The Epstein Case Is an Example Where the DOJ Won’t Admit a Mistake

Jeffrey Epstein with Donald Trump

By Shadow

In the book about the Jeffrey Epstein case titled “Filthy Rich”, written by James Patterson, John Connolly and Tim Malloy, the authors recount the case of a Florida school principal convicted of going on the internet to solicit sex with a boy.

The boy turned out to be an undercover police officer and the principal ended up with a ten-year prison sentence.  Hard time in a real prison.  And no child was actually molested. It was an attempt to molest a child.

Epstein, who the FBI clearly identified at the time as having molested three dozen girls, received thirteen months of work release where Epstein could spend his days at home (a Palm Beach mansion) and sleep at night in a private jail cell that was about the same as a college dormitory room with no roommates.

I might add here that subsequent research by the Miami Herald has identified up to eighty (80) women who claim that they were sexually molested by Epstein.

The US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida at the time, Alexander Acosta [currently Secretary of Labor for Trump] “came under federal scrutiny after the Miami Herald in November published a series, ‘Perversion of Justice,’ that detailed how Acosta and other prosecutors worked to conceal the plea agreement and the scope of Epstein’s crimes to avoid public scrutiny, and to prevent his victims from opposing the deal. The Herald’s investigation found the names of 80 women who were possible victims of Epstein, located around the world.”

Like Keith Raniere, Epstein had numerous women willing to pimp little girls for him. As many as five women pimped girls for Epstein.

One of Epstein’s alleged pimps is very much like Clare Bronfman.  She is a litigious heiress from Britain who will sue at the drop of a hat so I won’t mention her name but you can identify her from the James Patterson book “Filthy Rich”.

[Editor’s note: Ghislaine Maxwell denies she was Epstein’s pimp.]

Image result for Ghislaine Maxwell
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

But here is the key point:  None of Epstein’s pimps was charged with a crime.

Both Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack will probably receive prison time for their pimping activities.
These two women might have hurt as many as 150 women through their sex trafficking activities.

And they should get even more time in prison than they will receive.

But Epstein’s female pimps got off scot-free for pimping out underage girls.  Up to 80 girls victimized by Epstein’s pimps. And here is the kicker.

Epstein’s alleged pimp, who is the heiress from Britain, was a guest of honor at Chelsea Clinton’s lavish wedding.

A few days ago I had a post that discussed the horrible case of Gary Dotson, a man who spent years in prison for a rape that never occurred because the courts are extremely reluctant to admit a mistake was made.

The Epstein case is an example where the government won’t admit a mistake was made even when government agents clearly violated the law and covered up secret backroom deals that allowed a chronic sex offender to get off the hook.

America has the best system of Justice money can buy.

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  • (By the way although Maxwell had a good start in life there was no family money and instead one of the biggest bankruptcies in British history (of the ftather) so I probably wouldn’t use the word heiress; “well connected” probably would do)

  • There are good judges who try to do the right thing. Like Judge Garaufis in NY, and Judge Marra in FL:

    “Federal prosecutors in Florida—including President Trump’s current Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta—broke the law when they signed a secret plea agreement with billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a Palm Beach judge ruled Thursday.

    U.S. District Judge Kenneth A. Marra ruled that the decision to keep more than 30 of Epstein’s accusers in the dark about the non-prosecution deal that allowed Epstein, a prominent financier with political connections, to avoid federal prosecution was unconstitutional.”

    Judge Marra’s ruling got overturned by the Justice Department, led by William Barr. Barr is currently preoccupied with the Supreme Court and their ruling of unconstitutionality regarding a proposed census question. I don’t suspect justice in the Epstein case is a priority for Barr, and protecting Epstein also protects Labor Secretary Acosta, so big win for Barr, and a great loss for justice.

    • That’s not how it works. The Justice Department can’t overrule any judge, they can only appeal the case to a higher court. With Epstein’s arrest, it appears the assumption that Barr is preoccupied on a single case is flawed.

  • “The Epstein Case Is an Example Where the DOJ Won’t Admit a Mistake”,(Shadowstate)…….

    ………….LMAO mistake?

    Look how well the current and former law enforcement officials that handled that case are doing.

    I believe the officials don’t feel like they made a mistake.

    Their lives are just peachy.

    Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Donald Trump have not said anything bad about Epstein or have mentioned him after the scandal.


    I will be LMFAO when onw of you partisan left or right wing nuts come to your heroes defense.

  • These women need to speak up more. They should start a Frank Report-like website and put all of their stories and evidence on the table to create a public outrage. Shadow won’t even put the name of one of Epstein’s alleged pimps in his story, how does he expect to win by being so timid? The case is currently back in court for violating federal law, with numerous damning documents being released soon. This is the time to push, not retreat, Mr. Shadow. I’m thankful you weren’t in charge of D-Day, or we would all be eating rice with sauerkraut on top.

    • Scott,

      Not to be vulgar, but if you were ass raped would you come forward and let law enforcement and everybody know that you got ass raped?

      Or would you go quietly and maybe take a settlement?

      Not everybody wants to have the world know their personal life and be judged and exposed after they’ve been a victim of a horrendous act.

      • I was financially a$$ raped by Amway and have been speaking up ever since I found out. I would do the same if it was a physical a$$ rape, because I know I would probably prevent others from being a$$ raped. Not all of us are cowards who chicken out of coming on a radio show.

  • Thank you Mr. Shadow,

    From your article above, do you think the American Justice System is then as corrupt as the Mexican System?

    If the American system is as flawed, should we forget about protecting people from further damage and justice for the victims of KR and his accomplices/useful idiots?

  • There was NO MISTAKE….it was corruption, and is now a coverup.

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