Clare Bronfman will celebrate 40th birthday in court – with lawyers – as prospective jurors fill out questionnaires

MK10ART's painting of Clare Bronfman.

As Clare Bronfman turns 40, she will have an unusually large number of people with her. Monday, April 8, is the heiress’ birthday and after leaving her luxury apartment in Manhattan – where she is subject to home arrest and wearing an ankle monitor –  she will go spend the day in court.

The trial unofficially begins.

Prospective jurors will be filling out questionnaires on her birthday. After that day’s jury-questionnaire process is complete, a status conference is set for the afternoon in Courtroom 4D South. Ironically, it will be on her birthday when Clare will spend her first full day in the Brooklyn courthouse.

Moira Kim Penza, the assistant US Attorney prosecuting Clare – trying to put her behind bars for years for her alleged crimes, and likely her colleague, Tanya Hajjar, will be there.  It is not known if they will wish her a happy birthday, and, in all likelihood, it will not be a happy day for Clare.

The FBI agents who worked the case will probably attend. They will bring her no cake with candles for her to blow out and make a wish, for they would be opposed to the granting of her likely wish.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis will be there to preside. He is the man – if Clare is convicted – who will sentence her.  He can decide with a mere word to add or subtract years from her incarceration.  It must be hard not to like the man who could spare you years of punishment. Like and fear him too.

(Sort of like Vanguard – without the pervy side effects. Like him and/or fear him. It was Clare Bronfman and his use of her money that made him a man to be feared. That was the secret: He could spend a fortune to destroy you and she would fund it. This was the whole secret of the enterprise.)

And speaking of the perv, her [ex]Vanguard and former lover, Keith Alan Raniere – he will be there in court too, along with his attorneys, Marc Agnifilo and Teny Geragos.  It’s kind of a shitty thing to have to spend your birthday with your ex-boyfriend who got you into so much trouble that you’re likely to spend most of your 40s in prison. There will also be her other co-defendants, Allison Mack and Kathy Russell, and their respective attorneys. Kathy and Allison sexually shared Keith with Clare [and scores of other women] and there are nude pictures that might be introduced as evidence that will prove it.

It’s possible, but unlikely, that Allison and Kathy will not be in court – since they are trying to make plea deals and avoid trial. It does not seem likely however that they could negotiate a deal, sign it and plead guilty before court on Monday.

Also there – most significantly – will be hundreds of potential jurors, who will be filling out questionnaires about their views of things that can conceivably reveal their impartiality or lack of it on matters related to the charges and the defendants – Clare, her [ex] Vanguard, Allison Mack and Kathy Russell.

It must be a fascinating thing to see hundreds of human strangers, most of whom you will never see again, knowing that 12 will be selected to decide the fate of your life. You don’t know who they are. Anyone can be selected. Your lawyers and you will have a hand in weeding out some of them – for cause or no cause at all.  But ultimately the judge will decide who will serve on the jury.

Clare, because she has money to do so, has retained a jury consultant, Linda Moreno, an attorney associated with her attorney Mark Geragos. Moreno studies the names of potential jurors, looks them up online, makes certain observations and conclusions and based on her experience advises the attorneys which ones might be inclined to be sympathetic [or not too prejudicial] to a wealthy heiress who got involved in an alleged sex cult and racketeering enterprise.

The judge has ordered the names of prospective jurors and empaneled jurors not to be released to the public until after trial and is requiring that jurors be identified only by juror number in open court.

More importantly, the judge ordered that the jury be semi-sequestered. This means they will have to meet in a secret place before trial each day and be escorted by US Marshals to court. They will leave the same way. This also means they will not likely be able to leave court during lunch or other breaks. Their meals will likely be served to them in a room set aside. They may be told not to speak to each other about the case as the weeks of the trial proceed and they get to know each other pretty well.

They will likely be told that when they go home at night they are not allowed to talk about the case or look online at media reports about the case.  They might be admonished not to look at this blog, the Frank Report, or a mistrial will be declared. In the next few weeks, before the trial officially begins, now scheduled for April 29, and likely to be adjourned until around May 10, Clare, like Allison and Kathy, may try to avoid trial and make a plea deal.

Any plea deal Clare can get now will almost certainly come with time behind bars. She’s going to prison unless she is acquitted. In a last-ditch effort to spare herself a trial, side-by-side with the Vanguard, and buy some time perhaps, she has, through her attorneys, asked for her trial to be severed. Clare makes an argument largely based on the theory that she was not accused – like Raniere – of sex crimes – and that it is unfair and prejudicial and an appealable issue to try her alongside the man who allegedly had in his possession child porn; a grandmaster of a group of branded and collateralized female slaves – a sorority headed by a man – which Clare claims she had nothing to do with and knew nothing about.

It is an irony, an anomaly, that Clare, with all her money – and she has a lot less now, thanks to Keith, than when she turned 30 – will not be able to purchase freedom.  Usually, in America, wealthy people can buy their freedom and are more often above the law than subject to it.

But Clare lamentably took too many years of Executive Success Programs – which ensured her ruin, along with enhancing her natural stupidity, cupidity, mendacity, cruelty, and lack of common sense.  She is charged with comparatively small financial crimes – as part of her greater role in the alleged racketeering enterprise the government alleges is/was Nxivm. [Just now, the prosecution wants to know if Nxivm still operates.]

Clare may be the richest dumbest heiress ever to be charged with predicate acts that involve such small sums compared to her net worth.  Her financial crimes were not done for money. They probably cost her money.  They were done for Vanguard.

Clare Bronfman leaves court Thursday, April 4, 2019.
In any event, the die is cast. Clare will spend her birthday in court as a pool of jurors fill out questionnaires, probably all of them poorer than her. I wonder if she has more money than all the prospective jurors put together? She might think, that in other settings, she could have bought and sold them and looked down on them for they are not rich like her and not availing themselves of Vanguard’s superior teachings.
Now her money does no good. Neither does her Vanguard.

Vanguard, in effect, neutralized her wealth. He made her equal to the common American called for jury duty.  The common people – not affiliated with Nxivm – will judge her and Vanguard. Some random 12 of them will decide if this will be her last birthday outside of a prison for years to come. For Clare, on her birthday, Clare, the classic bumbler, the woman who had everything, born with a silver spoon and a platinum fork, who managed to blow it – the dunce who chose to lose her independence and follow a despicable perv – my birthday wish for her  – which was for a decade and a half her fondest wish too: Viva Executive Success!

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  • Regardless of how evil Clare Bear has been she still can take a.plea deal.

    We can only hope that the DOJ makes it such a bad deal for all the harm she has done to thousands that the gold and silver sticks up Clare ass will effect her ego and she takes this to trail.

    Her attorney’s want the cash cow to pay every penny they can squeeze out of her trust fund. We want that also.

    Going to trial means more jail time for Clare Bear. I’d give up ever asking for a pony in any future life time if Clare Bear just goes to trial.

    Let’s hope the NDNY comes up with more charges and the IRS finally gets on the merry-go-round.

    It ain’t over till the thinnest lady sings.

  • Neither Clare nor Allison deserve a plea deal.
    Both are rich spoiled deviant women who exploit others.

    Look how Clare staged a fainting scene earlier this week and then came out all smiles.
    And reading Frank/ Parlato’s report from yesterday Allison Mack was al smiles and joking around but hid her face behind a scarf so people would not notice.

    “Before the judge appeared, Allison Mack and several lawyers joked in the courtroom.”
    ‘At one point Mack tried to hide her laughter by tucking her mouth into a scarf.”

    Neither woman expresses an.y remorse for her victims.
    To them it is all one big joke.

    Giving these two women any plea deal would be a TRAVESTY.

      • These defendants deserve to have their crimes aired out in a public court so that everyone knows the wicked acts they committed.
        Plea deals enable them to conceal their years of criminal behavior.

        • They may deserve that, but I’d bet the DOJ would jump at the opportunity of a 50 year sentence. Plus, their crimes aren’t exactly concealed. Go back to page one of the Frank Report and start reading. Many more “brave” people will come out of the woodwork telling their stories if these two were sentenced to a half century as well.

        • What benefit does “open court” do if most people aren’t paying attention? There is so much news and other information available about other issues, the few people who are paying attention to NXIVM will quickly move to the next story. NXIVM will be a blip on the radar.

  • Sounds like Clare Bear has been reading the Frank Report and is taking lessons from Barbara Bouchey.

    I was his girlfriend but I didn’t know about blah blah blah… Come on, do you think anyone is really going to buy that bullshit?

    Clare Bear, we will see what Lauren and Nancy Salzman have to say about your knowledge of DOS when they take the stand. How about all the Jane Doe DOS members when they are questioned on the stand?

    If Allison and Kathy take a plea and testify you’re going to need to cash in that gold plated ass for your commissary account. You gonna be In prison a long time.

    Who paid for The Mad Dr. Danielle’s Branding Services? Was it one of your foundations? How about the rent on the branding condo?

    How much did you pay for your Vandaddy’s living expenses while he was a child molester? Did you pay expenses for his sexual services? How about his sexual condo?

    Clare Bear that open checkbook of yours is gonna come back and bite that gold plated ass of yours.

    How about when you lied all those times in court and were proven a liar?

  • Someone should provide Fox a photo of Gillibrand in dinner with Nancy Salzman.

    I don’t like conversing about politics but Gillibrand took money from Nxivm. Does anyone actually believe that her staffers did not vet Nancy Salzman before she sat with for dinner?

    Gillibrand never thought the Nxivm cult would ever become a news story.

    Gillibrand also helped to defend the cigarette companies at a time when everyone knew cigarette smoking caused cancer. She is a morally bankrupt human being.

    • Everything is about politics. If you don’t want to converse about anything, then do like you’re doing on my radio show. STFU. LOL

      I’m quite sure Frank has shown Fox and other media outlets the photo of Salzman and Sillybrand eating together. The only vetting that goes on is, “how big is the check?” Then if/when the truth comes out later, they act surprised and push the money away. Maybe. They get brownie points if they give it to a related charity. In this case, towards an anti-child molestation organization. Sillybrand’s Dem opponents are going to have fun with the NXIVM and smoking issues. She’s toast. Too bad she won’t win the Dem nomination, Trump would make her twist in the wind.

  • [Just now the prosecution wants to know if Nxivm still operates.]

    I’ve got some news for the government.
    Cults are super hard to eradicate.

    Ever hear of Lyndon LaRouche and the US Labor party?
    LaRouche basically ran a political cult.
    LaRouche and his gang also engaged in credit card fraud.
    LaRouche spent five years in Federal prison.–1988:_Raids_and_criminal_convictions

    His cult had an estimated 500 to 2000 members.
    About the size of NXIVM at its peak.
    LaRouche died recently at the age of 96.

    Ever hear of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church?
    Moon and his church-owned many front companies and businesses including magazines and a newspaper.

    Sun Moon was also rumored to be tied to the Korean CIA.
    Sun Moon was convicted of tax fraud but his church still exists.
    Sun Moon died at the age of 92.

    My fearless prediction.
    NXIVM will survive this trial and maybe go underground for a while.
    When it pops back up, it will have a new name and leadership.
    It will basically be owned by wealthy Mexicans like the Salinas Family.
    Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack will be regarded as martyrs for the causes of female empowerment and sexuality.

    • Agree 100%. Only vigilance will keep the reincarnated (ironic, given Raniere’s fondness of this concept for individuals) NXIVM tamped down, and don’t expect the government to do it.

    • All interesting points, but I wonder if NXIVM could revive in any meaningful way, without its star poster boy, KA – The Genius. The Ethical Human. The Renunciate. The Amazing Thinker. The Inventor. How would they draw people in?

    • LaRouche’s group is an interesting comparison, once well-known for recruiting on college campuses, it ended up drifting towards a conspiracy theory oriented political conservatism, not too far from Raniere’s conspiracist take on objectivism. He ended up convicted of fraud for his groups’s fundraising practices.

      Moon, like Raniere, had a penchant for lots of women – including young ones – that bordered on polygamy, though like a typical hypocritical guru he kept that secret and taught strict “family values” to his followers, and in the US his movement tended to attract more traditional and conservative leaning young baby boomers. He also established and funded the Washington Times newspaper, and allied himself with conservative politics. As with NXIVM, his organization was used as cover for moving lots of cash across borders, some of it allegedly used to buy influence with US authorities including then-President Nixon.

      Both groups are a reminder that corrupt cult-like organizations are not limited to one part of the political spectrum.

  • That woman has not looked forty in years. I’m sure she is routinely offered senior discounts on the rare occasion she eats.

    • She hasn’t aged well during her time as the NXIVM harpy enforcer in Raniere’s anorexic inner circle.

      I always thought from pictures that she was the older Bronfman sister, until I actually saw birthdates recently and realized that she is actually 3 years younger.

    • I’m much older than her and feeling that I look amazing after finding out Clare is just hitting 40! Thanks Clare!

  • I would like to be made an honorary member of the jury so I can vote “GUILTY AS CHARGED, OFF WITH HER HEAD!”

    How would I go about getting on the jury?

  • The little smelly cross eyed midget won’t have to pop half a dozen viagra and whip out his little vienna snausage for her birthday this year!

      • OMG, best laugh of the day Mouse and somebody. If I had her address, I’d send her a McDonald’s gift certificate. Do you think she’d file a complaint with the NYC police for harassment if she received one?

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