Shadow: Allison Mack & NXIVM’s Code of Silence

By Shadow State
NXIVM is a criminal gang that has a Code of Silence to prevent members from cooperating with authorities.  Kind of like a blood oath or Omerta.
One finds threats by Charger 426 Hemi, Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman threatening people who cooperate.
All three threats are worth examining.
Using Charger 426 Hemi’s Allison Mack tribute page as the first example, here is a drawing of the NXIVM Code of Silence.
It features three skeletons and the words Old School Code. One of the skeletons has a dagger over its throat. One skeleton is blindfolded and another has its ears covered. The motto reads “Didn’t see nothin. Didn’t hear nothin’ Ain’t saying S–t.”
In short “Keep your mouth shut.”
Say nothing about NXIVM, Allison Mack or the leaders of NXIVM.  Don’t cooperate with the FBI.
Only one person responded to Charger’s Code of Silence.

gemmadeerfield, who writes, “Which is exactly how paedophiles prevail. Actually it’s how most of the terrible things in the world prevail, congrats you are a sociopath.”

Who runs the Allison Mack tribute page?  The page that gushes praise all over Keith Raniere’s pimp?
I believe it is a British born woman who is a former employee of Clare Bronfman and a former co-worker of Allison Mack’s wife Nicki Clyne, a woman who fled the United States last summer rather than cooperate with the FBI.
Is Sylvie Lloyd Charger? She moved with her NXIVM husband John Fox from Albany to England when the heat came on in Albany last year.
And who can forget the text message of Lauren Salzman warning people not to talk about NXIVM DOS and the sex cult?     Text from Lauren Salzman speaks of secrecy in case ‘shit goes down’:

The shit came down – on Lauren and Nxivm, despite her attempts at secrecy.
From Allison Mack’s Instagram page we have the poem :”Be careful what you say.”
Be careful what you; say, Little Girl. The FBI might be listening.
Congratulations, Ladies of NXIVM.
You have empowered women by turning them into Gangsters.
Allison Mack with three DOS slaves.

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