Shadow: Was Allison Mack a victim when she ruled female slaves?

By Shadow State

All of the NXIVM defendants who have plead guilty so far have been treated with kid gloves. Before Clare Bronfman used the NXIVM litigation machine to harass people, Nancy Salzman used it to attack real and perceived enemies.

And Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack plead out of the pimping charges which first attracted the attention of the media.

Moreover, the leaders of NXIVM Mexico, like Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt, escape scrutiny altogether.

RICO was designed not only to nab criminals and criminal conspiracies but also to smash criminal organizations altogether.  In this NXIVM case, the full power of RICO was not used to destroy the criminal gang. Of the top 150 leaders of NXIVM, only six were indicted. And the resources exist to rebuild NXIVM.

Instead of worrying about smashing NXIVM, the government seems intent on not being too harsh on these gangsters.

Would the government be that solicitous of the defendants if they were not heiresses and actresses?

From the start, I was dubious of having a trial judge who had been appointed to the bench by that scoundrel Bill Clinton.

Clare pulled her courtroom fainting scene and Allison was seen on several occasions laughing and joking in the courtroom but also trying to hide her joviality by a strategically positioned scarf.

I have said repeatedly that this case should be about vindicating the rights of the victims. Instead it has been about protecting the fragile egos of the rich and famous defendants.

And don’t forget the powerful Democratic politicians like Kristen Gillibrand and Hillary Clinton who have had their ties to NXIVM deliberately concealed by a compliant media.

It is clear why the prosecution agreed to drop the racketeering charges against Clare.

What is that old song? “Money Makes the World Go Around.”

Let’s look at the scorecard.

Clare will get about 21 months.

Allison might get 36 months.

Her victims will be scarred physically and psychologically for life.

Lauren will get 36 months or a little less.

Nancy will get 24 months.

Kathy the 61 year-old ballerina will get less than 12 months.

Only Raniere, who is a stubborn mule, will get anything like ten years.

And NXIVM will possibly get its very own president in the form of Kristen Gillibrand.

In 2021 it will be pardons and commutations for EVERYONE! Everyone in NXIVM.
Get your tickets for V Week 2021!

There will be a Clare Day.  An Allison Day with a night time parade lit by glowing cauterizing pens used as torches. And a Lauren Day. And Nancy Day.

And on Kathy Day there will be a special performance of “Swan Lake” given by all 60 plus year old ballerinas.

And the highlight will be a grand parade through Clifton Park topped off with a fireworks display paid for by Carlos Salinas.

What will Carlos Salinas get? Control of NXIVM and open borders to flood America with illegal aliens.

And the NXIVM Six will all be honored with statues erected in their honor. Something for the pigeons to defecate on.

Let’s not forget all the public servants in Albany who enabled NXIVM’s crimes for years.
All the police and prosecutors and judges.

What will they get?

Fat public pensions paid for by the taxpayers of the Empire State which is hemorrhaging taxpayers.

Let’s look at the other side of the scorecard — the Victims of NXIVM.

John Tighe, a man sent to prison for years under highly questionable circumstances.
Can you say “set up”, boys and girls?

Rick Ross got 14 years of endless litigation.

Joe O’Hara got years of litigation.

Frank Parlato is still in litigation courtesy of Cruella Bronfman.

Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie got litigation.

A 12 year old girl got molested as did a 15 year old girl.

There are two rather mysterious suicides.

And two mysterious deaths from cancer but those cancer victims might have been pimps who knew too much.

If America is not like the Weimar Republic of Germany in the 1920s nothing is.

Of course they are going to claim that Allison Mack is a victim of Frank Parlato.

Allison is a victim.

Allison is a victim of Free Speech and the Free Press that exposes her many crimes.

Allison was a victim when The Frank Report made her participate in all those orgies at V Week.

Allison was a victim when she supervised the branding of those female slaves.

Allison was a victim when she collected those nude pictures of women.

Allison was a victim when she used those female slaves for her own sex toys.

Allison was a victim when she paddled those slaves.

Allison was a victim when she put those women in a cage.

Allison was a victim when she abused India Oxenberg.

Allison is a victim of the white male patriarchy that wants to punish her for her sadomasochism.

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  • Some interesting thoughts there – and a lot of questions to be answered and issues to be addressed, particularly regarding the injustices done to NXIVM’s victims in the Albany area.

    However, if actresses hadn’t been involved, I’m not sure the case would ever have come to public, or law enforcement, attention, to begin with.

    And I think it’s been pointed out before, that our system isn’t about victims’ rights, but rather punishing offenders – that’s just how it is, so expecting something different is unrealistic. I do think the victims should at least have their say, and I hope that they organize to file Victim Impact Statements and seek to speak at sentencing.

    Speaking of unanswered questions, and partisan angles, I’m still waiting for anyone, including here, to investigate the Bronfman’s largest donations, to that Alban-based Republican NY state slush fund – and anyone who objects to me calling it that, ought then to at least tell us what it is, because their minimal and opaque web page certain doesn’t even say who runs it or what the money is used for.

    • Speaking of unanswered questions, and partisan angles, I’m still waiting for anyone, including here, to investigate the Bronfman’s largest donations, to that Alban-based Republican NY state slush fund – and anyone who objects to me calling it that, ought then to at least tell us what it is, because their minimal and opaque web page certain doesn’t even say who runs it or what the money is used for.

      Hey buddy why don’t you get off of your dead partisan democrat party loving ass and investigate yourself. With al lof your corrupt democrat buddies running the state and the city you should have an easy job. Fact is you are not interested in the truth.

  • A commenter claiming to be Shadow’s nephew recently wrote on here ” you are taking things too far.. she was rude to you at comic Con 2002″ perspective if this is is true Shadow has had this hate filled obsession since she was 19 and he was mid 40s .. great guy

  • Shadow: Why on Earth do you hate Mack so much above all the others, including Raniere? Why do you insist that she is the worst person on the planet? This seems highly personal, if you don’t mind me saying so. I am no Allison Mack defender, but you are going above and beyond in you campaign to destroy her. And Frank keeps publishing it.

    What about the Salzmans?
    What about Clare Bronfman?
    What about Keith Raniere?

    Are they just lambs in your view? Is Allison the real monster in this saga? Not KAR?

  • Women Helping Women… while men get screwed. That’s the age we live in. Men pay long sentences and hefty penalties while women get off easy for the same crimes. The justice department will always find a way to make women look like the victims… and the feminist left wing media will cover up the facts – more so when the criminals are rich and famous, or very influential. It’s always the same old story. It’s the legacy this annoying ultra feminist society has left us. IMO, only a long, painful, stinking war can fix this. And I fear next time it’s gonna be a war with gender connotations if these injustices continue. Shame.

    • Ticking
      Statistics prove the opposite. Women are much more likely to be a victim of domestic violence than a man is.

      85% of domestic violence victims are female, and 15% are male. (source)

      Have you noticed that almost all rapists and serial murderers are male? And that the majority of their victims are female?

      Or did the “feminist left wing media” just invent these facts to spite you?

    • It’s just a longstanding social construct to view women as somehow more innocent, and punish them more lightly – nothing modern, or feminist, about it. If anything it’s based on the “traditional” view of women, their nature and role in society that social conservatives want to perpetuate – and ironically enough, it was actually a similar construct that Raniere was trying to impose on his inner circle of followers through DOS and SOP, with their old-fashioned notions of gender roles.

      If you want to go back to the “good old days,” look at the case of Lizzie Borden, for instance.

  • RE: “And NXIVM will possibly get its very own president in the form of Kristen Gillibrand.”

    Can someone clarify for me– was Kristen Gillibrand herself ever involved in NXIVM? My understanding is that her father and her step mother got roped in, but that’s all. So she knew of it because of her relatives, so yes, there are “ties” to NXIVM.
    But did she ever participate herself?

    • Does not matter. The corrupt Clinton lackey will never be President. She couldn’t lead a tampon to her corrupt vag.

    • To Mary – Do yourself a favor and ignore rantings from shadow. He is full of shit. He ducks and weaves in every post in an attempt to pitch his simple (incorrect) narrative.
      If the casual readers of FR didn’t rely on people to call out his BS, I’d go back to the good old days when I just skipped over his thousands of comments and dozens of articles.
      And to your question – no. But if you listen to the rants of clozapinestate1958, you’d believe that the only reason K Gillibrand is even running for president is so she can serve her slavemaster, Keith A Raniere.

    • She took political donations from NXIVM, everything else stated about her is rumor, innuendo, gossip, and fabrication. She is a democrat and the Frankreport leans right……

      • She is a criminal who has been protected by the media that is left not leans…. is. You head leans up your…………..

        • LOl Antwan,

          I do not like Gillbrand but at the same time I am not going to make up crap or go along with lies.

    • Betrayed her own gender…The bitches of the democrat party betray their own gender on a daily basis. Or wait a minute….females are every bit as corrupt as their male counterparts. Why the fuck do some of you
      Neanderthals think having a vagina creates virtue

  • Persecutor / Abuser and Victim are not mutually exclusive roles. It is well known that victims often become persecutors / abusers.

    The real question is about accountability. Are victims still accountable? IMO, WE ARE ALL accountable for our actions even if we’ve had a history of abuse.

  • Everyone was a victim the leader and enabler and the source of all their misery is in jail. But there’s a new man in charge!! Let it sink for a year and get on with your life, spreading hate does not help a lot.

  • Well if they need a male slave in 2021 then this Brit doesn’t care as long as I get a bed to sleep in! Please Allison slave me lol

    • “Well if they need a male slave in 2021 then this Brit doesn’t care as long as I get a bed to sleep in! Please Allison slave me lol”
      Toby O’Brien

      “They who can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
      Ben Franklin

    • Enjoy your 800 calories/day diet, idiot. And sleep sweetly (aside from those 3 AM wake-up, call to duty phone calls) knowing that you are serving an organization who shattered the lives of many innocents. People like you make it easy for outcomes like this to be delivered. Idiot.

  • You know shadow, I’ve been saying for a year that the sex trafficking charge against Allison was bs and you wrote me off by saying the justice department knew better than me. Now that the charge has been dropped, why don’t you take some advice from your former self of a few months ago and give it a rest.

      • what you should ask yourself shadow, is where your victims are and I refer to the victims in your narrative, because the real victims know better than you how is the true story that made many of them in victimizers, for which many do not want speak publicly because people like you have already acted as prosecutors, judges and executioners and in a version of history where everything is black and white.

      • Because you understand anything…
        First, the plea bargain works in a way that they keep the most serious crime when the proof are strong enough.
        Sex trafficking part had nothing solid!

        She didn’t ask them to have sex (it’s in the court documents), she didn’t get money for it, and the “non material” payments were done at a period quite far from the crime (so it’s absolutely not a payment for this)…

        The fact is that even in court, they would have dropped the case against her!
        You just don’t like the idea but that just the fact.

  • Has anyone been by the Albany NXIVM Center to see if there is any activity?

    Maybe everything is being run in Mexico. Lauren and Clare don’t have passports and won’t for a while. First, they have their prison time to serve and then probation.

    Maybe the Judge needs to haul their asses into court to see if they have broken their bail agreements.

  • Bravo Frank…the level of your report is really really high by posting this.

    It’s so funny to read this loser write and, of course, as always, add an extra layer of BS on Allison’s side of the story.

    An example:
    “Allison might get 36 months.

    Her victims will be scarred physically and psychologically for life”

    Why is it said only for Allison?
    First off, It’s Raniere who scarred those victims…
    The worst Allison did (and that’s from the court document) is to retain collateral.
    She didn’t even threaten them with physical violence or anything!.

    Lauren did worse than Allison but doesn’t get that extra info. Some people might believe you are biased….Oh wait, you are!

    You are so obsessed that you continue to repeat the same lies and it’s really getting old there!

    Allison is a victim…a victim of nxivm but worse yet, a victim of your obsession!
    Give her a rest, she’ll never care for a nobody like you and that’s normal! who would want a guy like you.

    As for the rest of your stupid allegations:

    -Orgies… proof? None, it’s only a sick allegation that Frank made base on …”a source”
    As far as we know, Allison was even in bed with Raniere before a LONG time and that is a fact!

    -Branding… It’s not her job, she didn’t create this, she wasn’t the one marking and that is clearly know by the court. they never say “she created” because they know it’s Raniere!
    She “supervised” as much a Lauren or any other who were at the branding ceremony.But of course, for you , it’s only about Allison.

    -Use slave as her own sex toys… That’s your sick mind . Nobody has ever talked about this, only you and frank made this story for you sick perverted fantasies. I already told you: keep that for yourself!

    -Paddling…There is a mention of it in the case but no victims.
    As far as what has been REALLY said, the caging and paddling were only applied to punish Allison if the slave refused to obey.

    It’s Allison that was witnessed to be caged…moron!

    She didn’t abused India…Stop believing the word of fiction coming from the mouth of Cat.
    She didn’t had contact with her daughter when she wrote the book.

    BTW, i remind you that technically, she was CC2…I love India and i wish her good but i need to put that clear so you stop using her as a bait for your sick agenda.
    As much as India is considered as a victim (and considered by a lot (including me) as brainwashed) , so was the same for Allison.
    Worst, Allison was groomed and abused WAY longer than her!
    God knows how many EM and other stupid program they used to abuse her.

    The crazy thing in this case is that everyone who got less abuse than Allison will get a “ooooh pooor thing” but when it’s about Allison…Burn the witch.

    If that’s not double standard…i Don’t know what it is.

    Oh and Indeed she was a victim for the last one.But of course, for your sick twisted mind, she was consenting to this …

    The only “fact” you posted was the one about collecting the collaterals…the rest is just BS , invention of yours or Stories.
    But nothing surprising coming from a clown like you.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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