Rhiannon wants to testify — Prosecution wants judge to allow testimony of Raniere raping her when she was 12

In a bombshell new motion in the case of the United States v. Keith Raniere, the prosecution team of Assistant U.S. Attorneys Moira Kim Penza, Tanya Hajjar, Mark J. Lesko, and Kevin M. Trowel is seeking to get Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to approve allowing the testimony of the woman that readers of Frank Report know as Rhiannon.
This brave woman now wants to testify concerning Raniere’s infamous statutory rapes of her when she was 12 and 13 years old in the early 1990s.

Rhiannon first went on the record in 2012 –  in James Odato’s expose, In Raniere’s Shadow, published in the Albany Times Union in February 2012.

The government argues that, according to Federal Rule of Evidence 414, they should be allowed to admit evidence of Raniere’s sexual abuse of Rhiannon, “including his repeated sexual intercourse with her when she was twelve or thirteen years old.”

Rhiannon is being identified as “Jane Doe X” by the prosecution and Raniere “has been provided with copies of all of Jane Doe X’s prior statements regarding Raniere’s abuse of her that are in the government’s possession,” according to the motion.

Will the judge allow Rhiannon to testify to what she said happened to her 28 years ago?

The crime is beyond the statute of limitations and you can bet the defense team will make a motion to block her testimony and any other evidence concerning the alleged rapes.  They will also argue, you can bet, that it never happened.

However, the argument of the prosecution is simple: Even though Raniere will not be charged with raping Rhiannon, “Rule 414 states that ‘in a criminal case in which a defendant is accused of child molestation,’ a court ‘may admit evidence that the defendant committed any other child molestation.’”

Child molestation is defined in Rule 414 to include “contact between a defendant’s genitals and a child’s body or between a child’s genitals and a defendant’s body, where the child is under fourteen years old.”

Child exploitation and possession of child pornography form the basis for Racketeering Acts Two, Three and Four in the second superseding indictment against Raniere.

The prosecution argues that this is a “criminal case in which the defendant is accused of child molestation.”

They argue, “The defendant’s sexual intercourse with Jane Doe X [Rhiannon] when she was twelve or thirteen years old is ‘any other child molestation'” and is “admissible”.

The purpose for Rhiannon’s testimony is, the prosecution writes, to “demonstrate that the defendant ‘has a sexual interest in [teenage girls] and had the intent and desire to commit’ the racketeering acts with which he is accused related to Jane Doe 2.”

Jane Doe 2 – as readers know – is the 15-year-old Mexican girl whose sexually graphic pictures were found on Raniere’s hard drive which was seized by the FBI during a raid at of his sex lair, at 8 Hale Drive, one day after his arrest in Mexico in late March 2018.

The pictures were allegedly taken by Raniere in 2005.

Jane Doe 2 is the younger sister of Jane Doe 4, the woman Raniere is accused of holding imprisoned for 22-months in a room at 12 Wilton Court – a home owned by Nancy Salzman that was purchased with Clare Bronfman’s money.

Jane Doe 2 is now 29 years old and living in Guadalajara, still a member of Nxivm, and under the command of NXIVM Mexico leader [redacted], who controls her daily activities in Nxivm fashion. She is not expected to testify against Raniere.

In seeking to get the judge to allow Rhiannon’s testimony, the prosecution argues that “the evidence the government seeks to admit—the testimony of Jane Doe X—is no more prejudicial than the evidence of the crimes with which [Raniere] is accused. That evidence will include graphic nude photographs of Jane Doe 2 taken by the defendant when Jane Doe 2 was fifteen years old and documents indicating that the defendant began having sex with Jane Doe 2 when she was fifteen. Additionally, the probative value of Jane Doe X’s testimony is heightened because the defendant’s abuse of Jane Doe X and Jane Doe 2 occurred when both victims were around the same age, and Jane Doe X and Jane Doe 2 both had parents who trusted the defendant and left them unsupervised to be tutored or mentored by the defendant and cared for by women in the defendant’s ‘inner circle.’”

As readers know, Raniere told Rhiannon’s mother – who worked for him at Consumer’s Buyline – that he –  known to be the world’s smartest man – would tutor Rhiannon in algebra and Latin.

His top inner circle pimp woman, the late Pam Cafrtiz – in order to lure the child to the home she and Karen Unterreiner shared with Raniere – hired 12-year-old Rhiannon to walk her dog twice per day.

In Jane Doe 2’s case, her Mexican parents had such trust in Raniere and Cafritz that they left their children in their care to raise as if they were their own.

Not only was Jane Doe 2 left in their care but also a brother and two sisters. Raniere wound up having sex with all three sisters.

Today, Jane Doe 2 and her older sister, as well as their father, are still devoted to Raniere.  Her mother and her sister, Jane Doe 4 [who is expected to testify against Raniere about her imprisonment] and her brother have gotten off the Kool-Aid and now denounce the monster.


Rhiannon was 12 years old when Keith Raniere began tutoring her. It soon led to him raping her.
James Odato wrote an award winning series on Keith Raniere and NXIVM.

Many readers know the story of Rhiannon from reading the Frank Report but it bears retelling.

In 2012, the Albany Times Union published an extraordinary series on Raniere called The Secrets of NXIVM”.

In one of the articles in the series, entitled In Raniere’s Shadow, a 33-year-old woman [Rhiannon] said Raniere had sexual encounters with her when she was 12.  He was 30 at the time. The legal age for consent in New York is 17.

The Times Union reported Rhiannon was:

 a 12-year-old with feathered bangs and long blond hair …  Her mother was a saleswoman for Raniere’s members-only buying club, Consumers’ Buyline Inc.

Photo of 12-year-old Rhiannon provided to the Times Union by the victim.

The Times Union continues:

When Raniere offered free tutoring, the girl’s mother jumped at the opportunity. At the same time…one of Raniere’s longtime girlfriends, Pamela Cafritz, hired her to walk a dog twice a day.

Keith Raniere teaches that “He who has the most joy, wins.” The monster clearly felt joy raping Rhiannon.


The late Pamela Cafritz had a Cocker Spaniel named Jack. It was unclear why Cafritz needed to pay Rhiannon to walk her dog since she was an able-bodied woman.


Pam Cafritz at the time she needed to have her dog walked by Rhiannon.

The Times Union continued:

Cafritz encouraged the girl’s visits to the townhouse she and Raniere shared with other women. And Raniere showered the girl with attention. She said he urged her to talk about her life. He gave her a necklace — a heart with a stone in it….

[Raniere] told her she hugged like a child, her arms wrapped around him but her hips pushed away. He taught her to hug the way adults do, pelvis-to-pelvis.

He took her virginity.

The girl liked being able to hang out with Raniere and the women around him. She thought sex was just part of fitting in.

“They told me I was smart and took an interest in me; they let me spend every afternoon at their house,” she said. “… I was perfect picking…To have someone that mature and that well thought of to be interested in me, it was flattering. I was young, inexperienced, overwhelmed, out of my league.”…


3 flintlock
3 Flintlock Lane, the townhouse owned by Karen Unterreiner and Keith Alan Raniere – where Raniere allegedly raped Rhiannon on numerous occasions.

The Times Union continued:

Raniere [had] sex with her not only in his townhouse but in empty offices, in an elevator and in a broom closet at the plaza that housed Consumers’ Buyline, she said.

But after several months and about 60 sexual encounters with Raniere, she said, her emotions had changed. She started skipping school and running away from home. He lived nearby, and as her uncertainty about the relationship grew, she didn’t feel safe at home.


1024x1024 (2)
Raniere brought Rhiannon to his Consumers’ Buyline offices in Clifton Park where he allegedly statutorily raped her when she was 12.

1024x1024 (3)
The Consumers Buyline offices were on the second floor and Raniere raped Rhiannon in the elevator.


Defenders of Raniere say Rhiannon was paid by the Times Union to make up her story prior to it being published in 2012.

According to a deposition Rhiannon signed in 1993, she told New York State police she had “sexual intercourse with a man named Keith Raniere”. This was 19 years before the Times Union story was published.

Rhiannon [then 15] told police the sexual intercourse “occurred when I was approximately 12-13 years old and occurred either at Keith’s townhouse at 3 Flintlock Lane, Clifton NY or his business located at Rome Plaza, Clifton Park, NY.”

The Times Union published a copy of the police report.

Here it is:

police report

The Times Union continued:

[Rhiannon] refused to wear a wire and confront Raniere to capture incriminating statements…The girl didn’t want to see Raniere again and didn’t think he would fall for a police plan to have her wear a wire…

“He took my innocence,” she said. “I can never get that back.”

The Times Union spoke with Rhiannon’s mother:

Her mother confirms the story….  [Rhiannon] now a mother herself, [is] raising children with her husband in the Capital Region…

A school district document published in the Times Union provides further evidence that Rhiannon didn’t recently make up the story.

school report 1

The school document confirms Rhiannon ran away from home, was placed in a detention center for three years, contracted Hodgkins Disease and underwent treatment with radiation and chemotherapy. Rhiannon is one of the numerous women who contracted cancer after being “enjoyed” by Raniere.

The school report continues:

school 2


To summarize Rhiannon’s story:

Raniere’s motto is “He who has the most joy wins.”

Raniere offered to privately tutor Rhiannon who was 12.

At the same time, Raniere’s lover and roommate, Pam Cafritz, hired Rhiannon to walk her dog.

Rhiannon claims she was statutorily raped some 60 times by Raniere.

To enhance his joy, he sought out unique and enjoyable locales to statutorily rape Rhiannon, such as broom closets and elevators, as well as in the comfort of his own home.

Rhiannon became disturbed and frightened and ran away from home.

Raniere continued to enjoy other women and, quite possibly, other underage girls.

Rhiannon was placed in a detention center, contracted blood cancer, received chemo and radiation treatment, and returned home when she was 16.

Raniere went on to become a teacher of ethics, enjoying sexual encounters with many female students. Some ran away from him in terror.

Rhiannon said it took 20 years to recover from being statutorily raped by Raniere.

“He who has the most joy wins,” says Raniere, who prefers to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard.


For years, Raniere had far more joy than Rhiannon.

Now, he is in custody, residing at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. He is facing life in prison.

Had he been prosecuted for his earlier crimes, the prosecution likely would not need to admit evidence of them now.

He built a cult – funded by the heiress Clare Bronfman – and hundreds of women did his bidding. They were his slaves.

Many of them suffered as he won, by having the most joy. For decades, he lived like an emperor.

Now, he lives in jail. Soon enough, assuming he is convicted, he will head off to a maximum security prison where he will likely spend decades in misery.

This prospect has made many women hopeful, if not joyful – especially women like Rhiannon.

And Rhiannon is one of those brave women who are prepared to actually do something to ensure it happens. She wants to testify.

It will bring her joy to see him go to a place where he cannot do any more harm to women and girls.

And, as you know, for he teaches it, “She who has the most joy, wins.”

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  • I’ll give it one last attempt. It’s reality not a tv police drama. It’s much more involved than a wire and surrounding the house. Which in itself is a challenge if this was to take place at the residential townhome neighborhood. Leo is not donning costumes to appear as mailmen and landscape workers to justify being out front and in someone’s backyard. It’s a joke. There’s issues of equipment, manpower, liabilities, planning, coordination etc.

    I don’t really think it was a conspiracy but rather a matter of not believing her, probably thinking she was a troubled teen based on running away, skipping school and maybe other interactions they had or knew about. My issue is it doesn’t appear they even attempted to substantiate her claims which is first done by talking to people not suggesting a complicated op.

  • Ok, shadow, let me give you a clue. When people like Scoot and yourself vilify people who don’t deserve it, you lose credibility. When you are over the top with your hatred and vigilantism, you lose credibility. When you are a bully, you lose credibility. When you are the one who commented 25 times on article, you lose credibility. When you are a dick, you lose credibility.

    You, shadow, are where you deserve. Your credibility bucket is in desperate need of some drops.

    When you wake up and your only defender in the world is Scott Johnson, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror.

    • Lol! Ssssshhhh, Nut, don’t tell. Shadow and Schlock think they’re impressing the chicks with their rad rips on a 12-yr-old litlle brace-face bitch who didn’t have the balls to cooperate with the heat and stop a dangerous predator in his tracks with a wire in her panties.

      Little wonder these superheroes are on FR all day chatting up “Pea Onyu” and “Yolanda Cortez” whining about Allison Mack’s cankles.

    • OK nutjob, if Rhiannon had fully cooperated with the police in 1993 the 15 year old Mexican girl who was raped in 2006 might have avoided a lot of grief.
      Is that so difficult to understand?
      Who is the dick now?

      And for the next 25 years the women of NXIVM, many of whom knew about Raniere’s pedophilia, enabled his crimes.
      Now they’re acting shocked and outraged by what Raniere did.

      I will engage in free speech whether you like it or not.
      It’s not my problem that you are allergic to the truth.

      • You’ve made your opinion abundantly clear, shadow. As I believe I have. Speak away…
        Maybe I am allergic your words – my skin has been crawling for 2 days.

          • “Police need citizens to cooperate with them to build a case”
            True statement. So rather than being an over-the-top lunatic about this precious statement you’re clinging to, why not maintain some semblance of being a decent human being and realize that Rhiannon has done lots of cooperating?

            And unless I missed it, she wasn’t offered an ice cream cone, mickey mouse ears, or anything. She was able to fight off the mysterious cancer that she ‘caught” and is still fighting, today. Congrats to Rhiannon.

            And congrats to you, shadow, for joining Keith in his fight against the few people who stand up to him.

  • Rhiannon was requested to wear a wire to trap Raniere.
    And many of you think that such a request was traumatic.

    When I was in college I met a woman who had been a 6 year old child in Glasgow Scotland during the 1940 German Blitz.
    To protect the children they were given gas masks with Mickey Mouse ears.

    Was that uncomfortable and demeaning to those children?
    You bet it was.

    Sometimes we do what we have to do to defend ourselves and defeat evil.

    Pictures of children in gas masks.




    • Not a very good analogy. Uncomfortable and demeaning? Kids probably found it to be fun, and smart parents would have emphasized this aspect. What’s uncomfortable and demeaning is dying from inhaling a poisonous gas. I wore a gas mask when I was in the Navy for drills and exercises, it wasn’t that bad. Certainly not uncomfortable nor demeaning. It’s called survival.

    • You are a very stupid person. Those of us in the UK will mostly ALL have near relly’s who wore gas masks as children during blitzes. Some of those died anyway, under rubble often enough, like both my great aunties.

      This is an astoundingly poor analogy and you achieve no redeeming anything from it.

      • “Are you on ACID?”

        Do you operate in the real world?
        If you want to stop criminal behavior you have to cooperate with the police.
        Rhiannon did not fully cooperate with the police.
        Don’t complain about crime and then refuse to cooperate with a police investigation and later bellyache that the police did not do enough.
        Do you understand that nutjob or are you on acid?

        • For Christ sake Shadowstate, Rhiannon was merely 12 years old and she cooperated with the police by making a statement. I blame the police tactics for asking a traumatized little girl to wear a wire. Show some empathy for her versus vilifying her decision not to wear a wire. Put yourself in her shoes. It’s incomprehensible for anyone to not show empathy for the situation and pressure she was under to even go to the police and tell her story! Grow up! Please also stop with boasting about how you were raised and what you were taught. It’s quite obvious you didn’t learn a damn thing.

          I agree with Nutjob, OCD, Niceguy and the others, in that you are pretty fucked up. The more you try to defend your reasoning exemplifies how shallow you are. The same thing goes for your stupid conspiracy theories. Maybe you should use “Shallowstate” as your moniker. It’s far more fitting.

          • “For Christ sake Shadowstate, Rhiannon was merely 12 years old and she cooperated with the police by making a statement.”

            Girl Scout Cookies:
            Rhiannon made the statement to the police in 1993 when she was 15 years old.

            The police NEVER prosecute someone on the basis of an allegation alone.
            Do you think the police go directly to Raniere and get him to confess to molesting Rhiannon?
            The police need a confidential informant , someone Raniere would trust, to coax out a confession.

            It is time for you to wake up and realize that the police need citizens to assist them in their investigations.
            Police cases are not built by waving magic wands.

            Girl Scout Cookies, it is time for you to stop your unreasoning hatred of the police.

        • There was no investigation. That’s kind of the point. An allegation is made, the first step is not sending in the underage victim (years later) wearing a wire to try and get the perp to incriminate himself. That alone would raise Rainere’s suspicions. Ignoring everything else I’ve explained, the actions of the detective, this proposal has no credibility from an investigative standpoint.
          That is the truth. If he suspected she was a juvenile delinquent making false accusations he still should have interviewed people and at least attempted to interview Raniere last. Was he skeptical, lazy or friendly with NXIVM?
          I don’t know, this isn’t how the job is done though.

          Regardless what Google says

          • “There was no investigation. That’s kind of the point. An allegation is made, the first step is not sending in the underage victim (years later) wearing a wire to try and get the perp to incriminate himself.”

            The police can not act until they receive a complaint.
            Rhiannon did not make a complaint until 1993 when she filed a complaint with the police.

            The police can not read Rhiannon’s mind before she files the complaint.
            If the victim will not cooperate the police can do nothing.

      • You know I was cynical of all the accusations of misogyny being thrown around here in the comments but the truth is hard to deny

  • Here is my impression of Albany police when this little girl told them she’s being rapped…..” ok little rapped child, I’m a lazy cop wear this wire and when your being rapped again this will record it”. I feel like if she would have wore a wire she would have been murdered. Tough call for a minor to make. Hum should I choose rape with my frosted flakes or murder? Maybe after Captain kangaroo I could get rapped again. Maybe if I’m a good girl I won’t have to touch keiths herpes dick.

    • Here’s the truth:
      When a Chicago area Congressman named Mel Reynolds was accused of molesting a girl the Chicago cops had the girl record a conversation with Reynolds where he was recorded admitting the molestation.
      Reynolds was convicted and removed from office.
      Wearing a wire is standard police work even for cooperating witnesses.
      Even the FBI sometimes has to have witnesses wear wires to corroborate testimony.

      If people want their rights defended they have to COOPERATE with the police.
      Rights and Justice are never handed to you.

      And the word is RAPED not rapped.

      • Not “standard” by any means. Especially of a minor. And not compelled, voluntary.
        Warrant, acquisition and strict procedure. Even then it often fails or isn’t used or allowed.

        • Thanks for that Nutjob! I was getting depressed about comments here blaming the 12 year old victim of serial rapes for NXIVM’s subsequent atrocities, and the belly laugh was much needed!

        • Nutjob, you expose yourself as someone looking for an excuse to hate cops and accuse them of dereliction of duty.
          Cops can not solve crimes if the public refuses to cooperate.

          • Yeah, you got me. I hate cops.
            The reality is that the cops couldn’t have handled the Raniere/ESP/NXIVM situation any better.

  • Asking a minor to act as an agent of leo is unusual. Especially a 15 year old alleged rape victim. Not much of an investigation and possibly why they suggested something they suspected would be declined. Did they interview anyone? Like the accused or Catfritz or neighbors or her friends, people at the office complex? Or did they take a report, ask a minor child to go undercover and when declined say “nothing we can do”?

    Were any other avenues taken? District Attorney? Youth and Family Services, other leo? Why nobody listened to this girl, investigated even a tiny bit is troubling to say the least.
    Saying the police needed her to wear a wire for probable cause is idiotic. They had cause to investigate. They chose not to. She had nothing to do with him not being stopped and not wearing a wire had nothing to do with it. Had she worn a wire which would have required the crossing of t’s and dotting of fucking i’s to begin with, it would have been one more legal fight of admissibility and I’d bet they would have found a reason not to proceed like the reasons I’ve given had she agreed or got a damn confession from him. Two internet dicks that think they’re detectives Geezus.

    Rhiannon did more than she’s had too and I’ve no reason to believe she’s not telling the truth is the one person I’d say is brave

  • To Shadow – Since you are wearing your big boy pants today, maybe now would be a good time for you to reveal your identity. We have a 12yo girl who used her name and went to the cops to try to stop Raniere. Now she’s ready to testify against Raniere. You weren’t ever a part of NXIVM and have nothing but Wikipedia to bring to the table. What’s your name, big man? You’re one brave keyboard warrior!!!! A true pioneer who protects us from savages like 12yo girls.

    I hope you’re on the sauce, dude. Cause if not, you’ve gone batshit crazy the last wk.

    • Your pseudonym is well chosen because it describes you to a “t.”

      Of course I was never a part of NXIVM because I use my brain to make decisions.
      The people who were a part of NXIVM did not use their brains to figure out that Raniere was not the world’s third smartest man.
      If you want to defend yourself from con artists like Raniere, start by using your God given brains to figure out that he is a con artist.

      The police can not protect you from every con artist who comes down the road.
      You have to protect yourself from time to time.

      • Guess what shadowstate1958 – you have shown us your true colors. You are a con artist. Maybe we are now using our brain to tell you to STFU and defend others from your hate.

        No wonder you have been infatuated with this case. We thought all this time you’ve been in love with Allison. Maybe it’s Keith you’ve been infatuated with.

        Whatever. Thanks for showing us your true colors. Now we don’t need to use our brains to skip over your posts and treat you like the POS you are.

      • Shadowstate,

        You had me fooled I actually believed you were sane at one time. Your crazier than Bangkok!!!!

  • By rights, IMO, Rhianon’s case should be heard by the proper Court with the power to prosecute KAR fully for his heinous crimes against her as a child, her family and humanity, and to order victim’s restitution for Rhianon.

    Some lawyers I’ve spoken to agree that there are, in fact, no time limits under NY State or Federal Laws on prosecuting a case of “sexual predatory conduct against a child under 13” (as its known in New York) or “sexual exploitation of a child” as the Feds are calling it (concerning the 15 yr old Mexican girl).

    Especially now that new State laws are in effect which extend the age up to which a victim may prosecute statuatory rape crimes that did, previously, have shorter time limits…

    But, again, looks like the CHILD laws for a 12 year old victim never had time limits in NY in 1990, when Rhianon was preyed upon and repeatedly sexual exploited by KAR in a pattern of “predatory conduct against a child.”

    God Bless You and Your family, especially your Mom, Rhianon.

    Trust that you’ve consulted with your own counsel on this — I’d hate to see you hurt again as it too often goes for rape victims, and after the 2012 TU expose’ apathetic or strategic backlash I do believe was politically rigged…

    Certainly, you must be heard finally and if this is to be — shamefully, IMO — the actual and only trial, pray your words reach the hearts and minds of those who can do what’s right and needed to protect other innocents from the sufferings you’ve braved! ❤️

  • If you want to talk about real bravery read the stories from American history where pioneers, many of them women and children, traveled into the wilderness to confront harsh weather and wild savages to settle a continent.
    Today’s Americans are weak and pusillanimous.
    If you want to defeat evil you must confront evil.

    I’ve seen Raniere in action.
    His videos reveal him to be a spineless jellyfish.
    He is a bully but like all bullies he is also a coward. A CRAVEN COWARD. A SPINELESS COWARD.
    Anyone who stands up to him causes him to run off in a sputtering, smoldering rage.
    Anyone with backbone causes him to fold like a cheap suit.
    I’ve seen his type many times.

    There are two types of people in the world.
    Victims and Survivors.

    Freedom is not Free.
    You must fight for it.
    Justice is not handed to you.
    You must fight for it.

    Don’t expect the police to protect you if you are not willing to help the police.

    • While I’m on the subject the women of NXIVM failed to use their God given common sense to analyze the teachings of Raniere.
      Anyone with a half way decent education would realize in a matter of minutes that Raniere is full of crap.
      Instead of thinking for themselves these women, many of them pretentious actresses or spoiled brat heiresses, lapped up Raniere’s Verbal Vomit as if it were the Gospel Truth.
      I come from a family where many of the women have advanced degrees.
      Graduate degrees.
      The women in my family were taught to be independent and think for themselves.
      I admire independent intelligent women.
      I see very little of that spirit in the women of NXIVM.

      And when a woman like Kristen Kreuk displays independence, she is hounded for her common sense and initiative.
      Why didn’t Kristen Kreuk save Allison Mack?
      Why didn’t Allison Mack save herself?

      And while we’re on the subject the men of NXIVM display a weakness that is intolerable.
      How many real men would allow themselves to be cuckolded by the likes of a two bit punk like Raniere?

      If the men of Upstate New York are too weak to defend their families, how the devil will they defend their nation?
      No wonder the American border is collapsing and the nation is being invaded by illegal aliens with impunity.

      • Perhaps you have never confronted evil so closely that you misunderstand what it means to confront it. Especially for a woman. Even those with God given brains and intelligence. Very few to none of the women who entered DOS were stupid women. Most were suffering from the psychosis that current Feminism brings on. Perhaps they were seeking an antidote to that, and felt that they couldn’t ever just confront THAT particular evil cult head on – not without being punished and punished severely by our common society that brooks no dissent, particularly when it comes to today’s sacred cows – among them being Feminists and their feminism.

        Confronting evil takes more than bravery. It also requires innocence and a solid belief in what is good. Both of these qualities were quietly stripped from the women of DOS. (As well as from the men of SOP). If it were so easy to confront evil, then the world would have no evil in it.

        Please Shadow, consider this? I have always respected your posts and insight, so I am a little shocked that you would be so cavalier about NXIVM now.

    • Shadowstate,

      Go back to masturbating to burning Allison Mack effigies.

      You are so in left field buddy.

      Early pioneers? WTF? Are you talking about 1950’s television shows? Did you grow up watching Wagontrain and Davie Crocket on tv?

      How brave are you?

      Did you serve in the Korean War or Vietnam ?

      Then shut the f*ck up asshole……

      • You are the self-proclaimed niceguy who uses words like “masturbating” and “f*ck” and “asshole”.

        Rather than discussing my points on the merits you engage in personal ad hominen attacks.

        Let’s be blunt.
        We have rights because people in the past made sacrifices.
        Nobody handed Americans rights.
        From time to time we have to maintain those rights by standing up for ourselves.
        That means COOPERATING with the police in their investigations.
        Police need help in gathering evidence.
        Police need to have corroboration before they can use an allegation against someone in a court.
        Corroboration means witnesses sometimes have to wear a wire.

        God save America from a generation of people who expect everything to be handed to them.

    • “If you want to talk about real bravery read the stories from American history where pioneers, many of them women and children, traveled into the wilderness to confront harsh weather…’

      Actually, no, we don’t. We want to read about this particular case and the breaking developments. There was a lot of rejoicing here until you smeared it by accusing Rhiannon of being a coward.

      • “There was a lot of rejoicing here until you smeared it by accusing Rhiannon of being a coward.”

        My job is not to bring rejoicing.
        My job is to tell the truth.
        And the truth is often a bitter pill to swallow.

        Had Rhiannon worn a wire her accusations could have been corroborated from an early point in time.
        Raniere’s pedophilia could have been stopped even before the Jim Odato series in the Albany Times-Union in 2012.

        Moreover, the gutless, spineless, brainless women of NXIVM instead of taking it upon themselves to defend the rights of girls enabled Raniere’s pedophilia to continue for years longer.
        I don’t want to hear about female empowerment when women will not defend girls from a known predator.

        And when Kristen Kreuk leaves NXIVM over the allegations of pedophilia she is subjected to non-stop hatred and demonization.

        • Truth. Shadow is a con artist that Frank has allowed to become relevant.

          Shadow went from being the lonely, horny man that Scott picked on, to getting a big head and letting his disturbing true self be witnessed by us all.

  • This comment is not meant to attack Rhiannon personally.

    I understand that as a young lady it was a traumatic event for her to have been hurt by Raniere.

    But had Rhiannon testified against Raniere many years ago much grief could have been avoided.

    • Shadow,
      I have no idea of your gender. If your a Male, you cannot even try on what it’s like to be a woman whose been sexually assaulted let alone a young girl.

      Years ago when Rhiannon parents took her to the police, life was different.

      They want this young girl to wear a wire into a.place where a man was having sex with her. How safe would of that been for her?

      How prepared could a girl that young that had been abused by this sexual predator been to get the evidence they wanted to arrest him for her to even testify?

      Had the NY State or Attorney Generals from many states done their jobs for decades, think for the lives that would if been saved.

      Had Keith Raniere been arrested for running a Ponzi scheme with CBI and done prison time back in the 90’s ESP/NXIVM would of never gotten the foothold it did either.

      Blaming victims is putting your energy in the wrong direction.

      • For evil to be defeated good people must take risks.
        How many men risked their lives to defeat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan?
        How many men are risking their lives every day to defeat Islamic terrorism in the Middle East?
        But the women of Upstate New York can’t wear a wire to trap a sexual predator!!!!!!!!!

        For that matter when Congressman Mel Reynolds was investigated for pedophilia his victim had the courage to record Reynolds over the telephone admitting that he had molested her.
        Wearing a wire is a small risk compared to allowing a sexual predator to continue his rampage.

        “In August 1994, Congressman Reynolds was indicted for sexual assault and criminal sexual abuse for engaging in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old campaign volunteer that began during the 1992 campaign.[2] He also faced charges of child pornography for asking the underage campaign worker to obtain “lewd photographs of another girl who was age 15”

        Mel Reynolds was convicted because he was recorded over the telephone talking to a girl and admitting his crimes.

        Why are the women of Chicago brave while the women of Upstate New York so cowardly?
        Wearing a wire is a risk!!!!!! Give me a break.

        • A 13 YEAR OLD? Wearing a wire (as a child) (to confront your rapist) is no biggie? I give up. I am going to assume that neither you nor Scott have daughters.

          Yes, you are victim shaming.

      • You’re lucky Frank didn’t post my comment.

        It would have been very safe. She would have told what to say and what to do based on Raniere’s reactions. They would have been listening live and had the building surrounded and ready to enter with overwhelming force if necessary.

        CBI wasn’t a Ponzi scheme, it was an illegal pyramid. That’s a civil crime, he probably was never arrested and you don’t go to prison for civil crimes.

        Other than that, great post!

        • “It would have been very safe. She would have told what to say and what to do based on Raniere’s reactions. They would have been listening live and had the building surrounded and ready to enter with overwhelming force if necessary.”

          You’re talking about a child victim. The above sounds like you’re watching lots and lots of crime shows on TV,

          I suspect this was a young girl recovering from a great deal of trauma. ( I don’t know when the blood cancer occurred.) But I doubt many parents would have wanted to subject their child to re-traumatization by putting her through all that.

          She made a detailed police report. The local authorities should have been on high alert, watching that pedophile. But they were not.

          • I believe the cancer occurred later and her mother wanted her to wear the wire. Regardless, the police can’t watch everything, they need help. She didn’t help them, and the rest is history.

            We have to act outside our own, narrow, selfish interests if we expect positive change to occur. That obviously hasn’t seeped into your brain.

        • ” They would have been listening live”

          Scott, you bring up a valid point.
          When people wear a wire the police are listening LIVE.
          If Raniere tries anything the police hear it in real time and can respond instantly.

    • Fuck you!!! How would you feel if you were raped, Shadowstate? You haven’t a clue WTF you are talking about!

      • So allow Raniere to go free for decades more to rape and pillage?
        That’s what happened.
        Rhiannon was not only victimized by Raniere but also by Pam Cafritz and Barb Jeske and other women in NXIVM.

        Don’t act like only males victimized the child.
        Now many of the perpetrators who hurt Rhiannon are beyond human justice.
        Don’t blame me for that.

        The hatred against males is almost palpable.
        If women want to protect children against predators like Raniere they have to react soon after the attack occurs.
        Instead the women of NXIVM danced around and celebrated Raniere every year with a ten day orgy.

        And I’m tired of the women who act shocked at Raniere’s pedophilia after he gave lectures touting sex with children.
        Your misplaced outrage does not impress me.

      • Shadowstate,

        How out of touch with reality are you Rhiannon was a 12 year old?

        I agree completely with Girl Scout Cookies!!!!! Except where GirlScoutCookies comments “go f*ck yourself”….

        ………I would have commented go f*ck your Allison Mack poster.

    • What do you mean by “many years ago”? When she made the police report?

      If so, you’re making a lot of assumptions with that statement – for one thing on what the outcome would have been. We have no way of knowing whether Raniere would have been convicted, or even charged, considering the inclination of the Albany authorities at the time. We have no way of knowing whether or not something would have conveniently “happened” to Rhiannon before she could testify. (So far we have “suicides” and disappearances.)

      In any case, asking a young girl to wear a wire and confront her repeat rapist is over-the-top horrible in my eyes.

      -Rhiannon did in fact make a detailed statement to police as shown above, which is now going to be used.

      -Rhiannon, now that Raniere is going to trial, wants to testify, when she could otherwise just go on with her life.

      What do you want from her?

      We here, myself included, should consider toning down some of our speculation on what “would have” happened in this twisted case, if only…this, that or the other. Because it’s impossible to know.

      • “We have no way of knowing whether Raniere would have been convicted, or even charged, considering the inclination of the Albany authorities at the time.”

        We never have any idea whether a defendant will be convicted.
        Even though charges were dropped against R. Kelly years ago women continued to come forward and now R. Kelly is facing new charges.
        Why are the women of Chicago so brave about confronting pedophiles and the women of Upstate New York so cowardly?


        Being brave is better than sitting on one’s hands and proclaiming “Oh, Woe is Me.”

        “In any case, asking a young girl to wear a wire and confront her repeat rapist is over-the-top horrible in my eyes.”

        Here’s what a wire looks like and it is attached by a female police office.
        Moreover, wires can be monitored in real time by police officers.


          • My family taught me to think for myself and stand up for my rights.

            My family would be outraged at the weak-willed people of NXIVM and the Albany area who lack the gumption to protect children from Raniere.
            The police can not do everything.
            Sometimes we have to think for ourselves.
            Sometimes we have to assist authorities in their investigations.
            And sometimes helping children grow up is teaching them to be brave and confront their enemies.

            Life is not easy.
            Life is not all candy canes and unicorns and mermaids.

          • The police did NOTHING, dipshit. Do you even fucking read this blog or just corrupt it? Maybe stop putting your anger on the girl and put it on the ones who deserve it.

      • Shadow and Scott have no idea what happens to women who leave Raniere. They have no idea what happens to people who he deems an enemy. How could Shadow and Scott (who ride or die with Frank Report) not know this common knowledge? Ask them. But acknowledging those facts would certainly be inconvenient to there simple narrative.

        • There are plenty of people who stood up to Raniere and they are often vilified in the comments section of the Frank Report.
          Do you expect life to be easy?
          And the enablers of Raniere who protected him for years, people like the reprehensible Allison Mack, are often defended in the comments section of the Frank Report.

    • shadowstate: as other commenters have explained to you, they wanted her to wear a wire against Raniere. Sex crimes are different from other crimes, particularly against a minor. There is great emotional trauma, and Rhiannon could not bear to interact with Raniere again. It would have re-victimized her. Understanding of how to handle sex crimes has evolved. The same law enforcement that once asked Rhiannon to wear a wire, now says that they would no longer request that of a young victim. That says it all.

      Sex crimes are different from other crimes. That’s why the New York City Police Department has a Special Victims Unit in real life, not just on TV.

      • Perhaps law enforcement learned most people turn them down regarding wearing a wire, young or older. That doesn’t make the technique wrong, it makes it ineffective. Women either have to stand up or keep being abused. Your choice.

    • I could say the same for Heidi. Almost literally this whole outfit is weak. Clare is strong with her money and Frank is strong in his everlasting endurance to investigate and write. Rape, child grooming and grown adults helping is deplorable. All of you should be utterly ashamed of your pathetic lives. Keith at least punished you girls for your stupidity by making you starve for food.

  • No longer the little girl who was frightened of facing Raniere again. Now a mother with the courage and power to hammer nails into his coffin lid. All the best Rhiannon. x

  • I hope with all of my heart that Rhiannon is allowed to testify.

    I believe she is owed at least that much considering how poorly law enforcement handled her case previously.

    • Law enforcement wanted to get enough evidence to arrest Raniere. They can’t arrest any guy because a 15 year old girl claims he raped her a couple of years in the past. It’s called probable cause. Look it up or ask your wife. She’s a lawyer, remember?

  • Many blessings Rhiannon. I hope you look that soul sucker right in his eye…the good one… and seal that rapist coffin with your truth.

  • YOU ARE VERY BRAVE RHIANNON! Your words and strength give us all Courage to keep up the Fight to finally dismantle NXIVM!

  • Wow, that really seals Raniere’s fate if the court allows it, and would more than counteract any attempt by the defense to cast doubt on the allegations about Jane Doe 2 and the timestamp on the photos of her. I would expect that would then lead Raniere’s attorneys to advise him to just take a plea deal – though I still think he may be looking forward too much to defending himself and his ideas in the spotlight of the courtroom, to do the smart thing.

    Also, doesn’t Karen Unterreiner still live at 3 Flintlock Lane? I find it rather bizarre that she would still live in a place with such a history – but then again, given what she was involved in over the years, she may be a real cuckqueen-type, and actually take perverse pleasure in it.

  • Good for you, you brave brave lady. She has a voice, let it be heard and don’t allow that scum silence her Judge.

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