Court hearing: Clare wants to keep Geragos – Avenatti fired

Clare Bronfman being led to slaughter by Mark Geragos

The Curcio hearing today was largely uneventful.

The upshot is that Clare Bronfman wants to keep Mark Geragos as her attorney – despite the possibility that he might be in trouble for his role in the Nike extortion case as is his partner, Michael Avenatti.

As far as Avenatti is concerned, he will not be representing Clare. Over and out.

The sum total of Avenatti’s representation, the court was told, was to help secure a “Third Party Cooperation Agreement” whereby Clare could “buy” less prison time in a plea deal through Avenatti getting the government someone who has valuable information for them to use on another case.

This is one way the wealthy can purchase justice rather than have to pay the full price for their crimes like poor people do.

Avenatti met with the feds – to offer to bring someone in for the feds to use – possibly the Nike whistleblower – in return for the feds giving Clare a better plea deal.

I can imagine Clare paying big bucks to Avenatti for this if he could pull it off – and I can see Avenatti getting most of the money and giving the actual whistleblower a pittance (In the attempted extortion of Nike, Avenattit and Geragos were going to split $21-$23 million – and the whistleblower was going to get $1 million less whatever percentage he had to pay to Avenatti).

It was also revealed in a court filing that Clare has other attorneys, most notably John Sandweg of Arizona and a jury consultant from Geragos’ office.

In addition, it was revealed that Avenatti was retained by Clare in a civil matter – evidently concerning myself. More on that later.


Village Diane, who was at the hearing reports:

It was uneventful, kind of technical today. Judge Garaufis cited examples of how attorney conflicts of interest may or may not occur.

At the hearing was Benjamin Brafman [Geragos’ criminal attorney concerning his own involvement in the Nike extortion case].  Marc Agnifilo, [Keith Raniere’s attorney] was also at the hearing.

Judge Garaufis asked about Clare’s health. She was looking better today.

The judge said he wanted to make sure she was well because he was concerned for her, and also because he wanted to make sure she was able to absorb everything discussed at the Curcio hearing.

Bronfman said she wanted to keep Geragos as her lawyer and he quipped, “It is good to have a client who is that satisfied with me.”

Geragos is charismatic. I could see why he became so successful.

The judge asked Clare if she really did find Geragos from an internet search and she said yes, but she also indicated that prior to her being in the market for another lawyer, she did have a conversation with Teny Geragos [one of Keith Raniere’s attorneys and Mark Geragos’ daughter ] and she spoke about her father.


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  • Is it possible that Avenatti was attempting to get Clare Bronfman to pay him for the Nike information (under the table) so he could use it with the EDNY to reduce Clare’s sentence?

    The meeting with the EDNY was before
    Avenatti’s arrest and Avenatti thought he’d gotten away with his attempt to extort Nike.

    That would be icing on this entire week.

    It could explain why Clare was so scared in court Wednesday. It could explain all the sidebar, let’s clear and seal this hearing mumbo jumbo.

    Makes one wonder if Avenatti ever took training from Vanguard – Extortion, bank/wire fraud and tax evasion.

    • It’s possible, because Avenatti is so stupid, but Bronfman wasn’t involved in the Nike case. For her to come forward with Nike information would smell worse than Raniere’s breath.

      • Clare Bear won’t broker the deal Avenatti would “out of the goodness of his heart”.

        Clare Bear would pay him a fee (25 -35 million should cover it), and she’d fly free.

        Make one wonder how the Chicago case went bye bye so quickly. Slate totally wiped clean.

        Something’s kind of fishy with that case.

  • Wha, wait, what did I read here? An attorney can use (rat on?) one client to cut a deal for a different client in an unrelated case?! Are you kidding me?! I know there’s much corruption but that’s over the top. Did I read?

    Not shocked Clare’s trying to get her legal talons back into you with a civil suit, Frank. But why Avenatti? Does he have something on you or something?

    …It wasn’t me! Lol.

    • @Scott Johnson, MCC and MDC are different facilities. MCC is in Manhattan on Centre Street .

  • I guarantee Clare Bronfman will do no time or less than a year. She has too much money.

    She has so much money that she can still attack Frank Parlato in civil court years later.
    I would have thought that by now all of the various civil lawsuits statutes of limitations had expired.

    It is ponderous that Frank Parlato can still be dragged into court by her at all.

    Frank Parlato actually saved Clare Bronfman money……… millions

    Now it has come out that Keith Raniere is an actual pedophile beyond any reasonable doubt…….
    ……and yet Clare Bronfman is still going after Parlato.

    Clare Bronfman helped finance the criminal and civil persecution of over a dozen people.

    I can’t wrap my head around the fact that people actually feel sympathy for Clare Bronfman. I actually have more sympathy for Scott Johnson. He’s just rude to people on the Internet .

    I am sorry but Clare Bronfman is an evil ass cunt. Who really actually cares about her health?

    • niceguy, I believe Clare blames Frank Parlato for everything that’s happening to her right now and she is seeking revenge. Nothing that is happening to her, her arrest, court appearances, the incarceration of her Vanguard, is Frank’s fault but that’s how she sees it. I believe Clare is someone who cannot take responsibility for her own life and must focus on someone she sees as the enemy and she will go to any length to exact her revenge. Luckily, she met her match when Frank was brought into the fold. This man will not back down in the face of her money and her lawyers.

      Bravo Mr Parlato. Stay strong.

      • Oh yes, it is Frank’s “fault.” He is the one who started pushing on the FBI/DOJ train, with this website and other efforts. After he spoke up, others starting pushing on the train, particularly the NYT. Eventually, it started moving and now it’s rolling down the hill all by itself, gaining speed against the NXIVM scam artist defendants tied to the tracks. Some will be run over, some will be sideswiped, but all will be damaged in some manner.

      • Leon,

        You are definitely right.
        I am just surprised Clare has any legal standing to attack Parlato and the various statutes of limitations have not run out.

        However as my significant other always reminds me ,”you can still be sued even if the case has no merit”.

        Frank is undoubtedly a rare breed of man. He has fought through the courts for over a decade.

        I am going to be very happy for Frank once Raniere is sentenced and Frank is vindicated in court.
        Frank you like Cuban or Canary Island cigars?

  • NFP to Acquire Bronfman E.L. Rothschild
    By Alex Padalka March 28, 2019
    NFP Corp., an insurance broker and consultant, is expanding its wealth management capabilities with the acquisition of Bronfman E.L. Rothschild, NFP says.

    NFP will merge Rockville, Md.-based Bronfman Rothschild, which has offices throughout the Midwest and East Coast, with New York-based Sontag Advisory, an NFP subsidiary specializing in wealth management and investment advice which serves clients in more than 30 states, according to a press release from NFP.

    The combined entity, which will be led by management teams from Sontag and Bronfman Rothschild, will oversee around $10 billion in assets, NFP says. Howard Sontag, Sontag’s chairman, will become chairman of the new entity, and Mike LaMena, Bronfman Rothschild’s president and chief operating officer, will become chief executive officer, while Eric Sontag will become president and chief operating officer, according to the press release.

    The deal, the terms of which the companies didn’t disclose, is expected to close in the second quarter of 2019, according to NFP.

    The Rothschilds have been selling assets like crazy.

    This really does look to me like their deep state criminal income is drying up!

    It must be really expensive to keep their network running.

    Could also be a way for them to sever ties with the Bronfmans before they are outed as human traffickers!

    Incredible timing guys.

  • Reminds me of Jeffrey Epstein’s deal, except at least in his case HE was the one doing the horse-trading and not his lawyer. Allowing the lawyer to get involved by providing information for a deal should be illegal.

  • Oh no. Frank just mentioned Sandweg.

    I remember Heidi goes into full psycho mode over that guy. 🙂

    I’m guessing we’re gonna hear her talk about Sandweg and Burke ad nauseam now.

    Please Heidi, tell us more about Sandweg and Denny Burke. Are they still conspiring against you? To what end?

  • Why would a top notch attorney like Mark Geragos and Clare Bronfmans 9 other attorney legal team need to bring in
    Michael Avenatti to met with the feds to work on her plea deal?

    Is Geragos that much of a wimp that he cannot handle plea deals? Geragos had to bring in a pitbull, alleged extortion tax evading criminal like Avenatti to try shake down the DOJ?

    How many times have Geragos and Avenatti played good cop – bad cop attorney games when it comes to working deals like Nike?

    At any time Geragos, who had to have known what Avenatti was doing was illegal could of gone to the DOJ himself and turned in Avenatti. He choose to stand by his partner in crime, just like Clare Bronfman did with Keith Raniere has, and finds himself as CC1 in the Nike case.

    So what happens if Mark Geragos is arrested while Clare Bronfmans case is still happening?

  • The happiest person in the courtroom today is Geragos. If Clare had died instead of just passing out yesterday, he would stop getting paid. He better take good care of her and be sure she stays healthy, at least until the trial is over.

  • Wouldn’t it be a good if the DOJ had another person who could give them the same information that Clare could give them that Avenatti was using as an attempt to “buy” less prison time?

    Clare should do every minute of prison time she has coming to her.

    What other case could Clare possibility have valuable information on? Could it Keith Raniere?

    How can the government even trust Clare? She’s been known to lie in court, file false claims, and produce false documents.

    Any information she “might have”, did she come by it legally?

    • Somebody,
      so did I. It’s obvious, Clare thinks she is still gaming the system because she has money. Fuck her, and all the people who think their money makes them impervious to criminal charges.

      Apparently she is still on the KR diet, according to VillageDiane. She can’t live forever on a diet of less than her body requires for basic functioning. At some point,that body will simply give out. She may already be anemic from lack of iron. The lack of energy and oxygen caused by anemia will strain her heart. Who knows what’s next? It won’t make her smarter.

      She was never very smart to begin with and this may just be the end of all her money. If she doesn’t get prison, but ends up broke, then good. Her credibility is shot. If she has no money, no job and no home, she will have less than those she tried to destroy.

      • Yep we can only hope she ends up ruined by all this. Over-privileged cunt. True justice is not even life in prison for these people. For true justice, she and Keith would need to have their eyes gouged out of their heads with a spork, their tongues cut out and their hands and feet chopped off. No more lies, no more extortion, no more stealing or scandal. Oh, and Keith’s flaccid junk dipped in gasoline and lit on fire until is burns to a crisp.

      • I agree with both Somebody and NCGirl and has wished more was made of Clare lying to the judge but then I thought – No, this is just the beginning and the judge has filed that information away. She has shown him her character and he is no fool.

        I have been wondering if Clare had not, until yesterday, realized this trial is actually going to happen and, if she does not choose to accept a plea deal, she will be a defendant having to answer to all the charges against her in a court of law in front of a jury which won’t be inclined to take much pity on an heiress. I don’t believe her fainting in the courtroom was real. When you faint, there is no time to grab a table to steady yourself. You just go down. That played out like a scene from a B movie including being taken away on a stretcher only to return later looking weak but seemingly willing to carry on.

        This performance has made me wonder if the extreme weight loss is also part of the performance. She could be trying to compromise her health in the hope to avoid all this ugliness but this time Clare, the woman who has used her money to manipulate and get her way all her life, is out of her depth. She doesn’t hold the power in this proceeding. The power is in the hands of the prosecution and the judge and these people appear to be upstanding citizens looking for the truth and are unimpressed with her army of lawyers and theatrics.

        This time Clare will not triump it is time for the piper to get paid.

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