Prosecution: Raniere had nudes of Allison Mack, Kathy Russell and Lauren Salzman in same poses as 15 year old girl

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack both cooperated with the prosecution,

More revelations from the prosecution’s latest memo:

In recent weeks, Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman moved to dismiss superseding indictment #2 against them. In addition, Bronfman, Allison Mack and Kathy Russell made motions to sever their trials from Raniere (Bronfman also did not want to be tried with Mack).  In response, the government filed a memorandum of law and some very interesting details emerged.

Child Porn

There were 15 sexually explicit photographs of a minor – Jane Doe #2  – a 15-year-old Mexican girl living in Clifton Park – that the DOJ plans to introduce as evidence in the trial against Raniere, Bronfman, Russell, and Mack.

The photos of Jane Doe 2 were taken between November 2 and November 24, 2005.

They were recovered from a hard drive kept by Raniere at his sex lair at 8 Hale Drive.

The 15 pictures of the 15-year-old show her in various sexually explicit poses.

For 13 years, Raniere kept these pictures, in a folder on a hard drive, until the Feds raided his Sex Lair on March 27, 2018 – and seized his electronic equipment.

The photographs were taken with a Canon EOS 20D camera, recovered by the Feds from under the desk in the office of 8 Hale Drive.  The camera was made in Japan.

Raniere’s Favorite Poses

All 15 images of Jane Doe #2 were found in the same folder, titled “BACKUPS,” in a subfolder titled “Studies”.

There were 12 subfolders, each of which contained numerous sexually explicit photographs of other members and associates of Nxivm/DOS – with whom Raniere had sexual relationships, including sexually explicit photos of Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell.

The nude and graphic photographs in each of the 12 subfolders were taken around the same time [2005] as the photographs of the then 15-year-old Jane Doe 2.

The women in all the photographs – including Jane Doe 2 – were photographed in many of the same poses.

The government plans to call witnesses at trial to testify that these poses are Raniere’s sexual preferences and similar to poses in photographs that Raniere demanded and obtained as collateral from “first-line” DOS “masters,” including Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman.

Jane Doe 2 was later housed by Russell, at Raniere’s direction, under a fake name in Clifton Park, New York.

Jane Doe #2 Became A Leader

Jane Doe was groomed so well by Raniere that she became the first DOS member and a “first line” slave master, along with Allison Mack.

Jane Doe #2 is now in her late 20s and still a member of NXIVM/DOS. She is the woman who received a text from Raniere asking her to find him some “fuck toys” [i.e. women who would act as his sex slaves and be on call for that purpose.]

I have withheld Jane Doe’s identity – but not without some misgivings – since she continues to be a member of DOS.

If I receive word that she is recruiting – even in Mexico [Jane Doe #2 is Mexican] where Nxivm/DOS and Rainbow still thrive – along with their Nxivm front – the Ayn Rand group – I will reveal her name for the protection of the public. I would not personally like to see any more women branded!

The disclosure of DOS slave masters is in the public’s interest and past disclosures by Frank Report have resulted in the escape of numerous slaves, prevented some DOS members from being branded, and kept others from being recruited.

Evidence At Trial

Raniere’s defense team has retained a computer forensic expert to review the metadata and conduct a “forensic examination” of the sexually explicit images of Jane Doe #2. The government made the photographs available for inspection.

The government plans to prove that Raniere and others “participated in the conduct of the affairs of the Enterprise” by  inducing “shame and guilt in order to influence and control members and associates of the Enterprise,” and “[o]btaining sensitive information about members and associates of the Enterprise in order to maintain control over them,” and “[r]ecruiting and grooming sexual partners for RANIERE and obtaining nude photographs of women for RANIERE.”


In another matter, it seems Raniere has refused to identify the Mexican witnesses he seeks to have testify via closed-circuit television unless/until the government “confirms that Superseding Indictment #2 will be the final indictment.

In other words, he wants to assure the witnesses they won’t be charged. For all we know, Jane Doe 2 might be one of the witnesses Raniere plans to call in his defense.

The government argues that Raniere is not entitled to use his potential list of “foreign witnesses” as leverage to compel a representation from the government and has requested the court to order Raniere to disclose his list of “foreign witnesses” at the same time he discloses his in-person witness list.

Raniere is so used to getting everything he wants that he thinks he can compel the prosecution to do things his way.

Wake up, Keith!

This isn’t Friday night volloeyball – and you’re not in charge!


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  • So, about two years from now that KK porn will be in the web for free. I just hope KK in a gangbang will be up too.

  • I noted something.
    For a cult to survive it has to appeal to, and recruit the young or, have the young born into it.
    Where are they? Only the underage girls from Mexico, who were duped to come here and didn’t come to take NXIVM classes and had no money.
    And, if Keith was king and all the women his, and not one woman, outside of Sara, has started a family, there are no young people into the movement.
    Plus you had to have thousands of dollars to take these courses.
    Where were the college kids, the 20 somethings?

  • 1. you should publish the name for the mexicans to know, still, the press in Mexico is publishing nothing because Mexicans are not indicted nor mentioned (not even the ones who will testify in favor of their vanguard)

    2. They should let them testify so there is finally some justice in Mexico and they shut down their scam.

  • I wonder if Clare will sell the pics once the trust fund is depleted. It may be her last kamikaze act to get even with those who took deals before her.

      • There were 15 sexually explicit photographs of a minor – Jane Doe #2 – a 15-year-old Mexican girl living in Clifton Park – that the DOJ plans to introduce as evidence in the trial against Raniere, Bronfman, Russell, and Mack.

        The photos of Jane Doe 2 were taken between November 2 and November 24, 2005.

        They were recovered from a hard drive kept by Raniere at his sex lair at 8 Hale Drive.

        The 15 pictures of the 15-year-old show her in various sexually explicit poses.

        For 13 years, Raniere kept these pictures, in a folder on a hard drive, until the Feds raided his Sex Lair on March 27, 2018 – and seized his electronic equipment.

        Read between the lines, dates are important too. The last time I checked your Kristin kreuk was showing a youtube link. That link is talking bout how not to believe things/news in the web.

        Kristin is no angel, watch her movies and the movie revolves around how she kiss men, how she dance in the bars waiting for the cock carousel in the wee hours.

        And yes! Plenty of evidence around but the feds did not indict her. Another simple fact which she admits is that she is part of NXVIM. She advertise for the cult and promoted the cults events. Yet saw nothing about cabal or neferious activity.

        She openly criticize murder in the bible but secretly involve in a cult. She openly criticize a hollywood sex maniac ( which she probably bed ) yet turn a blind eye on KAR and his underage sex appetite. GBD, parvati, the list is endless.

        Your defending a public figure who has zero morals, a lesbian by night and a lady by day. Bdsm is her thing, doesnt mind being gangbang and again the list is endless.

  • The government plans to admit evidence that Bronfman, Mack, and Russell recruited and groomed sexual partners for Raniere, within and outside of DOS – and were aware of and facilitated Raniere’s sexual relationships with underage victims

    Prosecution Memo: Clare Bronfman involved in sex cult, recruited for DOS; had sex with Raniere

  • Because KAR was reckless and/or stupid enough to take pics and video of sex with the underage girl, then surely he took pics and/or video of sex with most women. Maybe with their knowledge or maybe not.

    It seems to me that having these sex pics–long before DOS–would be a thrill for KAR, which he also later could use to potentially manipulate and exploit these women sexually, financially or even just to silence them,

    • Curious if there are compromising photos of Keith out there, somewhere? Looks like someone gave Keith a brand spankin’ new Canon EOS 20D camera for Christmas. I hope his sorry ass is locked away for the rest of his sorry fucking life.

  • Raniere and Bronfman definitely have a case against their lawyers for excessive billing practices. The Fed’s memo repeatedly stated they are using the same tired arguments they used before, and those arguments were lame. I wondered why stated the camera was made in Japan, and after reading the memo, now I know. LOL

  • With a trial in Brooklyn and another in Albany the Feds will get two swings at the Keith Raniere pinata.
    If either swing connects it is twenty years in prison for the world’s 3rd Smartest Man.
    If both swings connect Raniere will be eligible for parole sometime after 2050.

    Pea Onyu/ Yolanda Cortez/Legatus Pro Temp you will never see Keith Raniere outside prison walls again.

    Now as for Allison, Lauren and Kathy, I dare you ladies to publicly claim that you had absolutely no idea that Keith Raniere is a pedophile.
    And while you ladies might not be directly involved in pedophilia, you surely enabled it.

  • None of this is shocking. Those who read Saratoga In Decline and knew about NXIVM years ago would know about the Times Union expose that revealed the pedophilia of Keith Raniere. We already know he is a gross kiddy fiddler. We have names of girls he raped. Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk were named in said expose. If you ignore it, what does that say about you? Now Allison Mack is doing this. Are you shocked that someone who ignored pedophilia is now doing this?

  • Just an observation…

    Lauren is much hotter without makeup than Heidi is with full makeup. LOL.

    Also, even at 40 years old (in her more recent photo shown below) Lauren is still fairly hot:

    If you compare Lauren to other girls from NXIVM’s Jurassic era — girls like Pam Cafritz, Karen, Toni, Susan, Barb, Heidi, etc — you’ll see that Lauren has aged quite well just like a fine wine, while those other ladies have a skin texture resembling prunes and wax paper IMO. Most of those women have not aged well.

    Lauren’s got a HUGE nose of course (she could use plastic surgery to fix it) — but I think she’s aged reasonably well compared to other women.

    Once she gets that nose fixed I think she’ll be able to find a suitable husband to keep her in the manner she’s accustomed to living. 🙂

    • Kristoff,

      If Heidi is so unattractive then why are you so obsessed with her?

      Me thinks someone suffers from unrequited love. Boo-hoo!

    • that could be since the manner she’ll be accustomed to living will be the in the space of a jail cell with little access to goods and services. You could volunteer for that position yourself.

      Not surprised that all those other ladies look older than Lauren – the ones still living are all, what, 10-20 years older than Lauren. Not surprised you are such a petty fool in most of your comments either.

      Sorry, Frank – censor me if you must.

    • Retard, your irrelevant comment shows an immature teenage kind of mind. Are you an sexual retarded like Raniere? Your aggresivity seems also very kiddy.

    • Bangkok/Clicky/kristoff is so misogynist that he equates a woman’s value with her age and looks. Also, he is constantly fixated on petty bullshit that most adults would not even spend 5 minutes thinking about.

      If you want to criticize people for their appearance, “Kock-off” why don’t you at least provide us with a picture of your handsome face so we can all return the favour? That way we can all participate in the petty bullshit he loves so much.

      • Stick your misogyny toots.

        The language they use is so shitty it must have been a cakewalk for prosecutors to push past the usual defences of “It was a cult! I was brainwashed! I didn’t understand what we were doing was wrong!”

        “Fuck Toys” says different, bitch. And speaks to the reality of “The Sisterhood” myth. Women will burn all other females for their Alpha, even offer them up as disposable sex objects. Including their own daughters.

    • Kistoff,

      She’s about 20 years their junior, except maybe Heidi. If she aged worse, that would be really bad.

      You should see if she will marry you before she goes to prison and pay for her nose job. First you have to remove yours from Laurens ass.

      Lauren might still be married to Keith spirituality, so sad for you. You can still have her with a photo and your hand.

      Let’s see how pretty she is after shes done her prison time. The IRS hasn’t come for her yet and the NDNY hasn’t gotten around to any changes not done by the EDNY, nor the State of NY.

  • If anyone can find my earlier posts which would be a major under taking, I was posting that this is the direction the NXIVM prosecution was headed. I was commenting about this early last summer. Hmmm I wonder how some of us knew……maybe we have it all and a new sheriff needed to arrive in town.

  • One detail to keep in mind, is that even if the photos in the folders were never again accessed, as Raniere’s defense has apparently claimed, the fact in particular that they were found in a folder called BACKUPS suggests that Raniere had other copies of them for his use, that just weren’t found.

    Also, if he had a set of favorite poses for multiple women in 2005, that was probably a pattern that he repeated with other women as well at other times. If there is testimony from other women that they were photographed similarly, it would show that the 2005 photos were part of a larger set that has gone missing – presumably destroyed once Raniere realized he was in trouble, though I’d bet it’s more likely than not that there’s a CD or flash drive with copies of them hidden away somewhere.

    The similar poses are also additional evidence that Raniere was still stuck in sexual patterns formed in his youth.

    • The Feds only need one set of photos. Raniere, being the smartest man in the world, either forgot where he hid some backup photos or he was trying to hide them in a nondescript named folder. Either way, he’s hosed. Bigtime.

    • The Rat implied in 2010 that Raniere like to film his sexual activities with jane doe 2, and that was her own brother behind the camera. I don’t know if it s true, but if it is, Raniere was being really abusuve with a teenage boy also.

      • It’s sad but not entirely surprising in a case like this, to find lots of people with warped boundaries around sex – probably often rooted in their having been abused as children, themselves.

        Apt comparison has been made to Karla Homolka, who fed her sister to her predator husband.

        • Karla is now free : she made a plea guilt before the government find the videos, where we could see that Karla was not a abused and manipulated wife like she pretended to be, but a very evil and active part in all the sexual abuses and murders, and with her sister as well. This sad story is a shame.

  • You’re turning into a real asshole, Frank.

    You’re pretending to be a ‘righteous’ journalist by withholding the name of the DOS slave who is still LOYAL to Keith and possibly doing his bidding in Mexico.

    Yet, you routinely trash other DOS slaves, including the ones who have turned against him and cut plea deals.

    You’re a real piece of work, Frank.

    Stop using double standards. Stop trying to dictate who can be criticized and who should be left alone. You’re not God. Far from it.

    Better yet, why not talk about your own case for a change and tell us how your case is proceeding.

    That is, if you have the balls to stop stonewalling us about the progress of your own case.

    Pick up your skirt, grab your balls and tell us what’s up. 🙂

    • Dearest Kristoff,

      Perhaps you should spend more time searching for a good job and less time worrying about Frank Parlato and the Frankreport?

    • Sounds like someone might have a bad case of deflection. You know the old “well you did such and such wrong!” when someone calls you out on something. I don’t think Frank’s balls have anything to do with what information he chooses to share on his blog. What’s got you so angry and entitled?

    • i agree the woman’s name should be revealed, as it is much more important to protect others than to protect her at this point.

      The government requested a court date and there was a status conference about a week ago. If you were as tough as you type, you would reveal your full and real name, “Kristoff.”

    • Kristoff go find some other blog to attack.
      Frank has done a fabulous job of exposing Keith and his gang of perverts.

      What’s on your resume Kristoff?
      Maybe your fear getting indicted up in NDNY?

      It has taken 20 years to come this far. A few more months and the NDNY will root out the rest of the upstate rats.

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