Can Raniere survive prison if convicted as a sex offender?; He needs to be assigned to SOMP prison for his own safety

Not an actual photo of Keith Alan Raniere being returned to his prison cell.

Sex offenders do not fare well in prison.

Maire, of Binghamton, NY, was the co-founder of a computer graphics company. He and other members of his sex ring were sentenced to decades in federal prison.

Members of the sex ring posed as teenage boys on social media websites to lure preteen and teenage girls to a private online chatroom, where more than 100 victims were manipulated into stripping, masturbating and performing other sex acts.

Maire handpicked members of the ring, known as the “Bored Group,” who shared computer skills and a sexual interest in girls ranging from infants to teens.

During sentencing, Maire and other members of the sex ring were confronted by victims. Maire sobbed during sentencing, and told the judge, “I’ve shattered so many lives. I never thought I could sink this low. I apologize to all of my victims. I took advantage of your youth and trust and put my own selfishness above your dignity.”

At least five other members of the sex ring are incarcerated at Milan.

Image result for larry nassar
Larry Nassar

In May 2018, Larry Nassar, a former sports doctor at Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics who was convicted of sexually assaulting girls during medical treatment, was assaulted by fellow inmates at a high-security federal prison in Arizona. He was transferred to a prison in Florida.


Image result for agustin duran
Agustin Duran

Agustin Duran, 66, a convicted child molester in California, was beaten to death by a fellow inmate five days after his arrival at Wasco State Prison.  Duran was sentenced to 55 years to life for lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years old.

Inmate, Andres Donicio Ayon, 19, beat Duran to death with his fists.


Image result for Clinton Don Simpson
Clinton Don Simpson

Clinton Don Simpson, 76, a kiddie-train operator was killed when his cellmate bashed his head against the cell floor some 73 times.  Simpson was confined to a wheelchair and was facing charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14, and indecency by fondling.


Image result for Alan Ager, sex offender
Alan Ager

Then there was Alan Ager, 63, a convicted child molester, who died when his cellmate tied a cloth noose around his neck and stuffed him under a mattress.  Ager’s cellie was Clyde Leroy Beaver, a convicted murderer who spent four decades in prison. Beaver pleaded guilty to murder in Ager’s slaying and got another life sentence that is, in fact, essentially meaningless.


Keith Alan Raniere

Yes, prison is tough for sex offenders, especially if their offenses include possessing, distributing, or producing child pornography, or soliciting minors for sexual activity.

So, what is Keith Raniere going to do when he is convicted of these crimes?

Here is a website he should study to get information:

Here are excerpts, which I have rewritten for Keith’s benefit:

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has an inmate population of 215,383 — 11,699 of whom are incarcerated for sex offenses (most often possession, receipt, or production of child pornography).  This amounts to 6.1% of the prison population.

There are 162 federal institutions. Most of these are general prisons which house inmates convicted of all kinds of federal crimes.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has 10 prisons which specifically house sex offenders. These are called Sex Offender Management Program (SOMP) institutions.

[No, not SOP, Keith, SOMP]

This is where you need to get assigned.

Not everyone assigned to a SOMP prison is a sex offender – but the higher concentration of sex offenders helps to keep them safer than they would be in a regular prison.

According to the BOP, “This higher concentration of sex offenders within a [SOMP] institution helps offenders feel more comfortable acknowledging their concerns and seeking treatment.”

But that is not why you want to get assigned there.  At a SOMP prison, you are less likely to be assaulted and killed.

At high and medium security federal prisons, you will be harassed, attacked, and brutalized. This is part of the institutional culture. If it is not actively supported by prison administration, it is accepted as inevitable. In other words, the warden and the guards know you are going to get beaten and maybe killed and there is little or nothing they can or will do about it.

You can’t fight human nature. Prisoners despise child sex offenders.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons, therefore, created the Sex Offender Management Program (SOMP) as a solution. By housing sex offenders in specific prisons, officials believe they can monitor people like you more effectively.

And you will be safer.


At SOMP facilities, there are many like you (upwards of 40% of the total population), the yards are easy and the stigma is reduced. You will be with your own kind. And less likely to be beaten for being a sex offender.

You may be beaten for your arrogance and narcissism. But that is another matter.

It is unlikely, based on your charges and the length of time you will likely serve, that you will be assigned to a low-security federal prison. There, also you would be safe.

Due to the higher percentage of sex offenders at SOMP prisons, they tend to be easier prisons, where sex offenders like you can survive.

Try for that Keith, try to get into an SOMP prison.


Those in low security are planning to go home and don’t want to risk their release when it comes time for halfway house decisions to be made; so ,they will not likely beat or kill you.

But you are not going to get into a low security prison so forget about it.

Medium Security

If you are unlucky enough to be housed at a non-SOMP facility, such as a medium and high-security prison, despite your judo skills, you may be assaulted by other prisoners.

At a medium security federal prison, you might be able to walk the yard and only be shunned, but it can be a risky gamble.

High Security

At a high-security prison, which is where you will most likely go, you will have problems. It would be best to “check in” (go into protective custody) at once and try to transfer to a SOMP prison.

If you do not voluntarily check in to solitary confinement, you will likely be “beat off” a yard.  This is where a group of your fellow prisoners will knock you to the ground (often in the chow hall or in front of the lieutenant’s office), and stomp on you right in front of prison guards. When this happens, the guards will know it’s time for you to be placed in the hole for your own protection (Protective Custody) and then, hopefully, transferred to one of the 10 prisons designed to specifically house sex offenders like you [SOMP prisons].

Be tougher than them

Another approach is, when others confront you, just be tougher than them.

Tell them you are an East Coast Judo Champion and, when asked about being a child perv, say, “What’s it to you, bub?” or “You got some kind of problem with that?”

In your case, this approach may result in you being beaten and killed.

Insane asylum

Your chances of being civilly committed [to an insane asylum] as a sex offender is another possibility. The government needs to prove you have a mental defect that would make reoffending likely for you. You might try to help them come to that conclusion.

Here’s how: You can apply for the Sex Offender Treatment Program. While it can be an opportunity to receive the kind of help you desperately need, there is the chance that participating in such a program can get you committed. The Federal Bureau of Prisons does have a history of using these groups to collect admissions needed to civilly commit offenders. This is documented in the Butner Study.

While there’s no guarantee, the best chance to be committed is to admit to more victims and discuss a mental inability to control yourself or to stop yourself from reoffending.


For years, Keith, life was easy. You were a sex offender and with your Bronfman millions, you were able to abuse women and girls with ease and impunity.

You probably should have stopped your escalating needs before you started branding them. That wasn’t too smart.

In any event, Keith, from here on in, life will not be easy as a convicted sex offender.

Your history is what it is. There’s no way to hide from it. You’re famous now.

Live with it.

Viva Executive Success!


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  • I’m not so sure about the danger he faces in prison. Of course, the majority look down on child sex offenders but sadly times have changed. There was once a code among criminals now that is even gone for the most part.

    This story really isn’t that well known and if he keeps to himself and/or learns not to boast about certain things, he could do alright. Especially if he has someone feeding his commissary. He could be Vanguard of his block, build a following and really get some warriors for when he is released and returns to his little NXIVM neighborhood

  • Whitey Bulger, the elderly ex-mob boss, was murdered in prison within a few days of being locked up. Prisoners get assaulted, raped, and killed regardless of the reason why they’re convicted. This is disgraceful. I have little sympathy for felons but this reflects badly on society as a whole; the criminal justice system is supposed to be about justice after all, not vengeance. And certainly not about savage disregard for the prison population. Those convicted of crimes are sentenced to terms of incarceration, to have their liberty taken away as punishment. They have not been sentenced to beatings and abuse. A decent society has no place for the attitude of “lock up the scum and let them kill each other.”

    I think Raniere is a scumbag and he deserves a long, long prison term. He does not deserve a de facto death sentence.

  • Raniere will survive if placed with Jared Foygle from the Subway™ sandwich chain.

    Foygle has been in prison for almost 4 years.

  • I just feel that it is a fantasy to imagine that Raniere can or will improve as a human being and become any kind of a non-deviant, especially sexually. It looks as if his interest is in showing that he has been right and fine all along and has done nothing wrong, not ever. Remorse is absent. His habits own him. For now, the only concern I have about him is that he might not ever be fully prosecuted and might not get enough time behind bars to keep him out of circulation.

  • Frank

    Though your advice is tinged with cynicism, there is some sound advice within your words.

    A close friend of mine was convicted and sent to Federal Prison for collecting child pornography on his computer, though he never met, never attempted to meet, nor had sex with anyone under age. He was sentenced to a low security prison. While there, his identity as a sex offender was protected. He is a very humble, generous and decent guy who was also very lonely and made a grave mistake. He lost his career near the top a major tech company as a result of his crime but is now back and doing well. He used the prison experience effectively; he tutored other prisoners, helped them get GED’s and taught music.

    Prison does not have to be the end of life and my hope is Raniere uses it to turnaround his life.

      • My friend’s loneliness grew into isolation and his addiction to porn grew from “normal desires” to more deviant desires to achieve an erection. The internet provided the means to discover young girls that he never previously had a desire for. The reality was, he hadn’t been well from the time he allowed himself to get so lonely and isolate.

        From a legal standpoint, he was naive. He did not realize he was breaking the law until the FBI broke down his door at 5:00 am in the morning. He never thought that collecting images of young girls was a crime because he did not sell them nor did he ever attempt to contact the women. He came to realize that he had been supporting a porn industry that victimizes young girls and supports their being sold into sexual slavery. In court, he made amends to the girls and requested forgiveness.

        He served 2 years in prison and then went to a half-way house. He is a really good guy who got lost in his loneliness and shame. Luckily, he made a lot of friends in his industry and was able to get hired coming out of prison. He is doing very well and helps other people to gain sobriety and I feel grateful to have known him over a long period of time.

    • That is a fine sentiment. I wonder if Raniere can use his time in prison to turn around his life? I wonder also if he will be sentenced to a such a lengthy prison term that he spends all or most of the rest of his life in prison. Of course, even in prison, he could change and become a new man. Thanks for your comment.

      • Frank – With a lengthy sentence, he could suddenly start to identify as a female and try to get transferred to a women’s prison. What would the odds be for that?

      • It would help Raniere to have a prison coach: a guy who has been there, knows the system, knows how to survive and knows how to use the prison experience to one’s spiritual benefit. It will require learning to be humble and learning to respect others who come criminal and violent backgrounds.
        Can Raniere do it? I believe anybody can do it if they really want to and have the support to learn how to do it.

        • From what I’ve read and understand about Raniere, it seems like he has some kind of personality disorder. He’s also unable to look at himself honestly enough to be anything like Double Anonymous’ friend.
          “I don’t think I’m seen as the person I think I am, and I also want to be the person that I think I am.”

          I don’t think he’s capable of using the prison experience to rehabilitate because he really doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong! And he doesn’t see himself accurately. He’s too arrogant and delusional. He may be able to use his prison time to manipulate people behind bars– have a fan club, write some useless book maybe… ? Or start some prison pyramid scheme. A drug ring- set up as a pyramid scheme! lol. That seems to be his go to. Or, maybe he won’t even be convicted. I’m starting to think that’s possible.

        • Double anonymous,

          The majority of psychiatrist believe that there is no cure for psychopathy (sociopathy) or for pedophilia.

      • To Frank,Double anonymous, and everyone else.

        The majority of psychiatrists believe that there is no cure for psychopathy (sociopathy) or for pedophilia.

        Double Anonymous maybe your friend found a way to help manage his “urges” but I guarantee he always had those urges and always will. Keith Raniere from the start pre-internet was climbing into Heidi’s younger sisters bedroom window in his twenties.

        Pedophiles always have some claim” it was the Internet”, or ” I was molested when I was young”, it is always some excuse…..let’s be honest they’re born that way. Just like there are gay men and women there are gay and straight pedophiles.

        In today’s PC world you will never hear anyone state the truth, but it is the truth.

        That is why sex offenders need to be identified and tracked for life.

        • This is an ignorant opinion. Sex offender is a very broad term that includes a wide variety of sex crimes, from petty ones to more serious one. Also “urges” nor being a sociopath or pedophile is a crime itself. The vast majority of human beings spend a lifetime controlling “urges” or various types and they’re not always lawful, but they control it and carry on normal lives. Honestly this was an uninformed comment based on stereotypes.

    • What your friend did was supporting the criminal enterprise of sexual exploitation of children.
      No.matter all he did was look.
      If there is no market for such, the crime will die out.

      And when just looking no.longer produced the desired effect…what then? Hmmm?

      Children are too sexualized by adults these days which must be stopped.

      I do not have the sympathy you have for your friend. I would never trust him alone with a child of any age since he shows a propensity for child porn.

      • My friend would agree that he supported the child porn industry and the sexual exploitation of children. He did not ever request sympathy rather he sought to be honest about his misdeeds, paid for it via prison and has made amends.

        All of this was incredibly difficult for him, his wife and his children but he was able to make honest amends to them too and they have stuck by him. The experience has all brought them closer as a family. It took enormous courage on everyone’s part.

  • It seems Raniere will have plenty of company in prison.
    HACKENSACK, N.J. (AP) — Authorities have arrested a police officer, a high school teacher, a minister and 13 others in a sting New Jersey officials said Wednesday was aimed at men who tried to set up sexual encounters with people they thought were teenage boys and girls.

    The arrests were made as part of “Operation Home Alone,” which targeted people who officials say used social media messaging and dating apps in an attempt to lure children.

    Lawyers: Thousands of Boy Scout leaders sexually abused children for decades

    NEW YORK (Tribune News Service) – Lawyers for dozens of sexually-abused children on Tuesday released the names of 130 Boy Scout leaders in New York who have been accused of molesting boys in their care.

    Detailing decades of unchecked abuse, with comparisons to the Catholic Church pedophile priest scandal, the attorneys said they plan on filing multiple lawsuits against the non-profit Boy Scouts of America organization, which, according to its website, prides itself in “youth protection” training.

    At a Manhattan news conference, the lawyers said the 130 scout leaders in New York, including two from Sullivan County and one from Orange County, are among 7,000 Boy Scout leaders across the country.

    The announcement was made in conjunction with lawyers in New Jersey who detailed similar Boy Scout abuse at a news conference in Newark. Lawyers there named another 50 alleged pedophile Boy Scout leaders.


    And let’s not forget the Catholic nuns who abuse girls.
    ‘Invisible’ victims: Survivors of sexual abuse by nuns demand to be counted

    Relative to abuse by priests, known cases of nun abuse are few in number. About 100 nuns nationwide have been “credibly accused,” meaning allegations resulted in a lawsuit or news story, according to lists maintained by the watchdog group Bishop Accountability.


    From Rochester, New York

    Andreatta: Webster woman alleges sexual abuse by nun, settles with Rochester diocese
    David Andreatta, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Published 12:24 p.m. ET March 1, 2019 | Updated 7:40 p.m. ET March 2, 2019


    From Buffalo, New York
    WKBW TV Buffalo

    I-Team: Two women claim sexual abuse by Buffalo nun and priest
    Victim was five years old at time of abuse
    Posted: 6:50 PM, Jul 12, 2018 Updated: 8:25 PM, Jul 12, 2018
    By: Charlie Specht

    From Columbus, Ohio

    Former Fisher Catholic nun accused of sexually abusing a student

    A nun who once taught at Fisher Catholic High School in Lancaster has been accused of sexually abusing a student 36 years ago, according to a police report.

    Sister Lisa Zuccarelli, who belongs to the Dominican Sisters of Peace, was removed from her ministry, restricted from unsupervised contact with former students and minors, and was sent to a psychological center for clergy for assessment after the allegation came to light, the Columbus-based Dominican Sisters of Peace said in a news release. Details about when the abuse occurred weren’t given.


    Now why were the women of NXIVM who are so Ethical and so Empowered so complicit in Raniere’s sexual abuse of children?
    Now these women will put on a big dog and pony show in court on how shocked they were by Raniere’s abuse of girls when ALL of these hypocritical, lying women knew about Raniere’a proclivities and enabled them.

    Raniere and all of his close female followers should rot in hell.

    • Very good examples.

      It’s also a really interesting point, that sexual abuse by women doesn’t get much attention. It may be less common, though it also gets downplayed. We tend to view men as oppressors and women as victims, and sex between an older man and a girl as more harmful than the reverse, but it’s not always that way, or that simple.

      In the Raniere/NXIVM case I’m troubled by the cases of women who were long-term silent witnesses to, and even enablers of, the pedophilia and other abuses. I hope that’s another confounding aspect of the case that we’ll eventually learn more about, but I suspect that in at least a couple of the cases it will turn out that the women involved were deviant perpetrators, as well.

  • Can anyone express a personal example of Keith’s sexual interactions in regards to his impotence? Would he blame the woman and become angry enough to be violent? Did he prefer anal ?
    I have a theory that men like this become so enraged that they kill.

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