Fred: Is CIA Involved With Ramtha?

Frank Report is endeavoring to find out whether J.Z. Knight, who purports to channel a ghost named Ramtha, is a fake, a phony, a liar, a true medium, or a delusional fool.

We thought up seven possible scenarios to explore. They are:

1 Dangerous

J.Z. Knight leads a cult whose mindless followers will do self-destructive and even violent things if Knight [pretending to be Ramtha] tells them to.

2 Harmless

Knight is a phony but her bullshit act is all harmless nonsense.

3 Con Artist

It’s a fraud. Knight does it to fleece money out of followers.

4 Ethical Lying

Knight knows there is no Ramtha but she has a noble purpose for lying about channeling a ghost: This way she can teach higher spiritual teachings and people will believe her message because it comes from an enlightened being instead of a mere mortal.

5 Insanity

Knight believes the ghost of Ramtha speaks through her but, in reality, the visions she has are merely a product of her delusional mind. Though mentally ill, Knight thinks her words are Ramtha’s.

6 Legitimate

Knight actually channels Ramtha, who was once a Lemurian warrior, born 35,000 years ago on earth, and has wisdom for those willing to learn.

7 Lying Ghost

Knight actually channels a ghost who pretends to be Ramtha. Knight is not the charlatan, the ghost she channels is the charlatan. Who’s to say ghosts don’t lie? The ghost that inhabits Ramtha’s body might have been some common fanfaron and is pretending to be a great warrior in his past life.

Fred, our Ramtha correspondent, offers another possibility.


By Fred

There’s another alternative as to what’s going on with J.Z. Knight and the Ramtha School of Enlightenment: It’s a CIA psyop [psychological operation].

You can find videos where Knight claims links with the CIA. She tells of an agent who was left alone in a room at the CIA, and checked out the “top secret” material in a desk drawer. It was all Ramtha books.

Knight said top CIA agents are given Ramtha material in their training.

I’m not sure if I believe a word of it. Nonetheless, Knight boasts of her connections with the CIA.

She also boasts of having lengthy periods of “lost time”, when she wakes up after hours and has no idea where she’s been. Lost time of this nature could be a sign of mind control, the kind of stuff the CIA has allegedly worked on for decades.

She may have received CIA training in mind control and hypnosis techniques, in order to learn the Ramtha script that she spews.

Over the years, I have been given documents by Knight/Ramtha followers. Some of it is purportedly channeled material from other “entities” [other than Ramtha].  Everything I have received is not testable – yet Ramtha followers seem to believe it implicitly.

One of them is that aliens are busy “fixing” the sun.

Another is an “alien interview” which claims to be the transcript of a dialogue between a nurse and one of the aliens from the Roswell crash. I was mailed the PDF by a Ramtha follower.

The story it tells is of a vast cosmic battle between The Old Empire and The Domain. It is much like Star Wars. The transcript is convincing in some ways, but there is no way its authenticity can be corroborated.

Another document that Ramtha people latched on to, is the “COMM 12” briefing, which appears to be some kind of “white hat” document purportedly circulated among US intelligence, keeping an eye on mind control techniques and plans of a nefarious cabal within US secret agencies called Aquarius Group Operations.

There is interesting information here, including purported details of the Kennedy assassinations. There is a reference to CIA projects that are now public knowledge, and information on everything from Jonestown to the use of cellphone towers to control and, if necessary, kill people, and “electronic dissolution of memory” or EDOM.

You can check this out for yourself:

No one knows where this document comes from.

Nonetheless, there seems to be an operation going on in the background with Knight feeding followers with endless conspiracies that cannot be verified, but which give her followers the feeling that they “know” what’s going on. Not one document I’ve seen is of the slightest use to anyone who wishes to avoid espousing conspiracy theories.

The COMM 12 document suggests that mind control does not work well on people who use marijuana, or who meditate properly. I recall seeing a video where J.Z. Knight as Ramtha castigates a man for using marijuana, and he hangs his head in shame.

I find it interesting that a cult that gets hundreds of people blind drunk [at wine ceremonies], cracks down so hard on someone who uses marijuana.

There may be another hint that this is CIA mind control experiment.

How does a cult like this flourish for 40 years, with all these abuses going on?

For that alone, it’s hard to believe that some spook agency or another is NOT involved.

Look at the history of Jonestown, for example, how Jim Jones sponsored Democratic politicians in California, just as J. Z. Knight has done in Washington State, until she suddenly went ape for Trump and Q Anon.

Conspiracy theories are what the Ramtha cult has wallowed in for decades.

Is the CIA preparing a Kool-Aid event for the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, as it purportedly did with Jonestown?

What will happen if authorities investigate multiple claims of rape and child abuse?

Let’s hope this school of “enlightenment” can be wrapped up and consigned to the scrap heap of cult history before it implodes in flames.


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  • Thank you Frank! For everything you and supporters do. You are HEROES! No child ever deserves to be abused in anyway. I agree with you 1000%! I think that everything about JZ Knight and her followers should be REinvestigated, especially after she lost in court 2018! Finally, because the judge wasn’t on her payroll… It blows my freaking mind how in 40!!! years crimes have been happening inside and outside her gates, a lot of them she participated! Today I have hope, because of you. I have known and been witness to some of JZ Knights followers crimes. It’s sick and demented, they ALL need help, seriously…. I pray the love in the world becomes more popular than what money can buy.

    In this first article, it shows the dangerous lure, tactics, buzz words, behaviors that SHE does to entice people into the school…
    popular with the “baby boomers”?!

    I’m curious, does anyone else think that this part of the article shows that the cult wasn’t doing good at all, having bad shit happening too frequently and she needed a way to display to save her own ass….It was FREE!, ALSO UHHHH does this mean She is a better teacher than Herself as a man?!? LOLWTFLMFAO

    “Today, many in South Sound still don’t approve of what the school teaches.

    For example, Ramtha’s teaching that people are God goes against traditional Christian beliefs, said pastor Dave Minton of Capital Christian Center in Olympia.

    “There is an authority that we have as human beings, but to be equal with, or to have the position of God would be a false teaching,” he said.

    The channeling of Ramtha also goes against Christianity, Minton said.

    “My take on it? The channeling she does would be of an unclean spirit or an evil spirit,” he said.

    Knight’s invitation to her three-day “Fabulous Wealth Retreat” didn’t go over well with Isom. “I guess my main concern is that they’ve been there for over 20 years. … Why now?” he asked.

    Isom said he felt the invitation was an “olive branch” from the school for past clashes that many of its students have had with City Council members over residential and retail growth in the area.

    “If there are issues they wish to discuss that affect the residents of the city of Yelm, the appropriate place to discuss them is at a city meeting,” Isom said.

    Former airline executive Steve Klein, who has studied at the school since its inception and works as Knight’s logistics and travel coordinator, said there wasn’t an ulterior motive.

    “This has been real consistent with what her practices have been,” he said. “She’s been attempting, in my view, to open up in a way – that this mystery behind the walls is no mystery. It’s a teaching into the sciences and neurobiology that is unique in the world, and it’s here in Yelm.”

    All of this comes at a time when Knight has started teaching many of the school’s events herself – in years past, most of her classes were led by Ramtha.

    “It’s only been in the last year that she’s shared her experiences,” Klein said.

    And there are several other changes at the school, which is redesigning its Web site and has reformatted events for beginning students so that more people can take classes.

    “There’s change on the horizon,” Knight said during a presentation earlier this month. “And that’s really encouraging.”


    However.. in this article see part of the dangerous cult elements, patterns and finally exposed behaviors that HER followers are known for.

    The woman is spreading evil. Supporting abuse in every way. That alone should be enough for a investigation.
    Thanks again for all you have done, are doing and those yet to be saved! I believe that you and other’s like you have created a movement for safety, protection and healing….I don’t see how that translates into cult, and JZ Knights crazy shit doesn’t or is better or deserves defending!

    • “Former airline executive Steve Klein”….he was apparently Head of Baggage Claims! JZ’s right hand man Mike Wright puffed up his bio with “Adjunct Professor”, although it’s not true, and the guy who helped her with all her marketing for close to 30 years Greg Simmons (who quit when the crazy wine ceremonies were too much) was trained by none other than Anthony Robbins (on the art of persuasion, no doubt). Birds of a feather….

    • Laura,

      Thanks for sharing the video.

      I think it’s fair to say that the woman in the video had her life ruined by Ramtha.

  • “feeding followers with endless conspiracies that cannot be verified, but which give her followers the feeling that they “know” what’s going on”

    FR was right about Raniere but there is cultish aspect to the FR. Frank has attracted a loyal following of those willing to believe in any BS he sprouts. Some of you legitately push back and ask for verification and documentation but many are too willing to believe. Really, it’s not much different than believing in Nex and Raniere.

    • Frank posts positions of others, so it’s not him “sprouting” the BS. If you’re willing to believe these are Frank’s positions, then you’re not much different than believing in Nex and Raniere.

      • Frank posts the positions he choses to.

        FR has ended up with more than an average share of conspiracy theorizing, for an anti-cult site.

        I’ve recently written up two comments questioning some of what I consider to be borderline conspiracy theories, that seem to have disappeared into the moderation void, or whatever.

        • NXIVM being a sex trafficking ring was once a conspiracy theory, too.
          It never ceases to amaze me how stupid ‘smart’ people can be. One little phrase “conspiracy theory” gets you to close your mind. sad.

          • Anon,

            You hit the head of the nail!

            When I hear the words conspiracy theory I think of morons.

            Unfortunately, only a small number of conspiracies are actually true.

            A conspiracy theorist one rung on the ladder higher than a porn star interms of social stigma.

    • Foolish Comparison. Frank doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss who says what, let alone demand collateral or indeed any proofs of loyalty.

      Our cooperation is a matter of free-will and self-determination. Many of us thrive on a measure of disagreement and opposition, to Frank, each other, whosoever.. in this case you. Don’t be a critical idiot all your life. Fix-up and look-sharp wrong-un.

  • “She also boasts of having lengthy periods of “lost time”, when she wakes up after hours and has no idea where she’d been. Lost time of this nature could be a sign of mind control, the kind of stuff the CIA has allegedly worked on for decades.”
    Or perhaps it was alcohol induced amnesia.
    ” The Old Empire and The Domain.”
    Anything like the Romulan Empire and the Klingon Empire and The Domain in Star Trek Deep Space Nine? Was a Federation mentioned too?

    • “She also boasts of having lengthy periods of lost time”.

      Clearly just on like the TV shows Star Trek and Fringe she is trapped between 2 dimensions……

      I sometimes feel that way sitting on the toilet bowl.

  • The conspiracy theories are not shared until one is already indoctrinated/brainwashed. This cult is not unlike NXIVM, or Scientology, whereby they attract people who are “spiritual searchers”, looking to make their lives better. RSE promises training to develop parts of the brain that most people don’t have access to. Everything is explained through “science”, and the entire message is that it’s about YOU! Many of the “disciplines” are performed blindfolded, which adds an extreme element of fear. Designed so you push yourself to overcome it, and thus leaving you feeling euphoric that you could do it!! That feeling can become an addiction to many. There’s a “specialness” that encourages you to keep going back. The idea that they sell you on is that your ego is your instinct, and you have to get rid of it if you want to develop your brain. In order to focus, you have to quiet the part that’s thinking critically, the part that keeps putting up red flags. You are too emotional, so you need to numb your emotions in order to focus on your training. JZ had everyone on Prozac for years, telling them all it’s helping them!!

    Once she has you primed and numb, she tells you the world is going to end, the aliens are coming, the earth will shift 3 degrees on it’s axis….Everyone will need an underground bunker (ug) in order to survive!! Have at least 2 YEARS of food for everyone in your family. I believe 1992 was the first world ending prophecy date…then 2000, and the whole y2k thing….2012 and the Mayan calendar…so you need to keep coming back to find out what’s going to happen!! In 2012 she told everyone that Japan was going to sink, and had all her Japanese students move their lives to Yelm in 4 days!! There was apparently a convergence of homeless asians on the streets of Yelm. When none of it happens, she says…you changed the timeline, or, you needed the experience….

  • “How does a cult like this flourish for 40 years, with all these abuses going on?”

    Because some people believe bullshit like this.

    It’s remarkable to me that people believe the CIA is behind all sorts of world-altering plots, that they are in league with alien civilizations, they can electronically control our minds, the whole gamut. Experience has shown that the CIA can’t find its own butt with both hands; first they knew of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet empire was when they saw it on CNN. Remember their confident predictions of Saddam Husein’s weapons of mass destruction? Their brilliant plans to overthrow Fidel Castro in Cuba? Vietnam?

    People believe conspiracy theories because they’re gullible. Same reason people belie in religious miracles, join cults, and think $20 crystals bought online will cure cancer.

    • Actaeon, I don’t know about your theories because I remember getting in shit from my sister when I refused to believe that high doses of baking soda would cure my mom’s cancer. … my sister knew all about it because she had seen it on the internet. She had also discovered many other interesting facts….from faked moon landings to deadly vaccinations.

      I should mention that my sister is American and it seems to me that those conspiracy theories originated in the US, (as I had never heard about any of this BS in Canada before she mentioned it.) However, I see that this conspiracy bullshit is spreading to Canada now, too.

      You would think that with more access to information that people in general would tend to become smarter, and yet….

    • Acteon,

      Ever since the 1953 Iran Coup, the CIA has been the muse of bullshit conspiracy artists.

      I refer to conspiracy buffs as artists because they create incredibly implausible narratives that make a John Le Carre book seem realistic.

      Acteon you have a better chance of parting the sea than getting any of them to see things rationally.

      Link below to Persian/Iranian 1953 coup.

    • Actaeon, people ignore the abuse because everyone is under a gag order NDA they signed when they started attending events that lasts 21 years past JZs death, and they are terrified to speak out. Those who haven’t left view the abuse as their beloved “master teacher” giving lessons to people that they rightly deserve and who are they to judge their master teacher’s style? He knows what he’s doing. Even when he slaps people across the face and spits on stage and makes racist remarks and spews forth nothing but hate. He has a plan, you see. He’s the master teacher. How can anyone judge another person’s lesson, when he teaches that all of us came here to be the abused and the abuser. It is not anyone else’s business to meddle in another’s affairs. If they are being abused, they not only planned it before they were born but it’s their journey.

      It’s a giant pile of poop.

  • Of course CIA is involved in all these cults.Why does no one question what were the nazis looking for in all their experimenting? Why were top nazi scientists brought to US after WWII. And people like Keith Raniere, David Koresh and Jim Jones seem to operate above the law? That is the real tip off.

    • Agree. In fact, on the theory that maybe there was something to steady active-duty military recruitment despite no draft — I took a recent tour of some recruitment centers in LA and many ARE surrounded by woo-woo like Agape, there’s a new one called “HU” — it’s mind-boggling. I’m gonna start one called “FU” for us hunted Doves.

  • As if they would have an nurse interview an alien. They are having as much trouble “getting the word out” about this alien garbage as I am regarding real scams, Amway and other MLM scams.

    • Scott,

      Nurses and Space aliens?

      ……Sounds like a plot to Jim Carrey movie or an 80’s porno…….

      Amway American reality:

      The Amway model sounded alluring to people drawn to a life free of a desk and a boss, Amway’s promise turned out to be hollow. In the early 1970s, Amway salespeople earned somewhere between $20 to $30 a month on average. By 2010, that had crept up to $115 — barely enough to cover a cellphone bill, let alone a full wage. But Amway itself — and the DeVos family — profited handsomely, to the tune of $8.8 billion in sales in 2016.

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