The crazy world of Keith Raniere

Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard on stage at V-Week talking to his mostly female followers.

K. R. Claviger wrote a fascinating post on the crazy things people did when they followed Keith Raniere. I would like to expound on it a little more.

Jim Del Negro: what he lacks in native intelligence, he makes up for with earnest stupidity.

Jim Del Negro had quit his $200,000 a year job as a professional design engineer to make his fortune at Executive Success. After 12 years, he was making $35,000 per year.

Kristin Keeffe was telling people her child was an orphan whose mother died giving birth and the father was unknown. In reality, Keith was the father. She was the mother. This lie was told so they could conceal the fact that Keith was promiscuous to his followers. It was also kept secret even in the harem because Keith had promised several women they would have his avatar baby.

Ivy Nevares, writer and dancer, has been a member of his harem since the early 2000s. Raniere once promised she would bear him his firstborn child.

Ivy Nevares was not cutting her hair. It had grown past her feet. She could step on her own hair. She was not cutting it because Keith told her not to cut it until she cured her ethical breach.  She was told when she did cure it, she would have his avatar baby. It was now a decade later.

Keith is mocking her to other women behind her back about how stupid she is for not cutting her ridiculously long hair.

Lauren may never get an avatar baby but she did get an indictment and the superseding might be worse.

Lauren Salzman went to the store to buy items for the maternity room she keeps in her house – for the avatar baby she is going to have with Keith. Though she is not pregnant, she expects to become so soon. She has been waiting for the avatar baby for a decade.

Later, she counsels Ivy with an EM therapy session. Ivy is worried the day may never come when she will be the mother of his avatar baby. While counseling Ivy, Lauren does not tell Ivy she too has been told she will be the mother of the avatar baby. Lauren thinks Keith is telling her the truth and lying to Ivy.  She tells Ivy to be patient and cure her disintegrations, leading Ivy to think she will one day have an avatar baby.  Afterward, Lauren mocks Ivy to the others because she is so stupid to think she will be the mother of Keith’s avatar baby.

Nancy Salzman heads to court charged with Racketeering. Keith had once told Nancy Salzman that in her past life, she was a Jew in Nazi Germany who suffered death at the hands of the Nazis. She believed him.

Later, he told her she was Adolf Hitler in her past life. She believed him. She realized when he told her she was Adolf, that she had plenty to atone for.  She dedicates her life to atoning her crimes against humanity by teaching the truth of Keith Raniere.

She tells a friend that if only she had believed in Keith more quickly in 1998 when she first met Keith, the dark forces that conspired to create 9-11 would never have gathered enough strength to blow up the World Trade Center. She takes personal blame for 9-11.  The positive energy created by her faith in Raniere more quickly would have averted a national catastrophe.

Nancy [Prefect] Salzman cuts the ribbon at the opening of the Mexico City NXIVM center. Betancourt [l] Salinas [R].
Alejandro Betancourt is lusting after his business partner Emiliano Salinas. Together, they run the Mexico City Center of ESP.

Alex is thinking of leaving to pursue his lustful dreams of boys and men in exotic locales.

Keith warns Alex that he was Mussolini in his past life and he has a lot to atone for. Alex vows to be a better human this time and stay with Keith.

Keith admits he is the only one who can help him avoid repeating his past fate.

Keith tells Emiliano that his true soulmate is not a woman but a man – Alex, his business partner.  Emiliano did not know he was gay, but since Keith told him he was, he begins having sex with Alex.

Esther Carlson has dedicated her life to teaching the truth of Keith Raniere.

Esther Carlson Chiappone comes to visit Albany from her home in Alaska to learn the truth of Keith Raniere.  Keith woos her and begins to fuck her. He promises her a monogamous relationship. She relocates her family to Albany.  After she does, she finds out that his real plan for her is for her to be just another member of his harem. She is deeply upset but decides to remain in spite of being deceived and chooses to spend her life teaching the truth of Keith Raniere.

Siobhan Hotaling is gay but that didn’t stop Keith from wanting to fuck her.

Siobhan Hotaling is gay. Keith wants to fuck her. He tells her she will have his avatar baby and that being gay is a disintegration. She wants to follow the world’s most ethical man but somehow is not aroused by men. He declares she is in ethical breach but may not tell anyone the reason.  She realizes that her being gay is her “issue” and decides she must remain until she cures it to teach the highest truth of Keith Raniere.

She is told her she cannot advance high in the organization’s stripe path unless she fulfills her destiny of having an avatar baby, but defiantly she continues to remain gay anyway.

Allison Mack turned her back on acting to pursue a higher calling.

Allison Mack is making a million a year as an actress. He tells her that her work has no meaning. She should learn from him to be a true actor. She quits her job on Smallville. He directs her to work in a semi-amateur summer workshop theater.

Kristin Kreuk follows the truth of the Vanguard.

Kristin Kreuk is the star of a hit TV show. She has lots of little girls who watch the show and are her fans. Keith directs her to start a recruitment program for teenage girls to join a fun club called Girls By Design, which is really a gateway into Nxivm. Kreuk later learns Keith is accused of raping teenage girls.

Despite her fame and reputation, she decides to keep on recruiting and stays to help coach and teach the truth of Keith Raniere.

When Pam Cafritz, his long-time wing woman, was ill, he told followers privately that if she had only listened to him and ate less and ran more miles, she would not have committed an ethical breach, which caused her cancer.

Pam Cafrtiz is told she has the body type to win the Olympic mile. She starts practicing and does so for years. She never gets anywhere near the record but Raniere tells her if she cures her disintegrations, she will run faster. Only she needs to maintain an 800 calorie diet and not sleep more than 4 hours per night. She is always tired and food deprived and her speed gets worse. Raniere tells her it has to get worse before it gets better. She believes him. Her years of poor diet and little sleep cause her kidneys to fail She gets renal cancer. Keith tells the others that if only she had listened to him, this would not have happened. She did not practice enough. She ate too much. Slept too much.

She is blamed for her cancer. She is told to make out a will in Keith’s favor so her greedy mother and brother won’t grab her estate. At the same time, she is told she will be healed if she drinks a milky white substance Keith mixed for her.

Barbara Jeske at the age Keith prefers.

Barbara Jeske has tremendous headaches, She asks Keith if it would be a betrayal if she went to the doctor. He tells her he knows better than any doctor what is wrong with her. He tells her she has carpal tunnel syndrome – and all she needs do is follow his advice. She does so faithfully and the headaches get worse.  He assures her that it is her disintegrations. When the headaches become unbearable, she finally sneaks off to see a doctor who diagnoses it as brain cancer.  It is now too late for a medical cure.

Keith tells her he can cure her if she can cure her disintegrations, especially those concerning money. She intended to leave her estate to her relatives. Keith tells her she will only heal her disintegrations and get well if she signs over her estate to him. She does so and dies within a few days.

Barbara Bouchey learned a lot about Keith Raniere.

Barbara Bouchey thinks she is his only girlfriend and will have his avatar baby as promised. He borrows more than  $1 million from her promising he will pay it back. It is her whole life savings.

He has a sure thing in the commodities market. He loses all of it. She is upset but decides to stick with him and teach the truth of Keith Raniere and have the avatar baby. Soon, she finds out that he is sleeping with at least three other women. She is upset but he tells her that he does not enjoy sex with them but is only teaching them. She decides to stay. Then she finds out he is having sex with about two dozen other women. She wonders why she ever believed she would have an avatar baby, especially since doctors had told her she was unable to ever have babies before she met Keith Raniere.


Kathy Russell

Kathy Russell is in her mid-50s. She used to regularly fuck Raniere when she was younger. He now bypasses her because she is too old. She is the Nxivm bookkeeper, having left her son behind in Alaska to follow the truth of Raniere. She keeps his double sets of books and hides cash for him which she knows will not be reported.

She has no other man. She waits for Raniere to, once again, become interested in her. She is assigned to clean up the jiz stains and scour out his hot tub after he sexually mentors other women at his sex lair.

Kathy keeps it secret that Keith is sleeping with lots of women for she knows that the average student is told Keith is a renunciate monk. Kathy is proud that she can keep lying to keep secrets in order to enable the truth of Keith Raniere.

She is filled with hope. She wanted to be a professional ballerina ever since she was a little girl. She never thought she could make it. But Keith tells her if she follows his advice, takes more courses which she can pay for from out of her salary, and loses her disintegrations, she could yet become a professional prima donna and be world famous by the time she is 60.

She believes him and starts taking ballet lessons at a local school with 12-year-old girls. She even preforms in recitals with them before their parents who are younger than her. She is waiting for the day she will become a star – by the time she is 60. She ignores her friends comments that there are no examples of 60-year-old women breaking into stardom in ballet.  Keith and the women mock her behind her back for her insane delusion. By the time she is 60, Kathy is arrested for Racketeering.

Edgar Boone.

Edgar Boone believes that Keith Raniere is the most magnificent teacher of truth the world has ever seen. His father is rich and lives in Mexico. Edgar leaves Mexico to come to Albany where he helps recruit lots of Mexicans to learn the truth of Keith Raniere. He makes a lot of commissions recruiting others, but Keith tells him to be sure not to report his income to the IRS for that would be unethical.

For years, he gets the money and then he marries and has four children. Keith tells him to enroll the kids in his private child-mentoring school called Rainbow. It costs Edgar $200,000 per year in tuition which offsets the commissions he makes.  Edgar strives to bring more Mexicans in to teach the truth of Keith Raniere.

Jimena Garza with her husband, Omar Boone. Both have a green sash. Jimena Garza has Keith Raniere’s initials one inch from her vagina as a symbol of her obedience to Keith Raniere.

Edgar Boone’s brother, Omar Boone, finds out his wife Jimena has a brand next to her pussy. It is the initials of Keith Raniere. He and Jimena invite Keith to stay at an apartment they rented for him in San Pedro Garza Garcia. The cuckie couple operates the Monterrey ESP Center and lie to the members that Keith ever had any women branded. They need to lie to help ensure they can keep teaching the truth of Keith Raniere since many Mexicans would oppose women being branded near the pussies.

Clare Bronfman [left] with her sister Sara Bronfman-Igtet.
Clare and Sara Bronfman are heiresses. They lend Keith $65 million because he has a surefire plan to make money in commodities. He loses it all. He tells them their father foiled him and corrupted the market.  They believe him and invest another $26 million in a surefire real estate scheme he devised with the same person who was the broker in the commodities loss. The real estate scheme also goes amok.

Both women get more involved in the teachings to promote and spread the truth of Keith Raniere.

Nicki Clyne had a higher calling than mere acting.

Canadian Nicki Clyne’s acting career is finally taking off. She gets a regular role on a TV show, Battlestar Galactica. She joins Nxivm and Keith tells her she has a higher calling than acting – teaching the truth of Keith Raniere. She tells the producers she wants to break her contract. They object. She refuses to appear. The producers have to write an episode to “kill off” her popular character. She expects to make far more money promoting the truth of Keith Raniere and his Executive Success Programs.

She gets an illegal visa and is paid illegally so she can remain close to Raniere in Albany and teach his truth. Without good-paying work as an actress, she is soon broke and has to work for $15 per hour for Clare Bronfman and Rosa Laura Junco. She went from being a successful actress to a gofer for Raniere’s wealthy women.

She then marries Allison Mack to remain in the country and agrees to be branded near her pussy as Raniere’s lifelong slave.

Christine Collins is one of the best teachers next to Nancy Salzman. During a time when Salzman was in the doghouse with Raniere, it was contemplated that Christine could become the next Prefect.

But she has but one disintegration. She is too fat. She cannot maintain the 800 calorie diet. Raniere decides she cannot be Prefect.  She continues to teach the truth of Raniere and even gets married to a rich man and devotes her money to teaching the truth of Raniere and places her children in his experimental child care program called Rainbow Cultural Gardens so they too can learn the truth of Keith Raniere.


Mariana Fernandez

Mariana Fernandez is an illegal Mexican alien living for years in the USA. Keith is fucking her. She lives with him and Pam Cafritz, who he is also fucking.  To disguise the fact that he is living menage a trois – since they tell students he is a renunciate monk – he tells everyone that Pam and Mariana are gay and he is only their roommate.

Everyone knows Mariana is there illegally but people believe that Keith is not sleeping with either her or Pam – let alone both of them at the same time  – because he told them they are gay and he is a renunciate monk.


Dawn Morrison is a radio ad salesperson when she meets Raniere. He persuades her to leave that work and enjoy true executive success. She quits her job to get executive success and dedicates her life to teaching the truth of Keith Raniere. She becomes a member of his secret harem and helps recruit people into Nxivm telling them that Keith is like a renunciate monk.

She cannot make enough money at Nxivm to pay for all the classes and pay her bills so she begins cleaning cars and running errands for people and names her company after Keith’s initials.

Ben Myers is a highly-skilled computer techie. He could make $200,000 per year in the tech world. Instead, he devotes his life to teaching the truth of Keith Raniere which includes hacking into Raniere’s enemies’ computers and doing computer spying on Raniere’s followers.

He develops a romantic interest in a young Mexican woman who he was assigned to teach how to hack Nxivm enemies’ computers.  She reciprocates his feelings. Raniere, who was fucking the young woman, gets enraged and orders her to not have any feelings for any other man but him. She refuses. He orders her to go live in a room in a house Nxivm owns for 18 months without leaving it until she agrees to fuck only him.

Myers stands by and allows this to happen and continues to hack computers for Raniere. When he gets upset that the poor woman is slowly wasting away tucked away in the room, Keith sends one of his discards, Michelle Salzman, to seduce him and he soon engages in a romance with her and forgets all about the woman confined to a room in Clifton Park because of him.

The sister and mother of the woman know she is confined but they are dedicated to teaching the truth of Keith Raniere. They bring the confined woman food each day and ensure she does not leave her room.  Because Keith said she may not see anyone, the sister and mother leave the food outside her door.

After more than a year in confinement, the mother decides to go into an adjoining room and never leave her room in order to help heal the disintegrations of her daughter. The mother does not know the reason her daughter is confined in the room. She does not know it is because she refused to fuck only Raniere and not be part of his exclusive harem. In fact, the mother does not even know he has a harem. She thinks her daughter failed to follow some other high-minded teaching.

Did Camila Fernandez start having sex with Keith Raniere when she was 15?

Camila Fernandez is the sister of Mariana and is 15. She finally gets what she is seeking since she developed a crush on Keith. She gets to fuck him. She is underage and he could go to jail for it. She keeps it a secret. She does even tell her sister, who is also fucking Raniere.

Brandon Porter is an MD. He could make $500,000 per year if he worked at it full time. Instead, he follows the teachings of Raniere and spends most of his time doing work for free for him. He even pays for classes and this offsets most of his income. He is broke. Raniere tells him to do human fright experiments on attractive females. The good doctor enjoys scaring the panties off of young women instead of healing patient at St Peters’ Hospital.


Farouk Rojas wants to be a professional singer. One day he may be one – if he can only get rid of his disintegrations.

Farouk Rojas has been teaching executive success for 15 years. He is broke. So broke he cannot afford a car. He rides a bicycle in Albany. It is an odd sight to see one of the top coaches of Executive Success – riding a bicycle in the middle of winter on icy roads and come in trembling from the cold.

He believes in the truth of Keith Raniere. Keith told him that if he continues to use his entire salary on more courses, he will achieve his lifelong goal of being a professional and highly paid singer. He is fat, balding and middle-aged, yet he dreams of stardom as a singer – if only he can cure his disintegrations.

He has taken so many courses and recruited enough people that he deserves to be promoted on the Stripe Path. But Keith decreed he may not advance on the Stripe Path until he gets thinner. His fatness makes a bad look for a Nxivm teacher.

Perhaps he did not grow up thinking he would be a cuckold but Michel Chernitzky is rumored to be decidedly beta to his masters, Keith and Emiliano.

Michel ‘Cuckie’ Chernitzy is a Mexican who brought his girlfriend into ESP. She was stolen by Keith Raniere. He recognized his inferior testosterone level and accepted it.

He bought in his next girlfriend and she was fucked by Emiliano Salinas, who had decided he was not totally gay anymore. Michel accepted his lower testosterone level and became the perfect Society of Protectors man – the ideal, perfectly selfless cuckold, willing to have his women shared or stolen by Raniere and others and still live only to teach the truth of Keith Raniere.


Stay Tuned for the next update of the people disaffeceted bt Keith Raniere.

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  • Alison DID NOT quit her job on Smallville!!!!!!! She was on it till the end, and did some other TV acting after that, most notably “Wilfred” for FOX. Please quit with this weird disinformation.

  • Michel Chernitzky — “He bought in his next girlfriend and she was fucked by Emiliano Salinas, who had decided he was not totally gay anymore. Michel accepted his lower testosterone level and became the perfect Society of Protectors man – the ideal, perfectly selfless cuckold, willing to have his women shared or stolen by Raniere and others and still live only to teach the truth of Keith Raniere.”

    Catherine Oxenberg wrote that India dated Michel in 2014. Does that mean that India was fucked by Emiliano and in addition to all of the terrible things India is accused of doing as CC-2, she is also an adulteress, or are you referring to a different girlfriend since you said MC “bought” [sic] in his next girlfriend” whereas CO recruited India and paid for India’s entry into the cult.

  • You forget Jack Levy, he is along with Edgar Boone behind what is left of Nxivm in México. He is also the person that admitedly obscructed justice by paying all of Keith’s expenses in Mexico, specially the Villa where They arrested him. Keith’s lawyer write it on a Letter to the judge, he was even going to put 300k for bail. You have completely forgoten the main nxivm sponsor and supporter that is left.

  • Didn’t I read here from someone who went through the Intensives that recruits are taught–on the first day–not to believe any bad press about NXIVM?

  • For more crazy, how about Catherine Oxenberg. At an ESP introductory course in 2011, that’s right 2011, actually googles Raniere and is told it’s a cult by her friend with her, but stupidly still recruits her daughter into the sex cult and also recruits her husband and 2 step-children, forcing them to spend their inheritance in support of the cult. Stupidly continues taking classes in Mexico, Vancouver, and Albany for a couple of years until she learns Keith is accused of raping teenage girls and then silently slithers away but leaves her own daughter with the pedophile to be branded, starved, and brainwashed.

    • Her ex husband Casper Van Dien was on Necker Island in spring 2010 during the NXIVM cult meeting. Yet Catherine Oxenberg said she joined in 2011 through someone else? Whats the real story? Also, how deep was Casper Van Dien in the cult?

  • Talk about crazy, how about Catherine Oxenberg. At an ESP introductory course in 2011, that’s right 2011, actually googles Raniere and is told it’s a cult by her friend who is with her, but stupidly still recruits her daughter into the sex cult and also recruits her husband and 2 step-children, forcing them to spend their inheritance in support of the cult. Stupidly continues taking classes in Mexico, Vancouver, and Albany for a couple of years until she learns Keith is accused of raping teenage girls and then silently slithers away but leaves her own daughter with the pedophile to be branded, starved, and brainwashed.

  • KAR should not wear horizontal stripes – they are not flattering to him. Oh, wait! The government is now choosing his wardrobe!

  • Glad to see we are all up tonight commenting on the Frankreport. Thanks Frank for staying up late and updating are comments.

    Goodnight everyone!!!

  • Jim never told me about any 200K design job. He said he owned a preschool type daycare center in Saratoga Springs with his ex-wife. They were doing well, and he gave it all up to follow this genius.

    • Kayla Grosse is fat feminist liberal with no self esteem. No wonder she was in the NXIVM cult for so long. She likes to virtue signal online and even defended Kristin Crook. Why not reveal what you did know about and participate in?

  • You have to wonder at all the time and effort KAR expended to keep playing these games. I guess it was worth it for decades with the money, sex and reverence. I wonder if he feels that way now, as he sits miserably behind bars, possibly for the rest of his life.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this man would have continued to escalate his behavior and cruelty until more people were killed. More females – of age, and underage – surely would have been enslaved. His needs and desires appear to be insatiable.

  • Is it possible for a human to be born without a conscience?

    My research has mixed results. It seems no one really knows, though most people agree that sociopaths have a very weak conscience, or none at all, and psychopaths have no conscience at all.

    We understand the conscience to be our moral compass. The ability to distinguish right from wrong. More importantly, our ability to feel empathy; That our actions affect others and to feel guilty when we hurt others.

    Does Keith Alan Raniere have the ability to feel empathy? Does he have a conscience?

    KAR has spun a web of lies and deceit so profound and intricate in design to harm others and gratify himself with luxuries and sex that most of us can’t even comprehend it. What he has accomplished truly appears absolutely insane. What he has gotten others to do is insane. Does this behavior come naturally to him or did he design to do so from the beginning? Who knows? But one thing is for sure. His motives have been to gratify himself with no regard for other people.

    The truly remarkable thing about KAR is his gift of a charismatic character only seen in the likes of Adolf Hitler, David Koresh or Jim Jones. That charisma historically can be used for good or bad. There have been many good charismatic leaders.

    But, does KAR have a conscience or did he ever have one? Is it through so many selfish choices that he diminished it to nothing?

    The answer to that question lies at the heart of what he truly believes. Does he believe his own lies? Does he believe he is the smartest man in the world? One would ask, how could he, knowing he fudged his own IQ test?

    The answer to these questions is yes, he does believe his own lies. No, he does not have a conscience or empathy. And here’s why, and also how he has accomplished such insane results: If KAR was given a polygraph test, he would pass. Because when one truly believes their own lies, it becomes their truth. It doesn’t matter what the truth really is. On some level, he must know he’s a fraud, right? He faked his own IQ test. Wrong, he actually believes he is the smartest man in the world. He actually believes in his mission, whatever that is. He actually believes he is the Vanguard. He would pass a lie detector test because he actually believes his own lies to the point of them becoming his truth.

    How does one live in such a fantasy world? Is he a sociopath, a psycho path, or is he insane? The answer is yes, yes, and yes.

    Can he be fixed? My answer is no. Whether or not he was born without a conscience and the ability to feel empathy doesn’t matter anymore. If he did have one, he smothered it out long long ago. It is gone and it isn’t coming back.

    Does that mean he isn’t even accountable for his actions? No. He is accountable because his goals have been obvious: Luxury and sex. He might be called the most selfish man in the world. But, whether or not he is accountable, I will leave that to God at his judgment day.

    But for now, KAR will continue in his delusions without the possibility of remorse. It is commendable though that he has gotten this far and accomplished (destroyed) so much through his own confidence and beliefs. I mean, that’s commendable. Most people are too insecure or lack the charisma to follow their dreams. It would take someone truly insane to do what he has done. That’s because he is insane. He’s a psychopath, yes, but he is also truly insane.

  • Unbelievablely crazy that none of the nx’ers seemed to talk amongst themselves about anything to do with the cult they were all a part of otherwise they would have known they were all being sold a steaming pile of bull shit.

    • One of the great tricks of Vanguard was to instill in all the women this mania for secrecy. Fear and honor kept secrets that otherwise in normal groups would have been told and found out. This is perhaps the reason he thought he could keep DOS a secret.

      • Frank
        Wasn’t one of Vanguard’s great tricks also to make all the members NOT believe any of the bad press…from TU, Tighe, O’hara and even you?
        Weren’t they programmed/brainwashed to group-think that they were good and the critics were liars?

        • That is true. He worked hard to get his followers to discount media reports. Still it is astonishing that someone like Kristin Kreuk and others should choose to ignore well reasoned evidence presented as, for example, in the Times Union story, “In Raniere’s Shadows” [] that brought forth on the record interviews with then-underage rape victims. I heard the Keith and his minions – some of whom knew all too well that the women’s stories were true – told the Nxivm students that the Times Union paid these women to make up their stories.

          • Thanks, Frank.
            My guess is the surest way members could ignore troubling evidence is choose never to read it. You don’t have to think about it then—see no, hear no, speak no evil, etc.
            Besides, the globally admired Dalai Lama had come to Albany to personally “endorse” Ranieri a few year earlier.

          • Yes, amazing that Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Scott Starr, India Oxenberg, Grace Park, Kristina Loken, Nik Isbell, Mark Hildreth and hundreds of others chose to ignore or remain ignorant for 5 years after the TU article, but, then again, millions choose to ignore the far more numerous and widely reported accusations against Trump, including a woman claiming he raped her when she was 13.

          • Someone like Kristin Kreuk, probably at the height of her d-list fame back then would absolutely read the Times Union expose if her name was in it. She relies on having a virgin fairy persona. There is a video online of Kreuk being asked if she uses that google updates tool to check her name and she went “nooooo”. A meth addict could tell she was lying. Bitch certainly reads Frank Report too. She either knew Raniere was a pedophile and didn’t care or refused to believe the girls. Either way… horrible bitch. She filmed the pilot to Beauty and the Beast a month after the expose, being named in Joe’s lawsuit and the Necker island expose and was coaching the same month she started filming the final season of the show in 2015.

          • I’ll always be “obsessed” with helping people understand that Amway is a scam and Raniere merely applied what he learned during the time he was an Amway distributor.

        • Scott,

          Honestly you should take down the YouTube video of yourself doing your scientific experiment with milk and various energy drinks.

          There is absolutely no Scientific validity to your experiment whatsoever!

          Milk actually congeals in the stomach and throughout the intestines. Milk is an extremely difficult liquid for the body to absorb because it breaks down to a solid and a liquid.

          The milk will congeal or “curdle” in just about any liquid

          Scott your experiment proves absolutely nothing scientific.

          I am sure that you meant the video in jest.

          If someone, who has never met you, watches the video that someone is going to think your a schmuck.

          I am not trying to be asshole. I am actually trying to be a nice guy.

          Please take the video down for the good of your family and of yourself.

      • Not all the women in NX were in this sex circle of KAR or knew it was going on. Only the ones that his pimps could get some kind of agreement that they had an interest in KAR would the grooming begin. Some women didn’t fit his profile and were never approached for a sexual relationship with KAR.

        It’s very possible that are other victims out there that were never in NX, CBI or his other so called companies. KAR is a sexual predator so it’s very possible he went off grid to get some of his other needs met.

  • Excellent writing Frank…After reading your article I feel like I need to pop a antidepressant or something.
    All joking aside, the human carnage that Raniere left in his wake on his mission to feed his ego and be a god is so deeply depressing.

    It is difficult not to feel some sympathy for all of the lost souls that followed Keith Raniere.

    Keith Rainier really is the embodiment of evil.

    • Fuck right off “sultan” or shall I call you “starska”. You and your arrogant white knight bullshit is whats false. Your as clueless to GBD as you are to the locale of a woman’s clit. What the fuck is wrong with you? Old pathetic creep.

      • I am not Starska you buffoon. That’s a GBD girl. And it’s evidence that NXIVM isn’t tied to GBD from someone who was actually a part of it. It isn’t some fake story created by some anonymous “Jane” who never existed.

        WTF do you have? NOTHING.

        What play do you have in this game? Why are *you* so fucking obsessed with Kreuk? Huh? Why don’t you answer you little chickenshit.

        So fuck off.

          • Tex,

            Tex your right prison garb is sexy… Christ I hate agreeing with Tex…… oh wait……Tex isn’t it a fight between 2 men? …. Tex you are you using double entendre? Tex you are a clever one. Ah yes I get it now 2 men with man-ginas.

            Hey you 2 man-ginas are fighting over something completely ridiculous…..

            ……….As the old saying from 1994 goes, “when you win an argument on the internet it is just like winning a gold medal in the Special Olympics…. your still retarded.”

            Have a nice day:)

          • The other version of the 1994 saying is

            “When two people argue on the internet it’s just like competing in the special Olympics is does not matter who wins your both fucking retarded”. On that note I am done arguing on the Frankreport.

            Have a nice day:)

        • An anonymous poster is not evidence. Who are you to claim that “Jane” “never existed” of that her story is “fake”? Who do you think you are to make such a claim? What an arrogant prick you are. We will continue to believe Jane, an actual human being whose identity has been confirmed by the man himself, Frank Parlato. Cry some more you little whiny bitch.

          So fuck off.

    • Wrong. GBD was Kreuk’s ethical NXIVM business.

      As part of being on the stripe path, Keith commanded that members recruit more marks (ummm…I mean students) AND start ethical businesses.

      GBD was approved by Keith and Nancy before it was launched. So afterwards, Kreuk could claim she was a successful Business woman and advance on the stripe path.

      Don’t believe me? Ask her.

      • Wrong Omar.

        And this was already rebutted months ago. NXIVM was a corporation that professed to sell services to people in order to prepare them for the idea of executive success. This was their business model. So people paid for its services to help develop and grow their own businesses. That does not make whatever business they formed NXIVM businesses. There are plenty of other corporations that teach the same type of thing. Also, I guess any school or institution that teaches business development to a student who then proceeds to form a business using what he has learned becomes a “school business” according to your logic.

        You need to prove that there was a relationship between NXIVM and GBD via a business contract, e.g., a partnership or some other affiliation between the two, or that KAR or Nancy sat on its board and/or served as management. Unfortunately, KAR never had any businesses in his name and Nancy was too busy running NXIVM. So all you have is some secret conspiracy that there was some nefarious relationship between the two, and that puts the onus on you people to prove it since Kendra Voth (KV) and Kristin Kreuk (KK) have already made a statement that denied any such affiliation. That KAR may have had some hidden intentions with it doesn’t mean KV or KK knew of it or went along with it.

        As a lawyer you should know this. If you don’t, then you must be a really bad one.

      • Has the little worm Kreuk spoken to the FBI?

        Also Kreuk’s fellow d-list actress friend, Olivia Cheng’s “One Asian” project. It is listed by the authorities in their official list of NXIVM shell companies as… a shell company. She’s on the television and like Kreuk, likes to virtue signal about “causes”. Why aren’t these people being held to account?

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