Bangkok: NDNY Will Not Likely Prosecute Raniere! – Here’s Why

By Bangkok

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (okay, I actually enjoy it) but…

K.R. Claviger is WRONG yet again – on his post Pressure Continues to Mount on the NDNY To Do Something

NDNY [The US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York] is most certainly NOT feeling pressure to bring charges against NXIVM.

Nor are they LIKELY to bring charges once the EDNY [US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York] trial is over.

Here’s six reality checks for Claviger:

1) NDNY is a federal agency which doesn’t revolve around Albany politics or local Albany newspapers. The US Attorney in charge of NDNY has NO PRESSURE whatsoever to make NXIVM a target. He can ignore NXIVM. This whole news topic will fade way into the sunset once the defendants are sentenced in the EDNY case.

2) The remaining charges (which could be tried in the NDNY) are difficult and complex cases to win, requiring many months of investigative efforts. The NDNY would have to devote TONS of man hours (and spend millions of dollars) to prosecute people who have ALREADY been prosecuted and sentenced to jail. It’s like whipping a dead horse.

Contrary to Claviger’s belief, the NDNY can’t just have the EDNY feed them a few boxes of files and be ready for trial in a month, it doesn’t FUCKEN work like that you ASSHOLE! Nor will Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza travel to NDNY to try the cases herself, you dipshit.

3) Why the FUCK would the NDNY devote huge financial resources (and manpower) towards prosecuting a complex case WHEN most of these people are ALREADY going to fucken jail anyway?

Again, it’s whipping a dead horse from the NDNY’s perspective.

4) Truth is, Claviger is telling us tall tales and engaging in wishful thinking. The NDNY will never bring charges once the EDNY case is over.

5) I’ve consulted with a psychic who agrees with me (this same psychic helped me to predict the winner of a Superbowl).

6) Claviger is full of shit, as usual, which leads me to believe he’s not a real defense attorney cuz his judgment isn’t very realistic. I’m guessing that he’s a failed trial attorney and is now a personal injury ambulance chaser.


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  • The NDNY will investigate and prosecute the well-known defendants of NXIVM and others.
    That’s for sure already. Even if Allison & Co’s prison sentences are safe, the probable sentence
    is far behind what they “deserve”. And that’s easy to raise in NDNY, to a punishment commensurate
    with the seriousness of the crimes. Then we’ll see if the defendants can still afford the bataillions
    of attorneys, or just public defenders.
    A new trial is needed and it will come. No matter how many psychics Bangkok promise the opposite.

    • I would like to see the State of New York step up to the plate and take a whack at these defendants.
      For years the New York State authorities tolerated this terrorist criminal gang and its antics.
      New York even persecuted those who tried to expose NXVM.
      Now prosecuting these defendants would be a slam dunk and
      Double Jeopardy would not apply.
      These defendants can be prosecuted for state as well as Federal crimes.
      How about it, New York?

    • The others may be the key – if they are to be brought to justice, then the burden is on the NDNY to go after those not already indicted, in cases that probably will still involve some of the original defendants.

      Certainly, we’re ultimately almost certain to at least see the IRS and DHS (which has jurisdiction over cross-border money transfers) go after not only the major players already indicted, but various others involved in illegal financial activities. Another of Raniere’s and the Bronfmans’ liabilities regarding the assets they do have left, is that those agencies may go after them seeking large penalties, and possibly even criminal charges; it’s an interesting question, for instance, whether the approximately $100 million in commodities and real estate investments were actually accounted for properly for tax purposes, and what the liabilities from those might be.

      • Only because a new administration is in charge. The last corrupt regime did not give a flying fuck about NXIVM and their corruption. They were too fucking busy sicing the IRS on conservative groups. The filthy bitch Lois Lerner pleaded the fucking 5th when called before Congress. The evil witch may still be held accountable for her corruption.

  • ps all you snide psychic judgementals…….everyday psychics happen to be consulted to solve crimes analyse faces and detail circumstance of an array of many many other mathematically electromagnetically inferred data connected conveyence including remote viewing
    but you all know better than professionals in the field so by all means do stay closed minded

    • I hope you’re kidding.

      There was once a fad of consulting psychics in difficult cases – and it long ago died out, after it turned out not to be of any value:

      Title: Comparison of Psychics, Detectives, and Students in the Investigation of Major Crimes
      Author(s): N Klyver; M Reiser
      Date Published: Unknown
      Page Count: 14
      Type: Report (Study/Research)
      Format: Document
      Language: English
      Country: United States of America
      Annotation: This paper describes the results of a replication of Reiser’s 1979 study, which focused on the ability of psychics to aid in criminal investigations; two control groups were used in this study to provide empirical reference points.
      Abstract: [excerpted]

      “the psychics were unable to produce information that was significantly better than the comparison groups. The data provided no support for the theory that psychics could produce investigatively useful information. In addition, the data failed to show that the psychics could produce any information relating to the cases beyond a chance level of expectancy. “

      • wow a 14 page study with 2 control groups cant compare to years worth of government practice 1979 – 1995 [but nice try}

        “As you will understand this is a VERY condensed version of Remote Viewing history. The Official remote viewing program started in 1972 and finished in 1995 – over twenty three years of scientific research. This generated well over 95,000 pages of data and information. A proportion of this data (96,000 pages) has been released by the CIA as the Project Star Gate FOIA archives. A few of these documents are enclosed within this website for you to get a feel for the results and the science.”

        • Chickrouge you are trying to enlighten a cult member of the worlds largest cult. The phoney is a total hypocrite, incapable of any independent thought..

        • Two good studies that actually produced results, still beat a massive and extended research attempt, when it failed to ever produce any conclusive results. Quantity does not equal quality. And a conspiracy theory website that’s currently broken, is not an authoritative source.

          Remote viewing is a great example of a culty, conspiratorial belief that fails the reality check – along with various other faults and inconsistencies. If it worked, why weren’t Hussein and Bin Laden found right away – and where’s Al-Baghdadi (the ISIS leader)? And why is the US still blindsided by more terrorist attacks than ever (keep in mind, domestic and international attacks actually go back to the 1960s, with groups from the Weathermen to Bader-Meihof), rather than foiling them all? Plus what about cyberattacks, and election meddling – if there were real remote viewers, what would they be doing?

          It’s fascinating that Frank’s website somehow attracts lots of differing varieties of ideological culty thinking, that are exact analogs of what was going on in NXIVM – which also had its own pet conspiracy theories, to boot.

          • critical thinking and selfspiritualization meditation etc are NOT CULT or CULTY thinking {fool}

            its our soulgiven rights as humans

            just some corrupted snakeoil salesmen steal premises to prey on more susceptable who dont TRUST THEMSELVES to self explore

            the fact you sit on your own persceptive skills and decide they dont exist well thats YOUR closemindedness …stay in your limited box with all your tv programming telling you just how small your mind is trust me the esoteric will not miss you …

            ps election fraud and cyberattacks and false flags are all by clowndesign silly they dont want any of that interrupted ….. and if you think remote viewing has been shut down well it all got PRIVATIZED… everything else in the ninties that the clinTOONS stuck their grubby paws in

            {wasnt it so nice that HAITI paid for CHELSEAs wedding soon to be a nys senator}<==by design

  • Sans obscenities, this voice sounds realistic as it shouts into the racket of crazed, bloodthirsty anti-Keiths. I hope justice will be done according to the law. If things are not carried out thusly then the ballot box is our recourse. You may not like it but we don’t live in China, Venezuela, or the Philippines.

    • soccermom1245 you just dont understand

      in nys we do not have an option for a vote…. they shred our votes
      its all backroom deals based on human harvesting to the absolute worst degree

      • There are places in this world where ‘No Vote’ and ‘human harvesting’ are actual realities. NY aint one of them tho..why you lying? Yet, it could be argued that much of the wealth your city enjoys, its grand buildings, infrastructure, the levels of public service all premised on the terrors you speak of… I think that’s what’s up with all you Quanon types.

        Your hyper sensibility to what you insist is real now, WAS real, the genocidal programme that built your fine nation is coming back to haunt you..but, too decadent to take responsibility…you project…endlessly… the great tranny/pedo/human-harvesting/libtard/leftard/rightard/witch-hunt you’re engaged in is a con. It’s hard work to Live and let Live. Nowhere near as exciting as sitting with your keyboard nurturing a deep psychotic state.

        • so i am lying about 250,000 brooklynites being disenfranchised ….

          {nia lowrys daughter made a $5,000,000 bride in 2014 …. for a building sale on W 76th street {YEAH im the liar}

          originally listed in willows for 3 months at 1,999,999 sold for 6,999,999 trace LLCs

          maybe you should get offa your ass and do some real research

        • No Mrs. Democrat…..New York is one of them and one of the most corrupt. It is a fucking pigsty of injustice and one party corruption.

  • 5. I’ve consulted with a psychic who agrees with me (this same psychic helped me to predict the winner of a Superbowl). Seriously ??? WTF

      • No, it is Hillary Clinton with her Witches cove that she loved to be part of. Of course ole Hill’s soul has been dead for a long time.

    • I hope you’re not serious, Outsider. There’s a 50/50 chance of getting a Super Bowl pick right.

      That’s a prime opportunity for a “psychic” to pick half the pockets on the planet and have half of ‘em coming back happy for more readings if the psychic switches team picks back and forth with each customer.

      The correct way to read Tarot is to study the cards FACE UP while focusing on a question you want your subconscious mind to answer. (There are symbols in each card that a good reader knows and can interpret.) Then flip the cards over face down and pick. That way you’re revealing what your subconscious mind knows but your conscious mind is “filtering” out for whatever reason.

      Symbols are the language of the subconscious mind. Tarot cards can be used to access locked in memories and such.

      If a reader doesn’t have you study the cards face up, watch the cards while you shuffle, position and pick while silently focusing on an issue — I can tell you with 100% accuracy you’re about to waste $20 bucks or much more, if you fall for buying the gold statue you’ll need to burn to change your fortune. Etc.

  • #5 is this the same psychic who believed Bouchey would get her money back by asking for it in her resignation letter? If so, you loss bangoff

    • 😆. Good to see some humor on here. This has gotta be the least icon used spot on the web outside of South Nam. But I don’t go much beyond FR after the online terror NX and, quite possibly, my NX-inspired ex put me through.

      First, back in the late 90’s early 00’s when Gina, KAR and her NX friends very successfully assisted in “tweaking” our marriage and obtained collateral on us both to do it. I know they were involved bc they left their calling card – a picture of me, my ex and Gina with me torn off —under the visor over the passenger side.

      Funny, but I was told by my son’s old caregiver — Dolores — who recently got back in touch with me and also my ex, I believe — that my mother-in-law tore me out of all the pictures in their house in Miami when she traveled there alone with my ex and my son.

      Very odd isn’t it that whomever might have participated in Gina’s murder (or whatever it was) should do the same thing Delores said my mother-in-law allegedly did.

      Delores, btw, came back home with me and my son, D, to Albany, NY for some extended stays during rough periods in our marriage and over a few Christmas breaks, too. There Delores hung out a bit with Gina and her NX “friends” bc my Mom wanted her to feel welcome and have lots of breaks and Gina had found some fluent Spanish speaking friends for her in Albany of all places.

      Delores played a big role in our divorce — for my ex’s attorney. Whereas my attorney — one of them, David Jensen — discovered Delores was wanted for questioning in Mexico regarding the murder of her brother-in-law to help discredit her very damning, mostly false testimony about me.

      This is the divorce, my one and only, where I found and filed that check for a cool $8M from Carlos Slim Helu’ to my ex, for that Telmex project Gina and/or Delores lifted off our computers along with a few other items.

      I would not recommend a Mexican Divorce to anyone. Or the “Betty Blue Agency” for caregivers but my ex and his new wife love ‘em. Maria, there, will have a caregiver for you within minutes of your call but she’s not big on background checks. Joy, our new agency head, is not much better but she did send us a “Keith, Allison and Jezabel Lopez.”

      I’m elated to read NXIVM has been “outed” in Mexico. Now what about the rest of America being contaminated with NX-trained caregivers?

      Or those of you across the pond?

  • So, you´ve consulted with a psychic… Is that psychic called Vanguard, perhaps?

    Hahaha… You made my day.

    NDNY [The US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York] is most certainly going to bring charges against NXIVM, and they will spend millions if needed, because is their job.

    • So good to hear from you, Pea.
      How are Legatus Pro Temp, Yolanda Cortez and Nikicat Kusa doing?
      Your house must be very crowded.
      How do you ladies ever decide what to watch on TV?

    • perhaps much like the european union they wanted an american union between canada mexico and united states…. this could have been a means to a merger to make certain only PRICKS run the system THEIR MKU PRICKS THEIR PEDO PRICKS money grubbing drug dealing business as usual or even more ruthless PRICKS {Remember the busload of missing students who kills students PRICKS}
      yes the overthrow of the american dream as it was ever sold to us <===not that any of us have been ALLOWED to actualize the dream but hell on earth seems to be paradise for baphomets

      • NAFTA has been a curse on the people of America, Canada and Mexico.
        Only rich and powerful people like the Clintons, the Trudeaus and the Salinas family have benefited from NAFTA.
        NAFTA has shafted everyone else.

    • But it’s a he…he even made a mistake once and posted with it’s real name (a year or so ago).
      Quickly changed it back to KRclaviger but too late..

    • Agreed. This was garbage, not journalism. I tuned out after the writer started critiquing the author of the other piece by calling him an asshole. Clearly your passionate…too passionate for me to take you seriously.

    • Would you prefer more Mr. Shadow stories? Of course it is journalism, worthy of airing, and the reason Bangkok was given a forum is because, unlike you, he made some good points. You won’t even disclose the cult you were in.

  • And I have news for everyone, but nobody involved in this circus will do any serious time. In the tradition of Jussie Smollet, Michael Jackson and the rest, they will get a collective slap on the wrist, but nothing more.

  • While Bangkok is less than diplomatic in his language, I believe that he is essentially correct.
    The NDNY has a long history of sitting on its hands in the NXIVM case.
    If Allison Mack had not been operating out of Brooklyn with her sex trafficking and she had confined her activities to the Albany area, there might not have been a NXIVM case at all.
    Brooklyn, being in the EDNY, has a long history dealing with organized crime cases.
    The Russian mob operates out of Brooklyn.
    The EDNY will not shrink away from handling an organized crime case.

    If the DOJ wants to prosecute NXIVM further it will have to appoint a special task force to go up to Albany and handle the case on a
    special basis.

    Moreover, I believe that the main purpose of the NXIVM prosecution is not to destroy this organized crime cult.
    The main purpose was to remove Raniere, the Bronfmans and the Salzmans from control of the NXIVM crime gang.
    What’s left of NXIVM is now in the hands of wealthy Mexican business interests.
    These people are not saints by any stretch of the imagination.
    But they are not lunatics like Raniere.

    These Mexican business interests will find NXIVM to be useful for covert financial activities like money laundering and immigration fraud.
    NXIVM will also be used to funnel illegal campaign contributions to friendly politicians, particularly in New York’s dominant Democratic party.
    If there is any sex trafficking it will be done more on the “down low.”
    No more week long orgies at the YMCA in Silver Bay.

  • This comment was written days ago, before Omar Rosales made his post on this subject.

    Are you trying to make me look like a retard by posting it now? 🙂

    Either be TIMELY or just delete the fucking comments from now on.

    Eat a bowl of hot dicks, Frank. 🙂

    • Oops, I was mistaken about the subject of Omar Rosales’ post. My bad.

      But I still think you’re an asshole, Frank. 🙂

    • I think New York State may follow up. Governor is doing two investigations on Nxivm. He made a public announcement on Nxivm flanked by Schumer and NYS Attorney General Letitia James.

      After this trial is over we will see. I’m sure the state would like to get some of the money they laundered and stashed.

      • “I think New York State may follow up. ”

        I hope you’re right.
        Almost every crime in the Federal NXIVM indictment has a similar matching state crime.
        And the confessions of the NXIVM defendants in Federal court can be used against them in state prosecutions.
        So a defendant who plead guilty to blackmail in Federal court can also be charged for blackmail in state court with the plea of guilty being used as evidence against them.
        And the Federal charges that were plea bargained away in the EDNY can be resurrected as state law crimes in New York courts.

      • he did cuomo flanked by letitia and chuck? LINK LINK LINK pic or vid or article i need to see THIS with my OWN eyes

      • LOL…I bet you believe in the Easter Bunny too, uh Junior. If your leftists buddies that run New York gave a fucking damn they would have done something years ago. Fact is too many of Andy’s gombas were in on the bribes from NXIVM

  • It would have been interesting to read this without the name calling and slurs directed at one individual whom you seem to personally hate for …. reasons…

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