Shadow: It is high time for Allison Mack to grow up and join the real world

What the fuck was I thinking?

By Shadow State

I watched the whole one hour thirty-four-minute video of the Keith Raniere Conversations with Allison Mack.

It was clear throughout the video that Raniere was playing her like a fiddle and playing her for a fool.

Because Allison Mack is a narcissist who enjoys being the center of attention, Raniere appeals to her need to be adored.

Allison Mack needs to be adored so much that she can not even tolerate the honest criticism of a theater critic.  How terrible if someone booed her during a performance.

The law is not about protecting the fragile ego of an entitled actress. The law is about protecting the rights of the women who were deceived and blackmailed by Allison Mack. The law is about vindicating the rights of the women who were tortured and enslaved by Allison Mack.

It’s high time for Allison Mack to grow up and realize that the world does not revolve around her.

It is high time for Allison Mack to grow up and realize that other people have rights too.

It is high time for Allison Mack to grow up and realize that the world is not a non-stop adoration party for her.

It is high time for Allison Mack to grow up and realize that if she uses her charisma and acting talents to hurt others she will be punished.

For all of the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth about poor Allison, she willingly victimized other women. Indeed from all of the accounts Allison Mack enjoyed torturing other women.

Raniere understood that deep down Allison Mack is a sadistic woman who is extremely jealous of other women. And the people of NXIVM, not just Raniere, but also the Salzmans and the Bronfmans, read Allison Mack like a book.

Allison Mack could be manipulated into hurting other people in order to feel good about herself. Allison Mack, through love bombing, could be convinced to hurt other people. Indeed Allison Mack would use her charisma and acting talents to dehumanize other women.

When I was a child my parents insisted on teaching me to grow a tough hide and withstand criticism. To grow a thick skin. My parents grew up during the Depression and World War II. They realized that the world is a rough, hard, cold place. They taught me to understand that I would not always be loved and adored. And my parents taught me to be aware of people who bomb me with false flattery and try to manipulate me.

Recently an acquaintance tried to “love bomb” me with complements and false flattery.
As soon as I figured out his angle, after a day, I kicked that clown to the curb.

Should we feel sorry for Allison because her parents failed to teach her that the world is not all candy canes and unicorns?

It is high time for Allison Mack to grow up and join the real world.

Keith Raniere charms the pants off of Allison Mack, more or less literally.

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  • Allison Mack is nothing more than a sexual preditor and should be treated as one. Any person who does what she did to another human being needs to have the same thing done to them but I am going to leave the judging to Jesus.

  • Why do you keep targeting Alison? We all know she done bad things but you seem to come across as a woman hater! Why do you never write badly of Keith the ring leader for? After all he is the evil one behind all these things. Alisom just got sucked in. Keith is the one who planned all of this. So do you just hate Allison, women, both or do you like Keith so much you only see Alison as the guilty one?

    You still seem obssessed with Alison. Did ahe turn you down at Prom or something? It comes across like you are literally an online stalker to her. Being British I have no idea who you are but you come across as creepy as that lot do!

    So do you hate women? As I’ve not seen you slag of Keith once!

    • “you seem to come across as a woman hater! ”

      And the woman who branded women and blackmailed women and then pimped women out is not a woman hater.
      In today’s America everyone must be a victim or a weakling and no one must tell the truth for fear of hurting someone else’s feelings.

      • Wait ,are you talking about Roberts or Mack? because as far as it is, it’s not her who branded anyone… She didn’t pimp anyone either (you can read the court case…she is guilty of extorsion. You still seem to have a problem to understand what is an allegation and what is a FACT)

        BTW, it’s still defamation as she isn’t recognized guilty of those things.

        I Don’t expect you to stick to the fact but stop playing the white knight trying to save America while you are everything that is wrong with America!
        You dare to criticize the “virtue signaler” yet you act like you are on a mission to make this world a better place. That’s , for a lot of people, quite close to virtue signaling.

        And a first step to be one would be to STICK WITH THE FACTS! Something you were never able to do.

        Once again, stop blowing your sick fantasy dream and get a life!

        Oh and Toby is right, you are a woman hater! With the stick twisted statement you make frequently over here, you could atleast assume it!

  • You watched the whole video? You should get some kind of a medal, either that or you’re running for masochist of the year. I could only take 45 seconds of fatty fatty square feet and his effeminate mannerism. What grown man actually talks like that?

  • Stalking, whether of the “I love you, I love you” variety or the “I hate you, I hate you” kind, is always creepy. Shadow’s posts, which are the latter, have long since crossed into that creepy, stalky world. Enough.

    • Strangely, it’s very similar the sort of “empowerment” claimed by fundamentalist religious groups, trying to justify traditionalist gender roles including essentially submissive ones for women.

      Raniere was trying to run his own sort of mini FLDS on the Hudson and, bizarrely, attracting women and even men who would have seemed as if they could be categorized more as progressive thinkers, or even urban hipsters.

      Scientology underwent a similar strange drift from an environment dominated by children of the 60s (and, actually, the Beat generation before them) with very open ideas of sexuality, including a prominent member who published a sort of wives’ guide to open marriage, to having evolved an environment that is sexually repressive, though it doesn’t necessarily stress traditional gender roles (which their founder Hubbard did, contradictorily, espouse) except for viewing homosexuality as deviant. Interestingly, that also seems to have evolved during a period when its founder, like Raniere, was becoming increasingly impotent and thus less able to enjoy libertine sex himself.

    • Kristin Crook asked for it with her lame statement, followed by silence. Plus, a lot of the grief is because Sultan keeps sticking up for her. Finally, she’s easy on the eyes and a (minor) celebrity, and most people wouldn’t care if she was a butt-ugly unknown b!tch.

      • My thoughts exactly. Whether he’s stalking a nice person or a cruel one, he’s still stalking. What a creep.

        • “Whether he’s stalking a nice person or a cruel one, he’s still stalking. What a creep.”

          How can I stalk a woman when I have never been within 100 miles of Albany or Vancouver?
          You just don’t like hearing the truth about Allison Mack.

          • But that’s the problem, you never say the Truth! you keep twisting fact. You frequently say “Allison did…” while it was someone else who did it!

            You read her name everywhere , even when it’s nothing related to her!
            Lauren was cited for a fact…for you it’s Allison
            Lauren’s Bmw , it’s Allison’s…You are unable to see the Truth as you are blinded by an unreasonnable hate toward someone you never met.

            You are dangerously obsessed for no reasons!
            She never did anything to you old man! Get a life, a hobby, do gardening , i Don’t know but stop annoying people with your cloud yellings!

            She is already punished way more severely than the court act recognize…She is broken, no career and she might do prison for 3 fuckin years(for 2 victims and a first infraction + cooperation, that’s a lot)!

            That is still not enough for you ? Just leave her alone and get a life!

            BTW if you obsessively agress anyone who defend (rightfully) Allison , keep digging everything she posted (pictures, messages…) to twist it.
            It’s pretty much stalking!
            Online or not, it’s a criminal behavior so who are you to judge anyone?

      • He is a stalker! He obviously hates women as he never says how evil Keith is ever. Only focuses on Alison.

      • “How many pictures of her are on your computer? Straight question”

        How many naked pictures of Keith Raniere are on your computer?
        Actually there is a search engine called Google Images.
        Type in a description of the picture you want and dozens or hundreds of images pop up.

  • I agree. For the four years living next to her, she was not so nice. When she wanted to talk, she was nice. All I saw was her running out of her house very confidant woman.

  • Here we go again..Continue to give this guy the impression that he is right.

    Everything he keep repeating is based on absolutely nothing.

    Only those who know Allison could tell that kind of thing and all of them say strictly the same thing.
    Before Raniere abused her, she was a sane and adorable person.
    This isn’t from her blog or her fans but close friends of her!

    Here, you publish an obsessed 60years old guy with no insight and absurdly enraged against someone he knows nothing about.

    Narcissic and sadistic…you sure know your subject shadowboy.
    The reality is that you say what you feel is true(in your sick mind) instead of sticking with the FACTS. Yeah , i know, Facts is for you like garlic to the vampires.

    BTW you are 60 years old, the only one who should grow up here is you!

    • Who is it who knew Allison who had such impressions of her, and where can we see those accounts for ourselves? If they were published on Mack fansites for consumption by her adoring followers, that’s not exactly exactly an objective and balanced source.

      It also appears that those who knew Allison spent years warning her about her long-term boyfriend Pete, the reported drug addict and very manipulative/abusive failed musician who got her to accept his engagement proposal by having “Will you marry me?” tattooed on his chest. How much do you know about that, and what do you think it says about her having had real troubles all along?

      • Sure, i’ll tell you everything now…just so you can twist (like you just do in your message) the “facts”

        I don’t have to prove anything (especially here), i’m not accusing her!
        You and shadowboy blow accusation without proof…

        Before accusing, Don’t you think you should find the proof of what you advance? If your persistant defamation would be dragged in court, YOU would have to prove your accusation, not the défendant!

        BTW, you talk about someone who is only interested by himself. He always had a high opinion of himself and never cared about her.
        And here you got that he was a reported drug addict? He was an absolute loser but no one i know said anything about this(and that’s quite an accusation)
        It wasn’t a long term relation (not compared to Chad’s one)…Chad and Allison splitted around 2009-2010.
        He(pete) arrived later and it was done around 2012 …hardly a long term relation (except for a child or a teenager, maybe)

        Also, if anything, it’s shows how stupid you are because you blame someone who was abused…”She is a monster, Pete abused her so she must be a monster!”

        The Truth is YOU read magazines, you read wikipedia and fansite …my source are WAY more reliable that this!
        If you really wanted to know the reality of this situation, you would immediatly stop judging her like you continuously do.

        I don’t know what is your agenda but it has Nothing to do with Truth or good intention for Allison.

        • My point is that she’s had two long-term abusive relationships, and that unfortunately tells us something about her – and that her relationship with Raniere was part of a pattern, not a change from the sort of sweet and innocent girl she played on Smallville WHILE she was in the first relationship with the nasty rocker.

          I have the facts, and your sources must be wrong:

          “In March of 2003, Mack announced her engagement to long time boyfriend Peter of the band ‘Leisure’; and the two live together in a small house in Vancouver where ‘Smallville’ is shot with their dog Phantom, a German Shepard/Malatute mix.”

          “My fiance is a musician and he’s totally funky. He had ‘Will you marry me? tattooed on his chest. Then he had the date I said “Yes” added. We’re not going to get married any time soon. I don’t want to stress and rush it. I want to be able to enjoy the planning process and I can’t really do that while I’m working and he is on tour.”
          (interview also referencing Smallville season 3, 2003-4)

          What else have you got wrong?

          • And your point is absolutely flawed.
            You judge someone who was abused and say “she is a monster” , she was definately liking to be abused.
            This show how pathetic you can be (not that i needed more proof of that)

            My source isn’t wrong, you read a stupid magazine article and Believe…good for you.
            I Don’t!

            This interview was probably out of the context and she probably didn’t say it, i know this as a fact!
            Once again, i Don’t expect someone who is only interested by negative gossip to search for the Truth and the fact.

            But keep trying. Maybe one day you’ll get 1 fact straight.
            I wouldn’t hold my breath thou.

  • Shadow, what are you even talking about? She plead guilty and (probably) signed a cooperation agreement. I think you’re bummed she plead guilty. You wanted her to get life in prison for some unknown reason that I suspect isn’t even related to NXIVM.

  • Shadowstate,

    Allison Mack from today’s date will not be able to act professionally for at least six years…..

  • Frank continuing to publish Shadow is dangerous ground here.. he is helping to fuel the delusions that Shadow is a journalist helping this case ..
    These articles damage the credibility of Frank Report and are irrespsonsible. Shadow clearly needs help and support to overcome his obsession and certainly not encouragement.

    As you say if something happens Frank will share some accountability.
    The recent how he is going to end her career (legally).
    Stalking the internet finding information on her sister and family.. an article how she “went down on Nicki Cline” are all clear Red flags.
    I’m aware by commenting here further fuels it and further articles. But there needs to be a differentiation between promoting the truth and justice and allowing a mentally ill stalker publish their delusions and obsessions.

    Furthermore Shadows Alison is “evil/the devil” “her Scarlet letter” actually prevent more balanced and logical speculation amongst other visitors..
    To be clear I’m no fan of hers.. and would even be interested on whether there could be a potential link into the elite pizza-gate conspiracy..

    But at present this site is hijacked by one man’s vendetta and obsession…

    Are you Embaressed to continue this rubbish?

    Ball park figure how many pictures of her have you on your computer??

    • Fully agreed, Something bad will happens if he continue to publish this delusionnal psycho…but Frank probably believe that if something happens to Allison, nobody will come after him.
      Wrong! you enable an unstable guy!

    • Regarding, “But there needs to be a differentiation between promoting the truth and justice and allowing a mentally ill stalker publish their delusions and obsessions,” there can be no truth and justice if people don’t use their real names, or at least a consistent and verifiable fake name, and all of them are mentally ill stalkers who publish their delusions and obsessions.

      • I agree Shadow should unmask himself rather then hiding behind annoymous Hate fueled articles! Never thought I’d be agreeing with Scott! A criminal who should be locked for the 10 years he spent recruiting and exploiting people for Amway! Claims to be a whistleblower after realising he was broke and skint! Then beats a drum about Kristen “crook” who at least had the sense to get out years ago! And before anyone gives this crap that she didn’t use logic… Alison is on record saying g the only Smallville actor she maintained contact wad the actor who played Clarke’s dad,! If Kirsten was still involved in Nixivm she’d have been glowing how they were like sisters..
        You two have all but ruined the credibility of this site posting crap.. a stalker and s criminal!

  • If you were asked would you flip the switch, depress the plunger, pull the lever to release the ratchet on the trapdoor, swing the beheading ax, fire the live round, etc ?

    Oh sorry no death penalty for Mack.
    She plead out. Hopefully she’ll get some time in prison. I thought you were going to stop when justice was served on Mack and write about other NXIVM perps. Seems you’re still raging pretty hard against one specific perp among many that played part. For example Salzman,the trusted friend and mentor that lured Edmondson to her branding.

    What is it specifically about Mack that compels this obsession? I didn’t believe what the others had said but it’s not looking good. It actually seems to be getting worse

    • Shadowstate,

      I do not like Mitch Garrity and even I have to agree with Mitch’s last paragraph.

      Shadowstate why not focus in on someone else?

      I like your writing and a lot of other commentors do as well. We all like you.

      • A lot of other commentors? i doubt…probably shadow himself.

        To be fair, even if Shadow is exclusively speculate (and never base anything on fact), he is (when not talking about Allison) interesting to read (and some point he make can even be insightful) but his obsession is over..shadowing the “good things” he is writing.

        If we were counting the proportions , i’d say that 90% of what he write is BS against 1 person.

    • Take it easy on Mr. Shadow, as there are many commenters, and even a recent story, that state Mack should be treated with kid gloves, now that she has plead guilty. Poor little woman, poor innocent victim, poor pampered actress. Mr. Shadow has invested far too much time and effort to back down now.

        • In your dream, she is probably (aswell as some other thing i’d rather not think about …judging by your absurd obsession)

          Leader in a conspiracy of gangster…Just continue to show how stupid you can be at twisting fact for your mentally ill imagination.

          • How about when she sings to the Vanguard. And breaks down crying? LOFL. That little bitch! Prison and then a fiery Hell awaits her and all of those scumbaggers.

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