Mark Vicente In-Depth Review – Part I

Mark Vicente

Mark Vicente was on the witness stand all day on Thursday as he was questioned by Mark Lesko, the Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

Mark J. Lesko

Vicente had also testified for a short while on Wednesday – during which he revealed that he had been recruited in 2005 by Barbara Bouchey and Nancy Salzman – who flew out to meet with him in Los Angeles after seeing his film entitled “What the Bleep Do We Know?”.

Shortly after that first meeting, Salzman arranged to pick up Vicente in the jet owned by Clare and Sara Bronfman – and fly around with him and Sara to meet several of the scientists who had appeared in Vicente’s film.

A good deal of Vicente’s testimony on Thursday centered on his growing awareness that much of what was taught during NXIVM’s various modules was meant to trap people into taking more training courses or doing more Explorations of Meaning (EMs).

During the course of his testimony on Thursday, Vicente broke down into tears as he silently read the “12 Point Mission Statement” that supposedly formed the basis for NXIVM.

“This thing is evil” was the last thing he said before he started sobbing.

“It’s a fraud. It’s a lie,” the Los Angeles filmmaker sobbed as he blotted tears from his eyes with a tissue. “This well-intentioned veneer covers horrible evil.”

He recounted how he found out that the “Psychological Profile” that each participant had to fill-out on the first day of every intensive session was, in fact, a copy of a survey on Narcissistic Personality Disorder that had been developed by someone other than Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

He also confirmed that he – and all the other participants in NXIVM’s training sessions – had to fill out a variety of questionnaires that asked for “very confidential” information.

He said he has no idea what became of the completed questionnaires but’s it’s probably safe to assume that Raniere had them all tucked away somewhere in case he ever needed to convince someone to do what he wanted them to do.

When asked how he now feels about having provided all his “deepest, darkest secrets” about himself, Vicente responded as follows:
“It’s a combination of things: I feel bamboozled; I feel fooled; I feel that so much about myself was collected, and many other people over the years that I was there; I feel concerned that they built a psychological profile of what am I ashamed of, you know, what makes me angry, what makes me afraid, what am I embarrassed about, what’s the most terrible thing I can imagine happening”.

That immediately made me wonder whether Raniere has provided the questionnaires that were completed by Vicente – and by others who will testify against him – to his defense attorneys.

Will Keith Alan Raniere take the stand in his own defense? Portrait by Marie White

It also made me realize that Raniere has always loved collecting collateral on others (Remember the story about his grammar school classmate that he knew something about – and how he constantly threatened to reveal that information to her parents?).

Vicente was also asked to explain what EMs were – and how they were used in NXIVM to help members work through various personal issues and problems.

He also revealed that these EMs cost anywhere from $65 to $200 – and that only a few select people were able to perform them.

Interestingly enough, Vicente himself never qualified to charge for any EMs that he did (He was rated as 5+ – which was well below the rating of 7 that one needed in order to charge for their EMs).


One of the more interesting points of Vicente’s testimony was when he described his first meeting with Raniere.

During their initial meeting – which lasted for several hours – they talked about a variety of topics like dark matter, quantum physics, and a certain branch of mathematics that Raniere claimed to have invented (I’m not certain what that branch of mathematics is but I think it goes like this: C + B- + F + D + C = 2.26).


We also found out that by the time Vicente quit in 2017, there were more than 2,000 modules in the NXIVM curriculum.

All of these were developed in the same way: Raniere would “download” some basic concepts and ideas to Nancy or someone else – and they would turn those thoughts into a written product.

Thereafter, each new module was tested out – and modified depending on how participants reacted to it.


Vicente’s description of the “breakout sessions” that were part of NXIVM’s training sessions also provided some fascinating insights into NXIVM as a whole – and Raniere in particular.

According to Vicente, the facilitators for these “breakout sessions” were taught to make participants believe that they really didn’t understand the material they had just been taught – and to keep them confused.

That allowed the facilitators to be more convincing when they would invariably suggest that the participant re-take the same module – or move on to some other module – so that they would be able to better understand what they were being taught.


Vicente’s description of the Level 2 intensives also provided some fascinating insights into Raniere’s desire to get “dirt” on everyone.

During the Levels 2 sessions, participants were required to divulge “terrible secrets” about themselves to some anonymous other person who would then provide “feedback” to them.

Once again, I have absolutely no doubt that Raniere – and probably Salzman – retained all this information in case they ever needed to convince someone to do something they wanted.


Vicente also explained as much as he knew about the requirements for each different type of sash that NXIVM offered (He was a “green sash”).

Espians climb the steps on the stripe path.

Without going to into detail, it’s safe to say that one of the keys for anyone who wanted to advance to a higher level on NXIVM’s so-called “Stripe Path” was – surprise, surprise – to enroll more people to take NXIVM training sessions.

For those Frank Report readers who love to know all the details of a story, here’s the rank-ordered list of available sashes (Before a member could advance from one color to the next, they had to earn four stripes on their existing sash level):
– White: Student or Participant
– Yellow: Provisional Coach
– Orange: Proctor
– Green: Senior Proctor
– Blue: Counselor
– Purple: Senior Counselor
– Brown: Speaker (No one is ever known to have achieved this rank)
– Black: Inventor of “something that fundamentally changed humankind” (No one is ever known to have achieved this rank)
– Gold: Prefect
– White – but twice as long as the original White: Vanguard


Vicente also explained the details of how people earned money in NXIVM – which we’ll explain in a future post. Suffice to say for now that NXIVM was, in fact, structured as a pyramid scheme

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  • That 12 point mission statement should be in this article, but it’s too damning and doesn’t back up Mark as a hero. The premise of this cult is based on Objectivism, the teachings of Ayn Rand. It’s been outlined as an ideology that appeals to sociopaths and psychopaths. This cult outlines in black and white that self-interest and selfishness are the highest forms of altruism. That’s the “humanitarian” aspect these people are still peddling. A narcissist figured out how to dupe other narcs, it is very clever.

    Out of self-interest, Mark joined a group that appealed to his vanity, self-interest, and greed. The timeline of information is unfolding and as a high-ranking board member, it’s safe to assume that Mark knew much of the shady, predatory, illegal things that were a matter of practice. But it was the branding, not the previous decade of unethical practices, that brought them down. How many times did he hear Keith talk at length about the acceptability of pedophilia, as the founder of a school for children? Mark was a silent witness for over a decade. He got out when his self-interest was to be the first to make a deal with law enforcement and secure his own narrative in the media.
    He’s a perpetrator.

    Heroes don’t belong to male supremacist pyramid schemes. He made a living off of selling women’s inferiority and submission. The femicide in Mexico has reached record levels, and here is Mark, making propaganda for the Mexican market, from a cult based on the idea that men are superior and entitled to their privilege. That “enlightenment” he was peddling was and IS the nightmare that women suffer through historically and globally, and currently in present-day Mexico. He made recruitment videos for slave Mexican labor to serve rich Jews. Tell me again how he’s a hero. I dare you.

  • I find it vrrrry interrrestink that Raniere himself didn’t jet around in Bronfman’s sky ride with Salzman (Madam Pres.) and Bouchey (their financier – so to speak) interviewing these world famous scientists featured in Mark V’s highly acclaimed, btw, film ” what the bleep do we know?”

    Hmm. Certainly these interviews were recorded – all the better to plagiarize? Raniere’s second fav photoesk pastime.

    Perhaps if Raniere (who has always, always wanted his big show biz break) couldn’t nab the intellectual property, he nabbed the filmmaker. Sounds as though KAR certainly believed himself to be numbered in the company of all the scientists Vicente had already made quasi-famous. Let’s not forget how desperate Keith always was to find some way to prove/claim his rightful place next to above Steven Hawkings and Albert Sweitzer.

    Damn, Mark. I admire you for not digging into those Bronfman babes with both hands to make KAR a star but brother you need a new agent.

    By the way, Keith wanted me to make him a star *before* the Bronfman billions were on board.

    • “By the way, Keith wanted me to make him a star *before* the Bronfman billions were on board.”

      Do tell…

    • Holy crow – you’re the “Hollywood talent scout” he said was coming to see him perform in Sweeney Todd? I think he told me that to try to make me feel inadequate and jealous. And I think it probably pissed him off that my reaction was “yeah, so? Why are you talking to me?” cuz I didn’t believe a word of his BS anymore at that point. Whaddaya know – he was actually telling the truth. How ironic.

  • Mark

    Where is your own accountability in this?

    When did you suspect “something was rotten in the State of Denmark”?

    You were in Nx 12 years, did it take that long?

    What did you think when the James Odato at the Albany Times Union laid it all out in a brilliant 4 part series detailing horrific events including sex with minors and frivolous lawsuits meant to destroy people’s lives?

    What about all the girls lining up for Keith at V Week?

    What about the constant stream of women at 8 Hale Ct.?

    What about him sleeping away most of the day?

    What about the way money was handled? Was there evidence of money laundering between the different centers, one of which you managed?

    What about the continual lawsuits?

    I could go on and on. The point it this. You failed to open your eyes or you failed to act on your hunches. You could have left. You had a choice. Of course, you can blame Keith for being the cause of all this but we all know that horror does not spread unless people stop it from spreading. If it was too much to fight Clare’s money and lawyers, you still could have left quietly on your own. 12 years is a long time to waste your life and career as a filmmaker.

    Or, maybe you didn’t leave because your own pride and ego wanted you to save the world. You alone cannot save the world. You can save yourself. The first step in that is honestly about your role in things. Why don’t talk about that on Monday at court? It is easy to put it all on Keith but it is not just Keith, it was also your own emptiness, pride, stubbornness that kept you there. Your own desire to be right. It was a choice, perhaps not a fully conscious choice but nonetheless a choice.

    • Agreed. It’s disgusting that this “man” is having his failed ass kissed. He stayed through so much going along with it all. He is a coward not a hero. He just doesn’t want to get indicted or face a lawsuit from NXIVM, which is what he always knew NXIVM did to defectors. Something he obviously agreed with to stay in so long.

      • The real cowards are the trolls criticizing him from behind their Internet monikers that hide their real identity. What have you guys even put up as far as real world culpability is concerned? You can’t even do it to his face and have to cower behind the safety provided by anonymity while calling him a coward. Can’t you see the irony? My guess is you people are still the NXIVM faithful, putting on a charade, pretending to be people disgusted by NXIVM and these set of events. Because no one spends an inordinate amount of time on such a website throwing stones unless they are, or have been deeply, personally affected by it. Mark is one of the key witnesses for the prosecution in bringing down this cult and helping to put KAR behind bars for a long time where he belongs – many of whom were fooled and trusted his word above and beyond the signs and so they would know – so anyone who wants that wouldn’t be doing what you people are doing.

        • No moron, never been in NXIVM or any other cult. Nothing I would never say to the little cuck’s face. All these weak “progressives” with their arrogant “change the world” bullshit their hollow virtue signaling and look how hypocritical they are.

          Yes or no, has the cuck taken a plea deal to avoid punishment? Is he revealing crimes he knew about for years?

          Hush yourself. Let all of NXIVM and all its enablers perish.

          • You’re in the anti-liberal cult of assholish-ness. That much is obvious.

            Screaming that you would say such things to his face while doing so anonymously rings hollow.

            Put a face behind your words. What do you have to fear from these NXIVM enablers? NXIVM is done for.

            Thought so.

        • If Mark Vicente or any of the freaks were in my face, I would say all these things. Seeing as they are not, the comments section of a blog will suffice.

          Mark Vicente is dirty. Deal with it.

          And “anti liberal cult”? Don’t be ridiculous. Then all of humanity before say the female vote or the 1960’s were in a “anti liberal cult”. Don’t project your post emasculation bullshit onto others. People in third world shitholes would look down on your weak beliefs.

          • -If Mark Vicente or any of the freaks were in my face, I would say all these things.

            No you wouldn’t.

            -People in third world shitholes.

            Ah. So you’re a member of the cult of Trump. Figures.

        • “Ah. So you’re a member of the cult of Trump. Figures.”

          No jerk-off, they were shitholes long before Trump became President. And people didn’t vote for Trump, they voted for policy. People can’t stand you.

  • Observation: So far, we have people from England and South Africa who have testified; no Americans have testified. Is the DOJ demonstrating NXIVM is international in nature?

  • Omg. Frank. The skunks were the perfect comic relief. Even though I was a skunk, it still cracked me up.

      • I think he was crying for the many victims, but that’s not my point. My point is dudes shouldn’t cry. It makes them look weak. Obviously, the SOP (Society of Protectors) attracts and teaches beta male theory.

      • According to John Tigue, on Necker Island, Mark Vicente was put in charge of recruitment and teamed up with Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth to spread the NXIVM virus in Vancouver.

        • “May 11, 2019 at 9:14 am
          According to John Tigue, on Necker Island, Mark Vicente was put in charge of recruitment and teamed up with Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth to spread the NXIVM virus in Vancouver.

          Vincente and these Nexians did a very good job of spreading the NXIVM virus in Vancouver.
          The Vancouver chapter remained open until 2017 and the revelation of the branding.
          And no one has suffered more because of NXIVM than John Tighe.

    • Mark Vicente is not a man. He is a liberal and cult member. Men are not liberals and cult members. He was in another cult before NXIVM. He’ll probably join a new one after this. He is a liberal for the same reason he was in a cult. These people are empty inside and want to feel heroic and righteous. Worse thing is, they think they are better then normal people who won’t go along with their sanctimonious bullshit.

      • Then what’s your explanation for “conservative” men who are in cults like the FLDS, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and a whole host of others spread across the Bible Belt that are little known in part because they don’t draw in celebrities? Even There’s the the Word of Faith Fellowship church whose leaders were recently prosecuted for human trafficking workers on religious visas, traditionalist Catholic TFP communities and the various “Quiverfull” groups, just to name a few.

        Even Scientology has slowly morphed into a more conservative oriented cult with members gravitating towards MAGA and even QAnon, and whose headquarters staff comprise most off the population of the only Los Angeles district to go for Trump – how do you explain that? Lots of conservatives there – including long term Fox news host Greta Van Susteren – who think they are better than normal people, and are sanctimonious about their bullshit beliefs in past lives and space aliens.

        It’s not a matter of ideological orientation. There are groups that operate similarly at both extremes of the ideological spectrum. NXIVM is actually hard to peg, because Raniere was essentially promoting the philosophy of libertarian and conservative darling Ayn Rand, while pushing very “traditional” roles for women and men, though drawing from what might be expected to be a progressive urban demographic.

        • That’s religion, not “conservatism”. “Conservative” just means normal. Those who won’t go along with the gender pronoun bullshit. There is absolutely nothing culty about not being a liberal. It’s not an ideology.

          • And yet you were the one who revealing referred to “people are empty inside and want to feel heroic and righteous. Worse thing is, they think they are better.”

            If the shoe fits, wear it. Culty much?

        • No fool, ordinary people who are not weak emasculated liberals ARE better. Just like we are better then Muslim terrorists and black gangs. People with ideologies just bring suffering and piss everyone off.

      • -Worse thing is, they think they are better then normal people who won’t go along with their sanctimonious bullshit.

        That reads more like you.

      • Michael Rosenbaum said that his Smallville co-star Allison Mack tried to recruit him into NXIVM and he thought she was just looking for attention.
        I believe that all these NXIVM members have some kind of personal deficit or emptiness inside and they use the cult as a means of getting some fulfillment and creating a network of friends.

  • I was curious about Vicente’s career, so I checked IMDB. Curious in itself is that he didn’t do any film work between 2007 and 2016, and has just a credited thanks in a 2013 documentary. He’s apparently another of those whose careers and lives went down the NXIVM rabbit hole.

    And in spite of running the LA center, he apparently never made it to the point of being able to do EMs and charge for them. It will be interesting to see if we find out what sort of money he made from NXIVM.

    • I looked up Vincente and he is far more important in NXIVM than that.
      Vincente was a Green Sash which means he had to give NXIVM at least one million dollars in goods and services.
      He helped co-found the Vancouver ESP Center and also frequently traveled to Mexico on NXIVM business.
      Vincente co-founded the SOP Society of Protectors
      He also was involved in the Source Acting School with Allison Mack.

      Mark: Right! (laughing) I also am one of the founders of a Men’s movement called The Society of Protectors and the co-owner of two ESP centers in Los Angeles and Vancouver which utilize the ground-breaking intellectual tools of Keith Raniere and an incredible acting curriculum called The Source which Bonnie and I are both involved in with our friend Allison Mack.

      Read this long two part article to see a full run down of his activities in early 2016.
      Mark Vincente: ‘a really cool scientist, Keith Raniere’

  • Mark

    I want to know why you spent 12 Fxxking years in Nxivm?

    Mark, didn’t you have a sense all was “not well in the state of Denmark”?
    What did you think about all the women lining up at Vanguard week or the parade of women at 8 Hale?
    When you read the Times Union 4 part series in 2012 what did you think?
    It mentioned some very serious charges including sex with minors and frivolous lawsuits that bankrupted people, didn’t that concern you?
    Didn’t you realize you were sabotaging your career as an independent filmmaker to satisfy the whims of the Raniere/Salzmans mafia?
    Didn’t you have suspicions they were doing illegal things like hiding money when it was illegally transported across borders?
    Didn’t you see right out that it was structured as a pyramid scheme to funnel money to the top? Others figured that out after the first 5 day intensive.

    If you are going to talk about Nxivm, shouldn’t you also talk about what a fool you are yourself for not opening your eyes? All the information and warning signs were right there in front of you. Why did you not walk away?

    Collateral, come on, it had nothing to do with collateral! It had to do with your own pride and ego that you wanted to save the world. Raniere was your ticket to fulfill your messianic dream. The problem is you need to save yourself first. You can’t save yourself until you are honest with yourself and the world. Maybe, you are doing that now? If so, good; but take it all the way. You can put it all on Raniere. Own your part of it and do it in court.

  • Would be interesting to see Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design questionaires she had little girls fill out. The “Sexy 7” questions were creepy as fuck and Heidi says she is certain Raniere wrote it. Where can we see these questionaires?

    • Here are the GBD questions,
      “Tee Hee”

      I did opine that Raniere and Salzman (not Kreuk) devised these queries to probe more than the minds of young girls and to recruit those who fit a profile of a girl more prone to subjugation:

      “GBD wants to know your answers to the 7 sexiest questions…tee hee!

      How do you think people perceive you and how is it different from the way you perceive yourself?
      Which of your irrational fears is the silliest?
      What is the most time consuming activity you participate in?
      What is the greatest lesson you have learned from a child?
      If you could wave a magic wand and ask for whatever you wanted, what would you ask for?
      What is the most beautiful moment you have ever experienced?
      What are you most grateful for?
      Send in your answers via video, audio, or text to: Don’t forget to write “SEXY 7″ in the subject line.”

  • Cool! Thanks for explaining all. Sounds easy!

    Right now I’m going to set up my own intensives and I’m inviting all Frank report readers to get ahead start enrolling your friends and family.
    BTW: we don’t have any curriculum and there is nothing we plan to teach. We plan simply to take your money and have sex with your partner. If you are not happy with that you can do an EM with us for $200/session. Sound fair?
    And, we promise NOT to collect any collateral because we don’t want the DOJ down on our necks like Nxivm.

    See you on striped path.

  • I think I pick up on deliberate use of “confusion technique,” a term developed by master hypnotist Dr. Milton Erickson, whose work is one of the foundations of NLP. It’s also used in reference to Scientology, where founder L. Ron Hubbard, who was an adept hypnotist, talked about the use of confusion in some early lectures where he reveals his knowledge of influence and control techniques, and then put it to work such as in the delivery of his later teachings. The basic concept is that when people are confused, they are in a more suggestible state, and will then latch on to any solid idea offered them.

    There’s this bit of explanation from Steve Hassan’s blog:

    Confusion Techniques Can Control Minds

    “a deliberate use of “confusion” which disrupts people’s stable mental framework and makes them more susceptible to mind control. For example, there are a variety of confusion techniques used in hypnosis. For example, delivering a dizzying amount of information that overloads and overwhelms critical thinking. Story after story, more outrageous than the one before it. Rewriting history, claiming he never said it.

    Another technique is the “big lie” which is stating something which isn’t true. The bigger the lie is, the more likely it is to be effective in creating confusion because it creates incongruence. People always want to seek congruency-to see a reality that makes sense….

    I also wrote about confusion being one of the major techniques to “unfreeze” a person’s sense of identity in order to set them up to be given a new set of beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. A confused person can be easily manipulated and controlled. We need to use our critical thinking faculties to see through the techniques of destructive mind control. We need to stay grounded in “reality-testing” strategies and have access to fact-checked information.”

  • Boo hoo, Mark Vicente cried. Like he didn’t know about money laundering, tax evasion, sexual behaviour of Raniere, that he was a pedophile rapist etc. Zero sympathy. He was an enabler. He got his own mother involved in money laundering crimes.

  • Sobbing?! Really!?
    I’m guessing NXIVM didn’t attract any military or blue collar types

    • NXIVM was a cult for women, gays and soy boys.
      The most Alpha male in NXIVM was the soft Keith Raniere who was basically a male prostitute servicing the richer women in NXIVM who couldn’t find a man any other way than joining a cult.

      • “NXIVM was a cult for women, gays and soy boys.”

        So is the liberal cult. Not surprisingly, the typical NXIVM member is a whiney liberal. Look at the virtue signalling of its members.

        • -Not surprisingly, the typical NXIVM member is a whiney liberal.

          It couldn’t be any worse than being a whiney anti-liberal like you.

          • You seem like a particular kind of cunt. Could you in fact be the brown beetle?

    • NXIVM cult members, especially those who stayed for years and especially those who stayed on after the pedophile expose in 2012 are fucking losers. Genuinely, I would be fascinated to know the average testosterone levels of a typical NXIVM male including Keith Raniere (who apparently couldn’t get an erection and required viagra). It’s probably around the levels of a 9 year old boy in the 1950’s. Mark Vicente is a spineless perpetrator of this cult and is now playing the victim card. They are all toxic morons.

  • Since NXIVM is really a clone of Scientology should it be any surprise that it is an expensive scam like Scientology?
    NXIVM used questionnaires and cameras to record dirt on its members.
    Scientology used so called lie detectors called E-Meters to gather blackmail information about its members.

    When I was in college over 40 years ago a female Scientologist on campus handed me a leaflet and in one minute I figured out it was a scam and threw the leaflet away.

    Why the devil is Mark Vincente crying?
    The solution to cults like Scientology and NXIVM is to in the words of Vladimir Lenin “vote with one’s feet” and leave.
    Does Vincente, who Raniere claimed is the reincarnation of Vladimir Lenin, not understand that simple solution?

    Communist leader Vladimir Lenin commented, “They voted with their feet,” regarding Russian soldiers deserting the army of the Tsar

    America and Canada can not afford to be nations of crybabies and wimps.

    Is Mark Vincente one of these spineless, gutless liberals who expect the government to protect him from every huckster like Raniere?
    People have to learn to protect themselves.
    People have to learn to think for themselves.

    Vincente started NXIVM in 2005 and finally drummed up the courage to leave in 2017 when the sex slave cult information hit the fan.
    How much money did Vincente fritter away to figure out that ” the Emperor Keith Raniere has no clothes?”

    Others like Frank Parlato and Joe O’Hara knew withing six months of work that NXIVM is a cult and left as soon as it was expedient.
    Catherine Oxenberg was never in the cult but quickly discovered its true nature.
    What happened to North Americans (I understand Vincente is Canadian) that they lack the fortitude to call a spade an spade?
    Did North Americans bleed out their heroes on the battlefields of Europe and Asia?
    Has our soy based diet drained out our brains and manhood?
    Are North Americans afraid of offending anyone by telling plain and simple truths?

    • Sadly, those are just more inaccurate generalizations about American, ignorant of the lessons of history.

      There have always been exploitative and abusive movements, groups, and cults throughout history, in whatever era you might want to imagine that everyone was somehow strong and above average. The 19th century in particular was a period of enormous foment, with a frequent theme of women being alienated from families and husbands by charismatic prophets and preachers, and we still know just the two extant and relatively moderated examples of that in the Mormons (whose founder, like Muhammad, had a biblically-justified predilection for young wives, and which officially sanctioned polygamy until 1890 and turns a blind eye to it to this day) and the Jehovah’s Witnesses (who still have a predominantly female membership submitting to a male hierarchy).

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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