Dani: Raniere’s Insane Jealousy and Obsessive Behavior Over Ben Myers Touching Her


By Dianne Lipson

Keith Raniere, to some the Vanguard, and spiritual mentor, their Grand Master or Supreme Master, a man with some 20 women or more in his harem, came off as an insane, jealous, freaky obsessive, a manipulative nutcase – a true psychopath – during Dani’s testimony today.

Before we get to that, Dani was composed. She is on her third day and is expected to continue throughout the day and should start cross examination tomorrow.

She was wearing a white button down shirt with a large black star on it and black slacks. She’s very thin. It’s hard to believe she was ever overweight.

She testified through the morning. Be forewarned that there will be some creep factor when you read  more about the Vanguard.

On the night of the big falling out with Keith [he found out that Ben kissed Dani and he wound up locking himself in the bathroom], Dani felt she was in the right, but, as the years went by, as she stayed in Nxivm, but was essentially shunned, she was no longer clear on who was right.

Everyone around her [The Nxivm wing women of Raniere’s harem] told her she was bad and that she needed to fix her problem.

[Ironically these women did not know – they were not told by Raniere – what Dani had done wrong. A source in Raniere’s harem told Frank Report that Raniere had told people that Dani’s issue was stealing money. Which was a lie, she came to learn. Meantime Dani did not tell anyone about what the real issue was – she had feelings for another man – Ben Myers.]

Daniela considered leaving many times. But she was discouraged by the wing women of Nxivm.

Dani didn’t have money and she was in the US illegally.   She was told she couldn’t leave the US without having a serious legal problem. Plus Daniela sincerely wanted to do the right thing.

She knew she had a major legal problem because she was in the US illegally – because Keith and Kathy Russell provided her with fake ID and she crossed into the US via Canada. This was her legal issue not theirs.

Dani had literally no money. Zero. Sometimes she had to ask for money for food. Or get food at her father’s house. She couldn’t make money in any way and Nxivm was providing no income for her.

Dani could not speak directly with Keith and Keith told no one [nor did Dani] that the entire fight – which began in the fall of 2006 – was over the fact that she developed romantic feelings for someone other than Keith – who meantime had a harem.

This cruel punishment went on from the fall of 2006 and well into 2008.

A big part of the morning testimony was dedicated to going over some of the thousand plus emails her and Keith exchanged.

In one email [or perhaps several] Daniela said she loved Keith and she also said some sexual stuff to him – as if she desired him sexually. Dani admitted on the witness stand that she said things to Keith that she thought she was expected to say.

Throughout the time from her falling out – to the present, she had only one interaction with Keith [if you can call it that]. She was at 8 Hale Dr. [Raniere’s sex lair, which he called his library] She was doing her usual organizing and cataloging in the library while he was gone.

She heard Keith coming in. Daniella pretended to be asleep on the couch.  Keith thinking her to be asleep walked over to her and took out his penis and put it on her face. He touched her face with his penis while Dani pretended to be asleep. Finally Keith put it away and left. There was no sex. Neither did they speak. She pretended the entire time to be sleeping.

Even though she had communicated sexual interest toward Keith in her emails to him – because she thought that was expected of her – when she was alone with him in the sex lair, she did not want sex with him so she feigned being asleep.

The emails continued. Keith told her that even though she had withdrawn from him, he was still going to help her. Among the prescribed tasks Dani was to do – under Keith’s direction – for her own good was that she had to provide “reality checks” where she was to write down what she was doing every 15 minutes.

During the lengthy email exchanges, the jury learned that Keith continued to focus on her weight constantly. Dani wrote down her weight every day and at one point she lost some 20 pounds in 30 days

Meantime Keith continued to ‘guide” her. He told her that everything she does is wrong; everything she tries to express to him, is wrong.

He keeps telling her, “You don’t know all the damage you do to me.” [This damage was, of course, caused by her romantic feelings for Ben Myers.]

The emails also addressed how Dani had done wrong. One of these was that she destroyed Ben Myers’ internal representation of Keith. [How Ben picture and idolized Keith].

Dani would write to Keith saying, “you try to help me but I’ve pushed you away. I fucked up royally.”

Keith kept telling her, “Do you understand what you’ve destroyed?”

Dani keeps coming up with plans to fix things. Keith keeps shooting them down.

This goes on for more than a year. Maybe two years. By now Dani is buying into the idea of how destructive she was. She’s been told that she’s “choosing” to have feelings for Ben. And what she felt for Ben was actually her “pride” and “indulgence.” Her feelings for Ben were not real.

She’s made an effort to deconstruct everything.

Keith goes beyond creepy and into the insane obsessive, worse than any jealous teen.  Keith asks Dani ‘Did Ben put his fingers inside you? Did he? Does he think you were virgin? Did he touch you on your vagina inside your clothes or was it outside your clothes?”

Yes, he had. Daniela told Keith that Ben had touched her vagina inside her clothes.

Keith wrote “What? Did he touch you between your legs under your clothing?” She said yes and Keith said, “Why did you leave this out?”

Keith asked, “How many times did he touch you there?” “How long did it last?“ “Did you tell him to stop each time” and then he said he was curious about why she left this important detail out!.

It goes on and on. Dani is trying to fix things and becomes convinced it was her that was damaging everything and Keith is helping her to fix her many issues.

For months and months and months it went on. Dani thought that all Keith ever tried to do was help her. He was her teacher. She was ashamed of crossing a boundary in her relation with Ben – a man she had not seen in more than a year and had seen about a dozen times.

She became convinced she was no longer pure.

She was told by Keith that what she did with Ben [he kissed her and touched her vagina] effected others – Ben and even her brother Fluffy [Adrian] – who had done something inordinately disrespectful to Keith. It appears that Fluffy actually said that everybody was catering to Keith too much.

Dani never told Fluffy about Keith and his sexual relations with his sisters. But he seemed resentful.

Keith said, the loss of Ben will set us back. [Ben never left Nxivm. He wound up marrying Nancy Salzman’s daughter Michelle.] And that everything was being effected by Dani’s one egregious gigantically horrendous affair  – it could even effect their legal issues if Ben were to leave [He was a Nxivm hacker] – and all of it was Daniela’s fault.

Dani was 23 years old. This had a great impact on her. She believed she destroyed everything.

Daniela said, “In that moment I even felt grateful he’s writing to me.” She’s still trusted Keith. He was well intended.

From the time she had the fight with Keith – late 2006 – until she went into the room in solitary confinement from 2010- 2012, Dani spent years being shunned by the Nxivm community. The email exchanges were at times so intense that – in lengthy threads – they started by day, went into the wee hours of the night and into the next morning.

The emails were about Ben and Daniela – for years – over their meetings, a kiss and a bit of touching [Ben touched her breasts as well and pulled her nipples].

Keith told her “it’s all her fault and it’s effecting other people. And she’s destroyed everything.”

My god what would have happened if they actually had sex. It would have been apocalyptic.

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  • Could you tell us exactly who in this organization is being judged in trial, besides Keith? Who else on the group has been charged.
    I did the intensive at Albany, and never got back. I was sent to talk to Keith at a volleyball night, those days I was a mess and truly believed this group had answers to all my questions regarding life and purpose. That night he was talking to me, this I honestly can’t remember, the only thing I can recall of that night when he said “good night you may kiss me as all Mexican do” so I asked “how is that supposed with o be?” He just said “hot and wet”
    Never saw that man again.. he was supposed to be a mentor not a flirt

  • “He touched her face with his penis while Dani pretended to be asleep.”

    Well, I think this passage answers the question as to whether or not KAR believed in his own penis “potency” powers.

    This is close to something my sister, Gina Hutchinson, used to obsess about. She said it’s done among gay men but I never heard dick about it from anyone but Gina. And I know lots of gay men.

    Her “inner-circle” NX “friends” were taking her out dirty dancing with gay guys — one named “Joe” — to help her with her penis envy, jealousy re: me especially, etc. issues and bc she would feel safer letting loose with a gay guy than with a hetero — having been raped (introduced to sex) by KAR aka “chosen” at such a young age (for a human not a goddess such as she).

    Joe taught Gina all about this thing, I think he called it “dunking,” I’ll have to search it, that gay men supposedly do to eachother — tap their penis’ on eachother’s foreheads or face.

    Joe ET AL was showing her some obscure movie called “Pecker” — I never saw it, despite Gina’s insistence that I should to overcome my KAR-alleged issues and have more empathy for lechery, but Gina said It’s about the plight of a poor boy named “Pecker” and the farcical humiliation he suffers. She would shed tears while laughing over poor “Pecker” and poor “Joe.”

    [Yeah, I should have suspected. Woulda, shoulda, coulda…😰]

    • {{HUG FOR HEIDI}} dont cry <=== you were not your sister's keeper ….. just the soldier left behind to make certain her story is exposed
      {gina feels like such a pisces they have really tender souls}

    • I don’t know. Maybe she was just dreaming and didn’t really feel his penis, just like when he supposedly took her virginity.

  • Shocking. Normally Raniere acts in such a humane, wise and compassionate, not to mention a courageous manner. I am shocked.

  • In one of the stories, VanGoblin walked up to Dani who was on the sofa. Dani didn’t want to see the Smelly One, so she pretended to be asleep.

    VanFraud then pulls out his Vienna sausage (he’s HUNG LIKE A CASHEW) and puts it on Dani’s face. Disgusted, Dani pretends to be asleep and has to wait for 5 minutes until VanCrook gives up.

    I have a feeling Keith is going to see lots of cocks and BALLS ON HIS CHIN very shortly. All hail VanGlory Hole

  • Village Diane,

    Exceptional reporting of the important and pertinent facts Village Diane Lipson. Thank you!

    The retelling of today’s testimony really hit me. It’s so disturbing that this level cruelty and evil went on for so long in upstate New York unchecked.

    The Federal, State, and local officials who turned away from the cries of help from the victims as well as the press should live their lives in shame. None of the officials should have jobs.

    Gillbrand should not even be attempting to run for the highest office, she should go hide under a rock like the crustacean she is….

    • ” It’s so disturbing that this level cruelty and evil went on for so long in upstate New York unchecked.”

      The women of NXIVM lack the backbone and brains to stand up and fight for their rights.
      Those who refuse to defend their rights will inevitably lose those rights.

  • Daniela, Allison Mack, and Gina Hutchinson three women Keith Raniere tried to break.

    After reading this article today I felt so incredible sad for Daniela.

    This poor young woman Daniela endured heartache and emotional torture in a small room with just sleeping bag, pen and writing pad for almost 2 years.

    All of Daniela’s suffering was at Raniere’s bequest.

    How can anyone doubt that Raniere almost certainly drove Gina to suicide?

    Not everyone is as strong as Daniela seems to be.

    Raniere was trying to break Allison Mack.

    Mark Vincete testified that Raniere confessed he was trying to break Mack.
    Obviously Raniere was trying to break Daniela.

    There are many other women Raniere tried to break such as the woman that was ordered to grow her hair long.

    Clearly Raniere has a pattern of trying to destroy woman emotionally and psychologically.

  • So our beloved Vanguard, the smartest and most ethical man on Earth; is nothing more than a pudgy, flaccid, perv with the maturity of a 10 year old child. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

  • Keith Raniere has been using the bathroom escape route for twenty years! He once used it on me at a Vanguard week at Silver Bay in the early 2000’s. When Keith is challenged he runs. A true coward! I questioned his policy of not paying commission for the initial 3 sales and the commission structure was not readily available. When I asked him to explain the ethics behind not paying someone for work performed and the inconsistency with his teaching, Keith immediately excused himself to the bathroom never to return(a module in the 16 day Intensive was specifically about someone being paid for their labor and value creation.)

    He did send his emissary Edgar Boone Vice President of Sales to reprimand me for questioning the great one Keith. Edgar told me I had issues and needed to take more classes and EMs to work on my issues.

    I decided to vote with my feet and walked without looking back.

    The Wizard had been exposed to me.

    • Keithy boy telling other people they have “issues” is ironically laughable.

      Hey Keithy boy, how come everyone else has issues but you’re the one sleeping in jail facing 20 years to life and getting your ass handed to you by the prosecution in the limited time you’re allowed to spend away from it?

      “Physician heal thyself!”

  • Keith was jealous but, very clearly, he used her descriptions of sexual interaction with Ben as a form of fantasy. Why else would he demand each and every written detail over and over? This became a new form of stimulative play for him. Sex addiction with no bounds. Demonic, destructive addiction.

    • Grrrrr. She testified that she did not have outright sex with Uncle Ben. She only got, maybe, slightly fingered as she confessed to KAR and maybe even exaggerated in her mandatory “reports” to him. Virginity is an important thing in some cultures that prefer virgin sacrifices to defiled one’s, still.

      IDK what the foot-fuck you’re still doing here, Schlock?! Do you have any clue?

    • Lol, and we do now know which of my *devices* you have a key logger on and which ones you don’t. Time to check in with the FBI, Uncle Ben, in full detail unless you want to fry with the rest of your in-law outlaws as in: “sauté and simmer, the flavor can’t be beat, rice-a-Roni, the San Fransico treat!”

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