Rainbow Cultural Gardens Closed Down in Monterrey By Mexican Government

Rainbow Cultural Gardens - a dangerous experiment

Sources in Mexico tell Frank Report that the Mexican government has shut down the dangerous child experiment called Rainbow Cultural Gardens in Monterrey.

However, the child experiment center in Guadalajara remains open.

The operation in Mexico City remains in doubt.

Carola Garza was chief operating officer of the Monterrey center and last week’s shutdown came as a big surprise to her and the parents of children being experimented on. The parents are mainly wealthy devotees of the pedophile Keith Alan Raniere. His followers call him Vanguard.

Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard

The closure of the Monterrey Rainbow Center came on the heels of revelations made first in Frank Report but followed up on by Mexican media – many of which are reporting on the trial of Keith Raniere, largely because of the roles of Emiliano Salinas and Rosa Laura Junco – both children of famous Mexicans – former president Carlos Salinas and media magnate Alejandro Junco respectively.

Both Rosa Laura and Emiliano have subjected their own children to the Rainbow child experiment.

Rainbow Cultural Gardens is an unlicensed, experimental program which subjects infants from six months to children of 9 or 10 years to babble in various languages. Critics say it was designed to train children to grow up to be sociopaths.


Rainbow Cultural Gardens – is it a dangerous experiment with babies and children?

The concept behind the Rainbow experiment is that babies and children should have seven nannies per week – some of whom double as sex slaves to Raniere – who speak to them in seven different languages.

The nannies are foreign-born and each speaks in her own native language for one day per week to the child, resulting in children getting a medley of languages – one day after another unceasingly.

Parents are not allowed to speak to their children in any language but the language permitted that day.

For instance, if the language of the day is Russian – no other language is spoken before the child all day and night. If parents cannot speak Russian then they cannot speak with their child that day.

If the next day’s language is Mandarin, again the rule applies: parents may not speak with their children – unless they speak Mandarin.

Critics believe this is child abuse since the method is untested. There are no studies, no evidence that children learn more languages through this method.  To date, not one child in Rainbow has ever been brought forward to publicly demonstrate they can speak in any more than two languages despite the fact that the child experiment is now in its 12th year.

The mad doctor Brandon Porter M.D. – who also did the human fright experiments – did some child experiments for Rainbow. These studies remain unpublished.

Human fright doctor Brandon Porter MD did the studies on children for Rainbow.

There are reports that some Rainbow children grew up to merely babble and cannot even speak their own native language properly because they were subjected to so many different languages since infancy. The constant change of nannies and the alienation from their parents have made some children paranoid and antisocial according to sources whose children were actually subjected to this cruel childhood experiment.

Ironically, the inventor of the Rainbow experiment, Keith Alan Raniere, only speaks English – yet he declares that babies should be taught seven languages to increase their brain power.

Raniere claims he is one of the smartest people in the world and one of the world’s top three problem solvers. His claim is based on a take-home IQ test – he took home and returned a month later – in 1989.  At least one woman has come forward to say she helped Raniere with his take-home IQ test.

As Raniere stands trial for sex trafficking and racketeering, and his Nxivm organization is in shambles in the USA, only Mexico Nxivm stands strong.

The Monterrey shutdown is seen as a blow to the future of Nxivm since Rainbow Cultural Gardens was viewed as the best method to ensure that children of the Nxivm cult remain in the cult.

Monterrey Rainbow’s Facebook page is now offline. When one clicks on the link https://www.facebook.com/centromulticulturalrainbow/ the message seen is “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now.”

Their website http://rcgkids.com/ is also shut down.

Monterrey’s Rainbow leader, Carola Garza, has so far remained silent on the shutdown, but her mother-in-law, Christina Del Valle, made this statement on social media:
English translation:
“Life is a privilege and dedicating it to the service of others is gain in many ways. It blesses you and returns what you have contributed to society, the good and the not so good. Living, trusting in life, is difficult because it often becomes uncertain and it seems that this uncertainty turns against us, but as the years pass and maturity reaches your heart to your mind and body, you realize that the best result has been when you let yourself be guided by a sincere heart, when you searched for your own good and for the good of others.
“Of course, intelligence is very important if it is guided by the heart, it is the safe path, even if you do not see the destination or the end of the road, everything will come to light and it will be seen what has been the effort of each one.
“This is a recognition to Carola, my daughter-in-law, whom I have seen fighting for her dreams, for giving her children the greatest love a mother can give. It is a recognition to tell her that I believe in her, that I have lived her honest effort, her clarity in love, her patience to be better every day.

“That life is going to bring her a reward that she has to trust in her because she is a unique person and that life and God bless those who walk with good will.”


In Guadalajara, Cami [last name redacted], the 29-year-old woman who was raped by Raniere when she was 15 [and possibly younger], the younger sister of Dani [the woman confined in a room for nearly two years by Keith Raniere], continues to work at Rainbow. She is under the rulership of [redacted], one of the Mexican leaders of Nxivm.

Image result for monterrey mexico rainbow cultural garden
Loreta Garza, a first line DOS slave, is the worldwide chief operating officer of the child experiment Rainbow Cultural Gardens. Her sister, Carola Garza is chief operating officer of Rainbow in Monterrey.
Carola Garza operates Rainbow Cultural Gardens in Monterrey. She is the sister of Loreta and Jimena Garza.  Carola is reportedly a member of DOS – the master-slave group founded by Keith Alan Raniere.

Jimena Garza Davila:  This dedicated slave-woman of DOS runs the Monterrey branch of Nxivm with her husband, Omar ‘Cornuto’ Boone.  Keith Raniere’s initials are branded on Jimena’s pubic region.

Omar ‘Cuckie’ Boone, one of the worldwide leaders of Nxivm, [He is on the executive board with Clare Bronfman and Lauren Salzman] with wife, Jimena Garza. She is one of the leaders of DOS. She has taken a vow of lifelong slavery to Keith Alan Raniere and bears his initials [KAR] on her pubic region.
Branded DOS slave Jimena Garza walks with her Grand Master, Keith Alan Raniere, in San Pedro Garza Garcia in November 2017. Frank Report uncovered Raniere’s whereabouts and reported it – along with this historic picture – proving that Raniere had fled to Mexico. He was arrested in Puerto Vallarta in March 2018.

The closure of the Monterrey center is not the first center closed by authorities.  Last year, the Miami Rainbow Cultural Garden child experiment center was closed by child protection officials there.

According to https://www.rainbowculturalgarden.uk/locations,  Rainbow Cultural Garden centers are reportedly still experimenting on children in the following locales:

• Albany, NY
• LA
• Miami [closed]

• Mexico City
• Monterrey [now closed]
• Cuernavaca
• Guadalajara, Mexico

• Guatemala

• Madrid

• London

• Vancouver, Canada
• Leon, Mexico


About Rainbow Cultural Gardens –

By Sara Bronfman

Sara Bronfman is one of the world leaders of the experimental organization, Rainbow Cultural Gardens. Here is how she explains the experiments on children.

Who We Are:

Rainbow Cultural Garden is an early child-development program which, through careful, progressive exposure to multiple languages, cultures, representational systems and aesthetics, seeks to inspire and capture the miraculous, creative, learning lives of children.

Our Core Values:

JOY: We believe developing a rich internal world is key to our children’s optimal fulfilment in life; as such, we seek to emphasise and prolong the wondrous state of joy and curiosity that naturally exists in all children.

HUMANITY: By exposing children to loving role models from a diversity of cultures, we seek to foster a sense of solidarity with all of humanity.

SKILLS: We believe it’s important that out children learn “how” to think rather than “what” to think; build self-esteem and self-reliance and develop problem-solving skills that will serve them no matter what challenges they might face.

How We Work:

Using the most current scientific understandings in child development, Rainbow Cultural Garden gives families with children in Early Years Foundational Stages (EYFS) access to carefully sourced and highly trained child development specialists who, through one-to-one or group interaction, impart to them their unique language and culture.


The program was devised by Keith Alan Raniere now on trial for sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering.

Image result for keith raniere frank report monterrey jimena garza san pedro garza garcia
Would you want this perv devising your child’s education?







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[…] former NXIVM employee turned whistle-blower, has looked into Rainbow Cultural Garden, calling it a “dangerous child experiment.” On one of his posts, one person using the moniker “Anya” commented about being a former […]


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[…] former NXIVM employee turned whistle-blower, has looked into Rainbow Cultural Garden, calling it a “dangerous child experiment.” On one of his posts, one person using the moniker “Anya” commented about being a former […]


[…] former NXIVM employee turned whistle-blower, has looked into Rainbow Cultural Garden, calling it a “dangerous child experiment.” On one of his posts, one person using the moniker “Anya” commented about being a former […]


[…] former NXIVM employee turned whistle-blower, has looked into Rainbow Cultural Garden, calling it a “dangerous child experiment.” On one of his posts, one person using the moniker “Anya” commented about being a former […]


[…] former NXIVM employee turned whistle-blower, has looked into Rainbow Cultural Garden, calling it a “dangerous child experiment.” On one of his posts, one person using the moniker “Anya” commented about being a former […]


[…] former NXIVM employee turned whistle-blower, has looked into Rainbow Cultural Garden, calling it a “dangerous child experiment.” On one of his posts, one person using the moniker “Anya” commented about being a former nanny […]


[…] former NXIVM worker turned whistle-blower, has seemed into Rainbow Cultural Backyard, calling it a “dangerous child experiment.” On one among his posts, one particular person utilizing the moniker “Anya” commented […]

4 years ago

Hi there, I used to work for rainbow cultural garden as a nanny and to teach my native language.
This method was very strange, as we are not allow to say “NO” if a child want to do anything, we have to let them do, even child wants to
put their fingers on hot pan or hit people or steal something….. there were no teaching of Limit or boundary. and child were constantly exposed to different language and they looked so confused. a RCG children were only allow to communicate with RCG children. I felt very sorry for children.

However, people whom were working at this company were very nice and positive.(too optimistic) and they were very secretive….

That is my experience.


[…] The Mexican government shut down the Rainbow Cultural Garden in Monterrey. […]


[…] Rainbow Cultural Gardens Closed down in Monterrey by Mexican Government […]


[…] NXIVM experimental “child learning center” in Mexico is shut down by the government. […]

4 years ago

Remember the finders cult was taking children to a “special school” in Mexico? In an interview with Nick Bryant, the host Whitley Strieber said the city was Monterrey. it was a dreamland podcast. you can find an archived form of it.

4 years ago

Dear Heroic Individuals,

If you happen to speak French and want to do something heroic please contact French authorities and let them know about Raniere’s ties to the Rainbow Cultural Gardens Center School and all satellite schools.

Act now and you actual can make an incredible different in a young persons life.

It’s not a laughing matter.

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

I am fluent in French and I will tell you now, things are such a mess in France right now that the Macron government and all of it’s related agencies will not do a thing about this matter. Not. One. Thing. Why else would Sara be living in Paris at the moment? Well… lots of reasons why not, but they also have to do with the fundamental fact that she has nothing to worry about regarding any of her activities, and those that she authorizes and approves from any French official.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

As far as we know, there are no Rainbow Cultural Garden schools in France, so what does that accomplish? You don’t have to speak French to talk to the French. Just call and push button #2 for English. It’s not heroic, it’s just doing the right thing.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

As I recall, the Miami school was shut down because of not having a license. Do we have any information regarding why the Mexico school was shut down? I don’t think you need to live in or near the locations, just contact them. Also, don’t ask them to investigate what is going on, tell them what is going on and tell them to take action, NOW!

Here’s the websites to contact:

New York State: https://ocfs.ny.gov/main/cps/ 800-342-3720 The person at this number said the information didn’t meet their criteria, and provided the following two numbers to call the educational agencies, for Albany and NYC, respectively: 518-486-6090, 212-510-1400. These numbers are available during normal business hours.

Los Angeles County: (800)-540-4000 – Within CA
(213)-639-4500 – Outside CA
(800)-272-6699 – TDD
Online Reporting:

Most of the online presence has disappeared, but here’s some corporate information: https://frankreport.com/2019/04/25/theyre-baaaaack-actually-nxivm-has-never-gone-away-clare-bronfman-lauren-salzman-omar-boone-now-lead-nxivm/

I couldn’t find a good reference for Mexico, perhaps the New York or California locations can help with all of the other countries. Here’s some good background information for them to look at: https://frankreport.com/?s=rainbow and tell them that five people have already plead guilty to felonies, the kingpin is currently on trial, and the Miami school was recently shut down as well as the Monterey school. Flood them with phone calls.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Update: I played “let’s forward the call to someone else” several times this morning with the two New York numbers, here’s where I have left messages to call me back: 718-722-2796 in Brooklyn, New York, probably next door to the courthouse or MDC jail. 212-510-1400. It’s no mystery to me why the school is still operating where NXIVM is based and where the trial is located, bureaucracy at its best.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

I received a call back from the 518 area code number, above. However, I wasn’t available at the time. I’ll call them back tomorrow. I also haven’t heard back from the California person I called, and they didn’t send the email I requested so I could keep in touch in order to provide more information, so I’ll call them back in a day or two if I don’t hear from them.

4 years ago

Weren’t there also reports of a RCG program in France, that Sara Bronfman was connected to?

And it’s interesting to get some reporting out of Mexico on the state of NXIVM there, which apparently is being impacted by all the horrendous publicity coming out of the US. Even if Mexican media and officialdom are hesitant to tackle NXIVM head-on due to its influential connections, I think it will suffer a sort of death of a thousand cuts like this, and be reduced to a small group of diehards unable to bring in any new blood; most of those looking for a group and a guru will move on to something else.

It seems to take an unusual coming together of circumstances and personalities for a cult to form, that is not easy to replicate. For example, in the seven decades of the history of Scientology, and numerous schisms and offshoots often lead by important early figures with something of their own following, only one, Avatar, ever really succeeded in establishing itself and attracting a significant number of new participants.

Oh, and a search for Spanish-language reporting on the NXIVM trial shows coverage from some secondary Mexican sources such as proceso.mx and El Pulso Diario de San Luis, as well as the Spanish-language arms of US-based media like the NY Times, Forbes, and Univision:


It may even be that as time goes on, and as happened with the Times Union, that as NXIVM is increasingly seen as discredited and weakened, even the major Mexican media will lose their fear about covering them.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

You are far too optimistic. Most of the media will move onto the next shiny object when the trial is over and NXIVM will regroup. Plenty of people will join the newly named cult/scam.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

I had meant to add, that there’s still some reason to be wary.

However, I still think that everyone will move on to the next shiny object – including potential recruits, and all but a few diehards.
A change of names isn’t going to solve their reputational or organizational problems.

I know a fair bit of the history of groups and cults in America, and I can’t think of an organization that has really survived a catastrophic, disruptive scandal like this. Groups like NXIVM depend in part on the mythology around their guru – we’ve heard plenty of testimony about how that captivated the people involved – and in this case that has been shattered utterly, along with the whole leadership and management structure around him.

Come think of it, didn’t Amway try renaming in part to escape its reputation? I remember someone trying to introduce me to Quixtar – but I quickly realized it was just a re-named Amway, and wanted nothing to do with it. Apparently the attempt was a failure, and they ended up reverting to the Amway brand eventually.

What might be more likely, and for which there are some precedents, would be a small offshoot that was even more extreme. But I don’t see any obvious candidate with the reputation and ability to lead such a thing.

4 years ago

There is no way it is good for very young children to have different people looking after them on each day. By all means have one parent speak in their native tongue plus their nanny to help ensure they are bilingual but this kind of extreme stuff and not even allowing the parent to talk to the child in the evening in the parents’ language is dreadful.

4 years ago

On March 22, 2018, just a few days before Keith Raniere’s arrest Allison Mack posted this video to her Instagram page of a young Hispanic boy in a Green Shirt giving a monologue in English.
Presumably this boy is a member of the Rainbow Cultural Garden and a good example of Rain Cultural Garden’s results.
He talks just like Keith Raniere.
It might be illuminating to preserve this video where the boy talks about “practicing JOY in your life.”
Allison Mack made no further posts on her Instagram after this video.

Allison Mack’s own comment:

wisdom…. pure wisdom! #soulfood #inspiration
Some other people’s responses to Allison Mack herself

(Feel the Public’s Love For Allison Mack)

@prideofkiano you’ve kept people as slaves and burned your initials into sex slaves?

I don’t practice sex trafficking. Any tips?

Horrible that you are a child sex trafficker, I hope you die in prison
46w 4 likes Reply

#phedophile #lockherup
45w 3 likes Reply

45w 1 like Reply

This one of the kids u branded

@agspeed enjoy the creepiness that is Allison Mack’s insta!

Horrible that you are a child sex trafficker, I hope you die in prison
46w 4 likes Reply

https://thefreethoughtproject.com/smallville-star-cult-leader-allison-mack-now-accused-of-molesting-8yo-girl-and-recording-it/ So much for innocence…
45w 2 likes Reply

you sure you don’t wanna put him into sex trafficking ???
5w 20 likes Reply

Hope u get life sentence
5w 10 likes Reply

I can’t believe you did all those awful things!!!! Shame on you!!
5w 10 likes Reply

You’re a fucking joke…
49w2 likesReply

And now, the Series Finale of Smallville.
49w1 likeReply

Burn in hell with your Keith
50w7 likesReply

@toto_meresha She Practices Branding Women And recruiting sex slaves, children don’t even speak like this child is speaking

Allison Mack practices using a soldering Iron on her NVXIM Sex Slaves
42w 4 likes Reply

Stop posting kids up. U obviously are a danger to society to dum cunt
46w 7 likes Reply

charger426hemi1’s profile picture
@mab_8187 she isn’t a cunt or a danger to society

Is this bitch still into human trafficking or what?
47w 10 likes Reply

She’s a pedophile.
47w 6 likes Reply

charger426hemi1’s profile picture
@pill_cosbyyy no she is

Looks like she’s on the wall of weird
47w 5 likes Reply

People should stop attacking Allison she is an amazing woman who inspires many, we would be better off if more people were like Allison
47w3 likesReply

Guess what Charger? When someone is indicted by a grand jury, things are no longer “public opinion” 🤣🤣. I hope you like talking to your precious Allison either through plexiglass or a video monitor, because that is all you will be able to do once she is found gulity. She will be, and she will also take the wrap for Keith because she is a dumb fuck much like yourself 🤣🤣🤣. **Laughing at your stupidity and her suffering***
42w 4 likes Reply

Smells like a criminal…
48w 2 likesv Reply

Burn in hell motherfucker
44w 8 likes Reply

Allison Mack Is a disgusting monster who should rot in jail for all the horrible things she has done and all of those people who think she is innocent are just full on Morons
35w 17 likes Reply

you are very fucked up 😂😂😂😂
44w7 likesReply

4 years ago

A long time ado Allison Mack was a pretty teenager who acted in a moderately popular TV show. In the present, she is a heartless blackmailer and torturer. Chloe Sullivan is no more. Allison Mack should get 20 years minimum, with no chance of parole. The very fact that she waxed enthusiastic about that video shows what a depraved individual she has become, and IS.

4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

So true, Paul!

4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

The remarks are almost universally negative about that video.
While the child speaks good English, it is in a monotone voice as if he were thoroughly indoctrinated in Raniere’s BS.
And normal children do not talk that way.
As you said, the fact that Allison Mack is enthusiastic says all you need to know about her mentality.
She even labels this disturbing video #soulfood.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

It’s not good English, it is very repetitive and not a topic a child that age normally talks about. And it is #soulfood, called word salad.

4 years ago

The video of the child was chilling and incredible disturbing.

It’s darkly ironic something labeled soulful is soulless.

She was definitely out of her f*cking mind at that time.

It’s equally disturbing that she believed the video was a positive testimonial.

4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

Mack never was Chloe Sullivan. At the time she was playing the role, she had a long-term older boyfriend who she’d probably been with since she was 17 or younger, who was a failed rock musician and reportedly abusive, and who had “Will You Marry Me” tattooed on his chest – she apparently thought that was somehow endearing and agreed to an engagement, and got his initials tattooed somewhere on her. When I looked him up, it turns out he is a Jr., and Sr. is a registered sex offender after having been convicted of pedophilia – surprise, surprise.

Mack’s relationship back then, seems to portend what she got into with Raniere. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was even more sordid, and more a precedent for what went on in DOS. Though we don’t yet know for certain, if Mack really did suggest the idea for branding as she claimed, it’s possible that even more of DOS was based on ideas she shared with Raniere.

It’s also hard to tell to what extent those involved, got sucked or even manipulated into doing things they might never have done otherwise. Hopefully we’ll get some good testimony shedding light on what exactly was going on in Mack’s case. She certainly deserves to do some time for the things she did – Dani is an example, that individuals with a stronger personal and moral compass could resist – but it’s also possible that she’s just someone who is easily manipulated.

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker


I have a feeling when Allison Mack testifies she will pay Lauren Salzman back in spades for Lauren bashing her on the witness stand.

Payback is a bitch….. pardon the pun.

Allison is an actress, I have a feeling her detractors may change their tone after she testifies if she helps destroy Raniere.

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