Guest View: Evidence Kristin Kreuk Was Still on Team NXIVM in 2015

MK10ART's painting of Kristin Kreuk

By Smutty

Here is evidence that Kristin Kreuk lied about leaving NXIVM in 2013.

On 5th May 2015, a Vancouver man named Mark Busse, posted to his public Facebook page a message about a NXIVM/ESP five day intensive he did that week.

He thanked Lucas Roberts, Mark Vicente and Kristin Kreuk for their “encouragement.”

Mark Busse
May 5, 2015 · Vancouver, BC, Canada ·

“Was feeling blocked and a bit off track lately, so I took Executive Success Programs five day intensive this week (finally).

“It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you think you have the mettle and are looking for something to shake up your world view, this is worth considering. Happy to share my experience if you’re curious.

“Thanks to Lucas Roberts, Mark Vicente, and Kristin Kreuk for the encouragement.”


He tagged the three NXIVM coaches in his post to their Facebook pages.

The Facebook page for Kristin Kreuk was a joint page shared with Kendra Voth, [who Kristin recruited into NXIVM].  They set up that page during their Girls By Design days.



Mark Busse, in 2015, was thanking Kristin Kreuk, not Kendra Voth.

While the name “Kristin” was a link to her shared Facebook page with Kendra Voth, he also typed out her last name “Kreuk”, which was not a link.

If you look at the “likes” in that post, Lucas Roberts, Mark Vicente, and Sarah Edmondson “liked” it.

[Roberts is the current Nxivm leader in Vancouver. Edmondson and Vicente both famously left Nxivm and did their best to take down the brutal cult. Kreuk, on the other hand, remained famously silent.]


In the comments under the pose, Lucas Roberts said: “Awesome watching you dig deep and bust through those blocks, Mark! I’m inspired by your courage. Not everyone wants to self-reflect and question things as you did.”

Mark Busse said: ” It was interesting. For realz. And yes, that’s how you spell mettle.”

Mark Vicente “liked” that comment too.


Nxivm leaders Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk, and Allison Mack.

At the end of the May 2015, Kreuk was in Toronto filming the fourth and final season of Beauty and the Beast, which, according to Wikipedia, was filmed between May 29th, 2015 and finished in November 17th, 2015.


The pilot was filmed in March 2012, one month after the Times Union expose that exposed Keith Raniere as a pedophile, an expose in which Kreuk was also named as a high-ranking member of NXIVM.


Kreuk was apparently still coaching for NXIVM in 2012:


The final season of Beauty and the Beast was filmed from May-November 2015, with apparently Kreuk coaching for NXIVM in May – the same month filming began.

Kreuk was coaching for NXIVM through four seasons of filming and well beyond 2013, and long after the pedophile revelations.


Now, I realize this post will draw the ire of the defender of Kreuk, Sultan of Six.  [The beetle stink is a toxic stench.]

But now there is no “presuming” [as Sultan likes to say] going on. Sultan, your dream spank [Kreuk] was thanked by a Nxivm student [Busse] in 2015, along with two other NXIVM coaches for encouraging Busse on his Nxivm course.

Busse did not thank Kreuk for recruiting him.  One of the coaches [Roberts] acknowledged he was there in the comments.  He was thanked for the same reason your dream spank and Mark Vicente was thanked.

Your dream spank was still a supporter of NXIVM and Raniere, coaching for Raniere three years after Raniere was named in the pedophile expose.

Kreuk was still happy to associate with NXIVM in a professional manner even post pedophile expose.

Now try not to have an Asperger’s meltdown, Spanky. You cannot change facts with your sad, apologist bullshit.

And face the reality that she didn’t back away from the cult in 2013. She was simply filming a television show in Toronto most of the time.

In her spare time, including the month she started filming the final season in May 2015, there she was with her fellow cultists being culty – on a five day intensive.

Sultan, your sad, emasculated attempts to make excuses for the woman you want to insert your erection inside don’t work. You can’t claim it’s “some fluke”.

Put away that lube, Sultan, and get some fresh air.  Seek professional help from a licensed registered psychotherapist.

Someone from the Vancouver branch posted on Frank Report that between 2012-2014, top Vancouver NXIVM people were saying Kreuk was still in the cult but was just busy filming a television show.

In the recent trial, Mark Hildreth’s girlfriend [Nicole] said she was recruited by Hildreth in 2013 and he brought up Kreuk’s name as a NXIVM member.

These “sources” keep giving contradictory statements.

Someone told the press Kreuk left because of rumours of a “sex cult” and left before finding out if it was true.

Sources told Frank that Kreuk left shortly after that June 2012 photograph of Kreuk, Mack and Hildreth in New York was posted to Instagram by Mack.

Three people told Frank she left in 2013, one year after the pedophile expose because of fear it might hurt her career.

Even if her name was taken off the official coach list in 2013, [and I have never seen any proof of that] whether it was because she was simply busy filming or she wanted to hide her connection to NXIVM to protect her name and image, we at least now know she still supported NXIVM in May 2015.

Also, check out the Girls By Design social media pages.

Kendra Voth posted they were planning to reboot GBD as recently as July 2013.

Kreuk was not that busy then? Nor did she mind rebooting her old NXIVM project about little girls, one year and five months after the pedophilia revelations.

Who will play Kreuk in the upcoming film? I suggest Anne Hathaway or Katie Holmes.

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  • Oh,and come to Vancouver and I will take you to the very Smallville TV studio set on Buller street in Burnaby where I and like a hundred cast and crew personally witnessed Pimp Kreuk and Pimp Mack openly discussed the birth of DOS and the branding of women as early as the third or fourth season of Smallville. Lots of people know a whole lot more than they are saying!!!! Their jobs rely on their silence!!!! THAT’S ONE MANIPULIVE BITCH THAT IS FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND,YES,I KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH. I WORK WITH THE MANIPULIVE CHILD RECRUITING PIMPS FOR LIKE TEN YEARS!!!!

    • Explain how you worked with her for ten years.

      And Frank, can you do an IP address check to check this individual is from Vancouver or simply Canada.

  • Ok. So this stund manipulive bitch claims she is so stupid that she didn’t know she had joined a petafiles sex cult? She and Pimp Mack openly discussed the branding of women on the set of Smallville on a regular basis. But,yet she claims she didn’t know? YA RIGHT!!! She was told multiple times that she joined a sex cult by me a number of times!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But yet claims to be honest and innocent? Obviously,it is not lying to her it is acting!!! Well known to be the easiest Kunt to ever set foot in a film set!!!! AND IT SHOWS!!!! Her reputation precedes her for sure!!!! Canada’s most beautiful Canadian is actually a child recruiting pimp to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • He puts headphones on, blasts out some bhangra and Bollywood tunes, recites the quran at the top of his lungs, head in hands, rocking back and forth having an aspergers meltdown.

      Then he tops it all off with a spank.

  • Lol, I think you can be encouraging and not be in the program….duh… Kristin said she..left before DOS, that’s a fact…records show it, people have confirmed it and NYPD have their cult leaders, Oxenburg is happy…story over…now go cry in the corner Mean girl sperm talker….lol So sad… can’t stop bashing. Now go cry over there…

  • Lol…bunk….Mean girls are dreaming to get Kristin who has nothing to do with case… Poor mean girls know the court case is over in
    2 months…And Kristin will continue to working on her excellent career. Oxenburg who spearheads the down fall of DOS, is happy that
    the true leaders of the Cult are facing justice. SOS is right…Mean Girl Sperm talker is too obsessed With Kristin and SOS. Lol
    Quit picking on SOS, and wash that Slurpie covered wahhbumlance…lol

    Oh by the way….I don’t think any men where branded…so DOS was most likely not in the picture….blah..blah Mean girl sperm

        • You have to live with yourself “spanky”. We don’t. It must be toxic underneath that turban inside your insufferable little mind. You are as robotic-like as the electronic device you are using right now.

          • Now we talk in the royal plural do we? It figures considering the amount of different aliases you take on there are must be a number of split personalities behind them. Did you ever watch the movie “Split”? Were Denis, Barry, Orwell, et al, your heroes? How does a constantly no-conscience triggering, lying, trolling, stalking, projecting, bigot who displays marked symptoms of sociopathy like you live with yourself?

            Must be really sad being just a Bob.

  • I saw Allison Mack give a panel at Awesome Con in Washington DC in May of 2015. She was asked who she was closest to from the Smallville cast and she said “John Glover”. Another questioner asked if she was still in touch with Kristin and she said “no….” in an uncomfortable way. It was an awkward moment. The entire panel was odd, as she kept referring to Raniere as a mentor. Most fans had no idea what she was talking about, but I was aware of the cult and the chill that came into the air when Kristin was mentioned, made me think that KK had left and they were no longer on good terms.

    • Mack was not on good terms with Kreuk in 2015 because Kreuk was too busy secretly coaching in Vancouver.

    • Kreuk went to Mongolia with Allison Mack in the summer of 2013.

      In 2014, she posted a twitter message saying she “misses” the people in a photo she posted which may of had Mack in it.

      She didn’t have a falling out with Sarah Edmondson, Olivia Cheng and a bunch of other NXIVM people. If she had a falling out with Mack, it could of been about anything.

      • or it could have been about the cult and keith after the trip to Mongolia in summer of that year. I noticed something off just once and a blue moon looking at twitter mid 2013 to late 2014. if she said she was not in contact with her I believe Allison mack and what this person at this comicon noticed.

        • “I noticed something off just once and a blue moon looking at twitter mid 2013 to late 2014.”

          Your spanky-senses told you something was, just…wrong…

          23 April 2014

          The person said the con was in May 2015. Kristin Kreuk, your “dream spank” still was on “team NXIVM” May 2015. Literally, that same month, thanked for “encouraging” a dude on his NXIVM course that very week. Not for recruiting the guy as it don’t take three to recruit. So she was coaching an intensive for her pedophile leader Keith Raniere. Shocking… No excuses.

  • Eh, this isnt really any proof she was still with NXVIM at the time of the post being written and it certainly isnt any indication she was involved in the activities of the cult within NXVIM that did the branding (This is something that people continue to not make a distinction about)

    The person in question may have spoken to Kristin about joining the program years earlier or at the time when Kristin would have known NXVIM to simply just be a management programme . Not even sure they met Kristin and asked or if they just saw some material in the past of her with NXVIM.

    Either way its probably gonna need more receipts

    For entertainment’s sakes though, it is entirely possible that Kristin was technically still a member in those later years but not attending because she was filming Beauty and the Beast, but again without any proof of her taking classes and people saying she attended less and less I think that pretty much shows she stepped away from it.

    Its been a year and a half since the public expose and a lot of people had a chance to come forward to say if Krisitn was part of any branding and that hasnt happened yet, so Im not quite sure what guilt is being absolved for someone who took the same courses as hundreds of others.


    “Kristin Kreuk allegedly introduced ‘Smallville’ co-star Allison Mack to NXIVM, but a former member tells us EXCLUSIVELY that she fled
    once she heard rumors it could be turning in to a sex cult, while Allison stayed on.”

    NXIVM started being called a “sex cult” in 2017 with the revelations about DOS, which started in 2015.

    The Times Union expose came out February 2012 with Kristin Kreuk named in it. Kreuk claims she left one year later in 2013.

    Are we supposed to believe Kreuk left NXIVM because of “rumors” that Keith Raniere was having sex with consenting adult members in 2013, or because of revelations about sex slavery and branding in DOS, which was formed in 2015 and exposed in 2017?

    Those three “sources” who told Frank that Kreuk left in 2013 because of the Times Union pedophile expose which came out a year earlier did not say anything about Kreuk leaving because of “rumors” of a “sex cult”.


    “The pair (Raniere and Mack) have been charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and conspiracy to commit forced labor. A former member of NXIVM says she heard whispers about what was going on and bailed from the group before she had a chance to find out if the horrible rumors were true, and that Kristin did the same thing.”

    Kristin Kreuk “left” because of rumors of “sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and conspiracy to commit forced labor” in 2013 when she claims she left? DOS was formed in 2015 and was exposed on the Frank Report in June 2017.


    “Some years ago I started hearing some strange things about Keith manipulating women into having sex with him. People in NXIVM were starting to question his motives and that’s when I got out and a number of other people left at that time too, including Kristin. She didn’t hang around to wait and see if the rumors about Keith were true. She cut ties immediately and I give her a lot of credit for that.”

    What year did these “rumors” start? The Times Union expose came out in February 2012 and Kristin Kreuk said she left the cult in 2013.
    One year later is not “immediately” cutting ties. Now, we know she was still with the cult in 2015.


    Marlena is not this person’s real name, but here’s what she had to say about why someone like Kreuk, who left in 2012, would very much like to be excluded from this latest Nxivm narrative. VICE has reached out to Kreuk’s management for comment but has yet to receive a reply.”

    Kreuk did not leave in 2012 like this article says, or 2013 like she herself claims. She wont answer questions because she did not cut ties with them.


    All these people giving contradicting statements to the media to protect Kreuk just make her look more naughty. Susan Dones said she left shortly after she did in 2009!

    • Pea Onyou said that Keith ravished her body (Kristin Kruek)
      Pea is more credible than the sultan. Pea only uses two aliases to get her point across.

  • “Sarah Edmondson…did her best to bring down the brutal cult”

    But what did she do with the tens of thousands of dollars she was allegedly making each month as the leader of NXIVM’s Vancouver center? Does it take that much cash to support Nippie?

    • Exactly that. It was all good for her until she was personally affected. She has most likely kept all that dirty money based on lies. “Nippy” Ames is a lowlife too. He was named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit.

  • What does it matter when Kristin left? She wasn’t in DOS (unlike some other higher ups). She got out at some point when this news broke minimally. She too should have perhaps known better but either way – she wasn’t like those going to jail and she’s not actively involved now. What does any of this matter?

    • “She got out at some point when this news broke minimally. ”

      So you acknowledge Kristin Kreuk was with NXIVM up until the branding story?

      The point is, she lied about leaving and she was a coward all throughout. She pretended to fight a pedophile rapist on television while not saying a word about NXIVM to protect her name. She is a prolific virtue signaller and hypocrite who was a big part of NXIVM. That’s why she is discussed here.

        • I think it means that it is bad on her image because of being a hypocrite when doing the VS for being part of the cult at a time and not mentioning anything at all I think this is why they hate her so much,

    • Kristin Kreuk was named in the February 2012 Times Union expose that exposed her cult leader as a child abusing pedophile.

      The same month, she was named as a likely defendant in a lawsuit against NXIVM.

      The same month, she was named in John Tigue’s articles of the Necker Island summit that discussed NXIVM crimes and who was responsible. They were all named in the above mentioned lawsuit.

      She claims she never “experienced” anything illegal, she did not say that she didn’t “know” about anything illegal.

      She claims she left a year later. That would be bad enough if it were true, waiting a year to leave. However, as has now been proven, she continued on with NXIVM at least two years after claiming she had left… and lied about it.

      While the branding story was being exposed here on Frank Report, she happily spoke about Harvey Weinstein and signed an open letter against someone accused of inappropriate behavior against women. She portrayed herself as the savior of teen girls on a left wing propaganda television show fighting against a pedophile. Even the very left wing Daily Beast thought that was hypocritical. She couldn’t even bring herself to “retweet” information about Keith Raniere and Allison Mack branding sex slaves above their vaginas with their initials to draw attention to it.

      That is why it matters.

  • I love Kristin Kreuk but I don’t know what is true or not. I think she is trying to hide more than her still being attached to the cult longer than admitted. My own opinion is that she it trying to keep her sexuality from being exposed. I have thought since about season 5 of Smallville that rumors of her having an intimate relationship with another female cast member might leak out. Doesn’t bother me if she is queer.

  • Yes, there is, Smutty, your post is full of it.

    • Awww, poor “sultan”!!!

      No presumption, just FACTS, for all to see!

      Are Lucas Roberts and Mark Vicente wrongly named!?

      • I know it is hard to understand, but you can state so-called facts—then PRESUME they have proven something you believe.

        Easy example. The fact that an opinion here differs from yours, you presume is from Sultan. You see now?

  • Sound the alarm Kristin Kreuk’s honor has once again been besmirched!!!!!!

    I admonish you all to stop your polemic diatribes regarding Kristen Kreuk.

    SultanOfSix is coming back to comment and you all will pay dearly for your insolence!!!!!!! 😉


  • Good thing you not a lawyer, judge or on a jury dude becuase your evidence is really very WEAK…. It would not hold up in a court of law. It only holds up in a court of lame ass, I can think my way out of a wet paper bag.

    What does finally mean shit for brains?

    • Did someone trigger the delicate feelings of a Kristin Kreuk groupie?

      Don’t try and cover a turd in glitter.

      The evidence is right there. Names, dates and NXIVM.

      Try not to cry when you next jack off to an episode of smallville.

  • Pimp Kreuk is still in this child pimping cult today! She was seen with Pimp Mack in Vancouver B.C. just after the arrests in Mexico. Pimp Mack probably came back to B.C. to sell off her house she bought while filming Smellvillle. Both of these child pimping sluts openly discussed the branding of women on the sets of the television show!!! I know, I was there!!! And so were a hundred other cast and crew members!!! KRISTIN KREUK IS A COLOSSAL LIAR!!!!! AND A KNOWINGLY CHILD RECRUITING PIMP FOR A PEDOFILE SEX CULT, PERIOD!

    • Why do you keep writing the same obvious bullshit?
      “Both of these child pimping sluts openly discussed the branding of women on the sets of the television show!!!”
      Not possible. Mack and Kreuk last worked on the same TV set many years before branding started.

      Your crap, and CAPITAL LETTERS, makes you look like a fool. At least Anonymous Poster Javert tries to supply some facts.

      • Spanky-poo is having a nervous breakdown.

        “At least Anonymous Poster Javert tries to supply some facts.”

        Actually, “tries” is not the word. “Succeeded” is.

        Facts you can’t dispute.

    • Go back to your pizzagate conspirarcies, low life…

      Nothing in what you said is making any sense, consider consulting…and i’m talking about mental professionnal help!

      • It’s not a conspiracy. It is right there for anyone who can read English to see.

        Calling people “low life” for posting something you don’t like on the internet? Personal attacks? You are emotional because the evidence you wish didn’t exist does not look good for Kristin Kreuk.

  • How lame are you Smutty R? You can find a four-year old post buried on some random guy’s public Facebook account but you can’t bother to ask him for more details to confirm who was actually there and what exactly they were doing? Or maybe you did but the answer didn’t support your narrative??

    • “How lame are you Smutty R?”

      – How lame are you Kristin Kreuk fan who doesn’t like what you read?

      “You can find a four-year old post buried on some random guy’s public Facebook account but you can’t bother to ask him for more details to confirm who was actually there and what exactly they were doing?”

      Four years? I thought Kreuk cut the NXIVM cord six years ago? Don’t like facts? We know who was there: Kristin Kreuk, Mark Vicente and Lucas Roberts.

      “Or maybe you did but the answer didn’t support your narrative??”

      Facts is not a narrative. Maybe your narrative is proven wrong and you don’t like it.

      • They only become facts when you ask Mark Busse what he meant by “encouragement” and have him speak to it. Your narrative based on a Facebook comment is a not a fact. Lucas Roberts lives in Vancouver. Mark Vicente does not. He ran the LA NXIVM center. Sarah Edmondson lives in Vancouver and she ran the Vancouver NXIVM center. Why was she not there? Why do you presume that people who were thanked had to be there?

        What I find really odd is how you found a four year old Facebook post of some unknown, non-famous person thanking Kristin. You call other people stalkers, but it appears you are what you criticize others for.

        • If you went to the “Kristin Kendra” Facebook page, you will find the post.

          It was not directly posted there. Mark Busse posted the message to his own page and tagged the “Kristin Kendra” page so it ended up on Kreuk’s timeline.

          Also, if you knew what you were talking about, you would know Mark Vicente was involved with the Vancouver branch.

          Also, Sarah Edmondson liked the post, as did Mark Vicente and Lucas Roberts.

          The word here is BUSTED.

          • You still haven’t answered the key question. What does Mark Busse say? Encouragement could mean plenty of things. It could mean that he met them somewhere – at some local networking event – and they discussed it together and all of them convinced him to take it. All three may not have even been at the course he took at all. He never used the words coached or proctored for any of them. He simply thanked them for the encouragement. That other NXIVM members liked the post doesn’t mean anything. In fact, it is unsurprising that they did since all three who did – Mark, Lucas, and Sarah – were still in NXIVM at the time. There doesn’t have to be any big conspiracy or extra meaning associated with such an act. That’s what I mean about facts not having to fit your narrative.

        • Imagine being named in an expose for being a member of a cult, led by a pedophile and rapist, an expose that goes into details of said crimes and others, lying about leaving a year later, but proof emerging that you were still on “team NXIVM” three years after said expose.

          Imagine claiming you cut the cord with your cult “about five years ago”, no official year given, but you were thanked two years later for encouraging someone on his NXIVM cult course alongside top NXIVM coaches Lucas Roberts and Mark Vicente. At a minimum recruiting, but most likely, coaching. It does not take three people to recruit someone.

          Kristin Kreuk still liked NXIVM even after all the pedophilia came out three years earlier, in an expose they named her as a member. That is really bad. Really really bad. Pedophilia is wrong.

          • What you (and others) are saying is—-anyone still in NXIVM after the 2012 TU expose came out was supporting pedophila. Anyone. Everyone.

        • Manipulating things to create a narrative you like. Kristin Kreuk still pro nxivm 3 yrs after pedophile expose!! Even if your fake story were true, she still supported the pedophile!! Mark Busse “finally” did an intensive and Kreuk was there!!! Huge!!!

        • “All three may not have even been at the course he took at all.”

          Umm Lucas Roberts said he was there. He was thanked, as were Kreuk and Vicente. For the same thing. It must kill you😂 Kreuk supported a child molester.

          • LOL. You still can’t stop talking about me or Kristin. And you think I’m the stalker.

            When Kristin and Kendra created the account “Kristin Kendra” so many years ago I was accepted as a Facebook friend. Wouldn’t you think I would have known about this comment long before?

            It means absolutely nothing. No one cares except you.

            You guys are so fucking stupid to think that I would be “losing my shit” or “peeing my pants” over anything you guys say.

        • “It means absolutely nothing. No one cares except you.”

          No freak. Just because you don’t want it to mean something, don’t make it true. It means your dream spank is a liar and you can’t bare it!!!!

  • A Facebook like is not a sign of professional association, guilt and certainly not a sign to convey wrongdoing in any legal sense.

    Give it up and move on with your own life.

    • “A Facebook like is not a sign of professional association, guilt and certainly not a sign to convey wrongdoing in any legal sense.”

      It wasn’t a Facebook like, it was a Facebook post. And it provides evidence of lying in regards to Kristin Kreuk no longer being a supporter of the NXIVM cult from 2013 onwards. If she didn’t recruit the guy, she had to be coaching him, ie, professional. What else could she possibly be thanked for alongside two top coaches?

      “Give it up and move on with your own life”.

      You are beyond desperate for people to not call out the subject of your infatuation. It’s sad.

  • Branded DOS slave Kris Kook should be thankful she has not yet been charged. She is as guilty as Mack if not more so.

    • You seem to be the only one here who claims K Kook is branded? Have you seen it?
      At least you no longer say she deserves to die in prison.

  • The person who took the class also said he “(finally)” took Kristin Crook’s advice, this means should could have encouraged him to take it two years earlier. Also, where is the evidence Crook taught the class in 2015?

    • Three people recruited him two years earlier?

      No. Read the comments on the Facebook post. Lucas Roberts was there. Therefore, the other two, Kristin Kreuk and Mark Vicente we’re there as they were thanked for the same thing.

      • You have to wonder why she didn’t Like the comment, as the others did, if she was involved. And why Sarah Edmonson would publicly say in 2018 that KK left in 2013.

        • Obvious why she didn’t like it. Because she supposidly had left the cult. Which of course is bs. She is a pos.

        • Spanky, you used to spell your alias as “Karl”, not “Carl”. Damn, you got so many aliases that you even forgot how to spell one of them!

          The post was posted to Mark Busse’s public Facebook page. He tagged Kristin Kreuk’s joint page and so it ended up on that page.

          That page was not actively used when it was posted and Kristin Kreuk certainly was not active on that page at the time.

          She probably didn’t even see the post. She obviously thought she could publicly lie about leaving unconditionally in 2013 as she thought there was no evidence to contradict her.

          Even Sarah Edmondson “liked” the post! And Sarah Edmondson gave a date of 2013!

          At most, Kristin Kreuk asked for her name to be taken off the official coach list, for whatever reason. Busy on a television show? Trying to leave no paper trail to NXIVM post pedophile expose to protect her name? Perhaps she even stopped taking classes?

          But now, as we can all see, she was indeed still a supporter of pedophile and rapist Keith Raniere and his evil cult in 2015. No reason to suggest this didn’t continue into 2016.

        • Excuse me but not everything Sarah E. said was accurate (be it just unwillingly, doesn’t change that she could be wrong).

          • Sarah Edmondson “liked” the Facebook post, as did Mark Vicente and Lucas Roberts.

            She forgot about that!

            Kristin Kreuk must of been unaware that evidence existed of her still being with NXIVM after 2013, so she felt comfortable publicly lying about leaving in 2013. She said “about five years ago” instead of “2013” because she didn’t actually leave.

            She broke up with Mark Hildreth in 2013, moved to Toronto full time for filming where she met her new boyfriend on that show. She continued to stay in Toronto. That is not leaving NXIVM.

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