST facts or to ignore the facts….
      Everything i said is verifiable, what about your accusation?

      One thing you should really do thou is “get a life”…Because except spending time trying to prove Allison is a monster, talking about subject you know Nothing about and making a fool of yourself…what are you doing here? Nothing notable!

  • I also think Nancy Grace is being too harsh. I don’t think Mack deserves the same as Raniere, by a long shot. His acts were more numerous, varied and vicious. I just want Raniere sentenced the most harshly, and for him not to escape the net through some appeal or new trial.

  • Since she did agree to testify/cooperate, does that mean her sentence would see the same leniency as it would if she was actually called? Not sure what the protocol for situations like that are. Agreeing to cooperate, but then not being called?

  • Was she having a breakdown during the time there? Probably not. Or May be so. D on t blush now that u are under trial. She need to be in jail the same sentence if she helped with all those things that raniere guy was involved in. Period. If it was any black women having a breakdown or whatever itd be none of this. Throw away the key. Lock her behind up. But because its allison mack. Right. Naw. Fair trial. And fair case and sentenced if all is true.

    • About six weeks ago Radar Online published a story indicating that Nicki Clyne was seen around Half Moon driving a white BMW and picking up young women.

      “Former neighbors of the Smallville star claim that Clyne has been galivanting around her old Halfmoon, New York neighborhood Opens a New Window. with young women believed to have been involved in NXIVM as well.”

      “Nicki Clyne is driving around in a white BMW picking up girls on Flintock Lane where she once lived with Allison,” an eyewitness told Radar.

      “It’s crazy because there seems to still be a lot of NXIVM women getting together around here and they aren’t hiding,” the eyewitness continued

  • I think she gets more sympathy than she deserves because she’s a little blonde who knows how to act cute.

    I doubt that it would work out the same for a fat bald guy.

    • In that case I assume you feel that India oxenberg should have been charged, since she is another little blonde who recruited people into DOS. According to her own mother’s book, they were almost branded except that DOS was exposed just in time

      • False equivalent. Mack actually came up with the branding ceremony and pitched it to Raniere, who gave it approval. She was instrumental in working out the details of how DOS would operate. DOS was a Raniere/Mack creation. India Oxenberg provided zero input into the creation or implementation of DOS.

        • That recording where they “came up with branding together” is pretty much Allison just saying ok over and over as Keith tells her about it. And by the way, he already had collateral on her by then so even if she thought it was messed up she might have felt she couldn’t object. We have texts showing that Keith threatened Cami with being evicted if she showed anything less than total obedience. I wonder what the texts between Allison and Keith look like

  • U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines (§5K2.13)

    — Diminished Capacity
    A downward departure may be warranted if (1) the defendant committed the offense while suffering from a significantly reduced mental capacity; and (2) the significantly reduced mental capacity contributed substantially to the commission of the offense.
    — For purposes of this policy statement—
    “Significantly reduced mental capacity” means the defendant, although convicted, has a significantly impaired ability to (A) understand the wrongfulness of the behavior comprising the offense or to exercise the power of reason; or (B) control behavior that the defendant knows is wrongful.

    — A Forensic Psychiatrist Evaluates ESP (NXIVM) — By John Hochman, M.D.

    “In a general sense, the goal is integration of individuals into a subculture – however, a particular kind of subculture. It is a kingdom of sorts, ruled by a Vanguard, who writes his own dictionary of the English language, has his own moral code, and the ability to generate taxes on subjects by having them participate in his seminars. It is a kingdom with no physical borders, but with psychological borders – influencing how his subjects spend their time, socialize, and think. Increasing involvement serves to increasingly distance participants from their relationships in a manner that is slow and subtle, and thus not at all obvious to them.” — Dr. John Hochman

    Mind control, brain washing, hypnosis, thought reform, behavior modification etc. arel real and accepted in psychology – but very difficult to prove, and rarely used as a defense – but often applied in sentencing. From my understanding, Mack has three things going for her:

    * Recognized professional analysis of NXIVM as a cult – Raniere as leader.
    * Public confession acknowledging wrong actions and apologies for damage & suffering.
    * A spotless criminal record, reputation and past character references — (The “nephew” thing even if true hasn’t been admitted nor proven – won’t be considered.)

    Raniere never acknowledged any wrongdoing, accused his victims (via his lawyer) and offered no defense of any kind — will get the book thrown at him. No matter — he always planned on appeal hoping for a more favorable venue and judge. Lots of luck with that creep — let us know how that’s working out for ya after a few decades, Ratface.

  • Apparently Nancy Grace didn’t find any flaws in Clare Bear’s sentencing … now postponed indefinitely.

    Hmmm… wonder why Nancy isn’t concerned with that?

  • Back in 1987 a Kankakee, Illinois businessman named Stephen Small was kidnapped and buried alive in a box by a man named Danny Edwards and his demented girlfriend Nancy Rish.
    Ultimately Small asphyxiated in his underground prison.

    Rish is now crying her eyes out.
    I was abused.
    I was manipulated.
    I did not intend to kill Stephen Small.
    Let me out of my life sentence for kidnapping and murder.
    Boo Hoo Hoo.

    And the “Free Allison Mob” would be marching to free this rotten murderess Nancy Rish the same way they are marching to free the extortionist and blackmailing gangster Allison Mack.

    Let them rot in prison. Both Nancy Rish and Allison Mack are rotten gangsters.

    “Stephen B. Small (1947-1987) was a prominent businessman in Kankakee, Illinois. In 1987, he was kidnapped and held for ransom by Danny Edwards and Nancy Rish. The conditions of his confinement caused him to die of asphyxiation. As a result, Edwards was given the death penalty (later commuted) and Rish was sentenced to life in prison without parole.”

    Nancy Rish seeks new sentence in notorious 1987 murder of Kankakee businessman who was buried alive
    Dan Hinkel”
    JUL 08, 2019 | 5:00 AM

    “In the three decades since she was found guilty of aiding in the murder of a prominent Kankakee businessman who suffocated after being buried alive, Nancy Rish has largely run out of avenues for overturning her conviction.”

    “Lawyers for Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul are opposed, however. They say the evidence of abuse that Rish has cited is not new and contend it would not likely have changed the sentence because of the grisly nature of Small’s death.”

  • Wholeheartedly agree and then some. Shame on you, Nancy Disgrace. You have no idea what any of these young women were put through just as surely as they had no idea of what “master” they were made to serve. Although it IS clear what ma$ter you do.

    • Heidi,
      You condemn Raniere for his abuse of women but you defend the women who willingly enabled that abuse.
      Women like Allison Mack who talked up female empowerment but then enabled Raniere to abuse and enslave women,.
      Are not these women adults with free will who should have stood up for what was right instead of surrendering their own responsibilities to their fellow women and to society as a whole?
      Did not Allison Mack empower herself inside of NXIVM by enslaving and abusing women?
      You act as if women have no free will or powers to choose right over wrong.
      Women have more education, power and control than they ever have had before and they still act like helpless children.

      • I look at this post above /\ and the longer one below Shadow and I can’t seem to see why you seem to find a woman too much trouble to find for some reason?

      • Still not gardening i see!

        It would be better because you would avoid to make a fool of yourself!
        You put a monster like Raniere at the same level as his victims , It’s showing what kind of pathetic loser you are!

        You should ask him to be on his visit list…i’m sure he’ll appreciate to speak with someone as dumb and pathetic as him!

        “Are not these women adults with free will ”
        Let analyze this with a brain (Something you miss)

        1. ALL THE VICTIMS ARE ADULTS so by YOU standards, Let’s release Raniere, no victims, no crimes! what a dumb dumb you are!

        2. Free will…Is being Under coercion/collateralized being in possession of you Free Will? you do get dumber by days!

  • ” Allison Mack is suffering a mental breakdown”

    Why is Allison Mack suffering a mental breakdown?
    Because Allison Mack has to confront the fact that she willingly committed Horrible Acts.
    Inhumane Acts.
    Brutal Acts.
    Sadistic Acts.
    Because Allison Mack has to confront the fact that she enslaved and abused women while falsely preaching female empowerment.
    Allison Mack has to confront the fact that she is a Devious, Deceptive person unworthy of trust.

    Ultimately Allison Mack must look at herself in the mirror and confront her own inner demons.
    The demons that gave her great pleasure in torturing and abusing other people.
    “Allison was collecting collateral –period!”

    Allison Mack was collecting BLACKMAIL MATERIAL to use as EXTORTION against other people!
    Calling pictures and videos of naked women collateral is being as deceptive as Allison Mack herself.
    Banks use collateral to secure loans.
    Banks do not consider pictures of naked women as collateral.
    If Allison Mack did not understand the difference between BLACKMAIL MATERIAL and collateral then she deserves to go to prison for her ignorance alone.,
    “Allison might have been seen as a 100 percent victim had she testified as a defendant ”

    Reread the testimony of witnesses “Jaye” and “Nicole”.
    Reread that testimony carefully.
    After reading the testimony of those two women there is no way that a rational juror would perceive of Allison Mack as anything other than a perpetrator who craved power over other women.
    Allison Mack was and is addicted to power just the same way Pam Carfritz was.
    Power is an aphrodisiac.
    The same way that Jeffrey Epstein’s many female pimps were.
    “She did collect collateral, but so did India, who isn’t seen as a criminal. Likely Nicki, Rosa Laura, Dani Padilla, and other first line slaves – who had slaves of their own – collected collateral They are not charged..”

    Do you believe that Nicki, Rose Laura, Dani Padilla and the other first line slave masters of NXIVM DOS are off the hook?
    Reread the story by KR Claviger where he talks about the numerous crimes of the NXIVM leadership including the pimping and sex crimes.
    Crimes that can be brought in the NDNY where they occurred.

    Here is the exact title of KR Claviger’s article.
    Pressure Continues to Mount on the NDNY To Do Something

    Here is Claviger’s list of possible defendants:
    As detailed by the federal prosecutors in Exhibit GX-362 in the Raniere case, that would include the following:
    – Daniela Padilla Bergeron
    – Alex Betancourt
    – Nicki Clyne
    – Jim Del Negro
    – Monica Duran
    – Loreta Garza
    – Rosa Laura Junco
    – Jack Levy
    – Dawn Morrison
    – Ivy Nevares
    – Emiliano Salinas

    And here is the list of potential crimes in the NDNY that Allison Mack herself could be prosecuted for:
    RE: Allison Mack
    – Aiding & Abetting
    – Blackmail
    – Bulk Cash Smuggling
    – Coercion
    – Conspiracy
    – Criminal Facilitation
    – Criminal Mischief
    – Criminal Nuisance
    – Defrauding the Government
    – Extortion
    – Fraud
    – Harassment
    – Hazing
    – Hindering Prosecution
    – Mail Fraud
    – Money Laundering
    – Obstructing Governmental Administration
    – Perjury
    – Tax Evasion
    – Tax Fraud

    After the new charges filed against Jeffrey Epstein is is abundantly clear that the Trump administration intends to pursue sex traffickers no matter what their station in life.
    As a child I lived for several years in Northern Minnesota.
    One of America’s greatest songwriters was born in Duluth Minnesota, the folksinger Bob Dylan.
    One of Dylan’s most famous songs has a special message for Allison Mack and people of her ilk.

    Gotta Serve Somebody

    “Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord

    But you’re gonna have to serve somebody”


    • Thanks for waking up Mr. Shadow, it’s been a while since he’s had a good Mack rant. But as usual, he didn’t address the main point, should Mack get the same sentence as Raniere? Probably not, she should get double his sentence, right Mr. Shadow?

        • Shadow, i just counterbalance your Madness man!
          That’s why i must defend her…balance of the world and such!

          Ok, i’ll stop mock you and just point that it was clearly showed in the trial that she had no power…as for the victim part…
          If you consider Allison to be the big bad monster because she was an adult (more like because she was an actor) , and you do , you are just proving your stupidity…
          She was coerced the same way as all the other victims…
          What are those victims , victims of? Coercion!!!!
          Wow! funny to see that Allison was actually accused of a crime she was a victim herself!

          I would say “think before you talk” but that’s beyond your capacity!

      • I think its fascinating that the Frank’s expert on all things Mack is clearly obsessed with her, and did not appear at the Frank until after Mack’s involvement with the cult was made public.

        But this Mack was one evil B minus actress. When she (or whoever was advising her) decided to plead guilty, it left her without a voice, without representation, in the EDNY, where the prosecution did a very effective job of painting her as Vanguard’s nefarious and twisted second in command.

        Do not know what deal she cut when pleading guilty or what the applicable sentencing guidelines are, but a “Woolworth” (5-10 years) seems about right

        • All of Them Witches : Because defending her makes someone being obsessed?
          Then what is what Shadow and others do?
          Because it sound to me like going perpetually after Allison and this even after it was disproved by the court looks a lot like obsession…

          And atleast, in my case it would be and healthy obsession (because i don’t spend 24/7 blowing false allegation like some do)
          I advice you to consider not talking anymore because we could thing you are obsessed…

          • I think you totally misread my post.

            In addition I tend not to take advice from people who spell poorly and think grammar is a kind old lady who gave birth to one of your parents.

            I’m fairly certain that during his entire time here at the Frank, Shadowstate has not written a single word in defense of Ms. Mack. As far as Shadow is concerned, the only thing better than having Ms. Mack drawn and quartered or burned at the stake would be if both of these punishments could somehow be rendered simultaneously.

            Now I will break down my post so that even you might grasp it:

            First paragraph: Poking some fun at Shadowstate, as I have been doing (without animus) since almost the moment he arrived here.

            Second paragraph: Making the point (an opinion actually) that Ms. Mack, by pleading guilty, denied herself the proverbial “day in court”, and thus was not able to contest or rebut the allegations about her made by the prosecution (and arguably the defense) in the case of U.S. v Raniere. If anything she had attorneys from BOTH sides in U.S. v Raniere trying to make her look evil.

            Third paragraph: My opinion that Ms. Mack, basically rendered defenseless in the prosecution of her Vanguard, was made to look very evil and might well be dealt a sentence in excess of the upper limit of the sentencing guidelines (admittedly I do not know if she cut a deal with prosecution).

            You don’t spend 24/7 “blowing false allegation”(?), yet your post is time stamped 1:49 am? OK.

          • Very little was even attempted to be proven about Mack at the trial, she wasn’t on trial. If she had been, the DOJ would have probably revealed a lot of evil deeds she did, that’s why she plead guilty.

    • and here is the response to date from NDNY and Letitia James and i quote …. {so far}…..

      ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………… *

    • What a moron you are….The whole list you created can be said by jo jo because he is a lawyer (and not really , because even for him, without proofs, it’s defamation per se (and he knows it))

      Plus it’s debunked long ago…why Don’t you come back with the other lies you gave us?

      You have a real hard time to stick by the facts…must suck to be you , old man!

  • My take exactly, course the attack Allison mob will probably immediately post two or three anti Allison rebuttals so as not to loose the hate-momentum.

  • Nancy Grace is a self-promoting imbecile. I can’t stand seeing her pig-like face on all these “real crime” shows. She never seems to have ANY direct knowledge or firsthand facts on anything…just a fat cow and her opinions, so why should anyone give a rat’s ass what she thinks?

      • That was a great team the US fielded. Best football Ive seen this year. Congrats US, well-played!!!

      • Shadowstate,

        You crack me up sometimes!!!!!

        “The US Women’s Soccer Team can win Four World Cups but Hapless, Helpless Allison Mack is too Weak and Stupid to defend herself from an obvious charlatan.”

        WTF are you talking about?

        How do you equate or compare women winning soccer matches with Allison Mack’s character?


        • Niceguy: you still try to make sense out of this guy? seriously?

          I thought that most had given up…Don’t give him the false hope…

        • All Allison Mack had to do to defend herself was pick up her scrawny butt and walk out the door.
          Not play a multi-round world tournament against other championship soccer teams.
          Is that so hard?
          Even Kristin Kreuk was smart enough to leave.

  • I’m with you in this one. Nancy Grace seems unduly harsh.

    Go ask Patty Hearst what happened to her after she was locked in a closet for several weeks.

  • Can somebody please protect society from brain-washable fools/insecure/vulnerable idiots that commit crimes?

  • While I do not agree with Nancy Grace, I want to point out that It is not accurate to say that Allison did not coerce anyone to have sex with Keith. She did attempt to coerce at least one woman. Allison gave DOS slave Jaye the assignment to seduce Keith, and even gave her permission to enjoy it. Jaye did not carry out the assignment.

    As I recall, there was an email where Keith pushed Allison that he wanted to take a nude pic of India. It’s fair to conjecture that even if Allison did not directly give India this assignment, she at least aided in it’s completion.

  • Good post!
    I don’t believe her intent was ever criminal; she believed she was aiding other’s growth by collecting collateral.
    Had their not been sex trafficking charges against Rainiere, she might have stood trial and stood a 50/50 chance of being acquitted.

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