Hope for Vanguard – Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme Says She’s Still in Love with Charles Manson

This is optimistic news for the Vanguard.

Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, 70, after almost 50 years of being apart from her master, Charles Manson, says she’s still in love with him.

Theirs was an enforced separation – since both went to prison, Manson for life – he died in 2017 at age 83 while serving a life sentence – and she – for more than 30 years; she was paroled a decade ago.

Fromme was part of Manson’s inner circle, part of his “family”, a woman, had she been with Keith Alan Raniere, instead of Manson, would have been promised an avatar baby.

Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi described Fromme as the “main gal in the Family.”

And she still loves him, which ought to give Vanguard hope that some of his female followers will still be there, loving him, waiting for him when he gets out of prison in about 50 years.

Though Manson is dead and Fromme has not been with him since 1969, Fromme said in an interview Tuesday on the ABC special “Manson Girls” she’s still “in love” with him.

“Was I in love with Charlie? Yeah, oh yeah, oh, I still am, still am. I don’t think you fall out of love,” she told ABC News.
“I feel very honored to have met him, and I know how that sounds to people who think he’s the epitome of evil,” Fromme added.

Fromme was not charged in connection to the murders in the summer of 1969 in Los Angeles, where several Manson cult members stabbed to death actress Sharon Tate and six others at Manson’s behest.

Fromme remained faithful to Manson throughout his murder trial, carving an “X” into her forehead like him and other followers.

Four yeas after Manson was sentenced in 1971, Fromme attempted to shoot President Gerald Ford with a Colt .45 outside the California State Capitol Park Building in Sacramento in Sept. 1975. She was a few feet from Ford but the gun never went off.

She was the first woman known to attempt to assassinate a U.S. president.

At her trial, she begged prosecutors to allow Manson to attend, [which was denied]. During the trial, U.S. Marshals had to carry Fromme in front of the judge when she refused to walk.

Fromme was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, and had an additional 15 years added to her sentence after being caught following a prison escape in 1987.  In 2009, Fromme was granted parole at age 60 in 2009 and lives in Marcy, NY, about 45 miles east of Syracuse.

According to a report in the New York Post, Fromme lives in a skull-decorated, ramshackle home she shares with boyfriend, Robert Valdner, 68, who shot and killed his brother-in-law and pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 1988. Valdner started writing to Fromme in 1992, while they were both imprisoned, about his admiration of Manson and a prison romanced blossomed into a real life romance after both got released.

Once he is sentenced, the true test of Vanguard’s greatness may be how many women will admit to still being in love with him 50 years from now.



Charles Manson

Keith Raniere

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4 years ago

Had KAT left those who blew their whistles along and not started DOS, he’d still be a free man, NXIVM would still be up and running and things would still Just Appear for him.

He just couldn’t leave IT alone

4 years ago

I suppose many NXIVM members deep down still love and revere their Vanguard.
If the branding had not been exposed it would still be going on to this day.
The only remorse felt by the NXIVM defendants is the remorse at getting caught.

4 years ago

What makes it more hypocritical, your comment is that you are willing to accept that many if not that most women of TWO AND NXIVM, are willing to wait for KAR staying true to him, while you continue with your rhetoric about allison is the evil one that tortures all these women, honestly shadow your hypocrisy is very great as much as the one you point out about allison.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

“you continue with your rhetoric about allison is the evil one that tortures all these women, ”

From WTOP FM radio in Washington DC.
At her plea hearing, Mack tearfully said she had collected “collateral” against women and expressed regret about getting involved with Raniere — a change of heart from when she told The New York Times that, as one of the DOS “masters,” she saw the women’s servitude and willingness to be branded as acts of devotion.

Authorities say the branding was done using a cautery pen without anesthesia

Anonymous, let’s brand you with a hot cauterizing pen without anesthesia and then you can tell me if that is torture.
Let’s collect blackmail information about you.

4 years ago

Anonymous, we will mark you with a hot cauterization pen without anesthesia and then you can tell me if that is torture.
We’re going to gather blackmail information about you.

you miss the point, she did not mark women as a doctor, there was a pyramid scheme of master-slaves who had to recruit 6 slaves who in turn should recruit each one to 6 esclasvas and continue to perpetuate the same scheme the rest it’s just rinse and repeat. if you notice and I say if you realize why you always use the information published to fit it in your narrative and not as evidence to get to the truth, as is the case of the alleged slave who said that allison was not marked, a story that Frank has so far failed to confirm and none of his previous publications and other sources revealed this information before his other sources provided him with very good quality information including the fact that in the ceremony of marking all the women They are naked and could be seen if allison is marked or not. On the other hand, collecting the guarantee and the brand are all aspects of the blind obedience of the women in the beliefs that over the years were taught (indoctrinated) to the women of haren, especially those who accepted the idea of ​​being spiritual wives of KAR . As for the compilation of the guarantee as a proof of the evil of allison I remind you that this was picked up by all the teachers -sclaves and although it came to your hands first step by a dropbox account in which all women had access

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Manson had loyal followers before, during, and after his trial. All of Raniere’s co-defendants have already abandoned him. All that’s left is Pea and what’s her name.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

The avalanche only started after the legal trust fund ran out of money and the Feds started talking about a child being molested.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

We don’t know whether the legal trust fund was fully exhausted and we don’t know whether the child molestation had anything to do with the pleas. The trial date was getting closer and the evidence the Feds had was being shared with them. Those are the things we know, and the bottom line is they all abandoned Raniere before the trial.


[…] Go to Source Author: Frank Parlato […]

J. Lanzke
J. Lanzke
4 years ago

Lynette Fromme’s verdict is probably only the result of her trying to justify her misguided
and waisted life in prison by giving her a meaningful justification. Or even just an answer
to an interview question that she thinks will cause a stir. It’s just speculation, we’ll never
know the answer. But we don’t want to know it either.
Will there be women in Keith Raniere’s life who will be attached to him, perhaps?
Can we change it, can we prevent it, should we take care of it?

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