Guest View: Replacement for Keith Raniere ? — meet Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone can he walk in the Vanguard's shoes?
Editor’s Note: With Keith Alan Raniere likely to be out of circulation for decades to come, some of us are wondering who can replace him?  Who will step forward and do the thinking for all those half-starved women and lusterless soy boys who depend on him to do their critical thinking and lead them onward to executive success? In the coming weeks we will try to find some candidates to replace our Vanguard. Today, we are pleased to offer a man who a reader from the UK was kind enough to tell us about. His name is Sacha Stone.  While our research is entirely preliminary, we are hopeful he is a man erson who might be able to walk in Raniere’s almost perfectly square shoes. 
Guest View By Sarah from the UK
Great work on exposing Nxivm. I’ve been following Frank Report and the Nxivm story since the Vanity Fair piece.
You might be interested in this strange individual – Sacha Stone – and his associates.
There’s no mention of him on Rick Ross’ Cult Education Network but some blogs and Reddit threads have called them out as scammers/fraudsters.
They have gained entry to United Nations events and Stone has photographs of himself with various politicians, mainly African.
The group seems to exist on crowdfunding and volunteer labour. 
Stone (who describes himself as a former ”rock musician” from Zimbabwe) runs a string of outfits including…
International Tribunal for Natural Justice
The last one is really bizarre and troubling. It set up its own ”enquiry” into human trafficking and child abuse. Here’s a link to their mock ”tribunal” in action in London in 2018
Here’s the crowfunding page:
The ”presiding judge” at this ”tribunal” was an Australian conman who calls himself ”Sir John Walsh of Brannagh”
He was stripped of his right to practice law by the Australian Bar Association.  He set up a fake university/diploma mill (”The University of Greenwich” Nb. there is a genuine university of that name in South London) appointing himself chancellor and a convicted fraudster, Dr Ian Mackechnie, as vice-chancellor.
The tribunal’s ”Commissioners” includes Cynthia McKinney who claims to have served 12 years as a Member of the United States House of Representatives and was elected six times by the people of the State of Georgia.
Cynthia McKinney was a member of the US House or Representatives
I’ve never heard of her (I’m British). Her website identifies her as a conspiracy theorist and she misnames Edward Snowden as ”Eric” Snowden.
‘Jimmy Boots” Rothstein
And then there is, ”Jimmy Boots” Rothstein, who is described as a retired NYPD detective and who has a Youtube channel featuring conspiracy videos
An offshoot of their ”Humanitad” outfit is called ”Immortalis” which claims to undertake ”research” for a ”select client base”  into ”extending human life” and something called the ”Immortalis Klotho Protocol.” (??!)
The pitch is ”in the spirit of human fellowship, permit me to ask you to ask yourself the following question: What would you do differently with your life, were you to discover that you could live to two hundred years of age and beyond?”. 
A late associate of Sacha Stone’s was James B Gilmore, who referred to himself as the ”Ambassador-at-large” for the Republic of Liberia (?!) and ”Chairman of the Global Monetary Authority”, which doesn’t appear to actually exist.
From what I’ve read, Stone seems to be exploiting people (through peddling New Age + ”Sovereign Citizen” + Ecology + Anti-Abuse and Trafficking narratives) to crowd-fund a comfortable lifestyle in Kensington in London, with lots of travel. But he’s clearly a conman, and some of the logos and language of ”empowerment” and the focus on ”ethics” is very Nxivm.
So I think someone needs to take a close look and warn people. Especially as he’s adept at getting access to politicians, especially in African countries. And how is he getting access to United Nations events?
Here he is being interviewed by one of his followers :
Keep up the great work – looking forward to your coverage of the Raniere-Bronfman trial.


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  • “The best way to control the opposition, is to lead it.” – Lenin.
    The curious case of the man who calls himself Sasha Stone /Sacha Stone …
    or sometimes by his real name, Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams.
    People and their agendas should be made transparent and it is our birthright to do due diligence and investigate these usually controversial, articulate, charismatic, influential people who stand on high stages, creating social movements, forming public opinion and debate. Russel Brand is another one that comes to mind.

    Back to Sacha with a C

    Real name: Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams.
    Wolf in sheep’s clothing?
    False prophet?
    False saviour?
    or true humanitarian…? (nope)
    Here we present a collection of articles and videos for your interest.
    Follow the money. Always a good place to start.

    Ask, who FUNDS this man?
    Ask why are all his businesses registered at multi-million $$$$ residences and houses in London? (and Bali)
    Ask why is he connected to Italian bloodlines whose involvement in the ‘pizzeria business’ – frequented and affiliated with known abusers – NOT set off alarm bells? – anyone who has investigated Pizzagate will understand.
    Why doesn’t the fact that his father, the late Sir W*a*lte*r A*da*ms – a known Rockefeller Foundation member – not set off even more alarm bells within the alternative community?
    Is he a gatekeeper for those that, well, shall we say – are not of the light? because he is the perfect ‘cover’ for permitting the oppression of the truth and for the continuation of nefarious deeds?
    Ask why, oh WHY is he affiliated with Robert David Steele – Mr Potato face: a known alphabet organisation spy/hit man and supporter of the UN 21 Agenda? (look up his website using his full name)

    ITNJ – WHAT has HAPPENED to all the victims that have trusted this group and given their testimonies – named names – at the (highly dubious) ITNJ (International Tribunals for Natural Justice) Have they received any witness protection? have any of their perpetrators been punished? what was the point of it all and What the f*ck was that fancy dress court about? REALLY???

    Ask why did the ITNJ fold after demands were put on this ‘group’ to go deeper into the Hamstead SRA crime network? WHOSE names were they protecting????

    What did they then do with the $66,000 (an interesting number and surely a cartel signal) of funds donated to the ITNJ?

    Ask why does he ‘appear’ to be against 5G tech and yet makes documentaries that (in my personal opinion) seem to cast word magic and spells to only instill fear and create apathy?
    Ask why – if he is ‘against’ 5G – and with his huge following – isn’t he able to manifest a greater uprising? an empowerment movement?
    Ask why at the same time, does he support the pro, ‘fake green’ agenda perpetrated by the UN’s Agenda 21?
    Ask why is he supporting the melding of our consciousness with TECHNOLOGY?!!!!
    Ask why does he use blatant Freemason symbology in his videos, media presentations and at his Bali residence?

    Please let Simon Parkes (of the UK based Youtube and FB channel) know that he is choosing to work with a very shadowy figure with an even murkier background. Simon has blocked our attempts to warn him about SS so can we only assume him to be – complicit?
    Please share these findings with anyone else who gives SS or RDS a platform to speak.

    There are still more questions to ask and many tangled webs to trace to the source.
    I think he is from an Illuminati bloodline and funded handsomely by powerful, unseen powers.
    Much like Nicolya Christi of Worldshift – (seemed to be a genuinely beautiful soul) but is reportably funded by the “Club of Budapest and Club of Rome and their Extinction Rebellion psy-op.

    Keep following the money…
    Do leave your own findings in the comments below.
    There is certainly more to expose.

    Please see Dr. Horton’s informative video on SS and RDS:

    Sacha Stone HUMANITAD & ITNJ and the Devil Links Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams (start here)

  • Frank Parlato… I know Sacha Stone very well for many years. Your article is full of gossip and lies amongst a few truths. He is a tireless worker for Human rights. The itnj is there to gather real testimony from people who know what they are talking about. You have obviously not met Sacha and just put this page together from stuff found on the www written by disgruntled people and trolls who cannot bear to see someone telling the truth without fear

  • I am someone who is very concerned about the very real, very well peer reviewed scientifically documented (currently around 14,000 studies) on the harmful effects of non ionising RF radiation and extreme high frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by smartphones, all wifi devices, and mobile phone masts, etc. And I’m considerably concerned about 5G in particular given it’s much higher pulsed frequency. Some entire countries have even banned it’s deployment on health hazard grounds, and some regions of countries likewise, such as Brussels. Anyway, it turns out that Sacha Stone has gotten his teeth into this issue, with the intention of exploiting it for his own pocket. First of all he muddies the waters by over dramatising things and throwing in some conspiracy theory bullshit mixed in with the real conspiratorial facts such as industry cover-ups of the health facts, & their corruption of our captured puppet governments & media etc, in his documentary “5G apocalypse the extinction event” (“The 5G Trojan Horse” documentary by Derrick Broze is an accurate well researched trustworthy alternative option that I highly recommend).

    I was curious to see what this mob had to say at the free to attend “5G apocalypse London event” Sacha Stone organised in Chelsea just up the road from me. The long and short of it, is at the end of the event they were promoting some stupid little magic stick they’re calling the “5G BioShield” which is supposed to create some sort of magic force field around you like something out of f*@#ing star wars lol, which is supposed to protect you from the EMF’s emitted by 5G. Oh, and of course they can’t actually explain exactly HOW this little magic device works…. And of course it comes at a hefty price, around 4 or 500 quid a pop. I’m a sufferer of electromagnetic hypersensitivity which estimates suggest effects around 4% of people to some degree or another (it will rise in time as we bath our planet in more & more EMF’s); so, I said quite openly to people at the event that if anyone is stupid enough to purchase one of those silly little gimmick devices I’ll happily test it out for them & bet my life I’ll still get brain pain & a swollen Thyroid with a 5G, or 4G phone connected on a call close to my head…. For sure, no doubt about it, Sacha Stone is a snake oil salesman who’s just added (along with his other cronies) this “5G BioShield” device to his list, along with that stupid snake oil anti aging supplement he peddles (if anyone wants to learn what supplements & drugs “might” actually lengthen their life I suggest they listen to real longevity science experts like professor David Sinclair), not this rock star wannabe, come naive lady charming, hippy fraudster…. Expose these charlatans at all costs because they do a disservice to some of the real issues they purport to be helping with…..

    • Thank you for reporting this Jay. Having been involved in the stop 5G campaign movement, it occurred to me quite early on (before I had done due diligence on SS) that his ‘ ‘extinction event’ was actually creating the reality the globalists are attempting to orchestrate. They need us to believe it to help it manifest. SS has a big following and has done nothing to rally the people in any way. All his film did was instill fear and create apathy. I am also concerned that Simon Parkes is working with him (selling snake oil.. I mean EMF protection items) and has ignored any contact to warn him. I’ve left a much longer message on this post which I hope will be added soon, but if you feel like doing a deeper search on this man (if only to warn friends) look up his real name: Simon Jean-Paul Sacha Adams. He is funded by very powerful people intent on controlling the 5G/Agenda 21 narrative (not conspiracy)

  • I met an ex-girlfriend of Stone a couple of years ago who was really messed up by her experience with him. She said he was a con man who has his primary girlfriend prostitute to pay for his lifestyle and that he would make references to having sex with her 6-year-old daughter. The guy sounds like bad news.

    • I know Sacha’s partner very well and she is by no means any kind of prostitute. He also does not have a daughter of any age or a son either… he has no children…. please stop slandering this tireless worker for human rights

  • This piece is pretty bad, and NOT really related. The assembled condemning information appears to be done to discredit, not inform. A simple google search would confirm the Mckinney congressional record – this alone condemns the entire piece.

    I do not know know Sascha Stone and neither does the writer of this drivel. Shame on Frank Report.

  • “And how is he getting access to United Nations events?”

    Because the UN is a bullsh*t corrupt organization.

  • For all I know, Sacha Stone may be a con-man as the article says. But I see nothing here that indicates that Stone is comparable to Keith Raniere. Talking about empowerment and ethics, having far-out ideas, and even living on donations, does not necessarily make someone a cult leader or an abuser.

    If stories start to come out of people being pressured to give up large amounts of their time and money to his organization, or of physical and sexual abuse, or pedophilia, then that’s a different matter. Until then, I see him as possibly a charlatan, and worth knowing about for that reason, but no candidate for replacing Raniere.

    • I heard of two woman who were “seduced” out of 100k£ took him to court and won – but he transferred it all somewhere else and declared bankruptcy to get out of giving it back!

  • I’ve heard of retired NYPD Detective ”Jimmy Boots” Rothstein. Here is a video where he talks about child trafficking in high places. I personally tend to believe he is sincere, but it’s for everyone to judge for themselves.

  • Old school Christianity is not looking so bad…. at least no one could claim to be a Messiah….and originally tithing was a flat 15%, instead of everything you have.

    How long until Sacha Stone is taking everyone’s money and screwing all the female members of the flock?

  • …but, Sacha does have better hair than Raniere. But from the looks of it, he smells of the same foul odor.

  • Oh great. Not another one. The answer is no one. No one should fill his smelly square shoes. Let him rot in peace.

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