Bronfman, Salzman & Russell Sentencing Postponed Indefinitely

The original NXIVM defendants:. Sketch by MK10ART.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, who presided over the case of the US v. Keith Raniere and his five co-defendants, made a startling move today. He postponed indefinitely the sentencing of three co-defendants who pleaded guilty prior to the recent trial of Raniere.

Here is his order:

ORDER: The sentencing hearings for Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell, which were scheduled for July 10, July 25, and July 31, respectively, are adjourned sine die. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 7/1/2019. 

An adjournment “sine die” means “without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing.”

What this delay means is anybody’s guess. My guess is that there are more charges coming for two – if not all three – of the defendants.

Nancy is likely. Clare is a near certitude. Kathy, I would rate 50-50.

And if they are going to be indicted again, and will likely make plea deals again, it makes more sense to postpone sentencing them for now and do one final sentencing when all the charges are settled.

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack are still scheduled to be sentenced on September 11th. And Raniere is to be sentenced on September 25th.

Nancy Salzman presently faces [under sentencing guidelines] 2-4 years.

Kathy Russell six months to 18 months.

Clare Bronfman 21-27 months.

Allison Mack 3-5 years.

Lauren Salzman 3-5 years.

Raniere minimum 15 and more likely life in prison.

There could be other reasons why the judge postponed sentencing but one thing is clear. The FBI, Homeland Security, and the IRS continue to investigate the massive crime syndicate known as Nxivm.

They are not done.

Judge Garaufis knows it.

Why bother to sentence them twice.  They are not going anywhere.

Bronfman, Nancy Salzman and Russell, like Lauren and Allison, are subject to home arrest and wear ankle monitors. Raniere is at the Metropolitan Detention Center. He has been in federal custody since March 26, 2018. He was convicted on June 19, a date known to those who escaped his evil clutches as Vangone Day.

These are dark times for Nxivm.  But that’s what comes of following a Vanguard.


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  • I really don’t think Nancy will go to “prison”. Cupcake prison perhaps, and no longer than a few months. Same goes for Lauren and kathy.

    • I think that Nancy and Lauren will probably get 2-3 years, but not in the Ritz. Kathy might get 1-2 years or less.

      Allison Mack might get 5 – 10 years or more.

      Mack would have stuck to her original not guilty plea if she hadn’t had a total meltdown when her lawyers broke it to her that she was going to prison, no matter what. The idea of going to prison absolutely terrifies her.

      Clare Bronfman needs to be dealt with by an exorcist, or sent back to whatever hell she was spawned in.

  • Greetings NXIVM plea bargained defendants,

    I hope you all enjoy the 4th of July 2019 fireworks…..

    … Because next year you will all be in prison……

    The only fireworks you will be experiencing in 2020 are the beatings from your new peers.

    • Regarding my “fireworks” comment:

      I just want to mention that my fireworks comment was prompted after reading the latest Keith/Cami text messages.

      I do not believe anyone deserves to be beaten.

      I do believe you deserve to be incarcerated.

      You all committed crimes, but all of you were also victims of a sort.

        • He will not do well inside a general prison population where he would be beaten, or even killed.

          He will discover that confinement in a sex offenders unit is a better option.

          If he’s lucky.

      • You really are a Nice Guy. Nice Guys often finish last. Of course they deserve a beating. Not saying they deserve death. But they brought misery to a lot of people. Defrauded hundreds. Clare probably almost caused some people to kill themselves. A good beating or two in prison to all of them – bring it on. Something that leaves them with a memory that they fucked up and that prison isn’t a fun place – I’m all for that. You can call me “not so nice guy”.

  • This sentencing delay is good, and it isn’t good tidings for Clare, Nancy or the accountant/ ballerina. Investigation into the “crime trails” has borne enough fruit for further charges. Anyone who was feeling unsatisfied with the potential sentences for these three defendants can take some small comfort today by evaluating this news as a big indicator that more consequences are coming their way.

    The financial messes and the lies on paper and on social media take longer to analyze than Raniere’s two and a half minute ejaculations. Tee hee.

  • Are there any updates as to how everyone’s favorite vanguard is doing? Is he still on suicide watch? Any word on him filing an appeal yet? Surely, if El Chapo can escape from a Mexican jail; then the smartest man in the world with superior judo skills should have no problem escaping from custody. Maybe he can use his Jedi mind trick that he leaned from watching Star Wars to fool the intellectually inferior warden of MDC into letting him simply walk out.

    • The prisoner in cell 21 is an imposter made to believe that he is the Vanguard by Keith’s Jedi mind tricks.

      The real Vanguard is in cell 22.

    • The holiday schedule has caused a delay in us receiving the latest update. But we expect to have new details before the end of the week.

  • I’m hoping this means they’ll pick up more charges (as well as others that weren’t mentioned in this indictment) and the jusdge is planning to run the sentence concurrent.

  • It is completely normal for sentencing to be postponed 30 days. Sometimes the Govt needs more time to complete the PSR, sometimes the Defense wants more time to prepare Objections to the PSR.

    What is not normal is the Judge postponing the sentencing indefinitely. The only reason to do this is to keep the Defendants around.

    And why would the Court need to keep convicts around? Two explanations: 1) More charges 2) Testify as Witnesses. So, there are probably more charges coming.

    Remember, no one was prosecuted for the money laundering, bulk cash smuggling, tax evasion, and fraudulent tax returns. And remember how the US Attorney thanked the IRS agents after the verdict?

  • The sentencing could have been postponed to encourage additional cooperation from them in related investigations. The Judge did this with Michael Flynn – wanted him to cooperate with the special prosecutor.

  • Usually I completely disagree with the lavish praise heaped on the artistic renderings of MK10ART, but have to say this one isn’t too bad. Lot of similarity to the pen and ink sketches of famed British artist David Hockney.

  • I about lost it when I saw this headline. They better get proper sentencing. I also hope the judge doesn’t give them the minimums either.

    Bronfman better not go to one of those “Martha Stewart” prisons either. That would be ridiculous.

    • “”

      So for seven years in a row rent was paid in cash in large bills, and this was never questioned, never thought to be a little strange? Not to mention the blatant “sex cult” references, etc. How can anyone be this clueless? Why was the landlord the last to know? It’s like a very unfunny version of “Dumb And Dumber”. Wow, and I thought the NXIVM members themselves were pretty stupid.

    • Are you planning on posting this same comment every time? Over…and over…and over….regardless of context to the article written?

    • And you just took NXIVM’s suspicious cash from a supposedly unknown person and didn’t ask any questions – kind of like all the other people in the Albany area who were happy to facilitate Bronfman and her minions getting away with what they did as long as it paid off. Was your admitted lie to the FBI the only one, or does your account contain or hide others? And why are you spamming this link to your marketing website, on every article here?

      I asked those and some other hard questions when this was posted yesterday:

  • How often does postponement of sentencing occur on a percentage basis?

    What other rationales account for it? For example, could the post-trial reports from the defense and prosecution not be near completion?

    • Some cases are very straightforward, others are more complex. A better question is how many complex cases have delayed sentencing. A couple of recent examples, Manafort and Flynn have both had their sentences delayed.

  • The proper venue for investigating and trying the NXIVM crimes is and always was the NDNY (Albany) not the EDNY (Brooklyn).

    Most of the sex trafficking was conducted in and around Clifton Park.
    Most of the immigration fraud occurred in and around Clifton Park.
    Most of the money laundering and tax evasion were conducted in and around Clifton Park and Albany.
    Most of the victims lived in and around Clifton Park.
    Most of the witnesses lived in and around Clifton Park.
    Any of the corruption of public officials occurred in and around Saratoga and Albany counties.

    From the beginning I thought that Judge Garauis was too hell bent on wrapping up the trial quickly before a full investigation was completed.

  • I suppose Prefect was in it with the “smarter” wealthy members knowing the Bronfman money would be a fait accompli. Deferring to Clare. Playing up to ridiculously insecure Clare. So, right. Dumbass Nancy, but then again, very manipulative Nancy. In it too deep.

    I’d love to know the chain of command when Allison emailed Clare regarding the release of her minion’s collateral.

    • All of the top people in. NXIVM were mesmerized by the Bronfman money.
      And they were also impressed by the Salinas money.
      The Salinas family is worth an estimated 17 billion dollars.
      About twenty times what Clare and Sara are worth.
      And with all that financial backing the people of NXIVM thought they were bullet proof.

        • Warner Brothers are now called Warner Media and it is owned by A, T, and T.
          The Bronfmans have nothing to do with A, T, and T

          “On October 22, 2016, AT&T announced an offer to acquire Time Warner for $108.7 billion (including assumed Time Warner debt).[5][6] The proposed merger was confirmed on June 12, 2018,[7] after AT&T won an antitrust lawsuit that the U.S. Justice Department filed in 2017 to attempt to block the acquisition.[8] The merger closed two days later, with the company becoming a subsidiary of AT&T.[9]

          Despite spinning off Time Inc. in 2014, the company retained the Time Warner name until AT&T’s acquisition in 2018, after which it became WarnerMedia.

      • Shadow, since you seem to like to do research, can you tell us how much money the individuals involved actually have, themselves?

        Just because people come from wealthy families, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have real access to wealth – children and heirs seen as misbehaving, are often put on short leashes or disinherited entirely. For example, Paris Hilton’s grandfather cut her out of his estate after she brought disgrace the family name, leaving her with just a small trust fund she had already inherited from her grandmother, and if I recall she’s run into trouble even paying her bills.

          • We’ve long had an idea of the Bronfmans’ wealth, though many sources seem to just take a sloppy guestimate that’s in the ballpark. I broke it down using the best information I could find a while back and figured that Sara Bronfman more likely had less than $300 million left, and not much of it liquid assets.

            I’m interested in the others – for instance, you say the Salinas family is estimated to be worth $17 billion, but does anyone really know if any that is actually Emis? What about Betancourt and others?

  • If you could have seen Nancy freaking out the last afternoon Lauren testified. Prefect isn’t thrilled, living dl in a much less residence next to a literal swamp. I suppose it’s relevant that Dani said Nancy was aggressive/pushy. Nancy loved the easy life afforded to a position of authority with low qualifications. The bs EMs. Passing herself off as a qualified professional. The 2nd in command guru. Ok, so Lauren lied to you, everything was corrupt, so you *kept it quiet*. Because you, Nancy, had as much about the lies regarding your qualifications to hide as Vanguard. Prefect. Fact is, Nancy, you kept it quiet. Now, we have to see you as a victim? It is terrible about your health issues. The parking the cars in front Appros, the love of the money. You kowtowed to the Bronfmans in your own interests. Have fun shopping at the local discount stores.

    • Yeah Nancy and just until and that brat of yours get to the joint and start getting passed around for cigarettes. Let’s just see who is smug then.

    • “Prefect isn’t thrilled, living dl in a much less residence next to a literal swamp.” Where is she living?

  • I’ll bet Allison can’t wait to move on, to get sentenced, have her cankle monitor removed and get off home arrest.

    • Allison and her friends are about to learn that the court system is not run for the convenience of the defendants.
      Moreover, Allison is in no rush.
      It’s not as if she has an acting career to return to.
      Once the NXIVM movie comes out Hollywood will wash its hands of Allison Mack if they haven’t already.

      • actually i do beleive the american people have washed their hands of hollyweird baphomet <===their magic is so broken

        • You’re right on that score.
          Actors and actresses are overpaid dunces.

          “Don’t burn too much carbon but I can fly around the world on my private jet.” Leonardo DiCaprio

          • chickyrogue

            So pretty boy Leonardo DeCaprio financed a movie about Wall Street fraud (The Wolf of Wall Street) by money embezzled from the Malaysian taxpayers.
            It seems that DeCaprio is trying to live out some of the movie roles he has played over the years like “Catch Me If You Can” and “The Great Gatsby”.

            And what scandal would be complete without mentioning the Clinton Foundation, the Rothschilds and that lovely investment bank GoldmanSucks?

            And the poor people of Malaysia end up holding the bag.

            And what does the Clinton Foundation use its money for?
            Feeding the hungry?
            Housing the homeless?
            Throwing a birthday party for Bill Clinton with Lady Gaga singing “Bill Romance”This video features Bill, Hillary and Chelsea in the audience.
            Lady Gaga – Bad Romance live (Decade Of Difference Concert – Clinton)

  • Thanks for the update.

    Isn’t it rather unfair to society, to whom they owe a debt – as the saying goes – for them to be left free apparently indefinitely? I’d think that at some point, having them start to serve out sentences for the crimes of which they’ve been determined to be guilty, would become more of a priority than judicial economy or whatever; we know they’re going to prison, so it would arguably make more sense to put them there and then deal with any setting of the exact length of their sentences, though I know that’s now how our justice system works – at least for those with money (those who can’t make bail, of course, are jailed first).

    • Calm down. Nobody will serve a day, and apparently Garufanis just learned that. The ladies will all be sentenced to “time served” in their grueling luxury home confinement. They will then go on Dr. Phil and be made out to be victims, followed by the book and lecture circuit.

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