The Creep Show Continues – Raniere’s Depravity Knows No Bounds

MK10ART's fabulous painting of the perverted Keith Alan Raniere.

Courtroom 4-D South is going to need a thorough cleaning when this trial is over.

The filth and slime that has spewed throughout this trial hit a new high today. Or, depending on your perspective, a new low.

Album Of Sexually Explicit Photos Shown To Jurors

First off, FBI Special Agent Maegan Rees walked in front of the jury box – and displayed 18 pages of sexually explicit photos that were found on a hard-drive that was seized from Raniere’s sex lair at 8 Hale Drive (Only the eight men and four women that make up the jury were allowed to view the photos).

More than a dozen of the photos were of Cami, the 15-year-old girl who became the first of Raniere’s DOS sex slaves.

Jurors reacted in a variety of ways to the photos.

MK10Art’s splendid rendition of Keith Raniere – and the jury taht will decide his fate. 

Most glanced quickly at them – and then averted their eyes.

One male juror rubbed his eyes after each photo was shown – almost like he was trying to rid his mind of what he had just seen.

The four female jurors sat with frozen expressions on their faces and glazed eyes as each new photo was revealed.

Throughout this presentation, Raniere, who sits directly across the courtroom from the jurors, continuously whispered to his lead attorney, Marc Agnifilo.

Photos Of Cami Were Taken When She Was Only 15

Next, FBI Information Specialist Brian Booth testified that the metadata associated with the photos of Cami indicate that they were likely taken on November 2, 2005 and November 24, 2005 – dates on which Cami would have been only 15.

Prior testimony in the trial indicated that Cami had an appendectomy when she was 16 that left her with a very visible scar. The photos of her that were shown to the jurors did not show any such scar.

During his cross-examination by Paul DerOhannesian II, Booth was questioned in great detail about how the photos were recovered, the relevant chain-of-custody, and the condition of the camera that was used to take the photos.

About the only concession that DerOhannesian was able to get from Booth is that it was conceivable that the metadata could have been altered to make it appear that the photos were taken earlier than they actually were.


Most courtroom observers thought that the worst of the day was over.

They were wrong.


Rosa Laura Junco Offers Up Her Virginal Daughter

Next up on the witness stand was FBI Special Agent Michael Weniger.

He was asked to verify the contents of an email exchange between Raniere and Rosa Laura Junco – in which she offered up her teenaged daughter for his sexual pleasure.

Rosa Laura Junco: Not exactly Mom-of-the-Year. 

“I am 100 percent clear that you are what I want for my daughter (and obviously myself),” she wrote in an email to Raniere in August of 2015.

Attached to the email was the daily school schedule for Lauris, her underage daughter.

Junco went to explain that she just needed a little more time to turn over her virginal daughter to Raniere.

“I fear I may be affecting Lauris and your possibility for a successor”, she wrote, apparently under the belief that Raniere would impregnate Lauris with the avatar child he had once promised to Junco herself.


Weniger also verified several email exchanges between Raniere and some of his DOS sex slaves.

One was from Allison Mack who wrote to him and Dani Padilla, another sex slave, to thank them for a recent threesome.

Allison Mack: Likes her threesomes. 

“I love that I smell like a mixture of you both”, she wrote.


In another email – this one from Raniere to Mack – he instructed her to send over India Oxenberg, one of her own slaves.

India Oxenberg

“Does India know in order to complete her [assignment] she needs to take all her clothes off, while I am clothed, pose in the most revealing way, and have me take a picture?” he wrote.


Family Photo Of First-Line DOS Slaves

Later, Weniger was asked to identify the various women who appeared in what AUSA Moira Kim Penza described as a “family photo” of first-line DOS slaves.

As Weniger was doing so, Raniere leaned in to get a better look at the defense table monitor that displayed the image (Ah, the good old days!).

Weniger also verified that all the women in the photo had “a lot of pubic hair”.

Several former DOS slaves have testified that Raniere has a strong preference for the “natural look” – and had ordered them not to groom their pubic region.


The prosecution has indicated that it will finish its case tomorrow.

How long it will take to cleanse the courtroom of the sickness that is Keith Raniere is unknown.


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  • Keith is narcissistic, but not clueless. He knows his smartest man claim (and all the others) were just bs he used to manipulate his sheeple.

  • According to the UK online newspaper, the Independent, there’s already documentary in the works about NXIVM, concentrating on Allison Mack’s place in it.

      • Nutjob,

        Shadowstate’s connection to the entertainment industry is as follows:

        1. Scott Johnson’s Internet Radio Show (podcast). Shadowstate occasionally listens to the show.

        2. Shadowstate has a 3rd cousin once removed that made an appearance on a public access television show at 4:00am in the morning.

        3. Shadowstate currently is in pre-production talks with YouTube to produce a documentary with the working titlesare “Fuck Allison Mack” or “Allison Mack is Satan”.


    “The time you hit puberty [as women] is the time you get the most attention from men, ever. So around, 14, 15 years old, suddenly it changes.”

    Kristin Kreuk, a woman who stayed loyal to a pedophile having been named in the same articles that revealed her cult leader was a raging pedophile, who refuses to even acknowledge the existence of Keith Raniere, falsely claims 14/15 year old female children get the most attention from men. That adult women in the eyes of adult men become less attractive once they are passed the age of fifteen. What an insult, coming from Kristin Kreuk of all people. Hypocrite. Did she learn this from her pedophile leader Keith Raniere. He likes 12 year olds Kristin!

    • Who is the source of that tweet, and is the quote even reliable?

      Kreuk seems to have a strange cult of followers – some apparently now deeply disturbed that the object of their affection turned out not to be a pure idol.

      And apparently they’re even prone to hoaxes:

      “Kristin Kreuk dead 2019” : Actress killed by internet death hoax
      “News of actress Kristin Kreuk’s death spread quickly earlier this week causing concern among fans across the world. ”

  • Written on FR, september 6 2017, on a poust about the mexican teens oh Chihuahua :

    “In addition to dissatisfaction of the teens from Mexico, Ms. Junco’s daughter, Lauris, reportedly felt repelled by something that occurred or possibly by Mr. Raniere and her mother’s unusual relationship. She was sent out of town at the same time the girls went home. She was sent to a private boarding school in May – only one month before the school”.

    • “She was sent to a private boarding school in May – only one month before the school”.

      If she would have stayed with her mother, she would have ended up in a NXIVM Bordello instead of a boarding school.

  • The smelly threesome text gave me a flashback to a scene from “Smallville”. Mack’s girl-next-door character Chloe has hooked up with Jimmy Olsen (don’t ask) and Clark and Lois are searching the couple’s apartment for some reason I forget. Anyway, Lois finds a pair of pink handcuffs on the nightstand and deadpans, “It looks like the Olsen isn’t so wholesome”.

    • “Chloe has hooked up with Jimmy Olsen”

      In the original Superman TV show, the actor who played Jimmy Olsen was Jack Larson – who. in real life. was gay and became a noted lyricist and movie producer.

      And in real life, Allison herself is quite comfortable with gays of both genders.

      ” Anyway, Lois finds a pair of pink handcuffs on the nightstand and deadpans, “It looks like the Olsen isn’t so wholesome”.

      Maybe those pink handcuffs belonged to Chloe (Allison) instead of Jimmy Olsen.

  • Soon he’ll find out what it means to be a sex slave. They guys on Block C have needs that must be serviced.

  • The ‘photograph’ at the top of the article is spot-on.

    Keith is a hairy, pumpkinheaded, limp dwarf.

  • Got to give it to Keith Raniere. He’s not the world’s smartest man but he sure can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo.

    All the women who fell for him from Toni Natalie who lived with this shit head, gave up her son for him, and helped him run his criminal enterprise, CBI.

    Barbara Bouchey, who after losing millions of dollars and a decade of her life, is still defending his so-called intellectual property as “life-changing”.

    Nancy Salzman gives at least her oldest daughter to him sexually and runs his criminal enterprise #2.

    Pam Cafritz, who leaves her family trust fund to this joker.

    Sara and Clare Bronfman, who help run his criminal enterprise and hand over millions of their trust funds

    All these sex/DOS slaves

    The list goes on and one

    This guy is. hopefully. gonna spend the rest of his life in prison and rot in hell. He has had a wild ride up until his arrest and fooled some of the best.

    • Fuck Keith Raniere.

      There is nothing positive to “give to” him with respect to his behavior. No one should be “celebrated” even the tiniest bit for being able to con people, especially people who are vulnerable and who open their trust to them. That just means you can lie through your teeth without a whiff of conscience or empathy because you’re a selfish prick and that is not what makes people human, despite all the bullshit VanFake spewed about humanitarianism.

    • He was a pretty effective con man, indeed.

      However, I’m not sure he “fooled some of the best.” Most of the truly prominent and accomplished people that NXIVM once listed as been involved*, must have done some of the basic courses and then moved on, along with many others we don’t know about, as did about 95% of all those who once enrolled. Typical with groups like this, there aren’t any highly professional or truly successful people in their ranks – no brain surgeons or scientists, physicists or self-made billionaires.

      Raniere did manage to lure in some fairly average ones – though a few of them happened to be wealthy or some sort of celebrities – and not all low hanging fruit or obviously damaged people. The disturbing thing is that it could have been family or friends, if not us.

      * Very early on they promoted the involvement of someone high up in Black Entertainment Television (BET), and several other business executives. I don’t think any prominent business people were involved after the 2003 Forbes article, because they are the sort to know to do their due diligence – or to have staff and assistants to do background work for them.

  • Any idea if the smelly one will blow his final wad and take the stand?

    What’s the dude gotta lose? He’s gonna spend the rest of his unnatural life behind bars anyways.

    So why not go out with a show for the courtroom, the judge and the jury?

  • I can’t read anymore of these reports because I feel dirty after I read them. It will take a while to clean the filth from people’s minds who have read these reports. I don’t know how long it will take to clean the courthouse of the filth. Probably a long time. Depraved is the only world I can think of when I read about these people.

  • ““I am 100 percent clear that you are what I want for my daughter (and obviously myself),” Rose Laura Junco wrote in an email to Raniere in August of 2015.”

    What mother wouldn’t offer up her underage daughter for a sex orgy?

    Keith Raniere was in the wrong business.
    He should have been making pornos in San Fernando Valley, the home of America’s porn movie industry.
    “One was from Allison Mack who wrote to him and Dani Padilla, another sex slave to thank them for a recent threesome.”
    ““I love that I smell like a mixture of you both”, Allison Mack wrote.”

    And Allison thinks that Keith Raniere was trying to improve the world with Menage a Trois sex.
    “In another email – this one from Raniere to Mack – he instructed her to send over India Oxenberg, one of her own slaves.”
    ““Does India know in order to complete her [assignment] she needs to take all her clothes off, while I am clothed, pose in the most revealing way, and have me take a picture?” he wrote”

    And there are still people on the Frank Report in the Comments section denying that Allison Mack is a PIMP.

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