Mark Vicente Is a Genuine Hero of the Nxivm Saga

Mark Vicente

Mark Vicente is a sterling individual and a brave man for bearding the monster in his lair.

I have heard him compared with Luke Skywalker in his epic fight with Darth Vader – the student rising up against teacher – and the comparison is apt.

In Mark’s case, he became one of the leading forces against the Vanguard.  Vicente was one of the few “but-for” causes of the Vanguard’s demise.

But for him – and a few others – the grotesque and insane Keith Alan Raniere would be branding women and blackmailing them into 10,000 “acts of care” and 1,000 nights of enforced and fearful “sexual tune-ups” where women [with collateral] tell him they had orgasms, perhaps to pacify the monster and stop the grotesque and flaccid one from invading their bodies with his diseased tongue.

“It’s All For Science” — artist Marie White’s horrific painting of Keith Alan Raniere photographing naked women  – he says – “for science.”

Others like to talk big about their role in taking down the cult – but Mark is for real. He actually did something giant.  Not only did he do this thing behind the scenes, he went out front and public by putting his name out on the line with the New York Times.

New York Times Front Cover

This was an incredible act of bravery.  This was before there was an investigation into the devious Raniere.  This was at a time when the ugly one, Keith Alan, that cross-eyed, squat, despicable, hairy, and malodorous monster, was riding high in Clifton Park, with the vicious and stupid Bronfman sisters’ money at his command and 100 slave women.

Shortly after I broke the branding story in June 2017 on the Frank Report [and Artvoice] – the New York Times was putting together – or trying to put together a story.

Barry Meier – that most thorough and spectacular wordsmith – a man who can in 1,000 words destroy a cult – was seeking to find people to go on the record. Naturally, I was willing. But who was I? Just an indicted guy – indicted by Bronfman lies – who wrote a salacious blog condemning Raniere and with every justification to get back at them – maybe with lies.

What proof was there that this insane story was true? Meier needed other people on the record to write a story about the secretive group that branded women.

Now you all know the wealthy Bronfmans’ propensity to litigate. You must realize that the New York Times has to survive on its credibility and, if you put these two facts together, you will realize how hard it was for the Times to actually publish this story – and the only way it was ever going to be published is with ample sources on the record and complete vetting.

So who was going on the record?  Almost no one. The only woman who was branded – and this was bravery if ever there was bravery – who was willing to go on the record [and actually show the world the brand] was Sarah Edmondson. But I doubt she would have done that if Mark had not been there first, willing to go on the record – putting himself on the line.

Mark had his picture taken – him and Bonnie, his wife – for the New York Times. He was then and there declaring war on Raniere.

And, again – let me remind you – there was no investigation by law enforcement. He was far more likely to be investigated himself by law enforcement in the Northern District of New York. Keith and the witch-like Clare Bronfman were almost sure to go and file some false criminal complaint against him.

Clare Bronfman, from artist Marie White’s “Round the Branding Table.”

Image result for mark vicente bonnie piesse

This is the photograph that appeared in the New York Times of Mark Vicente and his wife Bonnie Piesse. You see him now on the witness stand and think that someone just magically called him up there from out of thin air – from a large contingent of victims.

No. He started this thing.

Keith Raniere cheated him and cheated women and Mark, brave defender, took up the fight. Without him, this fight might have had a far different outcome.

You must also know that it was David against Goliath. A poor man – a talented man, yes – but poor against the incredibly wealthy Raniere. [Don’t be fooled by Raniere’s bluff of being a renunciate. That he has no assets. He was rich. He had all the money and women doing for him what the wealthiest men could only envy. You tell me where a guy could have two heiresses spend millions on him at the drop of a hat – on whims and caprice, on vengeance and foolery – and lose it all and never care – and he did not even have to do the accounting. And more: He had 100 female servants, many of whom would drop everything at his call – just to be with him. They would fight to do his laundry. They would compete to run his errands. Or get him food. Or spread their legs for him.]


Marie White’s ‘I Follow the Vanguard’


The High Rank of Nxivm: Nancy Salzman [standing] Mark Vicente, Alex Betancourt, Karen Unterreiner, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, and Emiliano Salinas – all wearing their sashes indicating rank. And Mark had no money; he had a wife and mother.  They had all been working for Raniere for years so none of them had any money.  He was a former student – a man who used to love Raniere – or not Raniere really – but what he thought Raniere was. He loved the ideal that Raniere pretended to be and this dead-broke man went up against the Bronfman fortune and the selfish one’s hatred and desire for vengeance.  He went up disillusioned and broke.

He did not know where he would get money to pay the rent. His income was gone. He could hardly get a job somewhere in his field – filmmaking. Or even life coaching. He was shattered both by the fallacy and finances. [No one who ever worked for Raniere ever got money. You might have had it when you came in – but you would always have less when you got out – if you got out.]

Mark had no money when he left Nxivm. Yet Mark spoke on the record with the New York Times. And we all know what that story led to – the investigation into Keith Alan Raniere by the DOJ in the Eastern District of New York and six months later his arrest.

Marie White’s “From Puerto Vallarta to Brooklyn”.

This is one way that Mark was critical to the takedown of Raniere.  Even before that – when the Frank Report was the only source for news on the cult – people who were thinking of getting out – based on what I was reporting – during the summer of 2017 – the time in between my reports on the branding in early June and the report in the New York Times in October – during that interval –  many people were undecided. Should they believe the Frank Report? Or the assurances of the noble Vanguard.

Everyone who knew Mark in Nxivm knew that he was an honest man and he cared about people. He was far closer to the ideal that Vanguard pretended to be than Vanguard himself – who was actually the antithesis of everything he claimed for himself.

Marie White’s “I am Vanguard, Look Into My Eyes.”

Nxivm members – and those on the fence – knew by Mark’s defection that the branding was real. He and Sarah Edmondson were able to assure Nxivm members from around the world that Raniere was branding women and, hence, he was not what he seemed [Raniere publicly denied having any role in the DOS ‘sorority’] and that, yes, the stories on Frank Report were true.

When it was more likely that law enforcement would do nothing to stop Raniere – when it was more likely that a whistleblower would be indicted rather than Raniere – Mark was on the front line.

Then, when we learned the blessed news that the US Attorney’s Office and the FBI were investigating Raniere – prompted by the story in the New York Times – Mark provided the feds with real evidence of Raniere’s crimes. Not talk, not blather. Mark is smart. Super smart. In fact, Mark is quite likely smarter than Vanguard.  And he provided the feds with the best overview of the cult that intelligent agents and prosecutors could wish for. He understands how to deliver information in a concise and useful way.

There are all kinds of people who provide information or act as witnesses. Some of them are all over the place and it takes hours of careful vetting and interrogating and questioning to get at essential elements and winnow out useful information.  Mark is not like that. He can explain things easily and in the language of the people he is speaking to.  He was not all wrapped up in his victimization that he babbled.

Mark – I can well imagine – I was not there – and Mark never told me a single word about his interactions with the Feds – [and I never spoke to anyone from the DOJ] but I know it because this is the kind of man he is – he cut to the chase and I think he delivered in court too.

First of all, in court, he used his full name. For the world to know. He didn’t just use Mark. No. He came out like a lion.  And I doubt anyone could have explained to the jury what a shit show Keith Raniere’s Nxivm was on the inside – regardless of how it appeared on the outside.

I don’t think anyone could have explained it better or shown it better – how an intelligent man could have been fooled – and that he was fooled – and how good Raniere was at fooling people.

Marie White: The Real Result of Nxivm

And Mark even wept on the stand. He wept, maybe not for himself. But for the fact that so many people had suffered and that he – a good man – a man who strove to be noble and do noble things – had a hand in this thing that hurt so many and he did it unwittingly.

You don’t want to think you’re stupid. Not when you’re bright. You don’t want to think your judgment is ridiculously flawed and that you’re a born fool – but how do you avoid the nagging, haunting voice in your head that mocks you or chides you – ‘you did what? You followed a man who you believed was wonderfully good who was amazingly bad – and he fooled you into being his dupe – and you did it all with good intentions and yet aided in the harm of many?’

Talk about a cluster fuck. Talk about being grandly mistaken – making a blunder on a giant scale – and then going up on the stand – with your full name – with the worldwide media writing it all down – and then reading the mission statement you read aloud 1000 times with pride and hope – not a bad mission statement – not something evil in and of itself – and realizing that this thing you read had been devised by the man you loved and followed – for the sole purpose of ruining people – and gaining for himself  – and that everything in the mission statement was meant as enslavement and not empowerment.

Imagine reading that before a jury and a judge and the world – and it hit him. He wept, not for himself, but for the mistake, for the humanity of our mistakes. That an intelligent and good man could be so wrong when he strove to be right. So he wept. And then he went on – in his own name – and told the truth about the monster.

I know that Mark did this because he was genuinely horrified at what had happened and how he had been part of an organization that was led by a criminal. I honestly believe Mark did not know about the criminal aspects. This is the great art of the monster. We must give him credit for his fabulous ability to deceive.

Charlie Manson might have gotten 100 kooks and displaced hippies to follow him and it lasted a few years.

But Keith Alan Raniere did something most wonderful – something unheard of – he got multiple hundreds of good people – [not just the wicked Bronfmans or Salzmans] but really good people to follow him and kept it up for 20 years.  Some he corrupted, like Allison Mack, but some like Mark and Sarah Edmondson and really hundreds of others, he got them to stay and work for him and pay him – and they were never corrupted.

They – most Nxivm members – are about the kindest and best people you’d find anywhere and want to be around any time – and he never corrupted them – not really – he fooled them into thinking they were doing good.

Let’s praise Raniere. He could get intelligent and good people to gradually get sucked into his cult. Some he turned evil, some he got to commit bad acts slowly thinking it was not so bad – that the ends justified the means, and some he got them to work without even knowing he was rotten to the core, got them to think and believe and dedicate their lives to his cause, thinking the whole time it was a great cause, it was in the cause of humanity and that he was a great and good man.

This is what the monster could do. And it was Mark Vicente who found out, and, on the stand, he explained it to the jury – that no matter how the monster [or his lawyers] might try to trick you [and they can trick good people] – Keith Raniere is a monster.

In a contrast of light and shadow, with rational statements, bold moves, fighting fear, and holding back and then letting go of tears, Mark Vicente proved it.

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  • He is but not because cuckoo Frank is saying so…
    He helped and told Sarah to leave and is helping out the investigation with info he knows

    Meanwhile Frank is worried his attention for this is over and is now making up conspiracy theories again.

  • Excellent summary – I read every article about NXIVM and appreciate the detail and careful thoroughness you have brought to this. Thank you for all your work.

  • Wasn’t Mark’s mother emptying the PO Boxes with cash from Mexico-
    I find it difficult to believe that he knew nothing until Sarah was branded.
    While the money was good he looked the other way

    • You are right. Both he and his overweight mother were named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit too.

      He and Sarah Edmondson knew they would face punishment for leaving, hence why they went to the press, to save their own corrupt asses. Fuck them both. It’s okay for everyone else to be victimised but not them.

      Mark Vicente almost certainly has made a plea deal to avoid punishment. An innocent person would not need to do that.

      • To Anonymous – stop being a moron and repeating the same thing. As you’ve been corrected about many times on other threads, EVERYONE was named in the lawsuit. Either go catch up on old FR articles or stop repeating things that sound good but are factually incorrect.

        To the 1st anonymous, please share how “the money was good.” Do you have details on Mark’s finances-

        Everyone has an opinion but nobody wants to actually study up on this cult and have an informed opinion. You two brave souls are basically saying Frank doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

        • “EVERYONE was named in the lawsuit”

          Wrong. Of the thousands of people involved with NXISCUM, only around 100 were named and they were big names. Most coaches were not even named.

          Also, how the fuck do you get named in a lawsuit, the same month your cult leader is exposed as a pedophile in the Times Union expose (Feburary 2012) and not leave in fury-

          Juliana Vicente was involved with the money laundering according to John Tighe, who revealed that info seven years ago. Mark Vicente has confirmed his mother was involved with the NXIVM finances and BOTH of them were named in the lawsuit.

          Are you going to defend Alejandro Benecourt and Sara Bronfman too-

          • Look. I was never a member of this cult. Someone did try to recruit me years ago, but I wasn’t interested. However, I’ve met Mark Vicente and I agree with Frank’s praise of him. Mark might’ve done criminal things— Keith manipulated them all of doing bad things. And as far as Mark ignoring all of the bad press that Keith was getting way back when, let’s not forget that Keith had them all believing that the world would turn against him. He was “dangerous” and he dreamt up this whole conspiracy that he would be unfairly thrown in jail because of his brilliance and his mission. So I’m sure that Vicente, who was such a die hard believer, was thinking that all of the bad press was fake. And it went right along with what Keith said would happen. When someone is deep in a cult, they are trained to reject anything speaking against it.

            And when he heard his friend tell him the truth and show him the brand, that’s what it took for him to completely flip his beliefs and see Keith for who he really was. And truly realize that he’d been lied to for so long.

            I think people are being way too harsh on Vicente. He and his wife did the right thing. They are brave.

            My impression of Mark years ago was that he really wanted to believe in something great and something good. Not just something mediocre and good, but something fantastically good. His only mistake was not realizing way back then, that he didn’t need another person to make him great or show him goodness. He might’ve just looked within and discovered that he had enough in himself.

            But, hey, life is a journey. He met his wife through that place, so something real came out of it.

            I wish them both well, and I applaud them that they got out and spoke out bravely.

            Great article, Frank!

  • I still dont feel sorry for any of these idiots. I feel sorry for the underage girls he raped. Not the grown men and women he bamboozled.

  • Mark did the right thing and many didn’t. He was under the spell of Keith as so many were for a long time leading to some very bad decisions. But like all great heroic stories, he redeemed himself. He shouldn’t be condemned for that. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Clare. She didn’t redeem herself and her entire persona lies with NXIVM and she’s now turned on her master. Unless she gets some serious psychiatric help – which she can obviously afford – I would fear that she’d be suicidal. She’s never had self esteem of any sort and the only thing that gave her a false sense of that is gone.

    • I don’t think we really yet know who simply engaged in acts of self preservation – Nancy Salzman definitely plead without agreeing to cooperate with the prosecution – rather than really turning. There’s a lot that has yet to play out, and it could take some interesting or even rather sad turns.

    • It’s difficult to muster and sustain much sympathy for Clare given what she’s done and how recently she’s been and still may be at it.

      I agree, however, Clare Bronfman could be in big trouble psychologically Especially if she’s not truly a psychopath but more of a sociopath in the old textbook definition — if she was socialized or conditioned by KAR & Salzman to adopt this life of crime and was not genetically predisposed or born to it.

      Psychopaths like KAR are wired to be forever free of conscience, guilt, sympathy for others, self-loathing — where a sociopath might have some shame, sympathy for someone close to them they have feelings for due to the connection to themselves, etc. — according to experts I’ve studied,

      Another factor that might impinge on Clare’s mental health: One of the things that Raniere himself bragged about in a promo video “EM” with Allison Mack was that people who left him fall into a “state of cognitive dissonance.”

      He wasn’t wrong about that — in fact, I told the Albany TU that Gina may have been in this condition when she died. I didn’t know then what I know now — that NX has long had a “suicide module” written prior to Gina’s death and Kristen Snyder’s disappearance. Nor did I know that there were images of suicide scenes on Gina’s computer that Keith gave her from her CBI days — the computer belonged to CBI in fact — I hadn’t read her journal, etc.

      There is a chance that that Rational Inquiry formula suicide module and/or what went into it was practiced on Clare, on any number of NX students or clients. But imagine if Clare had turned over her fortune to NX upon her death as Pam and Barbara Jeske did.

      Finally, KAR and Salzman excelled at sisterly rivalry — pitting sisters against one another in competition for attention and worse. They told Gina that I was “the pretty one” convinced her that a was a “succubus” (after I called Raniere an “incubus” once), etc.

      I’ve wondered if the same wasn’t done to Sara and Clare or the Fernandez sisters and, if so, I do hope there’ll be a better outcome than mine or Kristen Snyder’s or Gina’s.

  • It’s not so easy as some might think to corrupt fundamentally good and intelligent people who believe in establishing a good and sensible world, and who look outside themselves for others who think as they do and desire the same thing. The error Keith etal made was mistaking vulnerability for stupidity. Were it true that the followers were stupid, he wouldn’t be sitting in jail right now.

    Mark Vicente’s early testimony gave credibility to the rumors of the brutality and greed, Mark verified the terrible exploitation and destruction of lives meted out against individuals by Keith and his cohorts.

    Alone and isolated, the women of DOS of themselves didn’t have the power to do what these two men, Mark Vicente and Frank Parlato were able to do. Mark deserves every bit of praise and gratitude that Frank is expressing on behalf of all victims, however, Frank Parlato is being very modest about his own actions and stubborn persistence that finally freed the slaves of DOS and all hostages held in the grip of NXIVM. Both of these men are so brave, and were so determined to bring their mission to fruition that never once did either man hide from very real dangers going up against the monstrous Keith Raniere and the Bronfman sisters.

    • The NXIVM 9 and the women of DOS could and should have done what Frank and Vicente did, but they didn’t. Frank and Vicente did what many others should have done much earlier. Others should have brought down Amway and hundreds of other MLMs decades ago, but didn’t. In fact, had Amway been brought down before Raniere joined, Consumers’ Buyline and NXIVM may have never even happened.

      • Fuck Mark Vicente. It took him YEARS to talk to the feds and that was only to save his own ass. He didn’t join the NX-9 years ago. He didn’t abandon ship after the Times Union series of articles. He didn’t leave after he and his mother were named in O’Hara’s lawsuit. Nor did he leave after knowing about financial crimes.

        • Yep. Just like the corrupt shitstains that polluted the Obama-Clinton regime. Those rats are starting to turn on each other as more and more facts get out about their treasonous actions.

  • If everyone at NXIVM is basically good with good intentions, except for Raniere, then how was it that so much evil was inflicted on people-
    While Raniere might be a master manipulator, it does not make sense that one man, one very unimpressive man, could maneuver so many people to take an evil path to the Dark Side.

    • I don’t see this as good versus evil, that’s too facile. People are far more complex than such a simple dichotomy. There are plenty of fools in this story, weak-willed, self-deluded people. At least some of them had the virtue to take stock of what they were doing and try to stop what was going on; that’s enough to preserve my faith in humanity. None of us are perfect.

    • Mr. Shadow, that is a false premise. NXIVM filtered through 10s of thousands of people to find a small handful of people who could be manipulated to assist Raniere.

      • On this point you are 100% right, Scott.
        The personality questionnaires administered by NXIVM were designed to find people who were Narcissists and easier to manipulate.

  • Correction as “do” his actions

    Great comment Dianne Lipson —so good to me another live female person on here.

  • Most of these comments seem disingenuous and uninformed if not misinformed.

    Many are also contradictory, such as saying KAR is an “insane master deceiver” in the same breath with MARK was being too melodramatic or Mark must have known.

    “Master deceiver” means able to deceive really, really, really well even among the not-so-gullible — like, IDK, the Dalai Lama perhaps- Like, the World Jewish Congress maybe or Roger Stone or Frank Parlato or some corporate CEO’s or Doug Rutnik (who really got his dick stuck in it) or Carlos Salinas …and the list goes on and on of not-dumb or necessarily evil folk who, anyway, should have known better but anyhow got royally fucked by NXIVM!

    So, what the bleep is it you think Mark Vicente knew over any of them-

    The fact that Mark Vicente did not profit but was in it with all his heart & his family speaks volumes about his intent as does his actions upon taking leave.

    • Ask the cuck boy about financial crimes, his mommy being involved with money laundering, tax evasion. Ask him about Gina, Kristin Snyder, Susan Dones, Rhiannon, Toni Natalie, Rick Ross. Ask him about him and mommy in O’Hara’s lawsuit. Too late for him to be a “hero”.

    • Heidi: I know Mark Vicente knew all about the visa frauds. He knew about all the illegal aliens living in Albany. He knew all about the money laundering. He protected Keith when he was attacked by Ross and later on, by Parlato. If you have the opportunity to speak to him ask him: Mark, did you know that all the Fernandez family members were illegal in Albany- If he answers “I didn’t know that” or “I think they were legal”, then he is lying. He was a shill of the NXIVM organization. He knew the secrets inside it. He also knew all the people that got married in Albany so they could obtain legal status. Most Mexican women did that, and from other parts of the world. What he may not know, is Keith violated, a 15-year-old girl, named “Camila”. I have doubts about it, he may know about some sexual activity of Keith, but being polyamorous is not a crime. Every person has free will and Raniere decided to have several women partners. The terrible part is that he intentionally groomed a 15-year-old girl. The only thing Vicente did was to expose the crimes Raniere did. Vicente learned how to do it in all the teachings of NXIVM. Actually, his documentary has something about exposing criminals. I cannot criticize this, the only way you can fight such criminal acts is by exposing the crime and the people that made it. But Frank is saying Vicente is a hero. No, no, no. He knew all the crimes (except the violation, and I have my doubts about it), and protected Raniere from attacks since the beginning of his immersion in NXIVM. People outside sent him letters, tried to speak to him, etc. He didn’t hear a thing. Instead, he continued enrolling people favoring the organization. Only after he spoke to Edmondson and saw the “tattoo” or the “branding”, understood he (Vicente) was in deep trouble. He and Edmondson. So, they decided to talk and EXPOSE the criminal acts. Just remember that months before that, Vicente was presenting his documentary and saying Keith was a great scientist. His film is really bullshit, and he knew he made a NXIVM propaganda film. Vicente is not stupid, believe me. I think Raniere and Vicente had such a fight that Vicente had no other option and decided to open his mouth to the world. Frank, Heidi, again understand: Vicente is not a hero, and should not be remembered like that. He is as guilty as Raniere, or even worse. Vicente had the option to leave. Every person inside NXIVM had this option. They decided to stay, with or without collateral. They loved their organization. Vicente used to loved NXIVM.

  • I applaud Mark too. The rest of you haters can collect your paychecks from Clare this Friday, she’ll be lowering a basket from her apartment window at dusk.

  • My impression is that Vicente testified readily and in detail. There was no holding back. There was no attempt to defend his actions, except in the context of explaining his mindset at the time, and how that mindset was created.

    • Another article states that Vicente is using too much detail. The prosecution has told the judge they will try to keep Vicente’s answers shorter next week.

  • I cannot believe this crap!! Will my comment get through cause if Frank’s censorship!! This site has Shadow post 150plus articles about Alison Mack is the Devil.. Now Frank the alleged “Truthseeker” post Mark is a hero! now Everyone please go read the 2007 Acapella Invoations thread whilst Mark a Man in 40s tries to exploit college students! The man is No Hero.. now in his 50s cries in court

  • This post left me giggly with…Joy!

    Last night, I was frustrated trying to respond to some of the harsher, ignorant and undeserved comments about Mark Vicente to the brink of calling Frank — “tell me, again, puh-lease why publish these punks-” — when, suddenly, at first morning’s light, Frank delivers the finest, most heartfelt, eloquent and utmost deserved tribute to someone that I’m sure I’ve ever read.

    Take THAT Raniere!

    All Clare’s millions in flying monkeys who relentlessly attacked — and I know for a fact they went pretty hard after Mark and Bonnie — all your Mexican drug cartel scare tactics, your bribes and threats and decades of perfecting mind control tricks — all THAT and the spirit of a few good, brave people you hooked — some bc they ARE good people and so could not begin to fathom or detect your evil doings — triumphed!

    I thank God for Mark & Bonnie, Catherine Oxenberg, Joe O’Hara, John Tighe, Frank, Toni, Barb, Kristin Keefe — there are a few but really just a few more who were also far outweighed in numbers alone — who have and will continue to prevail as they are joined in ranks by more of the good, unsuspecting “ethical” people NXIVM recruited. Those who were ready to stand for KAR when they believed he represented the epitome of good they also sought. One who could lead them, promote their goodness, cure their supposed disintegrations that kept them from fully manifesting goodness in the world and shared their goodly mission.

    Is it any wonder it took those same souls; hand-selected in Mark Vicente and other’s cases, to now stand down this growing evil- Oh, the irony.

    When I hate myself for running scared after the seemingly ineffective 2012 Albany TU expose debacle, after some key computers were confiscated with my many missives and “get Keith” comic relief schemes in them — as one might imagine and I assure you did come back to haunt me — sometimes I sense a bigger, even more evil, esoteric enemy at hand.

    And now, I believe we’re glimpsing tentacles of that enemy in this case within our criminal justice system that threaten to overtake it and all our liberty and freedoms and goodness with it.

    And sometimes I think maybe KAR did inadvertently assemble a group of leaders with the right stuff and natural ability to defeat it in tandem with the good that does exist therein — in the hearts of good people who may have also set out to do good, do justice, but may have — like Mark Vicente, India Oxenberg, Silvie — maybe ARE being tricked.

    And just maybe this case and its good people (as well as its evil ones) will be a small part of defeating that larger threat of the enslavement of humankind to evil.

    Something occurs to me that I said once to Keith with Gina — don’t remember if it’s original, btw —

    If you turn evil around it spells “live.”

    I wish Gina had lived to see this evil turned on its head instead of blowing off hers.

    (Sorry, can’t resist a pun however gory.)

    • Heidi,
      Thanks for your comment,

      I don’t think we will fully understand what the Mexicans who were in business with Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman were really into on a grand scale.

      It wasn’t just NXIVM classes, DOS slaves and NXIVM coming across the boarder. It has to run deeper into the bowels of a criminal organization we might never hear about.

      Was it drugs- Was it under age sex slavery – sex slavery on a grand scale (not just within NXIVM) – Was it gun running- Was it all the above-

      Why are the Mexicans still sticking by this crazy man’s side- Why do they want so badly for him to be proven innocent-

      There doesn’t appear to be any American showing up to support Raniere bit there are two men from Mexico that are here that wont talk to anyone. Kind of makes one wonder why-

      • “How deep do Mexico crimes run-”

        ‘It wasn’t just NXIVM classes, DOS slaves and NXIVM class-money coming across the border. It has to run deeper into the bowels of a criminal organization we might never hear about.

        Was it drugs- Was it underage sex slavery – sex slavery on a grand scale (not just within NXIVM)- Was it gun running- Was it all the above-
        Why are the Mexicans still sticking by this crazy man’s side- Why do they want so badly for him to be proven innocent-”

        You just asked the 64 million Peso question.

        It is my theory that the Mexicans behind NXIVM were so upset that when the branding and sex slave harem were publicly revealed the Mexicans decided to remove Raniere, Mack, the Bronfmans and the Salzmans.

        They used the services of Nicki Clyne to do the deed.

        Nicki Clyne is the Brutus who arranged for Raniere to be nabbed by the Federales with Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman on the scene.

        By video-recording the scene with Mack in the frame and Lauren’s name mentioned, Nicki made sure they will share the disgrace with Raniere.

        Nicki engaged in many of the same activities as Allison and Lauren and yet Nicki has not been touched by indictments.
        Why is that-

        I believe the Salinas family working with Clyne and people in the Justice Department purged NXIVM of these embarrassing clowns and are now in a position to take over the remnants of the criminal cult and run it in a more discreet but professional manner.

        It will still be a criminal organization, perhaps even more ruthless than Raniere’s cult but with no more week long orgies at Vanguard Week and no more open pedophilia.

        And the Salinas family and their friends in Mexico’s business elite have the financial resources to rebuild NXIVM.

        The Salinas family and their friend Carlos Slim could buy the Bronfman sisters 100 times over.

        The Salinas family has ties to both Harvard University and the Head Honchos in the Democratic Party and they appear as untouchable as Nicki Clyne.

        Here is my post on the subject.
        Shadow: Is Nicki Clyne very dumb or very devious-

        “There doesn’t appear to be any American showing up to support Raniere but there are two men from Mexico that are here that won’t talk to anyone. Kind of makes one wonder why-”

        I doubt that those two Mexican men are supporters of Raniere.

        If there are two Mexican men sitting in the court room, they are there to remind Raniere to keep his mouth shut about the Salinas family.

        The Mexicans now own NXIVM.

      • Often the truth is rather banal.

        I see no sign that the sort of huge amounts of money were involved, that would have been related to something like drug running or other major crimes – and being involved in illegality of the type that is a high priority for law enforcement would have been more monumentally stupid than anything else Raniere got himself into, because of the likelihood that it would bring the feds down on the whole operation. My suspicion is that it was just the Mexican NXians trying to move money into the US for personal purposes, possibly for the properties they purchased here and maybe even just to have spending money when they came to stay – plus of course to pay their commissions to Raniere.

        • LOL. Thanks, Anony. Spot on.
          But that doesn’t jive with the Salinas Family sitting around all giddy at the prospect of taking over NXIVM- Weird to see common sense on a topic that shadow has become the self appointed expert on.

    • There are good people out there. In fact the good people outnumber the bad. Far outnumber. It can be easy to forget this in the context of the foul NXIVM story, but the evil has been exposed. The wicked are locked up and facing punishment.

      • ‘There are good people out there. In fact the good people outnumber the bad. Far outnumber.’

        Well said, Actaeon. Most people spend most of their lives, interacting with others, painlessly. Just walked back from Market, and for the nth time, wasn’t conned, robbed, stabbed, shot, blown up by terrorists, held hostage, not even mildly insulted. Noone smiled (it was raining) and the man in the corner shop is having to wait a long time for his hip operation. Had to swim upstream against a wave of kids and parents pouring out of the school in front of my house, no casualties.

  • Frank, you are assuming Mark Vicente is a good guy. Have you ever thought all the damage he provoked in the people he enrolled inside NXIVM- I know some people that spoke to him, told Mark Vicente he was totally wrong, and that he (Vicente) was manipulating people to think the way he did. And when you confront him with this issue, he just said: you are wrong, I (Vicente) doing good to humanity, and Keith is a great leader. Vicente maybe did good in showing the reality, but I think he did that to avoid being indicted. Yes, Edmonson is his friend, and yes, she spoke to him and told the whole situation. Yes, he is sometimes honest. But not always. Mark Vicente knew ALL what was going on since the beginning, HE KNEW Frank Report, HE KNEW ALL THE CRIMES Keith did while being in trial with Rick Ross. He also knew Raniere cannot go outside the US during trial and Vicente even went with him, not one time, several times. So, please, don’t put Vicente as a hero. It is correct to go to justice and denounce the branding and all the crimes committed. But Vicente is not a pure person, believe me, he is not. He also manipulated people, using the scientific techniques Raniere taught him. He is as guilty as Raniere. Sorry to tell you this, but it is true.

  • I think it’s bullshit that Frank wrote pages praising a cultist. You just hate Raniere for suing you.

    There was hundreds non-cultists that were fighting this cult, which Frank didn’t do until it benefited him, and they are the actual heroic persons! Not Frank and Mark.

    • Anonymous,

      Get over yourself. Are you so pious-

      Neither Frank Parlato or Mark Vincete claim to be heroes or saints.

      They are just two men trying to bring an evil man to justice.

      How can you criticize them both for that-

      How much of Frank’s personal wealth do you think he has spent fighting Nxivm and Raniere-

      Frank to his credit has never mentioned that fact.

      Frank has also never mentioned the hundreds if not thousands of hours he has spent fighting Keith Raniere and Nxivm. Besides his own lawsuits.

    • The paradox here is that no one can expose NXIVM like former insiders – the higher up and the more deeply involved the better. Thus those who have the most powerful contribution to make to fighting the abuses of the group, are likely to have unclean hands.

  • Mark wears a Green Sash which means he donated at least one million dollars in goods or services to NXIVM.
    Many Americans never see one million dollars after a lifetime of hard work, little lone have that much in disposable assets to donate to a scam.

    Maybe Mark Vincente has seen the light and he did his best to make up for his previous ten years of support for Raniere.
    And unlike his sadistic felonious friend Allison Mack, Mark Vincente did it all without the benefit of being indicted by the US DOJ.
    Good for Mark Vincente!
    I wonder what was the event that caused Mark to finally realize that NXIVM was all a gigantic scam and that his mentor Raniere is a huckster of the first rank.
    What was the “Road to Damascus” moment that helped Mark Vincent turn away from the Dark Side-
    BTW Mark was introduced to his wife Bonnie by our favorite stand up comedian Nicki Clyne.
    Mark and Bonnie have one of the few true marriages to be produced by Raniere’s Hothouse of Insanity..
    And Mark Vincente is the founder of the SOP the Society Of Protectors designed to protect women from sexual predators.

    What we will see is an attempt to whitewash history where the truly Rotten Raniere bears all of the blame for NXIVM’S crimes while his willing and eager followers try to skate away.
    Like many Nazis said in 1946, “It was all Hitler’s fault. Don’t blame us.”
    And after a few years NXIVM will begin to slowly, quietly, covertly reassemble itself under the umbrella of the Salinas Family.
    Viva Executive Success!

    Here is a blast from the past.

    Mark Vincente: ‘a really cool scientist, Keith Raniere’
    February 15, 2016
    Frank Parlato

    In an online article entitled “Star Wars meets What the Bleep” by NXIVM/Executive Success member Kayla Grosse [] she interviews NXIVM teacher and former filmmaker Mark Vincente and his wife who has appeared in Star Wars films.

    In the interview [see below] Vincente speaks of his lord Keith Raniere.

    Vincente says, “After making Bleep [his marginally successful movie; made prior to meeting Raniere] I was looking for a more scientific approach to consciousness and more effective ways to inspire humanity in audiences. I had the good fortune of being introduced to a really cool scientist, Keith Raniere , who combined Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Computer Science into a method to help people ‘hack’ their programming. The patent office still doesn’t know what to make of it so they’ve filed it under artificial intelligence.”

    This comment is so silly that it almost defies comment. The patent office doesn’t know what to make of it, he says The patent office is too confused to figure it out and filed it under artificial intelligence- This is from a man posing as intelligent- It is evident Vincente does not have the slightest clue how patents are filed and approved….

    Vincente goes on to say, “We’ve been working together for a number of years now on a variety of amazing ventures and projects.”

    This gushing is childlike in its awe of Raniere. “Amazing ventures and projects”! What are they- Why are they so ‘amazing-’ You would expect this kind of silly comment from an actor maybe but not a filmmaker.

    What the hell have these two accomplished-

    Vincente also says, “I also am one of the founders of a Men’s movement called The Society of Protectors and the co-owner of two ESP centers in Los Angeles and Vancouver which utilize the ground-breaking intellectual tools of Keith Raniere and an incredible acting curriculum called The Source which Bonnie and I are both involved in with our friend Allison Mack.”

    The article links Raniere’s name to a website for Executive Success Programs which features a dated picture of Raniere and explains how he has an “undying commitment to advancing the human condition and making the world a better place.”

    One wonders if Vincente can reconcile this commitment of Raniere’s with the practical results of punishing enemies. losing followers’ fortunes, keeping a harem, statutory rape and clearly lying about his accomplishments on his falsified bio-

    One can admire Vincente’s openness about his guru. He openly proclaims his mental subservience to the superior brain of Raniere which is the mark of honesty, even if it is also evidence of weak mindedness.

    Vincente readily admits Raniere is superior in mind and ethics than Vincente.

    A superior being to Vincente.

    Wish that Raniere had half the honesty of his followers.

    When I was a consultant at NXIVM Vincente was funded by Bronfman money to make films which as far as I know were never completed. He now runs a center which by all evidences is still supported by Bronfman money.

    BTW Kayla Grosse is a friend of the sadistic, felonious Alison Mack and was associated with NXIVM.


    At the time, I didn’t really understand

    what it meant to be in a Star Wars movie.

    I caught up with Singer/Songwriter/Actress Bonnie Piesse “Aunt Beru” (Star Wars Episode II and Episode III) and her husband Mark Vicente Writer/Producer/Director (What the Bleep) in Upstate New York in December right before they attended the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Los Angeles.

    Q: Because of your roles in two Star Wars movies, you have an invite to perhaps one of the largest film premieres in history. Are you excited-

    Bonnie: Yeah I can’t wait! The whole Star Wars universe has become really meaningful to me over the years and I’m so honored to be walking the red carpet and can’t wait to see the movie.

    Q: Can I ask what you’ll be wearing on the red carpet-

    Bonnie: I’m wearing an amazing sequined gown that Andre Soriano made for me! When he finished the final stitches and I tried it on I was totally blown away.

    Q: So Bonnie, exactly how did an Australian girl get a role in Star Wars-

    Bonnie: When I was about 13, I was a springboard diver and a friend had a modeling/acting agent and told me about the jobs they’d been doing. It sounded like fun, so I had her introduce me to the agent. From there I got a role in Australian Television Series ‘High Flyers’ and continued working in Australian TV for a few years. My agent then got a random call from Star Wars casting director Robin Gurland saying they wanted to meet me for a role in ‘Attack of the Clones’. I was beside myself with excitement and to cut a long story short, I ended up getting the role and found myself shooting in Tunisia with George Lucas, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Joel Egerton, Jack Thompson among others. At the time, I didn’t really understand what it meant to be in a Star Wars movie. People told me it’d change my life forever, but it was all very surreal and even 13 years later (Attack of the Clones was released in 2002) it’s still having a pretty profound effect on my life. I get to travel around the world to meet fans and am so grateful for how supportive the Star Wars fanbase has been of my music etc. (I raised the funds for my ‘Bittersweet EP’ through social media, and largely thanks to Star Wars fans).

    I love music and I love film and to bring the two together

    is a dream come true.

    Q: So what have you been up to in the last few years-

    Bonnie: I composed some music and sang in a few film soundtracks (‘Expecting‘, ‘Encender El Corazon‘ and ‘The Three Hikers‘), which has been super exciting because I love music and I love film and to bring the two together is a dream come true. I’ve been writing a lot of songs and have just recently started recording a new album, which thanks to Mark’s encouragement and support, I’ve decided to produce myself. I’ve also been recording music for ‘The Bridge’, a film by Bobby Field which I’ll be singing and acting in soon. I’ve also been pretty busy working with some human performance companies and curriculums Mark introduced me to (including exo|eso, The Source and ESP).

    Q: Mark, I hear there’s a really cool story about how you and Bonnie met-

    Mark: Yeah, a dear friend of mine who starred in Battlestar Galactica would goto a lot of sci-fi conventions to do appearances. She, like many others, knew I was a Star Wars fan. She came back from one of these conventions and told me she’d met this wonderful actress Bonnie Piesse from Star Wars who also loved What the Bleep and that we should definitely meet. So we set up a meeting in Hollywood.
    (Note the dear friend of Mark Vincente who starred in Battlestar Gallatica was none other than Nicki Clyne.)

    Q: So were there sparks at that point-

    Mark: Not then. But we really enjoyed hanging out. I took her to meet a bunch of my friends and listen to my buddy Mark Hildreth play at a club on Sunset. We had a great time.

    Q: So you met but what about the falling on love part-

    Q: Mark, I hear there’s a really cool story about how you and Bonnie met-

    Mark: Yeah, a dear friend of mine who starred in Battlestar Galactica would goto a lot of sci-fi conventions to do appearances. She, like many others, knew I was a Star Wars fan. She came back from one of these conventions and told me she’d met this wonderful actress Bonnie Piesse from Star Wars who also loved What the Bleep and that we should definitely meet. So we set up a meeting in Hollywood.

    Q: So were there sparks at that point-

    Mark: Not then. But we really enjoyed hanging out. I took her to meet a bunch of my friends and listen to my buddy Mark Hildreth play at a club on Sunset. We had a great time.

    Q: So you met but what about the falling on love part-

    “The moment I saw Star Wars I decided I wanted to be a filmmaker”

    Q: Mark you’ve said Star Wars was the reason you wanted to become a filmmaker. You’ve shared some of it in your Ted Talk but I’d love readers to hear the whole story.

    Mark: Well there was an incident that happened when I lived in the bush with my grandparents outside of Johannesburg in a little place called Broederstroom. Growing up in Apartheid era I saw a number of things in my early childhood I found very disturbing. I couldn’t understand why people were killing each other and why there was hatred amongst the races. I remember going with my grandparents to a Zulu musical called Ipi Tombi when I was 9 years old. I loved it and asked if I could get the cassette of the music (Yeah it was that long ago) I went home, found some old tins, turned on the soundtrack, stared at the hills that surrounded my grandparents property and began drumming on the tin drums. Something happened to me. I felt this surge of energy shoot up my spine hit me heart and the explode in my head and I remember crying with joy and yearning. In the amazing state I suddenly realized that if other people felt this feeling I was having they would never hurt one another, say mean stuff to each other or kill other people. So all I had to do was get people to feel that feeling. My plan was to build really massive speakers that could get the sound over the valley and maybe al the way to the ocean so the whole country could hear that and feel that. I had no idea how to build speakers that big so I decided I’d keep on figuring out how to do it. Cut to Age 13. I was in Lisbon with my parents in 1978 and they took me to see this film Star Wars. I was ecstatic. I walked out thunderstruck. Not just because it was an amazing mythical story but because I had found my speakers. Movies. I decided in that moment that I would be a filmmaker. George Lucas and others from that era became my idols.

    Q: So you’ve also been doing a great deal since What the Bleep. Did your life change dramatically when that film was released-

    Mark: Dramatically. I travelled to many countries and gained access to some truly amazing people. After making Bleep I was looking for a more scientific approach to consciousness and more effective ways to inspire humanity in audiences. I had the good fortune of being introduced to a really cool scientist, Keith Raniere , who combined Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Computer Science into a method to help people ‘hack’ their programming. The patent office still doesn’t know what to make of it so they’ve filed it under artificial intelligence. We’ve been working together for a number of years now on a variety of amazing ventures and projects.

    Q: And what projects are you currently doing-

    Mark: I’ve been working on a film about the violence that’s been gripping Mexico called Encender el Corazon. That will be released in early 2016. Bonnie actually sings on a few tracks from the film score. Also, I’m currently writing the next show for Anima Inc, the Emmy Nominated Live Event and Dance Company based in Mexico City. I have two Sci-Fi projects in early development and a film called “The Carbon Crimes” in Pre-Production.

    Q: I heard that’s only half of your time- What about the other half.

    Mark: Right! (laughing) I also am one of the founders of a Men’s movement called The Society of Protectors and the co-owner of two ESP centers in Los Angeles and Vancouver which utilize the ground-breaking intellectual tools of Keith Raniere and an incredible acting curriculum called The Source which Bonnie and I are both involved in with our friend Allison Mack.

    Q: You’re involved in such different fields.

    Mark: Not really. It’s all the same thing. I have a belief that in order to create the kind of work that transforms people, you as the artist need to BE the kind of person capable of understanding yourself and humanity in a very deep way. All the things I do in terms of personal development are like a character gym; where I can work on strengthening and deepening by vision, nobility, ethics and empathy.

    Q: Bonnie is that what drew you too him-

    Bonnie: Yeah that was a big part of it. I really love his depth and we have really similar dreams- wanting to move people through our various creative endeavors.

  • You are projecting feelings on this Mark Vincent he might not have had…unless of course you had talked to him about why he wept on the stand. Too much melodrama. Step back and scrutinize what you have written in this article please. I don’t doubt that your intentions are good. I do have a question…why do they have to prove intent beyond a reasonable doubt to convict Raniere- If they are unable to, can they convict him by reason of insanity- No sane person would do what he did. He’s a master deceiver.

  • Since he already came forward with the New York Times, his own website, etc., it wasn’t a big deal that he used his real name in court. Do we know whether he has a deal with the Feds to give him a pass on crimes he may have committed, such as not paying taxes, money laundering, etc.-

  • Mark Vicente knew what he was a part of. When did he first learn about financial crimes- He was named in the TU pedo expose and stayed on. He knew what happened to detractors. It’s like an ISIS terrorist giving evidence and called “hero”.

    • You clearly don’t know Mark Vicente. What evidence do you have that he’s a terrorist or compares to a terrorist-

    • Whoa, whoa. Mark Vicente an Isis Terrorist-! …Please don’t shoot. Lol. What, is it the beard he’s sporting-

      And what does that analogy make Keith Raniere- Osama Bin Laden-

      • Keith Raniere is a cunt.

        So is Mark Vicente.

        He knew what he was a part of. He knew what he participated in. He knew what he profited from. He knew about the pedophilia. He knew about the lawsuits. He knew a lot.

        He is a perpetrator and does not want to be indicted himself, hence the testimony. Same with Sarah Edmondson.

        As for ISIS, it’s true. Imagine everyone going after the founder (and rightly so), but calling a terrorist below him a “hero” for trying to save his own ass from jail.

        Vicente knew the name Gina Hutchinson. He gave zero fucks. Toni Natalie wrote him a public letter that he ignored. Therefore, he deserves zero sympathy.

        Innocent he is not.

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